Thanksgiving Preview

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Philly at Dallas. Big game.

Thanksgiving afternoon. Big game.

First place in the NFC East on the line. Big game.

So what am I hinting at? This is a big game. It is still November so this isn’t some do or die moment in the season. The Eagles will do well if they can win 2 of the next 3. They could survive going 1-2, but it would make life harder on them. Rather than worrying about different scenarios, let’s steal a page from Chip Kelly and just focus on the moment.

Beat Dallas.

Here is my preview for You’ll probably be shocked, but I think DeMarco Murray is the key to the game. The Eagles don’t need to shut him down, but they need to control him and limit his production. If he goes for 120, Dallas probably wins. If he goes for 80-95, the game is a toss-up. If you hold him under 80, the Eagles are likely winners.

The problem is you can’t sell out vs the run. Bill Davis has to find a way to shut him down and still keep Dez Bryant from just destroying Bradley Fletcher. A lot of these concerns would go away if the front seven would just dominate and shut down the running and passing attacks. Is that too much to ask?

I’m both excited and nervous about the game. I love the thought of beating Dallas on national TV and putting them in 2nd place. I’m nervous about those skill players going against our defense. Could be a long day. I do like the matchup of the Eagles offense and the Dallas defense.

In the preview I talk about how the defense isn’t really better. It just looks that way. Dave from BGN did a full post on the Dallas defense and how it still is a bad unit.

The Eagles defense doesn’t need a shutout, but they do have to make some key plays. Pick off Romo or grab a Murray fumble. Heck, do both. I’m not picky. I’ll take whatever the Football Gods throw our way.


112 Comments on “Thanksgiving Preview”

  1. 1 GermanEagle said at 6:49 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Eagles 44, CowboySUK 42.

  2. 2 MaggieMagpie said at 8:01 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    If they score 42 points, they can’t be sukking all the time! ;~

  3. 3 GEAGLE said at 8:02 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    34-24 BIRDGANG… I bet we kill this team in the second half. Chip will out coach Garrett at half time, and Tempo is more important than ever this week, because the dallas defense is extremely thin and low on numbers. They don’t have many defenders comfortable rotating into the game. They are going to substitute less than most teams we face, s their defenders have to play extended snaps, which means we can wear them down more than we do to most teams who rotate like 18 defenders in a game…

    offense is going to be putting up points early on dallas, so if our Defense can get a couple stops early, we can build a lead and force them to pass more, and take advantage of their average pass blocking OL
    I really really like how we match up with this team

  4. 4 Ramiroquaaii said at 6:51 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    The key to limit Murray production is score some points early in the game, and we can do this.

    Eagles 39 – Cowboys 31

  5. 5 Tyler Phillips said at 7:02 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I was late on the last thread so I’m going to re-post here.

    Here’s another clear advantage…

    Judging by the average per play stats(per FO) for each offense and defense. The Cowboys D will see a play 7 seconds quicker than they are used to. The Philly D will see a play 2 seconds slower than they are used to. Both of these numbers are good for the Eagles.

    If trends stay the same:

    The Dallas D will see more plays with less defensive rotation than they have been allowed all season.

    The Eagles D will be allowed more time between plays than they have all season.

    The Dallas strategy of grinding the clock will make no difference due to the Eagles pace.

    Since the Eagles are already the best conditioned team in the league, this is nothing but good news for them. If the Eagles play to their averages, there is little chance of Dallas being able to stand up to the sheer number of plays they will face, at the speed they are run if the game is tight late.

  6. 6 Media Mike said at 7:04 PM on November 26th, 2014:


    This needs to be a statement making beat-down in Jerry’s face.

  7. 7 GEAGLE said at 8:44 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    It also helps That the Dallas defense is really thin, it will probably the thinnest Defense we saw all year. most Defenses like to play like 17-18 players rotating fresh bodies in at different positions….Dallas D really is lacking bodies that they are comfortable subbing into the game…
    So if We have been able to wear down so many defenses this year, really expect to wear this defense down that is probably going to ask its defenders to have to play too many snaps tomorrow….that is a big advantage for us if the tempo is flowing

    our OL is going to beat the Dallas DL all day, their best matchup is Melton vs. Barner, but Mathis won’t need help with Crawford so Kelce can give Garner help if he needs it, not that Melton is anything special. So once our OL gets shady to the second level, Shady will encounter some recently poor tacklers…we shouldn’t have much trouble running the ball, which means we are going to get our tempo flowing and wear them down. the only thing that can stop our tempo tomorrow is dumb Flags. dallas run defense won’t hold up, so as long as we play clean ball, they are going to get a heavy dose of tempo…

  8. 8 unhinged said at 10:38 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Dumb flags and dumber turnovers. If Dallas gets a win, it means Eagles beat themselves.

  9. 9 Dominik said at 7:30 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Interesting stuff. But let’s not forget: getting the first and second first down is important for every offense (it would be Phil Simmsesque to not emphazise that), but it’s really, really important for our offense. If the rythm is there, in 90 percent of the series we will get at least a FG, more often than not a TD via a big play.

    If Dallas is able to stop the run (and let’s not pretend the running game is always working, it’s been erratic this season) we won’t be able to use tempo.

    After all, our running game will be the key for this game. I think we can contain Murray (he won’t finish the game with 60 Yards, I’m pretty sure about that), the question will be how much we need to invest to contain him. Fletcher needs literally all the help he can get against Bryant and Williams. Romo will make plays, he’s a very good QB.

    Our offense needs to be there and for our offense to click, the running game has to be there. If it’s there, we’ll have a good chance to win this game. Because then we’ll see tempo, and you’re right, there is a good advantage for us. But without rythm and running game, we won’t have tempo and without tempo, I don’t think this team can beat Dallas.

    So Shady, Mathis, JP, Kelce – you better destroy your guys up front. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One last thing: I don’t trust our pass rush against good teams, I have to be honest. Palmer didn’t get sacked, if I remember correctly, and he wasn’t under pressure a lot. Rodgers could do whatever he wants. We get sacks against avarage or bad teams with scheme, hustle and pass rushing as a team. I don’t think this will be enough against Dallas, their O-Line is for real.

    I trust our D-Line to compete with their O-Line in the running game, but I don’t think we will sack Romo more than once or twice and I don’t think he will be under pressure a lot.

  10. 10 BobSmith77 said at 7:25 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Boys will go as far as Bryant and Murray can respectively take them. Murray is a pass catching threat and the Eagles have struggled to cover RBs all year. I could see him having a big play or two in the passing game tomorrow if he gets a favorable matchup (Smith, Graham) especially if the Eagles bring the blitz.

    Most interested to see how Davis attacks the Boys D tomorrow (bring pressure from the edge especially with Barwin/Cole/Graham or stunt inside to force Romo to roll out). Also curious to see how much Carroll plays and the Eagles go with a lot of 3 LBs sets even on 1st/2nd down.

    It has been getting talked about all week but yeah the Boys have been a good Red Zone team all year (65.6% TD success) vs Eagles’ poor Red Zone performance (46.3%). Eagles weren’t great last year at 53.2% but that was still good enough for 13th in the NFL vs 28th this year so far.

    Boys have been a bit weaker at home (61.1%) the Eagles have been pitiful on the road this year (41.2%). Only the Steelers have been worse. Lack of a big physical WR or a physical RB have hurt the Eagles all year in the Red Zone. Huge failoff in red zone production of the TE spot too this year has really hurt the Eagles too. Great time tomorrow for Celek’s first TD this year or for Ertz who has caught one since the Giants’ MFB blowout on 10/12.

  11. 11 BobSmith77 said at 7:28 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Pretty of room to get on board the Sanchez bandwagon too. With the Foles’ news today, it seems almost a lock the Eagles will ride or sink with him this year.

    If he plays fairly well the last 5 games and is able to guide them to at least one playoff win, Sanchez is setting himself up for a big pay day.

  12. 12 Media Mike said at 7:31 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I’m dying to see how quickly that “news” turns to a miracle cure if the Eagles were to lose tomorrow and to Seattle with Foles coming back vs. the Cowboys.

    I have a feeling Foles will be injured only as long as its necessary to avoid any type of controversy in terms of who should start.

  13. 13 GermanEagle said at 7:38 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I don’t believe those reports at all. We will only know more after the next MRI examination. The rest is pure speculation on Foles collarbone.

  14. 14 anon said at 7:53 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    what did the reports say?

  15. 15 Media Mike said at 7:56 PM on November 26th, 2014:

  16. 16 anon said at 7:59 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    thanks! to me it’s whatever. they are basically playing the same. Ball might be moving better with sanchez, but foles didn’t have any blowouts on his tenure, though we went a game without scoring a point on offense. So foles can get healthy but i’m definitely not pressuring him like GB was pressuring Rodgers last season.

  17. 17 Media Mike said at 8:00 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    What is annoyingly correct about the “whatever” and “playing the same” is the overall level of carelessness with the football from the QB position this year.

  18. 18 anon said at 8:07 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    qbs and receivers alike and rbs.

  19. 19 BobSmith77 said at 8:01 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Sanchez has been marginally better but it has only been 3 games.

    Both guys had the same issues including too many turnovers and red zone struggles.

  20. 20 MaggieMagpie said at 8:02 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Exactly! Only 3 games. Yet the world expects perfection.

  21. 21 Jernst said at 8:41 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I agree…the report just seems like speculation. No MRI, no xray, but we somehow know that the original prognosis of 6-8 weeks isn’t attainable, because…well…I dunno why, but apparently Jeff McLane, MD just has a feeling or talked with some unnamed “source close to the situation” who gets that feeling. Not really buying it until the follow-up exam next week.

  22. 22 GermanEagle said at 9:19 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Somehow I am starting to dislike Mr McLane.

  23. 23 BobSmith77 said at 7:38 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Boys 34 Eagles 26

    Too many big plays given up by the Eagles’ secondary yet again and the Eagles are able to move the ball all day but don’t put it in the end zone enough.

  24. 24 Media Mike said at 7:44 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    That could wind up being how the game goes, but I don’t see how Dallas has improved enough to do that to us.

  25. 25 MaggieMagpie said at 7:59 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Probably the most important consideration, compared to the beginning of the season, is that Romo’s back hasn’t broken in half yet. I still worry (Cowgirl or not) that one hit could put him in a wheelchair permanently.

  26. 26 Media Mike said at 8:01 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I’d love to see him knocked out of the game, but not crippled.

    I reserve that level of hatred for Eli!

  27. 27 MaggieMagpie said at 8:13 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Eli like Mork? Then we wouldn’t have to look at his face as often.

  28. 28 Media Mike said at 8:16 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I’d also be ok if Eli’s life ended in the same manner as that of Robin Williams.

    Sadly Robin Williams had actual value; Eli has none.

  29. 29 anon said at 8:18 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    too far. eli’s not a bad person, just a bad qb.

  30. 30 Media Mike said at 8:19 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    ha ha ha ha. There is no too far in my book when it comes to the ultimate humbling that needs to happen to all sporting things New York.

  31. 31 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:07 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    sorry, not funny

  32. 32 Media Mike said at 6:46 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I know I’m being vile with Eli, but the hatred is too strong.

  33. 33 MaggieMagpie said at 2:12 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    If you get a bit down, check out some of Williams stand-up on You Tube. Every time I watch a couple he did in Scotland, especially about golf, I end laughing like a hyena. First time I saw the one about inventing the game, I almost choked trying to keep from falling on the floor.

  34. 34 P_P_K said at 7:46 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    May your mashed potatoes come back up on you.

    Here’s why you are wrong. Shady will steal Murray’s spotlight, Sproles will be magic, Ertz & Celek can’t be stopped by their linebackers, Romo’s back will be killing him by halftime thanks to Barwin, Matthews and Maclin combine for 200 yards. Yes, Cowboys will get their points, but Parkey puts his name into Eagles lore with the game winning field goal. Eagles 34 Cowboys 31.

  35. 35 anon said at 7:49 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    i’d say yes but i think we get one on special teams. that proves to be the game winner. i actually think teams is going to be the key to get game.

  36. 36 MaggieMagpie said at 7:56 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Agree. The national blabbers keep talking about how the Eagles are winning with STs, not so much on offense. So?? A win is a win. Yes things are more intense in the playoffs. The opponents tighten things up, but so does everybody! Including the STs. It’s annoying that those media types keep insisting that there is a magic formula which must be carefully followed in order to win. What rubbish!! The “formula” changes every 5 years anyway. These same people insist “it’s a passing league”, then “you’ve gotta stop the run”. What rubbish. You’ve got to try to minimize the opponent’s strength, and ONE thing hasn’t changed much. Defense does still win big games.

  37. 37 Avery Greene said at 8:19 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    You hit the nail on the head. The Eagles don’t follow a script and the media’s heads want to explode. Now that we’ve got consistency on the oline, I think our O will improve both in the run and pass game. If our corners just play average most times, the D will be fine. That includes Allen too, but I may be asking for too much.

  38. 38 anon said at 8:21 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    would love to see rbs rack up 200yds while sanchez only throws 25passes. that was the key last year.

  39. 39 Avery Greene said at 8:30 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Yeah I think anything over 32ish passes is too much. If we run 75 plays, that works out to 43/32 in favor of the run.

  40. 40 BobSmith77 said at 7:45 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Most meaningless stat – Eagles are 5-0 all-time on Thanksgiving including the famous the infamous Bounty Bowl in ’89 in Dallas.

    Eagles beat the Steelers in ’39 and ’40 (only time the Eagles have hosted a game on Thanksgiving, won in Detroit in ’68, and won in Phoenix in ’08

  41. 41 Media Mike said at 7:51 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Soon to be 6-0! OH YEAH!

  42. 42 Henly125 said at 8:17 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    We were the home team in 2008

  43. 43 Henly125 said at 8:20 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Hopefully the undefeated streak continues tomorrow though lol good stat btw.

  44. 44 GEAGLE said at 7:55 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    games are won and lost in the trenches. Last week it looked like mathis and Kelce shook off the last of the rust and we’re back to their elite Level. You can scoff at the Titans D, but I promise you that the Dallas DL doesn’t have anyone close to as good as Jurrell Casey and we ran all over his DL. Heck, the Cowboys DL doesn’t even have anyone as good as Derick Morgan let alone Jurrell. our OL should have a pretty glaring advantage over the Dallas DL, and I’m betting tomorrow will be one of the best games Sproles, shady and Polk have combined for all season…… People like to pump up the Cowboys OL, but fact of the matter is our DL can put up a HECKUVA fignt against the Dallas OL
    So overall I see us having an overall advantage at the Line of scrimmage,
    The biggest individual 1 on 1 mismatch on both sides of the trenches belongs to the Eagles. Fletcher Cox should have a scary dominating game against Ronald Leary. Now Cox probably won’t rack up the stats, but his domination of Leary should open everything up for Barwin, cOle curry to make plays like Cox has been doing all year.

    Dallas has a nice 2nd year center, but I’d Bet 2nd year Bennie Logan bunches him in the mouth and gets the best of him. And when Bennie needs a breather, big daddy Beau is gonna come GET SOME!
    Zack Martin is an awesome rookie, but Cedrick Thornton isnt some freak athlete, what makes him so good is he is a technician..someone as technically Savy as Thornton is going to have his moment against any rookie. Zack will win his share of battles, but you can bet Thprnton will show up..

    2nd biggest Mismatch of the day belongs to Barwin over Doug Free who is horrible in pass protection. big, Stiff Free will be no match for the athletic Barwin..he should get to Romo which is important cause COLE will have his work cut out for him with Tyrone Smith who is very tรดugh to beat
    Dallas Defense IMO is going to struggle mightly down the stretch, sort of a nose dive. The Loss of Justin Durrant should really hurt them. Not only will our OL put a whooping on their DL, but the dallas mdefense will show some poor tackling tomorrow, so once shady gets to the second level, shouldnt be too hard for him to make them miss… good as Murray is, and the dallas OL are legit quality run blockers, our DL is NO JOKE.. I’m calling the Defense holding Murray to 50-75 yards tomorrow…while Eagles RBs combine for 170 yards. I’m telling you this defense is sweet in the gut like King hippo

    Getting off the field on 3rd down is crucial. They have been successful killing the clock and hiding their defense on the bench. Run defense will be stout in early downs to force them into 3rd and longs… It’s imperativeo get them into passing situations because their OL is a drastically better at run blocking, and are pretty average to suspect pass bloclers(leary and Free)

  45. 45 Henly125 said at 9:08 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Great points. Two matchups you mentioned that are worth paying close attention to tomorrow, Cox vs. Leary and Cole vs. Smith.

    Cox should have a dominant game against Leary, as you mentioned. Hopefully that will cause some double teams and open things up. I’m comfortable with that matchup.

    I think Davis will most certainly move Trent and Connor around and attack the interior, away from smith. They need to set the edge on the left side on run downs though, which won’t be easy.

  46. 46 GEAGLE said at 8:08 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Cowboys are pretty crappy at home this year, losing all 3 games inside Jerry’s world, yes that means they are undefeated on the road.

    I domt know what I’m looking forward to more, Eagles winning tomorrow, or all of dallas’s flaws that I have been warning about all year finally getting all the dumb national “experts” can finally learn the truth.

    1) Really strong run blocking line, but seriously flawed in pass protection.
    2) Same crappy defense as last year, running the ball has been able to keep the defense hidden on the bench. watch our OL dominate this average(that might be a complimemt) DL (Mincy? Crawford? Give me a break,.scabs!), watch their linebackers miss a,bunch of tackles with Durrant out with injury, watch them look foolish trying to cover Sproles, and their secondary is no better than ours,,,,Malcolm Jenkins is the best Defensive back in this game

  47. 47 Dominik said at 7:43 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    You know I respect your football knowledge, mate, but what leads you to this conclusion?

    “1) Really strong run blocking line, but seriously flawed in pass protection”

    I watch a lot of Dallas games (I think a lot of us do) and I never saw them getting exposed in pass pro. Washington did a good job at blitzing, but all out blitzes aren’t on the O-Line alone.

    Couldn’t watch the Cards game because we played at the same time, but that was Weeden – Romo will recognize blitzes way better than Weeden, simply because he’s way more experiences and the better QB. And he’s very good at scrambling to get out of troube.

    I think we won’t be able to put pressure on Romo a lot. Our pass rush gets the sacks this year, but they didn’t do it against the Cardinals and the Packers. Not only sacks, there wasn’t a lot of pressure in these games.

    It’s a good sign that they can destroy the Panthers or the Titans, but the Dallas O-Line is a different kind of animal. I think our D-Line (+ Barwin and Cole) is very good against the run. I don’t think Murray will get 140+ Yards. But I think Romo will have a good day. Witten against Matthews, Bryant against Fletcher, and all of this with a credible run threat (a lot of play action) – our Offense needs to score a lot to compensate these matchups.

    But our offense can do that. Let’s hope they are ready tonight.

  48. 48 Media Mike said at 8:20 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    So can I speak for the group that Thanksgiving Day 1989 was the best Thanksgiving ever?

  49. 49 Avery Greene said at 8:35 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I was only 13 at that point. ๐Ÿ™ It’s a faint memory…

  50. 50 Media Mike said at 8:36 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I was 12, but quite vivid! F Dallas.

  51. 51 GermanEagle said at 9:21 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    And I was 11. No joke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. 52 Henly125 said at 8:24 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Darren Sproles had over 200 total yards and a pair of touchdowns in his last two games against Dallas.

  53. 53 Media Mike said at 8:25 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Lets get that total to 350 and 4 by about 8 PM tomorrow.

  54. 54 Avery Greene said at 8:32 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    how about 150 return yards and a td and 65 yards rushing and a td?

  55. 55 Media Mike said at 8:33 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I want two TDs. On rush/receive and one on a punt return.

  56. 56 Avery Greene said at 8:34 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    That’s what I have suggested – LOL – I’ll edit it because I guess I wasn’t clear…

  57. 57 Media Mike said at 8:35 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    No, I just read it too quickly! You’re all good.

  58. 58 GEAGLE said at 8:34 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Special Teams(which still hasn’t gotten a kick ass nickname) is going to make its mark tomorrow. Believe THAT!

    For starters, congrats to Josh Huff from special Teams player of the week honors. But if you haven’t seen it, you really need to check out the Block Brandon Graham made to spring Huff. He really blew someone up!

    Our returnmen, especially Sproles should have big games against Dallas for a few reasons:
    1) the leading tackler and the second leading tackler of the dallas special teams are both out tomorrow with injuries
    2) Dallas Punter is the second worst punter in the NFL at landing punts inside the 20..
    really looking for Huff, Polk and Sproles to have Big Games against the cowgirl coverage teams.
    cody Parkey is also having a better year than Dan Bailey.

    Really expecting ST to make a big mark on this game like they have been doing for the majority of the season

  59. 59 Avery Greene said at 8:39 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    It’s going to be tough. We’ll be up enough in the 2nd half to use Polk as the main back. But that also means Huff will be playing more too. Who returns the KOs then?

  60. 60 Media Mike said at 8:40 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    How about Sproles so we can have three guys with 100 yard plus KO returns in the same season?

  61. 61 Avery Greene said at 9:33 PM on November 26th, 2014:


  62. 62 A_T_G said at 11:57 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    What kick offs?

  63. 63 Avery Greene said at 12:19 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    OMG – I’m a terrible Eagles fan. You’re absolutely right.

    *** hangs head in shame ***

  64. 64 Henly125 said at 8:45 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Can’t forget about our coverage units containing Dwayne Harris.. He broke a few long ones this season and has Dallas ranked 10th in special teams return yards.

  65. 65 GEAGLE said at 8:50 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Our boys already got their letdown momemt out of the way, and we have a bunch of veterans on special teams, so I trust them to show up to the big game tomorrow. I don’t ask them to be anything special or uncharecteristic…..just go out there and do what you have done in 10 of 11 games, outclass your opponent and represent your #1 ranking!! We have the best special teams in the NFL, we just need them to show up and be who they are

  66. 66 Henly125 said at 8:53 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Absolutely! We definitely need to come up with a nickname for STs lol

  67. 67 GEAGLE said at 8:55 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    They deserve one!

  68. 68 Nicodemus_09 said at 12:26 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    They really do! But damned if I can think of a good one…

  69. 69 MaggieMagpie said at 2:06 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    The Dirty Half-Dozen? Inglorious Bas…..nah, too easy.

  70. 70 Anders said at 2:26 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Jimmy said Cowboys two top ST tacklers are most likely out. That can be huge in the return game

  71. 71 GEAGLE said at 7:07 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Isn’t that what I said?

  72. 72 Anders said at 7:36 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I missed that ๐Ÿ˜›

  73. 73 Jernst said at 8:35 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    best way to take Murray out of the game…start fast on offense and put up some points. No 3 and outs or turnovers on the first 3 possessions and they won’t have the option to slow the game down with the running game.

  74. 74 Media Mike said at 8:38 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Or just set the edge properly with Cole and Barwin and not miss easy tackles as we keep Murray to 2 yard gains.

  75. 75 Avery Greene said at 8:40 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    This is the main thing. Keep gap discipline and let the backers make the tackles if need be.

  76. 76 Henly125 said at 8:49 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Yep, and let’s hope Casey Matthews is able to shed some blocks on those stretch runs, playing outside of the tackles has been a weakness in his game.

  77. 77 Media Mike said at 6:36 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    As long as we win by setting the edge with Barwin and Cole; Matthews and Kendricks should be running un-blocked to those run plays.

  78. 78 Jernst said at 8:43 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    well yea…that too

  79. 79 Jernst said at 8:45 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    maybe I should edit to: “Easiest way to take Murray out of the game…”

  80. 80 Media Mike said at 8:45 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Nice. I’d prefer to do it the old fashioned way. Just play well vs. the run as we’ve done all year.

  81. 81 Jernst said at 8:52 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I can’t see us letting them gash us on the run. Our scheme is literally designed with stopping this type of rushing attach in mind. We have an excellent front 7 against the run. And, Billy Davis has shown that if you hang your hat on one thing and he wants to take that away, he can. No way he doesn’t come out trying to stop the run. You just can’t concede that right off the bat. I’m much more concerned with the potential big plays that we might give up.

  82. 82 Media Mike said at 8:53 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I know we’re going to give up a few big pass plays, but that doesn’t keep us from winning 31-17!

  83. 83 Jernst said at 8:55 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I’ll take us in a shoot out against Dallas any day. Their defense is going to be sucking wind come the 4th qtr. This is a game where I see Shady running for 100 yards in the 4th quarter alone.

  84. 84 GEAGLE said at 8:51 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Holy crap. Nerlens NOel and micheal Carter Williams are out here dominating tonight… 4th Quarter, Nerlens NOel is dunking all over the nets…are the sixers getting their first win? Hope so, our boys fignt hard, they deserve a win for the holiday

  85. 85 Media Mike said at 8:54 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    The NBA and the NHL need to get their stuff together. We need to eliminate times when the Flyers and Sixers are playing at the exact same time.

  86. 86 Avery Greene said at 9:27 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Well it’s good this way. Now most of you have something better to watch. I got the NHL package and I’ve been watching a crappy team. Thanks Holmgren.

  87. 87 GEAGLE said at 9:46 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    You do realize the sixers just tied the record for worst start in franchise history at 0-15″ right? Lol flyers look like world beaters in comparison ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. 88 Avery Greene said at 9:48 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    True, but I can’t watch the Sixers game since I’m out of market. But if MCW and Noel are playing well, that’s good news!

  89. 89 McNabbulousness said at 4:52 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    can’t watch the flyboys either (legally) but you can stream the game audio broadcast live off the flyers website. thats what i do.

  90. 90 Avery Greene said at 6:03 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I have the GameCenter package, I’m just mad that they’re crappy. I can watch all their games, but I’ve been increasingly pissed that they stink.

    Hextall has his work cut out for him.

  91. 91 Media Mike said at 6:35 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Yes and no:
    – Vinny sucks at life and that albatross of a contract needs to be traded away to open up future salary for players we need to re-sign along with playing time for guys like Laughton and a a centerman spot for B. Schenn eventually.

    – He needs to keep bringing along the young D men at the correct pace, but be patient while doing it. Haag, Sandhiem, Morin, and Ghost are all future Norris level D men. In fact, I want to buy a “4 Norris-men of the Apocalypse” t-shirt in 2017 or so!

  92. 92 McNabbulousness said at 3:26 AM on November 28th, 2014:

    offense is inconsistent, mason has been good, blue line sucks a bag of dicks. injuries have killed us on the defensive end. im afraid we’ve seen the last of timonen playing hockey…

  93. 93 Anders said at 2:56 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    If all goes well Flyers and Sixers hit prime at the same time in around 2016-17

  94. 94 Media Mike said at 6:31 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Negative. I have an actual God given right to watch every minute of every Philadelphia sporting event live.

    I’ve clearly expressed that to everybody as part of my Thanksgiving plans today!

  95. 95 Jernst said at 9:09 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    This is a game were I think conditioning, fatigue and ultimately tempo are huge advantages for us. I’d love to see some unbalanced line and just pound on Dallas’ tired front 7 as the game wears on.

  96. 96 Avery Greene said at 9:45 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    I’d like to see this all game. Can we get 250 yards rushing?

  97. 97 Jernst said at 10:44 AM on November 28th, 2014:

    yes, yes, and yes

  98. 98 Media Mike said at 6:30 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    How about we throw a few plays of “14” at them (1 RB and 4 TE) and see how they guard that.

  99. 99 GermanEagle said at 9:52 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    It’s really sad to see so many local Philly reporters picking against the Eagles. Reminds me of the Packers game. Let’s hope with a different outcome this time to prove all these doubters wrong!!!

  100. 100 Avery Greene said at 9:57 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    They did against the Giants too. We saw how that turned out.

  101. 101 BlindChow said at 10:18 PM on November 26th, 2014:

    Idiot reporters thinking the Packers would win!

  102. 102 McNabbulousness said at 4:48 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    it would be great to see the eagles win on thxgvg. it would fulfill my desire to see the eagles beat dallas on thxgvg and xmas. they already did it on xmas in 2006 (20-7 with jeff garcia). i’ve been following football since ’98 so if they ever did beat the boys on turkey day i didn’t see it.

  103. 103 Anders said at 6:07 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Look up the Bounty Bowl.

  104. 104 McNabbulousness said at 3:24 AM on November 28th, 2014:

    oh shit, forgot that was on thanksgiving! well, i got to see this one though!

  105. 105 Media Mike said at 6:28 AM on November 27th, 2014:


  106. 106 Media Mike said at 7:09 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I’m about to head out to my yearly (but mothballed for about 6 years) football game. It was sadly downgraded to flag (having a few members of the crew turn 40 and a few of us creeping on 40 will do that), but we’ll be at it for a few hours.

    I hope you all have a great day playing if you’re playing, I hope your HS team wins unless you’re rooting for Haverford or Ridley, I hope your family members get their %&$#^($&$ priorities straight and STFU at 4:30 so you can watch the Eagles stomp the Cowboys.

    I’d like to give thanks for the following things:
    – The strong work by Tommy here and Sheil / Tim at 24/7
    – All of the banter with y’all
    – Greg Cosell’s analysis of quarterbacking
    – The Eagles being 8-3 (and 9-3 after today!)
    – Future Nolan Nawrocki draft write-ups of Jameis Winston and Brett Hundley

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  107. 107 Raul Estrada said at 8:37 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Can anyone find the video of Cris Carter doing the one-handed TD catch 25 years ago that is similar to the Odell Beckham, Jr. catch?

  108. 108 tommy_the_k said at 9:17 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Tommy, I am thankful for a lot but what you give us Eagle fans is hard quantify. Thanks for all you do and God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving Day!

  109. 109 Raul Estrada said at 9:24 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I’m curious to see the Beasley/Boykins matchup in the slot. That should be interesting.

  110. 110 Anders said at 9:35 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    Why? Beasley is supe meh.

  111. 111 Raul Estrada said at 9:55 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    He’s smaller than most slot guys. Boykin can cover, but if he gets a catch, could he be hard to catch due to his size? The ILBs may end up in a mismatch if either one ends up covering him coincidentally.

  112. 112 Jernst said at 11:06 AM on November 27th, 2014:

    I expect us to stay in base defense early to stop the run, which means Beasley on one of our LBs or safeties which is a huge mismatch