Game Preview – DAL at PHI

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There is a lot on the line tonight. The Eagles can get to 5-4 and bury Dallas. Or the Cowboys can put both teams at 4-5 with a win.

One thing that won’t be on the line is first place in the NFC East.

WAS 16, TB 3


Oh well, the real key is for the Eagles to win their game. First place would have been nice, but the Eagles need to play well and beat Dallas. That’s the focus tonight.

I wrote my preview of tonight’s game for

Last year the Eagles used traps and quick hitters to take advantage of the Cowboys aggressive defense. Dallas knows this and will adjust accordingly. So will the Eagles. That could mean more outside runs. Or the Eagles could continue to attack the middle until Dallas proves they can stop it.

Josh Adams speed could lead to a big run if the Eagles get the right look and block it correctly.

The Eagles need to have an effective run game. Big plays would be great, but they can live with a methodical 20-85 kind of night from Adams, Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement.


A lot of eyes will be on Golden Tate. I don’t expect a big night from him. The Eagles will have plays designed for him, but he’s still new to the team so I don’t expect a ton of throws to come his way.


With the Cowboys down a starting LB, the Eagles might use 2-TE sets more often. That means Dallas has a backup player on the field.


The Eagles need to have a strong play for blocking DeMarcus Lawrence. Lane Johnson has a bad ankle and a bad knee. You don’t want to count on him to win that battle all by himself tonight. Chip blocks and double-teams are going to be needed.


What happens with the secondary?

My guess is LeBlanc plays the slot. Darby and Douglas are the outside corners. The Eagles will double Amari Cooper at times.


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