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Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox both played in the 4-3 as rookies. It was a 1-gap, attacking defense similar to the one that Jim Schwartz will run this year. Cox had a great position coach in Jim Washburn, but only had him for part of the season. Kendricks had a solid LB coach in Mike Caldwell.

Both Cox and Kendricks suffered due to the defensive coordinator shuffle. Juan Castillo wasn’t doing a great job at the beginning of the year, but things went awry when he was fired at the bye week. Todd Bowles took over the defense and tried to change the scheme to something he preferred. Making changes on the fly proved to be a bad idea and the whole defense just fell apart. Still we could see that Cox and Kendricks were talented players.

Let’s take a look back at Cox and Kendricks playing in the 4-3.

I’m excited to see the Eagles running the 4-3 defense once again, and also with a proven DC who knows exactly what he’s doing.


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  1. 1 Back to the 4-3 - said at 11:09 PM on June 5th, 2016:

    […] Tommy Lawlor Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox both played in the 4-3 as rookies. It was a 1-gap, attacking […]

  2. 2 Iggles Nation said at 11:23 PM on June 5th, 2016:

    Hoping for big bounce back years for both these guys. I hope the extra weight can keep MK on the field this year. Cox ain’t coming back until he’s paid, we’re good as long as it’s before training camp. This defense has some really good pieces if they can stay healthy. And I actually think we’ll be fine at CB Rowe looks good, Mckelvin looks good, and Carroll played well last year. Also excited for Sheppard and Mills

  3. 3 wee2424 said at 12:13 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I share the same optimistic view as you regarding the CBs. Carroll was really a huge signing for us depth wise at CB. This group could be a lot better then what people are assuming they will be. They have talented safties behind them and a DL that should generate a lot of pressure. These are things that can make an average CB group play at a higher level.

    I don’t think MK gaining weight will help him with the injuries. His injuries are leg injuries. Hamstring, calf, and so on. Its not from him being too small to constantly hold up against opponents.

  4. 4 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:21 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    No idea who wins the nickel spot, I assume Brooks, nolan, JaCorey and Mills are all in the mix

  5. 5 wee2424 said at 7:41 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    You don’t think that McKelvin could very well play there? He is after all the most experienced and accomplished at that position.

  6. 6 BobSmith77 said at 12:51 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Their safety play better carry the secondary because the CBs are really underwhelming. I’m hoping Rowe shows he is a capable starter and the rest aren’t horrible this year.

  7. 7 wee2424 said at 7:35 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I think Rowe will show to be a solid starter this year. After initial struggles last year he seemed to be a solid starter, and CBs generally struggle immensely their rookie year. Carroll was solid last year, and McKelvin has been solid throughout his career with his best year being under Schwartz. The only exciting part about our CBs is to see how much Rowe has progressed, but with that said it is still a solid group. One that should be greatly assisted by the safeties and our pass rush.

    Its very feasible to state that this may be our best group of CBs in some years now.

  8. 8 Anders said at 7:24 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Bounce back year for Cox? He just had his best season and was selected to the pro bowl

  9. 9 Iggles Nation said at 11:37 PM on June 7th, 2016:

    Yea my bad clearly didn’t mean that. Cox is an animal, and he’s going to be even better in the 4-3.

  10. 10 wee2424 said at 12:06 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Should be fun.

  11. 11 James said at 12:32 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I must have been the only Eagles fan that was quite excited when we moved to a 3-4 scheme. Other teams had been using it very well, the idea of having interesting LB play was intriguing after years of Reid undervaluing the position; most importantly I didn’t like playing against 3-4 teams on Madden.

    Now it’s the end of the Chip Kelly era. I am more than happy to be switching back to the 4-3. Any interest in the 3-4 scheme has been expunged from my body over the last 3 years.

  12. 12 wee2424 said at 12:48 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I can’t say I was excited about the switch to the 3-4, but I can say I was intrigued. The 3-4 has the ability to really come up with some interesting game plans and to really confuse an O.

    I hated how the safeties were consistently used, and I felt as though the Birds should have sought out a pure pass rushing OLB. Didn’t mind the 2 gap concept. It is effective against the run. I just didn’t like how it limited our best D player (Cox) when it came to rushing the QB, and how it kept our best pure pass rusher (Curry) from getting on the field.

    Thornton was the 1 player from the Reid era that was purely meant for the scheme.

  13. 13 Media Mike said at 5:10 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    “Thornton was the 1 player from the Reid era that was purely meant for the scheme.”

    Nice signing Dallas.

  14. 14 Anders said at 5:58 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I would say that premise is purely wrong consider Thornton was an attacking 1 gap player in college who signed here as an UDFA because of Jim Washburn.

  15. 15 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:16 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Silly facts

  16. 16 Media Mike said at 3:37 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    On one have we have this
    that totally verifies your point.

    But this
    “With the Eagles switching to a 4-3 defensive front under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, Thornton’s value was harder to gauge. He could play tackle, as he did his rookie season, but all of his experience as a starter was in a 3-4 scheme.

    Thornton has four career sacks, one in each of his seasons, and has been a consistent run-stopper with 120 solo tackles.”


    throws the appropriate amount of shade at Dallas for taking our sloppy seconds and overpaying him to be out of position.

    So I’m sticking with anybody that we choose to let go (unless I said keep the guy) will be diminished on his new team.

  17. 17 wee2424 said at 7:43 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I really don’t see as to what he is going to do for them.

  18. 18 PORCH MONKEY said at 8:48 AM on June 6th, 2016:


  19. 19 Media Mike said at 5:09 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I hated it. This isn’t a 3-4 town.

  20. 20 A Roy said at 5:53 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    This isn’t a 2-gapping town. It’s an “attack” town.

  21. 21 Anders said at 5:57 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Which is funny because the Vermeil Eagles was a 3-4 team

  22. 22 Media Mike said at 3:30 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    That goes back prior to my time following the team closely. He was hired before I was born (1977 birth year), so all I know of Vermeil was that he cried and choked a lot of playoff games. The resurrection he performed from the McCorrmick / Williams / Kuharic trash was before my time.

    I see our D as Buddy/Bud/Johnson; so keep 4-3 rolling!

  23. 23 A Roy said at 5:53 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    The problem wasn’t the 3-4, it was how it was executed as a 2-gapping defense. Look at the tears that have given us fits over the years. Pittsburgh and Baltimore come to mind. The 3-4 is a better defense…with the right personnel. CK tried to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  24. 24 A_T_G said at 7:15 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Nope, I was very excited to see the 3-4 come to town, and I am excited to see it go.

  25. 25 Tumtum said at 8:03 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I was excited to have it. Now i dont care what scheme it is as long as it works.

  26. 26 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:19 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    There is a lot to like about the 3-4 and the 4-3 if you have the right coaches and players

  27. 27 D3FB said at 9:24 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    33 stack!
    33 stack!
    33 stack!

    Somebody just run the damn 3-3-5 as a base defense. Please. I need it in my soul.

  28. 28 Tumtum said at 1:09 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    It was really fun to use in Madden when I played that game!

  29. 29 Media Mike said at 5:08 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Switching to the 4-3 under Schwartz is going to be a very positive development.

  30. 30 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:39 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    This is for you buddy..
    “I’ve Really been excited about Kenjon Barner”-Doug Pederson lol PhillyMag has the article up with a bunch of other pro Barner quotes you can get excited about 😉

  31. 31 Tumtum said at 1:08 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Will believe it when I see him actually having a role on offense. Not saying I don’t like him. Just am not one to get hyped on “Sharks in the water”.

  32. 32 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:24 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    The RB situation confuses me,, all this Barner praise, wasting #1 reps on him at OTA’s, but is it really possible that we will keep 4 RBs? Even less likely since we keep 3 TEs, possibly 4 if The Pantale(whatever his name is) kid proves he can be Doug’s Fullback.
    I would assume that we wouldn’t expose Wendell smallwood on the practice Squad, and I don’t see any way that we cut/trade Ryan Mathews or SPROLES before the season. How likely is it that we keep 4 RBs? I really don’t know what to think about our real plan for the RB position this season
    Pederson is a former player, considered a players coach, I have a hard time believing he would screw a classy veteran Like SPROLES by cutting him in August. I would think Pederson would have had enough respect to cut SPROLES early this offseason to give him a Chamce to find a job with someone else.. And I don’t see how we could possibly afford to not keep Ryan Mathews for at least this one last season

  33. 33 Tumtum said at 1:49 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Something weird is going on with Sproles. There was talk that he was almost traded on draft night, and since then Doug said he has”mutually decided” to stay away.

    At face value it sounds like they don’t want him and want to get something back for him, so everyone involved wants to keep him away from injury while they look to move on. In reality who the hell knows what is going on.

    Very strange vibes. Not sure why no one seems to care.

  34. 34 Rellihcs said at 2:07 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Well once again, all we heard were rumors on the Internet. History has. Shown is that caring about those things as if they were fact, is a fools error… So what’s weird here?

  35. 35 Tumtum said at 3:16 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Ok ok Im getting off your lawn as fast I can.

  36. 36 Rellihcs said at 3:23 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Haha. I don’t own a shotgun no worries. But seriously, do you have any indication that any of those rumors are true? And if not, what is weird?

  37. 37 Tumtum said at 4:51 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Judging from the comments above people are reporting that he is going to show up soon, so I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

    If I recall correctly I read some quote from Doug in an article that Tommy linked to a few weeks back. There wasn’t a ton of context given either.

    Just remember scratching my head about why either side would not want the other.

  38. 38 wee2424 said at 8:04 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    You are really on a crusade today.

  39. 39 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:28 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I didn’t get that impression at all.
    Your post is the first time I heard that they “Mutually decided to stay away”. that’s not what I heard… FOles and the Rams mutually decided that he would stay away. We will see the differnce when FOles also stays away from Mandatory minicamp which clearly is not the case with SPROLES since he is here today.
    Everything I heard from Pederson was that this was Darren Decision and that Pederson understands where SPROLES is at this point in his career and Wasnt making a big deal about him missing 10 OTA practices.
    Its not automatically a problem every time a player decides to skip voluntary OTAs. It’s NOT ALWAYS a case of a player staying away as a form of protest or because he isn’t happy, Some veterans decide to excersize The “Voluntary” part of OTAs.., Cary Williams missed OTAs, yet he wasn’t looking for a contract, or trying to force a trade. The man was just a shopping for sconces lol, fighting for his right to “sconce”. Desean jackson just pissed away 500k roster bonus because he didn’t feel like attending OTAs, and he isn’t asking for a trade or a new contract. Even DEsean ISNT dumb enough to protest for a new deal at the age of 30 after the skins just drafted a WR in round 1…. Some times Players just feel like doing something else with their time instead of attending OTAs. There ISNT always a latent meaning
    Sure as fans we,hope that everyone shows up especially when we have a new coach/Offense, but I would like to think that Sproles can still perform even tho he missed 10 days of padless practice in May, It’s not like he has to get to know a new RB coach. Pederson claims that Duce and SPROLES are tight and have been,communicating all offseason every step of the way. Keeping SPROLES up to date.
    Pederson also emphatically stated that he wants Darren here, and that SPROLES will be an Eagle this year, and I don’t get the impression that Pederson lies when he makes statements like that. maybe a few years from now we will start to Pederson emphatically make statements that prove to be lies, but as a New coach, I believe him when he makes statements like that… The guy knows what it’s like to play and coach in this city, seems like he knows that lying to fans ISNT the best way to be welcomed into the city as a first time Head coach
    I would also think that he would have been traded or cut by now if that was what we were looking to do. I don’t see Howie and Pederson disrespecting a veteran and holding on to a veteran we don’t want This late in the offseason like classless Detroit is screwing around with Tulloch. Sproles doesn’t have enough trade value to warrant holding on to him screwing wifh the end of his career trying to get value for him
    At this point, I’d be really surprised if be isn’t on the field against the Browns week 1, which is why the RB situation confuses me. Is it really possible that Barner can look so good in training camp that we end up cutting SPROLES in August? It be great if Barner improves THAT MUCH, but I won’t hold my breath

  40. 40 Tumtum said at 4:48 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Yeah, it was something I read in an article Tommy linked a few weeks back. Really wouldn’t have been worried otherwise.

  41. 41 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:25 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Kelce was asked who has impressed him: “MIKE Martin has given tremendous effort each and every day. I would be doing him a disservice if I didn’t point out how much he has stood out in these OTA’s..
    Hoping that kid can prove to be a quality/underrated addition for us. I think he makes the 53 man roster

  42. 42 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:28 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Fletcher Cox flew into philly last night, hopefully it means he will report to Novacare today

  43. 43 eagleyankfan said at 8:40 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    That’s good news. Always split on these types of situations(player vs. team). Eagles(I think) still have two years where they can tag Cox. Cox doesn’t have a lot of leverage right now. Hoping he’ll take the mature approach….

  44. 44 Rellihcs said at 8:54 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    It’s not news. Twitter rumor plus geagle post does not equal news.

  45. 45 eagleyankfan said at 4:08 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I guess now it’s news 🙂

  46. 46 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:42 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Both SPROLES and Cox are practicing tomorrow.
    I think Nolan and JaCorey are also cleared to finally start participating in team drills….. Think Hicks is limited to individual drills this week, no team drills yet if im not mistaken (quad issue or something in his leg)

  47. 47 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:29 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Doubt it will be a big problem, considering Roseman most likely wants to get the deal done even more than Cox does, since HOWIE is no fool and im sure he realizes that it’s better to do it now. Instead of After he inflates his stats in a 4-3 this year… I’d be pretty surprised if he went into the season without a new deal, although because the team benefits (in terms of the salary cap) by doing the extension during the season instead of now, I guess there is a small possibility that they compromise and get the deal done now but wait TIL the season to officially execute the contract. A risky proposition but HOWIE and Cox agent allegedly have a really good relationship so maybe the two sides trust each other enough to work it out now, but wait TIL the season to make it official?…. But I would think there is like a 90% chance that the deal gets done this summer …
    Either way, Id be really surprised if Cox allows this to be a distraction to his team. He isn’t that type of cat,

  48. 48 Tumtum said at 1:05 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    The way I look at the Cox situation is that he is driving a Lambo around with only liability insurance. Keep that puppy in the garage.

  49. 49 Rellihcs said at 8:53 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    I hope so, but twitter is always right because it’s on the Internet right?

  50. 50 Buge Halls said at 10:09 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Just like some people are always smart asses because they are on the internet

  51. 51 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:15 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    No but im pretty sure Vinny curry is right about it lol….. Thanks for playing, come again

  52. 52 Rellihcs said at 12:41 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    What, how and when did Vinny say anything? Why are zero news outlets reporting this but you know better?

  53. 53 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:54 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Lol ok..

  54. 54 Rellihcs said at 12:57 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    What you got nothing?

  55. 55 Tumtum said at 1:03 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Silly rhetorical question. Anyone who questions the internet is un american.

  56. 56 eagleyankfan said at 9:01 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    in short — Huff said, “We didn’t have that last year” when talking about Greg Lewis’ way of coaching vs. last year. I get that it’s spring etc etc but it’s nice to read about players that have struggled the last year(or so) get a sense of direction that appeared to be missing when CK was in charge…

  57. 57 D3FB said at 9:22 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Bob Bicknell is not a good coach. He’s a very bad coach. I was honestly surprised Chip didn’t can his ass halfway through the season and move the QB coach (who was a career WR coach) out there and take over the QB room himself or just give it to Shurmur.

  58. 58 Dave said at 1:53 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    “Kelly has a deep almost brotherly relationship with Bicknell, whose father, Jack, was the long-time legendary Boston College coach. Kelly is an extended branch of the Jack Bicknell New England coaching tree.”

    Thankfully, he’s San Fran’s problem now…

  59. 59 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:48 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Bicknell was probably the worst coach on chips staff. So thankful we got Bicknell the heck out of here in time to give jordan, huff and Nelson a chance to reach their full potential. Very impressed with Jordan Mathews rookie and Sophmore season, thriving even tho we haven’t really seen much improvement out of our WRs under the tutelage of Bicknell
    If you are going to invest 3 premium top 100 picks in a position, you better have a quality position coach to trust with The development of young WRs we recently invested a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick on. thankful we only wasted a year or two of their career and hopefully Greg Lewis proves to be the coach who can take their games to the next level and help our youngins realize their full potential.
    Seems like G-lew did a decent job with the young WR of the Saints, brandin Cooks and even brandon Coleman looks like he has a chance of establishing himself as a starting NFL WR
    We didn’t just upgraded our WR coach, sounds like our WRs will be exposed to more pro style routes than what they had to work with in chips offense. No secret that chip DIDNT take advantage of the entire route tree, Thankful this change has come while it’s still early in the development of Jordan, Huff and Nelson. Hopefully Lewis proves to be the right coach who can bring stability to the WR room…. Undlin seemed to be a clear upgrade from Chips previous DB coach. hopefully Lewis proves to be a similar upgrade

  60. 60 iceberg584 said at 7:00 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Also, not that DeSean was easy to deal with, but I blame Bicknell for being unable to manage/control him during the 2013 season. I really point to the weird sideline blowup/confrontation between Bicknell and DeSean during the Minnesota loss (Jackson had 195 receiving yards and a TD in that game, by the way) as a watershed moment in Chip’s decision to move on. Was DeSean at fault in that situation. But a coach needs to make that relationship work somehow.

  61. 61 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:49 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Jordan Mathews says that The eagles playërs are watching film of The KC offense trying to envision how they will fit, and jordan thinks that using huff in a “DAT” role could be beneficial for the young WR… I actually think that role could fit Huff really well…. Who the hell could have ever guess that chip could draft his former players and use them so poorly?
    Still the biggest dissapoint of how chip used playërs was how poorly chip used Darren Sproles in the passing game, and chips lack of Immagination with a weapon of sproles Caliber…. We are talking about a weapon who used to catch like 90 balls a year, without looking at his stats, I’d be surprised if he caught more than 40 passes a season for us, and I blame Chip for that, NOT SPROLES.
    we know have an offense that really weaponized pass catching RBs like Brain Westbrook and Jamal Charles, SPROLES should be very excited about the scheme change….. Even tho Sprolesy is getting up there in age, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see his best year as an Eagle(in terms of offensive production, specifically in the passing game)
    SPROLES, Smallwood, Barner, Huff, should combine for some Big production via the passing game in our Hybrid weatcoast offense… Our RB’s should be much more weaponized in the passing attack than we saw under chip, and the speed upgrade we should get from Agholar and Givens should also provide a boost,and be enough of a deep threat to open up some space for our RBs catching passes underneath

  62. 62 truehaynes said at 9:35 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Cox’s highlight real showed me just how much his technique as a rusher has improved since he got here. Most of the plays he made back then came from his immense physical talent. Look at his highlights from this year and you see a dlineman who uses great technique combined with his physical talent to rush the passer. I don’t think there is a single guard in this league who can block him one on one. And if you try and double him on obvious passing downs your giving curry a one on one with the other guard which should be fun to watch. Can’t wait to watch the 4 man line of Graham Cox curry barwin get after it on 3rd and long

  63. 63 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:22 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    He clubs the shit out of defenders

  64. 64 truehaynes said at 12:23 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    And I love it. Still my favorite play of his season was where he just destroys incognito with that move

  65. 65 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:30 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    He made,Incognito look like a child… Cox vs Incognito was the REAL “Bully-gate”
    Whooped his ass so bad, he had Rex Ryan throwing Jerome Brown comparisons around

  66. 66 wee2424 said at 7:57 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Or when he shoved McCoy the the ground like he was a kid.

  67. 67 Ryan Rambo said at 12:56 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    The Cox Club?

  68. 68 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:26 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Hope someone makes a Cox highlight of all the offensive lineman he slapped around wifh his Club The last few years. Set The Highlight to the Ice Cube song “We be Clubbin”

  69. 69 Ryan Rambo said at 2:37 PM on June 6th, 2016:


  70. 70 Cafone said at 1:15 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Curry is lining up in the wide 9. I don’t think he will be getting one-on-ones with guards.

  71. 71 truehaynes said at 2:47 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I could see him getting kicked inside on obvious pass downs to get our best 4 rushers on the field

  72. 72 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:04 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Im sure we will see some of that, but probably only a small percentage of his 3rd down snaps. Expecting Curry to Flourish into our #1 DE under schwartz.
    Im really happy for Vinny, he has been a class act even tho chip was not even close to an Ideal situation for Curry. He played the good soldier the entire time, and im thrilled that he finally gets this opportunity to Thrive in a Big role under Schwartz… Hopefully BG, BARWIN and Curry all finish around the 10 sack mark, give or take a sack or two. I’ll be Dissapointed if he finishes with less than 8 sacks. He is too talented, this scheme fits him too well, And he gets to play with Cox which will keep extra blockers off vinny. Time for our DL to officially arrive on the national stage, take the next step and become respected as one of the Elite DLs in the league
    Watch our DL deliver a 2-0 record against the Giants this year

  73. 73 truehaynes said at 3:22 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    While I too expect him to lead our team in sacks, I think he is more effective rushing from the inside. He’s too quick for guards and it gives him a shorter distance to the qb.

  74. 74 wee2424 said at 7:56 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    He is most effective going around the outside with his speed, initial step, and hip dip.

  75. 75 wee2424 said at 7:54 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    I don’t think you are giving Logan enough credit by not mentioning him.

  76. 76 BobSmith77 said at 11:46 AM on June 6th, 2016:

    Kendricks has a lot to prove. I was really surprised that he didn’t get traded & got paid instead by Kelly. Arguably might have been the most surprising about face last offseason given how Kelly had criticized him the previous season along with all of the trade rumors linked to Kendrick.

  77. 77 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:18 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    We will know about Cox n Sprolesy soon, they need to be at Novacare at 1pm for their physicals

  78. 78 Nailed It! said at 12:33 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Sprolsey just showed up to the Nova Care

  79. 79 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:30 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Pederson claims “he was Told that Cox will show up today”

  80. 80 Tumtum said at 3:16 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Good to hear.

  81. 81 Nailed It! said at 2:26 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Cox is in the Nova Care per McLane

  82. 82 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:30 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    big dawg is in the building!!!

  83. 83 Rellihcs said at 2:30 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Great news.

  84. 84 Ryan Rambo said at 3:45 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    There better be alotta Cox @ Nova Care!!

  85. 85 OakBrigade said at 7:51 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Just resign him.

  86. 86 anon said at 9:43 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    Looking at the Cox video- jumps out to me how much of a beast T. Cole was at that period – he’s getting held like a newborn baby in half those plays.

  87. 87 anon said at 9:44 PM on June 6th, 2016:

    NBC Denver reports Aqib Talib “has told people close to him” he accidentally shot himself Sunday morning in Dallas. – so stupid.

  88. 88 ICDogg said at 10:39 AM on June 8th, 2016:

    So he Plaxico’d