Time To Get Started

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The Eagles offseason began on Monday. That gave the media a chance to meet with some players.

Here is the video if you want to watch.

If you don’t want to watch, turn to Sheil Kapadia for his takeaways.


One of the things that stood out to me is the way all three talked about 2018. That was a frustrating and disappointing season.

The Eagles went 9-7, won a playoff game and almost made it back to the NFC championship. I can see plenty of teams being pretty happy with that. To the Eagles, that wasn’t good enough. They wanted more. I think that is a great sign for 2019 and beyond.

Some teams get a taste of success and it changes them. They lose focus. They lose the hunger that drove them to win. They can start to be more individualistic. Winning games hasn’t sated the Eagles. They sound as hungry as ever.


One of Doug Pederson’s messages to his players is that the season starts now. Some teams get amped for Training Camp. That’s real football, with hitting and tackling. Others think of the preseason, when you actually face other teams. Some wait for September and the regular season, when games actually count.

Pederson wants his players to know that winning starts now. What you do in April makes a difference. This gets you ready for September.

Don’t wait.




Don’t blame the medical staff for this one. Adams got hurt and had surgery when the season was over. He is expected to be ready for Training Camp.

Adams isn’t as important with the addition of Jordan Howard, but I was hoping he would get a full offseason to develop. Adams showed good potential last year. He isn’t a guy you want leading your team in rushing, but he’s got NFL ability.


Kelce also had good things to say about Matt Pryor, who would be the backup RG as of now.

Does this mean anything? Not really.

While Kelce’s comments don’t mean all that much, it is better than the option. He could avoid talking about them or say something negative. Kelce took the time to share his thoughts on the young guys and OL coach Jeff Stoutland’s ability to develop young players.

I really can’t wait to see Mailata play. I’m curious to see just what he can do this year.


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