Hot For Hundley?

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Charlie Campbell from Walter Football posted this nugget.

For months, there has been speculation that Philadelphia wants to trade to get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota and reunite him with Chip Kelly. However, there are rumors going around that the Eagles love UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley. From an athletic skill set perspective, it makes all the sense in the world, as Hundley is a great athlete with mobility to hurt defenses with his feet. He also has a strong enough arm to disrupt the ball throughout the field. The rumor mill is saying that the Eagles are hot for Hundley and would target him much earlier than other teams, as in he could be in play for their first- or second-round pick.

I have no idea if this is true. It is completely logical because all 32 teams love Hundley’s size, athleticism and physical potential. When you break down his play, things change. Those that like Hundley focus on the positives. Others see a mess on the field and want nothing to do with him. They see a better version of Logan Thomas.

I am still not sure what to make of Hundley. He has the potential to be a very good NFL starter, but you have no idea if he’ll ever come close to realizing that potential. The mental part of the game is his biggest weakness…and we’re talking about college football. Things get much harder in the NFL. Interviews are going to be critical for him. Hundley is going to have to sell some team that he can learn and will work his butt off to become a good NFL QB.

If you could draft him with a mid-round pick, Hundley would be a no-brainer (which would be fine even if he turned out to be a no-brainer). The problem is that a guy with his physical potential won’t last that long. EJ Manuel wasn’t nearly as good as Hundley and went in the mid-1st. I doubt he makes it out of the 2nd round, if he falls that far.

* * * * *

I asked someone with good league connections last night about Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. This guy feels Mariota goes first overall, but has no idea on Winston.

You can argue for which guy should go first based on talent and performance. Winston is much more NFL ready. However, character is a huge issue and Winston’s character is either highly questionable or flat out awful. Is that the kid you want to make the center of your billion dollar organization? Jimbo Fisher couldn’t wait to get him out of Tallahassee.

There was some recent speculation about Mariota falling to the mid-1st, but I just can’t see that happening. He’s not Geno Smith.

* * * * *

No good rumors about the Eagles and front office candidates.

I assume Chip Kelly will be here in Mobile. He’s been the past 2 years. Will be interesting to see who he chats up.

* * * * *

I had an interesting discussion on Nate Allen with some folks on Twitter last night. I said some good things about Clayton Geathers from UCF and someone pointed out that sounded like what I wrote about Nate in January of 2010. And he was right. I loved Nate Allen coming out of USF. I thought he was going to be a good starting FS for years. I was ecstatic when the Eagles drafted him.

Nate had a solid rookie year, but then got hurt late in 2010. That injury affected him in 2011, as did playing for lesser coaches and in the Wide-9. He really struggled in 2012 before bouncing back in 2013. The new coaches and new scheme helped him out. I hoped he would take another step forward in 2014. That did not happen.

Some people felt any talk of injuries, scheme and coaches were me simply making excuses for Nate. Uh, no. Go watch his tape from the 2010 season. You will see a guy playing with confidence and showing a kind of aggression we haven’t seen since. The guy we see on the field now isn’t the same player.

There is value in understanding why Nate failed. He was never on his way to being Dawk, Pt. 2, but there is no question that without his injury he would be a different guy today. That and the Wide-9 gave him some bad habits and changed the way he played.

Jaiquawn Jarrett never showed potential. He was a terrible pick. Nate showed a lot of promise as a rookie and then things changed. There is a huge difference. It is important to figure out what happened to help with evaluating players going forward. You need to learn from your mistakes.

I thought Danny Watkins was going to be a good player. Age aside, I loved the guy as a prospect. He was good on tape and at the Senior Bowl. Turned out he didn’t have the commitment that football requires. Jarrett was a terrific college player, but just couldn’t adjust to the NFL. He struggled with getting bigger and stronger. He never showed the kind of confidence that he had at Temple. Jarrett owned the field in college. He played with an attitude. He looked lost and unsure of himself when he was with the Eagles.

You don’t want the draft to be a pure guessing game. You want to figure out why things work and why they didn’t.


434 Comments on “Hot For Hundley?”

  1. 1 RogerPodacter said at 9:02 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Nate Allen somehow led the team in INTs last season. crazy.

  2. 2 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:43 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Somehow managed to bite on the most play action passes, that one passed the eye ball test tho 🙂

  3. 3 Matt Hoover said at 9:05 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    But Jarrett has turned into a good Safety for the Jets, he looks like a completely different player. I feel we gave up on him too soon.
    I am in the minority but I prefer Nate comes back and we focus on the CB position. We can do a lot worse then Nate at S. Is he a super star? No, but he is an average to above average S who will play better with better CB play. For an example look at Chung in NE. Playing in a better secondary coupled with health made him a different player. I am hoping Nate signs another 1 year contract and competes for a job.
    Do we realisticly think Hundley will be there at 20? And even if you can get him at 20 or have to send both 4ths to move up, doesn’t that send a negative message to the locker room and start a Qb controversey with Foles?

  4. 4 Bert's Bells said at 9:10 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Jarrett success with the Jets is a good example of T-Law’s note about good coaching. Rex Ryan is one of the best defensive coaches in the game today, he can get the most out of player.

  5. 5 Anders said at 9:11 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Jarrett is not even a starter for the Jets who had one of the worst secondaries last year. Lets hold back on the success part

  6. 6 Bert's Bells said at 10:40 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Haha! I’m a casual Jets fan (they’re in the AFC and I hate the Patriots and Dolphins, so…). I couldn’t even watch them this year they were so bad. I took him at his word when he said Jarrett was good. Didn’t he have a couple picks?

    I stand by my statement about Rex. I think he’s a top tier defensive coach. New York will just be a train wreck as long as Woody Johnson is the owner.

  7. 7 RobNE said at 11:17 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I hope Rex can really unleash the Bills’ D and give Belicheat a hard time.

  8. 8 Nicodemus_09 said at 7:51 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I would STILL be pressing “like” if it’d do any good. You know how I feel about ‘dem Cheatriots…

  9. 9 Nicodemus_09 said at 8:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Speaking of, did you read the Brad Reed article on his dream for a “Nightmare Superbowl” between America’s 2 most despised teams (Dal & NE)? If not, here it is.HILARIOUS!

  10. 10 RogerPodacter said at 3:26 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    as i mentioned before, Nate Allen led the Eagles in INTs. doesn’t mean you had a ‘successful’ year by any means.

  11. 11 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    First time I’ve seen anybody say “Success with the jets” in reference to last season lol

  12. 12 Mark F said at 5:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Well, apparently he was supposed to go to above average this past season but…yeah…he’s average, at best.

  13. 13 Mitchell said at 9:18 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I hope all three of Hundley, Winston and Mariotta go before 20. That means more players dropping to us.

  14. 14 GEAGLE said at 11:08 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Preach it!!

  15. 15 GermanEagle said at 9:31 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I will be spending most time in the bathroom puking should the Eagles spend #20 on Hundley rather than on an ILB, CB or S.
    Hundley’s habit of ducking down his head and running when his first read is not open just scares the hell out of me.

  16. 16 Anders said at 9:36 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    When it comes to Hundley, I really think coaching matters.

    For me Mora Jr. is a bad coach for Hundley types of QB as his system is pretty much 1 read and then run (see Michael Vick under him as well).

    Its the same thing about guys like Saban, Meyers, Kelly.

    Take Cardale Jones, while he had 3 impressive games, how much of that is really Meyers and the system consider how he just kept replacing QBs with no problems? How great would Hundley look if he had commited to Oregon instead of UCLA? Where would Mariota be now if a Manziel, Pryor or Hundley commited to Oregon?

    The question is if Hundleys problem are correctable and how much of it was Mora’s coaching and how much was his natural habbits?

  17. 17 bill said at 9:51 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think if you take Hundley, you have to be willing to let him sit for at least 1 year before starting him. I have serious doubts that he’s gotten enough reps to develop his pocket ability enough to be an NFL QB, but if he sits for 1 (or more!) years working on it in non-pressure situations, he might work out along the lines of Rodgers. I just am not a believer in the theory that a QB who has little experience in the pocket can learn the skills at the NFL level before his confidence/body is absolutely shattered.

  18. 18 Anders said at 11:13 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Any QB maybe sans Mariota would need to sit a year imo.

  19. 19 bill said at 11:35 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think Mariotta would, too, given the passing scheme differences between Oregon and Philly. At the very least, he would benefit greatly from it.

  20. 20 GEAGLE said at 12:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Of course he would. RIGHT NOW, people still think he can walk on water, but realistically no rookie is going to be able to beat out Nick FOles THIS August going into his 4th season, 3rd year of continuity in this offense….. A rookie won’t beat him out for the job in August…. That’s just not going to happen…. The ONLY rookie QB I would even be curious to see compete with FOles is Jameis Winston, and that’s just because I think he is significantly more ready for the NFL than “the last Boy Scout”…. Marriotta may be advanced for a rookie at handling our offense, but he isn’t ready for what NFL defenses will throw at him as a rookie

  21. 21 shady25 said at 4:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    And the offense isn’t the same. Josh Huff is proof of that

  22. 22 Jarock said at 4:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Winston in our offense would be a more physically talented passer than Foles, but without the team first work ethic that makes Foles special. Frankly, I see a ton of Ryan Leaf in Winston. You can have him. You may not like Mariota, but he’s a really good fit for our offense. Yes, he’d need to improve as a passer, but he has the tools. Foles, much as I like him, will always be a square peg in a round hole in Chip Kelly’s offense.

  23. 23 Jarock said at 4:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Outside of our offense, Mariota needs to sit a year or more as well. Love him as a prospect, but he’s not a finished product. He will struggle if asked to come in and run a typical pro scheme.

  24. 24 bill said at 9:55 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I tend to believe that draft success is equal parts talent evaluation, scheme fit, and coaching. Don’t need all three for every pick, but the chances of success greatly decrease if any of the three are lacking. I think Allen’s problems came from the lack of the last two more than anything: before Kelly, the coaching was suspect, at best, and he wasn’t a good fit for the Wide-9, which assigned him a gap responsibility consistently. Now, as TL notes, his confidence is shot and he’s slow to react to everything. Talent wasn’t the issue.

  25. 25 Jarock said at 4:55 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Most of Nate’s mistakes this season were because he was too quick to react. He would see something in front of him and jump it leaving his corners without deep help. That’s a mortal sin for a safety. Nate is this fan bases whipping boy. If he tries to be aggressive, he gets burned over the top and we criticize him. When he plays passive, we bitch that he lacks instincts. I don’t believe Nate is a great safety, but having watched a lot of other teams, he’s not nearly as bad a most seem to think. A lot of teams would love to have Nate instead of the current trash they have lining up at safety. Least talented position in the entire NFL.

  26. 26 RobNE said at 10:25 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    wow Tommy really has some groupies, people pointing out that in 2010 you said such and such. Was her name Megan?

  27. 27 GEAGLE said at 11:53 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Groupie behavior is nothing new around here

  28. 28 Thorin said at 11:00 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I would argue rookie Nate Allen did look a bit like young Brian Dawkins, but that wasn’t the hitter we came to know. Rookie Dawk was a ball hawk with incredible speed and range. That exactly how Nate looked as a rookie … Then that mashugana knee!

  29. 29 holeplug said at 11:01 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I still have no idea how Logan Thomas was even drafted, let alone in the 4th round. He was a bad college QB that showed no improvement in his 3 years as a starter.

  30. 30 shah8 said at 2:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    At least one game of tape in 2013 where he looks like a top of the first sort of QB. When the erratic passing is under control, you see a guy who can pass to every level of the field with zip. Fixing him, if you manage to do it, will give you someone who can be a top QB. That’s why he was drafted.

  31. 31 Jarock said at 4:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yep. Upside plain and simple. Too many guys get drafted for upside when it’s obvious they haven’t learned a thing about playing the game in four years of college.

  32. 32 GEAGLE said at 11:06 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    By now it takes someone really gullible to believe that they are going to hear accurate leaks out of Novacare telling us who the Eagles really covet… If that’s what you believe, “Vai Con Dio”…

    It’s that time of year where we dust off the bullshit narrative about needing a QB. I find it amusing that the same people who have no patience for the developmental process of young players ESPECIALLY at the QB position, want to spend more picks on young QBs when they aren’t even willing to give the 4th yr QB and 3rd year QB enough time to develope so we can really see the best they have to offer. The people who want another young QB are the people that will trash him in two years when he isn’t developed into a Mature veteran… Takes 3,4,5 years to see the best your young QB has to offer. Until fans and media understand the patience it requires to develop young players at THAT position, this city won’t ever have a young QB it believes in….

    Fortunately coaching staffs and front offices all understand this…
    UNTIL I see some type of Intel that would point to barkley not being here next year, I have no interest in discussing college QBs. Just because Barkley didn’t provide any gratification in year two, doesnt mean chip is done grooming him.
    I still think there is a good chance we have the same 3 QBs back next year… Complication is if barkley asks for a trade or if Sanchez wants to leave…..
    Chip is always going to want a #2 he can count on to play if an injury occurs. Im not sure he is ready to trust Barkley with that #2 responsibility…Sanchez won’t be replaced with a rookie. The only wAy we are drafting a QB is if Barkley isnt brought back, or if Barkley is ready to graduate from developing young QB, to #2 QB we can count on…

    I need some tangible Intel before I can just believe the media assumptions of people that don’t understand what it takes to develop young QBs before you can really see how good they can be… But I’m not surprised we dusting off tbis tired narrative, I’m used to doing this QB dance every offseason by now….

    Only thing really certain is FOles will start in September. But I think it’s way too soon to assume we are done witj sanchez and Barkley and will be adding another young QB…. We can add all the young QBs we want, but it won’t ever matter until we commit to one and give him enough time and continuity to see how good he can be when he realizes his full potential, and that will NEVER happen after only 20 games..

    LMAO I got people who saw barkley play a few preseason games as a rookie, seen him play two unprepared regular season games as a 3rd string rookie…saw him play a few preseason games in year two, haven’t seen Barkley since August, yet these BLOWHARDS think they have the Intel needed to accurately make this fanbase assume we are done with Matt Barkley? LOL and people buy this bullshit, believe it, til the point it becomes the consensus assumption, and then they have unrealistic expectations, and 3 months from now, when the eagkes go in a different direction from their assumptions, they will rip the Eagles decision makers..and why? Because they trust the bul
    Shot elliot SHar PARKER told them, instead of Chip Kelly’s oppinion? LOL ok…

  33. 33 eagleyankfan said at 11:24 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    but we must draft a QB. He has to be number 2 on the squad and replace Foles in 2016. I’m surprised you’re not on board with this.
    Nate Allen gets 3 million excuses about potential as a rookie and coaching changes bs but when it come to Nick Foles — after having 1 year as the starter in camp — needs to be replaced IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Didn’t he just go through a coaching change? Oh that’s right, that excuse is already used by Allen.

  34. 34 GEAGLE said at 11:32 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    luck and Wilson can make as many boneheaded costly mistakes as they want, as long as they find a way to win, no one cares about any of their flaws or the bad positions they put their team is… long as they overcome their boneheaded mistakes, thats all anyone cares about when judging Luck and Wilson… The way people talk about them, those two have been walking on water since they entered the league and can do no wrong,,

    And THATS Fine by me… IMO can a QB lead the team to a win is ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME! But people need to make up their fucking minds about how they want to judge young QBs… If mistakes don’t matter as long as the QB leads you to a win, then FOles is going to have to start being judged the same way…

  35. 35 eagleyankfan said at 11:34 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    How did Luck vs. Dallas? That was freakin brutal!!!

  36. 36 GEAGLE said at 11:35 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I have watched every single colts game this season…. Our fans would be ripping him after half the wins….

  37. 37 Phil said at 11:54 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    can’t argue with that. great job .

  38. 38 GEAGLE said at 12:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s all I care about…. Stop changing the damn rules for how every young QB is judged… Judge FOles by the same parameters Luck, KAp,Cam,Wilson and every one else’s favorite young QB is judged.

    You can’t tell me that a young QB with a bomb squad around him can make a million mistakes and be looked at as a GOD as long as he ends up winning, and then complain when Nick FOles wins don’t come with perfect 350yard, 3TD,no INT performances,,,

    Judge Nick the same way all the other young QBs are judged, and when you do that, you probably will see that we have one of the more promising legit young QBs, that’s still realizing his full potential as an NFL QB

  39. 39 EAGLES said at 12:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Get em!!!!!!!

  40. 40 shady25 said at 4:49 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Great job. Agree with everything you said. Build the OL, WR, defense around Foles abd watch how good he becomes. I’m on board with Foles. He’s bought himself another 2 years if you ask me because of his winning record. Don’t have to pay him this year or next, can simply franchise him next year if the cap space is right.

  41. 41 xeynon said at 11:59 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    He “has to be number two behind Foles and replace him in 2016”? Come on man. If Foles plays like he did at his worst this year, yeah. But if he’s even remotely close to the guy we saw in 2013, that’s idiotic. He’s still a young player and there isn’t enough data on him to reach a definitive conclusion yet. If you were a Chargers fan you’d probably be one of the guys pushing to run Brees out of town in 2004.

  42. 42 eagleyankfan said at 1:48 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    you missed the sarcasm son…

  43. 43 xeynon said at 2:30 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Apologies then.

    There is so much irrational Foles hatred (as opposed to rational Foles skepticism) among certain Eagles fans that it’s easy to be fooled sometimes.

  44. 44 GEAGLE said at 2:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Wonder what it will take to see 3 years of QB peace as an eagle fan?

  45. 45 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Im skeptic of Foles staying healthy and our fan base being anymore patience. Foles will be starter week 1 no matter what if he is healthy. And we will win games

  46. 46 shady25 said at 4:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, I’m a little worried about that too. He was playing hurt since the first Redskins gabe and I knew he wasn’t going to make it through the season and he didn’t. Need to see him stay healthy.

  47. 47 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t think he was playing hurt. Intact I remember reading about him having huge shoulder bruised from redskins Dbag Dlineman.

    Folks needs to keep himself on the field, we keep winning, everyone happy lol.

  48. 48 xeynon said at 11:10 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I haven’t watched much of Hundley but have no interest in him with a first round pick.

    I don’t see how people thinking drafting a project QB, even a talented one, will get this team closer to a Super Bowl, given the number of holes it still has.

  49. 49 bill said at 11:33 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the 2nd para.


    They’ve gone “all-in” with Kelly. If that’s what Kelly truly wants, then I still trust him. Have to see what he can do, and if it implodes, it implodes. Rather take the chance at greatness and fail than not try.

  50. 50 xeynon said at 11:53 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t trust him. His judgment on personnel matters to this point has been suspect at best, and history suggests that going all in on a coach – even a great one – is a bad move. Hundley is multiple years from being a starting NFL quarterback. Even if he did develop, multiple core players (Peters, McCoy, Mathis, Barwin, etc.) would be gone or on the decline by the time he was ready.

    If Kelly picks Hundley in the first round, I’d be closer to wanting to run him out of town than to trusting him.

  51. 51 bill said at 2:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    To be clear, it would be the defining moment. If it works, then Kelly’s the genius many claim him to be. If it doesn’t, it goes down as just another instance, of many, in history where a coach’s ego was bigger than his ability.

    I completely agree with your logic, I’m just being up front that I will partially change my tune if the unlikely happens and Kelly drafts him early. I’m still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – at least until he has a losing season 🙂

  52. 52 MAR2691 said at 6:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If it works, Kelly is hailed as a genius, you are right. But if he’s wrong, he leaves here in the same way Belichick left Cleveland. He will get the second chance. So the risk is limited for Chip. In some ways, the risk is higher for us as long-term fans. How crappy would it be to see Kelly move on to, say, San Fran, and become the West Coast Belichick?

    By the way, among the QBs the only one who interests me is Grayson.

  53. 53 GEAGLE said at 11:17 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Why continuity matters…..

    Every year you can add all the talemt you want, but you need to be patient and allow players YEARS to Gel until they can become a close knit unit that plays predominently to not let down the man next to them…. continuity is why you see seahawks players refuse to let their team mates down, playing thru dislocated shoulders, sprained elbows, high ankle sprains… You play for money, you play for glory, but the best teams play for a FEAR of LETTING DOWN their Brother who is linnning up next to them…
    If we are going to make UPGRADES, they can’t be MARGINAL… Slightly better player isn’t worth breaking up the continuining and adding a new player who has to start the gelling process over again from scratch…

    Plenty of UPGRADES NEED to be made tbis pffseason, but let’s be smarter than typical eagle fans who will just clamor for a million unrealistic upgrades….
    UPGRADES need to be made, but let’s make them count, instead of silly clamoring for every marginal upgrade we see available..
    That Buddy Ryan Eagle defense reached the level of brotherhood to where guys refuse to let their team mates down…. When you reach that level of cohesion, that’s a powerful weapon

  54. 54 GermanEagle said at 11:55 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    That Buddy Ryan Eagle defense reached the level of brotherhood to where guys refuse to let their team mates down…. When you reach that level of cohesion, that’s a powerful weapon… As we are seeing in Seattle
    I am afraid that your ‘bro’ Cary Williams will never be tight with his co-workers in Philly…

  55. 55 GEAGLE said at 12:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You shouldn’t need me to have to tell you that Cary is nothing more than a stop gap, who’s sole purpose of being back for one last year is so that when we draft an outside corner, we aren’t forced to immediately pencil him in as a day 1 starter which is what dysfunctional teams, typically with Cap problems are forced to do.

    Hopefully the rookie CB we draft is a rare Gem who can immediately blow Cary out of the camp competition and EARN the starting spot in September so we don’t have to see another year of Cary…. But a fan like you. Would draft a corner, assume he can start with no emergency parachute, I highly doubt a smart coach who isn’t in cap hell would be stupid enough to fuck with out a condom…

    cary will be brought back, because free agency is before the draft, and you don’t even know which corner you are getting in the draft, let alone knowing if he has any chance to start in September…don’t you get tired of simplistically viewing everything like a fan? What’s the point? How can you expect to ever have any accurate expectations? I don’t get it

  56. 56 GermanEagle said at 12:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I only see Cary coming back if he takes a massive pay cut. And I just don’t see that, given his ego.

  57. 57 GEAGLE said at 12:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You better hope he takes that damn pay cut, or you are REALLY going to be pissed when they bring back Bradley instead as the stop gap parachute opposite of nolan Carrol… You better fuckin hope cary comes to terms, cause you will really be bitching when they announce Bradley’s extension…

    And Cary doesn’t neccessarily have to take a pay cut, he needs to restructure to get his cap hit down….that’s not automatically needing to take a massive paycut…they probably give him a new two year deal that they can easily get out of so that he never actually sees year two of the deal

  58. 58 GermanEagle said at 12:29 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    What I hope and what I believe will happen are two different things. But what do I know, as a fanboy…?!
    Also I don’t necessarily think it will be just as easy to re-structure his deal without swallowing a cap hit or dead money in year 2…

  59. 59 GEAGLE said at 1:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t look forward to your posts after you see how the Eagles address the CB situatipn in free agency……. Sadly I doubt new faces are joining us til the draft….I’m certainly rooting for your dream of the Eagls signing Maxwell, Kareem Jackson and McCourty all in the same pffseason… I’m certainly rooting for you bud, I just warn not to get your hopes up

    Obviously if I’m calling these players stopgaps, I would love to see them upgraded

  60. 60 GermanEagle said at 2:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It’s good to have dreams, right?! And I am fully aware of keeping expectations as realistic as possible. That being said I’d be fine with one of our magic trio. 😉

  61. 61 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:51 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Blessing in disguise Haven’t wanted him on the team since he cried about dead legs in week 2. Next year he would only be worse,in every way.

  62. 62 anon said at 12:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hard to have brotherhood amongst guys who don’t make plays. If I’m good at something I hate having shitty people around me brings the whole team down and makes my job harder. Then I’m mad at my boss for not getting anyone decent.

    Can’t have lob if you can’t draft. Can’t be three years in and still talk the same “build through the draft” when you have nothing to show for it.

  63. 63 GEAGLE said at 1:25 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Lol k

  64. 64 anon said at 1:35 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Am I wrong? You think there’s a brotherhood brewing amongst anyone in that secondary?

    I hear all this stuff you’re preaching, continuity, letting rookies “develop” but none of it matters if you can’t draft and you can’t coach players.

    Maybe we can see it developing on the DL. B/c there are studs there and they know they are good.

  65. 65 Jarock said at 5:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Continuity when you lack talent is the key to mediocrity. I know you hate relying on rookies, Geagle, but relying on stop gap players instead just ensures that those kids never develop. We were wise enough to jettison stop gap NT Sopoaga and were rewarded with Benny developing into a quality NT. Was he even a solid player when first forced to start? No. Hell, even at the end of his rookie season, he still had holes in his game. We are still far better off than if we’d kept Isaac. Don’t understand why you can’t see that the same applies to the secondary.

  66. 66 anon said at 12:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You mean pay for a stud instead of getting replacement players?

  67. 67 GEAGLE said at 1:05 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I mean making moves that are perfect fits in every way possible.. For example:
    Not re signing Nate Allen, and aggressively trying to replace him with a perfect fit like McCourty, who will be expensive, but because he is so perfect in every way for us, he could very well have a chance at being worth every penny, the way Malcolm and Barwin have proven to be…

    To suggest throwing money at some average corner just because his name isn’t cary or Brad, is pointless….I’m sure the Eagles will make exploratory calls to the clear corner upgrades like Byron Maxwell, I’m just not to confident about them outbidding all the corny needy teams that will love a member of the legion of boom, especially if we were fortunate enough to sign a quality safety..
    I mean, does an Eagle fan even exsist who wouldnt be absolutely Thrilled to see the Eagles Sign Byron Maxwell and Devin McCourty? We would have to be out of our minds to not WANT that….but is it very likely to actually happen? I’m not getting my hopes up

  68. 68 anon said at 1:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I completely agree. We’ll see what happens undoubtedly we won’t be the only people in the hunt, but hopefully we’ll be in the best cap position to go after some of these guys. The other issue with DBs is that from the outside looking in, this isn’t a great place to be.
    If I’m Devin first question would be who will starting corners be? Otherwise i’d take less, and stay in NE, or go somewhere else.

  69. 69 GEAGLE said at 11:24 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t know how any opposing coach can go to Gillete stadium for a crucial playoff game and trust that you will get a fair shot in New England….it’s getting to a point where opposing teams are going to have to sweep the sideline, locker room, coaches sky booths for “Bugs”… as technology increases you have to become more and re suspicious of Bellicheat….. the Patriots cheating isn’t what won them a trip to the Super Bowl, but it’s the same team over and over as the ONLY Team that is ever even associated with cheating…. Report is that numerous Balls during the Patriots game had to be removed from play…. Fortunately it was a 45 point blowout so you don’t have to worry about how cheating played a factor in the outcome, because deflating balls isnt why the Patriots won, it’s just despicable that the same coach, the same franchise is the ONLY one ever even accused for crap like this….

  70. 70 Ark87 said at 12:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    This is one of those things the patriots just have to live with, along with cheaters of every sort. They can do things clean for the rest of franchise history and this stuff will continue to pop up for them, regardless. In my opinion, when it comes to high profile corporations and franchises, the ones the get busted are the cleanest going forward, because they are under a microscope. An example: if I was going to work on an oil rig, I’d probably go work on a BP oil rig, all their stuff has been scrutinized to high hell.

    My take is it’s probably nothing, until something of substance is discovered it’s just an oddity that people without any answer will fill in the blank with “Patriots cheated”. But it’s always fun to watch them get scrutinized and discredited. That’s the price they pay.

  71. 71 GEAGLE said at 12:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That very well may be the case, but when in all my years of caring about this game, I never even heard of the possibility of gaining an advantage by deflating a ball, I can’t just automatically assume it’s a coincidence when the only coach ever to be really accused of this type of cheating in recent history, happens to be the one associated with this…

    Officials removed 4 or 5 balls from play in an AFC championship game… That happened… Now if someone was purposely trying to gain an advantage, I don’t know… But in such an important game, I think we can assume that pregame inspections took place, how 4-5 balls all ended up being removed from play, i don’t know….CRAZY COINCIDENCE?….maybe… But I would be really pissed if the NFL didnt ATleast try to investigate it after how they handled the last cheating allegation,.

  72. 72 Ark87 said at 12:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    you wouldn’t have heard about this either…if the patriots weren’t involved that is.

    Is it really even an advantage worth the potential costs, the scheming to somehow get the nfl people distracted enough to deflate some but not all the balls. To constantly have Brady throwing some footballs that are inflated some that are not. Then go and play that card in a game they are dominating? If the patriots would employ such a tactic for so little gain, they would truly be the lowest franchise in all of sports, and dumbest to boot.

  73. 73 GEAGLE said at 12:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    We wouldnt have heard that 4-5 balls were removed from a game, due to suspicious circumstances? I don’t know about that one…. I don’t think that there is much that strays hidden and can be successfully brushed under the rug in 2015… The only way this may go unnoticed in this day and age is if the game was at a neutral site, and there wasnt a true home team….
    Fortunately no matter what really happened, we can safely say that it didn’t effect the outcome of the game..and that’s really what matters, but after how Goodell destroyed the SPYGATE tapes, and all the heat he took this year, he can’t possibly be stupid enough to not investigate this…. Because of everything, I don’t see how you can automatically dismiss this and survive the publics wraths..
    You want to cheat your way to superbowls and then the commissioner destroys the evidence for you, then this is the type of crap you subject yourself to everytime something fishy happens…. No one ever accused the chip kelly eagkes of calling out the offenses plays before the QB could even relay the call to his team mates…

    Maybe THIS is a coincidence, but I don’t buy that it’s ALL a coincidence. I have seen dynasty’s before and never have they been tried to be torn down by fake cheating accusations… Where there’s smoke, there is either fire, or one hell of a smoke machine, lol

  74. 74 Ark87 said at 1:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s sort of my point though, we start with the assumption that the patriots are cheaters and fit the scant details into that. If it had been Andrew Luck on the field when the refs held up the game to cycle through a bunch of footballs, we would be crying sabotage. The patriots altered the balls to throw off Andrew Luck and his receivers, lightening the balls to be affected more by the wind and rain.

    Hell if I had an emotional horse in this race, say this happened in Philly with Nick Foles under Center, I’d be marching on New York saying their NFL ball boy sabotaged the Eagles and this only proves the NFL has had a conspiracy against Philly all along.

    It is very strange and should be investigated (it is), but if things turn up inconclusive, or they decide there was a manufacturing defect or some such thing, I won’t be surprised or necessarily think anything shady is going on. Just not enough there in the present, just a bias from the past.

  75. 75 GEAGLE said at 2:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I can agree with that

  76. 76 BobSmith77 said at 11:31 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hundley in the 1st round by Kelly would be his ‘Jump the Shark’ moment.

  77. 77 botto said at 12:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    unless he turns out to be pretty good then it becomes his fonzie moment

  78. 78 EagleNebula said at 12:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

  79. 79 Cafone said at 11:38 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t see why Chip Kelly would take Hundley for his “size, athleticism and physical potential” over a guy like Brandon Bridge. Bridge is bigger, a better athlete, and he doesn’t have the mental issues.

  80. 80 SuPaFrO said at 11:47 AM on January 20th, 2015:

    So your saying he’s perfect for our first pick.

  81. 81 Cafone said at 12:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’d love to get him in the 4th or 5th round, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible after the combine when he comes in 1st place in almost every measurable. Hopefully the Eagles can still get him with a 3rd.

  82. 82 KAJomo said at 3:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Its funny how the only positive things I have ever seen you post are about Brandon Bridge.

  83. 83 Cafone said at 5:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I used to post positive things about DeSean Jackson all the time.

  84. 84 GEAGLE said at 12:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    FREE AGENT TARGET: JR Sweezy! 25yr old Guard in his 3rd season for the Seattle Seahawks out of NC STATE.
    In the championship game, limping around, this kid showed the heart, toughness and Grit we would be fortunate to be able to land in Free AGency.
    Have no fear, at 6’5 298lbs, he is the smaller type of athletic OL that fit what we do, and like the addition of Maragos, wouldn’t mind another recent Champion added to our locker room, and this is a young Guard, proving that he can play at a high level on a team that loves to run the ball, that would be HUGE for us to add with Herremans and Mathis getting Long in the Tooth,,, hopefully Tobin and sweezy can become Herremans and Mathis future replacements, but sweezy can replace Herremans as soon as we want.
    He won’t be cheap, but he won’t be expensive like Iupati…

    if we can:
    extend Mathis, Casey Mathews
    restructure Meco,Cary, COle for one more year
    Sigń Devin McCourty and JR Sweezy
    We will have had a solid enough offseason to where we don’t have to pencil in the rookies we draft immediately as starters next September, which is what dysfunctional franchises are forced to do(usually cap problems)

    The harder it is for rookies we draft to have to fight there way into earning playing time, the better they will be, and the better our team will be..

  85. 85 anon said at 12:58 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    ozzie newsome plays rookies cuts vets. Baltimore wins games consistently. Different ways to skin a cat. the problem is if you can’t draft and you can’t coach it doesn’t matter what your strategy is it won’t work.

  86. 86 GEAGLE said at 1:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Ok…. As usually, I struggle to comprehend WTF you are talking about when responding to my posts…. Not sure what your response has to do with me thinking JR Sweezy could be a realistic free agent target of the Birds…

    Contrary to Popular belief, Marriotta, Byron Maxwell and Devin McCourty arent the ONLY 3 names to talk about these next 3 months.l

  87. 87 ACViking said at 1:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:


    If Sweezy’s just finished his 3rd year, how will he be a FA (absent being cut)?

  88. 88 GEAGLE said at 1:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Sorry, meant James Carpenter… Seattle has 3 free agent OL… jr sweet should be extended soon. No idea why I have sleezy on the brain, both 25yr old guards

  89. 89 ACViking said at 1:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Thx. Gotcha.

  90. 90 GEAGLE said at 1:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Sleezy sweezy is currently, the much better guard, carpenter was a former 1st round bust type, but he starting to get it together…good candidate for the type of Mathis, Barbre type of signing that ends up playing his best ball as an eagle… Round 1 athleticism,… Lemuel Pierre and Steven Schilling are the other free ageny lineman…. Lemuel surprised me when we played him, but NOTHNG consistently special..
    Also love curremt first round bust Jonathon Cooper, property of Carfinals. I actually had him tied for 3rd on our wish list behind dion Jordan,and Lane Johnson…. I had Cooper and Ziggy Ansah as our next option depending on if we wanted to go Offense Of defense… Cooper won’t get cut yet, but maybe we can pry him away from arizona via trade…we would put his athleticism to use!

  91. 91 GEAGLE said at 1:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Pretty sure JAmes Carpenter was with Stoutland in Alabama, which is why he caught my eye as someone we may think we can get thebest out of

  92. 92 Jarock said at 5:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You’re interested in a guy who’s had weight issues and the associated work ethic questions who finally got into shape in the final year of his contract? i’m not saying it’s certain that he’s a bust waiting to happen, but I’d be worried about depending on a guy with his history.

  93. 93 GermanEagle said at 12:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    At the current rate of QBs dropping out we might see Sanchize in the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

  94. 94 Jarock said at 5:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Mark Sanchez – pro bowl QB. . . . are you trying to make me ill?

  95. 95 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It will be the moment to kill the whole probowl thing…

    A poetic football moment

  96. 96 mksp said at 12:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Can we get consensus value on Nick Foles?

    I’ve always assumed it would be somewhere in Alex Smith territory – a 2015 2nd and a 2016 2nd.

    More reports about Eagles trading up for Mariota out there. It’s silly season, get used to it. As much as I’d love for it to happen, just seems unlikely.

  97. 97 Ark87 said at 12:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It’s something bad franchises do. True you almost certainly won’t win anything without a franchise QB, but you certainly won’t win anything wrecking your franchise looking for a QB then try to make up the difference in free agency. More often than not those teams end up with neither a QB nor a franchise.

  98. 98 Greg Richards said at 12:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Vic Fangio to Bears. Glad he’s not going to the Skins.

  99. 99 GEAGLE said at 12:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Nice… Turns out he is as smart as I thught he was, which couldnt possiblyhe the case if he makes a lateral move to go work for Danny boy

  100. 100 Greg Richards said at 12:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Josh Katzenstein




    26 minutes ago

    Sheldon White, the Lions VP of pro personnel, is still a candidate for the Eagles GM job.

  101. 101 Greg Richards said at 12:25 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Josh Katzenstein



    25 minutes ago

    White hasn’t interviewed for the job yet, but there’s a chance one could happen this week in Mobile.

  102. 102 ACViking said at 12:32 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If Sheldon White (a former NFL DB) has the same kind of eye for college DBs that Ray Rhodes (also a former NFL DB) had when he was doing his own GM work here —

    and bringing in Vincent, Taylor, and Dawkins in a span of 12 months —

    then I’d be on the Shelly White bandwagon.

    Otherwise, I’ve not heard anything about White that makes him any better or worse than Eddie M — besides White’s association with the Lions.

  103. 103 Greg Richards said at 12:49 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    A lot more experience.

  104. 104 ACViking said at 1:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    experience doesn’t mean more qualified.

  105. 105 RobNE said at 12:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    From Peter King: You’re one of many who wrote wanting to see McCarthy further excoriated
    for his conservative play-calling. I think it’s okay to blame McCarthy
    for being too conservative. But he is not totally responsible for his
    players’ inability to make plays when they were there to be made. With
    five minutes to go, even with Seattle crowding the box, I have an issue
    with Eddie Lacy running twice and losing six yards. That is poor
    execution in addition to poor play-calling.

    wow. McCarthy is excused (ok he’s not really going that far). But it’s Lacy’s fault because two running plays didn’t work. Even though Seattle crowded the box. I am amazed every week at Peter King.

  106. 106 Crus57 said at 12:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I stopped reading him years ago; he’s a decent travel writer but he knows more about football people than he knows about football itself (and doesn’t seem to realise this).

  107. 107 RobNE said at 12:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I try to stay away but I just can’t help myself.

  108. 108 GEAGLE said at 2:29 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    My unhealthy addiction is with Walterfootball. Only dope I can count on to upgrade at least a 3 round mock draft,once a week, throughout the entire season. I hate him, usually disagree, but can’t help myself from checking.
    Tho Im still trying to figure out how he completely nailed that we would draft Bennie logan iin round 3

  109. 109 Jarock said at 5:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He’s (Walterfootball) good for grins and giggles, but I have problems putting any faith in what he says.

  110. 110 GEAGLE said at 12:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah it’s pretty rare that I see what he writes… Typically I only know what King is up to when he writes something about the Eagles that makes the rounds of our local media. And I end up seeing it.. I can’t even remember the last time i looked for his opinipn of anything

  111. 111 Jarock said at 5:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Why bother being surprised at this point? It’s typical of the stuff he writes.

  112. 112 ICDogg said at 1:08 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Reflecting on Oakland hiring Musgrave as an OC: on the one hand, it’s the Raiders, and not an organization at the top of most top coaches’ wish list to work for. But it also hints that there isn’t a lot of good offensive coaching talent to choose from.

  113. 113 ICDogg said at 1:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t know what the controversy in New England is. I know my balls shrink in the cold, too.

  114. 114 P_P_K said at 1:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Bravo, bravo.

  115. 115 GEAGLE said at 1:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hahahahahaha “a source of and blowhard elliot SHar Parks says that tthe Eagles are full steam ahead trying to trade for Marriotta LOL… As if the moron who wrote that Desean was getting waived for his Gang ties, has a real source that would tell him something so important…LOL a new boss, Chip has the power in the personel department, jobs aren’t certain right now, yet NOW out of all times is when we will finally start to hear accurate leaks out of Chip and Novacare? And the great elliot SHar Parket who last week “had a source that told him bradley Fletcher was told we want him back”, just happens to be the media member who can confirm the eagkes are going up for Marriotta???? Have I told you about my kelly green magical unicorn? Sources say I have a real unicorn!!!!!
    How does this consistent Blowhard still have a job?

  116. 116 ACViking said at 1:25 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    if a website’s goal is hits . . . .

    you can see where that may lead.

  117. 117 GEAGLE said at 1:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Elliot SHar Parks is the greatest reporter ever to cover the Eagles.. No one has the sources this guy has… Tommy, might as well shut your blog down, and bow down to the awesomeness of the great Elliot SHar Jerkoff…

  118. 118 Ark87 said at 2:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    they’ve clearly done too many hits

  119. 119 Joe Minx said at 1:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Actually this one’s a Mark Eckel special. And here is my retort to this rumor:

  120. 120 GEAGLE said at 2:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You know who actually knows what he is talking about that associates with those NJ,com donkeys? Matt Lombardo… He isn’t that big in the local market, but he is one of the best at accurately understanding Eagles and potential future moves that they might make. Hope to see him rise in the local eagle coverage market… He has a muchbetter understanding of eagkes reality than most of the local hacks

  121. 121 ICDogg said at 2:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

  122. 122 GermanEagle said at 2:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If I HAD to choose between those two bonehead scenarios [A.) Bringing Back Bradley Fletcher or B.) Trading the farm for Mariotta], it will probably have to be option B.). Lol. …

  123. 123 GEAGLE said at 2:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Trying not to think about either

  124. 124 Nick C said at 2:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Dear chip, please don’t pick another project in rd1 when we have so many other needs. P.s. This mainly applies to Hundley but could also to mariota depending on the price

  125. 125 GEAGLE said at 2:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Eagles don’t assume that they are getting day one starters in the draft…

    If there is a big enough need to fill, It has to be addressed in free agency, unless you rationally expect a young player on our roster to improve enough to be the solution…

    Immediate needs, building next years starters comes in free agency… Build your future via the draft,…. But it’s a mistake to see a major immediate need and look for it to get solved in the draft

  126. 126 Nick C said at 3:56 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t want us to reach for need at all. And while I would actually agree with you that draft is for the future. However, we have not been actually making an impact in free agency. If you sign a McCourty type, that is a great upgrade. Marginal upgrades that disrupt chemistry and continuity aren’t worth the change. If we’re not drafting well OR signing well, his culture and scheme won’t get it done at this level

  127. 127 GEAGLE said at 2:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Did denver extend Top Guard Orlando Franklin, or is there are real chance he could change teams in free agency? Iupati seems like a lock to change teams, not a dream scheme fit, but a great OL like him would figure it out, not very likely target tho..
    Already pointed to seattle Jaes Carpenter as a potential target, Guard who can also play Tackle, was a first round pick for seattle in 2011, who didn’t play well enough for them to pick up the 5th yr option so now he is scheduled to become a free agent. He is starting to play well, and he is a candidate for someone who’s best ball will come during the 2nd contract, especially since we can reunite him with Stoutland his coach at Alabama..affordable, 25yr old, 6’5 318lb guard with 1st round takent, 26 games of NFL experience…
    Sucks we can’t cut Cooper, with Torrey Smifh being such a great fit as our deep ball threat on the outside opposite of Maclin…

  128. 128 Insomniac said at 2:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Franklin will get a decent contract. With the deep OL draft this year, I would rather just draft one.

  129. 129 GEAGLE said at 2:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Franklin could end up with more money than Iupati… Curious to see what those two guards sigń for and with who..

  130. 130 Insomniac said at 2:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Two teams that have cap problems and their windows is closing fast. I don’t think they’ll resign with their teams.

  131. 131 GEAGLE said at 2:25 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    def think Iupati is gone! But if Peyton Manmings comes back. I’m not sure how you justify taking Franklin away from him. If Peyton retires, problem solved, bye bye Franklin…

  132. 132 anon said at 2:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Tom Gamble, like so many out of work NFLers, is at the Senior Bowl. He
    is sitting with #Eagles scouts like Ed Marynowitz watching practice. –
    Jeff McLane

  133. 133 ICDogg said at 2:26 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Could be headed back to SF?

  134. 134 Greg Richards said at 2:43 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, he was seen talking with Baalke for a long time. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything as they may be friends but SF’s director of player personnel(Joel Patten) left before last year’s draft.

  135. 135 anon said at 2:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    “Biggest ?s about Eagles “GM” job, I’m hearing, is a) is Chip gonna go
    back to college; and b) is Howie still powerful in the organization.” –

  136. 136 botto said at 2:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    it might not be fair to say a college kid sucks when they haven’t been taught by pros yet, or gotten the chance to get better. players get better.
    just because hundley has so many people saying he can’t pass or whatever does not mean he can’t get better right? players improve. I guess the trick is finding a guy who has a ceiling and is currently on the floor.
    coach him up!

  137. 137 Insomniac said at 2:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    The trend for the 2015 QB class. All the athleticism in the world but lacking something.

  138. 138 botto said at 2:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    lacking now. is that bad? isn’t that the way you find the diamond?
    we have coaches.

  139. 139 anon said at 2:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    we actually don’t have a QB coach. It’s also hard to teach the kind of quick decision making that the scheme requires.

    There’s a lot to read between the snap and the mesh. So you need someone with brains and quick decision making — that can be hard to teach.

  140. 140 ICDogg said at 2:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I wonder who would be available to be a good QB coach. I think I’d like someone who was relatively untalented but still was smart enough to make it work for a while, one of the Jay Fiedlers of the world.

  141. 141 anon said at 2:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Trestman? Did he take a job yet? Maybe hire someone as a special assistant — clearly $4 not an issue for the franchise.

  142. 142 botto said at 2:35 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I thought it was supposed to be you count the players in the box. and go

  143. 143 anon said at 2:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It’s interesting. In one sense QB doesn’t set protection, doesn’t have full audible power (it’s unclear how much the motioning is real), obviously doesn’t call own plays, etc. so that’s probably less to do than most QBs.

    And maybe it’s a one-read situation, Kelly says read safety, followed by an if then statement and it’s pretty straight forward. But package plays seem complicated to run.

  144. 144 bill said at 3:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s the first read. Then, if it’s a pass play, you have to get your eyes downfield and understand who’s covered and who isn’t, or conversely, what route is covered. Also have to take into account feints and bluffs. There’s a certain type of fan that really wants it to be easy, so that they can argue for a certain type of QB. But I think the evidence tends to run the other way.

  145. 145 Insomniac said at 2:30 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    True but it takes time to develop a QB. Some intangibles aren’t just taught.

  146. 146 bill said at 3:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    College QBs can get better at being a pocket passer with pro coaching…but there’s a limit. It’s more like arm strength than most athleticism obsessed types realize. If you don’t a have a lot of reps in the pocket already, there’s only so much you’re going to improve by the time you reach the NFL, with one important caveat – if you’re willing/able to sit for 3 or so years and learn primarily on the practice field without getting the snot knocked out of you by professional defenses, you can possibly improve a great deal. But there appears to be natural variation in the ability, too; I’m not sure that many QBs given a whole lifetime would have the pattern recognition that Peyton has had for most of his career.

  147. 147 Jarock said at 5:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    The problem I have with that thinking is we’re talking about taking the guy in round one or two. We’re not talking about a position where athleticism and physical talent trumps all either. QB is the most mentally demanding position in all of football, yet people are on board with taking a guy who hasn’t learned to get past his first read. If we were talking about taking him in the fourth or later, sure, no problem taking a flyer on a physically talented guy who hasn’t shown he can put it together between the ears. Good coaching might allow him to develop into a player. Taking him as a first rounder indicates you know he will develop. I just don’t see that with Hundley.

  148. 148 anon said at 5:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    “Taking him as a first rounder indicates you know he will develop. I just don’t see that with Hundley.” Agree but that’s why you interview and due diligence on guys. Hard to form an opinion so early. I’m sure the eagles will work him out and see what they think.

  149. 149 shah8 said at 2:26 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Eeeh, Geno Smith fell for pretty much the same reason Bridgewater did, and by the revealed NFL arm and athleticism compared to college tape, he wasn’t really a second rounder. Mariota and Smith were not completely similar QBs in college, but their results were pretty similar passing-wise. You only find out about the problems that Geno and Andrew Luck share (Luck to a lesser extent) after you throw them into the fire. The same will be true, thinking of Mariota.

    My feeling is that Mariota will drop to around where Tannehill got picked, 5-10th pick.

    I think that teams have gotten steadily burned the last few years trying to overdraft guys like Blake Bortles, and Lovie had a courtside seat to Bortles, and microscopic view of Mike Glennon. I don’t think Tampa has the luxury of playing games, and will probably pick Winston.

    I am not enthusiastic about Hundley, but as with EJ Manuel, when I was discussing him two years ago–every QB with NFL arm and NFL size and not a complete lack of sense on the field will be picked in the first fifty picks. I understand why the Eagles may want Hundley, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hundley is picked before the Eagles have a chance. This draft is looking to me like an overall weak draft, and teams may be aggressive about getting meaningful talent.

  150. 150 unhinged said at 4:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If the Eagles take any QB in the first round, I will take a sabbatical from all social niceties. That would seriously drop my interest in what that organization does.

  151. 151 GEAGLE said at 2:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Skins make the LB coach of the Chargers their DC? Did I just read that correctly?

  152. 152 anon said at 2:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Fangio went to Chicago so that’s all that was left. O-happy day.

    Interesting that Chi- went from being a defensive team, to an offensive team with trestman now back to a heavily D oriented team (FOx/Fangio). I don’t know if they have any talent left on that side of the ball that’s under 30.

  153. 153 shah8 said at 2:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You forgot Kyle Fuller!

  154. 154 GEAGLE said at 2:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That defense is a mess right now,,but as a die hard fan of defensive football, id be excited to have Fox and Fangio if I had a defense that needs fixing… Decent pieces on offense, did they announce the OC yet? Getting the RIGHT OC, becomes very important for them. The OC has to mold what’s in place, while the additions are coming on the defensive side…

  155. 155 GEAGLE said at 2:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    FINALLY some INTEL!!!
    Senior bowl measurements:
    Mitchell’s Sammie Coates 6’1 3/4, 213lbs… he is 12lbs heavier than auburn lists him. But displays a “cut upper body” and has 33 1/2 arms which are very long for a WR

  156. 156 GEAGLE said at 2:48 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Dany Shelton NT Washington
    6’1 3/4, 343lbs…. Mike Mayock compares him to Haloti Ngata and expects him to be top 15 pick…

  157. 157 GEAGLE said at 2:51 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    RB Ameer Abdulah Nebraska
    5’8 1/4, 198lbs….tony Pauline said he looked like a “Mr universe contestant” with how cut and fit he looked…

  158. 158 GEAGLE said at 2:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Shane Ray OLB/DE Mizzou

    6’3, 245lbs…
    Pauline is saying Falcons love him for Dan Quins Leo Role…. You can bet Atlanta is drafting an edge rusher in round 1

  159. 159 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:55 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    DBs or bust lol
    We need 6′ or taller with 4ft arms

  160. 160 Javi Echie said at 3:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Bring on Trae Waynes or Jalen Collins please!!!

  161. 161 GEAGLE said at 3:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Collins is my guy at CB!!! Yes please

  162. 162 Javi Echie said at 3:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yea I’m a big fan of his. He has the height and with his frame he can afford to put on about 10 lbs to really be a beast.

  163. 163 GEAGLE said at 3:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Shhiiiiiiiit Super Bowl giants proved that if you have enough pass rushers, your corners don’t even matter lol… I can’t even remember the SB winning corners of the Giants,,…. But in not in love with Ray

  164. 164 Javi Echie said at 2:58 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Really curious to see Tevin Coleman from Indiana measurements. College list him at 6’1 210 but the kid looks massive and is just a baller. Would love him in our system.

  165. 165 Insomniac said at 4:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If only Abdulah had a second gear..

  166. 166 Javi Echie said at 2:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That would be a very scary good d-line.

  167. 167 GEAGLE said at 2:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    SCARY!!! We can easily let the two kendrick brothers fly around behind that DL and not worry about lack of big Thumper ILB

  168. 168 anon said at 3:05 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Be great to have an “LOB esque” DLine / Front 7. I think the DL is starting to get some swag. We just need one guy (maybe that’s Cox) to be a leader and get that unit “turnt up”.

  169. 169 GEAGLE said at 4:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Cox is def that guy…

  170. 170 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:05 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Logan at DE.. I like it bro!

  171. 171 GEAGLE said at 3:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He led all NT in tackles, while anchoring a stout run defense and even pressured QBs a bit…loved his lateral ability to defend zone stretch runs that we face a few times this year…. Logan doesn’t have to move to DE. He can be more than good at NT for us… But if you have a chance to add a special 340lb who can move, you definitely take advantage, stick Logan at DE, and try to get draft picks for Vinny Curry And Ced Thornton since you have Hart and Beau on the bench.
    If it were up to me, and I see Danny Shelton is still available at 20, I don’t care who else is available, that’s a no BRAINER as far as I’m concerned…We really become tôugh in the trenches with a behemoth like that kid,… And this is coming from someone who values Logan at NT and didn’t buy the Louis Nix bullshit last year….Shelton is special, different type of Beast then soft Nix…

  172. 172 Javi Echie said at 4:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Can never go wrong building up either side of the trenches.

  173. 173 GEAGLE said at 4:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Truth….its not sexy, but can never complain about spending first round picks on the trenches…. I don’t believe in devaluing any position the way andy did with linebackers. Any position can be a big weapon if the player is good enough..
    But if you are weak in the trenches, it’s extremely hard to overcome no matter how great the other players are

  174. 174 Javi Echie said at 4:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m with you I am a huge advocate of not having enough quality players on the offensive and defensive lines. Sexy or not that’s where it all starts.

  175. 175 GEAGLE said at 4:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If you dominate you opponent in the trenches… Really doesn’t matter who the QBs are, who the RBs, who has the better WRs… Odds are you will win the game

  176. 176 ACViking said at 3:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Haloti Ngata?

    How ’bout Frigidaire Perry?

  177. 177 Javi Echie said at 2:56 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Physically a beast but very inconsistent hands, dropped way too many passes.

  178. 178 GEAGLE said at 3:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    his blocking and character should pass eagle scrutiny… Them long arms HELP.
    Catching can be improved on. Like him, don’t completely LOVE him, but I def think he will be on the Eagles big board… Stylistically not a bad blocking replacement for coop, and can be the deep threat we need opposite of Maclin… Not my fav WR, but far from my least favorite

  179. 179 Javi Echie said at 3:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Oh I agree, I am definitely not writing him off because of the drops. Anyone is an upgrade over Riley.

  180. 180 anon said at 3:06 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    isn’t that why we don’t like Riley? Though i also have no clue whether Riley actually gets open consistently either.

  181. 181 Javi Echie said at 3:08 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yea but Riley also has no YAC whatsoever. Coates at the least has the ability to get yards after catch.

  182. 182 Jarock said at 5:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Riley gets open?

  183. 183 GermanEagle said at 3:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I am not sure if I still buy this ‘catching can be improved’ argument. I think it’s 60% natural instincts / skills. TO for instance kept dropping balls his whole career.

  184. 184 Javi Echie said at 3:05 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yea but you can’t compare to TO because you can drop balls if you have scored 153 career tds

  185. 185 anon said at 3:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    could you imagine if SEA hadn’t cut him.

  186. 186 GermanEagle said at 3:08 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Got you. Didn’t say that Coates has bust written all over him because of that. I just think hands are being underrated a little

  187. 187 Javi Echie said at 3:10 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yea I hear ya on that one brother. I do think inconsistent hands are fixable to and extent kind of like fumbling is fixable. Honestly we’ll get an answer the that next year when we see if Huff fixed his drop problem.

  188. 188 GEAGLE said at 4:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If catching can’t Be improved, someone should tell the thousands of players each year who spend hours and hours working on JUG Machines… You should go tell all the football teams from college to NFL level that JUG machines are a waste of money and are just one big scam…lol

  189. 189 GermanEagle said at 4:32 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It certainly can be improved. However people with a knack of dropping balls already at the college/high school level will most likely never become the Cris Carters of the NFL.

  190. 190 GEAGLE said at 4:56 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    As long as Im staring at Riley friggin Cooper, I’ll settle for a Kelvin Benjamin with “bad hands” before I worry about finding Chris Carter,,,,,, tired of thisbullsht it notion that only the prospects that go into the NFL with great hands become great WRs… if Chris craters grow on trees and we can find 10 in every draft…. ODB cost a 12 pick.. Sorry, we are too good to ever pick #12, so the WR you get isnt going to be rated 99 in every category
    I want a Great WR…I don’t give a shit about the specifics..,, TO, Chris Charter, Jerry Rice…any will do… When I have two great WRs, then Ill start getting picky and go look for Marvin Harrison, or Randy Moss

  191. 191 Jarock said at 5:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You can improve focus, but guys like TO will always have stiff hands. Even guys who have butter soft hands drop passes. It’s as much about focus as it is natural ability, but soft hands undeniably help.

  192. 192 mksp said at 3:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:


  193. 193 Mitchell said at 4:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’ve seen him make his share of catches too.

  194. 194 mksp said at 3:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I could talk myself into liking Brett Hundley in Round 1. Probably more indicative of Randall Cunningham’s stardom during my formative years than anything though.

    In other news:

    Jimmy Kempski ‏@JimmyKempski 4s4 seconds ago
    Utah CB/S Eric Rowe has a meeting scheduled with Chip Kelly and Bill Davis.

  195. 195 Javi Echie said at 3:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hundley in round 1 is just too early based of his collegiate career, I hope we don’t pull the trigger that early. As for Rowe the kid was very solid when playing safety and the only reason he moved to CB was because Utah lost there best CB to the draft last year. Boy this versatility thing is getting out of hand. Can we just get a guy that is really good as a CB and one that is really good at safety instead of a guy who is just solid at 3 different positions.

  196. 196 ACViking said at 3:32 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    any measurements available?

    also, 4th year senior or 5th year senior?

  197. 197 Javi Echie said at 3:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    6’1, 201 lbs. 4th year senior. Played safety for 3 years then moved to corner senior year to offset the loss of Keith McGill getting drafted.

  198. 198 GEAGLE said at 3:51 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I like him..

  199. 199 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 3:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    RE: Musgrave to Raiders

    If Carr starts back peddling like crazy next year…. lol

  200. 200 RobNE said at 3:52 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    so according to the news “rumor mills” we will trade for Mariotta (I guess our entire 2015 -2017 drafts) then looks like we will also trade our first 4 picks in 2018 to move back into the bottom of the first to get Hundley. In late rounds 2018 we will start upgrading the defensive backfield, etc. Just be patient.

  201. 201 bill said at 3:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Personally, I would feel better about this rumor if it were about Grayson or Petty. Those are the project QBs I think are better scheme fits for the Philly passing offense.

  202. 202 GENETiC-FREAK said at 4:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Pretty stink rumor if it was for those 2 QBs.. Eagles are reportedly willing to trade the farm to move back for Grayson or Petty sources aye? lol

  203. 203 GEAGLE said at 4:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I did hear Bryce Petty was one of Our most likely top QB targets.. And I trust the source more than anyone who has mentioned Martiotta or Hundley to date..
    Personally, don’t really care for any of them, so whatever

  204. 204 the DONALD said at 4:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    im in the market for a “source” … any sources out there for me to find a source?

  205. 205 GEAGLE said at 4:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Gotta meet the right girl 😉

  206. 206 the DONALD said at 4:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    pulling “source” chicks out on the town.. well played..

  207. 207 bill said at 6:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    What can I say? I have far more confidence that one of those 2 could be successful in this offense than I do in Hundley. Now, if we were talking about Seattle, with a dominant defense and unstoppable running back, I’d say Hundley’s a great project. But the chances of him being the QB of a prolific scoring offense featuring significant passing yards I would put at around the same odds as Nick Foles being the NFL’s leading rusher at QB next year.

  208. 208 Media Mike said at 6:35 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Agreed. Hundley sucks and is a total dead end as a passer. He’d suck in Seattle as well. He has zero chance of making a post snap read or passing the ball with the touch Wilson has.

  209. 209 philliesfan123 said at 4:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Some thought on Tommys discussion ( excuses ) about Nate Allens career with the Eagles. Yes, Allen was injured early in his career, and yes i’m sure it took him a year to return to form. My issue is that the ” injury / wide nine ” ( excuses ) only go so far. What about the 2012, 2013 and the 2014 season ? How did he look for those seasons ? There are countless players in the NFL who have come back from much worse injuries, to have terrific careers. It is NO excuse. His issues ( post injury recovery ) are not injury related. He has NO heart. He has not improved his ( real time ) on the field ( awareness and play / scheme recognition ) skills. There is only one ( 1 ) thing to ” learn ” from the drafting of Nate Allen ….. they shouldn’t have done it. They should have drafted Earl Thomas. You DO NOT pass up on Earl Thomas ( a almost sure thing – ask Mike Mayock ) because you can get a better ” VALUE ” ( see – Howie Roseman – multiple picks – ala – batting average theory ) pick in the second round ( ie – Nate Allen. ) Enough with the ( value picks. ) Pick the ” Best Players Available ” ….. and if your not sure about it …. move up and go get your guy ( within reason – obviously. ) For those of you who will CRY ( revisionist history – yeah, now he wants Earl Thomas ) ….. wrong …. ( almost ) every Eagles fan was holding their breath hoping to hear ” Earl Thomas ” name called # 1 for the Eagles in the 2010 draft. So save it !

  210. 210 Greg Richards said at 4:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I know people like to bash on Howie but drafting a “speedball” DE in the 1st round is totally a Reid move.

  211. 211 GEAGLE said at 4:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Truth be told, if there is a DE and a Safety on the board with a similar grade, not uncommon to see the DE get drafted first….after all DE,LT and QB are valued a little above the rest…

    Doesn’t really matter…that drraft was ages ago, and you need two safeties to make a difference, even if we had drafted Earl Thomas, our safety position wouldnt have been set til this past yeàr when we would have finally signed Malcolm to pair with Earl Thomas….so we missed out on having our safety position set in 2014…. Sigń McCourty, and all is forgotten…the perfect MIRRORED safety compliment to former CB Malcolm Jenkins

  212. 212 philliesfan123 said at 2:29 PM on January 21st, 2015:

    I think somebody ( Reid / Roseman ) was doing ” speedballs ” when the 2010 and 2011 drafts were going on. Seriously.

  213. 213 Matt Hoover said at 4:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Petty is my favorite QB in the entire draft this year. He will be another one of those ‘2nd-4th round’ success stories.

  214. 214 GEAGLE said at 4:08 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t like any of these QBs… But I actually heard if we do go QB, he would be one of the high ones on our list

  215. 215 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 4:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    High like he smokes?

  216. 216 GermanEagle said at 4:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Lol. You ‘actually heard’ something again?! Oh boy I would really love to play mouse in your house.

  217. 217 GEAGLE said at 4:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    “I’ll never tell” in my best Brittany Murphy psycho rip voice

  218. 218 mksp said at 4:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You’re not “accurate.”

    You have “selective memory.”

  219. 219 GEAGLE said at 4:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Lol muah

  220. 220 mksp said at 4:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:


  221. 221 GermanEagle said at 5:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    So if you are Brittany can I be Eminem then?!

  222. 222 mksp said at 4:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He’s such a freaking joke, its unbelievable.

  223. 223 Mac said at 4:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Too much heartbreak.

  224. 224 ACViking said at 5:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m waiting on Belichick’s review at SNB.

  225. 225 D3FB said at 5:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    We’re on to Seattle.

  226. 226 ACViking said at 5:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    In two weeks, no more excuses.

  227. 227 D3FB said at 5:43 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s a good football team.

    We’re on to Seattle.

  228. 228 ACViking said at 5:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s one lucky to be getting a chance to repeat, no?

  229. 229 Jarock said at 5:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He needs a lot of work as a passer. He also has no experience under center. That’s not as big a deal in our offense as most, but still is a concern. I like him as a project, but it’s a roll of the dice as to whether he ever becomes anything.

  230. 230 Greg Richards said at 4:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Around the NFL News:

    Ravens hire Marc Trestman as OC

    Jaguars hire Doug Marronne as Asst Head Coach/OL Coach and Greg Olson(Oakland’s OC last year) as OC

    Adam Gase still out there. I’d guess he ends up with Chicago.

  231. 231 RobNE said at 4:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I believe he has an interview with the 49ers for HC.

  232. 232 the DONALD said at 4:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    with Tomasula? for OC maybe, not HC…

  233. 233 RobNE said at 4:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    whoops, I guess for OC.

  234. 234 the DONALD said at 4:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    maybe Gase is mad they passed him up for HC? might as well see what he can do with Cutty… in CHI

  235. 235 RobNE said at 4:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    why isn’t Denver hiring Gase as HC? what’s their plan?

  236. 236 GEAGLE said at 4:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    They hired Kubiak, Ellways former backup QB

  237. 237 RobNE said at 4:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    oh! I haven’t been paying attention. Think Manning is done? That just means an easier path for the pats next year.

  238. 238 GEAGLE said at 4:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Peyton is a football junkie.. That dude is going to have to fail miserably before he is able to really walk away… I assume he will be back for ATleast 1 more year

  239. 239 GermanEagle said at 4:30 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    So Marrone went from Bills HC to Jaguars assistant HC?! Boy that weather in buffalo must really suck…!

  240. 240 Greg Richards said at 4:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Buffalo can not negotiate contracts. Or Marronne has the best agent ever. Marronne who wasn’t exactly the A candidate 2 years ago(Kelly was) somehow got an opt-out clause(if Buffalo changed owners) that included him getting paid for the 2015 season withno offset language. That means that his salary with his new team, Jacksonville, is not offset against the $4M that Buffalo owes him. He must have really hated being in Buffalo.

  241. 241 Jarock said at 5:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    After the horrible trade in the 1st round last year, I don’t blame him for wanting to get away from that situation. For all those complaining about fans dreaming about trading up for Mariota, at least with him you are talking about a once a generation perfect fit for the way we play offense. Bill’s made that kind of trade for a good WR. They did this in the deepest WR draft in recent memory. smh

  242. 242 Media Mike said at 5:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Their GM is a completely unqualified dope.

  243. 243 BlindChow said at 4:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I wonder if the Jaguars just hired their new coach for the 2016 season.

  244. 244 ACViking said at 5:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Definitely the interim HC after Gus Bradley’s canned during the season.

    Also . . . is Dan Quinn the next Gus Bradley?

  245. 245 mksp said at 5:29 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Shades of Howie hiring Chip…..

  246. 246 ACViking said at 5:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:


  247. 247 BlindChow said at 9:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m a bit curious about the rush to only hire has-beens and coordinators this year. It’s not like college coaches have flamed out in the NFL recently. Marrone got Buffalo to 9-7, Kelly has done well. The only big flop was Schiano.

    It seems like getting a proven program builder (even if it’s just college) isn’t the worst way to turn around a franchise…

  248. 248 BobSmith77 said at 4:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    2015 going to be ‘Moby Dick’ with Kelly playing Capt. Ahab and Mariotta as the Whale? Who plays Ishmael though?

  249. 249 Greg Richards said at 4:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Source “familiar with the plans”? What the hell is that? That’s right up there with “familiar with the thinking of…”. If it’s somebody that works for the Eagles, then say so. Otherwise, it’s worthless garbage.

  250. 250 BobSmith77 said at 4:28 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It was a lousy article and saw it got commented on earlier in this thread.

    Any 1st round pick of a QB though by this team would be baffling for a couple of reasons

  251. 251 Dvon1 said at 4:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    “”Can it happen?” he asked. “I don’t know. But they’re going to try.””

    Seriously? This person is either not in the organization or not that close to the decision makers as Eckel wants you to believe.

  252. 252 GEAGLE said at 4:52 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah cuz we ever hear accurate leaks out of Novacare….sigh

  253. 253 EagleNebula said at 4:48 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I want to know who queequeg is, or I guess any other harpooner (haven’t finished moby dick yet so no spoilers please) – wouldn’t that make them the GM?

  254. 254 ACViking said at 5:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:


    Why, Howie Roseman. The man’s a survivor. With stories to tell.

  255. 255 Greg Richards said at 4:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Eliot Shorr-Parks


    48 minutes ago

    Kurtis Drummond, Michigan State safety, has already met with #Eagles and has plan to meet with them more tonight. #Eagles

  256. 256 Tdoteaglefan said at 4:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Really like hearing that…everybody has us taking Waynes but Drummond is DB i want us to get from Michigan state. any combination of Kendricks, thompson, or paul dawson in the first..collins or rollins in the 2nd or 3rd. and Drummond will make me a happy man..jesus this time of the year goes by so slowly

  257. 257 GEAGLE said at 4:30 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Doesn’t exactly mean much…they will talk to 20 other safeties from now til the draft.
    Personally, I want devin McCourty so we don’t even have to spend a draft pick on a safety

    If we,get to the draft, and we still have a safety problem. I’ll be pissed

  258. 258 BobSmith77 said at 4:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Tend to agree with you they’ll address Allen’s replacement via FA. Just won’t be McCourty but more a economical upgrade via Jenkins last year.

    Is there a list of CB/S who are 26-28 and are prospective FA yet?

  259. 259 anon said at 4:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’d keep allen – he led the team in picks(?), has gotten better ever year. He shouldn’t be starting, but he’s so cheap that he could come off the bench / rotation. Can’t have both safeties playing 1200snaps in 16 games.

    Maybe that depends on Earl Wolff though.

  260. 260 BobSmith77 said at 4:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’d be really surprised if Wolff is back given what transpired with him last year.

  261. 261 GEAGLE said at 4:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Sad but probably true… Rahim, dEnver safety is like 24 or 25

    Our luck we may have a shot at the #1 safety prospect, in a year where the number 1 safety is a terrible scheme fit…teams PICKED on Landon Collins in coverage, remove him from eagkes draft board all together

    Like the 24-26 yr old 2nd tier safeties available much more than the corners… The corners That fit the age, size, character requirments are marginal upgrades if that, to the corners we have now…

    If we can get a safety who is a clear upgrade to Nate in free agency I’ll consider it a win…. Going to have to stock up on corners in the draft, which makes sense,…they clearly will want to draft corners instead of sigń them when we don’t have a single young outside corner already being groomed….where as we have a handful of 4th round young safeties to let compete at training camp already.
    Sigń the safety, draft the CB…. The Eagle 2015 blueprint…

  262. 262 BobSmith77 said at 4:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I would be really frustrated/pissed if they only address CB though the draft. It would essentially leave them back to where they were last season with only a minor upgrade in the secondary at best. For all of the flak Allen too he wasn’t as horrible as Chung was 2 years ago and a 2nd-tier FA S isn’t that much of an upgrade.
    They need to sign a FA CB to replace Fletcher and ideally draft another one to give them a bit more depth/push them.

    Another real question to ask is if Kelly does draft a QB very high in this draft (not Mariotta but another QB) does that mean he thinks this team isn’t good enough to have a sustained playoff run?

  263. 263 GEAGLE said at 5:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t expect to see Eagles fans be too happy with what happens at CB in free agency… Put it to you that way… Certainly love to be wrong
    I don’t buy the QB nonsense, so you are asking the wrong person

  264. 264 BobSmith77 said at 5:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I am not expecting necessarily a huge name either but projecting a rookie/Carroll and Williams isn’t the answer either.

  265. 265 Jarock said at 5:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’ll be as shocked if NE lets Mcourty leave as you will be if Cary’s cut.

  266. 266 Insomniac said at 4:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Not a surprise. Drummond didn’t have the best year but he has the skillset that we want in our safeties.

  267. 267 ACViking said at 5:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    May be fair to say by the draft . . .

    “The Eagles have met with every S and CB eligible for the 2015 draft.”

  268. 268 GEAGLE said at 4:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I can’t take the national blowhards continuing to blow Zack Martin because he has a star on his helmet, the Dallas OL and rookie Zack Martin aren’t even the best OL and rookie OL In the NFC… dallas is a better run blocking OL, but overall, the GB Packers OL and their rookie Center were a better OL/rookie than the over rated Cowboys and the donkeys who over rate that hack team every year.
    Average pass blocking OL is the best OL in the NFL? Hope not, or the game has problems..

    Not sure what’s worse ODB or Zack Martin love in our division

  269. 269 Javi Echie said at 4:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    ODB’s obsession is warranted and the kid was a damn highlight reel every other play. The love for Martin is definitely a little overboard. Yes he was really good for a rookie but I don’t know if he deserved a first team all pro nod. I guess we gotta get used to it tho since we’re going to be hearing about them on a regular basis on our division.

  270. 270 mksp said at 4:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    ODB will be the best WR in the league next year.

    Any objective fan can see that ODB is a special, special talent, regardless of what team he plays on.

  271. 271 Javi Echie said at 4:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    The kid is definitely gonna be a great one, but Eli is not going to be able to target him 20 times a game next year after everyone has a full year of tape on him. I am not knocking him cause he is a stud but I don’t think he will be doing the things he did on a weekly basis this year next year.

  272. 272 ACViking said at 5:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t know . . . Jerry Rice kept catching lots of passes after his rookie year. From Montana and Young — but also guys like Jeff Kemp, Mike Moroski, and Jeff Garcia.

    And the way the NFL’s rules work, it’s nearly flag football out there.

  273. 273 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I know a rookie WR who’s related to Jerry and if he inherited his work ethic (looks like he did) he knows what it takes to WIN. Just like cousin Jerry

    Matthews is gonna put up numbers and do ALL the little things right!

  274. 274 ACViking said at 5:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    true statement of fact

  275. 275 Jarock said at 5:57 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Matthews is a lot stiffer than his cousin. I love his work ethic and he’s going to be a very good receiver, but he won’t ever be the natural receiver that Jerry was or ODB is.

  276. 276 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 6:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Doesnt have to be but fact is he works hard can run fast needs to work on hands and will run/screen block like a TE. Jerry was never the most explosive WR

  277. 277 Jarock said at 6:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Jerry was much more explosive than he gets credit for. In an age where defenses were actually allowed to play, he put up video game numbers. Hated watching him cause he wasn’t on the Eagles, but won’t ever deny his talent or production.

  278. 278 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 6:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think Matthews is just as fast and Jerry was never the biggest or the fastest but he was def the BEST

  279. 279 GEAGLE said at 4:49 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Absolutely…but I don’t give a shit how great a player is, I don’t want to hear about Giats and Cowboys…ever,.. Going to be a very crappy experience watching us line up against ODB the next 7 years,… Hopefully we can just demolish teams in the trenches so that it doesn’t matter… Zack had a great year, but if you praise him, then you gotta respect the Packers rookie center is my issue… Not that Martin is praised, that the better packer rookie is overlooked

  280. 280 ACViking said at 5:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    The second and third clauses are a fantastically concise declaration of what it means to be an Eagles fan.

  281. 281 Mark F said at 4:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, I love me some throw-disrupting quarterbacks. And Dawk II was on the board in ’10 when we went for baby T-Rex…

  282. 282 bwin29 said at 4:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I spoke with Daniel Jeremiah (NFLN analyst, former Eagles West Coast scout 2010-12) at the East-West Shrine Game for a few minutes to get some of his Eagles-related thoughts. Nothing particularly mind-blowing as a lot of this intersects with stuff we all already know/think, but interesting nonetheless to get his take.

    He believes that “Herremans is done” and needs to be replaced as a starter this offseason (probably the most surprising opinion he shared).

    He said that the Eagles’ top offseason priorities should be a S, 2 CBs, and 2 OL (he thinks they need to add another good quality OL in addition to replacing Herremans [can Allen Barbre not be this guy? Or do they need an upgrade at primary backup interior lineman as well?]).

    He doesn’t think the Eagles are optimally positioned for a safety at #20 in the draft (suggested this may need to come from elswhere/FA). He seems to think a safety to play opposite Malcolm Jenkins is the biggest need of all.

    He intimated the Eagles may go secondary-heavy in the early and middle part of the draft.

  283. 283 Dvon1 said at 4:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Good Stuff

  284. 284 mksp said at 4:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:


    Actual semi-insider info on the board. Very cool.

    I’m actually not surprised about the Herremans news.

  285. 285 BobSmith77 said at 4:56 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Ditto on Herremans.

  286. 286 GEAGLE said at 4:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Dope..thanks for sharing

  287. 287 BobSmith77 said at 4:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Love to see the Eagles to pull a ‘rope a dope’ and address the secondary via FA and go heavy on OL/offense in the draft early instead including looking for McCoy’s replacement.

  288. 288 Greg Richards said at 5:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If T.J. Clemmings is there at 20, he’d be perfect as an immediate replacement for Herremanns. He can shift to RT down the road when Johnson takes over LT.

  289. 289 mksp said at 5:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    DF3B has been a proponent of Sambraillo as well.

    (I think, don’t want to put words in his mouth)

  290. 290 D3FB said at 5:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Both are written up and will come out next week.

  291. 291 Media Mike said at 5:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He’s not kidding with 2OL. The coaches fluffed their backup guys all camp long and those dudes SUCKED when they saw game action in the regular season. The depth on the o-line was nonexistent this year.

  292. 292 anon said at 5:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    to be fair barbre, the main backup, was injured as well. but agree.

  293. 293 Media Mike said at 5:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, that didn’t help. But Gardner and Tobin were also fluffed all pre-season and didn’t produce when asked to do so.

  294. 294 bwin29 said at 5:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah Tobin also.

  295. 295 Jarock said at 6:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Both actually played extremely well in the preseason. Both got exposed when asked to matchup against ones during the regular season. It happens.

  296. 296 bwin29 said at 5:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It feels kind of weird to be disappointed with the performance of a backup who has never really played NFL snaps, but that’s what happened with me in regard to Molk and Gardner — and precisely for the reason you listed (we heard all training camp about how great the 2nd team OL was — Kelce saying they were outplaying the 1st team, etc.)

  297. 297 Media Mike said at 5:43 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, those guys were totally set up to fail by that level of commentary.

  298. 298 ItsYourBoy said at 10:10 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Daniel Jeremiah should get the personnel director job lol. I think he’s pretty good at evaluating the Eagles.

  299. 299 RobNE said at 5:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    where is SteveH. I think Morgan Burnett really might have scored here. They guy in the box is Peppers, telling him to slide. ok, maybe not scored but likely gets close to FG range. I can’t believe how conservative the Packers played.

    how do I post a picture?

    ok go here and scroll down for the screen shot:

  300. 300 RobNE said at 5:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    here it is

  301. 301 RobNE said at 5:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    it isn’t like anyone is right behind Morgan and about to punch the ball out either.

  302. 302 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Maybe they can’t tell time??? Its kinda possible

  303. 303 ian_no_2 said at 5:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I was looking at QBs a few months ago and I didn’t like Hundley for an Eagles first or second round pick. Reaching for a QB based on need is almost always a disaster. Foles, Barkley, Sanchez, and yes, Kinne seem to have much more between the ears, and it’s better to grab a stopgap than reach.

    The QB in this draft I think will succeed in the NFL, other than Mariota? Garrett Grayson.

  304. 304 anon said at 5:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah Kelly won’t take someone who can’t process information quickly, even if they are athletic. Look at all the guys he’s looked at, smart dudes and Vick who was a super athlete.

  305. 305 botto said at 5:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    with zero between his ears

  306. 306 anon said at 5:17 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That said, aside from Vick being so turnover prone we were killing people in those first 5 games. Where’s a RW when you need him?

  307. 307 botto said at 5:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:


  308. 308 A_T_G said at 5:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:


  309. 309 Greg Richards said at 5:10 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Adam Schefter

    1m1 minute ago

    Bears considering handful of OC candidates, including Charlie Weis, SF’s Geep
    Chryst, DET’s Jim Bob Cooter, DEN’s Adam Gase. Weis intriguing

    Outside of Gase, those aren’t inspiring candidates. I think the Bears told Fox “This is your coaching budget” and he’s paying a ton for Fangio and has to go cheap with the OC.

  310. 310 anon said at 5:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Also just not that much out there. Though surprising Fox / Gase weren’t a packaged deal.

  311. 311 anon said at 5:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    BLG website putting in work today: Ed Marynowitz said he hasn’t interviewed for #Eagles “GM” opening. Don’t know if he was being modest, but said he didn’t expect to get one.

    Ran into Tom Gamble at local coffee shop. Didn’t wanna talk Eagles.
    Interesting: Had just wrapped up a long talk with 49ers GM Trent Baalke.

    –Stolen from Twitter.

  312. 312 D3FB said at 5:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    “Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brien overheard making fun of another NFL team. Which one was it? Click link to find out”

    I wish I was making that up, but that’s an actual tweet from them today.

  313. 313 anon said at 5:29 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    yeah i saw it, i was trying to be discerning. Everyone’s gotta make $$?

  314. 314 D3FB said at 5:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m just waiting for them to release “The top 10 most Chip Kelly faces of all time!” and “14 times the offensive line were just super silly on twitter!” or “Is Billy Davis an actual poopyhead? You voted we decided!”

  315. 315 Media Mike said at 5:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    No vote needed. Everybody knows Billy Davis would release excrement from his cracked cranium once dropped from the top of a very tall building.

  316. 316 Media Mike said at 5:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    NY Giants for sure. F them.

  317. 317 Avery Greene said at 6:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Also the same guy that said the vacancy is taking awhile because either a) Chip’s going back to college or b) Roseman has too much power.

    I guess “c” they haven’t found who they wanted yet doesn’t factor in.

  318. 318 Greg Richards said at 5:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    New “GM” or Director of Player Personnel Candidate?

    Mike Triplett

    3m3 minutes ago

    Longtime #Saints college scouting director Rick Reiprish has been let go, he said. GM Mickey Loomis told him today. Said he was surprised.

    I’ve read that he’s highly regarded and it was assumed he would take over for Pace. New Orleans has been reported to be bringing in Jeff Ireland to their front office but I’d thought it’d be in an advisory role, not to take over. Loomis forced out Rick Mueller in the day. Classic salary cap guy versus “football” guy power struggle. Reiprish could join Pace in Chicago but the Bears already hired another of NO’s scouts, Josh Lucas, as director of player personnel.

  319. 319 anon said at 5:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Interesting — Nola is pretty good at getting UDFA talent i heard.

  320. 320 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    and letting us pick up good players at burnout prices

  321. 321 Greg Richards said at 5:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He was their college scouting director so I don’t think he deserves blame there.

  322. 322 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Whos blaming lol? I say bring him in if he’s the guy maybe we will get even more talented former Saints at bargain prices

  323. 323 anon said at 5:45 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Saints organization is dirty, Loomis just fired him “apparently without waring” while dude was in Mobile. Dude spent 10 years with the saints.

  324. 324 ACViking said at 5:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    spotted talking to Kelly?

  325. 325 Greg Richards said at 6:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    It just happened noon today.

  326. 326 GEAGLE said at 6:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Jeff Ireland is a moron

  327. 327 Media Mike said at 6:10 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    What, you ask one guy about his mom turning tricks and all of a sudden people think you’re stupid.

  328. 328 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 5:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Gase for QB coach

  329. 329 mksp said at 5:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Get used to tweets like this:

    Michael Tanier ‏@MikeTanier 3m3 minutes agoFairhope, AL
    Coates from Auburn great double move to get deep… then drop

  330. 330 Media Mike said at 5:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hello “do not draft” list.

  331. 331 Mitchell said at 6:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Man, you sure do have a vendetta lol.

  332. 332 mksp said at 6:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I know! I can’t help it.

  333. 333 Mitchell said at 6:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I mean, if its that bad of a problem, I will admit, I don’t want him either. His RAC potential is ridiculous but we have enough guys who have trouble catching. However, if he falls to the 20th pick in the 2nd, I’d take him.

  334. 334 KAJomo said at 8:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He has a major problem with drops.

    I love guys that are natural pass catchers. Jordan Matthews drives me nuts because he isnt a natural catcher. He drops too many balls. I dont think I could take 2 guys like that on this team. That is also why I take Devin smith 10 times out of 10 over coats.

  335. 335 Mitchell said at 8:34 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I agree and would have rather had Coates than Matthews. O well I guess.

  336. 336 Mitchell said at 12:12 AM on January 21st, 2015:

    Are you gonna take him in the first? He won’t last till our second pick.

  337. 337 Media Mike said at 5:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO on Hundley. NO

  338. 338 Greg Richards said at 5:45 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Eliot Shorr-Parks




    6 minutes ago

    Denzel Perryman, Miami ILB, meeting with the #Eagles tonight

    0 replies


    11 favorites

  339. 339 Greg Richards said at 5:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Eliot Shorr-Parks



    2 minutes ago

    Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss safety, says he already met with #Eagles

  340. 340 Media Mike said at 5:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Did that 3 named loser also publish any gang tie information today?

  341. 341 GEAGLE said at 6:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    You are giving this poor excuse for a gossiping bitch of a man, way more exposure than he is worth 😉 lol like the MKSP of the local media LOL

  342. 342 Greg Richards said at 6:03 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t care about Parks, I care about the info.

  343. 343 GEAGLE said at 6:06 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Half of his crap is a fairy tale

  344. 344 ACViking said at 5:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    News Flash:

    Eagles meet with every ILB, CB, S, OL, QB, DL, OLB, WR, RB at Senior Bowl.

  345. 345 GermanEagle said at 6:45 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    wtf!! No punter????

  346. 346 GEAGLE said at 6:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Nick Foles turned 26 today

  347. 347 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 6:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    ^^^^right Denver to acquire Foles for a 1st do u do it?

  348. 348 GEAGLE said at 6:05 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Are you high? The 3rd best young QB in the NFL is invaluable..

  349. 349 GENETiC-FREAK said at 6:11 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If there is anyone i know that is the ultimate Foles fan it is you hands down.. Not once have i seen you change your mind otherwise.. If Eagles draft Mariota or even trade Foles i would hate to be around your household during that time lol

  350. 350 Jarock said at 6:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I love reading Geagle’s stuff. I don’t always agree with him, but enjoy his takes. Geagle, I say this with love, but you make the most proclamation of stuff you ‘know’ this side of Rex Ryan. Me, I’d love to be at your house if the Eagles trade up for Mariota or take Hundley in the 1st, if only to watch your head explode. I say this as a Nick fan, by the way, who nonetheless would love to see us get our hands on Mariota. Hundley, I’d just as soon never see in Eagles green, let alone in the 1st round.

  351. 351 GENETiC-FREAK said at 6:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah just for some reason i think this will happen lol

  352. 352 RobNE said at 8:25 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    would love to have a draft party

  353. 353 GEAGLE said at 7:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Just a realist, get me a better sure shot and I’ll gladly talk about upgrading, the bullshit flavor of the week doeamt interest me… 90% of the QBs drafted in round 1 of the past decade arent better then Foles, excuse me if I don’t just blow the next sexy QB everyone gushes over in college.

  354. 354 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 8:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I was just trying to get u going. We won’t be trading foles…….

  355. 355 Greg Richards said at 6:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Campbell’s article with the Hundley info/rumor also included this:

    “If the Eagles decide to target a quarterback early in the draft, they
    could have a valuable trade commodity in signal-caller Nick Foles. The
    Texans and Titans would both have an interest in Foles if he were made
    available. If Peyton Manning decides to retire, the Broncos would also
    be a team that would look into acquiring Foles. Denver liked Foles when
    it drafted Brock Osweiler. If the Eagles wanted to trade up for Marcus
    Mariota, they could deal Foles to get more ammo with picks to move up,
    or include Foles in the package.”

  356. 356 mksp said at 6:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’ve been talking about the Texans fit for a while. I really think its the perfect landing spot for Nick.


    2015 2nd + 2015 4th + 2016 2nd

    Get it done Chip.

  357. 357 Media Mike said at 6:24 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Who starts if Foles is gone?

  358. 358 mksp said at 6:26 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Throw Mariota / Hundley to the wolves baby.

  359. 359 Media Mike said at 6:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I don’t see us having enough ammo for Mariota. Even if we did, he need to sit a year to learn NFL passing concepts.

    Hundley is a massive turd who I want no parts of on this team.

  360. 360 mksp said at 6:29 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think Mariota is a smart kid, who will figure it out. Chip will put him in position to utilize his strengths, including his athleticism.

    Trading Nick should give us enough ammo to get Mariota.

    Russell Wilson was pretty successful as a rookie.

    Like I said below, I could talk myself into Hundley. I’d rather not. But I could.

  361. 361 Media Mike said at 6:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Russell Wilson is such a unique combination of arm skill and intelligence, I’d hate to demand Mariota come in here and win as many games. If Mariota can demonstrate the ability to know when not to run and to only run as a last resort as Wilson does, that would bode well. I’m just not sure if that is fair to ask from him.

    And I could never talk myself into Hundley. He’s too stupid to be successful in the NFL as a QB.

  362. 362 botto said at 6:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    marriotta will take one hit from a linebacker and figure out when to run and when not to

  363. 363 GENETiC-FREAK said at 6:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Good thing Mariota has Samoan in him.. Hits are good for the body we say lol

  364. 364 Jarock said at 6:55 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If RW was two inches taller, he’d have been a sure fire 1st round pick. He probably doesn’t make it out of the top 10. Credit the Seahawks for looking beyond that and Wilson for making the most of his talent.

  365. 365 botto said at 6:43 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    if we had a defense like that we wouldn’t need mariotta or even foles.
    we’d win with barkely

  366. 366 Jarock said at 6:31 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’d live with Mariota learning under fire here. Would he be as good as Foles at his best? Probably not, but he’ll be much better than Sanchize was at the end of the season. I don’t know anything about Hundley personally, but his on the field stuff scares the shit out of me. He’s strictly a one-read and run guy at this point.

  367. 367 mksp said at 6:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Mariota’s athleticism alone would make him better than Foles at his best.

    Forget everything Chip says publicly, having an athletic quarterback is absolutely beneficial to his scheme.

  368. 368 mksp said at 6:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Just a reminder –

    Greg Cosell, who knows more about quarterbacks than this entire board combined, on Nick Foles:

    “I think if you look at Foles the player, what you likely see is this: He’s got a good arm but not a gun; he’s not a power thrower, not a drive thrower,” said Cosell to Birds 24/7. “He’s a little more of a finesse thrower than a drive thrower. He does not have quick feet. There is no quick-twitch to his movement. There’s no explosive lower-body movement to him. When you look at Foles, I think what you see is a quarterback that needs the system to work for him and provide defined reads and good throws with the route concepts, just the whole system. He needs the system to work for him…”

  369. 369 Media Mike said at 6:39 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Cosell is excellent and has provided a blueprint for what Foles needs to improve in his footwork.

  370. 370 Jarock said at 6:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I love Mariota, but he’s not nearly as skilled a passer as Nick is. I believe Chip when he says passing first, athleticism is icing. Having an athletic QB definitely makes our running game more effective, but if he can’t operate as a passer, I’m not interested.

  371. 371 Media Mike said at 6:37 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think Mariota could develop those increased passing skills if he had a year to watch and learn.

  372. 372 Jarock said at 6:38 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think he could learn on the job. Again, he’s probably as good as Sanchez now with a true understanding of how to run the R/O and the athleticism to extend plays regularly. The fumbling habit worries me a bit.

  373. 373 mksp said at 6:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I just don’t know where this idea that Nick is a skilled passer comes from.

    He completed less than 60% of his passes this year.

    Everyone wants to blame the offensive line problems and not entertain the idea that after a year of film on him, NFL defenses knew how to neutralize Nick.

  374. 374 Jarock said at 6:47 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Nick can make every throw in any NFL offense. I respectfully disagree with Cosell’s take on Nick. I’ve seen him drive the out as well as throw with touch. This season, his mechanics broke down and his worst habit (drifting away from line of scrimage) was a major problem. He is still young and has gotten as much or more out of his talent as the other young QBs (Luck and Wilson come to mind) but his ceiling is lower. I’m not in Geagle’s camp where I think he’s the greatest thing to happen to the Eagles, but I do like him as a young QB. Considering that other teams value him enough for him to be a trade chip, clearly they agree with me.

  375. 375 mksp said at 6:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    This is a totally fair and reasoned take. I personally disagree. I was high on Nick coming into this year, but I fear his regression was the result of NFL defenses taking the things he can do away from him, leaving him with his lead feet and inaccurate intermediate-to-deep ball in the pocket.

    Remember Alex Smith got traded for two 2nds.

    Different teams value QBs differently.

  376. 376 holeplug said at 7:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Biggest change teams made this year in defending Chip was staying in base against their 3 WR sets.

  377. 377 anon said at 7:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    wonder why that is? better run stopping? Less scared of being scorched over the top? (To be fair we threw for a lot of yards)

  378. 378 holeplug said at 8:26 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    ya slow down the run. teams never really adjusted to Chip running so much in 3 WR sets in 2013. They just stayed in nickel all year. McCoy gained 1155 of his 1607 yds out of that set. This also really helped Foles since it kept them out of 3rd and long so much and they just destroyed teams with play action all year (Foles had 134 QB rating off play action / 2nd in NFL).

  379. 379 botto said at 6:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    and most schemes at that

  380. 380 bill said at 6:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Which is exactly why he drafted Barkley, and signed Sanchez, and kept Foles as the starter even after Vick was healthy: athleticism is everything at QB in his scheme. Chip just doesn’t know it yet.

  381. 381 mksp said at 6:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Sanchez was an easy call to backup Nick.

    Matt Barkley was and is a head-scratcher, but I honestly think that was an attempt by Chip and Howie to get cute and pull a Patriots style “draft a QB late, then flip him for a higher pick 1-2 years later” maneuver that has quickly backfired.

    Look, we’ll see. 2015 will be a referendum on Chip, QBs, and Nick Foles.

  382. 382 bill said at 6:50 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    But neither Sanchez or Barkley are remotely athletic. And if the system needs an athletic QB to be successful, it was really stupid to think that Barkley would shine enough to attract a significant trade offer, considering he was a 4th rounder to begin with; and this on a team with plenty of holes that needed to be filled immediately on the roster. That theory just doesn’t hold any water for me.

    I agree that this offseason will be a referendum on the position, and honestly, won’t be surprised if Chip does draft a QB 4th or higher this year. I do credit what he says about what’s important in a QB for a system – it’s apparent on the field.

  383. 383 anon said at 6:46 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Chip first wants a guy that can process information quickly. He’s on record saying Mariota has a Peyton Manning like mind. Second Athletciism, it’s not even close. You see what MS’s rollouts did to defenses, if he could have only run the RO as well.

  384. 384 Jarock said at 6:52 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Sanchez drove me crazy with his lack of understanding of how to run the R/O. Also, Sanchez is a better athlete than he gets credit for.

  385. 385 Media Mike said at 6:33 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    So true on Hundley. I cannot stomach a read one and run guy.

  386. 386 anon said at 6:44 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think him running would help

  387. 387 GermanEagle said at 6:40 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    2015 2nd + 2015 4th + 2016 2nd

    To move up from #20 ALL THE WAY to…#16?!

  388. 388 mksp said at 6:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    No, sorry. For Nick Foles.

    Texans trade us their 2015 2nd and 2015 4th and 2016 2nd for Nick Foles.

  389. 389 GermanEagle said at 6:42 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Now it sense makes some. 🙂

  390. 390 D3FB said at 7:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That deal feels a bit generous. I recognize you’re using the Alex Smith framework but Smith was more of a known quantity at that point. He had gone 30TD-10INT over the previous 18 months and had come an overtime away from taking his team to the Superbowl.

  391. 391 Jarock said at 7:04 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Also, you have to consider Nick’s inability to stay healthy if you are thinking about trading for him. I know some want to excuse his injuries as flukes, but he’s yet to make it through a season healthy. He hasn’t gotten close to playing 16 games in a season.

  392. 392 Nailed it! said at 7:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If you had your choice to start next season for the Beags, Alex Smith or Nick Foles, in a pure talent hypothetical with no contract talk or anything who would you pick.

    Just curious as I like your scouting reports.

    And I am bored.

  393. 393 D3FB said at 7:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Is this going forward or is next year the final season?

    Going forward Nick still has more upside and potential.

    Gun to my head? Win the SuperBowl or aliens blow up the planet(jerks)?

    Probably Alex Smith. Better mobility. More experience. Hope Chip can implement enough quick WCO to make it work with SMith’s arm.

  394. 394 mksp said at 7:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Yeah, and I don’t disagree at all. With that said:

    Nick is on a better contract I think, in that he still has two years on his rookie deal as a 3rd round pick.

    And he’s shown that he can be more than a “game manager”, though one’s mileage may vary here.

    But overall, yeah I’d take a lesser package.

  395. 395 D3FB said at 7:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He has one year left. A team is trading for a one year look.

    Smith was actually in year two of a three year 24 million deal.

  396. 396 mksp said at 9:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    That’s right, not sure why I though the had two years left.

  397. 397 oreofestar said at 7:08 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Patriots in the super bowl, Zelda 3ds sold out, Sea hawks in the super bowl, Oregon loss. Last week sucked let’s not add any Hundley in the first nonsense on top.

  398. 398 Jarock said at 7:09 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Wow, way to sum up how much this weekend sucked. I’d love Hundley if we grabbed him as a developmental project in the 4th or later. I’ve got no interest at all before then.

  399. 399 oreofestar said at 7:12 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Honestly I could even live with Hundley in the 2nd or 3rd maybe but in the first I have a seriously problem

  400. 400 Jarock said at 7:14 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    He has no clue how to read an NFL defense. He can barely read a college defense. I’m sorry, but no, I’m not interested unless he’s a future’s project. First through third rounds for me are for people I expect to be able to contribute in the next two years.

  401. 401 oreofestar said at 7:16 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I like Petty more , you’re drafting Hundley purely on upside, he can’t play this year, probably can’t play next year either

  402. 402 Jarock said at 7:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Me too on Petty. Even with him, I’d rather wait as he needs to develop as a passer to play at the pro level.

  403. 403 anon said at 7:54 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If Adam Gase doesn’t get the Bears OC job, do we throw $$ at him to be our QB coach? Guy worked with Peyton for 3 years…gotta have some relevant stuff to say to Foles.

  404. 404 oreofestar said at 7:55 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Can’t see it

  405. 405 anon said at 7:59 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    think he sits out until next year?

  406. 406 ACViking said at 8:01 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    thinking that, too.

    but you’d think some HC will bring him in as an “offensive consultant” or something like that. Even at $500K, he’d be inexpensive in the NFL world.

  407. 407 anon said at 8:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    yeah that’s what i was thinking could happen here– give him a decent title, some $$. He can be involved with a highly productive offense. I guess the real question is whether he can teach mechanics, etc.

    That said Gase could be a better OC than Shurmer…

  408. 408 oreofestar said at 8:02 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I can’t see him not getting a single OC offer

  409. 409 ACViking said at 8:00 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    If he’d agree to at least a 2-year deal and not to seek a HC job after 2015, maybe it’s worth a shot.

    Belichick’s explained that at the QB-coach position, you get either an older guy on the way down or a young guy on the way up.

    Gase is in the middle. And how much of his success in Denver is spelled M-A-N-N-I-N-G is unclear.

    Strikes me that Gase will want an OC job somewhere.

  410. 410 Greg Richards said at 8:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think Musgrave qualified last year as an older guy on the way down and he only lasted a year.

  411. 411 Greg Richards said at 8:41 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’d try if I were the Eagles but besides the Bears, the Rams and Browns need OCs. As quick as the Browns cycle through OCs, I might pick the Eagles’ QB job ahead of it, but if the Rams offer him the OC job I think he takes it.

  412. 412 GermanEagle said at 8:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    F me, I didn’t know that:

    [The Walton family is among the richest families in the world. Their wealth inherited from Bud and Sam Walton, founders of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.[1] The three most prominent living members (Jim, Rob and Alice) have consistently been in the top ten of the Forbes 400 since 2001, as were John(d. 2005) and Helen (d. 2007) prior to their deaths. Christy Walton took her husband John’s place after his death.

    Collectively, the Waltons own over 50% of the company, and are worth a combined total of $174 billion (as of January 2015).[2] In 2010, six members of the Walton family had the same net worth as either the bottom 28% or 41% of American families combined (depending on how it is counted).]

    When I was watching them on TV years and Years ago as a kid, I didn’t know that a) they were a real family and b) would own more than 40% of the population of the States.

  413. 413 D3FB said at 8:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Oh and Stan Kroenke is married into the family

    Kroenke who independent of his wife’s vast personal fortune owns the Nuggets, Avalanche, Rams, and Arsenal FC.

  414. 414 GermanEagle said at 8:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    What do they say?! The rich get richer. Almost like the Patriots…

  415. 415 RobNE said at 8:13 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    can’t tell if you’re joking or not

  416. 416 GermanEagle said at 8:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    No, I was not. Shame on ze clueless German.

  417. 417 RobNE said at 8:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    but you are kidding about the old TV show right? that has nothing to do with the Walton family that founded Wal Mart.

  418. 418 GermanEagle said at 8:27 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Well, thank you sir. Just double checked with Google and as it looks like I shouldn’t always trust what the wife says. Lol.

  419. 419 SteveH said at 8:18 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Completely off topic, but remember me banging on about how stupid it was for Morgan Burnett to victory slide after his interception with 5:00 to go? There has been some debate (ACViking) about whether or not you could “fault” him for that and how much actual room he had to operate.

    Well, here you go folks. This is why it was the most fucking stupid play of the entire game when he decided the game was over but it wasn’t:–how-the-seahawks-came-back-212801747.html

    And at least one person agrees with me. “That was the biggest play in the game. It helped set in motion Seattle’s comeback…”

    What Burnett did was the equivalent of a distance runner slowing down and raising his hands in celebration 10 yards in front of the finish line, just to see the guy run behind him slip by at the last moment.

    HOWEVER, the big caveat here, and what likely saves Burnett in the eyes of many is that Julius goddamn Peppers was telling him to go down for some reason. WHY JULIUS, WHY? YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE A SMART VETERAN!

    I still think Burnett should have ignored him and kept going but… I guess he’s at least partially off the hook for that mistake.

  420. 420 RobNE said at 8:20 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I posted the screen shot earlier down below, was looking for you.

  421. 421 GermanEagle said at 8:21 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I think both Burnett and Peppers are just huge Brian Westbrook fans.

  422. 422 anon said at 8:22 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Hard to say. What he runs and fumbles. He did the safest thing. Slide and give it to Aaron Rodgers.

  423. 423 ACViking said at 11:15 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Fair presentation

  424. 424 RobNE said at 8:19 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Kalusner on BGN says Bama’s QB Blake Sims would fit the EAgles well. Thoughts?

  425. 425 GermanEagle said at 8:23 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m only interested if it’s Phil Sims’ son.

  426. 426 Avery Greene said at 8:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Not me. Don’t want either.

  427. 427 GermanEagle said at 9:07 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    Should have used a 😉

  428. 428 A_T_G said at 8:53 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I’m only interested if he is Jeff Blake’s son.

  429. 429 NinjaP said at 8:36 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    As what? a water boy?

  430. 430 Insomniac said at 8:48 PM on January 20th, 2015:

    I never agree with Klausner. Sims isn’t a good QB.

  431. 431 Eagles News: Can Marcus Smith contribute in 2015? | said at 6:49 AM on January 21st, 2015:

    […] Hot For Hundley? – Iggles BlitzI am still not sure what to make of Hundley. He has the potential to be a very good NFL starter, but you have no idea if he’ll ever come close to realizing that potential. The mental part of the game is his biggest weakness…and we’re talking about college football. Things get much harder in the NFL. Interviews are going to be critical for him. Hundley is going to have to sell some team that he can learn and will work his butt off to become a good NFL QB. If you could draft him with a mid-round pick, Hundley would be a no-brainer (which would be fine even if he turned out to be a no-brainer). The problem is that a guy with his physical potential won’t last that long. EJ Manuel wasn’t nearly as good as Hundley and went in the mid-1st. I doubt he makes it out of the 2nd round, if he falls that far. […]

  432. 432 NFL Rumors: Eagles love Brett Hundley, Titans and Texans interested in Nick Foles trade? | said at 1:43 PM on January 21st, 2015:

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    […] great Tommy Lawlor of Iggles Blitz gave his thoughts on this Hundley rumor earlier in the week. He noted how E.J. Manuel wasn’t […]

  434. 434 Bladerunner9 said at 8:50 PM on January 29th, 2015:

    Born and raised Birds fan.30 years in LA. Stay away from Hundley.You haven’t seen the whole season. Sucks.The last time I warned my fellow Phila fans was before the Sixers picked up Andrew Bynum. Hundley is a year long project at the very best.