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The Eagles lead the NFL in scoring.

Think about that for a second. Nick Foles and the offense have been inconsistent this year. They have turned the ball over too much. When they do hold on, the team has struggled in the Red Zone. The Eagles are kicking too many FGs. But the offense is doing enough to keep points on the board.

The defense has produced 3 TDs, but hasn’t been a takeaway machine. Malcolm Jenkins has all 3 INTs. He did run one back for a score. DEs Cedric Thornton and Fletcher Cox each have recovered fumbles and scored.

STs has produced 4 TDs. There is one KOR and one PR for a TD. Two blocked punts were recovered for TDs.

While it is frustrating to see the Eagles offense struggling, it is good that the entire team is making enough plays so that the Eagles can still lead the league in scoring. Football teams are at their best when getting contributions from all over. The Eagles now have weapons all over the team.

Last year you knew you could get big plays from LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Celek/Ertz and the offense. This year the offense is still delivering big plays. But that isn’t where the weapons stop. Darren Sproles is a legit threat to score on every punt return. There isn’t one player who stands out on KORs, but the blocking is improved and Chris Polk showed that he can deliver a big return with the right blocking.

Cody Parkey is a weapon as well. His range means the Eagles don’t have to go as far to be in scoring range. It isn’t just a strong leg, Parkey is an accurate kicker and has only missed 1 FG all year.

Malcolm Jenkins is a playmaker in the middle of the defense. He has 3 INTs, including a pick-6. That was lacking last year. Trent Cole already has 3 FFs this year. 2 of those came on strip-sacks. Cole has never had more than 4 FFs in an entire season. I don’t know if that is something he’s worked on or just happenstance, but the strip-sacks led to 2 TDs.

Last year the defense scored 1 TD and had a pair of safeties. The STs produced 1 TD. Both groups made some plays, but didn’t have the kind of impact the units are having this year. It was up to the offense to score big if the team was going to win.

The defense and STs won’t continue to score TDs at this rate. That would be beyond fluky. If Chip Kelly can get the offense playing to its potential, points from the other units would be more of a bonus than a necessity and would make the Eagles incredibly difficult to beat. For now, it is a good thing the Eagles have more ways to score than they did last year.


255 Comments on “Scoring”

  1. 1 Daniel Norman Richwine said at 9:12 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    Something about the media does not like a Chip Kelly.

    Kelly emphasized special teams, and made the defense one which emphasized turnovers.

    I read articles les saying the DCs in the league have figured out Kelly. Let’s check the points scored and the WL record, and reassess.

  2. 2 TommyLawlor said at 10:04 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    All offenses are about talent and execution. Teams know Kelly’s scheme better, but poor execution is the biggest issue.

  3. 3 anon said at 10:46 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    Better blocking will spring plays, but there’s fewer “coverage” mistakes than we saw last year. But i think the point is that with proper blocking every play can go long.

    will say i’ve seen a lot more bubble screens, etc. this year than last.

  4. 4 bsuperfi said at 9:50 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I think that’s true – mental and physical errors are a huge problem right now – but I still think there’s a lot of leverage to be had from Kelly’s scheme if the play calls are good. Chipwagon did a nice piece on packaged plays recently, and I think this one place where we still have a big schematic advantage. I think Foles also knows how to run these well. As Chris Brown might say, talent fit plus scheme innovation is where special things happen.

    All this said, I’m still bullish on the team down the stretch. The secondary is what it is this season, and we’ve gotten lucky that the team has managed to score a ton of points without the offense being in sync. The team culture is right. All this means that the conditions are right to start taking advantage of schematic innovations again.

  5. 5 D3FB said at 11:47 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    The media doesn’t like him because he makes the “narratives” they try to construct much more difficult. Also because most of them don’t understand the concepts such as “packaged plays” and all this newfangled technology and stuff. Get off my damn lawn kids -Les Bowen

    Plus alot of them are just lazy: College coach will fail, offense will be “figured out”, Chip’s an egomaniac for releasing Djax, Chip needs a running quarterback, random invented non story of the week.
    Those kinds of articles are easy for them to write. They will sell, because a certain subset of the fanbase loves to eat that crap up. It’s the buzzfeedification/search engine optimization/”you won’t believe what happens next…” of sports journalism. Plus alot of them don’t have enough knowledge of the game to explain what is happening so they have to go with TMZ level human interest stories.

  6. 6 Mitchell said at 11:59 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    Link please, I need a good laugh.

  7. 7 D3FB said at 12:36 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I played college football. I’ve had a half dozen different OL coaches in my life. I have no clue what the hell “man blocking” is.

    Well apparently Mosh apparently can see an endzone shot from the press booth.

    Snarky bullshit

    Even my girlfriend thinks this one is passive agressive

  8. 8 Anders said at 6:59 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    That last one is just ass passive aggresive it gets. Pretty sure there was 10 other players on the field and most likely not Smiths fault

  9. 9 GEAGLE said at 8:51 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Sincerely can’t imagine possibly having worst beat reporters than we do now..

    We beat the Rams and spend Monday and Tuesday making this giant story over who sat Shady for one play that ended up working and ending the game for us…so for two days they made this giant issue over who’s call it was to bench shady for one STINKIN play that worked…after Monday and Tuesday worth of making a huge deal out of nothing, logically our joke of a media’s next step is to graduate from that bulshit narrative, and take it one step further and spend wednesday talking about cutting shady at the end of the year like we did Desean…

    Thursday already, and we barely even began talking about the Giants yet… . 3 days discussing Shadys status with the Eagles, when in reality he just had his best game where things finally started to open up for him a bit…
    Honestly can’t imagine having worst local beat reporters than we have now

  10. 10 bsuperfi said at 9:41 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine having better bloggers than we do now.

  11. 11 Nicodemus_09 said at 9:59 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Seeing Domo predicting the Giants the Giants holding our top scoring team (however we’re getting the points) to 20 points & losing by 11 really pissed me off. Then also seeing Cromartie & Prince Amadbag posing with a guy wearing our ZERO SUPERBOWLS jersey. OH GOD. I WANT US TO MURDER. THESE MOTHERLESS SCUMBAGS GEAGLE!!!!

  12. 12 GEAGLE said at 4:45 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Dude…we are going to fuck their world up Sunday… This front 7 is too ferocious.. They are going to give Eli a beating on Sunday… Front 7 coming into its own..Eli is getting a Kensington Curp stomping this week lol

  13. 13 Flyineagle45 said at 10:41 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I always look to you for positivity considering this teams current state….

  14. 14 theycallmerob said at 9:59 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    unfortunately, these same fools hide behind the twitter block button whenever fact-checking is introduced to the argument.
    And let’s not get started on Prisco

  15. 15 D3FB said at 3:50 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Exactly they get schooled by the bloggers, try to use clever retorts about having gone to J-school (which at present may be the biggest waste of money out there) and then block people.

  16. 16 Mitchell said at 2:50 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lol, I didn’t realize how big of douche he is. The people following him on twitter all just agree with what he says…. “HE WAS A BAD PICK.” That narrative is getting really annoying. Its probably a good thing I don’t live in Philadelphia.

  17. 17 mksp said at 11:28 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Mosher is the worst because he’s trying to get into the All-22 game but doesn’t actually know anything about football.

    Him and that Eliot guy are easily the least-knowledgeable and snarky beats. Trying to stir shit up all the time without an iota of actual knowledge.

    Stay in your lane guys.

  18. 18 xeynon said at 11:57 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    The “defensive coordinators have figured Kelly out” stuff is BS. If that’s the case, why do the Eagles have guys running wide open deep in the secondary multiple times per game? I agree with Tommy, the problem has been lack of execution, chiefly Foles and McCoy struggling to make plays they ordinarily make because the offensive line hasn’t been able to consistently keep defenses from blowing things up in the backfield. Even with all the sloppiness and inefficiency the offense is still scoring points and the team is still 4-1. If they start making even half the plays that are clearly there to be made, this offense will be scoring 40 ppg. If that’s being “figured out” I’m all for it.

  19. 19 Poppi said at 9:15 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    Tommy AMEN to that. Once we get the OL straightened out, all else falls into place – running game opens up the passing game, which helps the running game and frees up the tight ends so they don’t have to block, etc. Patience. Just wish the secondary was a little better.

  20. 20 TommyLawlor said at 10:03 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    The secondary can play better. It won’t get more talented until we get some new guys in there. Be nice if Watkins can develop some this year.

  21. 21 GEAGLE said at 10:18 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    why does everyone act like our outside corners didn’t step up and play some really solid ball crunch time of last season when we faced a different top WR tandem every week?

    We absolutely need more talent, that’s an understatement,,, but we have already seen these corners operae at a level in crunch time that we can win with…. We haven’t seen them play their best ball yet this year,.. we didn’t lose the saints game because of our corners….and I don’t even think it’s possible to go 7-1 during November/DECEMBER, crunch time of an NFL season where everyone is jockeying for playoff position with bad cornerback plays… Yes they are maddening in September October, but both will step it up when it matters

  22. 22 anon said at 9:20 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    CBs gave up a lot of yards and a lot of big plays last year. We didn’t play any playoff teams at the end of the year but we still gave up 350yds a game in the air, that hasn’t really changed.

    We are “good” at not giving up as many passing TDs as we are passing yards (we ranked a respectable 15th).

    But it’s a lot of pressure to have to “make a play” to end each game (see colts, skins, rams, 49ers) – almost like flipping a coin.

  23. 23 Dominik said at 10:02 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Idk, mate. I maybe give you Cary. He’s frustrating at the moment, but at least he’s UP and down this season and we have a larger sample size of him stepping up in November/December (Ravens, last year). Have to say I almost lost any confidence in Fletch. Horrible, horrible perfomances in week 1-3, pretty solid game against the 49ers and then again this meltdown in the fourth quarter against the Rams.

    I’m a believer in not drafting CBs high (because there is always a huge risk with them not making the jump from College to the NFL) and I also believe you don’t need great CBs, solid ones are enough most of the time (resource allocation, of course it’s better to have Revis and Sherman back there, but not for 30m/year). But we need to upgrade one CB spot asap. Cary or Fletch (if he gets his act together) for a reasonable salary is fine as #2 CB. But you need a solid #1. We don’t have that, imho.

  24. 24 GEAGLE said at 9:45 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    Cole forcing fumbles is no accident. Numerous times I have heard our coaches talk about how aiming for the QBs arm is part of how they train for rushiñg the passer. Every day it has become second nature to aim for that arm in practice, no surprise that it’s carrying over to games and we are seeing guys like COLE and BG forcing fumbles when that wasn’t a big part of their games in the past…. Just like how our Defensive lineman PRactice getting their hands up and batting down balls down..

    No surprise our offense hasn’t clicked yet,, today we in week 6 and just now we will Hopfully play with the same 5 offensive lineman for the second week in a row.. That’s no way to run an offense.. Especially a run game that needs to execute combo blocks initially and then have one man peel off and go hunting for linebackers at the second level…YOU NEED to have continuity with the man next to you to execute combo bLocks,.. If the OL is too screwed up to run the ball, of course the passing game will also struggle..,
    We are finally getting continuity on the OL, which is why sunday you will see our best offensive game in weeks,., You don’t go 27-2 without having really sounds mechanics.. For his mechanics to have gone out the window like this IMO clearly suggests a QB that doesn’t trust his OL right now…especially all the throwing off the back foot. No pressure fucks a QB up more than pressure up the middle.. No surprise you see a ton of throwing off your back foot when you are getting killed playing behind 3 inexperienced backüp interior OL….on top of that he got Severly bruised in the skins game and played thru the pain, so obviously it hurt him to much to stand in the pocket, deliver the ball while the defender closes down to take shots on him.. this all lead to bad mechanics which leads to the innacurate play we aren’t used to seeing.

    FOles has been playing behind bad lines in college, so tor his mechanics go break down when he was always willing to eat a big shot to deliver a big pass, points to not being able to handle that level of pain, getting hit when he is bruised… This all adds to not trusting your line which directly throws your mechanics out of WACK..
    ..He got that bruise against the skins and that was weeks ago… I assume it’s been getting better and he is in less pain….as long as we don’t have any more injuries we will gain continuity and with continuity your QB and RB will get back to the level we are used to…
    I expect this to be the best offensive production in weeks..assuming no OL injuries from now to Monday morning…

  25. 25 eagleyankfan said at 7:36 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Agreed. Have the same players gel together is good. I’ll still rather have the talent of Kelce/Mathis over 5 weeks of this line playing together…

  26. 26 daveH said at 8:59 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    nice piece. agreed.
    watching highlights from last season, his best throws Nick has beautiful technique and its beautiful to watch him step into a good downfield pass .. not seeing him so relaxed this season.

  27. 27 Jeff said at 9:59 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    I used to Tivo and fast forward through punts and field goals. Last few weeks it’s been can’t miss action.

    It’s great they got off to the hot start on ST. Now that they got a taste of all the success, they’ll be working as hard as they can to keep it up throughout the season.

  28. 28 GEAGLE said at 10:22 PM on October 8th, 2014:

    i was always just happy with a special teams that didn’t fuck anything up.. A special teams that wasn’t a liability…. In two offseason this coach managed to weaponize our special teams units into something fierce….I have never been so excited to see what a ST will do next…
    When you think about it, it’s pretty brilliant…such a small margin between winning and losing, makes sense to try and take advantage of special teams and use it to gain an edge,,,

  29. 29 ceteris_paribus1776 said at 12:36 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    As you said, the real reason they are tied for most points scored is because of the 7 non-offensive tds. No other team in the league has more than two. Offensive points scored they are only about 18th. Not so good. The major problem with that is that scoring non-offensive tds all year is not sustainable. The offense has to get on track in order for this team to continue winning.

  30. 30 xeynon said at 12:05 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    All those defensive and STs TDs have cost the offense possessions (i.e., scoring opportunities) though. If they score offensive TDs on even two of the seven possessions they haven’t had due to D and ST scoring (quite reasonable since those possessions would mostly involve excellent field position), they rank higher than 18th. You can’t really look at offensive production in isolation.

  31. 31 anon said at 12:10 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    In the SF game they didn’t score at all – so why assume they would score on those possession. Same in the Rams game they had plenty of possessions in which they punted or turned the ball over, unclear to me that we get into the end zone since we only got there twice otherwise (including on the short fields provided by turnovers).

  32. 32 xeynon said at 12:18 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    If those 7 plays result in red zone possessions for the offense rather than directly in touchdowns, an additional two offensive TDs is actually a conservative estimate, since the team has scored TDs on 37.5% of its red zone possessions this year and 2 out of 7 is only 28.6%. And those possessions that didn’t produce additional offensive TDs almost all would’ve produced additional field goals. To give the offense the ball in prime scoring position seven additional times and expect no additional touchdowns is highly improbable.

  33. 33 anon said at 12:30 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    This is a silly argument so i’ll leave it.

  34. 34 xeynon said at 1:09 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Right now the Eagles are tied for first in the league in points scored with 156. The OP argued that without the 49 their D/ST is directly responsible for, they’d only have 107, which would rank 18th. That is true, but my point is that it’s pretty much meaningless as an indictment of the offense’s effectiveness. One additional offensive TD would move them from 18th to 14th. Two additional offensive TDs would move them into the top 10. Particularly this early in the season when the sample sizes are still very small, none of these statistics really reliably tell you anything.

  35. 35 Mac said at 1:21 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Two additional offensive TDs would be hard to come by… or not if Riley Cooper can start catching balls.

  36. 36 ceteris_paribus1776 said at 5:36 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The least biased wait to do it is figure out what the Eagles points per possession is. Anyway my main point being that regardless of whether or not it’s the defense that actually scores the points or puts the ball at the 1 yard line for the offense to score, those possessions aren’t “true” indications of how productive the offense is.

    I can tell you right now that if the defense and special teams aren’t generating those points and turnovers as the year goes on the offense continues to play the way that it has, then people aren’t going to be happy with the final result.

  37. 37 Media Mike said at 5:10 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    This is all well and good, but a win over the hated Giants and their punching bag fans is a must on Sunday night. We need to smash that team, end the Eli isn’t an INT factory this year nonsense, and enjoy going up an additional game in the division via Dallas losing to Seattle.

    I’m cool with perspective if we lose in Arizona, Green Bay, and/or vs. Seattle.

    I’m not in the mood when we have a must win game in division vs. New York and all of the scum it represents.

  38. 38 GermanEagle said at 5:26 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    It’s kinda funny to see local Philly reporters (Jeff McLane) answering the Giants DBs trash talk. However I really hope that the Eagles players are much wiser and let their play on the field Sunday night do the talk instead.
    Here’s to Maclin and Coop burning DRC and Amukamara…

  39. 39 anon said at 6:26 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    and jmatt dominating in the slot — my fantasy team needs help

  40. 40 GermanEagle said at 7:45 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I got him on my bench. Not sure if I shall start him over Fitzgerald, Steve Smith or Mike Wallace…

  41. 41 eagleyankfan said at 7:47 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I’m not sure Fitz should be in the sentence. Tough year. Do they get their QB back this week?

  42. 42 GermanEagle said at 9:39 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Probably just in time for the Eagles game..

  43. 43 Avery Greene said at 9:24 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah they have a lot of swagger from the outside, and may talk a lot of trash in the media. But I like our chances. We have an opportunistic defense and special teams. I think those two things tip the table in our favor.

  44. 44 GEAGLE said at 4:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Eagkes players aren’t talking trash at all…media reads them a Giants player trash talk quote and all our players saw is “we will see sunday night”….’really like how they refusing to respond to the trash talk this week

  45. 45 eagleyankfan said at 8:01 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Good 4-1 vs. bad 4-1. A couple of years ago, the Giants fan base wanted a new coach. The offense stunk, the defense was putrid. They wanted Eli benched. The numbers backed up all the complaints. It was pure heaven for weeks. Then something happened. The team came together as a unit. Got on a roll. Won the SB.
    I’m not predicting the future. All I’m saying is — the team isn’t complete yet. You can play all what if’s … what if special teams haven’t scored these points for us…what if Davis didn’t call prevent D….what if Woody would have gone right to the police? Anything can happen.
    I don’t give a rats ass what YOU say about the lasts game. Prevent D or soft D or play the clock D … what ever the hell you want to call it … prevent d SHOULD NOT mean, the other team gets the ball with over a minute left to win the game. You can say Davis made a ball call or the right call or the players stink. Someone(maybe more than one) failed during those plays. I don’t care. I only care about — fix it. I don’t think this defense is good enough to relax. That’s just mho.
    Black out! I love it. Can’t wait. Hope this team comes out with a Chip(no pun intended) on their shoulder……

  46. 46 Buge Halls said at 3:22 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Re: clock management. We had two drives late in the 4th where they kept snapping the ball with 10-15 seconds left on the play clock. Let’s just figure on two drives of four plays (I think we actually got a first down on the one drive, but…). That’s an additional 80 – 120 seconds that could have come off the clock without even getting a first down or really doing anything but stand around. It can be frustrating to watch. That being said, I prefer this to Andy’s abuse of the clock and his 1st quarter time outs!

  47. 47 RobNE said at 8:26 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    so what’s the deal with the Giants, is their DL still good (i.e., match up problems for our OL like SF and Rams)? is some aspect of their team playing better than we thought they would, and is that a real improvement or a mirage based on who they played or other factors?

    can some one give a little scouting report?

    I read their starting slot CB is out, so maybe Matthews has a good game?

  48. 48 GEAGLE said at 8:38 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Meh..JPP is said to be looking healthier than he has in a while.. Kiwanuka still can make plays, but Lane and JPP should be able to keep them in check… Damontre Moore is their Brandon Graham…jOnathon Hankins is the interior replacement for Linval Joseph…..Beason is a good LB, but I can’t keep up with his injuries.. It’s always something with him…..
    The Giants are said to have the best secondary in our division…nothing special if you ask me..
    Having gameplanned for the Packers last year should come in handy this week…Its basically Eli running aaron Rogers offense..

    Power down hill RBs,,. Decent group of pass catchers

    This is my fav week cuz I don’t have to hear everyone cry about playing boykin outside…since their best WR, Cruz lines up in the slot….
    This matchup isn’t rocket science… Get our hands on Eli, hit him hard and often, and that Eli face comes out.

  49. 49 RobNE said at 12:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:


  50. 50 GEAGLE said at 4:41 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    We will most likely shut down their run game, but the key to this game will be pass defense. They want to get the ball out of Eli’s hands quick, so it becomes very important for our CBS to press, disrupt the timing of the WRs, while our pass rush forces Eli to throw without setting his feet…. Because we have to press our corners to disrupt the timing of the west coast offense, they are going to take their shots down field to try and burn us especiLly since Eli is such a solid deep ball passer…. So we have to press them to death on the outside, but be smart enough to know THAT they are going to try and take advantage of our agressive pressing corners and catch us deep…..

    Boykin is criucial because he will mostly be on Cruz in the slot… Boykin has had success against him, he is athletic enough to stay on his hip all game
    Their TE is dangerous in redzone.. Jenkins and Barwin need to keep him in check..

    We saw a Giants team look horrible early on, and now they been loolimg good these last 3 games… What’s the difference? Early in the season Eli was getting hit a lot..lately he been getting the ball out quick and their line is doing a better job…

    Rough up Eli, and the INTs will come!

  51. 51 unhinged said at 8:27 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    “A dagger in the heart”, was how Howie Roseman assessed the runoff of top offensive linemen earlier than anticipated in this last draft. He and Kelly wanted to grab an athletic mauler that could be a future star at tackle or guard. Although there are a few defensive positions that need upgrades like corner and corner, OL will, no doubt be the focus of every scout the Eagles employ until the next draft.
    With the possible exception of Nick Foles, Kelly has the offense improving every game. Even Foles has played better at times. The make-shift offensive line is not ever going to be a force, but it isn’t terrible. This next game is huge, because that offensive line is going to be targeted for four quarters.

  52. 52 GEAGLE said at 9:01 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Oregon has a quality T/G and C/G entering this draft… Bet you Either Jake Fisher or Hroniss Grasu become Eagles on draft night

  53. 53 unhinged said at 10:41 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Thanks for the name-dropping. I am not nearly caught up in the current college standouts area.

  54. 54 BobSmith77 said at 2:58 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Damn and I would have loved for that to happen. Good to see the Eagles realized though that this was an aging line with 3 starters in their mid-30s entering the season.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles have 2 new starters at G next year

  55. 55 GEAGLE said at 8:43 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Like to see our game plan Attack DRC.. DRC can cover, so I’m not suggesting we test him down field all day, but I would like to see us run plays to his side that force him to have to tackle, like bubble screens to his side, some outside zone… Make him tackle all game, sooner or later that prissy little bitch will get lazy trying to tackle and we break one…

    Giamts don’t have many LBs that can run and cover… Like to throw the ball to our backs and TEs this week

  56. 56 Avery Greene said at 9:21 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I may not be thinking clearly about the Giants (never can), but I’m dubious of how good they are. I think Manning is due for another bad game, and I think since this is the 2nd week in a row that Molk/Tobin are staring together our offense is going to improve (especially the run game).
    I’m also excited to see our special teams against theirs, and I think they come up with at least one big play this week.

  57. 57 anon said at 9:22 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Agree with this. Division games are their own animals.

  58. 58 Avery Greene said at 9:26 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yup, and this is the one team that plays us tightly regardless of the talent on either side.

  59. 59 P_P_K said at 1:00 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    It always seems that way with the NFC East.

  60. 60 GEAGLE said at 9:29 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I don’t fear this team… They don’t have the character that we these midgets out of philly

  61. 61 eagleyankfan said at 9:54 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Ertz n Mathews — combination for success…

  62. 62 fran35 said at 11:12 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Good call. Watching DRC trying to tackle is always fun. It’s a shame that Kelce and Mathis out. I would love to see a sweep to DRC’s side with those two guys out blocking the DBs.

  63. 63 daveH said at 8:52 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    domowitch pointed out “When LeSean McCoy won the league rushing title last season, three-quarters of his yardage came out of three-wide receiver sets”
    I never knew that!

  64. 64 anon said at 9:10 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    yeah he definitely had the benefit of a spread offense. Combined with RO and Foles throwing dimes mccoy had huge holes up the middle. No more running threat and no more dimes = no more run game :(.

  65. 65 Avery Greene said at 9:29 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I think when Kelce & Tobin gets back, we will start to see this again. Maybe not the first couple of weeks as they dust off the rust, but definitely for the late November and December run to the division title. Losing Kelce I think was the most damaging one.

  66. 66 anon said at 10:14 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    me too center is zoo important. Mathis is huge too. Honestly, we’re 4-1, we probably need 6 more wins in 11 games. Losing two o-line, 2 of your 3 best ILBs and Foles’ play we should be just trying to hold on. but the TEAM is playing super well right now.

    I think we (and I’m very guilty of this) get caught up in the offense b/c that’s the way this team is built, but having a scoring DST is huge. It’s almost sad that we aren’t spending more celebrating that b/c it’s been missing from this team for 3 years. Maybe it’ll even influence Howie to pay for better DBs.

  67. 67 peteike said at 2:25 PM on October 9th, 2014:


  68. 68 Ark87 said at 11:46 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I miss Avant’s blocking in those 3 WR sets, he handled nickle cb’s and safeties pretty handley. When he lined up on the left with Cooper to his left, JP and Mathis to his right, then have Kelce pulling on top of that? It’s no wonder that was so explosive, that’s a lot of capable (some dominant) blockers who can get down field in a hurry (by blocker standards anyway). It just dominated nickle defenses.

    Step one will involve solidifying our O-line and allow the passing game to make defenses pay for selling out on Shady (there have been opportunities down field, we just aren’t hitting them). If we can do that, we will get them to play a little more honest and we can have a dominant run-game again.

  69. 69 BobSmith77 said at 2:56 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Surprises me a bit especially with how much the Eagles played 2 TEs last year in the 2nd half.

    Love to see a breakdown on McCoy’s stats on runs inside the tackles in his career vs outside and how they compare to NFL averages over the same period.

  70. 70 Henly125 said at 9:36 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Brandom Graham’s ability to rotate with Trent Cole and Connor Barwin could complicate things for the Giants O-line. Reason being is that they would have to prepare for 3 pass rushers, at the very least. 3 out of the 5 opponents they faced so far had defensive fronts featuring a player that required a lot of attention in the trenches (Suh, Watt, etc).

    Throwing different looks at Eli is what will get him off this heater of his. Once he gets rattled, it would affect his pocket presence

  71. 71 b3nz0z said at 10:46 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    don’t sleep on my boy vinny

  72. 72 Henly125 said at 11:39 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    Can’t believe I forgot to mention him lol he has really stepped up this season.

  73. 73 peteike said at 2:22 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I feel like Eli is getting the ball out fast so I think the play of the corners disrupting routes is more important from the start. They have to mess up their timing so Eli hesitates more and needs more time, then the line play has to do its thing.

  74. 74 Anders said at 2:23 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    100% agree, Its also what you are suppose to do with bigger CBs. Press the WRs at the LOS to disrupt the timing (even more important against a WCO offense) and hope the pass rush can get the QB off the spot

  75. 75 anon said at 2:33 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah i don’t understand why that didn’t happen in the WAS game – esp. to djax.

  76. 76 Anders said at 2:22 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The Eagles are also often playing Cole, Barwin, Curry and Graham on the same down.

    Take this sack

    We are essential playing some kind of 3-2 in dime with Cole, Curry and Cox as the down linemen and Barwin+Ryans as the LBs (was Kendricks+Barwin before his injury)

  77. 77 Insomniac said at 3:35 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Graham’s sudden emergence is great but do we resign him now?

  78. 78 anon said at 3:37 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Smith isn’t leaving much option for us resigning him or T. Cole.

  79. 79 GEAGLE said at 4:33 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Have a feeling BG will get extended..
    I heard a few things that point me to this conclusion…but that’s just my interpretation of it

  80. 80 Avery Greene said at 9:36 AM on October 9th, 2014:

    I guess the Giants have seen tape on the Eagles. Now they’re apologizing….

  81. 81 Iskar36 said at 12:01 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    “Cody Parkey is a weapon as well. […] It isn’t just a strong leg, Parkey is an accurate kicker and has only missed 1 FG all year.”

    I’ve really appreciated having Cody Parkey and as I am sure is true for everyone else, I am happy we no longer have to worry about Alex Henery. Having said that, this statement above seems to be a bit premature. Let’s keep in mind that Alex Henery had a very good rookie season. If I remember correctly, he had one of the best rookie seasons in terms of accuracy. So with that in mind, we have to wait and see with Parkey before we can start calling him a weapon. The sample size right now is simply too small to make any fair assessment. Obviously, he has played very well up to this point, and he certainly looks the part in terms of having a big leg, but considering the sample size, he could go from “weapon” to “liability” by just going into a minor slump where he misses two important field goals.

  82. 82 Henly125 said at 12:28 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I would consider Parkey a weapon for the same reason the Eagles kept him and dumped Alex Henery. His leg.

    Henery made 88% of his FGs as a rookie, which is a great percentage, but out of 27 FGS attempts, 21 of those attemps were from the 20-39 yard range.

  83. 83 anon said at 12:31 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    he’s certainly a weapon on my fantasy teams. Highest scoring fantasy kicker in the league.

  84. 84 Iskar36 said at 2:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The problem is, he isn’t kicking touchbacks as consistently as you think. Again, the sample size is relatively small, but Parkey has a 56.25% touchback rate, which is ranked as 18th among team’s primary kickoff specialists.

    I’m not sure what average starting position is for opposing offenses after kickoffs (a stat that is obviously significantly affected by kickoff coverage units as a whole rather than just the kicker), but in terms of average return yards, Parkey is ranked 13th (again, this number is affected by kickoff coverage units, so it’s not all Parkey’s fault/success that lead to this ranking).

    I think the perception that Parkey is a “weapon” on kickoffs is largely influenced by the fact that Henery was so bad at them, but in terms of being a weapon due to his legs on kickoffs, the stats suggest that he is just about average.

  85. 85 Insomniac said at 3:23 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The thing is Henery didn’t kick it back very deep and the returner had a chance to get better field position. Parkey at least kicks it back deeper and gives the returner a chance to get to the 20 if they choose to take a chance instead of the 30+ like Henery does.

  86. 86 Iskar36 said at 3:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Absolutely. The argument isn’t whether Parkey more of a weapon than Henery was. That part is fairly clear despite the small sample size. Henery never showed the ability to kick the ball deep into the endzone with any level of consistency. The argument I am making is not whether Parkey is more of a weapon than Henery, but is Parkey a weapon, period. I think he has looked promising, but the sample size is way to small to be sure. And specifically in terms of the above comment from Henly125, his argument was that Parkey has the “ability to consistently kick touchbacks,” but the stats say otherwise, at least relative to the rest of the league.

  87. 87 P_P_K said at 12:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I agree it’s premature to annoint the boy the new king, but the kid has the skills and, so far, is very clutch.

  88. 88 Insomniac said at 3:10 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    So did Nate Allen. What happened in the past stays in the past. The present is the only thing that matters in the NFL and if you’re not’re out of a job.

  89. 89 Sean Stott said at 1:49 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    What do you guys think of DAL (+8) @ SEA?

    DAL has the firepower to put up some points. Does SEA just run all over them? Is this 8pt spread fair?

  90. 90 Anders said at 2:19 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Seattles defense isnt performing as well this year as last (they have been very prone to give up big plays on scissor routes), but the offense is better. It really depends on the Cowboys OL and Murray. I most likely take Dallas +8

  91. 91 anon said at 2:35 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah spread might be too large, but it’s SEA at home. They were up 8 on DEN before the 2nd half comeback.

  92. 92 RobNE said at 2:48 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I think Dallas is a highly volatile team. I would not bet this game.

  93. 93 Insomniac said at 3:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    If Dallas is volatile then the Eagles are schizophrenic

  94. 94 RobNE said at 3:34 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    well I wouldn’t bet on the Eagles game either

  95. 95 anon said at 3:37 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    What’s the spread? they do a terrible job covering?

  96. 96 Buge Halls said at 3:29 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I’d take SEA and the points for sure.

  97. 97 RobNE said at 3:35 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    yes if I can take Seattle and the 8 points, I’ll do it.

  98. 98 BobSmith77 said at 2:52 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    This if for GEagle and his comments on M. Smith. Quote directly from Kelly this week:

    “If I’m going to groom a guy because he’s going to be a really good player 2 or 3 years down the road, I ain’t going to be here 2 or 3 years down the

    “The bottom line is we’re winning right now and that is the most
    important thing for us. I know if I was a paying fan, I wouldn’t want to
    go out there and say, “Hey they’re going to develop and be somebody and
    3 or 4 years down the road they’re going to be a really good football
    team. That’s not what this deal is about. You have to win every single


  99. 99 Anders said at 3:00 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Not clicking on that shit. Funny people hated Danny Watkins in restrospec despite him been “ready” from the get go and no hate Smith because we are grooming him?

    Also funny how some of the best players on the Eagles wasnt day 1 starters.

    Jason Peters was groomed by the Bills, Evan Mathis took some time, Herremans (on decline) took a year, even McCoy was groomed behind Westbrook

  100. 100 BobSmith77 said at 3:03 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    What does Danny Watkins remotely have anything to do with in regards to this comment or with the current FO?

  101. 101 Anders said at 3:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The fact that picking “NFL ready” players is crazy BS, you can have an idea if they are ready, but until there is always plenty guys who aint ready from day one, but who ends up as great players

  102. 102 D3FB said at 4:03 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Aaron Curry one of the “safest” and most “NFL ready” players of the last decade.

  103. 103 BobSmith77 said at 4:46 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Just go back and look at 1st rounders the 10 years. Expectation in the NFL today is that with the exception of QBs, they are starters especially by the end of their 1st year.

  104. 104 Avery Greene said at 4:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s the expectation, but it’s not always the case. Interesting read from a few years ago about the potential of 1st round busts.

    You can even get a bust at any pick – even the sure-bet ones.

  105. 105 Insomniac said at 3:03 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    It was a good pick..until we seen him play.

  106. 106 Ben Hert said at 4:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Not clicking it won’t change the fact that Chip said he doesn’t do developmental players.

  107. 107 GEAGLE said at 5:11 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lol SOOO dumb,… Chip says he doesn’t play developmental players ahead of a veteran who is more ready to play…doesn’t at all mean that we don’t daft players knowing they need to develop and won’t provide instant gratification… I heard the press conference live, don’t need to read idiots twist kellys words around to justify their dumb ideas..

  108. 108 Anders said at 2:55 AM on October 10th, 2014:

    and majority of those players are starters by need, not play and we also have to take into account where they are drafted. Late 1st is really not more likely to start than an early 2nd (seen some suggest that pick 20-50 is pretty much the same in terms of value)

  109. 109 GEAGLE said at 5:09 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah, I wouldmt waste my time either

  110. 110 GEAGLE said at 5:15 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Dudes it’s not even true,,. I heard the press conference live… These dopes are completely twisting kellys words around…

    Kelly simply said he isn’t going to play a rookie over a more deserving veteran just to develop the rookie, because if he does that he won’t be here in 3 years when he develops…
    We still draft certain players knowing they need to develop and knowing they won’t rovide instant gratifction.
    Sad to find a bunch of dumb fans lying to twist kellys words around to justify their stupidity over marcus…

    Marcus needs to be developed, we knew that when we drafted him.. Heck I have billy Davis quotes saying he wil
    Be ready by the beginning of year two… All Chip said is he won’t give a rookie playing time over a more deserving game ready veteran. Just to give the rookie playing time to develop..

    Now half these idiots are twisting kellys message..
    I won’t click on the link because I heard the press conference and if the writer twists chips message around like these dumb fans i will snap on him on Twitter and I do t need the drama lol

  111. 111 BobSmith77 said at 5:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    And yet Graham has been eating into Cole’s snaps the last 2 weeks. If Graham keeps keeping to the QB so far and on a team that really needs a consistent pass-rushing threat, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get equal if not more snaps than Cole moving ahead forward.

    Team definitely wants an upgrade over Cole who they clearly view as more and more a PT player.

    Barwin isn’t going anywhere and will be on the field every down unless they are playing dime maybe given how much Davis uses him in coverage.

  112. 112 anon said at 5:32 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Nah, they have to rotate all those guys. Defense playing 40 mins a game — don’t want guys to be dead in december.

  113. 113 BobSmith77 said at 5:41 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    More of a manner of effectivness right now. Graham has been their best pass-rushing threat this season based on his success per/pass rushing attempt so far.

    Struggled the first few weeks but it has picked up as Graham has played more snaps, rushed the passer more, and had some success even if he only has 1 sack on the year so far.

  114. 114 GEAGLE said at 6:01 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I have no clue what you are trying to say, or what point you are trying to make..
    Both COLE and BG are playing well right now… I don’t see any problems right now..and I’m lost as to WTF you are trying to say, but if you think the Eagles are down on Macusl you are wrong… Take it how you want it…

  115. 115 eagleyankfan said at 3:24 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    again — with terminology. “it’s not prevent Defense!!! It’s SOFT defense”. We’re not grooming M. Smith!!! M. Smith has yet to reach his potential. He, JM/LJ etc etc will not meet their potential for a couple of years. You don’t have to call grooming. Maybe it’s preparing for the future? Thinking Kelly is being a bit coy there…

  116. 116 Ben Hert said at 4:50 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Kelly is the king of no-BS. And he’s got a great point. Andy Reid was king of developmental players. No surprise that our ST have markedly improved by keeping less players like Momah on the roster in lieu of Maragos and Braman.

    I do love watching people trying to rationalize the disappointment Marcus Smith has been so far. People are completely unwilling to be weary of any move this FO makes. He may not “have reached his potential” yet, but he certainly hasn’t been as good as advertised, or as good as several people here hyperbole’d to death…

  117. 117 BobSmith77 said at 5:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah. This is directly from the coaches’ mouth. It isn’t so much that Smith ‘isn’t a starter’ but that he can’t even get on the field despite this team having a real need at ILB especially last week.

    Huff seems like has taken a bit of criticism too but that is a completely different situation given his injury and the Eagles being healthy. Really an issue if Huff is enough of a WR upgrade to displace Maehl (who is pure filler as a WR) on ST coverage.

  118. 118 GEAGLE said at 5:26 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lol smh

  119. 119 GEAGLE said at 5:25 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    LOL… You are soooo wrong it’s not even funny

  120. 120 Mitchell said at 2:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The sentiment lately has been how many fans (not including many of the ones on this forum) of the NFL in general are very ignorant when it comes to what is really happening. I will not claim genius or anything close to it, but I keep an open mind and look for the best sources available to me including Igglesblitz. However it is still frustrating to hear fans in general spew recycled crap from the ESPN outlet.

    For instance (Geagle wouldn’t have been able to take this), I was talking to my neighbor who’s family is Eagles fans and he said, “Can you imagine how good the Eagles would be if Foles wasn’t the qb?” I stood there stunned for a bit and replied,” Can you imagine how good this offense would be if we had our line intact, Shady ran forward instead of side to side, and we actually had a # 2 receiver?” This was after the Colts game I think. Then we have Moesher who berates Marcus Smith for the dumbest of dumb reasons and the follows are a bunch of yes men, claiming they knew it was a bad pick…… Anyway, just had to vent a bit. Go Eagles. Crush the Giants.

  121. 121 Insomniac said at 3:02 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I rather have Aaron Rodgers than Foles.

  122. 122 Anders said at 3:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Who wouldnt?

    I take in order (taking age into it)

    Wilson (I think Luck is better than Wilson but Wilson has way more help)
    Tannenhill (yes his athletisme is a huge plus and so far is no worse passer than Foles)

  123. 123 anon said at 3:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    No Alex smith? No Peyton? No Romo? Bridgewater? No Big Ben? Matt Ryan?

  124. 124 Insomniac said at 3:08 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I would want to say Bortles but I don’t watch the Jaguars play.

  125. 125 anon said at 3:08 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    neither do the people that go to the games.

  126. 126 MaggieMagpie said at 8:21 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    They do?

  127. 127 Anders said at 3:57 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    As said I took age into it and there is more than the ones I named, but Peyton and Romo is too old, totally forgot Big Ben would love that guy on this team, Bridgewater is a rookie and I find it hard to separate Matt Ryan and his WRs (also the fact that he cant carry his team like Luck or River).

  128. 128 Avery Greene said at 4:49 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah, I can’t decide if Matt Ryan or Jay Cutler has the best receivers. Cutler I think is terrible, especially with his weapons. Ryan has weapons too, but lacks the running game Cutler has.

  129. 129 Anders said at 2:52 AM on October 10th, 2014:

    100%, but its not like Rodgers or Manning does not have good weapons, we just know they are the catalyst. Ryans won 2 games last year when he didnt have White+Jones to dominate for him

  130. 130 Insomniac said at 3:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The homerism was just bothering me. Rivers has been lights out so far.Luck/Wilson can do things that Foles can’t. Newton and Tannenhill are debatable..

  131. 131 Mitchell said at 5:02 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Who was a homer? Me?

  132. 132 RobNE said at 5:21 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I heard Brady is pretty good

  133. 133 Anders said at 2:51 AM on October 10th, 2014:

    Again is also very old. For this season I 100% take Bress, Brady or Manning over most of these guys

  134. 134 Mitchell said at 4:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Well no shit.

  135. 135 MaggieMagpie said at 8:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Maybe you should see a doctor for that sleep deprivation problem. You don’t want it too get so serious while you’re still only in Grade 8.

  136. 136 Insomniac said at 3:10 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    I think you need to stay off the internet if you can’t handle another persons opinion without being an immature prick.

  137. 137 Sean Stott said at 3:31 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I’m always willing to give benefit of the doubt. I made excuses for him being a pass rusher, how hard that is.

    All that being said, Smith needs to do something. I don’t care what his measurables say, he is not a smooth athlete. I have not seen him flash anything a single time. Not a single time. We’ve all seen B. Allen flash, J. Matthews, hell, even Casey Matthews had some good plays. Marcus just looks awkwardly lost all the time. The irony is that if J. Matthews went first and M. Smith went second no one would be batting an eye.

  138. 138 anon said at 3:38 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Agree but even Kendricks made plays first year out.

  139. 139 CrackSammich said at 4:47 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    He made a shit ton of mistakes too, though.

  140. 140 Mitchell said at 4:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    O boy did he ever!

  141. 141 GEAGLE said at 5:33 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yup..all the crap dumb fans said about Kendricks, now they are about to witness him come back and play at a probowl level… ..disgusting how little we support our young players, all because desire for instant gratification has turned our fans into morons..

    If you call a rookie a Bust, Im sorry but you are a fuckin idiot.. (Not thinking of anyone in particular)…ESPECIALLY rookies who were drafted as raw prospects who need to be developed.

  142. 142 D3FB said at 3:39 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s like playing Matthews at TE and being disappointed he’s not doing anything in limited reps.

  143. 143 Sean Stott said at 3:47 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I was thinking more in preseason

  144. 144 D3FB said at 3:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    He kept contain and set the edge well. He showed decent ability in coverage. His pass rush wasn’t effective but it was because it was “segmented”. Daniel Jeremiah brought up that he was noticing it from alot of the rookie pass rushers, and historicially its something that you tend to find with young pass rushers. A “segmented” pass rush is essentially on one play the guy is so focused on his hands, and trying to win the battle up top, that they forget to keep moving their feet, so when they win with their hands, they aren’t in a position to get by the OL. Then you have plays when they focus on their feet and hips and forget to use their hands. Marcus was falling victim to this. You can go back and look at Tommy’s DGRs from the preseaon to get confirmation of this.

  145. 145 peteike said at 4:29 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    thats interesting, thanks

  146. 146 GEAGLE said at 4:31 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Marcus is going to make a lot of people look really dumb the next couple of years..sadly accountability doesn’t exist so these hacks can be as wrong as they want, provide such inaccurate coverage, yet nothing will happen, so why should they bother learning, and getting bett at what they do so they can provide fans with real coverage…

    Imagine what these jackasses would write if we spent the #2 pick on Greg Robinson, who only played a combined total of 10 snaps in 5 games? They would be ripping that kid to shreds in this city, when in reality, kids going to be every bit as special as Lane Johnson when they both grow into Veterans…

    Greg Robinson looks like a bust today to media, yet we would trade our first round pick for him in an instant if the Rams were dumb enough

    Sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around how bad the media can be…shame that millions of people love this sport and are fanatical about its team, yet such a small percentage of fans really have an idea why their team failed or was successful on Sunday…
    You can’t watch a football game live and have a good grasp of what happened…to know how 11 players performed you have to watch each play a few times to really understand what happened, and even then it can be hard without knowing exactly what each player was supposed to do on that play call…

    Unless you can say what a players responsibility was, how the hell can you know if he did a good job or not?

  147. 147 BobSmith77 said at 5:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    From the quote posted below, it sounds like the Eagles really want an OL in the 1st round and their draft board blew up a bit when the guys they wanted weren’t there.

  148. 148 GEAGLE said at 5:07 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    From what I heard, I wouldn’t believe that…

  149. 149 Avery Greene said at 4:47 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I was reading some other comments on another site (I forget which one) and they were talking about how none of the other 3-4 OLBs are doing any better with their other teams.
    People need to realize that it takes time for these guys to acclimate to the NFL game at that position.

  150. 150 MaggieMagpie said at 8:17 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    It’s on 24/7.

  151. 151 BobSmith77 said at 3:53 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lots of good points and analysis especially about it being better to pass on 1st down than teams do.

    “This is more than just a thought experiment: The Baltimore Ravens have just $33 million devoted
    to non-quarterback offensive players — the lowest amount in the league
    and just 35 percent of their non-starting QB expenditures. In other
    words, aside from Joe Flacco, the Ravens have distributed their money
    nearly 2-to-1 in favor of defense. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles
    have more than $63 million devoted to offensive players other than their
    highest-paid QB.12 That means Nick Foles is starting out with a 2-to-1 money advantage.”

  152. 152 anon said at 4:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s crazy. Does that count Ray Rice’s salary?

  153. 153 BobSmith77 said at 4:45 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Not sure but i don’t think so.

  154. 154 ACViking said at 7:30 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Nate Silver’s a Bill Walsh-acolyte.

    Like Andy Reid.

  155. 155 GEAGLE said at 4:16 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Casey Mathews was pretty entertaining as a guest on the weekly Eagles podcasts..
    “My rookie year we played the Wide 9 which I wouldn’t wish on any linebacker lol”

    About arizona upset win vs. Oregon “I have to watch FOles walk around all week with his chest puffed out.. Nick will talk trash in like the nicest way possible lol”… A lot of good quotes by Casey who I’m starting to have a new appreciating for..

  156. 156 Avery Greene said at 4:43 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That was a funny interview. “Who talks the most trash?” “Anyone from the SEC, Bennie Logan…”

  157. 157 GEAGLE said at 4:53 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Maragos with Spadaro was good today too..
    My goal this year is to get Marahos to give up a jersey. I want a maragos jersey bad, but I don’t want to buy one lol… I’ll post pics of my conquest when I pull it off lol..

    Like his interviews because we ask him to compare us to seahawks a lot and he sees similarities: “we are young, selfless, hungry but very humble don’t see guys celebrating wins, guys are hungry to do better and fix what went wrong even when we win”…. That’s a very important sign to see…
    Take Redskins, 1-4, all close games for the most part, yet they DIDNT have the character to win those close games…1-4 team joking around and laughing after they lose and fall to 1-4…where as, you see our players pissed off after we win and go to 4-1 because we weren’t just happy with a win, we are hungry to correct what we do wrong… That’s a very promising sign to see…

  158. 158 anon said at 4:56 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    garcon was probably laughing about dragging sherman around the field by his hair.

  159. 159 Avery Greene said at 5:14 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Just watched that interview. I’m hoping they get a FG attempt block for a TD this week. That would put them I think as the only team to score a TD in 8 different ways during a season.
    As a side note, I need to get in this football game. I saw that MS Surface that Spadaro was using and all I could think was “ka-ching” for the NFL.

  160. 160 GEAGLE said at 5:16 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yup..a FG block gives us the record

  161. 161 GEAGLE said at 5:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Starting to think BRandon Graham is going to work out an extension..

    finally he is getting a ton of braise and instead of eating it up, he talks about continuing to work hard, improve as a team mate on and off the field “so that he can be here when the Eagles win their first Super Bowl”… This isn’t someone counting the days down TIL he can cash in, in free agency…
    He has an clause in his contract where he gets a 2.5 million dollar bonus if he plays 45% of the snaps, he is only playing like 37-38% and you won’t ever here him complain about just getting a few more snaps so he can be 2.5 richer..BG really wants to be here, I’m starting to think we work out a fair exception…
    Chip been raving about him all week…not just about his defensive improvements but he keeps talking about how he is a much improved football play from last year and he sees big things in his future and the Eagoes finding more ways to use him… Defensive improvements are evident, but Chip was raving about “what a special teams FORCE he has become”… Talks about how he is starting to command double teams on kickoff coverages and special teams because if you only block him with one guy he is starting to blow people up and just run over them…Some other guys are making plays because BG is opening things up for them by commanding double teams on ST..

    You improve as a pass rusher, special teams player, run defender, versatile enough to play predator and Jack, Chip is going to want you here past this year…sounds like he wants to be here bad….I’m ready to bet we work out an extension with him….he went from his job possibly being in Jeapordy to carving out a Longterm role for himself…. Proud to call him an eagle these days

  162. 162 anon said at 5:11 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    BG talked about the 2.5 he was a lot more humble than say djax would have been. But i’d be like COACH PUT ME IN for that 2.5. I can’t see him commanding big numbers in an extension.

  163. 163 GEAGLE said at 5:18 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The sad part is, that the 2.5 clause was written in his contract as something that was supposed to be easily attainable for him. And he would have gotten that money if he didn’t get hurt as a rookie…

    That clause was written as something he was definitely supposed to reach, and because of misfortune it looks like the kid isn’t going to get it…that’s a shame…

  164. 164 anon said at 5:30 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah he’s a first round guy. Maybe T. Cole will get injured. Hate to see people lose $$.

  165. 165 Mitchell said at 5:11 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I’m not gonna complain if he keeps playing like this, that’s fore sure. I’m actually noticing him on plays this year, in a good way!

  166. 166 GENETiC-FREAK said at 5:17 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yip no complaints if he gets extended.. Guy playing like he belongs

  167. 167 RobNE said at 5:24 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    was it him who steamrolled the guy on a kickoff? that was awesome

  168. 168 Sean Stott said at 6:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I sure as hell hope so as I just pulled the trigger on a #55 GRAHAM jersey

  169. 169 GEAGLE said at 7:34 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lol good luck… I want a maragos

  170. 170 GermanEagle said at 8:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s kinda brave. But cool!

  171. 171 GermanEagle said at 7:01 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Not only this, he’s also a very likeable person. My friend and I met him after the Eagles opener at Celek’s restaurant and he was very open and friendly. Good kid, I’m rooting for him.

  172. 172 GEAGLE said at 7:34 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yeah he always been a good Dude, never was bitter or spiteful to fans for all the Earl Thomas crap we gave him..
    Just always kept his head down and worked thru everything. The man just got marries this past May.. Happy to see things starting to go well for him..
    He really wants to stay here, I assume we work something out if he keeps improving like has

  173. 173 ACViking said at 7:28 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Just spit-balling here on the assumption that GEagle’s “hound-dawg” nose is hot on the scent . . .

    First, BG will replace TCole. Even if TC takes a massive pay cut.

    Second, I wonder, if MSmith had shown more at this point, whether the Eagles would go in this direction (where GE’s nose is going).

    Not down on Smith.

    But to bring back Graham, it’ll cost a bunch. That may have been money the front office had put in the “available” column after the 2014 draft.

    With FCox and MKendricks up for renewal — and Foles possibly — I think the front office would have been thrilled if MSmith had stepped forward and made the decision to let BGraham walk an easy one. With TCole coming back at a reduced (read: less then Graham-2015) rate.

  174. 174 GEAGLE said at 7:31 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Don’t think we can bring back both.. Think initially we planned on renegotiating with COLE and letting BG walk, but now BG is prob forcing them to re think things…we need 3 OLBs that can play in every single game, we wouldn’t mind 4, but I assume the 4th would have to be a draft pick.. So next year:
    Either Graham or Cole
    Young player or Dion jordan

  175. 175 ACViking said at 7:43 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Three related questions.

    What’s BGraham’s price?

    At what price would the Eagles bring back TCole, along with BGraham?

    At what price would TCole agree to come back to the Eagles, along with BGraham?

    Assumption: Coles’s performance levels off some, otherwise he’s clearly too expensive.

  176. 176 D3FB said at 9:52 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The best comp would probably be Everson Griffen. For that kind of money, no way in hell I resign Graham. Somewhere around 6 million annually, I would be comfortable.

  177. 177 GEAGLE said at 7:26 AM on October 10th, 2014:

    Yeah giving Everson 20mil in guarantees was crazy

  178. 178 MaggieMagpie said at 8:13 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Currently on roster:
    Tucker, Matthew
    Matthews, Casey
    Matthews, Jordan
    Kovacs, Jordan

    Please no more Matthews or Jordans! It’s sooo confusing!

  179. 179 BobSmith77 said at 5:46 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Only thing that would surprise me this week if this was low scoring (Vegas has the o/u a lofty 51) or that this game doesn’t come down to late in the 4th quarter in another nailbiter.

    Don’t have a good feel one way or another but the Eagles need to clean up the sloppy turnovers this week. Giants have done a nice job of forcing turnovers and if the Eagles turn the ball over 3 or 4 times I see them losing by double digits.

  180. 180 Sean Stott said at 6:36 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The Eagles need to clean up a lot of things

  181. 181 GEAGLE said at 6:09 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Why is the best RB in the country, Gurley, suspended indefinitely? What did the idiot do?

  182. 182 Sean Stott said at 6:35 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Hopefully he raped someone and didn’t smoke pot. Otherwise he might be in trouble.

  183. 183 GermanEagle said at 6:58 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    One of the dumbest comments I’ve seen on here.

  184. 184 Sean Stott said at 7:16 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Was it? Compare and contrast Tyrann Mathieu with Jameis Winston.

    Also, stop being bitter, that’s some female shit.

  185. 185 ACViking said at 7:21 PM on October 9th, 2014:


    I think what GermanEagle’s saying is your word choice, though ironical, was pretty stark. Arresting, in fact (no pun here).

    Respectfully, the Mathieu-Winston comparison may have been just as effective.

  186. 186 Sean Stott said at 7:24 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    He did it because he made a dumb comment yesterday that I called him out on, so now he is lurking my comments. Kind of spiteful. Oh well.

  187. 187 GermanEagle said at 7:56 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Cmon man. I’m far from being bitter. Just didn’t like the ‘rape’ comment. As AC pointed out. Now let’s all relax and have a beer. Prost!

  188. 188 anon said at 7:45 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Indeed the NCAA is preparing these kids for line in the pros.

  189. 189 MaggieMagpie said at 8:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I don’t believe most women feel bitter :sh!t” when the subject of rape is brought up. Fear, degradation, nausea, perhaps even rage would be more evocative.

  190. 190 suthrneagle said at 8:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    maybe only after you have been raped, then you`d understand what an asinine thing it was that you wrote.

  191. 191 ACViking said at 7:16 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Alleged rules violations.

    Ongoing violation internal and NCAA investigation.

    No question he’ll be turning pro.

  192. 192 GEAGLE said at 7:28 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Lol sounds about right…

  193. 193 ACViking said at 7:38 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    SEC football is professional.

    Just not NFL.

    Mi e piaciuto molto “Professore Viking”.

    Cracked me up

  194. 194 GEAGLE said at 8:08 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Domenica Sara una Bella vittoria.. Questi nanni non anno 53 uomi Duri come noi.. Non ci credi che New York puo batterci

  195. 195 ACViking said at 8:46 PM on October 9th, 2014:


    One of these two teams will be exposed.

    Considering the Eagles haven’t come close to playing to potential for even 50 minutes . . .

    Be careful, G-Men. Be very, very careful.

  196. 196 ACViking said at 7:46 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    BGraham speculation (h/t GEagle) . . .

    If he doesn’t stay with the Eagles, is KC a possible landing spot?

    BG’s gotta be cheaper than JHouston, right?

    And he’d benefit from Tamba Hali on the other side, with Poe in the middle.

  197. 197 Sean Stott said at 7:46 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    nooooooo I JUST bought his jersey

  198. 198 ACViking said at 7:48 PM on October 9th, 2014:


    Graham’s really hitting his stride.

    Cole’s certainly off to a good start. But I’d still like to see Graham out there getting more reps on the right side.

  199. 199 GEAGLE said at 8:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    If we do keep BG, it will be a done deal before he ever gets to hit the free agent market… No way we let other teams bid on him, and then agree to a deal with him… He re

  200. 200 botto said at 7:59 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    it sounds like Ryans isn’t really going to be ready for hte game.
    so with no starting inside linebackers we are pretty screwed now. we need to score a lot of points or run the ball well, neither of whcih we can do right now thanks to the other injuries.
    i don’t like the sound of this game coming up.

  201. 201 GEAGLE said at 8:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    If the Giants weren’t in our division, this is a team we would beat by 10… Doesn’t mater how much better we are, division games are always dogfights.. Fortunately as a young team, learning to overcome whatever adversity we encounter and learning how to win those ugly September games is going to come in handy in a dogfight like Sunday night.

    I don’t believe they have 53 men smart enough, hard enough men, to beat us on Sunday. I can fathom losing to a team with Hard men like Justin smith, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley… But wE will not lose to these pussies..

    You can’t tell me Damontre Moore and JPP are Hard enough to go take this game from Jason Peters… You can’t tell me that Justin Pugh, is hard enough to take this away from Fletcher Cox…
    We been hit with all kinds of adversity, and we proved that we will stay together, fight and overcome it…all kinds of shit was thrown in our way since the start of the season. We were two yards away in San Fran from overcoming all of it! …I don’t believe a locker room filled with free agent mercenaries are tough enough, and I don’t believe they can persevere thru a battle with this group of Eagles… On a primal level, I simply DONT believe they have 53 men who are hard enough to take this from us….and all the ugly wins we been collecting that fans have been bitching about, are what will have us ready to stay together and win this NFC East dog fight!

    We been playing against some solid Ol and DL these past 3 games… Giants line vs. Our lines…. Our men win the majority of the individual battles…..we are too tough, physically and mentally to lose to these humps.

  202. 202 anon said at 8:26 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I’m sure they are spending extra time on STs this week.

  203. 203 GEAGLE said at 8:28 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s like an extra 8 combined hours of ST work…you know how many extra hours of ST we put in since June? Lol..
    I’m sure they works n their conditioning too this week…doesn’t matter when we have months and months of extra work head start :)..
    I can’t wait to watch the Eagles front 7 Fuck their midget world up on Sunday!

  204. 204 ACViking said at 8:41 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    So far, Fipp’s called the “block” when the opponent’s been pinned very deep in their own end. And the scheme’s been A-gap pressure.

    The block call make’s sense tactically in the event of a roughing call. Opponent still has to go the whole field, essentially.

    Anyway, if the Giants get pinned deep and allow the Birds to pull-off another A-gap punt block, not only should NY’s Special Teams Coach — Tom Quinn — schedule a taxi to take him to NY . . .

    But I can see Coughlin having a Matt Dodge-esque meltdown in the middle of the field.

    As much as I respect Coughlin, his emotional breakdowns are rivaled in their entertainment value only by the late Browns/Ravens owner Art Modell.

    (No one ever had a more stunning, sad, and simultaneously entertaining on-camera melt-down than Modell when the Browns’ Earnest Byner fumbled as Cleveland was about to tie the AFC title game in ’87 at Denver with less than a minute remaining.)

  205. 205 GEAGLE said at 8:44 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    His melt downs remind me of like an exaggerated Chris Farley lol

  206. 206 ACViking said at 8:47 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    can’t breath!!!

    laughing too hard

  207. 207 GEAGLE said at 8:50 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    We have to admit we will miss crazy COUGHLIN when he is gone from the division…. Idiots like “the casey mathews of the Gruden family” and that twerp Jason Garrett are no fun

  208. 208 GEAGLE said at 8:30 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Wish we would give Bryan Braman a chance to blitz every once in a while.. I can see him on some Bobby BOuche waterboy ish..

    I know he has a long way to go to be ready to ever contribute on defense, but he is such a fantastic athlete, and he is certainly wired to hit, that I hate to not find a package to put that psycho to use..

  209. 209 GEAGLE said at 8:35 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Wonder if I can get a black Beau Allen Jersey before Sunday?

  210. 210 mtn_green said at 8:38 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    If I saw Allen id think Nate.

  211. 211 GEAGLE said at 8:39 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Not when you see #94.. Hopefully we get rid of nate soon lol
    You know if you saw someone at the game and realized he had a Beau Allen on you would think it was hot.. Huff jersey would be bad ass too
    Haven’t seen an Eagkes Sproles jersey yet…that’s hot too

  212. 212 Henly125 said at 9:07 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Might actually get myself a Huff jersey.

  213. 213 anon said at 8:39 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Colts just did an onside kick after the first drive. Texans were too far back, kicker just chipped it to himself. 10 seconds later Luck tosses a bomb to TY Hilton for a TD.

    Luck is good.

  214. 214 anon said at 8:57 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Game over. TY Hilton has 110yds receiving the first 7 minutes. It’s already 17-0. These thursday night games are horrible.

  215. 215 anon said at 9:05 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Hilton might break the NFL yardage record today. 140 in 12 minutes.

  216. 216 GermanEagle said at 8:57 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I really don’t mind those Blowouts on Thursday nights as long as the Eagles whoop the Cowgirls 50-2 on Thanksgivings.

  217. 217 GEAGLE said at 9:02 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I don’t bet football, probably haven’t even bet a Super Bowl game in like 8 years… But it’s getting to the point where I find it hard to justify continuing to not bet money on these Thursday night starting to feel like a jerk off for not betting these Thursday games.. Bookies must hate Thursdays lol

  218. 218 GermanEagle said at 9:10 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    And I almost picked the Texans tonight. Lol

  219. 219 GermanEagle said at 9:34 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Note to myself: maybe I should have…

  220. 220 Avery Greene said at 9:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    That’s a game that worries me. None of the Thursday night games are competitive and we travel to Dallas on a short week. A recipe for disaster for any team that has to travel at least a time zone on Thursday night.

  221. 221 BobSmith77 said at 9:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Per Reuben Frank’s Twitter feed:

    LeSean McCoy’s 33 runs for 0 or fewer yards are most in the NFL through
    five games since Lamar Smith of the Dolphins had 37 in 2001.

    Hit those holes Shady and take what you can get

  222. 222 GermanEagle said at 9:14 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Colts are on pace to a 96-0 victory.

  223. 223 anon said at 9:15 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    The difference between the no. 1 and no. 2 picks of that draft is crazy.

  224. 224 Mitchell said at 9:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I heard a lot about how the 2 would be similar in skill level but didn’t we all know Luck would be better? Rg3 is too much of an injury risk and premaddona.

  225. 225 anon said at 11:05 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    JJ Watt is a game changer

  226. 226 Mitchell said at 11:15 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Im talking about luck and RG3

  227. 227 SteveH said at 9:23 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    And Andrew Luck for over 800 yards passing.

  228. 228 GermanEagle said at 9:45 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    To my Eagles fellas: JJ Watt or Andrew Luck?!

  229. 229 GENETiC-FREAK said at 9:49 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Damn man hard choice.. Watt i would go with

  230. 230 GermanEagle said at 9:50 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I am actually going back and forth with that decision. Tend towards JJ. Best defense difference maker since…?

  231. 231 GENETiC-FREAK said at 9:55 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    I like how his character too.. Couldnt stand listening to Gruden talking up Luck every time Eagles played either lol

  232. 232 jpate said at 10:20 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Luck if we didn’t have a QB but I think we do.. so Watt.

    Not saying Foles is better just Watt + Foles is more balance then Luck alone.

  233. 233 mksp said at 11:04 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    No contest. QB >>> DE. Luck is a true franchise best QB in the league potential guy.

  234. 234 GermanEagle said at 11:37 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Still think that Wa(y)tt?!

  235. 235 mksp said at 11:51 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    100 out of a 100 times.

    JJ Watt is a MONSTER, and easily the most valuable non-QB in the league.

    But QB is forever and always the most important position in the sport.

  236. 236 Anders said at 12:57 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    JJ Watt despite been best defensive player in the NFL helped the Texans to 2 wins last year, Luck took a similar if not worse talented team to two straight 11 win seasons.

  237. 237 GermanEagle said at 3:40 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    Someone else made the correct comparison. We have with Foles already an a over average starter at QB. That’s why I would take JJ over Luck simply because of the more efficient combination with Foles under center.

  238. 238 Anders said at 3:52 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    Right now FOles isnt even an average QB

  239. 239 GermanEagle said at 7:58 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    Look up Brady’s, Manning’s and all the other great QB’s stats after their first 25 games and compare them to Foles’ and then we talk.

  240. 240 BC1968 said at 10:35 PM on October 10th, 2014:

    Can’t, one thing doesn’t have to do with another, as much as I am hoping Foles is the next big thing, no one knows yet.

  241. 241 BobSmith77 said at 10:27 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Why does Steve Smith look like he wants to stab someone whenever they show a clip of him starring at the camera? Seethes anger.

  242. 242 GermanEagle said at 10:54 PM on October 9th, 2014:


  243. 243 Mitchell said at 10:33 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Remember when we thought we were gonna have a pretty good ST if only we had a better kicker? Wish granted boyz.

  244. 244 anon said at 10:43 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Listening to the broadcast colts have a rash of OL injuries — they’re starting a rookie UDFA – you wouldn’t even know.

  245. 245 CrackSammich said at 11:45 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    And Damaris Johnson…

  246. 246 GermanEagle said at 11:06 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Watt > Luck. Lol

  247. 247 SteveH said at 11:18 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Watt is some sort of human/hulk hybrid. What a beast.

  248. 248 GermanEagle said at 11:36 PM on October 9th, 2014:


  249. 249 SteveH said at 11:30 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Who knew the Colts/Texans game would actually be pretty entertaining, especially after the 24-0 start.

  250. 250 SteveH said at 11:36 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    JJ Swatt, worth every cent. Best defender of this generation?

  251. 251 GermanEagle said at 11:36 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Yes. Sir.

  252. 252 anon said at 11:39 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    that’s anti-climatic fitzpatrick.

  253. 253 SteveH said at 11:41 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Andre Johnson and JJ Watt have the misfortune of playing for the Texans. Both future HoFers who will never sniff the super bowl if they stay where they are.

  254. 254 anon said at 11:42 PM on October 9th, 2014:

    Watt + Clowney could be crazy. AJ tried to leave, I would have let him go — feel bad for him as well.

  255. 255 Mitchell said at 12:44 AM on October 10th, 2014:

    A good qb would help a bunch