Eagles Senior Bowl Update

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Busy day here in Mobile. We had 4 hours of practice, plus both Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas spoke to the media. They said plenty of interesting things and I’ll cover them on Thursday and over the weekend. For now I want to concentrate on the Senior Bowl itself.

My practice notes for Wednesday are here:



The Eagles talked to the following players after practice:

DE Jordan Willis
DE Keionta Davis

DT Dalvin Tomlinson

WR Taywan Taylor

They have now shown a clear interest in DEs. This is smart for a couple of reasons. First, the Eagles need some DE help. Brandon Graham had a terrific season, but the other starter, Connor Barwin, is going to be traded or released. Vinny Curry will start opposite of Graham in 2017, unless something crazy happens.

I know Curry was disappointing last year. He knows that too. I think injuries affected him all year, but there is no question that he must play better. I know he got a big deal, but Curry has been very disruptive in the past. This isn’t a guy you give up on after one down season. He is a proven performer, just not a proven high-level starter.

The other reason the Eagles are smart to look at DEs is that this class has several guys that are exactly what Jim Schwartz is looking for. He loves guys with length and some size.

Keionta Davis  6-3, 275

Tanoh Kpassagnon  6-7, 280

Daeshon Hall  6-5. 263

Jordan Willis  6-6, 253

Those are the kind of players Schwartz loves to have coming off the edge. They can eat up ground from the Wide-9 alignment and get to the QB in a hurry.

There are actually a lot of players in this class who fit what Schwartz is looking for. Some are developmental projects and others are more of a sure thing. It wouldn’t surprise me for the Eagles to try and add a couple of DEs to the mix.

As for Tomlinson, the Eagles might need DT help if Bennie Logan leaves in free agency. Tomlinson is a good, not great, prospect.

Taylor is a gifted WR. In a way, he is the anti-Agholor.

In the last 2 years, Taylor averaged 17 yards per catch.

He caught 17 TD passes each of the last 2 seasons.

Nelson Agholor wears number 17.

See the connection?

Okay, I’ll grant you that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’ve been sitting in the sun for most of the day and my brain is a little fried. I’ll be thinking more clearly when I get a few PBRs in my system.

Joking aside, there are several WRs I’ve seen in Mobile that I think could help the Eagles. None of these guys looks like a stud, but these players could be part of a good WR corps. I need to study Taylor more to figure out just how much I like him. Zay Jones has been very impressive. Ryan Switzer would be a terrific weapon in the slot. Cooper Kupp is interesting, but as I pointed out in the North notes…he is slow. Don’t look at him as a playmaker.


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  • Insomniac

    I would love to see us snag both Taylor and Jones. I think both guys could be good #2 WRs with Taylor having a higher ceiling. Taylor seems to be in the mold of guys like Kendall Wright/Stefon Diggs.

  • daveH

    Has Corey Davis moved up to top wr in the draft?

    • Koy: The Legend of Neckbeard

      Does the Pope shit in the woods?

      • daveH

        If he wants to

      • daveH

        No, de Pope is an over water type of guy

  • Anders

    I have to be honest, but I wouldnt be mad if the Eagles drafted OJ Howard.

  • PacificPurl

    Agholor was considered pretty good in university too. Remember?

    • Corry

      You’re right! Let’s stop drafting players who were good in college.

  • izzylangfan

    BPA, PBR – see the connection?

    • Corry

      Best PBR Available.

  • Corry

    Off topic from the Senior Bowl:. Carson Wentz will head to California to work with Tom House.


  • Ark87

    All these articles! I haven’t been on that frequently a few weeks ago, did I miss Baloophi’s annual Senior Bowl fund drive?

    • D3FB

      Balhoopi has been MIA. As I recall he and Mrs Balhoopi really love each other and there is now a tiny Balhoopi making goo-goo-gaa-gaa puns.

      • Ark87

        I heard, can we get the Igglesblitz stars (you, ATG, ACVIKING all likely have the most people following your posts) together and try to gather up some donations? We can’t recognize the people who donated like Baloophi did, but it still may add up to something

      • Ark87

        Also, how much would it cost us to send you to the senior bowl next year, or are you already there?

        • D3FB

          I’ll get down there eventually. Scheduling didn’t work out this year. My girl already thinks I’m weird, so I’m sure “hey babe I’m going to Alabama for four days to hang out with a bunch of other weirdos and stare at dudes in their underwear, ok bye” is going to be an interesting sell.

          • Ark87

            well let us know if you are planning the pilgrimage, would be great to see your notes from such an event, also it has to be a whole other experience to observe from field level.

          • P_P_K

            Why are women so oblivious?

          • Sb2bowl

            True love; just talk to her about hand size and she’ll really be okay with it.

            Trust me, I’m a professional

          • D3FB
          • Sb2bowl

            This is why I don’t let my wife near the NFL off season. But I bet those guys can’t eat a pizza like I can!!

  • eagleyankfan

    “At receiver, the Eagles could target someone more in the middle of the free agent class. Players like Kenny Britt or Pierre Garcon could be more realistic for Philadelphia.” (from Eagleswire). Yes, Eagles need upgrade at WR. Those 2 would be an upgrade, however, I hope they don’t go down this path. Not a fan of either one. Hoping they go younger and develop or give Alshon a shot…

    • kajomo

      I’m starting to really like the idea of Robert woods. He plays the position with an attitude and he’s willing to do the dirty work. I also think his production was a bit limited due to the QB play in Buffalo. He will never be a start, but could be a consistent 800yd 5td guy,

      • anon

        we already have jmatt

        • kajomo

          No you must have misunderstood. It’s undetsranvle after watching all of our WRs.

          Woods does this crazy thing where he catches the ball when it hits his hands. Need a play, throw it to Woods, and he actually catches it.

          He can also play on the outside. JMatt’s try hard act is tiresome at this point. Trying doesn’t matter if you don’t improve. Woods is a competent piece to an NFL passing attack.

    • Sb2bowl

      Britt is a guy that I like, but he’s not a true #1 and I don’t think he would lead our WR corpse very well.

      Garcon is old, and while still productive- he would lend leadership that our corpse sorely needs. Quite a trade off when you consider the options.

      I like Djax or Stills; we need some speed, and someone that can lead while actually producing. We need a speed guy in the draft, or a guy that can develop into a #1 for us.

      I do like DGB, but he’s got the mental makeup of a box of rocks. Seems more like a follower than a leader.

  • nopain23

    Any chance we forgo overpaying free agents for the next 2 yrs and draft and develop our own players wi g have Joe Douglas leading the charge. I’m not saying this is a sure fire way to win the big one but I’d just like to see that strategy play out for Once. It’ll take a little patience but we’ve seen what shelling out lots of cash for high end free agents gets us. I just want to see a strong core of homegrown players who have grown up in the system.

    • Sb2bowl

      It seems like Howie wants to clear some cap room for a couple of “impact” FA’s- I could see bigger money going to either DJax/Stills, Gilmore from the Bills, and Bennie getting paid. Otherwise, a couple of mid-level guys to plug holes.

      Building through the draft is the way to go, but that takes patience, and actually adding/developing talent- something which we have sorely lacked for almost the last decade.

  • D3FB


    Ok you savages. It’s that time of year again. Tommy provides us with tons of content all year round and provides us a forum to yell at each other about how Kenjon Barner is actually going to be a Hall of Fame Running Back, Joe Webb is sneaky the GOAT QB, and our shared afinity for Honey Beau Beau, Destroyer of Worlds, Fullback Extraordinaire.

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      I’ll go first. Done.

      Also I’ll be out of touch the rest of the day so if people could repost and update the “honor roll” and count once or twice today that would be dope.

    • bill

      Done. Best money I’ve spent this year.

      • D3FB

        My man

    • Mac
      • D3FB

        Congratulations Mac! You avoid the “have Media Mike spam them with horrible ways to die” list.

    • meteorologist


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        Thank you!

    • Bert’s Bells

      The children may go hungry and the wife will have to go barefoot, but dammit the tears will be worth it.

      • D3FB

        Tears are salty and so probably have electrolytes.

        Bottle them and sell them as a Gatorade alternative.

        • Bert’s Bells

          Corner the market on electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.

    • P_P_K

      Thanks for getting this going. My donation is in.

    • xmbk


  • Ark87

    Hey Guys, if you’re here, you know Tommy has made his annual trip to Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl. He’s been sharing a ton of great observations with us, churning out great article after great article. We didn’t have our annual fund drive on the board this year, so lets band together and get some coin together for our favorite PBR-chugging, Funion-loving, pudding enthusiast. No one here can officially see who donates or track goals or anything like that, so if you got a few bucks to spare, feel free to donate. If you’d like, go ahead and announce you donated, we don’t have stickers to hand out, but it would probably help get things moving and get the word out if folks saw you donated. Thanks!

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    • D3FB

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        ME TOO!
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      • Sb2bowl


    • P_P_K

      I’m on board, even without a sticker.

  • GermanEagle

    What would you guys think of WR Williams from the Cowboys? He’d be an upgrade at our current #2, wouldn’t he?!

    • D3FB

      Feels like Ruben Randle 2.0

      • GermanEagle

        Always wondered what tasted better, a Ruben or Reuben?!

    • CrackSammich

      How many #2 receivers do we need?

      • GermanEagle


        • CrackSammich

          Sign him.

    • Sb2bowl

      I think he’s a system WR- never quite excelling on his own, benefits from Dez and Cole working in the slot. A lot like previous Dallas receivers, he goes to a different team- he’ll disappear. No thanks, especially for what he will get paid.

      He looks the part, but doesn’t play the part.

  • BlindChow

    No thank you to CB’s who “need to work on locating the ball.”

    All of our CB’s recently have needed to work on locating the ball, and as the last few years have shown, Philadelphia is not the place one goes to learn to locate the ball.

  • Ark87
    • Ark87

      Honor Roll:
      Bert’s Bells

      Let me know if I missed you, or feel free to post an updated honor roll

  • GordonGekko