Day After Thoughts

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I am not close to being done with re-watching the game. I did get through the offense in the 1st half and there are some interesting things to mention.

* Nelson Agholor really does flash. With him, the fun doesn’t really begin until the ball is in his hands. His RAC ability is going to be a huge boost to the offense. Neither Maclin nor DeSean was at good at getting RAC yards as I felt they should have been. Agholor is fast and physical. He’s not afraid to work the middle and play in traffic. He could become quite a weapon.

* John Moffitt was rusty. Very rusty. He got better as the game went along, but he started out rough. As Jeff Stoutland recently mentioned, it is tough to get back timing when you’re away that long. Right now it looks to me that Andrew Gardner has a sizable lead in the RG battle, but we still have several games to go.

* Matt Barkley’s arm strength remains an issue. He made good decisions on Sunday. He was mostly accurate. There were some short throws that had good velocity. But when he had Miles Austin and Agholor open for long TDs, he underthrew both players. Austin caught his. Agholor drew a pass interference call on his. Barkley tends to loft the ball when throwing downfield. I don’t know if he can try throwing a flatter ball (think Warren Moon) to see if that helps or if this is a situation that will never get better.

* Eric Tomlinson is making his case to be the #4 TE. He had five catches for 61 yards, including a 19-yard play late in the half. He doesn’t have ideal athletic ability, but he is a big, strong guy that can catch the ball.

* Trey Burton is showing that he deserves to be part of the offense in 2015. He will now take on the James Casey role. Burton isn’t a guy you feed the ball to, but he’s so athletic that you want to mix him in when you can. He did an excellent job of getting open on Sunday. Those play-action passes are well-designed, but they still require the receiver to do his part. Burton was open several times, but QBs struggled to get him the ball. He could have had a huge day.

Burton’s blocking still needs work, especially as an in-line TE. Effort is fine, but he doesn’t sustain well and gets little movement. He is better at getting upfield and taking on DBs.

* Matt Tobin did a solid job at LT. He doesn’t have great size and he won’t wow you with his athleticism, but he is technically sound and effort is never a question. Tobin played LG and LT in the previous two years. He played LG and LT in college. I never thought he looked as good on the right side as he did on the left. Jeff Stoutland talked about getting him reps on the left side. I didn’t think that would mean playing more than half the game at LT, but that’s what happened. Maybe playing more on the left side will get Tobin back to the level he played at the last two summers.

* Raheem Mostert really surprised me. Most speedy RBs tend to be finesse runners. They avoid traffic and don’t like getting hit. Remember Lorenzo Booker? Mostert opened some eyes in the spring and even in Training Camp, but I had my doubts about him as a runner. He looked pretty comfortable running between the tackles. I didn’t see a player that was afraid of contact at all. He’s not Earl Campbell or Walter Payton, but Mostert could develop into a good role player. He’s got the speed you want. He can catch. He can play on STs. Mostert might be an ideal practice squad player that could push for a spot in 2016. If he gets even better this summer, he could push for a spot this year.

* * * * *

Since Matt Barkley played pretty well, some asked if he could be trade material.

I doubt it. Barkley didn’t play so well that you suddenly want him on he field. He looked good, but has a long way to go before a team sees him as a starter or primary backup. He’s headed in the right direction, but his physical limitations aren’t going away. If some team was desperate for a backup QB, they could look into dealing for him, but I just don’t think we’re at that point right now.

If Barkley plays even better next week, maybe that changes things. Then again…if he plays well…the Eagles might not be so anxious to deal him.


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  1. 1 Media Mike said at 12:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Good stuff!

    Hopefully Ags fixes the focus issues that led to those two drops. Matthews did a nice job maturing beyond that last year, so I’m hopefully Nelson can do the same.

  2. 2 peteike said at 12:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    agree and that TD was more of a coverage breakdown but you gotta love the acceleration. Not sure what that corner was thinking on that TD. Sanchez looked pretty bad but the offense puts up points and everyones first game. More interested to see these next few games to really see what they have in places.

  3. 3 JoeBlow said at 1:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yea that was Greg Toler who is pretty much Bradley Fletcher to Colts fans. I think he thought the ball was going over Nelson’s head, as did I,and was thinking he could pick it. That was a very impressive catch by Nelson mostly because the ball was already halfway there before he turned around. Then he puts on the burners…..Chip got a good one

  4. 4 Jernst said at 1:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That one drop on 3rd down was a surprisingly difficult catch. It was right on his hands and looked like a money throw, but look closer, it was this horrific end over end wobbler from Barkley that looked more like and end over end punt that a pass. When the ball isn’t spiraling it can be very difficult to catch. So I kind of give him a bit of a pass on that one.

  5. 5 Age said at 5:33 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    “Give him a pass?” I see what you did there…

  6. 6 Nailed it! said at 2:51 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I guess we should all be reminded that Matthews had three drops in his first preseason game last year and he turned out to have a pretty solid year.

    Rather him make the drops now.

  7. 7 Ark87 said at 12:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    To be more specific about the reputation of the speed back, he was a track star, take the reputation of the speed back, mention they are well know for track, you can basically multiply the speed back reputation by 1,000. Seeing Mostert play with patience and physicality was pretty shocking.

  8. 8 MattE said at 1:13 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yeah impressed thoroughly.

  9. 9 Ben said at 11:03 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Very true. He showed a lot poise for an un drafted rook fighting for a roster spot.
    I think he wins a spot on the 53, if he keeps showing up like he did in this first game.

  10. 10 GEAGLE said at 12:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Moffitt played the most snaps on offense yesterday. I don’t think we can judge him yet since the Eagles seem committed to trying to knock that rust off and see how good he can be….we aren’t seen the best Moffitt is capable of yet, the question is how good will his best be? Sure we would love him to give us a solid starting RG, but even if he can grow into a quality backup that can backup both RG and KELCE the next 2 years, he could be a solid addition for us if he can be good enough to be one of the first backups off the bench…Hopefully Moffit can be a solid addition to this OL in some capacity for the next 2-3years
    I always thought Tobin was much better on the Left side, and when he moved to the right side last year. Gardner clearly outclassed him… Some lineman can’t play on both sides… But Ideally Gardner plays well as a starter, Moffit proves to be a solid backup at RG and Center, while Barbre gets back to playing solid football when we let him focusing on backing up the left side…

  11. 11 Avery Greene said at 12:50 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I think there’s something they see in Moffitt that they want him to try and knock the rust off in preseason. If he does, then I think he’s going to be the starter.

  12. 12 GEAGLE said at 2:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    They definitely see something in him, they gave him the most snaps.. While everyone is now focused on the competition for who will start vs Atlanta, even if Moffit isn’t ready to win the job against Atlanta… Moffit could return to form by mid season and next year win our starting Guard… Obviously we would love him to return to top form now, but even if he isn’t ready for September
    It doesn’t mean he won’t be able to pay off for us later… Even if it takes an entire season to get back to what he was, he is talented enough to possibly be our RG next year…. Whether he is ready to beat out Gardner in September or not, I think Moffit is a lock to make this roster.. They aren’t even trying to tap into his center potential yet to focus on RG.. You can bet he is going to be on our roster in some capacity this year and he could have a future here

  13. 13 Media Mike said at 12:50 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Moffitt, by far, provides the best skill possibility at RG. I’m hoping a full camp and 3 full pre-season games get him into form.

  14. 14 Jarock said at 1:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I’m ok with Gardner starting. I hope Moffitt does come back to 100% and I could see him overtaking Gardner if he does. Can’t complain at all though about Gardner’s play vs the Colts.

  15. 15 Jarock said at 1:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Also, replace skill with talent and I agree 100%. Gardner’s probably the more skilled @ this point, but he’s got a much more limited upside πŸ˜›

  16. 16 lewis don said at 12:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    * Nelson Agholor really does flash. With him, the fun doesn’t really begin until the ball is in his hands. His RAC ability is going to be a huge boost to the offense. Neither Maclin nor DeSean was at good at getting RAC yards as I felt they should have been. Agholor is fast and physical. He’s not afraid to work the middle and play in traffic. He could become quite a weapon.

    Desean had good RAC skills with enough space, but that is much harder to do. He use to go over the middle more before he got SMACKED in that falcons game. Maclin was ok, but like Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, McCoy, etc many of the Eagles weapons over the past years either had a balance issue or a physicality issue.
    What I mean is that either they didn’t get far after contact or lost their balance very quickly into RAC sequence. Riley Cooper still has this problem, which showed in his first catch of the preseason. He knew it. He was visibly upset. Cause you leave yards on the field.
    Im impressed with Aggies footwork. That burst he got showed great liteness of foot. He isn’t the fastest in the sense of pure straight line speed. But hes got that quickness that allows him to shift in short space and get that first step. The question I asked myself is how a wr who is not a burner beat three guys 46 yards downfield, two of which were in front of him. it was so impressive.

  17. 17 Avery Greene said at 12:52 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Huff has some good RAC ability as well. Sammy B can hit these guys in stride and we may see some great things if he stays healthy.

  18. 18 GEAGLE said at 12:56 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    SERIOUSLY!! You hit guys like Pope, Agholor,Huff. Sproles, ERTZ in stride on crossing routes, Posts, Seams they can do a lot of YAC damage… heck, we can throw screens to all 4 Of those guys..
    And Braidford was making it rain TDs in practice off of Fade routes and Back shoulder throws.. Should be a Big when for us, throwing Fades in the red zone to all these big WRs that will box out DBs and go up to get the ball..s

  19. 19 Avery Greene said at 12:59 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Greg Cosell did an All-22 of a couple plays. There’s one with a receiver lined up behind another receiver. I could see Sproles line up behind Ertz and break a long one after Ertz can spring him with an opening block.

    The one thing I think I feel confident in is how CK attacks teams. Even with less than stellar QB play, this offense looks to be the part.

  20. 20 GEAGLE said at 1:03 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    At this point. Seems like a chip offense is always going to put up points. But as good as our offense should be, our ST is really our best Unit, it’s #1 in the NFL hands down….
    top ST
    offense that will always put up points
    elite Fromt 7 that always shuts down the run, and was a top 3 team in sacks
    How good we can be will all come down to our secondary play, and our QB play… our secondary will be better then last year for sure,. How much better will determine how great we can be this year. Love this roster… STAY HEALTHY!!!!

  21. 21 Jarock said at 1:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    You go back to his days at Oregon, it doesn’t get talked about enough, but he took Oregon to the title game with really mediocre QB play. Lost a tough game to Auburn that they probably would have won with better QB play. Chip’s always seemed to be able to get his offense to score points regardless of QB.

  22. 22 GEAGLE said at 12:54 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Roster breakdown… Offense:
    1) Bradford
    2) Sanchez
    3) ??? Barkley vs. TEBOW
    1) Murray
    2) Ryan
    3) Sproles
    1) Pope
    2) Archbishop Agholor
    3) Cardinal Huff
    4) Cooper
    5) Tutu
    6) Austin
    1) JP
    2) Barbre
    3) KElce
    4) Gardner
    5) Lane
    1) Celek
    2) ERTZ
    3) Burton
    That Leaves 6’openings for Backups:
    1) Moffit RG/C
    2) Tobin LG/LT
    3) ??? Vandervelde vs. kelly vs. Graff vs. Molk
    4) ???
    5) ???
    6) ???
    Kenjon Barner RB/versatile ST player
    Mostert RB
    Another OL out of Vandervelde,Molk,Graff,Kelly
    Eric Thomilson TE
    My guess Today would be the last 3 spots go to
    1) another OL
    2) Barner
    3) Tomilson

  23. 23 Avery Greene said at 12:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    CK isn’t afraid to keep who he thinks is a better player. Can Bailey play his way onto the team? How about Mostert?

  24. 24 GEAGLE said at 2:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Doubt Bailey makes the roster. he is raw, plus we should have no problem putting him on the Practve squad without another team Poaching him.

    Mostert looked good, But so did Barner, chip said “if Kenjon keeps playing like that we will have to find room to keep him”.. Both RBs impressed at times yesterday. I have a hard time seeing us keep both.. Probably have to pick one and try to get the other one on the practice squad.. Barner is a good ST player, so Mostert is probably going to have to also perform well on ST to beat out Barner.., if we keep a 4th RB, you can bet he will have to bring quality special team play to make the roster.. Both were solid yesterday, Saturday is the next test..

  25. 25 peteike said at 1:08 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    nice list, now you have to pick the 3rd QB cmon ha. I wonder what they think of Barkley, seeing improvements but also weak arm. I heard Chip said somewhere hes not interested in using Tebow for gadget plays, hes a QB or something like that. If so, I think that helps Barkleys cause otherwise Id get having Tebow as the 3. Minus all the BS coverage, my goodness its ridiculous and annoying. Why were the fans cheering him like he was a backup to a bad starter.

  26. 26 GEAGLE said at 2:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I always maintained that Barkley in his 3rd year of this offense should destroy Tebow who learned this offense 3 Months go.. It should be obvious that Barkley is a level above Tebow, if not, that’s very disappointing for Barkley. No way should Tebow be able to keep up with a QB we
    Been grooming for 3 summers… With that said I also heard rumors that
    Suggest we are trying to trade Barkley, or at least we were trying to trade him.. Maybe they feel that even tho Barklry is ahead of Tebow now, they might think barkleys ceiling isn’t high enough.,, I have no idea who they will keep..
    But, if the 3rd QB will be decided by preseason play, then it should be Barkley by a land slide….

  27. 27 Ben said at 5:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah, I agree with you, Barkley has come a long way and he does not deserve the bashing he’s been getting IMO.
    He is worlds better than Tebow and that game showed it.
    Gotta go with Barks as our #3 QB.

  28. 28 Bob Scatchard said at 12:16 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Barkley is being set up to look better then he really is, to inhance trade value. he’ll get reps with 2’s and 3’s. Tebow will be with the 3’s and udfa’s. The eagles ran the “zone read” much more than any other team since chip has come into the NFL and I don’t see him wanting to risk SB knees. Therefore, in certain situations, inside the 5 yd line and on 2 pt conversions, I expect to see Tebow running alot of zone read with our stable of backs. I know Geagle and others will say “That’s silly…you don’t take your starting QB out of the game inside the 5, or on a 4th and 1 play. No team has ever done that and IMO that’s just why Chip would, after all, he always took shady out and put Polk in and it is much harder to pass inside the 10 yd line. Get ready for more tebow in 2015… I know that Chip said that Tim’s a QB and not a gimmick….but he also said Foles was his QB for 1000 years…think about it….What ya think Oregonducker?

  29. 29 MattE said at 1:08 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Barner really impressed me yesterday, looks like he’s been hangin out with Sproles.

  30. 30 GEAGLE said at 2:27 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    He certainly impressed yesterday, but Mostert also flashed. Id say ST play yesterday put Barner ahead of Mostert right now, but those two are going to get a ton of carries the next 3 games so they have a lot of competition left…to beat out Barner, Mostert will probably have to make some plays on ST as well..

  31. 31 anon said at 2:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I like motert, cannonball runs hard, can play gunner on teams, think he’d be a better returner than barner who looked hesitant on all his returns.
    Gotta say ryan Mathews looked really good running yesterday.

  32. 32 Ben said at 5:50 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah, I was watching Mathews busting through the holes and getting good yardage every time he touched the ball.
    Very encouraging to see him running hard.

  33. 33 Bert's Bells said at 1:13 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Dumb as it sounds, I think those three spots hinge on blocking (but I’m also thinking/hoping/praying that Cooper gets cut making it four spots).

    The #4 TE and #4 RB need to be effective blockers, especially in blitz pick up and on special teams.

  34. 34 MattE said at 1:15 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Our secondary looked functional!

  35. 35 Jarock said at 1:32 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    And yet we still gave up some plays in third and long. Billy’s articulate but I’m not sold on him as our defensive coordinator. Oh well. He gets at least one more year to prove me wrong.

  36. 36 peteike said at 1:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    oh man not again. The 3rd and long completions cause me to drink too fast and early on Sundays.

  37. 37 Ark87 said at 1:36 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I just find it funny that everyone on team “Boykin can’t play outside because because this is a press scheme and he can’t press”, both claims are unsubstantiated. But that’s a dead conversation, anyway watching that 3rd and long where we had our guys lined up past the sticks is infuriating. Please, just let our CB’s contest the throws, don’t just give them the first down. It kills me a little bit every time I see it.

  38. 38 MattE said at 1:41 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    …so many bodies in and out and it wasn’t horrid. Im ok at the moment…. shows some progress.

  39. 39 Ben said at 5:52 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Not only functional but creating turnovers.
    Loved that fumble Rowe caused on that one play where he punched it out, and how about Reynolds getting not one but two picks.
    I had quite as few of those “wow” moments from that game.

  40. 40 BobSmith77 said at 1:17 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Line struggled to get any kind of real running push or even open holes on the left side and Tobin looked so-so in pass protection. I thought in general the backups especially Molk, Vandervelde, Kelly, and Graf (not as important) left a lot to be deserved.

    Kelce isn’t the best player on this team. Probably not even Top 5 although you could probably make a case for several players. He is the most irreplaceable though right now. Even more so than Peters. Thought of having Molk get pressed into service is frightening. He still has issues with even snapping the ball at times including multiple times yesterday.

  41. 41 MattE said at 1:22 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Graf looked beyond awful.

  42. 42 peteike said at 1:31 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    did we flip flop the O line to secondary per depth. Agree, that second line looked pretty bad in 2nd half.

  43. 43 midnitemud said at 1:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    As good as Barner was yesterday, I would still keep Mostert if they decide to go with 4 RBs. We already have amazing returners on this team, we need our 4th RB to be more than that on STs. Mostert can return kicks/punts, but I think he is the better gunner of the two. He has more versatility on STs than Barner, which may push him ahead of Barner when all is said and done.

    Tommy. I think when you go back to watch the defense, you will see that Jaylen Watkins had many more bad plays than the whiff that everyone is talking about. He had decent coverage at points yesterday, but looked very timid out there. His tackling was pathetic all around. He got thrown down by a ball carrier while covering a punt return. He got called for a block in the back during another decent return from Barner. It seemed like every tackle he tried to make was half- assed. He looked a lot worse than just his major whiff, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Biggers or Carroll get more reps at Nickel next week.

  44. 44 Media Mike said at 1:22 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Agreed. Mostert is the far superior prospect.

  45. 45 MattE said at 1:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Biggers was a nice pick up for depth IMO…. i think if we have to Biggers could be functional in a nickel role.

  46. 46 Jarock said at 1:26 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I think we may be being a bit quick to judge on the Barner Mostert debate. It was one game and Barner actually had the superior game. I swear there’s an anti-Oregon bias from a lot of the posters on this message board. Sad part is I’ve been guilty of saying the same as to who I’d rather keep.
    I saw some solid plays from Watkins as well as a few really bad ones. Would have to rewatch and really pay attention to just Watkins before I’d be willing to say ‘he sucked.’

  47. 47 Media Mike said at 1:27 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I have a permanent grudge vs. Barner for being unworthy of being kept on the roster longer than Josey last year.

  48. 48 Jarock said at 1:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I don’t begrudge him that. I do put his his measurables up vs Mostert’s and lean towards Mostert because of them. Mostert’s faster, only a little smaller, and potentially better as a KR. Barner did a hell of a job on that punt return, but we already have a pro-bowl caliber punt returner in Sproles. One thing we’re missing from our great ST is a great kick returner.

  49. 49 Ben said at 5:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I think we already know what we have in Barner, and in the small samples of Mostert, I see more upside, worthy of a second and third look.
    If he keeps playing well, then I think keeping Mostert over Barner is an easy decision.

  50. 50 FairOaks said at 11:24 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Josey is in the CFL now, so there is *something* which makes him unworthy of being on an NFL roster. He looked exciting, but who knows — maybe he kept abandoning the designed runs etc. Or was not the type that Kelly wants (though two other organizations have passed on him too, including Jacksonville).

  51. 51 Media Mike said at 1:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Just did a fantasy mock picking 4th overall in a 12 team league.

    Results: CJ Anderson, AJ Green, Forsett, Gore, Keenan Allen, Travis Kelce, Martavis Bryant, Duke Johnson, Larry Fitz, John Brown, David Cobb, Rivers, Bradford, Owen Daniels, Eagles D, Blair Walsh.

  52. 52 peteike said at 1:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    nice draft. Is CJ going that high, I love him but worry about the O line in Denver. Nice depth everywhere esp for a 12 team league

  53. 53 Media Mike said at 1:32 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Thank you. I hear you on the possible o-line issues in Denver, but I tend to trust a RB1 in a Kubiak system as getting so many touches that it won’t matter as much.

  54. 54 peteike said at 1:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yup I totally get that and Ill be in same boat. Happens all over with WRs with bad QBs etc.

  55. 55 RobNE said at 2:17 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    why didn’t you pick all Eagles?!?

  56. 56 Media Mike said at 2:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Because the unworthy kept taking them before I could.

  57. 57 eagleyankfan said at 2:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    4th overall and your first pick was CJ?

  58. 58 Media Mike said at 2:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yes. Peterson, Lynch, Bell went 1-2-3. I have concerns about durability for Jamaal Charles and Eddie Lacy. Both have buddy fucked me in recent seasons with missing games.

    I can’t justify QB/WR at 4.

  59. 59 anon said at 2:37 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Any thoughts on where TEs will go this year, Graham, Thomas, Gronk?

  60. 60 Media Mike said at 2:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Evan Silva has Gronk at 5 overall. To be honest I had Gronk in two leagues last year and he f-ing killed it for me. I don’t have a good enough feel yet (because we’re still only 1 pre season game into the schedule) where there is going to be a run on TEs.

  61. 61 peteike said at 2:41 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    ya they won it all last year and Gronk killed it, means this could be the down year. Fantasy seems to be an every other year thing so you have to find the up years if possible.

  62. 62 TypicalDouche said at 2:40 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Gronk sure fire 1st or 2nd at least, then after that is a huge dropoff. You can get Graham the 2nd best TE in round 4 or 5

  63. 63 eagleyankfan said at 2:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    you go Gronk in 1st you’re behind the 8 ball and chasing rb’s all season. I have yet to see anybody win fantasy with taking a TE(weather gronk or Graham) in round 1. Wait on them and grab Olsen. Unless you’re drafting like 11th or 12th, then you have do desperation drafting…

  64. 64 TypicalDouche said at 2:56 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I completely disagree. Any other position you can do that with. Like the scoring difference at the end of the year between a Andrew Luck and a Matt Ryan wont be enough to make me take Luck very early. Same for RBs the top scorer and the 8th highest scorer aren’t far apart. As for TE, Gronk is soo far ahead of the next TE that I would take him in the 1st any time.

  65. 65 eagleyankfan said at 2:58 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That’s because you’re looking at wrong. πŸ˜‰ …

  66. 66 TypicalDouche said at 3:00 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Looking at what wrong exactly?

  67. 67 eagleyankfan said at 3:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    TE vs TE. Late rounds, like 11 and 12 — ok, gamble away. Mid picks, say 5 through 10. There you can pick, in Mate’s draft for example, Lacy or McCoy. Round 2, you can go WR or RB. (I agree, QB’s in round 1 arent’ smart either — more on that below). If you go TE in round one say, pick 7 — you’re not picking for 10 more picks. 6 are already in books, picked before. That’s 16 picks(17 including you) before you pick a rb. Say round two, you get the 12th rated RB. Now, it’s 12 more picks before you go again. Odds are, there’s a run on WR’s at this point, now you have to pick either an rb who’s outside of the top 15 or a wr that’s rated outside the top15. AND, you only have 2 positional starters, who are back up rb’s(or split carries) and number 2 wr’s. Don’t compare TE vs TE, compare your first 4 or 5 drafted projected points with a TE and one without a TE. rb/rb/wr/wr/QB will be higher than te/rb/wr/rb/qb (and you’re still without starters at wr). Scores will always be higher without a TE… Will Gronk be a top 3 TE without Brady the first 4 games? Can you take that chance AND be down at rb and wr?
    Back to the QB(or even TE) .. how do you get away with picking one early? Find that golden parachute. Find that RB who nobody is high on. For example, if you remember last year, all the ‘pro’s’ said to skip Lynch because he’s too old AND he’s going to break down. That scared off everybody. Lynch was there for the picking late. Last year, everybody wanted Brady or Rogers if not they waited. Luck was there for the plucking later after Brady/Rogers. Like Bradford was for Mate Mike.
    Late picks — gamble. mid-rounds — you have the best odds of winning. don’t gamble sure fire points.

  68. 68 TypicalDouche said at 3:19 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Damn well I guess winning my big money league last year while taking Gronk at #7 overall was a bad idea. I should forfeit the $3300 I won in that league just for that reason. Never knew after doing fantasy for over 10 years that I could of been soo wrong for soo long. Thank you for the advice, I will try to remember that when I win again this year.

  69. 69 eagleyankfan said at 3:26 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    it’s funny because everybody I talk to, wins at fantasy football. Nobody ever loses. Ever. They all know what to do. you can tell me you invented fantasy football. Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t always win fantasy, in fact I lose more championships than I care to talk about. One thing I do know, I’m in the championships. How do I get there? I know numbers and probability.
    If you’re in a league, drafter 7th and you take Gronk, congratulations on your win. Never leave that league because you can take advantage those same idiots year after year.

  70. 70 MCD said at 4:40 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    You’re both being smug about entirely sound strategies. You can grab positional scarcity earlier operating under the assumption that RB will be a fungible commodity with a narrow performance curve/. Or you can go RB-RB knowing that the increase in platoons makes high volume runners a scoring anchor and provides weekly consistency – an underrated element in H2H

    But to speak in absolutes about what 100% works and doesn’t work is ridiculous. The H2H schedule, the scoring system and the waiver make every league so unique it’s impossible to predict what exactly generates victory. Oh yeah, injuries happen as well.

    Not trying to crap on anyone but good fantasy players draft productive players. That’s it. The strategy the use to obtain them varies for based on all the factors above.

  71. 71 Fufina said at 5:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I would not go near Graham in fantasy. Saint Wilson has never had a WR or TE put up good numbers (although they have signed high end TEs and WRs and Golden Tate looked like a beast after leaving). They throw the least in the league limiting touches and Wilson just does not have the feel/confidence to throw Graham open like Brees did.

  72. 72 eagleyankfan said at 2:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I don’t go CJ there. You’re concerned with history of players, but not of the history of Denver RB’s. CJ, if he stays healthy and IF they don’t mix in Ball, he could be top 10. Top 4? No thanks. I like Green/Forsett. I’d pass on Keenan, Kelce. Bryant lasted that long? Nice. 12 team league, and you got Bradford in round 13? Outstanding.

  73. 73 A_T_G said at 1:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I hear Mostert is third cousin, twice removed, with Henry Josey.

  74. 74 MattE said at 1:44 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    ….speaking of family, Cris Carter’s kid is 6’5″ !?

  75. 75 Avery Greene said at 1:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    We felt a lot worse after the 1st preseason game last year, even though we won that one too. They were sloppier and we were worried about Foles. Tommy wrote a post saying the OLine didn’t look that good and probably was the cause of Foles struggles (had 2 INTs in preseason).

    This year, we feel a lot better about the QB situation and our starter hasn’t even played a game. Boy how times have changed.

    Link to Tommy’s post:

  76. 76 Jarock said at 1:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I remember being worried about Foles throwing off his back foot. I still think he was salvageable and I wish him the best in St. Louis. O-line had some really bad moments both in pre-season and early last year.

  77. 77 RobNE said at 1:58 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    we were right to be worried about Foles.

  78. 78 botto said at 2:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yeah I was thinking about that game too, it looked bad, foles was not impressive and I was worried. and then game 1 happened too, boos in the first quarter,

  79. 79 RobNE said at 1:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Barner looked slow on the punt return when Mostert was 5 yards ahead of him taking out the punter. I’m on team Mostert for now.

  80. 80 Avery Greene said at 2:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I really want this kid to make the team.

  81. 81 botto said at 2:12 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    really surprised he looked like he had some power, I thought he would be like a scat back with just speed.

  82. 82 CrackSammich said at 2:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Probably slowed up to wait for the block to set up. Mostert is hard one to judge against though because of his speed.

  83. 83 Anders said at 3:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Most players will look slow compared to a speed guy like mostert

  84. 84 Media Mike said at 3:07 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Hence why Mostert should be kept over Barner.

  85. 85 RogerPodacter said at 3:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    i thought the same thing, but the camera angle from the endzone really just made it look slower than it was. once they showed other angles on the replay, he didn’t look nearly as slow to me. (after he stopped hesitating)

  86. 86 TypicalDouche said at 2:00 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    What isn’t being discussed enough is the play Bennie Logan. I know it was just the 1st preseason game and we all know the d-line is stacked and Cox is the superstar of the group, But I think everything they do up front starts with Logan. He doesn’t get pushed back at the line of attack, he has great hand and feet usage, and also is great at taking on single and double teams while holding his stance until the last moment when he finds where the run or qb is going.

  87. 87 GEAGLE said at 2:02 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Nothing new, he was a beast last year leading all NT in tackles for most of the year, he just didn’t get the credit he deserves because he isn’t a 340lb NT
    He should easily be nationally recognized as a top 5 NT at the end of the season

  88. 88 TypicalDouche said at 2:19 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    My thoughts exactly brotha. To hell with the undersized clichΓ© constantly used when referring to him, when any team runs at him it’s like running into a damn brick wall you. The runner really goes nowhere. What makes him even more special is the way he stops runs. I have seen on more then one occasion him being engaged with an o-lineman and yet manages to stop the runner in his tracks with just one arm. That is really impressive. I love Cox, Thornton, and Curry but a lot of there tackles at the line of scrimmage come from the work Logan does. Hands down one of my top favorite players on the team with the impressive dirty work he does.

  89. 89 GEAGLE said at 2:32 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Lol it going to look like some Violent Brick wall this year! He two gaps, keeps our LB clean, then sheds the two gap and slams the ball carrier on his back… dudes a monster with those long arms…
    Right now, the only NT I would put ahead of him his Marcel Dareus… I would take Logan over Dontari Poe all day everyday… On top of everything he is a high character kid …. Easily one of the best draft picks of the chip era… What a stud… ced, Logan and Cox is just a beastly defensive front..
    I would hate to have to play against our front 7 when Donnie long all pins them inside their 3 yard line with one of his amazing punts…

  90. 90 TypicalDouche said at 2:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Well said on all parts my brotha. I am too excited about this year.

  91. 91 anon said at 2:12 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    “What isn’t being discussed enough” I really thought you were going to say something about Tebow, I already have PTSD from this media coverage.

  92. 92 TypicalDouche said at 2:19 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    No I am never going into full length post about Tebow, now worries there.

  93. 93 GEAGLE said at 2:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    It’s amazing how we finally had our first preseason game and the only national coverage we can get is Tebow talk… I mean Come On…

  94. 94 Ben said at 6:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    IKR….The media loves him for no apparent reason, I mean he is not a good QB but don’t try and tell that to ESPN or some other sports outlet.
    They are feeding into Tebomania for all it’s worth.
    Once he gets cut then what will they do?

  95. 95 RobNE said at 2:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    the bandwagon is going to collapse after the Eagles trounce the Cowboys in Game 2 when they rush for 53 yards total. At least we were all here before it was standing room only.

  96. 96 eagleyankfan said at 2:22 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    it’s not their run game that concerns the Eagles..

  97. 97 Ark87 said at 2:26 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    No one’s run game concerns the Eagles.

  98. 98 eagleyankfan said at 2:27 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I don’t think so either.

  99. 99 Media Mike said at 2:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    My only concern vs. Dallas is gutless players not being focused for a big game and/or brain dead coaches who can’t make adjustments.

  100. 100 Ben said at 6:07 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Nice dig on Billy, but in his defense, I think he has much more to work with this season and we have an INT hungry D just waiting for Romo to air it out.
    I hope we crush them into a pile of waste.
    Retiring Romo would be icing on the cake.

  101. 101 Media Mike said at 6:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Everybody and everything from that debacle of a finish of last season is a target.

  102. 102 Ben said at 10:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Can’t argue with anything you said.
    Billy has zero excuses this season and should get this defense to top 5 in the rankings with these players.
    I could definitely see our D line being top 3, and the same goes for our LB’ers.
    Great to see MS2 stepping up as well.
    BGraham should be putting a lot of hurt on QB’s and RB’s this season.
    Those two levels are really solid which should help our secondary be very good IMO.
    Not to mention the the huge upgrades with Kiko and Maxwell.

  103. 103 RobNE said at 4:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    right but without a run game we can focus even more on the passing game. My point is with Murray it took effort to slow him. With McFadden we can unleash the DL to go after Romo the whole game.

  104. 104 Ben said at 10:51 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yes !!! We can play KILL ROMO all game long.
    I wonder how many times he will be suplexed by our D this season.
    Lets’ put the over/under at 20.

  105. 105 Avery Greene said at 2:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    We aren’t going to be the only team to hold them to a less than stellar running day. They are struggling to keep their RBs healthy and none of the ones they have can carry the load Murray did last year.

    Without a run game, I don’t know that they can be a good team.

  106. 106 peteike said at 2:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    that last sentence is a bit much even though I want to believe it. I think their D has to improve from the last few years and the O line even without run game will give Romo time. They will win a lot but man, I really hope they have some mid season collapse of sorts and have to fight their way up. Want to see what a bit of adversity does to them.

  107. 107 Avery Greene said at 2:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I wasn’t sold on them last year. 500 carries is a lot to lose. Murray was the catalyst for their offense IMO, and without him it goes back to Romo to carry them. I don’t think he can, and if he gets hurt it’s going to be even worse.

    Their defense is suspect still IMO. They were relatively the same as the year before, but eating the clock with Murray helped them more than talent.

    With the guys in that locker room, seeing a collapse is something that we might get to see this season.

  108. 108 peteike said at 2:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    It would be great wouldnt it. I agree that Murray made them really good by opening up everything else. I still have to think they are close to a 10 win team give or take either way.

  109. 109 Avery Greene said at 2:38 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I want to see them play first, but they could go 8-8. They don’t have the power in the backfield any more.

    Maybe wishful thinking, but I think that 1) their OL is over-hyped because they’re Dallas, 2) they have no one to take Murray’s carries, even by committee, and 3) without a run game Romo is more susceptible to injury.

  110. 110 JoeBlow said at 2:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    i agree with this….plus when expectations are high for Dallas they fall on their face

  111. 111 Ben said at 6:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yes,yes and yes…
    Can’t we all just agree “THE COWBOYS SUCK” !?!?!

  112. 112 peteike said at 2:43 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    with our QB you are forced to leave potential injury out of it. That applies almost everywhere anyway but ya, back surgery and age are factors.

  113. 113 Ben said at 10:59 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    And don’t forget the BEASTS we will be throwing at Romo every time he fades back to pass.
    I see many fastballs in Romo’s future.
    He better pray Cox does not pounce on him and his weakened spine will not be able to withstand the brutal force of our defensive weapons.
    I have a lot of confidence in our pass rush this season as our defense is capable of unleashing fury upon opposing QB’s.

  114. 114 David Wolf said at 4:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Does anyone actually believe that Sean Lee will make it through the season?

  115. 115 Ben said at 10:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I just want to see Murray TRUCK him a few times before he waves for a replacement to the sidelines. LOL.
    dem bumz are OVERRATED PERIOD

  116. 116 Ben said at 6:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Agreed, a one dimensional cowboy team is a lot easier to beat than when we had to worry about Murray.
    Stick a fork in the boyz, they are going down the rankings this season, and it will be a fun watch if you ask me.
    I can see it now, Dez running up and down the sidelines screaming at his defense.

  117. 117 anon said at 2:40 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    They’ll be 8-8, tony room will throw for 4,000 yds — excited to have him on fantasy

  118. 118 xmbk said at 4:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Doubt Romo lasts 16, tough as he may be you can only pain kill a back for so long, and without last year’s run game he is going to take some shots.

  119. 119 Ben said at 6:12 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    He may not make it past Game 2 if you ask me.

  120. 120 GEAGLE said at 2:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Even that blowhard cowboy groupie ship bayless was saying that watching us yesterday scared him

  121. 121 Sean Stott said at 2:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Wolff is gonna be gone. Inactive…. again.

    I don’t think he makes it to the 75 man roster.

  122. 122 T_S_O_P said at 2:36 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I remember Lorenzo Booker, MM waxed lyrical over him, setting my personal alarm bells tingling on him being anything other than average. He did however own the #25 jersey meaning a young rookie from Pitt had to chose some other number, picking #29 as an alternative. One year later Shady traded #29 for #25, 5 years after that the Eagles traded #25 replacing him with #29.

  123. 123 Media Mike said at 2:38 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Who did I wax over?

  124. 124 Ark87 said at 2:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I dunno but it sounds pretty F’d up man, stop it

  125. 125 Media Mike said at 2:40 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Totally. How dare this guy invoke “MM” and blame me for some shit I didn’t do.

  126. 126 T_S_O_P said at 2:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I wish it where that when I hear or read two Ms next to each other I thought of you Mike, or a chemical blonde rapper, or a small chocolate candy, unfortunately for me, it only conjors thoughts of a moron presently under the employ of the Ravens of Baltimore. I should seek counselling. πŸ™‚

  127. 127 GEAGLE said at 2:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Defensive Depth Chart:
    1) Cox
    2) Logan
    3) Ced
    4) Curry
    5) Beau
    6) Bair
    7) Hart

    1) Kiko
    2) Kendricks
    3) Meco
    4) Hicks
    5) Brad Jones plays both LB spot
    1) Barwin
    2) BG
    3) MS2
    4) Braman

    1) Jenkins
    2) Thurmond
    3) Maragos
    4) Peosinski
    5) ??? Couplin vs Reynolds vs Wolff

    1) Maxwell
    2) Nolan
    3) Rowe
    4) Watkins
    5) ??? Biggers vs Rice
    keep in mind that we will probably keep 10 DBs total and 10 Lbs total, it can be 5 safeties and 5 corners, 5 ILB and 5 OLB or it can be 6/4 split if the 6th at one position is much better then the 5th at another position… In our case that may happen with the Linebackers. instead of Keepimg a 5th OLB we could keep Acho or Goode as a 6th ILB especially since ILB Bead Jones is also capable of playing OLB… But my guess is there is a good chance we only keep 5 ILBs, cut Acho and Goode, only keep 4 OLBs and give the 5th OLB spot to keep Taylor Hart as a 7th DL…
    So I have them keeping 26 Defenders, Donnie, Parkey, Dorenbos… Leaving only 24 spots for the offense

  128. 128 xmbk said at 4:42 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Looks good for now. Cross Wolff out, only question is whether they injury waive him or put him on IR.

  129. 129 GEAGLE said at 10:13 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah if doesn’t sound good for the young man… His career might be over..

  130. 130 anon said at 2:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Anyone watch Ryan Mathews run yesterday? I was highly impressed

  131. 131 Media Mike said at 2:52 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I was as well, but that’s never been a problem for Mr. Mathews. His main issue has been soft and missing games every year.

    60 out of 80 games played and 52 out of 80 started.

  132. 132 anon said at 2:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah i’m fine w/ our guys being bubbled wrapped until regular season. I’ve only paid attention to him on fantasy, where he’s ALWAYS hurt.

  133. 133 eagleyankfan said at 2:55 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Best way to keep M n M boys healthy will be to rotate them to keep fresh. Not many team have that luxury of a potential number 1 guy being a back up…

  134. 134 Ben said at 10:42 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yup, and having a back like Sproles almost makes it seem unfair to the rest of the league.
    How the heck did we get such good RB’s?
    Chip gets a lot of flack about not being a good GM, but I think he’s doing an amazing job thus far.

  135. 135 GEAGLE said at 2:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Looked like he ripped off a couple 8yard runs…looked powerful

  136. 136 Fufina said at 4:52 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Mathews looked like a high 1st round pick… he has a speed and explosiveness you do not see in 220lb 6ft bodies. Can see why guys who have been at TC have been raving about him.

    The injury thing really is not a concern to me as he is RB2 for us and should have a more limited work load and even if he has to miss games we have 2 top quality guys to carry the load in Murray/Sproles.

  137. 137 Ryan Rambo said at 3:04 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Courtesy of the the Cowboys message board lol! Sometimes I like to check their level of stupidity out and I’m never disappointed. SMH

  138. 138 Media Mike said at 3:06 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    They should all kill themselves.

  139. 139 OregonDucker said at 3:25 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    They can’t. They are already the walking dead.

  140. 140 Media Mike said at 3:27 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Kill them twice. Burn their corpses.

  141. 141 OregonDucker said at 3:31 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Will a 50+ game do it?

  142. 142 Media Mike said at 3:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    No. To be honest nothing will do it until the Eagles have 7 Super Bowls and I can tell every other fan base that rubs “zero Super Bowls” in our faces to go fucking kill themselves.

  143. 143 Ryan Rambo said at 3:36 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That too!

  144. 144 Media Mike said at 3:40 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I’d also like a 19-0 season and to punch Larry Czonka in his fucking rude mouth.

  145. 145 xmbk said at 4:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Pretty sure he can kick our asses until he’s dead. Maybe even for a little while after. Loved watching him run.

  146. 146 Media Mike said at 4:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I really only know him as the dickhead who talks way too much about that Dolphins team and sat in the booth for American Gladiators.

  147. 147 D3FB said at 8:13 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I initially read this as Larry Coker.

    I was like thats a really weird person to want to punch. I mean I hate Cane fanboys as much as the next guy but Coker’s always been alright with me. Plus he has to coach UTSA now. That’s punishment enough.

  148. 148 Ryan Rambo said at 3:36 PM on August 17th, 2015:


  149. 149 botto said at 3:17 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    amazing crap

  150. 150 Media Mike said at 3:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    5 game win in division? Get real.

  151. 151 botto said at 3:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    somebody has to archive that so we can shove it down his throat later . how annoying and clueless can you be?

  152. 152 Media Mike said at 3:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That still isn’t as insulting as the ass clowns who might try to select the Giants as division winners.

  153. 153 botto said at 3:23 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    its insulting the way he thinks he knows what chip is doing with his “experiment” guy sounds like Token

  154. 154 OregonDucker said at 3:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Rec for Token reference!

  155. 155 David Wolf said at 4:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:


  156. 156 Avery Greene said at 3:27 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    LOL – let them have their fun. On Thanksgiving, they could be the ones out of contention.

  157. 157 Ryan Rambo said at 3:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That’s the plan my man!!

  158. 158 jpate said at 3:38 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    “Linebacker looks iffy” LOL ok then.

  159. 159 Bert's Bells said at 3:41 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    After reading that I don’t know how anyone can have the Cowboys worse than 15-1.

  160. 160 RobNE said at 3:47 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    this shows a real lack of knowledge about our team:

    Even if the best case QB situation
    comes into focus, they still have to have one of their young receivers
    become an immediate star, or the running game has to become better than
    Dallas’ of last year out of the gate.

  161. 161 David Wolf said at 4:10 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Curse You! A Pox on your house! I just read that Cowgirls message board and laughed so hard that I just spit out my 12 year old scotch!
    They are some seriously lame football fans!

  162. 162 RobNE said at 4:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    saving the older scotch for the evening?

  163. 163 Ryan Rambo said at 6:23 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    LMAO!! Don’t curse me man! I have enough bad luck on my own! Being a Philly fan in Dallas is bad enough. I’m so ready for them to implode it’s not even funny. I’d give up a pinky finger for them to go winless, then crap the bed in their next 5 drafts!!

  164. 164 PlanetX said at 5:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    WOW. Just went & read through it for a bit & I shouldn’t be surprised, but their hubris is matched only by their sheer stupidity. I feel like I need a shower now to wash off the clueless. lol

  165. 165 Ryan Rambo said at 6:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Haha!! I know the feeling man! Just unreal!!

  166. 166 PlanetX said at 5:51 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I made sure to bookmark that site so I can troll the living troll the living crap out of these gas bags whenever possible throughout the season. Not something I would normally do, but these guys have it comin’!! πŸ™‚

  167. 167 Ben said at 6:23 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Now that was FUNNY.
    It seemed like I was visiting a trailer park in the sticks.
    These clowns are so clueless they still haven’t figured out how to use a toilet let alone a computer.
    What will they do once their fraud O line is exposed?
    Sure they can run block alright but you actually have to have a competent RB which they think is not all that important.
    They still think they are the cream of the division.
    What a complete joke of a fan base.
    I thank god I wasn’t born a cowboys fan.
    It’s going to be fun watching their epic collapse this season.

  168. 168 Ankerstjernen said at 5:20 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Thanks for posting this, its pure comedy gold. He has the girls as the only team with a winning record in the east, going 6-0 in the division, AND: “The coaching staff as a whole is the best in the division, and the specialists are rock solid. There really aren’t any weaknesses to this team, just a couple of areas of average-ness.” So, no weaknesses on that team. None. Honestly I dont think even the most dedicated Eagles-fan on these message boards would be that delusional about our own team..

  169. 169 GEAGLE said at 3:06 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    After looking at the roster breakdown I think we have room for 24 players on offense
    3 QB
    3 RB
    6 WR young 3, Tutu, Coop, Austin
    3 TE
    8 OL, starters and 3 backups

    That means we would ONLY have 1 roster spot to fill out of guys like:
    1) Kenjon Barner
    2) Mostert
    3) Erik Tomilson
    4) Pratt
    5) Bailey

    Problem is I could see us wanting to keep Tomilsom AND the winner of Barner/Mostert but in order to keep 2, we would have to cut one of the 3 WRs Coop, Austin or Tutu, but I think TUTU is a LOCK for ST so the question becomes do you want to cut Coop or Austin and eat some cap in order to keep Tomilson AND a 4th RB(Barner/Mostert)..
    How realistic is it that the Eagoes would Cut Riley Cooper or Miles Austin so that they can choose 2 out of Tomilson, Barner and Mostert or would they rather keep 1 of those 3 and not cut Cooper or Austin?

  170. 170 RogerPodacter said at 3:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    i didn’t see ‘tutu’ on ST in the last game. was he out there and i just didn’t see it? i know he has a reputation of good STs, so maybe he doesn’t need the snaps?

  171. 171 GEAGLE said at 4:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I didn’t see him but someone said he was blocking on the punt return

  172. 172 anon said at 3:10 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Id trade one of those DL guys for a 4th TE.

  173. 173 GEAGLE said at 4:19 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Who you going to get Rid of on the DL? Not Beau… Chip isn’t going to give up on Hart yet, so Basically you would have to cut Bair which would leave us with 6 DL.. But we need 6 DL in each game rotating, so if we cut Bair, we can’t afford any of our DL to miss games to injiry..unless you are ok with potentially going into a game with only 5 DL’s rotating…
    DL is a strength, and Bair has been solid, even blocked a FG if I’m not mistaken.. I’d probably rather keep 7, dress 6, Deactivate the 7th on game day..
    I’d rather skimp the WR position since Ertz and Sproles also function as WRa at times…
    I’d be Fine with Cutting Coop or Austin, I just don’t know if Chip wil.feel the same…..
    Tutu is a ST Ace, so I assume he is a lock,

  174. 174 Ramiroquaaii said at 3:25 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I see they cutting Austin this year, and Sproles next year, maybe.
    Keeping Barner now and preparing Mostert for next year (good PS material with Tomlinson).

  175. 175 eagleyankfan said at 3:31 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I know the say Ertz will be fine. I’m hoping he is. That’s a lot of time he’s going to be missing.

  176. 176 GEAGLE said at 4:10 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I wouldn’t worry too much,,. When they say he will be ready for week 1, I doubt it just Conveniently worked out that he is to be cleared the day before week 1… When they say he will be ready for week 1, he could be ready like 2 weeks before that and just be working on his conditioning instead of playing in the presaAson games..
    Worst case scenario he needs a the first couple games to get back to top form.. We have the weapons and depth to win a game or two without Ertz if need be

  177. 177 peteike said at 4:32 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    nice to have Celek there for sure.

  178. 178 Fufina said at 4:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Barner really did not do much for me, he is not a quality NFL RB and does not have the athleticism to be a niche specialist. Yes he knows the offence and runs hard and is a patient mature returner but he lacks the extra gear to be special like other guys we have on the roster.

    Mostert i like more but played so little at college is still pretty raw and should be pretty safe to get stashed on the practice squad.

    None of the WR’s move my needle as none have starting NFL WR potential and we already have 3 great young guys. Find a project guy in the late rounds next year with explosive athleticism and develop him as the 5th WR (6th WR is probably more of a special teams guy).

    At the moment the guy i want is Tomilson because he is that blocking TE who looks like he could build a route running game as he develops to be a 10-20 snap a game guy to bring in when you need extra protection or in the red zone.

  179. 179 Media Mike said at 4:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    And we need a long term blocking TE being paid a blocking TE’s salary. Celek being useless in the pass game for $5 mil / year isn’t my thing.

  180. 180 Fufina said at 5:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Well Celek is a little better than just a blocking TE – he is an effective route runner, but will struggle to get clear separation these days. Give him a QB who can anticipate him and throw him open and he can put up yards. Celek is expensive and probably in his last year of that kind of money but he could be better than what he looked with Sanchez last year.

  181. 181 Media Mike said at 5:47 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I can’t vibe on 32 catches and one TD for $5 mil. I just can’t.

  182. 182 anon said at 6:02 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Celek basically played TE and Tackle for us last year — i’m ok with the money

  183. 183 anon said at 4:54 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Tomilson not a great blocker yet, but he’s got hands, definitely would love to develop him, but he’ll get poached if we try to PS him

  184. 184 GEAGLE said at 10:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I was never a fan of Barner but what I think doesn’t matter.. “if Barner keeps performing like he did today we have to make room to keep him”-Chip Kelliy
    Barner is also a real good ST Player who can play a bunch of different roles
    I wouldn’t be shocked if he had success running behind our #1
    OL… As a pure RB Mostert looked like he had more potential, but yesterday Barner won the competition…. Mostert is going to have to make some plays on St to beat out Barner… But I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they cut Barmer tomorrow

  185. 185 Dragon_Eagle said at 5:22 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    How much STs do you expect out of Coop and/or Austin? If the answer is not much to none, their spots are not safe at all. And even then, gone are the days of Andy Reid predictability. Chip is a wildcard.

  186. 186 GEAGLE said at 10:07 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Not much… Austin won’t play ST at all…
    Coop used to be a solid ST Player If I’m not mistaken, but haven’t seen him play teams in a while, no idea what to especially
    From him these days, but Austin def Won’t play ST.. The 10yr vet would die lol

  187. 187 Ramiroquaaii said at 3:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    1- Maybe Chip thinks diferente, but the expected is Andrew Garner at the RG spot by the start of the season.

    2- I like Barkley since a long time, he was the rookie with the best¨% of completed passes in 2013 and is more accurate than Sanchez in outside passes, but still have execution problems in the zone read option.
    Chip should try to trade Sanchez for a RG or picks and keep Barkley to develop, but I’m pretty sure he don’t see the situation in that way.
    3- Tomlinson and Burton played pretty well. With Ertz injured, maybe Chip keep 4 TEs even with Barner stood out as a returner.
    Good battle to kepp a eye.
    4- I was a little worried about the OLB backup situation, but Jones and Braman showed they can be useful in the defense as well.
    Smith is still a mystery. Better wait more reps until judge something.
    5 – Nickelback spot don’t should be a problem. Biggers, Rowe (who I didn’t expect to play there) showed good stuff.
    Chip has bring big depth helped.

  188. 188 botto said at 3:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    well said

  189. 189 Joe Minx said at 3:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    As always take this fwiw, but here are PFF’s top performers from yesterday (both teams):

    Top 5 graded players:

    Ed Reynolds (+5.3)

    Bryan Braman (+4.0)

    Eric Tomlinson (+2.5)

    E.J. Biggers (+2.6)

    Diaheem Watkins (+2.1)

  190. 190 Media Mike said at 3:42 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That matches with what I saw. I like it.

  191. 191 OregonDucker said at 3:54 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I saw the same. Real surprises there. Hope to see more of the same.

  192. 192 GEAGLE said at 3:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I dunno… Not all that surprised that our 3rd string players kicked ass,.. Our practice style should mean our 3rd string is much more prepared,then our opponents. Which we saw,yesterday… We should kill teams in the second half. If I gambled on Football I would be gettng eagkes in every preseason game because we have better QB depth and our 3rd string should be much more prepared then our opponents…

  193. 193 OregonDucker said at 3:59 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    GEagle – True with the D but the OL especially was very, very poor at 3rd string and below. Some of those guys should be cut before the next game – they are mentally, and physically challenged.

  194. 194 Joe Minx said at 5:58 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yes, that was pretty brutal. Kevin Graf in particular was getting abused.

  195. 195 Ben said at 10:37 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Saw that too and poor Tebow was under pressure on almost every snap, with the exception of his first series or so.
    I’m guessing that’s when Chip put in Graf and company.

  196. 196 xmbk said at 4:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:


  197. 197 RobNE said at 4:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I was thinking the same watching yesterday, that holy sh$t I should be betting on this.

  198. 198 GEAGLE said at 10:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah, shame I didn’t bet… I have a feeling that no matter how the first half goes games will end in a blowout because our backups should crush the competition… I wills be surprised if they lose a preseason game.. We probably win them all by double digits and cover the spreads..

  199. 199 Ben said at 10:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Agreed, and this is where all those reps payoff.
    I think we will be better prepared than most teams in season as well, as our seconds and thirds get more reps than any team in the league.
    Gotta love what Chip is doing with this team.
    It just makes so much sense.

  200. 200 Ark87 said at 4:38 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Why do they only share the top 5, not that their word is law or anything, but it would be interesting to see their take on all the other players (assuming they would have to grade everyone to determine the top 5). No one outside of T-Law and coaches looks at every individual player’s performance.

    Also cool they agree with T-law on this point

    “Guard John Moffitt was as rusty as one would expect after taking a year off of football. The former third-round pick finished with a -3.5 overall grade and yielded three pressures on the day.”

  201. 201 Dave said at 3:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    OK, maybe I missed the memo but I noticed the 50 yard line and the number “50” in numerous preseason games was painted in yellow. Anyone have any insight?

  202. 202 sonofdman said at 3:47 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Superbowl 50 this year

  203. 203 Dave said at 4:08 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Got it, thx

  204. 204 Media Mike said at 3:47 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Goodell ordered pre game urine test of all 180 players at mid field and some piss got loose.

  205. 205 GEAGLE said at 3:54 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Eric Fisher was carted off the field with an ankle injury… Awaiting MRI….

  206. 206 Media Mike said at 3:56 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Well at least we know that press conference will start with the injuries.

  207. 207 GEAGLE said at 4:04 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Lol their other Tackle Jeff Allen already has a knee sprain.
    Vikings lost tackle Loadholt
    Bucks lost tackle Dotson
    All these Tackles getting hurt, sacks for Mathis no guards are hpimg down with injuries, we are im week 2 of preseason and he still doesn’t have a job.. Sucks that he is too small of a guard to play Tackle.
    At what point does Mathis have to accept the 2millipn dollar lowball offer from Miami?

  208. 208 anon said at 4:39 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I’d almost rather not play, but who am I kidding $2m is a lot of $$ especially since he’s already been staying in shape all summer.
    Probably sees how bad our RG play is and thinks we’ll give him a call.

  209. 209 Fufina said at 4:41 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Look if both the Eagles and Mathis are men enough to kiss and make up a 1 year 4-5mil deal is something both sides should do.

  210. 210 GEAGLE said at 10:01 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    For what? What would you even do with him? I have full confidence in Barbre and he has been taking snaps with JP since spring, can’t bench Barbre now and give Mathis his spot back..
    If he wants to come back as a backup and compete for his job next summer, then I would see a point bringing him back but he ain’t getting 4-5mil to backup Barbre.. No way should he get the expensive original deal e didn’t appreciate and made a stink about.. Give him a 2yr deal, 3mil per year to be bench depth..
    I have a feeling that Barbre is going to coincidentally score thru the roof by PFF playing next up Peters just like Mathis did…
    I completely trust Barbre and Gardner impressed me yesterday

  211. 211 GEAGLE said at 6:16 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    It’s also possible that if Miami did offer him somethng, he shouldn’t assume the offer will always be on the table… He could end up forced into early retirement because of his decisions. The guy is almost 34.. He is no spring Chicken

  212. 212 anon said at 6:58 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    “It’s also possible that if Miami did offer him somethng, he shouldn’t assume the offer will always be on the table” — think he learned that he hard way

  213. 213 Avery Greene said at 7:04 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Some people never learn.

  214. 214 GEAGLE said at 4:07 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Espn love just rated the Eagles the #2 OL in the League, right behind Dallas at #1
    The Ravens are behind us with the #3’OL, which is good work for our young DL this week in practice… the Ravens will find out just how good our DL is when they see how they match up against their top OL… Should be some great practce for both teams..
    jason Peters said our OL is better then Dallas…. Look forward to seeing them prove it

  215. 215 jpate said at 4:08 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Sounds like Juan is doing a good job with them. Two seasons ago ravens line was in shambles

  216. 216 hrtak said at 4:08 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Maybe Tomlison can switch from TE to LT, like J.P. πŸ˜‰

  217. 217 TypicalDouche said at 4:57 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Maybe after he gains about 60-70 lbs.

  218. 218 botto said at 5:00 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    its crazy that on the opening drive Sancho missed basically 2 sure fire td passes and still threw the td pass. thanks to nelson.
    but is that crazy that we could have scored that easily and for all we know sproles takes that one he missed to the house also.
    lets score some effing points!
    sanchez will do better I think

  219. 219 peteike said at 5:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I do too, he just had a bad game I think. I still think Sproles has trouble as a receiver a lot of times. He doesnt make the catch unless its right on the money. I still worry about the D holding up more than the offense scoring points.

  220. 220 RobNE said at 5:18 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I hope so but worries me, he isn’t a rookie or someone who should have been too up for the game.

    Maybe those 2nd team reps aren’t enough for him.

  221. 221 botto said at 5:25 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    barkley to the rescue

  222. 222 eagleyankfan said at 7:15 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Still preseason…so no, it’s not crazy.

  223. 223 anon said at 5:05 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Playing time breakdown: Be interesting to see what the safety rotation was

    2015 NFL Draft Picks

    WR Nelson Agholor – 23 offense
    CB Eric Rowe – 48 defense, 17 special teams
    LB Jordan Hicks – 40 defense, 11 special teams
    CB JaCorey Shepherd – out
    CB Randall Evans – 13 defense, 6 special teams
    DE Brian Mihalik – 34 defense

    Rowe, Watkins and Smith II were most active on ST, playing > 50% of snaps. Smith also played almost 60% of defensive snaps. No wonder he was winded

  224. 224 GEAGLE said at 5:14 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Wow… Wanted to check out some Eagles talk on CSN, and they have Elliot Shorr PARKER on as an analyst smh,… This fanbase is insane about the Eagles, how is it that we don’t deserve better then elliot noodle PARKER? I cNt watch.. I hear one thing he says and I have to change the channel…. It’s bad enough with Derreck Gun, and Mosher, but elliot PARKER is unwatchable rock bottom… I purposely go out of my way to not read and I still can’t escape this dweeb..
    friggin Sheil Kapadia leaves to go work for ESPN Seattle and we get this limp noodle elliot? So not fair

  225. 225 Avery Greene said at 7:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Lombardo is at right? He seems to have a clue. BGN doesn’t seem like they are full-time reporters (maybe they are?), but I dig their site. I like Les Bowen, but mostly for his sense of humor. Outside of that, I think McManus needs to pick up his game.

    I hate ESP and Eckel. I hate McLane even more. Kempski’s wearing on me and it seems like he’s becoming more hot-takery.

  226. 226 anon said at 7:24 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Kempski is having trouble drawing traffic to his site, BGN is literally one dude now must be full time, they provide some good info that you can’t find elsewhere.

  227. 227 GEAGLE said at 9:56 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Yeah Lombardo is actually one of the better locals.. I don’t pay attention to but sometimes I catch him on the radio, he has weekend shifts..

  228. 228 GEAGLE said at 5:23 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Pope Jordan’s “Gospal of Agholor”:
    “When you talk about running straight forward, my boy arch bishop Nelson goes zero to one hundred. He does it day in and day out. He is explosive in practice. That cat has speed. He runs on every single catch, so it’s no surprise when he takes a hitch to the house like that”…

  229. 229 Dragon_Eagle said at 5:29 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I shut down Eagles news for about 6 months to preserve my sanity and get to know my family again. Now that its August, I am reserving a room a the local psychiatric ward starting in January/February depending and I’m not answering any calls from attorneys.
    Anyway, point is I finally saw Agholor in any capacity. Wow!! Acceleration and long-stride speed. If only we could find a QB with the accuracy to exploit RAC potential πŸ˜‰

  230. 230 A_T_G said at 6:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    You may not have heard, then. We traded Foles for Sam Bradford.

  231. 231 RobNE said at 6:15 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Boom! Super bowl.

  232. 232 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:14 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Wait. What??!!!! Ah, who cares. As long as we’ve got McCoy we’re a playoff team.

  233. 233 botto said at 5:33 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    pretty interesting timing on that pass from sanchez. looks like he throws it before the receiver will turn around as he is faking going out for a regular route.
    I liked it. not just a step and turn but more timing then that, could fool folks.

  234. 234 Ben said at 5:41 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Thanks Tommy.
    I loved getting to watch our depth players be dominant at times throughout that game.
    We have players that seem hungrier than the Colts depth players, or maybe just more talented.
    The Eagles looked pretty good considering this was their first real taste of playing time.
    I was impressed by how far Barkley has progressed, but a lot of the credit could also go to the coaching staff that has been developing him.
    I liked how our WR’s get open in Chip scheme as the ones, twos and even three’s seemed to get open on just about any given play.
    Agholor is a beast, and the same for Matthews.
    I can’t wait to see Bradford getting his chance next week, and I think he is going to play well and be light years ahead of the rest of our QB’s, as he should.
    I was lucky to score some tickets to next weeks matchup so I am psyched to see the Eagles do a number on the Ravens.
    IMO our defense looked really good with the exception of a few plays, and you have to love all the turnovers we caused.
    I think this D can be very good if they continue to gel.
    All in all, that 36-10 score leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, especially against a Colts team that has been lauded as SB contenders by some NFL experts.
    I think our Eagles are going to be better than anyone could have imagined.
    Best in the East and it’s not even close.

  235. 235 Fufina said at 5:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    We are a lot deeper than the Colts – one of the thinnest squads in the NFL imho, and that is going to make a difference. The amazing thing to think of is we blew the doors off them without playing our starting QB and playing most of the game with a ‘worse’ QB (1vs 2, 2vs3 3vs4)

  236. 236 botto said at 5:51 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I agree, but they didn’t play their starting qb really either.
    chances of them scoring 10 points with luck are pretty slim.
    but we could outscore them I think

  237. 237 anon said at 5:58 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yeah no Ty Hilton, barely AJ, no Gore. We’re deeper than most teems but we don’t have the top level “proven” talent that most contenders have at WR/QB.

  238. 238 BlindChow said at 6:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Also, their two top CB’s were out.

  239. 239 Insomniac said at 6:25 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    If Luck goes down then they’re going 0-16 again.

  240. 240 eagleyankfan said at 7:12 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    replace Luck with just about any other starter QB….

  241. 241 GEAGLE said at 6:11 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    for those who asked about Tutu, besides blocking on the punt return TD, Tutu also happened to catch the first pass of the game from TEBOW.. It was a 6 or 7 yard catch that went for a first down. Then the next two passes from TEBOW were from Thomilson,
    EJ Biggers had a beautiful PBU on 3rd down, ending the colts drive and forcing them to punt right before the half that Barner returned from the TD
    Nice sack by The “Hulk” MIhalik, but that was possible because of tight coverage by all our DB’s
    reynolds got credit for the two INTs, znd the nice tackle on Kickoff coverage, but he also provided support to Corners and put a hit on a few WRs as they made catches… the second INT was real nice, jumping the WRa route.. Hopefully Reynold can build on this game. While pressuring Couplin to step up and make some plays Saturday

  242. 242 A_T_G said at 6:21 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    “…Tutu also happened to catch the first pass of the game from TEBOW…”

    This isn’t true. I watched the game, listened to the coverage and saw the highlights; there was no one else on the field with Tebow.

  243. 243 OregonDucker said at 6:26 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Tebow threw the ball then ran and caught it. Nice throw and catch too. The fans went wild!

  244. 244 EagleNebula said at 11:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    The future of the game, and he already has copy cats:

  245. 245 Scott J610 said at 6:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    If Tobin plays better on the left side, then why not put him at LG and Barbre at RG?

  246. 246 Media Mike said at 6:20 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Maybe Barbre is also sucky at RG?

  247. 247 Avery Greene said at 7:15 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Stoutland said Barbre was more comfortable on the left side as well.

  248. 248 George Leeds said at 7:32 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Barbre can work hard to be an above average LG. I don’t think that applies to the right side for him. I think we end up with 8 OL, when the final cuts happen. The talent just isn’t there on the back end of the roster.

  249. 249 D3FB said at 8:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Nascar OL. Everyone to the left of the center.

  250. 250 Greg Richards said at 8:04 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Because I think Peters wants Barbre there, and would you really want to argue with him?

  251. 251 George Leeds said at 7:28 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Tommy, when you check out the D give #45 a look. Slow pro day times but seemed to move faster than that on the field. Made it into the game in a rotation after the injury to Dewalt-Ondijo and seemed to show up. Was doubled on the only sack of the game and has only been here for 10 days! Not saying he’ll make the 53 but interesting guy, like a small Trent Cole.

  252. 252 Media Mike said at 7:29 PM on August 17th, 2015:


    Fucking Embarrassing

  253. 253 Avery Greene said at 7:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Wow. The only reason why this works is he has twice the Superbowls than Rodgers – though he is less than half the QB Rodgers is.

    IMO Rodgers is hands down the best QB in the game.

  254. 254 Ark87 said at 7:59 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I wonder if Rodgers ever thinks, eh, I have royalties on discount double check forever, I’ll work for the Nick Foles contract, build me the 85 bears with the discount, I’ll get a super bowl ring for each finger and go down as the best of all time. Seems like only Tom Brady has ever considered it, the hunt for 5.

  255. 255 RobNE said at 8:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    You are giving up me lotions and it may not work. McCarthy lost play calling responsibility bc he sucks. You giving up millions bc of your faith in him?

  256. 256 Ark87 said at 10:12 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Whats a few million (when you have so much revenue outside of football as a star player) compared to a chance to be the Michael Jordan of football for as long as the sport is played? Besides, McCarthy isn’t the GM. they’ve been pretty good at maximizing their resources, I’d trust them to get the most out of a few extra million in cap space.

  257. 257 D3FB said at 8:04 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Packers GM Ted Thompson doesn’t sign FA’s. It’s a philosophical thing.

  258. 258 Ark87 said at 8:24 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Peppers was a solid signing, but you’re right. I modify my statement to, using that money to keep more of that home grown talent around.

    What’s interesting is that Cobb and one of the linemen ended up taking very friendly contracts to stay with Rodgers.

  259. 259 D3FB said at 8:32 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Thompson will make the occasional value signing but he’s crushing life with his draft and develop model.

    I also think Thompson feels like if your average or a complimentary piece, he can just draft somebody to replace you. So no need to pay those guys. I think for it to be a major issue he would need to rip off three drafts in a row all with 3 or 4 above average or better starters.

  260. 260 RobNE said at 9:12 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    My point is just you never know how that will play out. Certainly you could take a little less, but a lot less? no.

    Brady is a little different, but he also has the one guy I would trust more to get it done next to him.

  261. 261 RobNE said at 8:44 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Whoah you are really going out on a limb there.

  262. 262 sonofdman said at 9:59 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s all about winning. Twice the superbowls than Roders = twice the money as Rodgers!

  263. 263 Media Mike said at 7:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    This clown has been 15th, 35th, 14th, 7th, 17th, 11th, 14th, 25th, 18th, 23rd, and what would have been last in the NFL if he had enough attempts to qualify if you look at his 2014 to 2004 seasons going backwards.

  264. 264 Avery Greene said at 7:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

  265. 265 Media Mike said at 7:36 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Nothing wrong with that picture that a visit from John Wayne Gacy wouldn’t fix.

  266. 266 BobSmith77 said at 7:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I want a goose that lays golden eggs. Ain’t going to happen though.

  267. 267 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 7:46 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Interesting… Wonder how this turns out

  268. 268 anon said at 7:52 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    wouldn’t laugh too hard — Sammy B isn’t giving any hometown discounts.

  269. 269 Media Mike said at 7:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Nor do I expect him to, but this is f-ing cheeky out of Eli.

  270. 270 Ark87 said at 7:55 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Seems to run in the family, I don’t get it. Fabulously rich with all sorts of sources of revenue outside of football, at what point do you have enough to chase history rather than $$? It’s a team killer to give an aging QB that kind of cash…or any QB.

  271. 271 Media Mike said at 8:00 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Except the other one is actually good.

  272. 272 Ark87 said at 8:09 PM on August 17th, 2015:


  273. 273 Insomniac said at 9:00 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Kinda still is and will always be better than what we’ve had so far.

  274. 274 Ark87 said at 10:04 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I was trolling

  275. 275 Insomniac said at 9:01 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Perhaps Eli has a heroin addiction?

  276. 276 sonofdman said at 9:57 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    That is the kind of baseless speculation I can get behind.

  277. 277 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:45 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I don’t actually understand it myself, but few superstars give hometown discounts. I think fans think players care more about winning than they really do.

  278. 278 botto said at 8:01 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    yeah and so do i.

  279. 279 A_T_G said at 8:26 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I REALLY hope he gets it.

  280. 280 Media Mike said at 8:28 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    That would some real dead money for sure.

  281. 281 RobNE said at 9:10 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think all of Eagles Nation is rooting for Eli in this contract negotiation.

  282. 282 Insomniac said at 8:59 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Please do but this is the Giants FO so it’s not going to happen.

  283. 283 Ben said at 10:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    LOL…What for? leading the league in throwing interceptions?
    His last SB seems like a lifetime ago, but what has he done lately to deserve what he is asking for?
    I hope NY pays him and he continues his less than average production.

  284. 284 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:44 PM on August 17th, 2015:


  285. 285 LongDing said at 12:16 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He won a super bowl you dip$hit

  286. 286 anon said at 8:44 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Did anyone notice if eagles did anything for T. Cole or the Toddfather? Just saw a photo of the hunter battling against Jason Peters, we know who won that battle.

  287. 287 RobNE said at 8:49 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Logan stole Todd’s lunch money.

  288. 288 Greg Richards said at 10:28 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    They showed pictures of them on the big screen before the game. Fans gave them an ovation.

  289. 289 BobSmith77 said at 9:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    One guy who seemed to be MIA yesterday was Huff. Did he even play more than a handful of plays? Don’t remember seeing him out there the first 2 drives with Sanchez and the starters.

  290. 290 Joe Minx said at 9:35 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    He was the target on Barkley’s pick.

  291. 291 Jarock said at 8:28 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He was open, too πŸ™‚

  292. 292 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 9:37 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    He started on the outside. The first series just ended really fast. I don’t remember much of Cooper either.

  293. 293 GEAGLE said at 9:48 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    14 snaps

  294. 294 GEAGLE said at 9:53 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Watched the game again, Gardner played even better then I thought. He was solid in the run game and held to real when In his 1 on 1 matchup in pass protection… Extremely encouraged from what I saw yesterday from Gardner..
    Ryan Mathews seemed to get 7-11 yard carries every time he touched the ball
    great start to the peseason, we sat so many important starters and still looked good

  295. 295 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 10:34 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    I just hope we eliminate some of those 1 minute 3 and outs this year.

  296. 296 Dragon_Eagle said at 5:34 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    With more experience in Chip’s system, we should be able to get those down to under 45 seconds.

  297. 297 LongDing said at 12:14 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s preseason

  298. 298 GEAGLE said at 7:53 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Would you rather him play like shit? He still had to block the starting player lined up in front of him…. Was it “Just Preseason” when Bennie Logan hit every RB that went near him with “The Rock Bottom”? He was so dominant he might as well have dropped the “People’s elbow” on the RBs..

  299. 299 LongDing said at 8:00 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s preseason. Chill out.

  300. 300 GEAGLE said at 8:04 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Lol donkey boy…. Good morning sweetie.

  301. 301 Mitchell said at 10:42 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Was scrolling through Facebook and came across a link of how Polish said Tebow was the best fit for this offense. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments saying that Tebow will take us to the playoffs, has more talent than Bradford and Sanchez, all he does is win, etc, etc…… Yuck.

  302. 302 A_T_G said at 11:23 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Looking for trends, didn’t the last two teams to cut Tebow go to the Super Bowl?

  303. 303 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 6:46 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Maybe Chip is on to something here

  304. 304 Bert's Bells said at 8:41 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    How do the Jets fit in?

  305. 305 A_T_G said at 9:22 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Maybe we will face the Jets in the SB this year.

  306. 306 phillychuck said at 11:30 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Marcus Smith question:

    When he was drafted he was thought to be most talented as a pass rusher:

    e.g. Walter Football: “Smith became a completely different player in 2013 and was one of the best pass rushers in college football. He was the American Conference Defensive Player of the Year as he finished the season with 14.5 sacks. Smith also had 42 tackles with 18.5 tackles for a loss, four forced fumbles and three passes broken up. The senior’s sack total put him second in the nation behind only Stanford’s Trent Murphy. Smith had multi-sack games against Florida International, Rutgers, South Florida, Connecticut and Miami. He then held his own at the Senior Bowl and did well at the Combine with a fast 40 time of 4.68 seconds.
    Smith isn’t big enough to stay at defensive end; he would fit best as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He has a nice get-off with the speed to burn offensive tackles around the corner. Smith has developed his ability to get off blocks quickly and chase down the quarterback. He also showed a nice ability to go for the strip-sack in 2013.”

    Why is it that Mayock and almost all others are now saying he’s best in coverage, and that his weakest area is pass rushing? And Manock said he always saw him that way? Wasn’t he drafted early because there was a run on pass-rushers?

  307. 307 anon said at 11:47 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    You’re trying to hold people accountable for predictions? Half the philly sportswriters would be out of work. I should also remind that there’s a co-SEC player of the year that’s out of football right now.

    We def got Smith b/c he’s good in coverage, it was clear he’d need bulk to do the other things an OLB needs to do, rush and set the edge.

  308. 308 Insomniac said at 2:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    As do most OLBs from college.

  309. 309 Fufina said at 12:55 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    That never says he was a skilled pass rusher. He has elite athleticism, and in college he would run around OLine that had neither the skill nor the speed to block him. He came into the league with almost no pass rush skills and lacking in functional strength to set the edge consistently. He had shown excellent potential dropping into coverage as an OLB and was one of the best i had seen in college.

    He was a project from the start – i loved him as a 2nd round guy and was one of the principle targets i had in the draft, the Eagles probably took him a little early but he has the physical skills to be a top 5 NFL rusher if he ever puts it together. He was always going to struggle to see the field year 1 due to his raw skill set, the role being one of the most complex and multi skilled the Eagles have and the excellent depth he had in front of him.

    Smith is the kind of guy where he will have a ‘solid’ year, fans will continue to bitch and whine about him because they were down on the pick initially because they perceived him as a ‘reach’. Then in 2016 he has 10+ sacks and they go wow where has that come from…

  310. 310 Anders said at 1:44 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Smith is a great Blitzer but a bad pass rusher coming out (Walterfootball is shit so they only looked at his sack total), but he is very athletic and seems to have great cover potential as well and fits perfectly in the barwin role

  311. 311 Insomniac said at 2:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Smith was a project from the start. The guy was a QB before he became an OLB in college but he flashed good potential to become a balanced OLB. If we wanted a pure pass-rush specialist we would have traded back and gotten another fan favorite in Attaochu.

  312. 312 D3FB said at 8:01 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He was drafted that early because he was the third best OLB in that class, behind Mack and Barr (Clowney’s a DE). You pay a premium for edge players.

    Dee Ford was a one trick pony (speed) who feasted on lumbering SEC RT’s.

    Murphy had a really high floor, but doesn’t really have a big ceiling. He’s large, agile and has a great motor, but probably caps out as a 6 sack guy who will struggle in space.

    Demarcus Lawrence didn’t have a skill set that projected well to playing a standup backer, specifically not in our scheme.

    Attachou was a touch more advanced in his pass rush, but not as adept in the run game or pass coverage.

    Marcus’s appeal was he was incredibly versatile. He would like up over the slot receiver one play, the next he would be playing nickel DT, then would be playing from a 3 point stance off the lett edge, and then a 2 point stance from the right side. Charlie Strong really exploited this to move him all over the field and keep offenses off balance.

    He’s one of the best college edge players I’ve ever watched in coverage.

    He was good at setting the edge. I’m not sure where the narrative that he isn’t started. (For comparision, both MSII and Attachou played against Miami, MSII kicked the shit out of Clive Walford, Walford outclassed Attachou).

    He was productive as a pass rusher because of his athleticism, being used creatively, understanding of how to time pass rush “games” and a bevy of very unrefined moves. He had a spin move that he needed to technically refine but had Freeny-lite potential. He had a good burst off the edge. He had a solid counter rip and a bullrush that was effective in college (wasn’t getting low enough to convert speed to power against NFL linemen).

    I think the problem with his pass rush last year was two fold:

    1. He didn’t really have a go to move. He had an assortment of stuff that was effective in college but needed alot of technical work to effectively be useful in the league. I would draw an analogy to a pitcher. He’s like a minor leaguer that has 5 pitches that are all ok. In the long run he’s going to be very good, but the guy who has a good fastball and slider, you teach him a half decent curveball and he can progress more quickly.

    2. He suffered from a “segmented” pass rush. It’s extremely common with young players trying to work on things. They worry so much about trying to get the handwork that they basically forget to move their feet and hips. And then they come back and are so focused on doing the right thing with their feet and hips and that they don’t use their hands.

    I think his overall struggles to get on the field last year were largely due to having 3 vets all playing at a high level. If the injury crises we had at OL or ILB last year had happened to the OLB’s he could have played and acquitted himself well enough that it wouldn’t have been disastrous. He would have struggled to get pressure on passing downs individually but it would have given him valuable game time to work on things.

    I think moving him to ILB was a shortsighted move, it surely slowed his progression as a rusher down.

    I think my biggest concern though was the wisdom of not bringing in a recently retired player to work with him day in and day out on the nuances of pass rushing. He had vets in the room, but they have to get ready for Sundays for themselves first and foremost. I feel that a John Randle or Jason Taylor could work wonders for Marcus. I do like that Marcus went and sought out a pass rush guru on his own this offseason.

  313. 313 Bert's Bells said at 8:39 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    You teacher a pitcher with a fastball and slider how to throw a changeup.

    You don’t know nothing!

  314. 314 D3FB said at 8:41 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Knuckleball or GTFO.

    My baseball career ended after a kid who was like two and a half years older than me confused the catchers mitt with my jaw (it got Geno’d) the first year of kid pitch.

  315. 315 Bert's Bells said at 9:44 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think I speak for the majority when I say we’re all thankful you turned to the gridiron.

  316. 316 D3FB said at 9:45 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Kyle Schwarber wishes he could slug like me.

  317. 317 sonofdman said at 9:52 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Great Stuff!

  318. 318 Media Mike said at 9:55 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    “I think moving him to ILB was a shortsighted move, it surely slowed his progression as a rusher down.”

    Wrong moves with players seem to be a frequent occurrence with our current DC.

  319. 319 CrackSammich said at 11:42 PM on August 17th, 2015:

    Picked up a Trent Cole jersey today at TJ Maxx for $13. That makes me incredibly sad, though it’s one I’ll proudly wear.

  320. 320 LongDing said at 12:14 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He was cool. Chip dumped him like a smelly black turd.

  321. 321 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 6:42 AM on August 18th, 2015:

  322. 322 Ben Hert said at 8:28 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Insanely inappropriate, intentional or not. GTFO with that crap.

  323. 323 LongDing said at 9:34 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    you GTFO don’t you talk to me like you are my dad you piece of $hit.

  324. 324 MattE said at 10:16 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    You sound like James Harrison’s kids. Are you James Harrison’s kid?

  325. 325 Ben Hert said at 1:36 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    You wish you could have a dad as cool as me.

  326. 326 LongDing said at 1:38 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I would like you to say that to me in person.

  327. 327 MattE said at 9:21 AM on August 18th, 2015:


  328. 328 P_P_K said at 11:35 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Great player. As a fan, I’m going to miss him.

  329. 329 GEAGLE said at 8:03 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ravens practice starts today or tomorrow?

  330. 330 Ryan Rambo said at 9:17 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Today sir.

  331. 331 Media Mike said at 9:52 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    They really should be allowed to keep 90 guys through the end of the 4th pre-season game. It would allow even more guys destined to be cut to show good game tape and reduce the chance of injury to anybody actually on your 53.

  332. 332 eagleyankfan said at 11:18 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Wow — a whole 15 minutes? So, the watch the guys stretch and have to leave. Sweet!

  333. 333 D3FB said at 8:21 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Best way to describe Agholor?


  334. 334 Jarock said at 8:24 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He’s already showed the one thing I felt was missing from Matthews last season. The ability to stick his foot in the ground and make that initial guy miss. Love his toughness, too.

  335. 335 D3FB said at 8:26 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    All three of the young guys abilities compliment the skillset of the other two

  336. 336 Media Mike said at 9:53 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Kind of makes you wonder why it’s worth paying Cooper that much money to not have a starting role.

  337. 337 D3FB said at 10:03 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cut vets and rely on youth and you’re youth, and you’re suddenly racist, getting rid of talent, a college dumbass.

    Keep vets and force young players to beat them out, and you’re wasting money.

  338. 338 Media Mike said at 10:04 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I’m all for “cut the guys I don’t want on the team or you’re a stupid asshole.”

  339. 339 D3FB said at 10:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I forgot about door number 3

  340. 340 Media Mike said at 10:10 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cutting Cooper is one on my major goals for this pre-season. Keeping Mostert over Barner is another. The third is getting Tebow out of here.

    Minor goals are keeping only 6 d-lineman because Hart (who Kelly wanted in the 3rd) should be able to beat out Bair and only keeping 7 D-linemen if the big guy from BC forces you to keep him. Another minor goal would be to see Ed Reynolds make the team because I liked that pick when they made it and I have to be very loyal to my cemented opinions on most topics.

  341. 341 sonofdman said at 10:12 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    There we have it. Chip is clearly a racist college dumbass who gets rid of talent and wastes money on untalented veterans.

  342. 342 wee2424 said at 8:52 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t think Mathews will ever be that make you miss guy on a consistent basis. If he is getting YAC it’s due to broken tackles.

  343. 343 MattE said at 9:17 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Matthews = Colston-y

  344. 344 wee2424 said at 9:28 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think that’s a very good comparison and if someone asked me what player he compared to the best fit like you said is Colston.

    Similar build, same skill set, operate out of the slot alot.

  345. 345 GEAGLE said at 9:36 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    baby T.O

  346. 346 MattE said at 9:56 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    yeah i can see that to actually, TO was never as fluid an athlete as Moss.

  347. 347 wee2424 said at 6:38 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    No, Mathews is baby TO like Iguadala was baby Lebron.

  348. 348 P_P_K said at 11:33 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I hope you’re right.

  349. 349 b3nz0z said at 8:31 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    it looked like that old timey “fast motion” when he took off

  350. 350 D3FB said at 8:34 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    That’s why I like the term bursty for him. Because he’s incredibly explosive but it’s not violent in nature.

  351. 351 RobNE said at 9:20 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    should I be concerned he is going to get hurt? his legs seem 6 feet tall and every tackle low had me scared.

  352. 352 D3FB said at 9:26 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I actually think the fact that it’s so fluid and natural bodes well for injury prevention. It’s the ones that are violent in their running motions that you can almost feel your hamstrings pop when you watch them.

  353. 353 wee2424 said at 9:30 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He took those 2 hits to the legs that scared me. On one of then he was a little slow to get up.

  354. 354 GEAGLE said at 9:35 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He looks slippery when he runs

  355. 355 RobNE said at 9:15 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Chip is just a college no nothing QB. But it seems like everywhere I turn I read about some other team practicing with another team. He is going to change a lot of things. I hope we win a SB (or 6) and his legacy is more than training better.

  356. 356 D3FB said at 9:30 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Joint training camps pre date Chip.

  357. 357 MattE said at 9:36 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Alabama had Kiffin since last season, even Saban is giving in. Times They Are A Changin’ lol…. now that is influence.

  358. 358 RobNE said at 10:51 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Pro? when?

  359. 359 ACViking said at 11:40 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Eagles used to scrimmage against Washington during TC at Albright College back in the ’60s.

  360. 360 D3FB said at 12:13 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Chiefs and Vikings used to do it way back in the day. It was on the Herm Edwards Chiefs Hard Knocks. (Chiefs used to hold training camp in Wisconsin).

  361. 361 GEAGLE said at 9:30 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Just heard (Chris Carter) that The stats for JPP blowing off his index finger is you lose approximately 30% of your “Grip strength”… THATS a HUGE LOSS for an NFL player battling in the trenches…. I don’t wish any man to be maimed for life, but I have to admit I’m extremely curious to see what type of numbers he is going to put up now that he has to overcome this disadvantage

  362. 362 Avery Greene said at 9:33 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    He should come to the Eagles and CK will get him involved with our state-of-the-art #sportsscience.

    In my mind it would look something like this:

  363. 363 GEAGLE said at 9:41 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    His girl dumped him because he was no longer capable of satisfying ver via “The Shocker”

  364. 364 Michael Winter Cho said at 10:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Seriously, though if we were to get a prosthetic that actually worked too well, would he be allowed to play? We are getting close to that kind of thing.

  365. 365 Media Mike said at 10:13 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    No he would not. There are a TON of legitimate uses for a lot of the substances banned by the NFL, yet there are minimal allowances for their use by players. Cyborg football would take the game a tad too far away from the ability of most folks to lie themselves into “yeah, I could do that if…………” thus ruining a major draw of the sport.

    But great food for thought.

  366. 366 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:28 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Maybe you’re right. But then we could start an alternative league, the CFL…. no… the CyFL. It would feature guys who use lots of steroids are are allowed, say, ten pounds of metal somewhere in their body. All the QBs would have cybernetic shoulders and could throw the ball 100 yards or a dime. Some receivers would have special hips that let them run fast, others telescoping arms to get balls 10 feet over their head. There would be one guy on special teams with a steel plate in his head and he would be the wedge-buster.

  367. 367 Avery Greene said at 10:17 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’d love a cyborg league. This would be awesome.

  368. 368 Ryan Rambo said at 10:40 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Remember this game?

  369. 369 RogerPodacter said at 11:03 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    is that Bones Jackson? he was unstoppable in that game. haha

  370. 370 Ryan Rambo said at 11:28 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ha! yes it is and yes he was!!

  371. 371 bsuperfi said at 11:45 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Perhaps we could just some blood bowl? (Orcs vs dwarves!)

  372. 372 Michael Winter Cho said at 3:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Nice, I never knew there was a video game. I played with the miniatures, but I was always the Eldar Eagles.

  373. 373 Ark87 said at 10:02 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    So in the aftermath of preseason game 1, I set out to put some context to the Colts, and a lot has been brought to this board about who the Colts fans are reacting to this. What I’ve found is they think this is the year. Luck MVP, Pagano gets to the super bowl or he’s gone, etc, etc. Has winning 11 games these past 3 years fluffed their expectations? To me the Colts are the flimsiest team to ever win 11 games 3 years in a row. They’re just not that impressive. I put them on the same level as us, we’re just in the NFC, here there be Seahawks (and Rodgers).

  374. 374 Media Mike said at 10:04 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    They have kind of crappy depth and D, but they play in a garbage division, have the best young QB in the game, and are going to score a ton of points with Luck / Gore / TY / Andre / Moncrief / Allen / Fleener.

    That can still be 11-5 or 12-4 if you look at their schedule.

  375. 375 Ark87 said at 10:05 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I know but I look at that team, I don’t see super bowl, it can happen but expecting Superbowl or heads to roll is just unrealistic.

  376. 376 Bert's Bells said at 10:06 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Their owner is also a bigger douchebag than Jerry Jones.

  377. 377 Media Mike said at 10:10 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    You could tell him to take a chill pill, but………………..

  378. 378 Bert's Bells said at 10:24 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Given that we’re really cheering for the owners of a team (either that or the laundry), I’m happy that Jeffrey Lurie is the man behind the Eagles.

    Would suck to have a jerk like Jerry Richardson or Woody Johnson running the show.

  379. 379 peteike said at 12:37 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Broncos owner Bowlen is great, not sure where you get that from. Kind of just stays away and lets football people do their thing. Denver has an awful O line this season, I think its going to catch up to them. I also still have to see PM allow a ground n pound team before I believe it. Thats the plan but we’ll see. Agree on that D, its going to be tops with Wade. I see a lot more winning by scoring in the 20s from them rather than running it up and the D winning games. They will be in the mix but as always, playoff time who knows how they respond. Manning was hurt at the end of the season and wouldnt admit it and played hurt. He should not have that issue but should be more willing to let others win for him but who knows how that pans out.

  380. 380 RobNE said at 12:40 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    he is talking about the Colts’ owner

  381. 381 peteike said at 12:40 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    oh gotcha, indeed he is haha

  382. 382 Bert's Bells said at 1:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I meant the Colts. Jim Irsay. Have no idea why, now that I’m reading this thread.

    The Broncos GM is a bit of a choade, though.

  383. 383 Media Mike said at 10:11 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Agree 100%. I see them as a loser of a division round playoff game at Denver or at New England.

    But I think I’m the minority here with my expectation that Denver’s coaching / scheme changes are really going to put that team back in the Super Bowl this year.

  384. 384 Avery Greene said at 10:21 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    This is Manning’s last year I think. They look good, but I think last year he kinda trailed off at the end of the season and the playoffs. Same thing might happen this year and don’t they have a whole new coaching staff? I don’t think Denver is a top two team in the AFC anymore.

    I’d say New England and Baltimore are better, but right now Denver and Indy are a solid 3-4, but me giving the slight edge to Indy.

  385. 385 Media Mike said at 10:29 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Their D, by virtue of have Wade Phillips replace Jack Del Rio, is going to be leaps and bounds better than last year. And Kubiak, being of the Shannahan school, is going to get them to bang the ball a lot harder on the ground than Manning ever has. That will leave them in some very manageable passing situations where the RB, TE, and “X” WR always seem to be wide open.

    Denver is a lot further from a slide than a lot of people think. I’d tend to discount what you saw at the end of last year; especially because I think John Fox is one of the most clueless HCs you’ll find when matched up against better HCs.

  386. 386 sonofdman said at 10:47 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I agree. Everyone is down on Denver and they could bounce back big time this year. Peyton was playing injured at the end of last season and seems to be healthy now.

  387. 387 Media Mike said at 10:47 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    And he’ll not be the fantasy stat guy he was before, but that team is going to be really well balanced.

  388. 388 peteike said at 1:34 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    they had no right winning that KC game ha. I dont think they scare many but with Luck they can also beat anyone.

  389. 389 D3FB said at 10:10 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s the Dennis Green and the Vikings paradox.

  390. 390 Ark87 said at 12:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    not as memorable as the Dennis Green and the Bears paradox

  391. 391 jpate said at 10:12 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yeah not really impressed with Pagano or their GM. Get a good offensive coach (easier said then done but at least try) and blow the doors of defenses with Luck and company.

  392. 392 Media Mike said at 10:18 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I can get 12-4 on this schedule for the Colts.

    Win: @ Buffalo, vs. Jets, @ Titans, vs. Jags, vs. Saints, @ Carolina, @Atalnta, vs. Tampa, @Jax, vs. Houston, @ Miami, vs Titans

    Lose: @ Houston, vs. New England, vs. Denver, @ Pittsburgh

  393. 393 Ark87 said at 10:37 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I wonder if anyone in the NFC South is going to step up. I think Carolina had a bad season last year, I think they under performed. I think they’ll take a step up and could see them going after the Colts just being more physical, which the Colts seem to struggle with. I think @ Carolina could be a tough game for Colts.

  394. 394 Media Mike said at 10:38 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Carolina performed at a level you’d expect for having a garbage QB like Scam Newton. I’d tend to expect the winner of that division to be around 8-8 again.

  395. 395 Ark87 said at 10:51 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I get stuck watching a ton of Panthers games in NC, I don’t think he’s the problem with that offense. There are times when Cam is brilliant, other times not so much. Every point that offense scores is him putting it on his (broken last year) back. They need to build that receivers corp around Kelvin Benjamin and get the O-line reinforced. He’s not a great leader though he wears that mantle, he’s not super clutch or anything, but I consider him a positive on that offense.

    Now the Panther’s D is still pretty mean when healthy. Only team I saw match Seattle’s physicality last year. Brutal game.

  396. 396 Bert's Bells said at 11:14 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Buffalo’s defense will be fun to watch.

    Should be a good test for Luck.

  397. 397 Media Mike said at 11:17 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Agreed. Shame for Buffalo that you can’t win games in the NFL being 90:10 for Run:Pass.

    The fact that they’re starting Tie Rod Taylor in a preseason game is a joke.

  398. 398 Joe Minx said at 12:39 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Their GM today said he’s everything you could want in a QB.


  399. 399 peteike said at 1:32 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    easy to laugh at but look at their other choices. Id almost go with the young guy that can scramble and create on that team. They cant do much worse

  400. 400 RobNE said at 10:50 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    true but the AFC I think is down right now. There are good teams but nothing great. Who other than NE is really in their way.

    that is why NE will keep being there too. Despite not returning either CB.

    Also again shows how lopsided the NFL is with very good QB’s.

  401. 401 BobSmith77 said at 10:53 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Fans in Boston have morphed into Philly fans.

  402. 402 RobNE said at 11:48 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    only Goddell can make the Pats and its fans be the victims

  403. 403 Media Mike said at 11:16 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Just jumped off another fantasy mock picking 4th out of 12 in a snake format. This one goes out to all of my friends who don’t like CJ Anderson:

    Any feedback is welcome. Where I messed up was with RB because F-ers kept stealing guys a pick or two ahead of where I wanted them and I didn’t want to reach too badly for the next guy.

    Peterson, Alshon, Forsett, Keenan Allen, Brandon Marshall, T. Kelce, M. Bryant, Charles Johnson, Duke Johnson, David Cobb, Phil Rivers, Delanie Walker, Sam Bradford, Roy Helu, Eagles D, Mason Crosby.

    What I would need with this team is for either Cleveland or Tennessee to smarten up and start Duke Johnson or David Cobb. Both should be, but sometimes coaches have no clue what to do with their lineup.

  404. 404 anon said at 11:19 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    What’s the obsession with Keenan Allen?

  405. 405 eagleyankfan said at 11:22 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    I had the same question about Allen and Kelce. Also, is this PPR? Peterson lasting until 4th is awesome. If you don’t mind, for curiosity sake — where was Gronk drafted?
    So my only feedback would be, I like the rb/wr/rb/wr approach. Considering, a lot of picks went off the board before Keenan, there wasn’t much left. WR, as is every year, deep, you could go rb there again and stack that position. But all in all, looks good to me.

  406. 406 Media Mike said at 12:16 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think Gronk went around 15th in that draft.

  407. 407 jpate said at 12:27 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Round 15th? Wow

    Edit: Misread, never mind.

  408. 408 peteike said at 12:32 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    15th overall I would guess, no way he lasts til 15th round

  409. 409 jpate said at 12:57 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yeah I thought I read round. 15th sounds about right

  410. 410 Media Mike said at 12:16 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Keenan Allen is a guy Evan Silva has pegged for a ton of targets given the overall cast of characters in San Diego’s O this year.

  411. 411 anon said at 12:54 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    perhaps. he had a big drop off last year, maybe he’ll bounce back

  412. 412 RobNE said at 11:42 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    you need Jordan Matthews.

  413. 413 Media Mike said at 12:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    He got snatched before I could take him.

  414. 414 peteike said at 11:54 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    oh man, I couldnt root for Peterson. Just no way. I watched the ESP mag NFL special and they did a piece on him. Guy is not remorseful at all and thinks he did no wrong. I cant stand him, I will draft someone else no matter what, dumb or not. I had him last season so maybe Im a bit more jaded then others, ruined my season but now its the other stuff, eff that guy.

  415. 415 MattE said at 3:13 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    first Auction League this year, super excited.

  416. 416 Headlines: Expect To See A Lot Of Graham | We Only Live Once said at 11:30 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    […] TE Trey Burton is showing why he deserves to be a part of the offense. […]

  417. 417 RobNE said at 11:42 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    did you read about this softball team in the little league championships who threw a game by having everyone bunt so that they could play a lesser team in the next round (another better team needed them to win or score 3 runs to advance). I’m surprised the coaches would be so blatantly obvious in throwing the game. They sat their 4 best players and had everyone else bunt, and they lost 0-8.

  418. 418 Avery Greene said at 11:43 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    That team should be suspended from play.

  419. 419 RobNE said at 11:44 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    they should be. But the funny thing is the Little League wouldn’t do anything, and they appealed to like the next governing body up who did something, but only set up a play-in game.

    Like how does the first governing body not do anything?

  420. 420 Ark87 said at 11:44 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Are they coached by Belichick’s daughter?

  421. 421 RobNE said at 11:45 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    the Belicheck’s are much more subtle cheaters. Don’t insult them like that.

  422. 422 jpate said at 11:44 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    Maybe phillies should of done that in 2011 and let the braves in :/

  423. 423 RobNE said at 11:45 AM on August 18th, 2015:

    oh man that one hurts so bad. So, so bad. Just sitting here shaking my head.

  424. 424 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 2:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    how do parents sit in stands and let this happen?

  425. 425 MattE said at 12:01 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Football is a war of attrition…. and I think Chip is fully aware of this and putting it to literal use. We have concentrated on depth at every position more so than an individual talent… with that being said the biggest criticism of Chip from an X&O standpoint is “time of possession (TOP)”…. I think he is attempting to fix time of possession and create more reliable 2nd stringers through both practice and unit rotations in game situations, he wants to have the best Special teams & the best 2nd string units in the league, one can piggyback off the other…. where we are weak is 2nd string OL/OLB/DB?

    Chip wants a full team effort because: there will be more snaps for this team both offense and defense no matter how you cut it, and we need all 53 guys to contribute, hence the culture and every other fine detail Chip preaches.

  426. 426 Ark87 said at 12:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    OL needs some draft love, OLB Really depends on where Marcus Smith is in his development when he’s called upon. As far as DB’s, I think we’d be in trouble if something happened to Maxwell. We have a good amount of guys that can hold up against “the other guy”, but we face a pretty brutal slate of #1 WR’s.

    Maxwell is pretty much the guy we can’t afford to lose in my mind. Everyone else I think we can compete with the next man up (though the drop off after JP is pretty significant, he’s my #2 least affordable guy to lose).

  427. 427 eagleyankfan said at 1:30 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m not following you about CK biggest criticism is TOP. Who are the critics? The fans? I don’t think CK cares at all about TOP. When you think about it, why would he care? I’m not a believer in “the offense hurts the defense”. I think that’s a line of crap.
    The rest of it – to sum it up — CK believes in the boy scouts motto of being prepared. Most teams treat backups as tackling dummy’s during the season. CK treats them as starters and has them ready. As P. Manning once said – I never want the back up to take a snap during practice because all snaps are his. CK doesn’t believe in that thought process at all.

  428. 428 peteike said at 1:39 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    really? I totally have a problem with TOP, its actually the one thing that makes me skeptical of the CK system. I think his offenses will produce big but also get held back vs better defenses at times. I dont think those numbers lie when you see just how much more the D is on the field then other teams, its immense. I do think, as MattE mentions, he will try to skew that a bit and change it by having a better run game and offense. I think come playoff time, the slow it down run games and top defenses have proven to be a more reliable model that you cant just discount. It also involved matchups and luck in many ways so I still love what Chip brings. I find it nice to be a team that can completely dominate other teams at times. Makes it feel like, as a fan, the team is capable of being elite as some teams often are that make runs to championships.

  429. 429 anon said at 1:54 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t think it’s TOP, he’ll say it’s plays run. If we’re running 70+ plays on offense and scoring 40points, I don’t think it matters. Our problem last year wasn’t tempo is that we couldn’t sustain drives — if you can’t sustain drives it doesn’t matter if you’re going slow or fast. I think being tired was the least of our defenses issues last year.

  430. 430 peteike said at 2:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I can buy that and yes, it def wasnt the main issue of the D but it also cant be ignored. That has to wear on them later in the season and/or throughout a game. It can still be a weakness even if there are other holes.

  431. 431 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 2:15 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    get TOP argument, but i dont think overall TOP matters. what does matter is eagles have to get better at milking clock in 4th quarter with the lead. when eagles try to huddle or take time, it looks like me trying to throw left-handed. kelly takes foot off gas, stops scoring points but also giving opponent extra possessions, not a good combo.

  432. 432 bill said at 2:29 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    At least part of that awkwardness came from @DanceDanceRevolutionOnADime’s inability to just consistently take the 3-4 yards available to him. He was always looking for the homerun. He was a great back in the system, but his flaws were accentuated in clock milking circumstances. He gave the possibility of breaking off 10 yard runs in those situations, but he also gave a relatively high probability of 0 or negative yard play.

    With the new style of running back, QB, and WRs, I think the offense will look less awkward milking the clock. They’re much better suited to grinding out short yardage, high percentage plays, even when the defense is keying on them.

  433. 433 Avery Greene said at 2:33 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    This. When you are 2nd & 10 or 3rd & 12, it makes your offense a little more predictable.

  434. 434 RobNE said at 2:40 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Right I can’t wait. I also think scoring after one of those long drives is going to be painful to the other team than scoring quickly with a Shady home run. I can really see teams getting taken behind the woodshed on the 2nd half when they are just done.

  435. 435 MattE said at 3:00 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yeah agreed, he wants to put pressure on QB’s in the 4th quarter to make teams predictable and in throwing situations so our pass rush can just pin their ears back ad go get em…. ultimately he wants 1st down, 1st down, 1st down, TD…. which plays into the idea of what you said about Shady.

  436. 436 OregonDucker said at 3:25 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yes RobNE, the objective is to break their will through exhaustion and relentless attack (O & D). That’s why a finely tuned Chip team has the potential for so many points. Opponents leave the game truly DEFEATED.

  437. 437 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 2:48 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    be interesting to see if Kelly goes for more 4ths with DM and RM.

  438. 438 DJH said at 2:15 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I can see Chip wanting Teebs and Mathews to come in at the end of a game when we have a 7 or 10 point lead and jam the ball down the opponents throat to run out the clock.

  439. 439 xmbk said at 2:29 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s just number of plays that tires a team out. If the other team is running the same amount of plays in twice the time, all they are doing is giving your D more rest.

    Any O that is stopped by a D and gives the other team more plays is a problem. But tempo doesn’t have a direct correlation there that I see. Ineffective offense last year was a problem, but I don’t see how that was tempo related.

  440. 440 MattE said at 2:54 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think the magic number for traditional teams is 60+

  441. 441 Fufina said at 2:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    TOP does not matter if you are a better team and prepare for the pace. From a fatigue factor if both teams play 80 plays going each way in a 3 hour game where is the difference in 1 team taking ’40’ minutes for those plays and the other team taking ’20’.

    If the eagles go 3 and out in back to back drives it will put pressure on our defence – but the same thing happens if the opposition goes 3 and out 2 times.

    Where there is an ‘issue’ is that with faster pace there are more ‘possessions’ per game. That in turn means that there each individual play has a smaller impact on results and that there is a smaller deviation in performance vs results AKA the better more talented team on the day is more likely to win.

    Play the Packers and limit the game to 8/9 possessions each and you have a much bigger chance that 1/2 x plays or 1/2 turn overs make the difference in the game. Having 12-14 possessions means that is much less likely so it is hard to ‘knick’ a result against a better team.

  442. 442 MattE said at 2:41 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    We will still run the hurry-up with the guys on the field, but our elongated drives will come after (2) first downs and then we sub in new legs, (2) first downs, then sub. The idea of sustaining long drives still works whether you just get a break in between every play (traditional offense) or giving guys a break every (2) first downs and rotating guys out.

  443. 443 peteike said at 3:35 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    so is he fast at substitutions also, keeping up the relentless pace subbing out packages. I dont know enough to have seen it at Oregon or think he had the kind of depth he wanted with the Eagles to do it as often?

  444. 444 MattE said at 4:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    i think position coaches take care of substitutions anyway, I know Duce does.

  445. 445 MattE said at 3:26 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    We looking for Turnovers and Touchdowns baby!

  446. 446 RobNE said at 2:41 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I know this has been covered before, but I love this about that NFL commercial we all mock where the family roots for about 5 teams.

  447. 447 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 2:44 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    is this the one where the guy picks up an eagle female fan in a bar while she’s yelling at the tv, alone? and we’re to believe this lady let her kids be raised non-eagles fans? yeah, right, guess those kids didnt like eating, cause aint no way in god’s green earth that would happen.

  448. 448 RobNE said at 2:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    right and she marries a Vikings fan.

  449. 449 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:13 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    she marries a guy who was a vikes fan, and if he likes who-ha quickly becomes an eagle fan. chick is in a bar, alone, yelling at the tv, that house and anyone walking into it better be eagles fan or at least fake it for 3 hrs.

  450. 450 Ark87 said at 2:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Just realized Bradford has a little bit of a Fipp thing going. That’s how you know he’s going to be successful.

    “what happened with that last drop Nelson?”

    “It will never happen again I promise!”

  451. 451 GEAGLE said at 3:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    After being an even Bigger bust then Manziel, Justin Gilbert is allegedly getting Embarressed by Bills WRs during Bills/Browns joint practices,,,
    Justin Gilbert continues to be the biggest bust in last years draft.
    All that size and athleticism going to waste. His works ethic was said to be a joke last year, but Gilbert needs to Get with a coach like Undlin who will drill fundamentals and Techniqe non stop with Gilbert…. Unfortunately he doesn’t have charachter and world ethic for chip to take on as a project…. I despise Rookie cormers, aNd Death ROWE only has a year of corner experience but I get the impression that he will be one of the best corners that translates well to the NFL game since Desmond Trufant was drafted..l
    Too many Dee Milner, Morris Claiborne, Justin Gilbert BUSTS at corner… NOTHING wrong with grooming ROWE on the bench for a year if need be…but I think he has the chance to be a rare special corner that will be able to play if called upon around mid season of his rookie year… Shame we have to wait a year to see JaCorey…

  452. 452 MattE said at 3:07 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ….all these CB’s are overvalued due to the uprising of Pro-ready WR’s, and with QB play I don’t know which way you go schematically besides Press/Man schemes.

    …but yes I think we dodged a bullet with Gilbert (wasn’t he one of the “sexy-6” 2 years ago?)

  453. 453 GEAGLE said at 3:48 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yeah, tall, fast, athletic….. Shame his charechter and work ethic ARENT up to par for Chip, in a year or two he could have been a chance to take a flier and “Buy Low” on a low Risk, High reward corner…. But without the right character and work ethic he won’t be wearing Midnight green… He was a waste of a top 15 pick… You should get a serious stud in first half of round1.

  454. 454 MattE said at 3:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:


  455. 455 GEAGLE said at 3:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Again Today Chip reminded us… “We tell our backups, there are 3 ways to make the roster, Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams”…

    chip was then asked if Miles Austin could play ST and chip claims there are some roles he can play on punt coverage…

    Happy to hear Jerome Couplin is back at practice, Im hoping Couplin and Reynolds elevate their games for their competition for the #5 Safety roster spot pushing each other so we end up with a promising young safety…Ed Reynolds BALLED OUT and put the pressure on Couplin to produce this week…The Biggest thing yoΓ»ng players like Reynolds and Kenjon Barner did to help their cause is even tho Barner made some plays as a RB and reynolds got 2 INTs at safety, Both also ,add sure they made some ST plays which really helps their cause trying to make the Roster… It would be HUGE for Reynolds of he can follow the colts game with a good week of practice against the Ravens and make some more plays in game 2..
    Kiko returned to Practice today but they will ease him back into things… Hopefully we get to see him Saturday, but if not He probably plays in the game 3 dress Rehersal
    Demeco Ryan returns to practice tomooorw, practice #1 vs Ravens
    Chip was asked about Wolff and all he said was “he won’t practoce, he says he can’t run on his knee”…. I assume his Eagles days are numbered, but if he is out for another season, any chance we put him on IR? Or are we just going to “cut the Cord” amd move on from Wolff?

  456. 456 Ark87 said at 3:37 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I wish they would just cut Wolff. Coach is struggling to handle it publicly, it’s a distraction.

    If he says he can’t run, respect that. Everyone understands if you can’t play because of health you can’t make the roster. The team can choose to put him on IR or not. Having him hang around expecting him to tough it out and telling everyone he’s fine is just…just waive him.

    As for Wolff, he just needs to get healthy, then chase his dream if he can. I wish him the best.

  457. 457 Avery Greene said at 3:25 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cole Beasley has an achilles injury and Byron Jones has a shoulder injury. Jones should be back in a few days, don’t know much about Beasley yet.

    Dropping like flies.

  458. 458 MattE said at 3:28 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    haven’t heard much about Byron Jones, must be having a quiet camp.

  459. 459 Media Mike said at 3:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    He has a shoulder re-injury. Classic. Mo Claiborne crashed into him at practice.

  460. 460 Avery Greene said at 3:33 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m just perusing the enemy sites on reddit to see what’s been the news.

  461. 461 Media Mike said at 3:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    It Dallas wants to replace one trailer park trash WR with another, I’d gladly trade them Riley Cooper for a 7th.

  462. 462 peteike said at 3:37 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Beasley is going to be good this season, all accounts are claiming he is lighting it up in camp. Hate typing that but I can see a Wes Welker light type in that guy, just makes me hate him more.

  463. 463 Media Mike said at 3:38 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    How’s he supposed to do that with a ruptured Achilles?

  464. 464 peteike said at 3:39 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    hope youre right, or is it just sore

  465. 465 Media Mike said at 3:41 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m pretty sure the rule is if I had to watch Ryan Howard’s sore Achilles turn into a serious injury that players in every other city should end up with foot amputations as soon they have something even as small as a foot blister.

  466. 466 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:33 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    did mri come back on Jones? know it’s same shoulder he had surgery on last fall.
    ‘allas is very weird over injuries, i wouldnt take that day to day status too literally. they’ll have players day to day for weeks. injury like Ertz, they’d say is week to week instead of admitting he’s out for 4-5 weeks.
    shouldnt root for injuries, but damn i hate ‘allas and double it down on that POS Beasley. how bad is it?

  467. 467 Media Mike said at 3:34 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    out for life

  468. 468 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:34 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    freaking hate that guy, mostly cause cowboys fans love him

  469. 469 Avery Greene said at 3:34 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Not sure.

  470. 470 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:36 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    seriously he could have small tear and that’s how theyd report it. it’s like they think that whole fanbase is a bunch of 8 yr olds that cant take bad news.

  471. 471 Media Mike said at 3:37 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ruben Amaro’s solution to a “sore heel” it to keep playing the guy until his achilles snaps and effectively ends his career.

  472. 472 MattE said at 3:58 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ……and now Utley is still here for 60 games a year.

  473. 473 GEAGLE said at 3:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Joint practices have been around way before chip, so you can’t credit Chip for popularizing them… But you can say Chip has forced the NFCeast to make sure they are also having joint Practives to keep up… COUGHLIN has been around forever, and he wasn’t doing joint practices every summer before chip Came along..
    Hopefully FOles is destroying the Cowboys defense this week in joint practices Rams/cowboys.. Romo didn’t play in 1st Preseason game, I assume he has to play vs the Rams this week… Wouldmt mind seeing, the Mighty Quinn, Brockers, Aaron Donald, Long put a few big hits on Romo in the first two series….Guard Ronald Leary is having an MRI on his back, so I assume they will have Lael Collins take over, good luck having your first start against the Rams DL…
    hopefully we get a valuable week of practice with the Ravens starting tmorrow..some real good players on both teams so it should be very beneficial for both teams.
    You know Ornery Steve Smith is gping to compete and bring the toughness, great experience for young corners like ROWE to get to compete against vets like Smith this week… Solid QB for our secondary to go up against which is always valuable…
    Our Elite yoΓ»ng DL, against a top 5 Ravens OL led by Yanda and Osmele… Should be great work for Taylor Hart, Beau Allen, Marcus Smith
    our OL will get a decent text.. Lane Johnson should get some good work in against Suggs and Dumerville, Brandon Williams and Jernigan is a so
    I’d test for our interior line,,,
    these Joint practices are a god send for getting Bradford back in the swing of things.. After getting comfortable prctocing against our defenders, now he gets to test his command of our offense against a new defense, with new players, who have new tendencies, playing against new defensive plays… It’s a valuable NEXT STEP in terms of gradually getting back to playing in NFL games…. I’m sure we would feel a little more excited if we start seeing reports from our media and the Ravens media about how good he looks going against the Ravens defense.,
    A lot of teams are doing joint practices now, it’s really great that chip is able to schedule ours against such quality franchises as the Patriots and Ravens enabling us to practice against QBs like Brady and Flacco… I assume it’s more valuable then practicing against a team like the Jags or Browns… Lol while we were doing joint practced against Brady and the Patriots. Cowboys were practocing aganst the Raiders lol…

  474. 474 Media Mike said at 3:45 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    One isn’t really committed to a “joint” practice until they take a whole year off to practice smoking like Ricky Williams.

  475. 475 DJH said at 3:45 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Looks like rain in the forecast all week. Not sure what that will mean for the joint practices.

  476. 476 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Jones’ MRI came back negative, but he’s leaving camp to see a specialist and get 2nd opinion. i wouldnt trust team Docs either. Jones’ saying it just precationary and he’s still listed day to day. sounds slightly north of ‘nothing to see here’ but they’ll never admit it.
    Ron Leary hasnt practice in a week, getting MRI on sore back. again, listed as day to day, nothing serious.
    god i hate ‘allas

  477. 477 RobNE said at 3:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Jones who? sorry to ask.

  478. 478 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:05 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Byron, cb 1st rdr out of uconn

  479. 479 RobNE said at 4:15 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    sorry hadn’t yet read down eventually I got the context from other comments below. I was like God noooo Jones is hurt, to wait do we have a Jones?

  480. 480 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:19 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    lol. yeah, a bad mlb

  481. 481 RobNE said at 4:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    oh yeah the ex Packer I think. Maybe a special teams guy.

  482. 482 Avery Greene said at 3:46 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Okay people, next CBA the players will be looking to get more money.

    2015 league year – $7.2 billion revenue; $226 million to each team
    2015 salary cap – $144 million

  483. 483 Media Mike said at 3:50 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    As long as the cap keeps going up significant amounts every year, I don’t see them trying to disrupt that model. Especially when LA and London become home TV markets.

    They’re best possible plan of attack is to cut off Goodell’s (and the league office’s) nuts on punishments / appeals with a better neutral arbitrator system.

    Also, current rookie contract structure isn’t going anywhere.

    One thing I’d suggest is significantly increasing the number position types for franchise tags. Go with WR, TE, RB, FB, QB, C, G, T, K, P, NT/DT/3-4DE, OLB/4-3DE, MLB/ILB, CB, S.

  484. 484 Avery Greene said at 3:51 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think they should also increase the size of the roster.

  485. 485 Media Mike said at 3:52 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m with that. Eliminate practice squads and make the roster a straight up 63. Then go active roster from 45(46) to 55ish.

  486. 486 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    yeah, i dont get why they still deactivate.

  487. 487 Avery Greene said at 3:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Make it an even 70 and give the league their extra 2 games a year. Then add in an extra bye week.

  488. 488 Media Mike said at 3:57 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t know if you have 70 x 32 (2100+) players worthy of NFL roster space.

  489. 489 Avery Greene said at 3:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    True, but the end game was never the product (partially) but the money. Two more games a year means more revenue. More revenue means more money and they can cut a sliver of that for extra players.

    Not that I want them to add games, but it seems like what they are pushing for. I also hate the Thursday games too, but that just makes me a crotchety old man.


  490. 490 MattE said at 4:01 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    …plus those extra guys are going to be league minimum guys or 1 year contracts.

  491. 491 Media Mike said at 4:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    18 games is a loser from an injury standpoint. I like it at 16 and think the better way to increase revenue would be via 7th playoff team / extra playoff game in each conference, LA market, London market.

  492. 492 Avery Greene said at 4:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Hmmm, would be interesting to see just 1 team get a bye going into the playoffs.

  493. 493 Media Mike said at 4:07 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    And I could put in a 6 team wild card game parlay.

  494. 494 RobNE said at 4:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Thurs games are the worst. #teamMatlock

  495. 495 D3FB said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I mean just think who our guy 63-70 are. Guys like Josh Andrews, Brandon Hepburn, Quron Pratt.

    I get just making the practice squad part of the full roster, it minimizes risk on guys who need time to develop, but frankly even with that you’re looking at maybe getting a contributor or two every few years. The level of player pool talent right now wouldn’t sustain the extra burden.

  496. 496 Media Mike said at 4:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Exactly. Hence why I just would go to 63. Practice squad = real roster.

  497. 497 D3FB said at 4:06 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    That’s never going to happen. With all the health concerns, the players would be massively massively dumb to shorten the length of their careers by adding extra games. Additionally you water down the product with increased risk of injury.

  498. 498 Avery Greene said at 4:08 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I agree with you, but I’m not so sure the owners do. They seem set on trying to get those games, while lessening the preseason.

    Unless you think the players can win the long game in that fight.

  499. 499 Media Mike said at 4:09 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    What helps the players on that is that there are owners (i.e. Indy) that have sooooooo much tied up in one guy as their whole team, that getting him wrecked in an extra reg season game is too much of a risk. Plus these guys f-ing hate paying dudes to be on the IR.

  500. 500 D3FB said at 4:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think they are going to get every serious sports journo writing an op-ed about shortening players careers for personal enrichment, if that gets seriously pushed again. With the rising information about what football does to these guys bodies and minds, I think a smart PR campaign from the union gets that tossed right out the window.

    I mean I love football. On a borderline unhealthy level. My kids wont be playing it.

  501. 501 Bert's Bells said at 3:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    That was a major point of contention last time around. Wound up with the expanded practice squad -which was just fine by the union (more members) and owners (low salaries).

  502. 502 D3FB said at 3:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    They need to get at least a couple points back on revenue split.

    I wouldn’t let Demaurice Smith haggle for a new car. He should be disbarred for how bad he got taken out behind the woodshed.

  503. 503 Media Mike said at 3:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think where he got them ripped off was in years 2011 and 2012. 2013-15 have been good expansions of cap numbers.

    The fact that fascist pieces of shit like Jerry Richardson were trying to drive the product off of a cliff was hard for the players to have to battle.

  504. 504 D3FB said at 4:01 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cap rise is tied to overall league revenue though. They lost a ton of points in the last round. Salary cap would be closer to 170-180 a year under old split.

  505. 505 Fufina said at 4:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    And it is not as if the teams costs are significantly rising in line with the increase in revenue. Pretty much every team made a profit in 2012 (and those that claimed they did not are probably concealing revenue), and by 2020 those profits will be massively inflated even further.

  506. 506 Media Mike said at 4:05 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    You’re not wrong, but by the time the CBA is up there won’t be many guys left from the old split. The cap will be higher and higher and higher, so I don’t know if the players will be in the mood for an aggressive move on the % they get.

  507. 507 D3FB said at 4:12 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    In the end though that’s all they should really care about. HGH testing, the leagues marijuana policy, and roster size limits are nice, but the primary driving factor should absolutely be the % split.

    The accoutrements shouldn’t be their primary focuses. Revenue share and long term health benefits should be.

  508. 508 Media Mike said at 4:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The health care and pension dollars should be better fights to get into than the % if one were to use how the last one went.

    I still don’t understand how, other than owner greed, that there needed to be a lockout last time. You need to be a complete fucking dope to lose money owning an NFL team……………..unless you’re featherbedding your front office with family members at bloated salaries and claiming you’re losing money.

    It really pissed me off that these scumbag owners weren’t forced to open their books as a pre-condition of the anti-trust exemption.

  509. 509 Avery Greene said at 4:22 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t understand how the NFL won’t pay for medical expenses after retirement. This isn’t me being a commie, but the health of the people that bring you so much money should be a priority.

  510. 510 D3FB said at 4:26 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Collective assholery by ownership.

    I mean some of the stuff they are doing right now to downplay the head injuries should be frankly criminal.

  511. 511 Fufina said at 4:25 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The issue was the teams could not agree improved revenue sharing and with improving TV deals teams like the Bungles and Jags may have started to loose money with a $200mil+ salary cap in 2017.

    Because people like Jerrah and Lurie refused to hand over local revenues the NFL shook down the players instead for hugely reduced salary caps in 2015-2020 compared to what they would have got under the old deal.

  512. 512 Media Mike said at 4:26 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    My solution would be to tell Cincy and Jacksonville (especially Jacksonville) to go drop dead as they’re B league cities and put the teams in London, Munich, and/or Mexico City instead.

  513. 513 Fufina said at 4:29 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Totally agree, does Florida have the fan interest and markets for 3 NFL teams? ofc not, so why have team there.

    Personally i think the Jags have been earmarked to go to the UK (they play a game every year there now), but we are 3-4 years away from that happening.

  514. 514 anon said at 4:30 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    That’d be a terrible disadvantage, I mean no one cares about the jags anyway but constantly making that flight, 5+ hours just to get to the east coast? Seems untenable.

  515. 515 Media Mike said at 4:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Not if you also put a team in Germany and always put teams on 2 week trips either direction.

  516. 516 D3FB said at 4:34 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s 8 games. You could double schedule away games so they could stay stateside for consecutive weeks.

    You could only play west coast teams v euro with them coming off byes. It’s a logistical nightmare but not insurmountable.

  517. 517 Fufina said at 4:36 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Think you have 2 facilities – 1 in UK and 1 in america. Play first 4 games in the US, next 8 in the UK, then final 4 in the US again. The biggest issue listening to NFL UK people speak about it is issues legally, and also salary cap wise the impact of higher british taxes on high salary earners, as otherwise they will be at a significant cap disadvantage compared to other teams.

  518. 518 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:40 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    but 9am EC games. that was sweet when i lived out west.

  519. 519 D3FB said at 4:26 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Oh it was all cooked book bullshit. Every league cries poverty before negotiation. No one opens their books.

    Just look at what the MLS did this go round. “We’re so so so so poor, we can barely survive guys!” turns around “Aging Europeans who want to make more than the entire cap please apply!”

  520. 520 anon said at 4:24 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    yeah problem is they’ve given on % AND everything else.

  521. 521 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    32 Billionaires with 1 goal, trying to become multi-billionaires will always kick teeth in on 300-400 millionaires with varying goals.
    also, haggle line ws funny!

  522. 522 D3FB said at 4:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ehhh the teams are really more about status and wealth retention for them. As far as an investment vehicle they are safe but certainly not the quickest way to add another billion to their bank accounts.

  523. 523 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    sure, mostly there Billion dollar toys and status symbols. but it’s awfully difficult to negotiate against some that has 3 to 6 more zeros in their bank account. that guy usually wins.

  524. 524 D3FB said at 4:09 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The problem with the lockout or the strike is the players have a finite amount of time to earn their money so a lost year can be a massive financial boondoggle. Additionally alot of the guys aren’t in good financial hands and simply don’t have the liquidity to survive a lockout.

  525. 525 Media Mike said at 4:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ding ding ding ding.

    That is why Wilson’s agent told him to only lease shit while he was on his first contract; no scary mortgage payments to miss if he had to hold out in the future.

    Gronk only spends his endorsement money for that reason as well.

  526. 526 anon said at 5:49 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    for stars that endorsement $ is more than your salary. That said I think players are getting much more financially savvy in the internet age.
    Derrell Revis said he’s doing a public service by getting his salary renewed every year — bumps the line up for all the other DBs.

  527. 527 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    yup, money wise it’s just not a fair fight. heck, how many players have over 1 yr guaranteed on contract? nfl owner will still be billionaires w/out a yr of football, good portion of players are 6-8 months without paychecks from selling insurance.
    as you said, smith got his teeth kicked in. i’m just not sure how you dont. owners have the money and have the time. plus, we’ll watch scrub games for christ sakes.

  528. 528 D3FB said at 4:31 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ehhhhh it wasn’t so much that Smith failed while under unlikely odds, it was the fact that he had several years of run up, hadn’t properly prepared either the union or the players to walk away.

    They weren’t financially prepared. The union membership weren’t in lockstep. They didn’t have overwhelming public opinion. Those are all massive failures that could have mitigated the losses they were going to take.

  529. 529 RobNE said at 4:10 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t agree I think team ownership is a great way to make a ton of money. Look at what the Clippers sold for after total mismanagement. There is little to no risk. When was the last time a sports team sold for less than its purchase price?

  530. 530 Avery Greene said at 4:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m still trying to bump into Warren Buffet to see if he’ll lend me a billion dollars.

  531. 531 MattE said at 4:15 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    last time inflation never happened, so never lol….. when I heard that number I immediately started thinking about case studies in econ about Greece with hyperinflation lol…..

    I guess primetime real estate in an urban area also has something to do with the value.

  532. 532 RobNE said at 4:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    c’mon you aren’t arguing that prices of franchises have only gone up by the amount of inflation are you?

  533. 533 MattE said at 4:36 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    hahaha nah, sports in general have just become an obscene industry

  534. 534 D3FB said at 4:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Oh the valuation of teams vastly outpaces inflation. These guys could do better with VC and other investment options.

  535. 535 RobNE said at 4:47 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I really don’t know if that’s true if you include the risk. VC deals have real risk. I really don’t think owning a football team does.

  536. 536 D3FB said at 4:52 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    $1 billion in VC and other high yield investments is enough to throughly manage your risk through diversification.

  537. 537 RobNE said at 4:58 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ok but you take your billion and I’ll buy the sports team, and play that out 1,000 simulations and I’m suggesting I do better. Not that you can’t diversify, but that the sports team has a bit higher floor and a good ceiling, though of course not the ceiling that the smaller number of VC simulations might pull off.

    I think it’s a fixed game really. There is no risk. They totally take advantage of taxes and cities etc. It’s not the biggest problem in the world, but you mismanage your VC portfolio and you lose your billion. You mismanage the Clippers and you make tons of money.

  538. 538 D3FB said at 5:06 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think some of these teams are being overvalued. They are starting to quickly approach the point where very very very few people can afford them.

    Cities are starting to wise up to paying for stadiums.

    I think the exploding valuations are due to start slowing.

    It was great for the Krafts and Luries of the world who paid a few hundred million 20 years ago for teams that are worth what they are now. But I think the cashout points for guys like Shad Khan are going to at much lower ROI.

    It’s certainly a good way to make money but other than the NFL many teams opperate close to neutral from a yearly cash flow standpoint.

  539. 539 RobNE said at 5:15 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ok yeah I guess one could say well for a $1B this might be (slightly?) over valued. Whatever, it’s not like I am deciding what to do with my billion dollars.

    Hedge funds and VC funds just gouge you on fees though. I would just put it all in an index fund and not worry about it.

  540. 540 Neil said at 11:18 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    This is where you’re wrong.

    ALL investments have risk, even if it does not seem so while the bubble is inflating.

    We’ve seen this before in houses.

  541. 541 Anders said at 3:19 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    Many thought Smith would lose last time, but enough wanted him to stay (or maybe too many is afraid to change?)

  542. 542 Bert's Bells said at 3:54 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Owners would love the franchise tag idea.

  543. 543 Media Mike said at 3:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Players would too if they were at some of the more premium positions. And it wouldn’t add to the aggregate number of tags. Still only get one a year.

  544. 544 MattE said at 4:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ….dude the franchise tag idea is great.

    the rookie contracts are working out very well.

  545. 545 Media Mike said at 4:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Thank you, but not mine. Pat Kirwan on Sirius came up with that one.

  546. 546 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:52 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    82m leftover. sure owners put some money in their pockets but i’ll bet not as much as you think. coaching and FO staff alone whacks 15-20m off.
    real money is in value. plus, they’re all billionaires so what’s a couple million here or there to them.

  547. 547 Media Mike said at 3:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    But they also put that money back in with a ton of other items.

    They keep all kinds of local revenue in their pockets.

  548. 548 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 3:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    well, they’re Billionaires for a reason. either made it or lucky sperm club and pay people to keep them billionaires.

  549. 549 Bert's Bells said at 3:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’d love to see the numbers on that, but I bet you’re right.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if almost all of the “league revenue” goes into the on field product -staff, facilities, etc but teams like the Eagles rake it in hand over fist with naming rights, local licensing, radio spots -“Crunch time brought to you by Maaco”, etc.

  550. 550 Fufina said at 3:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    And teams do all kinds of things to ‘hide’ revenue from the players. I do a naming deal on a stadium for $10mil but get appointed to a consulting position paying $5mil per year.

    Players make the league and take all the risks. I find it amazing how the public sides with the owners when they keep their books closed and every single one is making a profit regardless of how they run their business and consistently shake down tax payers for stadiums and facilities.

  551. 551 Bert's Bells said at 4:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    100% with you on that.

  552. 552 Fufina said at 3:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    If i was a player rep i would want to genuinely disband the NFLPA and say the players no longer want to collectively bargain. Set up a trust organisation that players sell limited media rights to get some of the benefits the organisation currently provides.

    That leaves the NFL stuck with having to comply with Anti trust rules – so no salary cap, no rookie scale, no draft no fixed 4 year rookie deals, no NFL mandated rules and suspensions.

    In an open market is there anything that is going to stop Jerrah spending 400mil+ in the aim of getting more superbowls? Then big market teams like the Giants/Eagles/Racists would have to match or compete with that kind of spending.

    Soccer has about a 60-65% of revenue going to players across most of the top leagues – and many teams spend 80%+. As the only comparative sport from a revenue perspective i would be looking to match those kinds of values as a base line for the amount of revenue players should be sharing.

    The NFL needs to match those kinds of figures to get me as a player to collectively bargain. The question is do the players have the courage/confidence to do it and be proactive (have to disband the union in advance of labour dispute and make it clear it is because the players no longer want to unionise.)

  553. 553 Avery Greene said at 4:00 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Lot of questions here. Wonder what ACV thinks about this.

  554. 554 anon said at 4:06 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Answer: no, too many low round picks, undrafted guys and money wasters who are living check to check. A hold out would kill most of these guys financially, but for the owners this is play time, they’d lose money, but not money they support their kids on.

  555. 555 Fufina said at 4:12 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cannot lock out if there is no union, as their is no dispute. That’s why you have to be proactive and get it done before there is a ‘dispute’. Each player in that situation is working as an individual and is under anti trust protections.

    NFL PA’s membership rules are hugely tilted towards vets (players who have contracts at the end of the year), it is how they got the rookie scale in place.

  556. 556 Media Mike said at 4:13 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m as much of a labor militant as is possible in almost every situation, but I really like the way the CBA rules work as a fan. I would just prefer the players got a higher % of the revenue. But I enjoy a draft and having rookies with no seniority put in their financial place vs. the vets.

  557. 557 Fufina said at 4:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Oh i agree – and long term those things are to the leagues benefit and help drive parity and interest. However as a player i want to see a much better % of revenue and due to the leverage of public opinion and lock out rules i think that will be hard to achieve otherwise.

    Looking at Soccer where many of the best teams are run as loss making status symbols for billionaires and even countries as a player i want to see a situation more like that and a lot less like the current situation where every owner makes multi million pound profits annually taking no financial or personal risk.

  558. 558 anon said at 4:22 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    or even if you’re a terrible owner like Donald Sterling you get the benefit of having owned in a hugely popular league. At the very least they have to do something about guarantees on contracts.

  559. 559 Media Mike said at 4:22 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Like how Ed Snider ran the Flyers prior to a tight salary cap. I ALWAYS love an owner who doesn’t give a stale shit about overspending on his team being good.

  560. 560 anon said at 4:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I think it’s a fair system, except that players have a poor shake in the $ situation and the grievance situation and the drug policy, etc.

  561. 561 RobNE said at 4:36 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    so why would the vets vote for this? there may be a percentage chance it’s the right long term play for the vets, or some vets, or some small % of vets (superstars) but good lucking getting the players to roll those dice. They only get one roll.

  562. 562 Fufina said at 4:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Well teams would still need to have rosters and it all filters through. lets say there is a 4th WR guy that Dallas and the Jags are competing to sign – Jerrah offers more and that pushes up the price for that kind of player.

    % wise only the top marketable QB’s would see a significantly larger slice of the cake, regardless of what budget a team has they will in all likely hood spend it a similar break down to what they do currently. In fact i would expect people further down the ladder to get more % wise than currently since teams will be willing to overspend 0.5mil for a player than 4-5 mil

  563. 563 MattE said at 4:09 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    NFL/Elon Musk are devising plan for tube system for travel between London/US….. that’s where the extra money is going.

  564. 564 Avery Greene said at 4:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    LOL. Why not? Elon Musk is possibly working on every new future invention right now.

  565. 565 MattE said at 4:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    at least he is against true AI, he has seen Terminator and the Matrix.

  566. 566 Media Mike said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Fuck anybody against AI. #3 MVP mother fucker!

  567. 567 MattE said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    HAHAHAHA Awesome!

  568. 568 Avery Greene said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    So is Stephen Hawkins.

  569. 569 RobNE said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    he was good in that movie.

  570. 570 anon said at 4:19 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I Robot

  571. 571 MattE said at 4:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I Am Legend…..never mind those were zombies with will smith lol
    and the new one with the new chick robot

  572. 572 MattE said at 4:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Elon Musk = Next NFL Commissioner

  573. 573 Avery Greene said at 4:23 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I would so love this.

  574. 574 ACViking said at 3:57 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Re: Why Earl Wolff Cannot Be Cut

    Earl Wolff’s not practicing. And won’t be making the Eagles, it seems.

    Why hasn’t Kelly released him yet?

    Because, under the CBA, an injured player gets paid for as long as he’s unable to play, no matter what his contract says.

    And, more pertinent, a team can’t release an injured player until he’s cleared.

    Since Wolff’s not been released, there must be some legitimate question regarding his health. (Just a theory.)

  575. 575 Media Mike said at 3:58 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    “pain tolerance”

  576. 576 ACViking said at 3:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    If pain tolerance was the only issue, I think — if the team physician signed off and the front office was not concerned about a grievance being filed — Wolff would have been released already.

  577. 577 Media Mike said at 4:00 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I just like quoting Kelly on Wolff.

  578. 578 ACViking said at 4:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ah, gotcha. (Upvote for quoting the source!)

  579. 579 anon said at 4:08 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    what about injury settlement?

  580. 580 ACViking said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Injury settlements, as the term suggests, allow a player and team to agree to a release with compensation covering the weeks required for a short-term injury to heal. The player waives his right to grieve the release in this situation.

    The team cannot resign that player for 6 weeks plus the number of weeks covered by the injury settlement.

  581. 581 peteike said at 4:35 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    aha, good to know, I was also wondering about that as people kept referencing it. Teams CYA mode for future possible lawsuits I guess

  582. 582 Bert's Bells said at 4:10 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Heard somewhere (Twitter maybe?) that Wolff can hardly walk.

  583. 583 anon said at 4:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    he said that the other day, could barely walk after practice, today Kelly was like “Wolff said he can’t run”

  584. 584 peteike said at 4:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ya, micro fracture surgery is a bitch and the healing process not like other injuries. See Embiid, Joel

  585. 585 Media Mike said at 4:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Medically you’re correct, yet knowing all of that Chip still flames Wolff. I find that really odd.

  586. 586 peteike said at 4:30 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    wouldnt call that a flaming, not sure why everyone keeps insinuating that. Hes just calling it like he sees it is my guess and putting it on him. Which it most likely is

  587. 587 Media Mike said at 4:32 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    If you say a guy isn’t playing due to “pain tolerance”, that is flaming him in my book. Especially in the NFL.

  588. 588 D3FB said at 4:48 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Except he did the exact same thing last year and then looked like an asshole when they finally found the lesions.

    Now he’s doubling down.

  589. 589 RobNE said at 4:49 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    yea it’s weird, like Chip can really be an ahole when he wants to be.

  590. 590 D3FB said at 4:54 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    It’s one thing I really don’t get about him. It’s on of those areas where I am actually concerned about him.

    You would get it from some old school “rub some dirt on that broken spine you wussy” types, but it’s an unsettling aspect of Chip.

  591. 591 peteike said at 4:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    the players are commodities right, maybe theres more to that than we want to admit

  592. 592 Ark87 said at 6:10 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    He has double standards though, so there’s probably more to it. IE the Bradford situation he’s very careful. With Murray he has acknowledged injury history and amount of carries he’s had. His plan has been to split the carries well and keep the workload on him light all camp. Meco tears his Achilles, can’t wait till he gets back. Ask him about how Kendricks did last year (during the trade rumors) he’ll say he did alright but he was hurt. Same with Mathis. Never hear a bad word about Kelce’s injuries. It really seems like the difference is him projecting if someone is being tough enough. Maybe it’s not, who knows. Either way for a guy who collects so many players with injury red flags, he sure has no patience for injuries.

    It’s fine to not like some guys, but when it comes to injuries, they put their bodies on the line for you. Take care of your wounded. Maybe he’s taking this Navy SEALS thing too far, the VA being crappy to Veterans is not the part of the system you want to emulate.

  593. 593 Neil said at 8:44 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Pain is a really hard thing to pin down. A lot of things can cause it that would never show up on an MRI. I had a thing called a trigger point in a muscle that made me think my foot was broken and I could barely walk. I had to stand on a tennis ball to massage a tiny muscle in my foot. No tear or break in nothing, a trigger point is just a knot in a muscle that tricks the brain into thinking something a lot more serious is wrong.

    I hate to think Wolff’s problem is that simple, but I know it can be. People have thought they were having heart attacks when they had a trigger point in their chests, and there are even weirder, stealthier ways to develop chronic pain.

  594. 594 GEAGLE said at 5:01 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yeah I don’t get the impression that he is mocking wolff, just sounds like,Chip is exhausted by the situation with his knee and sounds resound to the fact that we won’t be getting anytning out of wolff… He was asked the question, and I thought it was a harmless answer… I didn’t take it as him being a dick…

  595. 595 RobNE said at 4:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    it’s not like they need the roster spot right now. This is more ripe in a week or two.

  596. 596 D3FB said at 4:47 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Injury settlement.

  597. 597 MagsDogDays said at 7:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    But didn’t they release a couple of injured players already> Or were those guys on some kind of tryout contract?

  598. 598 RobNE said at 4:23 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    in case you were wondering, the cheating softball team (well the bad coaches) in the Little League World Series were in a one game playoff against the team they did not want to play today, and lost. They had all but laid down and bunted every out intentionally so this other team would not move on to the next round.

    So at least for one day, in one little area of the world today, justice prevailed.

  599. 599 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:27 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    think it’s crazy parents sat in stands and let that happen.

  600. 600 RobNE said at 4:43 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    parents of the team forfeiting the game? interesting question.

    this was the # 1 seed, they were undefeated. If they try, they very likely win that game and maybe the tourney. Tough for youngsters to play a make up game b/c they purposefully gave up a no hitter (way to be subtle), my guess is they weren’t mentally ready to handle that and it played into their loss today. Which is too bad, and a big tactical mistake by the coaches. It wasn’t enough to be the favorite.

    Imagine telling your (10?) year old they have a make up game b/c the league said what you did the last game was wrong. The 10 year isn’t Brady or Belicheck, that’s going to affect them.

  601. 601 MattE said at 4:28 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ….i saw that news and thought of this Southpark episode.

    “We’re going downnn…..”

  602. 602 RobNE said at 4:47 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    how did Bradford look today?

  603. 603 OregonDucker said at 4:49 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    According to BLG and twitter, he was sharp. No wow plays but lots of TDs and completions. I suspect he can’t wait for Saturday’s action.

    Also, he did some rollouts for the first time. Made the throws.

  604. 604 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 4:49 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    even that moron ESP gave SB an A+. hate that bgn has him on twitter feed

  605. 605 Ssakcis said at 5:26 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Is cliff wolf of Wallstreet officially dead?

  606. 606 cliff-Young Pup WRs said at 5:47 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    yeah, i’m afraid so. dont worried, i’m actively searching for new guy, stinks Shepherd went down. Denzell Rice, dreds and all the training day quotes is making a push if he can make 53.

  607. 607 RobNE said at 4:50 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    mobility? I can hear Kempski on one shoulder yelling “he isn’t 100%! he isn’t 100%”

  608. 608 OregonDucker said at 4:51 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Not sure you saw my edit, but he did some rollouts and completed passes while doing so. Getting him away from pressure, is a good idea.

  609. 609 RobNE said at 4:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ok thanks. good news.

  610. 610 RobNE said at 5:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    looks like I have to refresh to see the edits.

  611. 611 GEAGLE said at 4:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    He Kept the ball and ran with it a few times since Camp started… But apparently Kempski thinks a Pocket QB who isn’t heakthy would risk his knees taking off and leaving the pocket so he could pretend to be healthy in early August practice… But you can’t fool a FOOL like Kempski..”No one pulls the wool over The eyes of a Gambini”-my cousin Vinny…

  612. 612 peteike said at 4:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    and not wear any brace

  613. 613 Media Mike said at 4:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Not Eagles related but;

    Franco is now most likely out for the season with a broken wrist…….after the clown doctors that work for clown Ruben didn’t find a fracture.

    And there had better be multiple members of Arizona’s roster with head injuries after bean balls in the next Phillies / Diamondback game. Their whole roster should be subjected to a beating.

    As they said in Super Troopers; “Don’t touch my rookie.”

  614. 614 RobNE said at 5:01 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Eagles giving 1 to Atlanta away right now. I know never give points on the road, but…but…it seems like such a gimme.

  615. 615 Media Mike said at 5:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I wouldn’t be that, but that game simply cannot be a loss.

  616. 616 RobNE said at 5:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    what don’t you like about? if we win by 27 we cover.

  617. 617 Media Mike said at 5:03 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Bad taste in mouth from 2005 Monday night opener choke in Atlanta.

  618. 618 RobNE said at 5:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Chip was in like 2nd grade then.

  619. 619 Media Mike said at 5:17 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ha ha ha. I don’t give a F if the game happened so long ago that I had to hear about it from a grandparent and/or wasn’t even the Eagles; every Philadelphia sporting event exists in a simultaneous continuum with every past, present, and future Philadelphia sporting event.

  620. 620 RobNE said at 5:18 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    ha that’s funny and true. That’s why I feel like I can’t have nice things. Why every glass isn’t half empty but f’ing empty. B/c it all KEEPS happening.

  621. 621 Media Mike said at 5:19 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    My glass was broken updside the head of the Nova kid in a Yankees hat and Shockey jersey years ago.

  622. 622 Media Mike said at 5:27 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Everything is connected. Islanders cheating the Flyers with an offsides goal, Kelvin Martin getting a punt return vs. the Eagles when there was an obvious block in the back on the return, and the Union getting screwed by the refs who missed two hand balls and a ball out of play by Chicago going into a game tying goal are all the same thing.

  623. 623 Fufina said at 5:10 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Totally agree. They cannot defend the run and we will run them into the ground. I think they will be a better team this year but the Eagles are a horrible match up for them.

    I cannot see anything but an Eagles win unless Tebow starts after Sanchez, Bradford and Barkley all get done for smoking dope and pick up 4 game suspensions.

  624. 624 GEAGLE said at 5:16 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Julio jones is in a contract year, so he should BRING IT…. Byron Maxwell will have an early opportunity to prove his worth…. Shutdown Julio, and Dez BRyant and we get off to a 2 and 0 start…
    Pope Jordan was interviewed the other day and asked about the challenges he will face as he is establishing himself as one of our top weapons.. He responded, “the toughest guy I faced is on our team now (B-max) so I”ll be fine”
    Atlanta womt be able to run on us.. Score on them, put pressure on them while we also make them 1 dimensional against our brick wall run D, then Batter Matt Ryan while Maxwell takes his go to weapon away from him, and we win by double digits..

  625. 625 GEAGLE said at 5:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Eli wants to be the highest paid QB after leading a team to mediocrity the last few years…..his OL is TRASH, and they just signed Merriwether to play safety lol NUFF SAID..
    RG3 Looks into a camera and claims he is the greatest QB in the league and that he has nothing to prove to anyone LOL… You have nothing to prove to anyone after going 5-15 in last 20 games and looking like a combo of Vince Young and Jamarcus Syrup-head?… They are down to 1TE
    The Cowboys think that if you have a good OL, anyone can run behind it,.. Romo and his bionic back are another year older and they still haven’t thougjt about grooming a young Contingency plan…Sean Lee has lasted longer then he usually does, lol he might actually make it TIL september… Hardy and Rolondo McClain are suspended to start the season…
    Seeing shutouts against Rivals is amazing, but I’m dying Til the year I get to watch us sweep the division.. If we finish worse then 4-2 against this divisions we are Frauds…3-3 in the division is unacceptable..

  626. 626 RobNE said at 5:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I hope we become the new Patriots. Wait, I can see a time when the Emperor yells give into the dark side and we beat the Pats in the SB and become what we have always despised (the team everyone hates).

    Picard: Make it so.

    I’m all over the place here I’m too excited for the season.

  627. 627 jpate said at 5:37 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Ehh people hate us anyways. Might as well win stuff

  628. 628 Media Mike said at 5:29 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Funny, I hate all of the teams (besides us) in this division.

  629. 629 Greg Richards said at 5:39 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this, but Adrian Amos is now listed as a starter for the Bears. Not because of injuries, he’s just outplayed their veterans. I’ll like having the extra 3rd next year, but I sort of wish we had taken Amos with our 4th round pick.

  630. 630 Joe Minx said at 5:41 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    This will hurt less if we actually do end up getting something now from Ed Reynolds.

  631. 631 Media Mike said at 5:43 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Top notch college program delivers another NFL starting talent from the late rounds.

    Take note high school recruits.

  632. 632 Insomniac said at 5:50 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Lets wait until he plays a year before calling him a real starter though.

  633. 633 Media Mike said at 5:50 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    F that. The message is go to Penn State if they recruit you or go play in traffic!

  634. 634 Greg Richards said at 5:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m confused. Amos went to Penn State. Did you think he went to some other college?

  635. 635 Media Mike said at 5:55 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    If you’re not down with Penn State, I have two words for you

  636. 636 Greg Richards said at 5:58 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Real men like “Mr. Ass”?

  637. 637 Media Mike said at 5:59 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I’m more of a Road Dog guy, but in either case I rep the Blue and White.

  638. 638 Ark87 said at 6:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    what a reference!

  639. 639 RobNE said at 9:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    are they doing YMCA or something?

  640. 640 Anders said at 2:40 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    you do know that Nate Allen looks like an all pro compare to the Bears veterans?

  641. 641 botto said at 5:51 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    the week of Bradford has begun.
    I tell ya’ the way guys were open in the colts game if Sam can get it out quick and hit these guys in stride we are going to really mess people up this year.
    Bradford to Huff, Demarco up the gut, Ryan M., Nelson, Jmatt, oh wait Ertz? forget about it. sorry didn’t see you there sproles, but it was a touchdown!
    who is going to stop these guys?
    who I ask you?

    we will now a lot after this next game.

  642. 642 Media Mike said at 5:52 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The refs and the league office. That’s about it.

    Or Barbre and Gardner.

  643. 643 OregonDucker said at 6:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    botto – To answer your question, we stop ourselves by poor concentration, hubris, and lack of teamwork. Execution at every level is required. And we need backbone, the ability to deal with adversity. Do those things, and we get a ticket to the dance.

    We have the coach, players, and FO. Everything is in place.

  644. 644 botto said at 6:45 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I was really impressed with how the second team looked.
    talent drop off sure, but they looked like they knew what they were doing.
    I think this team will execute this year with the gunslinger back there.

  645. 645 OregonDucker said at 6:47 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Coaching, baby, coaching. We have an impressive group. Now if Davis can show us his best, then we will really have something. I thought he did good Sunday. But this is just preseason.

  646. 646 RobNE said at 9:09 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    it’s really Bradford. I think Davis will be ok, I like the promise of the D. If Bradford can be even 80% of what he can be, which is about 20% better than Sanchez, we can really do something.

  647. 647 MagsDogDays said at 6:53 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The Eagles.

  648. 648 Ben said at 12:05 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    Personally, not only do I think Bradford has the tools, but he’s a very smart player who realizes how this offense benefits his skill set and maximizes the gifts he has been given.
    I think Bradford takes full advantage of moving to a team who has everything he needs to succeed on the highest levels.
    Great receiving options, great blocking, great RB’s, and a potentially great defense, and of course great coaching.
    Bradford will score points and have games north of 50 points in Chip’s high powered, ultra hyper tempo attack.
    I actually feel sorry for the lesser teams we will be facing this season, as I expect to see an offense that can outscore anybody.

  649. 649 scratcherk said at 6:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    BtW did huff play on Sunday?

  650. 650 OregonDucker said at 6:49 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Yes, but his pass was deflected for an INT. And he was not so much in the game plan. They know what he can do; they need to know what others can do.

  651. 651 GEAGLE said at 8:02 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    14 snaps, they rotated him with Agholor because they wanted to get Nelson some reps against the st team defense.
    Huff was,basically running fly Patterns the entire time and sanchez didn’t look his way.. The Barkley pass that was intercepted was intended for Huff

  652. 652 Nailed it! said at 7:11 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Shady down had to be helped into locker room for the Bills.

  653. 653 GEAGLE said at 7:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Leg injury… No update yet

  654. 654 OregonDucker said at 8:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Shady hamstring injury will require MRI.

  655. 655 botto said at 8:56 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    don’t cry for me shady

  656. 656 A_T_G said at 11:28 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The medical technition running the MRI should require Shady to send a photo and link to his social media, then text him with further instructions for the appointment.

  657. 657 MagsDogDays said at 7:20 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The Bills are a team that is often good, just not qu-i-i-te good enough to win it all. Sounds a bit like a team which is frequently discussed by all present here.

  658. 658 RobNE said at 7:22 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The bills hAvent been good in awhile.

  659. 659 MagsDogDays said at 7:25 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I did say “often” and many people have admired their defense lately. You just had to nitpick one small part of the comment.

    Here from Rotoworld:

    ‘McCoy remained down on the field for several moments before limping to the locker room. A team already missing Fred Jackson (hamstring), Karlos Williams (illness), Anthony Dixon (calf) and Bryce Brown (hamstring) can’t afford anything more than a day-to-day injury from its bell-cow back. The Bills will finish Tuesday’s practice with Bronson Hill and Ricky Seale as their only healthy runners. McCoy can be safely ruled out for Thursday’s game against the Lions. His status will be updated some time in the next 24 hours.’

  660. 660 RobNE said at 9:07 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    I nitpicked the part where you said they were often good. Yeah back in the 90’s they were great. The Vikings were good too. I’m not sure what your point was. It seems to be here is another team that never won a SB. So you know, fans of the Eagles might think you are trolling us. So we nitpick. As Media Mike said below, we carry all these losses with us. So when a Steelers fan says hey everyone remember the Bills they could never close the deal too, yeah maybe I don’t like that comment. I don’t really see the point.

  661. 661 FEATURED BLOG POST: Day After Thoughts | Eagles Nest Online | Philadelphia Eagles Blog said at 7:21 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    […] The rest of the article can be found here: Iggles Blitz […]

  662. 662 OregonDucker said at 10:02 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Cowgirls brawl with Rams. Dez got clocked along with some other girls. Hope our practices are clean with Ravens. #Culture

  663. 663 Greg Richards said at 10:05 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Both teams should unite and go beat up the Redskins.

  664. 664 Tumtum said at 10:42 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    RG3 is the best QB on the league. He probably knows karate too

  665. 665 Tumtum said at 10:45 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Wonder if Dez would of gone down if his guy didn’t grab him. Looked like an A plus punch to me.

  666. 666 jpate said at 11:13 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    What an idiot. First he goes from other side of the field to get into the fight, gets punched and then goes on twitter saying he got suckered punch. When he ran into the brawl what was he expecting, a hug?

  667. 667 GEAGLE said at 7:59 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    I can promise you chip and Harbaugh have control over their teams and their players wouldn’t dare Embarress their coaches like Dallas and the skins have done getting into brawls with the team that was helping them practice and get ready for the season

  668. 668 johhnyblaze said at 10:04 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Rams and cowboys have huge fight at practice

  669. 669 Media Mike said at 10:14 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    Not much of a fight. The Cowboys got rolled.

  670. 670 GermanEagle said at 10:08 PM on August 18th, 2015:

    The Cowboys just lost to the Patriots.

  671. 671 Avi said at 3:22 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    as at the bar tonight, ran into a waitress who is a giants fan. We started talking football and she brought up the “how many rings do the Eagles have?” argument…i replied with “how many fingers does JPP have”….needless to say, she through a pen at my face and bought me a beer because, in her words, “I didn’t mean to hit you in the face”…I win. Eagles win. Goodnight πŸ™‚

  672. 672 Headlines: Expect To See A Lot Of Graham | The Fan Base/Philadelphia Eagles said at 3:29 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    […] TE Trey Burton is showing why he deserves to be a part of the offense. […]

  673. 673 Fufina said at 5:28 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    Quick draft thoughts for 2016 reguarding needs. This is a really deep squad and IF Bradford works out we will have very few needs going into the draft.

    We obviously need OL – specifically guard but also a young developmental Tackle. Probably go here early and late.

    Safety may continue to be a need even if Thurmond does well since he is a FA next year. Rowe looks really good so far so corner may be more of a depth need.

    After that we have dont really have many obvious starting needs.

    Front 7 is young and deep – probably only need young developmental guys for cheap depth.

    WR has 3 talented young guys, maybe you add a mid round upside guy to develop.

    Rb we could use a Sproles heir – 3rd round is always good to go look for those guys.

    If Bradford works out we need a QB3 who can become a 2 (mid rounds seems perfect).

    So i guess this means we are young and pretty deep as a roster…. and I wil be trying to watch a lot of OL college tape (which I struggle the most with)

  674. 674 Media Mike said at 6:26 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    If Bradford looks worth of a multi-year investment at QB, then we should totally be bounty hunting OL and S help. If Bradford isn’t the guy, as of right now at least, there seem to be enough names at the QB position that we’d be able to identify a quality prospect without having to be picking in the top 2………………….hopefully.

  675. 675 GEAGLE said at 7:57 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    Trade the entire draft for safety Jaylen Ramsey,l. Best safety to hit the NFL in years!

  676. 676 Media Mike said at 6:44 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    For those of you who want to do some J-Matt centric fantasy reading:

  677. 677 GEAGLE said at 7:55 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    Chip Wasnt the first to have joint practices, but with him having them every year it has forced the teams in our division to try and keep up and host their own joint practice… Probablem is the teams in our division are a disgrace…
    Instead of getting value out of joint practices, these trashy rivals can’t stop their players from getting into team brawls forcing the joint practices to end prematurely… jay Gruden couldn’t keep his Undiscaplined group of clowns from Brawling the Texans…. And the Cowboys and that roster of criminal trash got into a huge brawl with the Rams cutting their joint practice short.
    What a disgrace…. I’d bet anything John Harbaugh and Chip have control of their teams and they will not let us fight against a team that’s helping us practice and get ready for the season… Embarressing how the trashy in our division behaves..

    I wonder what FOles was doing durng the big team Brawl? Lol did he go after Romo?mawesome to see one of the Rams playeers sucker punch Dez right in the mouth..

  678. 678 A_T_G said at 8:41 AM on August 19th, 2015:

    How is it a sucker punch? Dez went running across the field to get into the fight.