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Every spring, assistant coaches meet the media. It is almost the NFL version of proof of life. Oh sure, you can see Jeff Stoutland all the time, but how do you know that is really him? Could be a Stoutland-bot or a body double. By letting the assistants talk, we are assured they are real live human beings.

Sheil Kapadia talked to the coaches about winning the Super Bowl. CBs coach Corey Undlin gave a terrific answer.

“I’m still (looking back) a little bit, you know? I mean, you get asked questions like that anywhere you are in this city, obviously, and you come up with some stuff. I mean, I said this on that NFL (Network) thing, whatever they’re doing on that. When we went to Carolina and we played Carolina on that Thursday night, as far as the games go, when we got on the plane and went home — short week, they were a good team, and the way that we were playing in that game, as fast as we were playing, we got back on the plane and I was like, ‘OK. All right.’ Like, this is, yeah. And then when we went to Dallas on Sunday night and made them quit, that was probably number two as far as just in my mind. And then, I mean, I could go for two hours here about different things that happened. And then, I mean, Jalen Mills’ play in the end zone against Oakland. Third and five, right down there in the corner, made them kick a field goal. It was 10-7, I think. I mean, I got 50 of those. The whole thing was obviously amazing. In this city, to be a part of that here? There’s nothing like it.”

We made Dallas quit.

That is about as good a line as you’ll ever get from an assistant. I’ll be interested to see if Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones responds. That team did quit and they know it, but I don’t know if they’ll acknowledge that publicly.

It was interesting to see how many coaches talked about the parade. That really was a special day.


Zach Berman wrote about Duce Staley. You may recall hearing that Staley will become more involved in game-planning.

“I feel good about it,” Staley said Monday in his first public comments since the staff changes. “The good thing about it [is] one thing we do as an offense, coaching unit, is we come together and we all game-plan. …We all have our input. Doug would be the first one to tell you that we all just have titles, but when it all boils down, we’re all in the same room together game-planning.”

The beauty of the Eagles offense is that it isn’t the creation of one mad genius. It isn’t something that was handed down from one guru to his young protege. The offense has everything from Bill Walsh to Chip Kelly in it. Eagles coaches steal good ideas from everywhere.

Staley has played for and coached for some gifted offensive minds. He’s learned plenty about what works in the NFL and how to run a good offense. Now he’ll have more of a chance to use that knowledge. Staley’s goal is to continue to grow so he can eventually make the transition from RB coach to head coach. That’s a rare move, but Staley is proving to be a special coach. You aren’t going to find many RBs coaches who have as much respect from their whole team as Staley does. He is a natural leader.

And he’s tough. Go back and watch the All or Nothing special on Dallas. Those position coaches struggled at times to be the leader of their rooms. That’s not the case with Duce. He’s not going to put up with crap from anyone.

***** has a piece with nuggets from several assistants. How did Gunter Brewer get his job?

“I was just sitting in the office one day (as the wide receivers coach at the University of North Carolina), and I sent Mike a text (of) congratulations (after Eagles won the Super Bowl). It was the end of the recruiting process for us. He just sent me a message back, ‘Hey, can you talk?’ I said sure,” Brewer said. “He said he might have an opportunity to move in a different position and would I be interested in talking with he and the staff about the position that was there. One thing kind of rolled into another and Coach (Doug Pederson) flew me up.”

Brewer went to Wake Forest and was coached by some guy named Al Groh, who had a son named Mike. Sound familiar at all?

Brewer is a legitimately good coach so this isn’t someone just hiring a buddy.


Proof that Michael Bennett is really an Eagle.


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