Eagles Add Some Football Guys

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No matter what you think of Howie Roseman, he’s not dumb.

Players get all kinds of chances. Coaches sometimes get a second chance. If not, they can become a coordinator or go to college and try to start over at that level.

GMs and personnel executives are not so lucky. For some reason, they don’t usually get that second chance after being fired. Tom Donhaoe did a great job with the Steelers in the 1990’s. They drafted as well or better than any other team in the league. Unfortunately, Donahoe got into a power struggle with Bill Cowher and lost. Donahoe then went to Buffalo, where the team struggled during his tenure. After the Bills fired him in 2005, Donahoe waited for years until the Eagles hired him as a consultant in 2012. NFL teams went through all kinds of hot shot young executives, while a proven talent evaluator was completely ignored.

Rich McKay went from being a GM to more of an administrative executive.

Bill Kuharich has a terrific track record, but was unemployed for years.

Mark Dominik went from being the Bucs GM to an ESPN analyst.

Phil Savage went from being the Browns GM to running the Senior Bowl (where he’s done a brilliant job).

If Howie Roseman is fired or let go by Jeffrey Lurie, that’s it for him. He won’t be getting another GM job. He can’t go to USC and try his hand at the college level. It is NFL or bust for him. And GM jobs are hard to get. Becoming a GM is the football equivalent of winning the lottery. It takes special circumstances to get a second chance. I don’t think Howie has the kind of connections where that will happen. He might get some type of executive position with another team, but not to run the show.

In the past, Howie ran the Eagles with a desire to win, but also with an eye over his shoulder, wondering who in the organization might be angling for more power. Chip Kelly might have done Howie a huge favor by stealing away his power for a year.

I believe Howie is a changed man. I think he now understands he is living on borrowed time, as all coaches and executives are. Rather than obsess on playing politics to keep power, he now seems to get the fact that he needs success. That will help him keep the job. And the best way to do that isn’t with a group that you can control. Rather, you surround yourself with the best people.

In this interview with Dave Spadaro, Howie talked about the fact all the responsibility lies with him. It sure feels like one of the big issues Lurie had with Chip Kelly is the fact Kelly kept using semantics to insulate himself from things that weren’t going so well. Lurie protected Howie in the past, but I think Howie knows that is over. This is sink or swim time.

With that in mind, he went and hired Joe Douglas and Andy Weidl.

It sure sounds like Howie made a couple of great hires, getting Douglas to be the vice president of player personnel and Weidl to be the assistant director of player personnel.

Some people have wondered why Douglas and Weidl would come to Philly. Doesn’t the rest of the league have something against Howie?

Douglas was a key scout for the Ravens, but had several guys ahead of him there. Last year he took a job with the Bears where he got to be the head of college scouting. He was still the number three guy in that organization. Douglas is now the number two guy in Philly. He will get to run the personnel department, but Howie still has overall control.

While that’s true, I think Douglas probably was given a lot of control in regard to the draft. He can shape the scouting staff the way he wants. He will meet with the coaches to learn what kind of players they want and then Douglas can figure out the best way to go get them. Douglas was instrumental in going after UDFAs in Baltimore. I can see Howie letting him totally control that.

Douglas and Weidl worked together in Baltimore. I think they loved the opportunity to work together. Weidl goes from being a scout to the number three guy in Philly. His direct boss is his long time friend, Douglas.

I would guess that one thing that attracts both Douglas and Weidl is that the Eagles offered a good opportunity. This isn’t a team that hit rock bottom and won 3 games. The Eagles just went 7-9. The Ravens and Bears had worse records than that. So both men got promotions, went to a team that had a better season and they can work together again. That makes a lot of sense.

Ozzie Newsome is a great GM and the Ravens have had a great personnel staff for years. Not everyone hired away from the Ravens has flourished elsewhere. I think one of the problems is that they have gone to some bad teams that needed to be rebuilt. The Ravens have only had 4 losing seasons since 1999. They don’t hit rock bottom. They usually struggle due to injuries, as happened last year. Douglas and Weidl don’t come to the Eagles needing to pull off any miracles. There is a solid core in place.

Douglas and Weidl are scouts. They aren’t going to dream up crazy scenarios to put the Eagles over the top. They will do research and grind away watching game tape. That’s what they do. And they’re great at it.

Spadaro also did a short interview with Douglas. It was mostly predictable stuff, but I thought Douglas gave one great answer. He was asked about success and answered that the key, as with all businesses, is people. This is something Howie did not get in the past and I’m hoping these hires show he does now understand that.

Go back to the Ravens for a second. Newsome is the GM. Eric DeCosta is his right-hand man. Joe Hortiz is the director of college scouting. Vince Newsome (no relation) runs pro personnel. George Kokinis is the senior personnel assistant. A little over a year ago both Douglas and Weidl would have been listed there as scouts.

Newsome has been a Raven since they started. DeCosta has been there for 18 years. Hortiz was hired in 1998. Newsome has been with the organization since 1996. Kokinis goes back to when the team was in Cleveland, but he did leave the Ravens for a short time. Douglas worked there for more than a decade. Weidl was there quite a while as well.

The point of this is that Newsome built up this family of scouts and got them to stick around for years. He was loyal to them and they were loyal to him. The scouts were given a voice in how things ran. They were treated well. They had no desire to leave.

The Eagles personnel department has been turning guys over for years. There is no continuity. There is no sense of family. Douglas philosophy is to hire the right people and keep them around for a long time. He wants to give them a good working environment and he wants to treat them the way Ozzie treated him.

If he can do that and the Eagles can develop a strong group of scouts, that will greatly benefit the organization moving forward. The draft is the lifeblood of any good organization and scouts are crucial to finding mid and late round talent, as well as good UDFAs.

I think Howie made a great move in hiring such strong-minded, talented and experienced guys as Douglas and Weidl. This isn’t the Howie of old, who had to balance protecting his job with winning. He’s now hiring strong candidates that can really help this organization.

While that’s true, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every draft is going to now be great. Douglas and Weidl are scouts, not superheroes. There are no perfect drafts. There are no magic solutions. You do your research, watch tape and find good players. Do that enough and you have a chance to be a good team, year-in and year-out.

Douglas and Weidl will be going to NFS (National Football Scouting) meetings soon enough to start working on the 2017 draft. Howie and the pro scouts will study the Eagles and the other 31 teams, constantly looking for upgrades.

Scouting is just about 24/7/365, which makes it all the more critical to have the right guys doing the job. Douglas and Weidl are the right guys for the job.


I think the notion that the rest of the league looks down at Howie is really overstated. I’m sure there are some who don’t like him, but I think that is greatly exaggerated by certain individuals. Chip Kelly got in all his little digs, but you look at Howie’s ability to make deals with other teams and hiring guys like Douglas and Weidl and I think you can see that he’s got more respect than some people give him credit for.


237 Comments on “Eagles Add Some Football Guys”

  1. 1 Eagles Add Some Football Guys - said at 12:41 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    […] Tommy Lawlor No matter what you think of Howie Roseman, he’s not dumb. Players get all kinds of chances. […]

  2. 2 Dan in Philly said at 1:06 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    After a certain amount of tim, you have to respect Howie simply for his longevity. The Not For Long league means being a GM, or frankly anything, for more than a year or two garners some gravitas. Ask his predecessor how quickly things can change.

  3. 3 Gian GEAGLE said at 9:03 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    In a Cockaroach sort of way

  4. 4 FairOaks said at 1:16 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    “The Eagles also named Alec Halaby vice president of football operations and strategy; Tom Donahoe senior football advisor; Anthony Patch senior director of college scouting; Trey Brown director of college scouting; Mike Bradway assistant director of college scouting; and Rick Mueller player personnel executive.”


    So, Donahoe is back to his old title, and Roseman re-hired Patch and Mueller by the looks of it.

  5. 5 Dave said at 7:13 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I thought Patch and Mueller have been on board for a while. Just repositioning and title changes.

  6. 6 FairOaks said at 9:36 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    They were supposedly fired a year ago, by Chip and Marynowitz:


  7. 7 wee2424 said at 1:18 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Would be nice to have some stability at that part of the FO/scouting department. Long term successful franchises have 2 things in common, franchise QB and stability in the FO/talent evaluation. We haven’t had that in some time and hopefully this offseason is the start to checking off both of those boxes.

    There were bumps in the road during the Reid era (especially the end, but all good things do end), but besides not winning the ultimate prize we were a very successful franchise during that period. My generation was spoiled and took that for granted. Most of what I can remember of the Eagles was winning football games and being a mostly constant presence in the playoffs.

    This offseason seems like a big step back on that direction and it is welcomed and exciting.

  8. 8 Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran said at 1:48 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    After letting Andy run wild at the end (Juan Castillo, anyone?) and then handing the keys over to the carnival barker that was Chip, order (and rational thought) have seemingly been restored to the franchise. I can definitely see another Andy-like era of good football on the near horizon (with hopefully a SB win this time).

  9. 9 ICDogg said at 1:59 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I think that was Jeff Lurie all the way who emphasized the need to get a franchise QB. Howie put the pieces together but this direction came from the top.

  10. 10 bill said at 8:20 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    And honestly, that’s the only thing that scares me about this offseason.

  11. 11 ChoTime said at 11:24 AM on May 13th, 2016:


  12. 12 SteveH said at 3:40 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Chip Kelly trying to deflect responsibility was the most tedious part of his time here. I really expected more out of him.

  13. 13 iceberg584 said at 6:05 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Yeah, I firmly believe that his press conference after the Washington loss, in which he insisted he wasn’t the GM, was the final straw for Lurie. He was gone less than 24 hours later.

  14. 14 xmbk said at 8:21 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I don’t get why such a big deal is made of that, other than everything gets overanalyzed in Philly. Coaches frequently don’t enjoy sharing information through the media, and Kelly certainly didn’t. I really don’t give a crap about a coaches media sessions, that’s not what puts winning teams on the field.

  15. 15 bill said at 8:25 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    There’s a difference between “not sharing” and throwing other members of the organization under the bus for things that you are responsible for. While many made fun of Reid’s lack of information and constant “I’ve got to do a better job,” that was an appropriate way to handle the media. He didn’t throw others under the bus, he threw himself, sometimes even for things that weren’t his fault. Chip’s attempt to throw the blame elsewhere less than a year after his coup was a bad play. He should have just owned it.

  16. 16 RogerPodacter said at 10:19 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    yea, it was frustrating at times when Andy would just keep repeating the same few phrases over and over again. but he was going to take the blame, all of it, for anything that happened with the team.

  17. 17 xmbk said at 12:01 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I didn’t see it as throwing anyone under the bus, but again, I think press conferences are pretty stupid. I thought he was just being precise, letter of the law type stuff. I think one of his greatest failings was not recognizing the importance of p.r., especially with Lurie as the owner, and the rabid fans in Philly.

  18. 18 iceberg584 said at 12:49 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    And even when Chip took a degree of responsibility, it was always in broad terms that included others in the failure, like “the coaches need to do a better job,” instead of “I need to do a better job.” A semantic nuance, but very important when you are the frontman for an organization.

  19. 19 Sean Stott said at 5:11 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Just didn’t execute

  20. 20 anon said at 5:45 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    All that nonsense he preached. But I do wonder if part of that was just how fucked up that front office was. To get to he point where Lurie would move howie away and move his office across the building, etc. Makes you wonder if philly experience changed chip.

  21. 21 Gary Barnes said at 3:43 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    These moves are positive and most of the off-season moves have made sense so far, but like anyone Roseman needs to deliver success and, until that happens, there will be doubts about him as a GM and the various facets of the job. We’ll see what happens.

  22. 22 bill said at 8:19 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    True. Just like in poker, you can make all the right decisions given the hand(s) you’re dealt, but sometimes, the deck isn’t stacked your way and you’re not going to win anyway. And sometimes, you can make an absolutely stupid blunder and be rescued by blind luck.

    Results matter, but they don’t necessarily tell you a true story.

  23. 23 Gary Barnes said at 12:58 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I doubt Roseman has a mixed record as a GM due in large part to bad luck. I’d argue he has been pretty lucky (or has sharp political elbows which I agree with Tommy on) in having Reid and then Chip take bullets for him and having Lurie give him another chance. Now, as Tommy stated well, is where the excuses end and his performance and the team’s success needs to meet the high standard we should expect from our GM. We’ll see what happens. So far, things have been more good than bad. Hopefully, that continues.

  24. 24 anon said at 1:04 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Well by getting a QB he’s got like 3 years, but agree i think he lives or dies with Pederson. I think this could go well or could be a long 3 years.

  25. 25 Gary Barnes said at 3:46 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Wentz has also signed a 4 yr deal with offset language. I did not see the number details yet.

  26. 26 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:56 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    He told the Eagles he would agree to offset language before we even traded up to #2 according to PFT..
    I love it! Shows confidemce in himself. If he believes in his future to the extent that he doesn’t care about offset language. I appreciate seeing that out of our QB. Someone who thinks there is no reason to ask for insurance in case he won’t last in philly for 5 years

  27. 27 BlindChow said at 10:15 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I bet the other top 5 picks are pissed about the offset language.
    Less leverage for them.

  28. 28 Media Mike said at 4:57 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    “I’m sure there are some who don’t like him, but I think that is greatly exaggerated by certain individuals.”

    i.e. that piece of human excrement Louis Riddick.

  29. 29 Dave said at 7:09 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    …and lots of people who post here.

  30. 30 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:54 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Actually Louis Riddick has been very fair when speaking aboutRoseman this offseason.way more complimentary of Roseman than I expected him to be… I was actually surprised that you can’t even detect a hint of hatred for Roseman when Riddick gives his Eagle opinions these days. If he still hates Howie, he is being extremely professional about it.
    Btw, there were enough of dysfunctionally past power struggle dramas involving Roseman that had nothing to do wjth Riddick… And Howie admitted This himself and seems genuine about it being something he is working hard to do better at now that he has been reinstated.
    But I think these signings have to officially retire the “no one wants to work with Howie narrative” LaConfora started a few years ago

  31. 31 Media Mike said at 5:09 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I’m really excited to see these guys added to the mix. These next few drafts need to be really productive for the Eagles. Especially considering that Cox is about to take up a significant part of the cap and that Wentz, if things work out, is going to take up an even bigger once down the road. We’ll need a steady supply of productive and cheap players on rookie deals.

    I’m also hoping this improves the value we get in the draft No more 5th round players in the 3rd or UDFAs in the 6th.

  32. 32 Steve Smegal said at 6:17 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I’m hoping this means people will stop thinking a pick was a reach in the 3rd round simply because someone like McShay ranked the guy in the 5th.

  33. 33 xmbk said at 8:19 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Right, too many people think that all teams have the same grades on all players. Some of the better franchises have gotten that way by taking players “out of order”. It’s not the only way, but it certainly can be successful.

  34. 34 The original AG said at 10:44 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    It’s like when people were immediately mad about Jordan Hicks in the 3rd, then instantly loved him when he played on the field.

    I know this is anecdotal and doesn’t always happen, but your first sentence hits the nail on the head – everyone think all teams have the same grade on players.

  35. 35 Buge Halls said at 11:00 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Of course, by the time Wentz gets his second contract pay day, Cox will be close to retiring, so that situation should work itself out.

  36. 36 nopain23 said at 5:23 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    anyone knows why the iggles passed on tyler matakevich..who most scouts are reporting is a veritable steal in the 7th round and would have been a steal in the 6th. we seem awfully thin at LB..thought he would be an ideal pick

  37. 37 Dave said at 7:08 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Is there really such a thing as a 7th round steal? If a guy is passed over 200 times in the draft, there is a reason.

  38. 38 bill said at 8:26 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Only after the fact, if he vastly outperforms what everyone expected him to do.

  39. 39 D3FB said at 8:23 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    A bit on the small size, slightly below average athleticism. Good college player but limited pro prospect. He’s not a steal. He went where he should have. Guys with his profile aren’t hard to find. He’s not Chris Borland or Zack Thomas. He’s James Morris, AJ Tarpley, Jared Norris.

  40. 40 eagleyankfan said at 8:32 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft-scout/25583634/finding-the-fits-eagles-strike-gold-in-the-seventh-round-with-jalen-mills maybe that’s why? 🙂

  41. 41 Frank said at 7:31 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    As the Eagles beat writers told us repeatedly back in January, no one good would *EVER* work with Howie. The just want to hire some no-name puppet to be the fall guy.

    Therefore, Joe Douglas must actually be awful. Q.E.D.

  42. 42 Gian GEAGLE said at 9:00 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    That Narrative needs to be officially retired now,.. I think LaConfora started that narrative if im not mistaken

  43. 43 sonofdman said at 9:18 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    It’s hard to argue against that logic!

  44. 44 eagleyankfan said at 7:56 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Good stuff!
    Just a reminder — it wasn’t long ago an article came out saying that Chip Kelly lacked NFL experience so he made all the right hires and surrounded himself with talented people with nfl experience to help run the show.

  45. 45 bill said at 8:16 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    …and took over a 4-12 team and proceeded to win 27 games over the next three seasons.

    Say what you want about his personality, his personnel decisions, and whatever happened last year (when he still managed a 7-9 record) but it’s really stretching it to say that he was a bad coach during his stay here.

  46. 46 eagleyankfan said at 8:24 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I didn’t mean to imply I don’t like CK. I’m actually a fan of his. It was just a reminder that we don’t know what we’re in for until some drafts with the new people actually happen. They have their work cut out for them with a missing 1 and 2(the following year)

  47. 47 bill said at 8:30 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I agree 100% with that last sentence. I know some people like to argue that draft picks are overrated, but I think that not having those picks is going to cause them problems, even if Wentz turns into a top 5 QB. It’s going to filter down into other picks and FA signings. They’re on a high wire now – little missteps, or even an unlucky breeze, could be disastrous.

  48. 48 BlindChow said at 10:07 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    An “unlucky breeze” could be disastrous, because they don’t have next year’s 1st round pick?

    Look at it this way: imagine the team without our last two #1 picks. If we didn’t have Marcus Smith or Nelson Alcohol, would you really call this team a disaster?

    Teams miss on 1st rounders all the time without collapsing. We’ll be fine.

  49. 49 bill said at 10:24 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Still too early to have a definitive opinion on them, but it still makes my point anyway. Our last 2 haven’t been homeruns, or even adequate starters. Wentz is here and he’s not going to be an impact, if ever, for at least a year. Next year is done already. So that’s *4 straight* 1st round picks that could essentially provide you with nothing for the length of their careers. How many decent teams in this league go four straight years with no production from their 1st round picks?

    Long term, yes, it could be disastrous, even if the conventional wisdom is wrong about Agholor and Smith and they become playmakers. Say 1st round picks are 50/50 to be adequate starters for 3 years (I think that’s conservative), and 2nd rounders are 33% (again conservative) during their careers. Even with those high bust rates, you’d rather have those chances to get adequate starters on cheap deals than having to overpay in free agency for those two positions, right? And since you’re talking about high bust rates, the more chances, the better off you are – you can make a consensus great pick, and he shatters his leg in the first training camp. Whelp, now you’re really in the hole, and you have more holes to fill by overpaying in FA.

    Yes, I believe that 1st and 2nd round draft picks are valuable, even when you factor in the bust rate, perhaps even because of the bust rate. You need more chances because you will miss every once in a while, even if you are the best talent evaluator ever. Giving away those chances for free means that those misses that happen despite your best efforts on what you have left will have even more impact. The good teams recognize this and tend to accumulate more chances, not fritter them away.

  50. 50 BlindChow said at 10:54 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Except they didn’t give those picks away for free. That was the price to get Wentz.

    Obviously, a lot hinges on Wentz turning out good, but you said “even if he’s a Top 5 QB…” I’d say a Top 5 QB is easily worth an extra Marcus Smith, Danny Watkins, or Nelson A, or any other 50/50 prospect who doesn’t play the most important position on the field.

  51. 51 bill said at 3:13 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    But even top 5 QBs need a team around them that is more than JAGs. I agree that they are worth far more than a difference maker at any other position, but, for example, IMO Rodgers is the best all around QB in the last ten years, and it really isn’t even close. But that team only has one SB in that time, and has had its share of relatively unsuccessful seasons.

    And you’re fixated on the busts, but ignore what the hits give. Imagine this team without Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox. Even a top 5 QB isn’t going far with that roster. Like I said, yes, there are misses, but you need the hits and near hits to help balance out a roster of JAGs.

    Finally, from the point I’m arguing, they did give them away, as they bundled multiple chances in return for one chance (and if we’re going to fixate on 1st round busts, we might as well do that for QBs, too – are any one of Jamarcus Russell, Brandon Weeden, and Christian Ponder worth Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox?) I think the price paid is dangerously high. You apparently don’t. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  52. 52 BlindChow said at 5:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Interesting example in Green Bay… They haven’t traded away any of their 1st rounders, have they? Odd that they’ve had such problems then, considering how important it is to keep every 1st rounder. On the other hand, maybe if they had traded up for an impact player (non-QB, of course) they would have gotten to more than one SB in that time!

    I’m (only slightly) kidding. In their case, I think coaching has cost them more than drafting has. However, I do think the fact they have their franchise QB is the reason they won that one Super Bowl. But not all teams can luck into a franchise guy. If they didn’t have Rogers, they’d probably be the Texans right now…

  53. 53 Gary Barnes said at 1:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I think he is including those flawed picks in why our situation is especially precarious. Those perceived failures makes hitting on Wentz, the next 1st rd pick etc all the more important. I’ll also add the caveat that neither Smith nor Nelson A are necessarily busts yet – we’ve seen others have rough starts and eventually come on. Graham is one example.

  54. 54 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:32 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Absurd to treat Agholar and MS2 as busts at this point.
    Then again, people undervalue jordan Mathews first two seasons, wanted to replace Bennie logan after his rookie season, so I shouldn’t be too surprised by the level of ignorance

  55. 55 BlindChow said at 7:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    He didn’t list previous flawed picks in his reasoning. That I would understand. But from his comments, he seems to think not having one 1st round pick spells doom for a franchise. Teams miss all the time. Luckily, our roster isn’t completely bare.

  56. 56 wee2424 said at 1:45 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    The problem occurs if you consistently miss out on them. Smith is a bust, Agholor did not look to hot last year, but i am not ready to call him a bust. If Wentz doesnt pan out then we also dont have a 1st next year.

    That is debilitating.

  57. 57 anon said at 12:01 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Yeah people are quick to hate on chip, but he was pretty great, aside from being a shitty person, and we’ve kept a lot of what he’s done. Has had way more success than Dougy P, who no one really focuses on as a program leader — I guess Howie is front and center now.

  58. 58 meteorologist said at 1:03 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Think about how badly we played at times last year. People forget that the commentators weekly were saying “this was the worst effort we have ever seen” etc. At some point you question the coaching. . .

  59. 59 A Roy said at 2:10 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Tell me again, how many playoff games did he win?

  60. 60 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:13 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Would you disagree that we consistently got worse since the playoff loss instead of actually building on 2013 success?
    I don’t care about chip enough to debate whether he is a good coach or not(there was some good and some bad) but one thing is clear, last years mess Wasnt ONLY about Personnel, if we are being honest last years team showed most of the signs of a poorly coached team. Chip may be a better coach than what we saw last year, but we didn’t see a well coached team last year

  61. 61 meteorologist said at 1:03 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Think about how badly we played at times last year. People forget that the commentators weekly were saying “this was the worst effort we have ever seen” etc. At some point you question the coaching. …

  62. 62 ProbablyDrunk said at 6:55 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    He did….and some of those coaches are still here

  63. 63 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:43 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    So after trying to recreate the 2000’s era all offseason we went as far as to hire our new “Joe and Andy”(banner/Reid)??

  64. 64 RobNE said at 8:45 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    anyone surprised Howie wanted not one but two 2’s for Bradford? I know the logic behind signing him, but once we moved up to get Wentz it just seemed to me like moving Bradford for one 2nd, or maybe a 2nd and a lower pick the next year, would be worthwhile.

  65. 65 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:49 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Wouldn’t be that surprised if our coaches get Bradford to play at an alex smith level, and I don’t even think alex is very good. Hope roseman holds steady and DOESNT lower the asking price. Too soon to lower the price, no problem with him holding out for similar to what teams got for trading Carson when his career seemed over, and alex who had been benched for Kapernick.
    No reason to dump Bradford for cheap this offseason.. Odds are if we can’t get the asking price we will be able to dump him for cheap after this season. Think we legit value having SAM as our QB for this year, no reason to give him away yet,
    We can always give him away for cheap as a fall back option

  66. 66 mheil said at 11:42 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I agree that it would have been in Denver’s best interest to have made that offer, especially considering that the picks were in the bottom of the rounds [32nd and 96th choices]. From the Eagles standpoint, I would have demanded more, either another draft choice or a starting player.

  67. 67 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:04 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Unless he gets hurt again, I think he is almost a lock to be worth more next season than he was this Offseason. denver may no longer be in the market, but there will always be at least 1 team who will jump at a chance to upgrade their QB position..
    Not only does SAM give us a legit chance at this very winnable division, but health permitting, I feel extremely confident that he will have a career year and be worth even more than he was this offseason. Dougs offense is a real nice fit for SAM. He also signed a front loaded contract, so his contract should also be more attractive to other teams next year it is now…
    Basically, even if we could get the two 2’s or whatever we are looking for, there is a solid Chamce we can have our cake and eat it too, Winning the division this year, not having to rush Wentz onto the field, and get more for SAM next offseason than we can now…. As long as we are willing to accept the risk of another serious injury decreasing what value he had this offseason.
    Im glad he is our QB this year

  68. 68 anon said at 12:00 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Bradford is WAY better than Alex Smith as a passer. Smith is super limited, and only gets over by running on broken plays and a defense that always keeps them in good positions and jamal charles.

  69. 69 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:53 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I agree… Unfortunately alex has been playing better than SAM for most part. Hopefully we finally have the coaches and good health to get that out of SAM

  70. 70 anon said at 1:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I don’t have to defend bradford to you – but for a guy that hadn’t played football in 2 years i thought he did pretty well on an offense where there wasn’t much to work with.

  71. 71 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:26 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    You know I agree…. People don’t give the kid half the credit he deserved for last season. I don’t think enough people realize how impressive it is to see a QB legitimately improving every week, while almost everything around him was imploding more and and more…. bradford was able to Play better and better even tho his OL was falling apart, his WRs were having a terrible year, and our run game was horrible even tho it was supposed to be a strength that was going to help SAM all year…
    SAM was one of the few players that finished the year strong, while the majority of our playërs crashed and burned at the end of the year…. This was an extremely promising sign, which gives me a lot of confidemce that we are about to see a Career year from $ammy Dollaz. Not only should SAM be much better now that he has an offseason to practice instead of rehabbing while gaining Continuity to build off last season, but just as important his OL should be significantly improved, his WR have to be better than last year, and the New Westcoast offense is perfect for his skill set, and should be a big upgrade over life in a chip kelly offense. Just the fact that bradford can use his brain at the line of scrimmage should be a big boost compared to chips offense.
    And while it sucks that SAM brought this holdout drama to our team, I have to admit, I kind of like that the Eagles pissed him Off and rattled his cage. SAM is one of those quiet, confident competitors, and im excited about seeing a pissed off Bradford out to prove his worth.
    And with this being such a winnable division, I appreciate having a QB who gives us a legit chance to win the NFC east, because I need a year of solid Eagle football after the steady nose dive we Experiemced under chip the last two years.
    People who think they saw the best SAM is capable of last year are out of their damn minds… The kid rehabbed all offseason, Wasnt cleared to practice in a new offense, with new teammates until August 1st, so he only got 1 month to prepare for the season after a two year Hiatus… There is much more to Sams game, and im excited about all the stars aligning for him to prove it this season, Health permitting.
    ..The better SAM plays, the more we will enjoy the season, the more his trade value increases, the more value he fetches us in return whenever we trade him… And it’s good for developing young pass catchers to have SAM at QB this year..
    Thrilled Roseman didn’t allow Elway and SAM to strong arm him. bradford is worth more to Our 2016 season than what they were being offered, and he still have plenty of time to try and get better trade compensation in return

  72. 72 anon said at 5:44 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    $ammy Dollaz – amazing.

  73. 73 Cafone said at 12:55 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Good point! Maybe we can trade him to the Chiefs?

  74. 74 wee2424 said at 1:40 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Bradford has a superior arm and overall superior talent besides running the ball. With that said I dont think you can say that Bradford is way better. Smith has simply out performed him.

  75. 75 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:54 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    If bradford stays healthy so he can get some actually continuity in this league, probably won’t take him long to pass Alex’s level of QB play.
    Unfortumately good health ISNT a given and there is always a chance that injuries continue to keep Bradford from getting the continuity Neccessary to finally even come close to realizing his potential.. So it’s a risk, but if he can get thru this year healthy, I expect him to play well enough to be worth more than he is now
    Minimal continuity should allow him to pass alex smith’s level of play.

  76. 76 anon said at 4:56 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    much better teams, didnt he not throw a td to a reviewer like all year? Could you imagine if that happened here?

  77. 77 wee2424 said at 9:00 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    This year he threw I believe 8 to Maclin alone. The year prior is when that happened. Regardless while that is a shocking statistic he did manage to get TD’s to other skill positions while having a good season overall. Can you say Bradford ever had a good year? 2013 started out good but of course he tore his ACL.

  78. 78 anon said at 9:12 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Alex Smith has been in the league 10 years, before andy came he’d only thrown over 3k yards once, and has never thrown more than 3500 yds (sammy hit 3700 for the second time last year in only 13.5 games)

    Sammy Dollaz doesn’t have great stats, but you have to put them in the context of the teams he’s been on. But look at the difference Sammy game 1 last year and sammy game 16.

  79. 79 GermanEagle said at 8:51 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Re ‘two 2’s’ source please.

  80. 80 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:58 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Sal pal

  81. 81 GermanEagle said at 10:19 AM on May 13th, 2016:


  82. 82 RobNE said at 10:45 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    BGN, not sure of author. Too lazy to go there again.

  83. 83 GermanEagle said at 1:54 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I read that. And that guy (Andrew Brandt) BGN was referring to was only ‘guessing’ that the Eagles were asking for mulitple second round picks. So unless there’s a reliable source knowing this for a fact I wouldn’t care personally.

  84. 84 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:56 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Think PhillyMag has what you are looking for, in yesterday or the day beforeI posts

  85. 85 RobNE said at 3:16 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    yep who knows I shouldn’t believe anything I read on the Internets.

  86. 86 eagleyankfan said at 8:51 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    what would have happen to the money they gave Bradford as a signing bonus? I don’t blame HR at all for asking for the moon. Eagles still need a QB for about 2 years. Playing Chase – you might as well as admit you’re throwing away to years.

  87. 87 Fufina said at 10:35 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I think that is what they should have been asking for or something close to that. The Eagles front office think they can compete this year for a play off spot, now if that is true or not we will see (i think this roster is better than people think), but if you believe that then why would you trade away Bradford for less value?

    If Bradford wins the eagles 10+ games and wins a play off game at home then he will have a decent trade market next year and you will get something like 2 2’s in return. Both Howie and Doug would benefit hugely from having a playoff season to build confidence in both for the long term.

    Trading Bradford to the Bronco’s might have net the Eagles a 3rd round pick and $7mil in saved cap at the cost of giving up the chance to win the division, get far greater trade value in 2016 and the ability to sit Wentz an entire year. If you think we can win 10 games then i take a shot on the 2nd scenario giving better returns.

  88. 88 RobNE said at 10:44 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    well I was thinking value is higher now because of the contract (so much had been paid by the Eagles), so this year it’s $7M or whatever. Next year it’s not cheap and only one year, so only people like Chip would jump on that.

  89. 89 Fufina said at 10:49 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Think there are always desperate teams looking for a QB (see Texans 2016), and a contract which is actually very reasonable at $17mil with not much guaranteed makes Bradford a reasonably safe pick up that you can ‘risk free’ try before you buy long term. Tag for QBs is not unreasonable at the moment so you can let Bradford play out the year if you trade for him and then ‘commit’ to him in 2018 if he puts up numbers.

  90. 90 anon said at 11:59 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    What Bradford sucks, but 2 seconds (really two high thirds i guess)

  91. 91 Buge Halls said at 11:26 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I would have been happy with a two this year and a three next year. It’s easier for teams to swallow the deal if they spread it out over a few years (much like the Eagles did for Wentz).

  92. 92 Dude said at 2:54 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I think they kept him because Howie and Doug want to win, period. They both have much better job security if the W’s outnumber the L’s. If they have 2 losing seasons, the owner, the fans, and the media won’t care that we got 2 extra 2nd rounders. “We had a coaching change,” and “It’s Wentz’s first year as a starter,” won’t be acceptable excuses for Howie/Doug if they end up on the hot seat in year 3. That only works for Jeff Fisher.

  93. 93 RobNE said at 3:15 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    But it’s about the process! and championships, not possibly winning one playoff game.

  94. 94 quest4fire said at 9:23 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Lurie wants “collaboration” so that means –Lurie, Howie, Douglas and Pederson, so WHO makes the final decision? Sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen. If the event of a tie breaker, why would you want a Non-football guy (e.g. Howie or Lurie) making the final decision? Bill Parcells said it best, “if you want me to cook, at least let me buy the ingredients!”

  95. 95 Pedestrian said at 9:48 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    In regards to personnel, Howie makes the final decision. Lurie said that months ago. A guy like Douglas or Weidl help provide informed opinions that can help shape the decision. That’s what an organization does…hire smart people to help the decision-makers decide things.

    It sounds like you think one person makes these decisions in a vacuum…which defeats the purpose of having an organization at all.

  96. 96 Bert's Bells said at 10:17 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    As long as there aren’t “non-football guys” because, you know, understanding football is so complex that it takes a five year degree in Phys Ed to be a “football guy”.

  97. 97 since1961 said at 12:40 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Whaddaya mean? Didn’t Detroit LOVE Matt Millen?

  98. 98 RobNE said at 10:43 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    yep that worked out really well with Chip.

    It’s not too many cooks when there is a clear reporting line.

  99. 99 since1961 said at 12:37 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Worked great when Reid picked too. JJ anyone?

    Point is, everyone hits a few, everyone misses a fair number. Correlation of success with a specific background is unproven AFAIK. Screening out based on background is easy to do, but no support that it will produce better outcomes.

  100. 100 anon said at 11:58 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    And Lurie with tie breakers

  101. 101 Cafone said at 12:53 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Didn’t Bill Parcells say that before he started doing a bad job at picking players?

  102. 102 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:59 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Roseman of course. Is this even in doubt? They won’t come out and say it, because they enjoy this vague bullshit, but numerous times you hear Roseman say that this is all on him, and that the responsibility falls on him.
    He also talked about how the info would be funneled thru andy and Joe and the info would ultimately land on Rosemans desk, so it’s pretty crystal clear that Roseman sits on top of this totem pole

  103. 103 Gary Barnes said at 1:13 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Howie does. That has been as close to confirmed publicly as the Eagles are willing to acknowledge.

  104. 104 unhinged said at 2:20 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    As someone on this site pointed out a while back, the Giants FO chose Lawrence Taylor and the big tuna demurred. It is hard to envision Parcells having either of his two SB rings if LT had played somewhere else. Parcells’ appetite for FO status was never sated by NY, so he moved on and proved to most onlookers that his ability to create a hard-nosed, disciplined team were not contingent on his evaluation skills, in fact, quite the opposite. His ventures in FO gigs = no SB’s.

  105. 105 The original AG said at 10:40 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Also had Belichik on his staff for those SBs.

  106. 106 unhinged said at 6:35 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Excellent point. It has long been a question for me if Belichick and Tom Coughlin benefitted more from their time with the Big Tuna, or if they were just better HC’s than him. I always thought Parcells knew how to set a no-nonsense tone, and Belichick certainly has achieved that in NE, but Tom Terrific seemed to have some success in spite of what looked like a two-ring circus.

  107. 107 D3FB said at 4:23 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Except coaches are overwhelmingly awful scouts.

  108. 108 Tumtum said at 10:11 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Maybe they are bad at finding the right guys. I’m sure when presented a list of possible draftees they can be a pretty valuable resource for seeing which would fit their scheme best

  109. 109 Rambo said at 9:47 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    A few good clips of him @ WR which I’d never seen. I like this guy.


  110. 110 eagleyankfan said at 2:56 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    good stuff. my fav. longshot to make the team…

  111. 111 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:10 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    He claims that wanting to learn from Sproles was one of the factors in chosing to sign with us.
    Im Excited about the 3 UDFA DT’s we signed, and obviously the Guard. I think the Undrafted DTs are going to be the end of the brief Taylor Hart era. So hopefully, Roseman can find a team to take Taylor Hart and give us their 6th best Linebacker or 5th best offensive Tackle, playërs that another team was going to end up cutting in return, unless he can pull a rabbit out his ass and get a team like the steelers to give up a 7th round pick for Hart which I would think is unlikely.
    “the Stripper” Destiny Vaeao DT 6’4, 298lbs “impressed with his athleyicism at his pro day where he showed a 35.5 inch vertical that would have ranked #2 amongst DTs at the combine “-Roto
    Bêtween Destiny, Wujciak, and Shittu, I like our chances of finding an upgrade to Taylor hart for Schwartz scheme

  112. 112 1StikDik said at 10:11 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Who will be drafting the players? Executing draft related trades?

  113. 113 Anders said at 10:14 AM on May 13th, 2016:


  114. 114 Fufina said at 10:16 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    Howie in all likelihood.

    Joe Douglas will lead the team and coordinate with the coaching staff to construct the big board for the draft and free agency. Howie and Doug will then take that board and weight it for need and value and come up with the strategy for the draft and free agency.

  115. 115 1StikDik said at 10:50 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    I’m trying to figure out what the difference is between J.Douglas and say, T.Heckert. Lawlor seems to be saying the new H.Roseman is the difference. Douglas has the autonomy to hire and fire for the PD. Said department includes pro and college players. Does Howie still have a shadow scouting department? Will he arrive at draft day with his own player evals and agenda or is he actually collaborating this time? Howie has done an incredible job this spring but it seems to me he has always been a lone operator, mostly by necessity. Hopefully he has at long last achieved security, the kind of security that will not only procure players but also grow an organization. I’m already looking forward to the 2017 offseason.

  116. 116 anon said at 11:57 AM on May 13th, 2016:

    “Howie is different now”

  117. 117 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:09 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I don’t know if old power hungry Roseman would have been enthusiastic about hiring Joe and Andy, not because they ARENT extremely qualified for these jobs but because andy and Joe have a really strong pre-existing working relationship, and Roseman just lived thru getting usurped partly because it seems like Chip and Gamble were United against Roseman, and they would side together to overrule Roseman, which I assume had a big impact on Roseman firing Gamble which seemed to infuriate chip.
    Nice to see that Roseman is hiring the most qualified people, and actually values Andy and Joes strong working relationship, instead of worrying about front office politics and power struggles in the back of his mind
    If we aren’t seeing a “New” Howie, he is doing a pretty good job of faking it

  118. 118 1StikDik said at 2:22 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Yeah, I’ve always liked Howie even when he was the office boy. Its kind of crazy but we Philly fans are suppose to embrace the underdog. Seems to me Howie fits the requirements for our support.

  119. 119 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:29 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Beast when it comes to contracts. Expert cap architect…. If he can put together his best player personnel department to date and go on a 3-4 year stretch of above average player evaluation results there will be a lot to be excited about.
    It’s not like HOWIE is some old bill Polian 20 yr veteran set in his ways, he is a young man, and he is still young is his GM career.. hopefully it turns out that chip did us a favor humbling Roseman,forcing him to really grow.
    Where as im not sure being out of work for a week was enough to humble chip into making drastic changes that he needs to be successful. We are going to easily find out if Chip has evolved because he doesn’t have half the talent he Inheritted in Philly, and if he hasnt evolved, he will get humiliated in THAT division… Pete Carroll came to philly and put on a defensive clinic against chips offense.. And Bruce Arians hates Chjp as much as we do lol, he won’t hestitate to try and hang 60pts on chip if he can. I used to hate Bruce Arians, but now there is the “Enemy of our Enemy” sort of respect…
    HOWIE vs Chip, I like Our odds to have retained the one who Learned and grew the most from our recent failures/drama
    There will always be a move or two we don’t love, but for the most part, I think this will prove to be one of Rosemans best offseasons, doimg a solid job for laying the ground work for year 1 of the Pederson/Schwartz era….fingers crossed

  120. 120 Cafone said at 2:51 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Howie, of course, thankfully.

    Chip Kelly made a myriad of mistakes in Philly which we’ve been recounting for months now. But in the future I think his most glaring mistake will be not recognizing Roseman’s talent and not trusting him to handle player personnel.

  121. 121 1StikDik said at 3:04 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Yeah, I agree. Howie doesn’t get enough credit. I’ll digress… Only one of the players Chip moved had a good season last year, one J.Macklin. E.Marywitcz had a good draft last year. Alas, there had to be changes given Chips in ability to work with people. Fortunately Howie took his medicine, disappearared and returned a better man.

  122. 122 truehaynes said at 9:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    That’s not really true. Shady had almost 1200 yards of total offense in 12 games while dealing with injury, I don’t think you can say that he had a bad season

  123. 123 anon said at 9:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Think their other RB will take his job, shady was running between the 20s a lot when the other guy was healthy.

  124. 124 truehaynes said at 9:07 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    While true he still had a far better season than murray

  125. 125 anon said at 9:12 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    can’t argue with that.

  126. 126 truehaynes said at 9:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    In fact lesean had a better season last year than he did for us in his last year here

  127. 127 1StikDik said at 11:31 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    It is rare that a running back regains their mojo after a couple years of diminishing returns. LeSean will be 28y/o in July. His guarantee from the Bills was 2 million less than Murray received from the Eagles. Who wasn’t howling about that? Buffalo fans were initially happy with the trade – ecstatic is more like it – and then came the extension. Shady is at that point in his career where keeping him healthy will become more and more difficult. I wish my Buffalo friends were a little more optimistic about LeSean moving forward. They are always quick to reference Karlos Williams and Jonathan Williams as the future. Hopefully LeSean will be the runner he was in Philly. Buffalo fans are still stinging from the J.Peters trade.

  128. 128 Tumtum said at 10:09 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    For all we can knock Chip for, I will say that save MS2 the drafts have been pretty good in his years here.

  129. 129 wee2424 said at 10:20 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Ehhhh… His first was the best. Mathews only really came out of the second one besides Beu who was a good pick for the 7th round.

    Im not going to really pass judgement on Agholor untill after this season, but last year wasnt promising by any means. Rowe looks like a good player with Hicks as steal.

    His failure to only draft 1 OL in 3 years goes against him.

    I would say his draft grade is incomplete because you cant fairly judge last years yet, but if Agholor does bust then I cant say his drafts have been good overall.

  130. 130 anon said at 11:01 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Drafted probably 80 people in secondary seeing how bad our defense was, but agree. Secondaries get a lot of blame but if you’re going whole games w/out getting sacked your secondary is probably going to get toasted.

  131. 131 Tumtum said at 9:20 AM on May 15th, 2016:

    Taylor was set to start this year, Josh Huff is a player I like very much. He hasn’t contributed as consistently as some want, but his talent is clear. I think he will break out this year. Not 1200 yds or anything, but 6 to 8 as the alow guy.

    If if ags busts (does anyone really think he will?) Last year’s draft has already paid dividens. Does no one remember how good Evans and Shepard were last summer? Seems all but locked we will have a good slot cb out of the two.

    So yeah im really happy with the drafts.

  132. 132 wee2424 said at 7:23 PM on May 15th, 2016:

    Set to start doesn’t mean that he was a good pick. Casey Mathews was set to start at one point, Watkins was set to start at one point, etc.

    When Hart has been on the field in the past he was not impressive by any means. Bair outperformed him.

    Furthermore that is possibly a large mistake to say he was set to start. As I said above Bair outperformed him convincingly. If we kept the same D Bair might have been resigned and start over him.

    It was thought that Huff would possibly break out last year and he didn’t. He does have talent, but if he is not transferring it to the field then I would say he really isn’t that good. Every player drafted has talent, especially in the top 4 rounds. That is why they were drafted, because they have talent.

    In Kelly’s 3 drafts there HAS NOT been a pick after round 3 besides Allen that has stuck on this team, become a starter, a solid role player, or even ST player. That is horrible. The most difficult part of a draft starts after round 3. Kelly completely and utterly failed at that.

    2 out of 3 of his first round picks are a bust or appear to possibly be a bust. His only success was Lane Johnson who was taken 4th overall, which makes it considerably easier. It is very possible that if Jordan were available he would have chosen him. That would have made it 0-3.

    It also goes against him that OL was a huge need and besides his first pick as an Eagle he didn’t draft an OL.

    You can name the successes, but even for the NFL draft the negatives FAR outweigh the success.

    2013 was a good draft.

    2014 was horrible. Bust 1st round pick. Mathews was a great pick, I disagree on Huff, and the rest besides Allen was garbage. 2014 can be compared to 2011. 1st round bust, only 1 player to come out to be good and stick with the team. Granted Mathews at WR does play a more premier position then Kelce at C.

    2015 was better then 2014, but again possible bust in 1st round. I still think the jury is still somewhat out on Rowe. Hicks was a steal.

    If Agholor vastly improves, and Rowe proves this year that he is a good player then I will be willing to say that Kelly did better in the draft then I am admitting right now.

    If not then I would say he was not good in the draft.

    You cant just look at the individual players and say that, “he added good players, he drafted well”. You have to compare it to other teams that draft well. Unfortunately they don’t favorably compare.

    Again, the later rounds (4-7) is very big in the draft. He failed miserably at that. The best draft teams do good in those rounds.

  133. 133 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:55 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    It’s friggin impressive how Wentz commands a press Confrence, so polished in that regard.
    Unfortunately our trashy tabloid philly media spent the entire press Confrence asking Wentz about Bradford, and the kid was an absolute pro who never slipped up and gave the trashy media a negative answer they could run with.
    Well done yoûng fella

  134. 134 Dude said at 2:37 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I couldn’t agree more; Wentz did really well. I agree that Philly media is trash, and I think Wentz threw them a little off balance by how well he handled the Bradford questions. I actually expected them to harp on it a little more than they did, but they didn’t seem to smell any blood in the water. Good job Carson.

  135. 135 peteike said at 4:05 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Im still irritated at how Deion said he seemed uptight when he interviewed him after being drafted. Carson immediately was like, Im not uptight (I think you meant that other QB that went ahead of me deion). He seems really comfortable in all these clips since being drafted.

  136. 136 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:15 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    He seems more comfortable at a press Confrence than FOles was After 10 games of starting experience.
    And his ability to already shutdown the medias attempt at getting him to say something negative that they can use to create Drama is also very promising. VICK was pretty good at press confrences, Wentz shows signs of not having the passive aggressive nature we used to see from McNabb, which doesn’t play well in this city,.. Obviously it’s still very early and he will be tested during some hard times, but so far everything is very positive and promising when it comes to having what it takes to handle the media in this city

  137. 137 wee2424 said at 10:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Vick did surprisingly have good press conferences and handled the press well overall with us. I appreciated how he would never really blame anyone but still found a way to be honest at times. Sometimes when certain players interview after a loss you walk away wondering if they really cared that they lost. You could tell that it bothered Vick. I really respected that in him.

    Vick made horrible mistakes but you could really see the growth in him and he did repent for his mistakes. It actually surprised me how much he grew as a person, leader, and player.

    That 2010 season was awesome. Was really disappointed when he wasn’t able to carry that over to the following year.

  138. 138 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:43 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Few men I respect more than VICK when it comes to transforming themselves into a better a human.
    He spoke really well at press confrences, the problem with Vick’s press confrences, is he became a little too good at knowing what we want to hear. And his words rarely matched up with his actions,… For example, he would go on these rants about how he has finally learned that he has to protect himself and he can’t continue to let everyone down with his injuries that could have been avoided had he protected himself, yet his actions never would match up with him saying exactly what we wanted to hear from him…. But he does command a press Confrence really well, looks comfortable up there..

  139. 139 wee2424 said at 5:32 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    I just think when he got his competitive juices flowing he couldn’t protect himself. You try and make Vick a safer player then you are taking away the Vick that everyone loves.

  140. 140 wee2424 said at 10:00 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    The FO has probably prepared him for that. Not trying to take anything away from him.

  141. 141 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:20 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Im sure they prepare every QB for press Confrence, yet some still handle it better than others

  142. 142 wee2424 said at 5:29 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    While I am sure every team attempts to prepare its QBs for press conferences, I think its apparent that the Birds put more effort into it then other teams.

  143. 143 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:28 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Espn is showing Wentz live from Eagle practice

  144. 144 GermanEagle said at 1:43 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Just saw that when I was having my usual Stella at my usual spot in Midtown Manhattan on a Friday.

  145. 145 sonofdman said at 2:24 PM on May 13th, 2016:


  146. 146 sonofdman said at 2:27 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Or to go more modern:


  147. 147 RobNE said at 3:13 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    and?!? how does he look? future hall of famer or future GOAT?

  148. 148 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:23 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    It was crappy. They showed like a minute of it and you could only see his footwork, they weren’t showing the WRs catching his passes.
    Sal pal was exaggerating, Going crazy raviing about the infectious energy that he hasnt seen a QB bring to the QB position in Philly since early in Donovan’s career, Sal pal trying to start troubke saying that playërs are going to gravitate towards Wentz creating a problem for bradford, and Pressuring Doug to play Wentz… It would be awesome if Wentz turns out to be that good. But Sal Pal is absurd getting carried away like that over Wemtz first Practice with a couple of other rookies

  149. 149 laeagle said at 4:42 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Sal Pal is a piece of poo

  150. 150 Rambler said at 4:51 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Why must you speak bad of poo like that?

  151. 151 wee2424 said at 9:58 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Sal Pal is simply saying what he knows will garner views. I cant stand him. He isn’t a real reporter/insider. Just someone that knows what to say to get people to listen to him and the average fan to believe and get all riled up.

  152. 152 Gian GEAGLE said at 10:46 AM on May 14th, 2016:


  153. 153 Cafone said at 3:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Howie Roseman has made two hires that everyone seems to love. So, if these guys do not work out, will the same people applauding the move now be demanding that Roseman is fired for making the wrong decision?

    Of course! People that applauded the move to bring in Chip Kelly demanded that Howie be held accountable for that move when it didn’t work out.

  154. 154 unhinged said at 3:27 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Last say on any HC hiring must certainly be the owner’s. I never thought HR should have been credited with Kelly’s hire (I know he played a key part), and I never thought he should have been held responsible for Kelly’s dismal attempt at GMing.

  155. 155 BlindChow said at 4:12 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Yeah, that’s a bizarre straw man argument…

  156. 156 wee2424 said at 9:53 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    To be fair we do have to wait more then 1 season to really judge. That is something that is very difficult for most fans unfortunately.

    Lurie has rightfully absorbed most of the blame for hiring Kelly and giving the power to him that he did. Kelly is not on Howie, and I have not heard anyone put that on Howie. Not sure where you are hearing that.

  157. 157 Lord of the Rings said at 3:25 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Carson Wentz speaks so well…..

  158. 158 Sean Stott said at 4:11 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Kind of sounded like a robot to me.

  159. 159 James said at 4:14 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Dude, you must have some fuckin sweet robots. Can I get one?

  160. 160 Bert's Bells said at 4:21 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    First thing I’d do with my Carson Wentz robot -give it boobs.

  161. 161 ACViking said at 5:00 PM on May 13th, 2016:


    Maybe that should be the second thing you do.

  162. 162 Will:Howie is Nino Brown said at 7:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    It’s a process

  163. 163 Rockedupeaglesfan said at 8:29 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    trust the process

  164. 164 Rambo said at 2:48 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Win the day??

  165. 165 A_T_G said at 6:10 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    That is so disturbing.

  166. 166 ChoTime said at 7:44 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Just don’t say you want to shag it rotten.

  167. 167 daveH said at 7:42 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Marina and the Diamonds. Song is quotation marks I am not a robot quotation marks. But she is a robot and she’s smoking hot.

  168. 168 b3nz0z said at 4:52 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    articulate ginger

  169. 169 anon said at 5:14 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    i thought he was very well spoken, for a white guy. [total jokes]

  170. 170 izzylangfan said at 4:52 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    So, did Sam Bradford make a business decision or did he throw a hissy fit?

  171. 171 SteveH said at 5:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Why not both?

  172. 172 wee2424 said at 9:50 PM on May 13th, 2016:


  173. 173 mtn_green said at 5:12 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Curious if there are any success stories from a franchise trading a boatload of picks for a QB at pick 1 or 2?

  174. 174 Fufina said at 6:19 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Giants in 2004 trading for Manning? Think too much is made about it because the sample size is so small. The ‘cost’ to teams i also think is hugely over rated, Skins wiffed on RG3 and they are winning the division 4 years later and have a decently deep roster.

    Money we save on paying Wentz $6mil per rather than the league average of ~$20mil+ over the next 4 years can buy you back the starters you have lost giving up a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  175. 175 anon said at 6:33 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    “Skins wiffed on RG3 and they are winning the division 4 years later and have a decently deep roster.” Shows how a good GM can build a team in just 2 years. Roster is WAY stronger than it was two years ago.

  176. 176 Dave said at 7:09 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    It helps when they pick up a Pro-Bowl receiver and Pro-Bowl CB who were unexpectedly dumped from their teams with no compensation.

  177. 177 wee2424 said at 9:49 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Jackson yes, Norman no, for obvious reasons. I think the Norman signing is somewhat comparable to the Maxwell signing. I say somewhat because Norman is a superior player to Maxwell, but the signing does have some similarities.

    -Both really didn’t put more then 1 really good year together.

    -Both are coming from very strong defenses.

    -Both cost a shit load of money.

    I just don’t see Norman playing on the same level as he did last year without being on that Seattle D. We have seen plenty of very good CBs leave very good D’s and their play suffer because of that.

    I think Norman will be a good CB for them but because of his drop off in play will not be worth the cash. His contract can very well be more detrimental to the team then his level of play is beneficial, especially if they sign Cousins to a long term deal next off season.

  178. 178 Dave said at 8:05 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    “I just don’t see Norman playing on the same level as he did last year without being on that Seattle D.”

    Panther’s D

  179. 179 wee2424 said at 9:39 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    The reason they won the division also has a lot to do with the fact that they drafted another QB that same year in case what happened did actually happen. Smart move that was criticized at the time but clearly worked for them. Lucky it did as well considering most 4th round QBs don’t pan out.

  180. 180 BlindChow said at 6:49 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I bet trading a bunch of picks makes the QB worse than if he had just been drafted by the original team.

  181. 181 Rambo said at 9:32 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    LOL RIGHT!!! Smh

  182. 182 mtn_green said at 1:29 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    So the brain trust of igglesblitz can’t come up with a single success.
    The weird thing is that there have been thousands of articles written by eagles media and bloggers and not one has thought to find one success story?

  183. 183 BlindChow said at 11:32 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    The success rate is the same for any QB drafted early, doesn’t matter if someone traded up or not (i.e, the odds aren’t great either way). The team just has to trust their evaluation of the player.

    I mean, I guess you’d have a point if the goal of football was to only do things the way they’ve been done before.

  184. 184 iceberg584 said at 1:53 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    I guess you could make the argument that the act of trading up deprives the team of current and future draft picks, in theory making it more difficult to build a winning team around the quarterback.

  185. 185 BlindChow said at 3:11 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Yeah, that’s true.

    Though I wonder how many failed traded-up quarterbacks showed the ability to be a franchise guy, but were undone by the lack of a single 1st round pick the following year, and an additional 2nd the year after that…

  186. 186 RobNE said at 12:33 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    it’s rarely done, so you have a SS problem even if you look at when it has been done. If the team picking is awful and there is a clear cut QB prospect, most times you can’t convince that team to trade at all.

    You can’t conclude that because we don’t have an example at hand, therefore this plan won’t work. You can conclude it, but I don’t think it’s a correct theory.

  187. 187 Lord of the Rings said at 8:18 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    yeah Eagles 2016-17 season.
    it’s going to be one for the books

  188. 188 Cafone said at 6:47 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Just watched the Nolan Carroll highlights video on the Eagles website. Dude looks like a pro bowler. http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/videos/videos/Highlights_The_Best_Of_Nolan_Carroll/d281edbc-0f84-435b-9752-8483765560b6

    I guess its a few months old, but it came on after the Wentz practice highlights.

  189. 189 Dave said at 7:06 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    He looked pretty good until November. Once November came, he gave up three TDs against a rookie QB for the Bucs and then Matt Cassel targeted him nine times in the same number of snaps, allowing six receptions for 102 yards and one touchdown.

    There is a reason he got a 1 year contract for less than $2.4M with no long-term commitment.

  190. 190 wee2424 said at 9:36 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    The defense in general fell apart in that span. While he didnt play well at all those 2 games it was also a lousy group effort. A much improved pass rush should help him. That and him having more safety assistance as opposed to Jenkins being in the slot on plenty of occasions.

    Im going to assume Schwartz doesn’t play his safeties in the slot nearly as much as Davis. He probably views that skill as more of a luxury then a necessity.

  191. 191 Dave said at 8:10 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    There is not playing well, and there is being a downright liability on the field. Carroll was emulating Bradley Fletcher’s horrific play during that stretch. Teams just kept targeting him over and over again and he couldn’t stop them, and it’s not like Winston and Cassel were Pro Bowl QBs. It was alarming.

  192. 192 anon said at 11:19 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    cassel had billy d’s number

  193. 193 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:09 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    burn the lions and Bucs game tapes… They weren’t an accurate depiction of our team. Seems to me that the team got completely demoralized by Bradfords injury and flat out quit on sanchez
    We were obviously not a good team, but we were better than what we saw for that two game stretch of Embarressing football.
    We got off to a good start against Miami, Bradford got hurt, and the entire team imploded, miami comes back and beats us. The Demoralized team completely quits on Chip and Sanchez, we get slaughtered by the Bucs and Lions in two of the times I was most embarressed to be an Eagle fan, Bradfird comes back, and the rest of the players decided to start playing again…. Think the lion/Bucs debacle was a clear indictment of how little this team thought of Sanchez…. Playërs never quit like that on Bradford

  194. 194 wee2424 said at 9:31 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Everyone looks like a pro bowler when you watch their highlights.

  195. 195 daveH said at 7:40 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Got lost in that story. I gave up. However, I did read it twice just because the sheer volume of knowledge is so damn impressive.! That was awesome.

  196. 196 anon said at 8:57 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Eagles reporters twitter going to make this offseason unbearable. Sometimes i hate eagles beat reporting.

  197. 197 Dave said at 9:03 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    That’s like saying, sometimes I hate going to the dentist.

  198. 198 Media Mike said at 8:30 AM on May 14th, 2016:


  199. 199 Gian GEAGLE said at 10:54 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Even worse is CSN coverage of the Eagles … It’s like our local sports TV station hates us and is purposely trying to hire the biggest imbeciles they can find to provide us our Eagle news…. When they put morons like Dereck Gunn, Amy Fadool, ESP, I have to question if some Exec is doing this on purpose, sticking us with the biggest morons he can find.

  200. 200 ACViking said at 2:07 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Baffles me why some TV Exec would think that Amy Fadool is most qualified to do Eaglles coverage for such a passionate eagle hungry fanbase.

    CSNPhilly — like the NFL — is trying to attract female viewers and casual male viewers. Not hard-core Eagles fans.

    Women and casual male viewers offer CSNP the best means for expanding its viewership. And thereby raising advertising revenues.

    Not sure it could be less “[b]affl[ing.]”

  201. 201 wee2424 said at 9:16 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    Anyone else think Dwight Freeney would be a damn good signing. Cant be to expensive. He is 34 I believe, but in 11 games last year had 8 sacks. If it werent for injury he was on pace for over 10 sacks. Seems like with his speed off the edge he would be a perfect fit for the wide 9. Yes, he does still posses plenty of speed, and his go to spin move is still deadly. Just watch some of his tape from last year and you can see he still has it.

    To keep him fresh and hopefully injury free you would only put him in on mostly known passing downs. Combination of him, Graham on the outside, Cox, and Curry on the inside could be devastating to a passing game. I say Curry on the inside because he is a better pure rusher then Logan and does have some experience being moved around and playing there on some occasions.

  202. 202 anon said at 9:58 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    one thing he might want more than money is *contender*. Wasn’t he on arizona last year? He was only guy producing sacks especially after honey badger got hurt, thought that was the downfall of that defense.

  203. 203 wee2424 said at 11:00 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    True. I guess it really depends on his faith in the new coaching staff. I just feel as though Schwartz’s D is the perfect match for him and hopefully that is something that could swing him to wanting to join. Sometimes the perfect fit can extend a career.

    The FO and coaching staff would really have to sell him on a good pitch, but I believe the tools are there for them to do so.

  204. 204 anon said at 11:02 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    You are right Jimmy should attract some vets.

  205. 205 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:00 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Adding Sweeny could get in the way of MS2 and McCalister…. Maybe if we were contenders it would make some sense, but at this stage. We need to BUILD, pointless to make short sited additions that may not be in the best interest of our long term “building”
    Schwartz needs to weaponize MS2’s talent… It’s time for Marcus to step up

  206. 206 Tumtum said at 10:04 PM on May 13th, 2016:

    I would not be unhappy at all.

  207. 207 Media Mike said at 8:30 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Absent a trade of a current , I’m not sure if they add a vet DE.

  208. 208 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:14 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Yeah it’s one of the last positions we need to add a veteran at

  209. 209 Gian GEAGLE said at 10:44 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    No. We don’t have room for him, time for MS2 to get his career started.
    I do like Freeney enough to not want him to become a cowboy, hope he stays with the Cardinals and helps murder chips QBs this season

  210. 210 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:29 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    not much talent left on the FA market
    Anquan Boldin
    Roddy White is still without a job
    Jahri Evans
    Arian Foster… Surprised Chip hasn’t signed him. never met an injury he didn’t like
    Chris Polk is still unemployed
    FB John Kuhn
    riley Cooper
    Scott Chandler TE
    Will Beaty OT
    Louis Vasquez OG
    Ben Grubbs
    Donald Butler LB
    Mufasa LB
    Casey Mathews
    Justin Durrant LB
    Leon Hall CB
    ANTONIO Cromartie
    Baccari Rambo Safety
    Louis Delmas knees are a mess
    Shilo Keo

  211. 211 Anders said at 12:20 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Some of those guys could still play a year or two of a team needs a good veteran

  212. 212 Rockedupeaglesfan said at 1:06 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Seeing Cooper, Ajiratutu, and Austin out of work is a reminder of the mess Chip made of our WR situation

  213. 213 daveH said at 4:24 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Freeney, Boldin & Polk

  214. 214 wee2424 said at 7:10 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    I wouldn’t mind having Rambo just for the name. Admittedly I don’t know a damn thing about him.

    Boldin and White are just old and are comparable to the talent we already have at WR at this point in their respective careers.

    The OL aren’t worth it. Would much rather roll with the young guys we have.

    Chandler would be nice if we didn’t have Celek, Ertz, and Burton.

    Delmas knees are a mess like you said.

    Out of the LBs I would choose Mufasa. Wont happen, but if he were willing and the price was right I would love to have him back as backup MLB considering the lack of depth at that position.

    Freeney is by far at the top of the list, especially considering the perfect fit with his skill and our scheme. He may be old but 8 sacks in 11 games is impressive. They aren’t fraudulent numbers. Watching him you can see that the skill, speed, and explosion are still there.

    I remember watching him last year (forget game) and his go to spin move is still very impressive to watch.

  215. 215 增达信购 said at 12:04 AM on May 14th, 2016:


  216. 216 A_T_G said at 12:33 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    From Spuds interviewing Agholor:

    Nelson: Well, it goes back to our OC.

    Spuds: ROC?

    N: Yeah, you know, coach. Frank Reich?

    S: Oh, Reich – R, And Pederson – P? What about Greg Lewis?

    N: Well, sure, Greg is the man.

    S: So…ROCG maybe?

  217. 217 iceberg584 said at 9:33 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    I was listening to this interview this morning and I was so confused during this part of the clip.

  218. 218 A_T_G said at 10:39 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Spuds was trying so hard to agree with him and understand the hip new lingo the kids are using that he didn’t realize Nelson was using English and some words make the same sounds as letter names.

  219. 219 iceberg584 said at 10:57 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    Yeah, once I read your transcript, it made sense what was happening. But on an exercise bike and without looking at the video, it was a bewildering exchange.

  220. 220 anon said at 4:56 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    The “articulate” agreement keeps rearing its head in real life.

  221. 221 anon said at 11:01 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    “He reminds me of a Tom Brady because Tom Brady is great at those mediocre passes,” Peterson said. “Those short passes and midrange passes and that’s exactly what Teddy does as well. He’s the type of guy that needs the receiver that runs routes and that’s at a specific location that you’re practicing. So I feel like with the additions that we’ve made to the offensive line and of course me envisioning what I’ll be able to bring to the offense as well I think that’s going to make his job a lot easier. With that he’ll feel more comfortable and he can really get back there and just play his game. So I’m expecting big things from Teddy this year.”

  222. 222 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:13 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    The way Carson Wentz walks up a flight of stairs reminds me so much of Joe Montana, the way he wipes his ass has an uncanny resemblance to Dan Marino

  223. 223 RobNE said at 12:28 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    who the hell is Teddy? Bridgewater?

    if you are going to make up quotes get the name right. It’s spelled Bradford.

  224. 224 anon said at 1:08 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Sorry this is a quote from All Day

  225. 225 A_T_G said at 2:04 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    And he described Tom Brady passing as mediocre?

  226. 226 RobNE said at 2:35 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    maybe you should post that on the Vikings board.

  227. 227 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:12 AM on May 14th, 2016:

    junior Gallett vs Eagle fans Twitter war… Smh

  228. 228 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:12 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Jalen Mills was peppered with questions yesterday by the philly media, he did a pretty good job, stood tall, did not shy away from any of the tôugh questions. Claims that they are starting him off at CB.
    Wendall Smallwood again was asked about the anti philadelphia tweets. Is the best use of our limited media access really asking the kid about a tweet he posted as a teenager years ago? And after already addressing it at his introductory pressconfrence, how many more times is it ok for the media to ask about it? I want to know who was the loser media dork that was digging thru his tweets from 5 years ago to begin with? Essentially, a teenager tweeted something stupid like “Philly Sucks!” And the media of one of the most passionate fanbases starved for every bit of Eagle coverage we can get, wastes it’s time on childish crap like this? Does the media ever get held accountable? They are supposed to be a conduit to the fans, yet half the time they cover the team like a tabloid trash, and don’t represent the real interest of the FANBASE.. I don’t how many franchises have a more interested following than the Eagles do. Millions of fans that care so much about learning as much as they can about their teams yet half the time the media disrespects us, wasting their limited access on clickbait trash that the fanbase really doesn’t care about . Do reporters ever get held accountable for wasting their access? Did a reporter really think that asking smallwood about a silly tweet AGAIN was the most interesting topic fans care about? How many more times will the media be allowed to ask about this tweet after smallwood already addressed it head on, on two seperate occassions? Funny that a reporter trying to create drama thinks that a silly tweet is more imteresting/serious than an intimidating witness charge, although both have been adequately addressed and shouldn’t be fair game for the media to ask about, unless a media member uncovers new info about it of course, which they clearly haven’t.
    Now we are subjected to seeing the national media try and fabricate a QB contreversy all summer, even tho I get the impression that most eagle fans, understand that Bradford will be the QB this year, and don’t feel like it’s the end of the world if Wentz spends a year learning on the bench. So much of the Eagles coverage will be wasted on Wentz vs. bradford all summer. And the few good media members we have get poached by the national media, And then reassigned to cover some other franchise, while we are left with the ESP’s, Derreck Gunns, Jeff Mclanes,Les Bowans….one of the most passionate supportive fanbases in pro sports deserves better. all you need to know about the state of terrible Eagkes coverage is that one of very best sources of Eagles coverage (igglesblitz) comes from a Man who is no where near Philadelphia, and has minimal access to the team or its players. Yet majority of the media who have access to the players every week aren’t half as informative as Igglesblitz… That’s pretty sad. I can’t imagine the level of Eagles coverage Blitz would provide if Mr. lawlor had the access to playërs andy coaches consistently like worthless ESP or trashy Jeff McLane

  229. 229 A_T_G said at 2:07 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    I found Jalen least impressive of the new guys I heard so far. Is it racist to say that he was inarticulate? It was all cliches overlapping other cliches and sounded like he was reciting from the notes page his agent made him.

  230. 230 daveH said at 4:17 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    No its not

  231. 231 D3FB said at 5:05 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    The “it’s my word against hers and people always believe the women” quotes were troubling.

  232. 232 Greg Richards said at 5:54 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Depends on what actually happened. If he was innocent and had his draft stock and reputation sullied by a false accusation, I don’t blame him for being bitter.

    As far as the part about people always believing the women, it may not be politcally correct but it’s not as if it isn’t true.

  233. 233 D3FB said at 6:00 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Yea his GF is powerful enough to KO a woman and give her 4 stitches. Totally.

  234. 234 Greg Richards said at 12:21 PM on May 15th, 2016:

    There are women quite capable of knocking another woman out and causing the need for 4 stitches(upon hitting the ground). As you said, he was probably a 4th/5th round pick without the incident. 4th/5th round caliber talent is a dime or dozen. Even without being conclusive at all, the situation could be enough to drop him to the 7th round.

    As far as DAs and cops in college towns, there is some truth in what you say. It’s all true that there are plenty of cops who take the position that no matter what to assume that the male is guilty and arrest them or force them to leave their residence regardless of the evidence or lack of.

  235. 235 RobNE said at 2:34 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    I watched the Wentz presser and it was awful, everything is a gotcha question. Have you talked to Sam? no. ok but when you do, that’s going to be awkward right? no. ok but how do you try to establish yourself as a leader with Sam there?

    I turned it off. I thought he handled it all well.

  236. 236 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:13 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Yeah it’s a shame such a promising young man was subjected to crap like that. I’d rather the Eagles not even make him available to the media, if the media has no interest in talking about anything other than $ammy Dollaz. You are right, they basically tried to Bait him the entire time. Disgraceful, and embarressed that this is one of the first impressions we are giving to this kid about life as an Eagle

  237. 237 OakBrigade said at 7:16 PM on May 14th, 2016:

    Maybe his age is seen as a big factor. For good and bad.
    I think he is very good in what he do, but still has some to grown.