Line Dance

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Before the bye, Jason Peters assured us he would be healthy enough to healthy enough to start against Dallas. That is looking less and less likely. Peters has missed the last couple of days of practice training. Because Peters is a veteran player and very talented, he can miss days and still start. Back injuries can be tricky, though, and his simply might not be responding as hoped.

If Peters is out, Lane Johnson will slide to LT and play there. Jimmy Bama has some details.

When asked today if Johnson took more reps than normal at left tackle this week, Kelly went into snark mode. “Well, usually he takes zero,” said Kelly. “So, yes, he’s taken more snaps than zero.”

Johnson later said that he has worked exclusively all week at left tackle, and confirmed he will make the move over to the blind side if Peters can’t go.

“If JP can go on Sunday, I’ll go back to right tackle,” said Johnson. “If he can’t I’ll play left.”

Is that wise? You would then have Johnson making his first ever start at LT and someone new at RT. That’s a lot of change at key spots. Here’s more from Jimmy on the thinking behind those moves.

Part of the reason for Johnson’s transition to LT instead of moving Tobin over from RG like they’ve been doing was because the Eagles wanted to maintain continuity along the interior of their line.

“They want to solidify the middle three,” said Tobin. “Because me going from right guard to left tackle mixes the whole line up, while if us three just stay there, then the outside guys switch it up.”

Left guard Allen Barbre echoed those sentiments. “I feel like maybe leaving the middle three there and letting Tobin be comfortable at RG, and Lane is a good athlete and he can move back over to the other side, I think that kind of allows everybody to have a little more comfort for certain people,” said Barbre.

Chemistry is more important on the interior of the line. Tackles play on an island more than the other linemen. Clearly none of these are ideal scenarios. When it comes to the O-line, you want your starters out there. Andrew Gardner is already out for the year. If Peters misses this game, you’re talking about only two starters (Barbre and Kelce) being at their original spot.

Can a line of Johnson-Barbre-Kelce-Tobin-Kelly succeed? It won’t be easy, because you know Dallas will put Greg Hardy over Dennis Kelly more than a few times. Kelly will struggle with that matchup quite a bit. Having the same interior trio will help. Those guys have played well in recent weeks as an overall group. I do think Johnson can play well at LT. He has the size, athleticism and skills to be good there. He does lack experience and that will hurt him at times.

I think it will also help that the Eagles are playing a 4-3 team and not a 3-4 team that does a lot of creative rushing and/or blitzing. O-linemen must know who to block and then must block them. Knowing who to block makes it less difficult to block them.

I also doubt Chip Kelly will Winston Justice any of his guys. Remember back in 2007 when Andy Reid let young Winston Justice try to block Osi Umenyiora over and over, as the Giants piled up 12 sacks and limited the Eagles to 3 points? Yeah, that wasn’t any fun. Kelly will throw his share of passes, but he won’t hang a guy out to dry like that.

While we’re talking about the Eagles O-line, I found this interesting.

That ranking is courtesy of PFF. I have mixed feelings on their evaluations, but this at least gives you an unbiased opinion and some context on the performance of the line.

The Eagles come in at #10 and here is the summary:

Pass blocking rank: 9th

Run blocking rank: T-11th

Penalties rank: 16th

Stud: How relieved do you think the Eagles were that their best lineman, perhaps best offensive player, is still healthy after Jason Peters’ (87.8) scare against Carolina?

Dud: Things have not gone well when Dennis Kelly (38.3) has been forced onto the field.

Summary: It’s not the line it once was, and they’ve struggled with injuries and replacing people who have moved on. But this unit is getting better and starting to find a rhythm now.

Reasonable comments.

One bit of bad news…the Eagles will be facing the #1 OL on Sunday night.


151 Comments on “Line Dance”

  1. 1 Jamie Parker said at 11:09 PM on November 5th, 2015:

    They might have the #1 OL, but they will be without their #1 pantie thief.

  2. 2 Donald Kalinowski said at 11:20 PM on November 5th, 2015:

    This isn’t good. Sean Lee is going to get past the line of scrimmage and butt fuck Bradford and Murray simultaneously in the backfield against their wills while the O-line along with the rest of America watching on national television will just sit there not being able to do anything about it.

  3. 3 MaggieRemembers said at 12:50 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Oh please.

  4. 4 anon said at 4:45 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    too bad none of our guys were able to do that last time. lee had like 100 tackles and a pick.

  5. 5 Nelson ALGore said at 5:14 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Reverse of last year? This time we dominate

  6. 6 Ark87 said at 8:45 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Don’t worry, we own Jerryworld 😛

  7. 7 ac134spectre said at 3:05 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Well, you get that dang helmet under your chin and not expecting it… owchie. If he was on the eagles, he’d have been fined.

  8. 8 P_P_K said at 9:42 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Do you often fantasize about big men and butt fucking?

  9. 9 ChoTime said at 12:01 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Well, game got a lot more interesting if Peters is out.

  10. 10 GEAGLE said at 8:48 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Interestng is the LAST word I would use to describe it

  11. 11 MaggieRemembers said at 12:51 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    It’s the Eagles D Line that will be facing the Cowprodders offense. No problem.

  12. 12 DanJ3645 said at 1:57 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    It’ll be good to see if Lane is up to being an LT.
    I know it’s not the same as preparing all off and pre season but it’s only a matter of time until he moves there full time.
    Hopefully we’ll be as to look back to this game and feel confident about the move.

  13. 13 Iskar36 said at 3:18 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    I’m actually curious if he would move their full time. This game certainly gives him an opportunity to play well on the left side, but RT has become more and more critical of a position. Clearly, the fact that they are switch Lane to LT suggests LT still is the most important tackle position, but either way, both tackle spots are important. You have to wonder if the Eagles may just decide to go after another top tier tackle and put him on the left side rather than switch Lane over.

  14. 14 Ryan Stocker said at 11:57 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    I’m not sure if they would do that. Starting at LT from day one in this league is very hard, just look at the other top tackles from Lane’s draft that got thrown into the fire at LT. Moving him to LT with 3 years of experience in the NFL, then drafting a guy for RT would probably be a better idea.

  15. 15 Iskar36 said at 12:27 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Maybe. I guess my argument is that with the way RT has become more important, I’m not sure sliding a Rookie in at RT (rather than LT) would be significantly easier. In other words, both spots are hard o fill now, so unless Lane Johnson looks to be significantly better at LT vs. RT, could we end up weakening two spots by shifting Johnson over to LT and hoping a rookie could step in and be fine at RT. Obviously a lot would depend on how Lane looks at LT, but this is going to be a one game sample size (assuming Peters does come back quickly) so there still would be some guess work in terms of projecting Johnson over to LT moving forward.

  16. 16 D3FB said at 12:36 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    We won’t have a Jon Runyan type tackle at RT, but we also won’t be picking high enough to get a guy who has better feet than Lane to play LT.

  17. 17 Ryan Stocker said at 1:04 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I agree with you 100% on this. As long as the majority of QBs are righties, LT will always be tougher to play than RT because they are the blind side protector, but you are right that it is becoming more important. I also agree with it depending on if Lane can handle it or not.

  18. 18 P_P_K said at 9:41 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    I take it as a vote of confidence by the coaches that he would be up to the challenge.

  19. 19 anon said at 4:47 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    how will kelly counterbalance greg hardy. he’s a little drty so leaving him unblocked and reading him might not be safe, we could run sweeps away from him. hopefully we see a lot of rollout and moving sam bradford around in the pocket.

  20. 20 Media Mike said at 5:42 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Run over him. He only weighs about 270 lbs.

  21. 21 D3FB said at 8:12 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    He’s 280

  22. 22 justanotherdummy said at 9:09 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yep. Power and inside zone right at him, let him fight combo blocks at tempo until he is exhausted.

  23. 23 Ryan Stocker said at 11:58 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    I agree, while he’s a solid run defender, his forte his pass rushing. So you slam him as much as possible early in the game with a strong rushing attack. Wear him down. Also leave a tight end to help at times in pass blocking.

  24. 24 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 3:02 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Lots of cut blocks

  25. 25 justanotherdummy said at 3:31 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Run Navy/GaTech’s offense. Cut him every single play until he is afraid to lift his hands above his waist. Steal some from Harbough, when they’re not cutting him, then wham/trap him. The Birds might lose but they’d make Hardy quit by half time.

  26. 26 Sean Stott said at 12:53 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Is that considered small for a 4-3 DE? That dude looks burly.

  27. 27 Media Mike said at 5:32 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    If we’re about Dennis Kelly pass blocking Greg Hardy; sounds like a good reason to run right at him and beat him up with Kelly and a TE. If he’s been slapped around all game on the run it would stand to reason he’ll have less left in the tank to rush the passer.

  28. 28 Ryan Stocker said at 11:59 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Agree 100%. His forte is pass rushing, so use that to advantage. While he’s a decent run defender, you run at him til he’s tired.

  29. 29 Media Mike said at 5:33 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Obligatory Evan Mathis reference! Especially if we’re saying Pro Football Focus is ok today.

  30. 30 sonofdman said at 5:48 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    The emphasis on continuity in the middle of the line makes me think (hope) that they are planning on running it up the middle more this game and do less of the sweeps to the outside.

  31. 31 Media Mike said at 6:03 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Running right at the smurfs on Dallas is a solid football plan. I’d love to see Murray put up a 200 yard 3 TD day.

  32. 32 Media Mike said at 6:20 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Tommy (or the group):

    Any word on how Bunche and/or Boyko are coming along on the Practice Squad? It would be a Godsend to have those two ready to step into some more prominent roles on the team next year without having to rely on early round draft picks to start right away.

  33. 33 D3FB said at 8:17 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    We won’t know until OTAs at the earliest.

    Right now it’s about cleaning up technical flaws. Stage two of their development will be seeing if they can’t make some gainz in the offseason during the S&C portion.

    Neither would likely be penciled in to start. At best they likely get put in the mix as a darkhorse, but the more likely situation is they compete w/ Barbe, Gardener, Tobin, Kelly, Hawkinson and day 3 picks for depth spots.

  34. 34 Ark87 said at 8:38 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    As long as there is a lineman that is BPA when we pick, or are we to the point where we have to start pressing the issue? Wonder how that would manifest, stick to the draft board and hope on day 1 and 2, if that doesn’t work go ham on day 3? Or will we just be bumping O-linemen up the board. Seems like there have been O-line “runs” in the draft lately that caused us to miss out. Seems like if we picked a little early, it would just trigger the “run”.

  35. 35 D3FB said at 8:57 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    This year is far deeper than I have ever seen OL.

    There will be quality guys available in the third round this year. OL will be overdrafted again due to league wide struggles, but the class is deep enough that we will have options to get starting quality guys with either of our third round picks. the only question is whether they will last until the fourth or will the guys available at that point be more guys you need to work on some things for them to be starters in year 2 or 3.

    Personally I’ll be disappointed if we don’t take 2 OL in the top 100.

  36. 36 The original AG said at 10:45 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Do you think that’s why they didn’t pick any linemen this past year? Looking at the horizon and decided not to force a square peg in a round hole?

  37. 37 D3FB said at 11:07 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    As far as knowing this year would be this much better? Probably not. Scouts don’t do alot of tape work on underclassmen. They may have a general idea of who they need to get to see and a rough framework of what that player is like but they just don’t have the hours to fully track everybody. They don’t touch rising seniors until after the draft ends.

    I think it had more to do with once Morse-Fisher-Sambraillo run on OL happened (picks 49-53-59) there wasn’t anyone left they felt was likely to start and was a scheme fit. They knew they had adequate backups. The Detroit deal was too good to pass up, and as much as everyone loves to whine about not taking anyone but taking Andy Gallik instead of Randall Evans would have no real impact either.

  38. 38 GEAGLE said at 8:53 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    We will NEVER know how PS playërs are coming along,.. Especially Offensive Lineman since chip won’t let them go full contact against our DL… No media member can answer that question,,,
    i assume josh Amdrews is a step or two ahead of BUNCHE/Boyko … Sure would be awesome to find out we have quality future starters on our bench already

  39. 39 Media Mike said at 6:39 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Here are some reinforcements for next year!

    Your score is: 6858 (GRADE: A-)

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 24 (OAK): Jerald Hawkins, OT, LSU (B)
    Round 2 Pick 24 (OAK): Tyler Johnstone, OT, Oregon (A)
    Round 3 Pick 7 (JAX): Jalen Mills, FS, LSU (A)
    Round 3 Pick 17: Kyler Fackrell, OLB/DE, Utah State (B)
    Round 4 Pick 7 (JAX): Tyler Matakevich, OLB, Temple (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 17: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 23: Brandon Shell, OT, South Carolina (B+)
    Round 4 Pick 24 (OAK): Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State (A)
    Round 5 Pick 17: Eric Murray, CB, Minnesota (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 21: Glenn Gronkowski, FB, Kansas State (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 17: Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington (B+)
    Round 7 Pick 17: Dillon Gordon, TE, LSU (C+)

  40. 40 D3FB said at 8:09 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Mills punched a woman in the mouth, not even a snowballs chance in hell he’s on the board.

  41. 41 Sean Stott said at 12:35 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Maybe not on our board. but let’s be honest about teams like Seattle and Dallas drafting questionable players who have talent.

  42. 42 D3FB said at 12:37 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I was simply referencing the Eagles board.

    He’ll certainly get drafted, probably pretty high.

  43. 43 Ryan Stocker said at 12:01 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Did you trade our whole team to get the extra picks? Also, I agree with D3FB

  44. 44 JoeBlow said at 2:44 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    my favorite draft choice here is without a doubt Cooper Kupp. Everyone knows we need more receivers named Cooper, but this dude is pretty good for a 1-AA guy, catches the ball well and is really good after the catch…..I’ve thought about Chip taking a late round flier or possibly UDFA

  45. 45 GEAGLE said at 8:37 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Obviously I have no idea If JP can end up playing sunday or not…but we do have to keep in mind that JP is probably one of the few players chip would allow to play without practicing all week..
    Also have to keep in mind that we can’t give JP a pain killer injection every day for an entire week of practice.. Hopefully another night of rest has JP feeling better, and a Gameday Cocktail of pain killer injection and adrenaline can get him on the field ..
    I do think GReg Hardy will bring out the junkyard Dog in Lane if he is forced to move to the left side,.. Lane is a tough, nasty kid, hopefully he steps up if needed and kicks Hardys ass…
    But Chip better have a contingency plan mapped out to keep Celek in to block and help double team Hardy all game if Needed,,,,, Andy not using a TE to help WInston deal with Osi was one of the worst coaching moments in philly history. Andy exhibited some real KOTITE level incompetance that day..
    This is Probably going to be a tough, gritty, division battle, so I’m hoping chip maps out a game plan using a lot of Max protect, and multiple TE power formations… Since our WRs are playing like crap, really no reason to line up with 3 WR in the game.. Take out of one the useless wideouts and keeo Celek in to help out on Hardy all night…
    like to see us spend the first half running on every 1st and 2nd down, preferably directly at GReg Hardy, wearing him down the entire first half with Lane and Celek firing off the ball and pounding Hardy with a double team throughout the entire first half while our RBs run right at him… We aren’t used to quality first half offense, so even if our offense atruggles in the first half, struggle while continuosly attacking Hardy with double teams in the run game so at least we wear him down a bit and take some wind out of his pass rush sails in the second half… Hardy ISNT sound mentally, wear him down and frustrate him with constant double teams firing off the ball and smashing him in the run game.. Once fatigue and frustration start to settle in, that HEADCASE will start committing boneheaded penalties and make costly mistakes..
    If our offense ismt going to score a bunch of points in the first half, at least spend the first half wearing the dallas front 7 down with body blows that hopefully pay off for us in the second half

  46. 46 AsianEagle said at 8:45 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    The ultimate bitch slap would be Lane telling Hardy “Let’s get it on. I’m gonna drive u into the ground n ur gonna b my bitch by the end of the game” lol that would b awesome. I’m drunk… whatever

  47. 47 TypicalDouche said at 1:56 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Drunk at 9am? Impressive.

  48. 48 AsianEagle said at 7:58 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I live in Asia… 9pm

  49. 49 TypicalDouche said at 8:21 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    That’s awesome man. I noticed the name but didn’t know if that meant heritage or your location. Regardless being drunk at 9am is never a bad thing.

  50. 50 GEAGLE said at 8:46 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Probably no better time to have to go against Sean Lee than the game after we had to deal with Keachly and Tommy… Sean Lee is a great player, but after having to deal with Keachly playing out of his mind, Sean Lee isn’t as a daunting task
    A Big reason we lost to dallas was our ST unit łet us down, the defense was shutting down the Dallas Offense, and our elite ST shit the bed, allowed dallas to block our punt and score a TD on us..
    I don’t expect ST to score every week, but I do expect our elite unit to play sound ball every week and not allow opposing ST to make game breaking plays at us… Fipp and his ST need to get their shit together. If they aren’t going to make big plays and help us beat Dallas, at the very least they have to not let dallas make gamebreaking plays against us,,, It’s bad enough we are at a major FGs kicking disadvantage this week, the rest of our ST needs to be sound and play mistake free ball… ST can easily be the difference in a close hard fought division battle, it was last time we played Dallas… If Special teams has a big impact on sundays outcome, our ST unit NEEDS to step up and be on the right side of it..
    What a nerve wrecking, scary week this has been

  51. 51 Ark87 said at 9:26 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    If I remember correctly, the offense gets a piece of that punt block, since we had Jones backed up to the back of the end zone. Or was that a different game?

  52. 52 scratcherk said at 9:31 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    No matter what actually happened, I lay that loss completely on the offense. We had no right winning that game.

  53. 53 Ark87 said at 9:49 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    agreed, that was definitely a terrible showing by our O. The game is firmly in my memory banks as “The offense lost the game”

  54. 54 The original AG said at 9:44 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    That’s twice in two seasons that our ST burned us against Dallas.

  55. 55 P_P_K said at 9:44 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Bennie Logan rocks! Here’s his comments about the Cowboys:

    “Hatred,” Logan said. “We hate them they hate us, the fans hate each other. Pure hatred.”

    They just whine and complain about everything,” Logan said. “Shut up and play ball. I’m gonna hit you hard every snap. Stop complaining about this and this. That just bugs me. You’re a man. It’s football. Shut up and get hit and take it like a man.”

  56. 56 Ark87 said at 10:08 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    I love it, and hate it. It’s good to know that’s how they feel but wish they kept it behind closed doors. Don’t need to give a struggling team any motivation

  57. 57 ChoTime said at 10:53 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    True, but anytime pro players rise (or descend) from bland, non-answer professionalism, it’s fun for us fans.

  58. 58 Ark87 said at 11:00 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    absolutely, that’s the “love it” part, lol. You know Vinny feels that way as well.

  59. 59 b3nz0z said at 1:19 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    i love it. when you talk crap there’s huge pressure to back it up. you don’t wanna be the guy who has to eat his words.

  60. 60 Ark87 said at 1:26 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yeah, it’s just recency bias, bias on my part, of watching the birds embarrass the loud-mouth Giants up every time they make a peep. Or even the Dallas O-line bragging just to be embarrassed by our young DL last Thanksgiving.

  61. 61 b3nz0z said at 1:35 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    dude as much as i hate dallas, the look on coughlin’s face (and eli’s) whenever we slap them around is my favorite rivalry moment. on mesean’s walkoff punt return i thought coughlin was gonna have an aneurism

  62. 62 Ark87 said at 1:40 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    the highlight of my bye week was Coughlin at the post-game PC like “We scored 49 points and didn’t win…” Oh the pain was so so real. You could see “I think I’m going to retire from this crap, like right now, I’m definitely going to announce it right now, do it Tom” written on his face.

  63. 63 GEAGLE said at 4:22 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    If the Cowboys on a 5 game losing streak, with their season hanging on by a thread need Bulletin board matrial to motivate them, they have bigger problems than I thought… They are a desperate, wounded animal. no matter what we say or don’t say, I’m expecting desperation to be all the motivation they need…
    Division games in the NFC East are always hard fought battles. NOTHNG said will make these teams hate each other more than they already do…
    but I do prefer keepimg quiet leading up to all non Division games.. For example, I would be calling Logan stupid if he was yapping going into the Patriots game..
    With a very desperate Cowboy team, and eagle team at risk to fall to 1-3 in the Division, all the emotions of Demarco going back to Jerry World, I don’t think any words can add to the motivation leading up to this game…Normally we need to remain quiet… But against the Cowboys, I appreciate us expressing Hatred for them in every way possible

  64. 64 GEAGLE said at 4:11 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Bennie the Beast… I adore this Kid… high Charechter MONSTER, strong as an OX, but also a technician, one of the more agile NT that can actually rush the passer,
    As amazing as he has played, he isn’t done improving and growing as a player.His best football is still ahead of him…
    to have,Bennie the Beast anchoring our Defense with Baby Simba playing physical down hill football behind Bennie, tbis Elite Front 7 is only going to get better and better… So fortunate to have a classy, intelligent, technical Monster like bennie anchoring this defense for the next 7 years..
    Our Front 7 has looked good this year (no surprise), but I think we will see them turn It up a notch and reach a higher level the second half of this season, especially if we stay healthy, and have all 4 stud ILBs at our disposal, rotating ILBs to keep them fresh and Nasty, while also giving us great FLEXABILITY to matchup against Whatever RBs or TEs opponents throw at us (although I don’t look forward to facing GRONK)

  65. 65 Tumtum said at 10:12 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    This defense should be out for blood. We will see about the number one ranking. Feel much better about that match up than the o line!

    I will say the O line really had been impressing me in their ability to be competent after the start they had. Sam has had a pretty clean pocket all year. I hate to say it but Murray is the biggest problem in the run game by far. Here is to hoping they ride the hot hand at RB if one gets hot.

  66. 66 BobSmith77 said at 10:20 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Those pass blocking numbers don’t surprise me and it has been above average/good in most games. Run blocking numbers do a bit though.

    If you believe these numbers, letting Mathis go has hurt this offense as much as letting Jackson go last year because their replacements have been such a dropoff.

  67. 67 The original AG said at 10:36 AM on November 6th, 2015:

  68. 68 Ark87 said at 11:52 AM on November 6th, 2015:

    Love the way he talks football. He’s never going to light the world on fire, or revolutionize how Defense is played, or innovate much at all, but you got to respect what he’s done. Keeps it simple, and the players are playing well within it. Experience seems to have gotten him better at calling games as well.

  69. 69 The original AG said at 1:36 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yeah, he knows the game. And I think experience is making him better. It also helps he has some talent to work with.

  70. 70 GEAGLE said at 3:41 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Glad this city is starting to give Billy Davis the credit he deserves for taking over a historically putrid 4-3 defense, transition to a 3-4 developing a bunch of young defenders into studs…
    When taking over such a bad defense and making drastic scheme changes, you should see a DC build a quality defense by year 3….. Billy Davis has been right on schedule, gotta respect that….

  71. 71 unhinged said at 12:42 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    The prospect of Dallas Oline v our Dline doesn’t unsettle my mind as much as our likely Oline v anybody.

  72. 72 the DONALD said at 12:50 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Ken Wisenhunt OC next year? Did a nice job in SD a few years ago… i dont love or hate Shurmur but id think he will probably get a few head coaching interviews?

  73. 73 RobNE said at 1:58 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Shurmer is going to be a HC next year, based on what? This year’s Eagles offense?

  74. 74 the DONALD said at 2:51 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    i dont know.. based on nothing or being under chip.. even if Shurmur isnt looked at.. Wisenhunt was a good OC for SD..

  75. 75 TypicalDouche said at 2:00 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    After the disaster that was Joe Philbin in Miami I think teams are going to think twice about hiring an offensive coordinator to be a head coach that doesn’t actually call plays. With Shurmur’s previous stints not being good, its highly doubtful. Also would not want Wisenhunt in any way near this team.

  76. 76 The original AG said at 1:20 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    After reading the article and seeing the pictures, Greg Hardy is a POS. The settlement got the charges dropped, but that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. Those pictures should make anyone’s blood run cold.

  77. 77 b3nz0z said at 1:20 PM on November 6th, 2015:


  78. 78 The original AG said at 1:21 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I read it on deadspin. Zoo with Roy tweeted it.

  79. 79 b3nz0z said at 1:32 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    i wish jon runyan was still on the line. just for this one game.

  80. 80 The original AG said at 1:35 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I miss him too. He had a nasty streak that we need on this line right now.

  81. 81 Sean Stott said at 3:15 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I think Lane can have a nasty streak too. I’d love to see them take out his knees, over and over again.

  82. 82 Joe Minx said at 3:23 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Is it wrong of me to actually hope we fumble the ball just once (and of course recover) just so Hardy can experience the unspeakable horrors that go on at the bottom of a pileup?

  83. 83 Cafone said at 1:50 PM on November 6th, 2015:

  84. 84 GEAGLE said at 3:21 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    This is why I been so disgusted and against this man being allowed to play a violent sport and get paid millions for It.. He is a vile, disgusting, despicable piece of dog crap who was paid like 13mil last year to stay home, and even more disgusting is the fact that he got his suspension reduced from 10 to 4’games.
    I don’t wish serious injury on any athletes, but this piece of shit isn’t an athlete, he is a disgusting, psychotic criminal and I won’t be the least bit upset to see someone chop block him and shatter his knee.. no one else is punishing him, hopefully karma takes care of this disgusting animal .. It’s a disgrace that he is allowed on a football field, and the most disgusting, is the fact that Jerry Jones couldn’t care less.. He can play football, and that’s literally all Jerry Cares about.. If the law, the commissioner or his team won’t do anything about it, hopefully a player takes it in his own hands and dishes out a worthy punishment for this dispicable criminal
    Shame on ANY woman who roots for the Cowboys… Few things make my blood boil more than a man abusing woman or children… No punishment or bodily harm is too much for this scumbag..
    if Chips CULTURE can’t beat an undisciplined team of human scum, im going to be furious.. Losing Is bad enough, but shame on us of we lose to a team that puts talent above basic human decency…
    Thankfully these pics were released, shame that people don’t take shit like this serious unless they see horrible pictures…
    I believe contrite people should get second chances, but this scumbag doesn’t even care.. His idea of being punished was collecting 13million to stay home last year.. Since he came back from his suspension he has behaved just like the scumbag he is,. no self awareness, he couldn’t care less, and he isn’t going to start caring as long as he remains untouchable because of his Talent… Fucking Jerry Jones talking about extending him when he has behaved like an out of control psycho since his suspension ended,,NOTHING about Hardy has been appologetic, and he doesn’t even need to appologize hecause as long as he can rush the passer, the Cowboys DONT even care.. The audacity to publically announce that they are trying to extend him…
    This really upsets me, it makes me sick… I adore NFL football, but some things in life are more important than a game…. Id bet that if GReg Hardy abused Jerry Jones sister, daughter, niece, Jerry would still łet this piece of shit play
    It’s sickening… This isn’t even about football any more, it’s not about the playoffs.. It’s about not allowing a team that puts talent above basic human decency to defeat us… We can’t Lose THIS game…. Not to this disgusting organization,., Lane Johnson better come out And Kick Hardys ass for 60 minutes, I don’t even want to pass the ball in the first half, just run right at Hardy the entire first half, allowing Lane to explode Off the ball and treat Hardy like the scum that he is
    Americas team? I have no idea how any american watching the Sunday night game can want to see such a disgusting franchise win…

  85. 85 Joe Minx said at 3:25 PM on November 6th, 2015:


  86. 86 sonofdman said at 3:42 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    “Shame on ANY woman who roots for the Cowboys.”

    Shame on any man who roots for the Cowboys as well. This behavior should be sickening and unacceptable to everyone.

  87. 87 GEAGLE said at 4:03 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yes sir…. A little basic human decency please.

  88. 88 truehaynes said at 3:25 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    really though. if i was a female cowboys fan i would boycot the team. This shit is ridiculous. Im not mad that he gets to play against us. Im mad that people like him can get away with this shit because they can rush the fucking passer? who cares. lock him up. what he did was as bad if not worse than what ray rice did, and ray rice is black balled. shows how much talents clouds the morals of certain owners. go burn in hell jerry

  89. 89 sonofdman said at 3:38 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I know you didn’t mean any harm by it, but why condition boycotting the team on being a female fan? Men also have a responsibility to be allies and not look the other way when other men abuse women. I would not want this piece of trash on my team.

  90. 90 ChoTime said at 3:43 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Agree, but it also makes sense that women would even hate the guy _more_.

  91. 91 GermanEagle said at 2:49 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    When I opened this thread it read ‘Line Dance’ and had 71 comments. I take it as a sign that JP will play on Sunday..

  92. 92 Joe Minx said at 2:59 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    ‘Fraid not. He’s been officially ruled out.

  93. 93 GermanEagle said at 3:04 PM on November 6th, 2015:


  94. 94 Joe Minx said at 3:05 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Roto. Posted the blurb after this.

  95. 95 GermanEagle said at 3:07 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Nothing on Twitter yet.

  96. 96 Joe Minx said at 3:07 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I’m assuming they got that from this

  97. 97 sonofdman said at 3:30 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Since Eskin reported that Peters is out, is it safe to assume that Peters will be playing on Sunday?

  98. 98 Joe Minx said at 3:04 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Just realized no one else had posted this after GE asked it, so here it is
    Eagles LT Jason Peters (back) has been ruled out for Week 9.

    In his first NFL start at left tackle, usual RT Lane Johnson will have the bad fortune of having to block Cowboys RE Greg Hardy.

  99. 99 bill said at 3:12 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    The official injury report has him listed as questionable. At least the one they had posted at 24/7.

  100. 100 Joe Minx said at 3:19 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yeah, I think Roto must have gotten that from Eskin’s tweet. There was no citation on it though which usually means it came from the team, otherwise they cite the source.

  101. 101 Sean Stott said at 3:14 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Lane Johnson is going to destroy Hardy. Hardy is only good at going up against women.

  102. 102 GEAGLE said at 3:34 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I hope we barely pass the ball in the first half.. I don’t want to see our OL on their heels dropping back to pass protect…. I want an entire First half of allowing Lane and Celek to fire off the ball, smashing Hardy the entire first half in the run game… I want us to beat his ass and wear him down the entire first half… Just run the ball on every first and second down play, only passing if we need to on 3rd down…. We don’t score in the first half anyway. At least this wiould wear down Hardy and their front 7
    In Pass protection Hardy gets to Attack us, fuck that… I want us firing off the snap and smashing this vile, disgusting, despicable piece of trash
    Hope Lane shows serious fire, punches this bully in the mouth at the start of the game and hands Hardy a first half beating he won’t forget
    I like Lane to rise to the Occassion… Even tho he has had some rough mistakes, he showed a ton of heart, warrioring thru like 3 leg injuries to play against the Saints and he did an excellent job that game against jordan Cameron who has been a very successful pass rusher tbis year with the exception of the Eagles game where Lane shut him down..
    The Only concern is Lane switching sides with only a few days of practice..Celek needs to bring the double team, and punish Hardy for 60 minutes

  103. 103 sonofdman said at 3:43 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    As long as the offensive linemen actually fire off the ball and hit the defenders in front of them instead of letting them slant right past them into the backfield like in week 2.

  104. 104 GEAGLE said at 4:01 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I don’t even think it’s possible for it to be worse than week 2…. If that wasn’t run blocking Rock Bottom, I don’t know what is…

  105. 105 b3nz0z said at 5:03 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    i don’t know if this is a viable football strategy, but i want celek basically following Lee around the formation and just plowing into him every snap. pass? find lee and pancake him. run? find lee and pancake him. pass to celek, chip his ass before leaking out. half time? find lee. pancake him.

  106. 106 GEAGLE said at 5:56 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I hear you…. But personally. I NEED Celek linned up next to Lane all game and punishing Hardy for 60 minutes by attacing him with constant violent double teams from Celek and Lane,,.
    Dennis Kelly best quality is his strength and Power, not his athleticism, which is why I prefer Dennis at Guard instead of tackle, but that’s a different story… If we have Celek double teaming Hardy, we will need Tobin or Kelce’s athleticism To go take care of Lee..
    Fortunately having to deal with Keachly last time we played is great experiwnce for getting ready to deal with Lee..
    Also have to worry about DT Tyrone Crawford who is one of their most talented pLayers… Gotta admit Dallas Front 7 ISNT some walk in the Park.. Hopefully Chip and SAM decide to switch up our pre snap cadence all game, and make trying to force Dallas to jump offsides a part of this weeks gameplan… Trick them into jumping Offsides and give us two first downs, and watch how they have to start worrying about it, force them to start thinking which will slow them down a bit., The Problem is that this is eSier to do when playing at home instead of the road.
    the one advantage OL have is that we are supposed to know when the ball will be snapped, allowing us to get a jump on the defense and fire off the line of scrimmage before the defense and force them to react… SAM can’t allow the DL to get a jump on our OL the way we allowed them do to in the week 2 loss…. If we have to slow our tempo down a second or two so we can try to use our cadence to slow them down, so be it…

  107. 107 TypicalDouche said at 6:01 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Can we throw Burton out there to hit Hardy with a couple of illegal chop blocks? I am not one for advocating hurting other players but that scumbag deserves to get hurt.

  108. 108 GEAGLE said at 6:19 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I dont wish serious harm on humans, but GREG Hardy is not human, he is a disgusting criminal monster … A shattered knee cap would be a good start, but he deserves much worse than that… I’m a rabid eagle fan, I get hype every week, but I don’t think my blood will ever be boiling this much to see Lane Johnson Hurt this piece of crap… Beating him ISNT enough. lane needs to make it hurt, and Embarress him
    I have never been so jacked up to see an eagle win his battle like I will be this week for Lane….and hopefully a pain killer injection is able to get JP on the field to protect his QB against the biggest psycho we will face…
    I want to see JP on the field so bad… Start the game in an unbalanced Line, moving Lane to the left side Linning up Next to JP and the first play have Lane and JP double team Hardy, spike him on his neck While a ferocious Demarco runs right behind our Two tackles..

  109. 109 TypicalDouche said at 6:21 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I’d love it if Demarco was able to run him over the way he did to Damien Square when he played for the Eagles.

  110. 110 Tumtum said at 8:31 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    That was easily one of my least favorite snap shots in Eagle history.

  111. 111 TypicalDouche said at 9:17 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I agree Tum it was a pretty bad moment, I remember thar like it was yesterday. It would be nice to see it done to the cowturds by their former RB.

  112. 112 Tumtum said at 8:28 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    If Hardy goes down, and had to be carted off…. What is the crowd reaction?

  113. 113 ac134spectre said at 3:04 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I think it is great of Lane gets some additional time at OLT because Peters eventually retires.

  114. 114 GermanEagle said at 3:07 PM on November 6th, 2015:


  115. 115 eagleyankfan said at 3:10 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    are you kidding? You’ve been answer a few times already…
    Roto — Eskin … take your pick…

  116. 116 ac134spectre said at 3:11 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I’m assuming Peters moves to Texas or alabama. belive he is from there. And trying out Lane at OLT is good for the long hual. I’m just convinced bradford is what we have seen, no freaking good.

  117. 117 b3nz0z said at 5:00 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    how do you explain the stretches where he has looked good?

  118. 118 ac134spectre said at 5:23 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Uhm. I’m saying in the future, he retires. Maybe a two year window. Did I communicate that so poorly?

    Just an opportunity for Lane to be out there.

  119. 119 b3nz0z said at 5:26 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    no, i meant “how do you explain the stretches of games where bradford has looked good?” in other words, if he’s no freaking good, why has he looked good for parts of games? he’s clearly got issues, but it seems reductive to say he’s no freaking good when he’s looked good at times.

  120. 120 ac134spectre said at 5:43 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    My take is he nets out to ordinary. He makes a lot of bad decisions and you get a random strING where probability of bad decision is x and so you have a string of good till the odds catch up.

  121. 121 Tumtum said at 8:26 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Ordinary could win the Super Bowl with this defense. Haven’t seen that yet though…other than the preseason.

  122. 122 Tumtum said at 8:25 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    To the halls of Canton.

  123. 123 myartz04 said at 3:25 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Annnnnd the Greg Hardy photos have been released..

  124. 124 Sean Stott said at 3:39 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I don’t understand how people can report that JP is OUT if the official injury report lists him as questionable. CK has already been shady with the injury report in the past (Wolff). You can’t list someone as questionable if you know they’re going to be OUT.

  125. 125 GEAGLE said at 3:59 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I find the report to be odd…. Whether JP can play or not sunday, I assume he is close to being healthy with it being a day to day sort of deal, so it’s strange to see him being ruled out on Friday….I don’t know how true the report is…
    I would also think that chip would prefer to leave it vague making it a little harder for Dallas to prepare for the matchup…. I’m aLso always skeptical when I only see Eskin the Burger King mascot reporting something…
    And since its a day to day sort of deal, how do we already know that with another days rest, game day adrenalin and pain killer injection that JP won’t be able To play?
    It’s not fair… All year I really looked forward to seeing JP vs. Hardy.. Didn’t get to see this matchuo last year either…

  126. 126 Dave M. said at 3:46 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    “Can a line of Johnson-Barbre-Kelce-Tobin-Kelly succeed?” No.

  127. 127 James said at 3:59 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Cool story.

  128. 128 b3nz0z said at 4:58 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    watcha gonna do if they do?

  129. 129 GEAGLE said at 4:02 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    If GReg Hardy Wasnt disgusting enough, he has always maintained that He was the Victim the night these bruises happened…

  130. 130 b3nz0z said at 4:59 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    i’m sure he is the victim in his mind.

  131. 131 GEAGLE said at 5:03 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    If he makes it thru the season healthy, Karma doesn’t exist…

  132. 132 b3nz0z said at 5:04 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    not to get nerdy, but actual karma doesn’t work like we tend to think of it as working. it’s more like he’ll be reborn as a genital wart.

  133. 133 GEAGLE said at 6:10 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Yeah I get the Buddhist interpretations. But Waiting Til the next life to punish this piece of trash is unacceptable…he NEEDS TO PAY ASAP, a shattering knee cap is a good start

  134. 134 GermanEagle said at 5:20 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Trust me, Karma never sleeps…

  135. 135 GEAGLE said at 4:30 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    NFL Network doesn’t do the weekly NFC and AFC Match up shows any more?

  136. 136 botto said at 5:39 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Everyone will be watching as Lane Johnson take on Hardy.
    Go Lane!
    put him on his ass.

  137. 137 GEAGLE said at 5:44 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Put him in the hospital… Although a CAGE is where he really deserves to be

    I wamt to know what cowboy fans, other cowboy playërs, and Jason Garrett feel about the extreme enabling of this disgustng animal

  138. 138 botto said at 5:57 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    they love it, although I bet Garrett is a bit uneasy. he seems like an OK guy.

  139. 139 Tumtum said at 8:22 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    If he gets schooled that will be a harsh lesson about the real world. I’m heisting for the match up (even if it’s peters), but don’t feel great about it.

  140. 140 GEAGLE said at 5:42 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Good for Jackie McMullen she is hype tearing Jerry Jones a new asshole for his despicable behavior..
    I’m So Thankful that these pictures were released for the simple fact that the NFL, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys cant pretend they didnt see these pictures.
    Id bet my Bank account that jerry Jones and the Cowboys saw these pictures long before today, which makes them really despicable. Two fucking weeks ago, Jerry Jones called this piece of crap a “Leader”.. Hardy has shown no remorse, no self awareness, his behavior hasnt improved in the least bit… The woman who was attacked told the Police that nothing was going to happen to GReg Hardy anyway and she was right… Hopefully she was very wrong about her thinking that Hardy would end up killing her
    I love physical Defensive football, I glorify the defenders who play like beastly animals on the field…. But NOT like this.. not when you behave in the real world like you behave on the football field.. ACTUALLY THIS scumbag shows more discapline on the football field than in real life,.
    Id bet that he is eventually diagnosed with some Bi polar, schizophrenic, some type of Mental disorder… I love my two dogs more than I love most people, I was so disgusted by what MIke Vick did,but that man was Genuinly sorry for his actions, and he stepped up and proved to have changed his life and become a man that be respected. I can Forgive a mistake, but not if you are like gReg Hardy and ARENT the least bit sorry, not contrite, havent taken any responsiblity for his actions, showing no restraint, just showing the world a glimpse Of what you must have looked like when he terrorized a helpless woman.. He gave the NFL a glimpse of what his victim must have saw when he loses control behind closed doors.. And he isn’t the least bit sorry, he doesn’t lose any sleep Over his actions, and it’s even more disgusting that Jerry Jones just enable him… This man was never punished for anything, record expunged, collected 13 mil to do nothing last year, had his suspension dropped to only 4 games, acts like a raging lunatic, and this dirty, disgusting, enabling scumbag jerry jones publically calls him a LEADER and tell the public how he is looking to reward him with an extension…. Disgusting, im just sick to my stomach..
    I’m so Thankful Deadspin released these pictures so all the millions and millions of NFL fans know for a fact that Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell have seen these pictures… I Love the Eagles, I love great defense, but I promise you I can NEVER excuse abuse of woman, and children.. It was hard enough to excuse the abuse of Dogs, but Mr. Mike Vick EARNED his second chance and DESERVED his forgiveness and in the end, he was a gentleman throughout his entire Eagle tenure, I can’t stand him as a QB, but as a man, he is To be respected and applauded..
    Greg Hardy has handled his crime the exact opposite of VICK and jerry jones and the Cowboys comtinue to enable him… What’s SCARY is that we haven’t seen the end of GReg Hardys Terror.. Much higher odds of his story having a tragic ending than a happy ending… This isn’t someone who is sorry and will learn from this and be a better man for this, go on to have a good career, stay out of trouble. Retire and ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again… Unfortunately his story probably won’t end like that, I doubt we have seen the last of him terrorizing people in the real world… He is not done doing harm to civilians, And because he isn’t being held accountable for anything, I’d bet his days of being a criminal are far from over… I don’t know When, but I assume this story will have a tragic ending and end with innocemt people hurt. And Hardy in Jail…. And what’s sad, is we can see it coming a mile away and no one will do anything about it,..
    I swear I would support chip 100% if he decided not to put Bradford on the field against this psychotic criminal… We knocked Romo out for the season, in this sick fucks head, Id bet anything he is coming into this game trying to exact revenge on Bradford, and he is such a maniac, that I wouldn’t be surpised to see him take cheap shots and illegally try and injure SAM..
    This scumbag was given a second chance, had his suspension reduced 3 weeks ago, and in that time he already exhibited plenty despicable behavior. The comments about Brady’s wife, flipping out on his teammates, blowing up on the ST coach… The more he acts like a maniac, the more jerry and the Cowboys make excuses for him and enable him…. I really hope it doesn’t take a tragedy before someone does something against this piece of shit
    I want to Know how each of his cowboy teammates feel about having this piece of crap as a teammate? Since Jerry Jones is almost as disgusting as Hardy, I would hope, that as human beings first and Formost, Cowboy playërs, cowboy Fans, local dallas Media take a stand against this scumbag and jerry jones enabling him…. Jason Garrett needs to grow a fuckin pair and have some class and sit this piece of shit down if jerry and GOODELL won’t do anything about it…. And I’m not saying tbis at all because he is a great player and we have to play against him this week…. Bring the dirty scumbag on, I say Lane Johnson beats the shit out of him… You want to let him play against the Eagles? Fine… Bring the scumbag on…. But AFTER the Eagles game, Jason Garrett needs to show some class and decency and shut this clown down since no one is doing anything about it….. Hopefully America makes enough noise about this and forces someone to do somethingI about this,..

  141. 141 TypicalDouche said at 5:59 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Jerry Jones displaying the POS that he is shouldnt surprise you brother. Hell he even said they want and are trying to lock Hardy up long term, wrong choice of words as he should be locked up but i meant contract wise, even after he blew up on the coach and after the altercation with Dez. To me i hope the cowturds break the bank for Hardy and then he goes to jail where he belongs.

  142. 142 GEAGLE said at 6:09 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I can’t stomach losing to these disgusting sub human scum….

    Id rather miss the playoffs than łet these despicable scumbags sweep us,
    If there is a god, he won’t subject me to losing to this bleep bleep bleep

  143. 143 TypicalDouche said at 6:10 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    I couldnt say it any better myself. Basically to hell with the Cowgirls, their fans, and the owner.

  144. 144 Headlines: Any Regrets For Murray? | The Fan Base/Philadelphia Eagles said at 6:00 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    […] Tommy Lawlor of wrote, his absence would result in shuffling on the offensive line. If Peters is unable to go, Lane […]

  145. 145 GEAGLE said at 6:06 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Some pretty interesting MATCHUPS this week:
    AP and the Vikings vs. Gurley and the Rams is a fun matchup of supremely talemted RBs… Unfortunately Sharif FLoyd and Eric Kendricks are out, as is Chris Long for the Rams…. FOles vs Teddy, Mike Wallace vs Tavon, some intruiging MATCHUPS in that game..
    Any Chance Jameis Winston and Mike Evans can beat the Giants for us? Boy that would be HUGE for us…. the Giants secondary is trash with the exception of DRC. Prince is still out, hopefully Jameis wInston can stay away from DRC and put up a bunch of Points on the Gamts Meh Defense…is JPP playimg sunday? Without JPP they have no pass rush, which could give Jameis a chance to have success against crappy Giant secondary…. Unfortunately Lovie Smiths defense hasn’t been very good in some time..
    We Need Tom Brady and the Patriots to lay the SMACKDOWN on the skins

    Of course It will be hard to care about the NFL if we have a letdown against a despicable group of scumbag Cowboys on a 5 game losing streak that struggles to score 14 points….
    I can’t lose to THis Cowboys team, they disgust me so much, losing to this team is too much to bear,,, I can’t even be excited about going into this game

  146. 146 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 6:14 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    Winston looks like he is getting better. Going to need to Wrs to show up for him. Evans had a case of the drops last game

  147. 147 The original AG said at 9:01 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    He and Sammy B should talk about this over some tea…

  148. 148 Headlines: Any Regrets For Murray? | We Only Live Once said at 7:12 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    […] Tommy Lawlor of wrote, his absence would result in shuffling on the offensive line. If Peters is unable to go, Lane […]

  149. 149 A_T_G said at 7:44 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    During the Hardy coverage, they showed him in the locker room. The lockers have actual locking metal doors. I don’t ever remember seeing that in the Eagles locker room. Can the Cowboys not even trust the people in their locker room from stealing their cell phones and jewelry?

  150. 150 Tumtum said at 7:54 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    That is a little strange. Been in a few professional and collegiate locker rooms. Never seen that.

    BTW “guns blazing” is still so over blown imo. After having read the deadspin article today though, the extent of scumbaggery is so much more than I ever thought before. I hope to god no woman ever marries him, much less gives him children.

  151. 151 A_T_G said at 8:50 PM on November 6th, 2015:

    You can kind of see them in the background here.