Rumors Heating Up

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Still no hard news on the Eagles, but we do have some nuggets of interest. Let’s start on the coaching front. We don’t have an official timetable, but the Eagles did leak us a hint on how things are going.

The Eagles are likely tired of all the questions on why they haven’t hired an offensive coordinator yet. This was their way of telling everyone not to worry. This slow, deliberate approach is by design and everything is going according to plan.

Or maybe they were shocked when Graham Harrell walked away and they are moving to Plan B.

If that is what happened, it isn’t the worst thing. Remember that Andy Reid wasn’t the Eagles first choice in 1999. Doug Pederson wasn’t the first choice in 2016. Chip Kelly was the team’s first choice back in 2013. Sometimes not getting the first guy proves to be the right move.

There was speculation that SF might not let assistants Mike LaFleur or Mike McDaniel leave. The thought was that the Niners might block them. We have an update on that.

Both guys will be free agents as of Monday morning. We’ll see if the Eagles are waiting to talk to one or possibly both of them.


Confusion reigns.

According to this article, both coaches signed extensions.

McDaniel and LaFleur could have kept their options open for next season by declining to sign contract extensions. But a year ago, they both signed deals through the 2020 season, and will likely sign new deals this offseason through 2021.

That doesn’t make much sense to me. Why would you sign a 1-year extension? Both coaches had interest from other teams a year ago. Why the heck would you want a year added to your deal? That puts you further away from moving up the ladder.

If they got a raise, that would certainly make sense.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Monday.


No shocker here. We know the Eagles need help at WR. The only question is what they plan to do.

DeSean Jackson feels like a lock to return. Greg Ward will be back, likely as your fourth or fifth option. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside will return, with a chance to be your third or fourth option.

Will Alshon Jeffery return? Great question. There is a strong argument that says get rid of him and just eat the cap cost. You can also argue that if you’re going to have to pay him anyway, why not play him? He is talented. Jeffery isn’t the guy from 2017 anymore, but he’s still an effective starter. The big issue is whether he’s a problem in the locker room or not. The Eagles need to figure that out and decide what to do with him.

The Eagles could spend pick 21 on a WR. They could sign someone like Robby Anderson in free agency. They could possibly make a trade for a veteran. Lots of options.

I do not see them looking into Odell Beckham Jr. He is super talented, but seems like an awfully big headache.


The Eagles need CB help and Ryan would make a lot of sense. He is a veteran CB who has been part of some good defenses.

Ryan will turn 29 in a couple of weeks so the Eagles have to consider that side of things. But he’s coming off a season where he led the Titans in tackles, picked off 4 passes, broke up 18 passes and had 4 forced fumbles. Ryan made a lot of plays for a CB and that is something the Eagles defense could desperately use.

Ryan played in the slot a lot for the Titans and that’s another issue. The Eagles already have slot corners in Avonte Maddox, Cre’Von LeBlanc and Sidney Jones. Ryan might be able to play outside. I need to study tape on him from some other seasons.

Tony Pauline has good connections in the scouting world and with agents. That doesn’t mean this will definitely happen, but Tony is a trustworthy source.


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