About Iggles Blitz:

Tommy Lawlor:

Tommy isn’t from Philly, but is an Eagles fan anyway, proving that he was dropped on his head too much as a kid. Actually, Dr. J is the culprit for bringing him to Philly sports. Tommy began following the Eagles during the glory days of Reggie White and Buddy Ryan. The glory, of course, meant fun regular seasons followed by playoff frustration. That all changed when Andy Reid came to town and brought championship game frustration. That’s at least progress, right? Tommy began writing about the team in 2003 (hat tip to the internet and Al Gore). He’s avidly followed the NFL Draft going back to the late 80’s and in the late 90’s was trained by a former NFL scout in the art of player evaluation and scouting. He began the website ScoutsNotebook.com in 2005 and has written a weekly column for PhiladelphiaEagles.com since 2007. He also wrote about the Eagles at EaglesBlitz and IgglesBlog, thus the name of the current site. You can follow Tommy on Twitter @lawlornfl.

Sam Lynch

A New England native, Sam moved to Philadelphia prior to 8th grade and within 12 months had ditched the hookers-and-blow era Patriots to cheer for the Buddy Ryan-era Eagles, a clear upgrade. He isn’t bothered at all that he has missed out on three Super Bowl wins as a result, because really, nothing is as satisfying to the soul as consistently above-average play. And, um, the Pats are cheaters, or something. During graduate school, Sam was trained by economists in the art of speaking-confidently-while-passing-judgment-on-other-people’s-businesses. Sam has lived in the Boston area for the past decade or so, and since 2004 has been wasting time that should have been spent paying attention to his wife and two daughters by posting on the Eagles Message Boards, before he was rescued from that fictional island by the now (sadly) defunct IgglesBlog. He contributed to IgglesBlog on labor and salary cap-related matters, among other things, starting in 2009. You can follow Sam on Twitter @shlynch.

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