Draft Eve

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Santa is almost here. For now, you’ll have to settle for some weird news.

Eagles draft target and Top 15 pick Gareon Conley was accused of rape. The news became public yesterday. This is terrible timing. NFL teams now have just a couple of days to investigate and figure out if this is legit or something else.

There is a site called NFL Draft Diamonds. The guy who runs that put out some interesting information on Tuesday night.

How does this guy know about the Eagles and the Conley situation? Apparently he called the police himself after hearing about the incident and did some digging on his own. I cannot vouch for this guy as a reporter. His draft info is good, but I just don’t know him well enough to say “You can 100 percent trust him on this issue”.

Here is what he wrote after doing his digging and talking to some of the people involved in the incident.

If that is true…and I don’t know if it is…this sounds like a terrible case of a woman trying to get revenge. No arrest has been made, but there is a police report. The lack of an arrest tells you this isn’t a slam dunk case where he is clearly guilty.

If no arrest is made before tomorrow night and teams come to the conclusion that Conley is innocent, what does that do to his value? No matter what, it sure seems like he’s out of the 1st round. After that, who knows. Adam Schefter offered some quick thoughts this morning.

I have no idea how the Eagles view this situation. It is good that they have been on top of things for a few days and are doing whatever investigating they can. If Conley has done something terrible, you want to know it so you can take him off your board and move on. If he is innocent, you want to know that too so you can decide if you are comfortable with taking him and at what point you would do that.

Stay tuned on this one.



What has Jimmy heard? There was a buzz on Twitter last night about Dalvin Cook being in play for the Eagles at 14. Maybe Jimmy heard something that ties into that.

I still don’t see Cook being the target at 14. He was a great college player and would be a terrific fit for the Eagles offense. The problem is that he’s got some red flags and he’s a RB. Teams tend not to spend high picks on RBs. Combine that with the fact this is a deep RB class and that just hurts his value in my mind.

I will say this. I would find myself watching tape of draft prospects going against FSU and not even be thinking about Cook, but he would do something that would just jump off the tape. He does have great potential. If the Eagles shock me and take him at 14, I wouldn’t be upset. They’ve done a ton of research on him. If they’re comfortable with him and decide he’s worth the risk, so be it.

I’m still hesitant to fully buy in.

I do wonder if the Ezekiel Elliott situation from last year (rookie RB elevates a whole team) sits in the back of their mind and has Lurie/Roseman/Pederson just wanting to take a chance on their stud RB.


Under the radar move…Byron Marshall is now a WR.

The Eagles now have these RBs: Darren Sproles, Wendell Smallwood, Terrell Watson. Ryan Mathews will be cut when he is healthy.

I wonder if the Eagles could consider adding a pair of runners now. They could draft one bigger back and one speed guy. Or they could just draft a pair of RBs with similar skill sets. This is a deep RB class. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking multiple RBs, but didn’t see it as great value because Marshall was there as a solid #3 / #4 type already.

Now things are wide open.

And Marshall gives the Eagles a shifty slot receiver. They ran those bubble screens last year and didn’t have much success. Marshall has the RAC skills to make those screens a lot more effective. Marshall could also spend the year on the practice squad trying to adjust to WR and then challenge for a role in 2018. He showed last year that he can play in the NFL.


403 Comments on “Draft Eve”

  1. 1 Steve Smegal said at 8:45 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    This could work out great for the Eagles if they can feel reasonably confident he did nothing wrong. Trade back in the second and take him there.

  2. 2 scratcherk said at 8:54 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    selfishly, this was my thought as well. shoot, get conley and jones with 3/4 round picks.

  3. 3 ChoTime said at 9:53 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    If he didn’t do it, and we get him, we’ll treat him right. We love good CBs in this town!

  4. 4 A_T_G said at 8:46 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Just a quick PSA – don’t miss the previous article by a guest author – great stuff in there, too, and I know I often focus exclusively on the most recent posting.

  5. 5 Mitchell said at 10:59 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Prostate Serum Antigen?

  6. 6 Sb2bowl said at 11:11 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Who doesn’t like a milkshake in the morning?

  7. 7 A_T_G said at 11:28 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    God, do I have to spell everything out?

    Performance Supplementing Ascot, obviously.

  8. 8 Ark87 said at 1:37 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    thanks, I missed it, good stuff

  9. 9 nickross23 said at 8:53 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Wow if this report is true and this is an accurate description of what happened and his Stock plummets what a real shame. There are two sides to this story and all we can do as outsiders is to wait for the police to do their job. Unfortunately for Mr.Conley he doesn’t have the luxury of time to have his name cleared in time to recoup any lost income due to these allegations. I wonder if in fact that it comes out that he is innocent if he could sue the young women for any loss income based off this, and another thing I was wonder is if his agent would ask for rd 1 money if he was taken between rds 2-4? Lastly as a young Black male I can’t help but to think about how an allegation like this from a white female would all but assured my death 50-60 yrs ago. We’ve come along way but we still have so much more to Do. Sorry guys I’ll stick to sports now, and leave the social issues for another site lol.

  10. 10 Buge Halls said at 9:15 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    The way the CBA is written, I don’t think they have much negotiation room (unless they can work in some bonuses but I really don’t think they can). He’s pretty much hozed for his first contract becasue of an unproven allegation, which is horrible. He’s going to have to work his butt off and may his money on his second contract.

  11. 11 nickross23 said at 9:24 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    He better sue her, if the truth is on his side. What a shame

  12. 12 D3FB said at 11:01 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    0% chance he sues her if he’s innocent (neither he nor the team that takes him is going to want the media circus)

    0% chance this goes to trial if it’s true or uncomfortably murky, the latter being the more likely of the two because (racism vs slut shaming is not a trial anyone but cable news wants). It’ll be a reduced charge, no prison time and a financial settlement.

    Race is certainly a part of the conversation, but I will say that most people think Big Ben is probably a rapist

  13. 13 CrackSammich said at 4:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    That would be an awful career decision to sue.

  14. 14 Jamie Parker said at 10:46 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Even if he sued her and won, he wouldn’t see any of it because she probably doesn’t have anything.

  15. 15 Jamie Parker said at 10:47 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Now if he goes undrafted, that’s a different story.

  16. 16 Ark87 said at 9:34 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    It happened with La’el Collins. First round prospect. An ex-girlfriend died, possibly by foul play. Just the vaguest possibility that he might be involved dropped him down to at least the 5th round I want to say, supposedly his agent said they wouldn’t sign any pick at that point so don’t waste your pick so he went undrafted and signed with the Cowboys.

    I’m not sure that was a race thing too, but it does feel like if he was say, Christian McCaffrey, maybe appear a little shaken, he’d get the benefit of the doubt.

  17. 17 nickross23 said at 9:47 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I remember that last yr, not to try and down grade a rape allegation but a homicide investigation just feels a little different in a way. I’m not saying this incident was a race thing. I’m just noting that a allegation from a white women back in the day against a black male would lead to certain death. Damn it! I promised I wouldn’t go there again. Sorry again lol… just had to clarify what I meant

  18. 18 truehaynes said at 9:49 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Makes me think of emmitt till

  19. 19 nickross23 said at 9:54 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Exactly my point, but let’s not focus on this too much, let’s get back to some football thoughts.

  20. 20 ChoTime said at 9:52 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Unless the hypothetical accuser has a bunch of extra cash or assets lying around, that’s not a case any lawyer would take. Sure, she caused provable damages, but she has no money to pay them! And imagine how petty it would make him look, even if justified.

    Interesting point that the social scene has changed a lot!

  21. 21 bill said at 10:24 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Heh. You’re underestimating how much the publicity alone would be worth to some members of the bar. You get on national tv a couple of times and you internally write it off as an advertising expense.

    I agree with you that, for his own sake, he’s better just letting it go. Nothing but bad can come out of such a lawsuit for him.

  22. 22 ChoTime said at 10:06 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Hm… they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I know a lawyer who was involved in a huge SNAFU that got local coverage, and it seems that it was helpful for his business! There was just enough name recognition that people sort of remembered it, but they didn’t associate it with the error.

    Don’t know how much $ there is in being “the lawyer rich athletes turn to when they want to get an unenforceable judgment against that girl who makes $9/hour who accused him of rape.”

  23. 23 nickross23 said at 10:28 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I just feel like the woman if in fact she is lying should somehow be held accountable for making false accusations. I wouldn’t view it as being petty, especially in today’s world were it’s guilty until proven innocent. And even still people are going to have their doubts. An accusation is very damaging in our world today. If it’s me there is nothing more sacred then my name and what my name represents. If he feels strongly about preserving is name and reputation I would most definitely do everything in my power to fight to keep it clean.

  24. 24 CrackSammich said at 4:13 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Punishing accusers makes it less likely that victims will come forward. Rape has always been incredibly difficult to prove and would be even if people actually wanted to believe accusers, and so nobody would ever risk being victimized a second time in civil court.

    I get why people want to believe Conley. But it is incredibly rare for people to make up rape accusations, despite popular opinion.

  25. 25 Ankerstjernen said at 7:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This is actually verifiably false. Certainly it is not exactly ‘normal’ but statistics show that it does happen somewhat regularly, most often in situations where young women in conservative environments feel pressure to protect their reputation or save face. It is not ‘incredibly rare’, in any case. I know one example from personal experience where an angry ex-girlfriend accused a friend of rape – not to the police, but on social media – and we knew for a fact that it was untrue. Of course there are also many cases of rape that is never even reported let alone investigated properly, which is what makes this whole thing so difficult to get a handle on. You tend to want to err on the side of the victim, just to be sure.

    One thing always worth noting is that any instance where a false accusation of rape is revealed hurts not only the accused, but also real rape victims whose chances of achieving justice and consolidation are severely hurt. That makes it just that much worse, and is a real reason for why false accusation should be taken as seriously by law enforcement as real ones.

  26. 26 nickross23 said at 12:03 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    There a big difference IMO between an actual victim and a person who made up a false accusation. Now I’m not saying in this situation that the woman here is lying, because we don’t know the truth yet and we may never know. But it’s hard for me to sit here and say that if there was a situation where a young woman made false accusations of a rape and a innocent man where to loose his freedom and his ability to earn a living with his reputation tarnished forever is unacceptable. Look at the Brain Banks situation for instance, falsely accused of rape in 02 was facing 41 to life took a plea to serve 5 yrs. While the woman collected 1.5 mill from the school district and later confessed that she lied to Banks. Now every situation is definitely different, it’s up to the police to do their job. To prove who was right and who was wrong. I’m just taking this stance in favor of Mr. Conley since I read the report, now I could be completely wrong but I feel that if he truly is innocent then he should fight for his name and the woman should have her feet put to the fire. Like I said before in other posts earlier black men have lost there lives do to false accusations by white women in the past so to me I doubt any sort of punishment placed on a false accuser will hinder other from coming forward if the truth is on your side

  27. 27 CrackSammich said at 3:13 PM on April 27th, 2017:

    Ultimately I think you and I will come from different places on this, because our histories color our current perspectives. I’ll respect your opinion, because it doesn’t seem like you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt simply because he could help us win football teams. But you’re right in that I don’t know what it’s like to be a young black man. Having dated many women that have been raped, I tend to always believe the victim, because I’ve seen the PTSD that shit leaves many times over. That’s unfortunately not an experience I can look past.

  28. 28 nickross23 said at 12:11 AM on April 28th, 2017:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with me, I value your opinion on this as well and I commend you for being strong enough to handle such a delicate situation when having a relationship with a person who has gone through such a traumatic experience. No woman should ever be struck, touched or talked to in any inappropriate way. Let’s agree that we should just look for the truth to come out one way or the other

  29. 29 ChoTime said at 10:01 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Trust me, it would be a big PR hit for him, even if you personally felt it was justified. Public figures are expected to be magnanimous and take the high road. When a big person steps on a little person, it just makes him look mean.

    In most cases the kind of person who would falsely accuse an athlete of rape is probably pretty low in the game of life and will have a pretty horrid existence anyway.

  30. 30 Stephen E. said at 9:50 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I doubt this charge has anything to do with racism, and indeed I knew we’d come far over 10 years ago when a black female falsely accused white Duke lacrosse players and almost got away with it. She would have been ignored 50 years ago, and indeed, may have been in physical danger for even making a factual accusation.

  31. 31 ChoTime said at 10:08 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I remember that when the evidence came out, it was clearly in favor of the Duke kids, so how close was she actually to getting away with it? I also remember when it first came out how snotty and self-righteous the Duke guys came off to me.

  32. 32 nickross23 said at 10:24 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I’m not saying this case has something to do with race or racism, I’m alluding to how damaging a false accusation from a white female has been in the past. And how it often lead to the death of the accused. now in this case with these accusation it could lead to the death of him maximizing his earning potential if in fact he is innocent

  33. 33 eagleyankfan said at 8:53 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Corey Davis tweeted – Future Eagle. Now that’s funny.

  34. 34 Steve Smegal said at 8:57 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Unrealistic but I would love it:
    Round 1 Pick 25 (HOU): Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 11: David Njoku, TE, Miami (Fla.) (A+)
    Round 2 Pick 25 (HOU): Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 35 (COMP): Daeshon Hall, DE, Texas A&M (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 12: Cameron Sutton, CB, Tennessee (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 32 (COMP): Carroll Phillips, OLB, Illinois (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 24 (OAK): Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 10: Rayshawn Jenkins, FS, Miami (Fla.) (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 24 (OAK): D.J. Jones, DT, Ole Miss (B+)
    Round 7 Pick 12: Eric Wilson, OLB, Cincinnati (C+)

  35. 35 Buge Halls said at 9:12 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m not sure of your trade scenario, but I don’t know if dropping back from 14 to 25 gets us another 2nd round pick, especially that high. I’d love it though.

  36. 36 Steve Smegal said at 9:13 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I fully understand the trade value chart is not gospel but both trades actually have the Eagles coming up a little “short” according to it

  37. 37 Sb2bowl said at 10:45 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    See above, I posted on the value. And even in the scenario I proposed, the Eagles still lose value according to the outdated chart

  38. 38 DustyRyder71 said at 10:12 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The chart is a guide. Supply and demand still rules. All depends on the players available when the pick is up.

  39. 39 Sb2bowl said at 10:43 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Agreed, and it’s an outdated guide. Saw something on Twitter that a guy put together which valued every pick based on the new CBA in 2011. Much better information, but I can’t find it or I would have linked to this post.

    Supply and demand still rules, you are correct; I’m not opposed to “losing” the trade (in value) as long as it’s close and we get the player(s) we want. That, above all is most valuable.

  40. 40 Buge Halls said at 9:11 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    You have to wonder if that Marshall move opens up Jordan Matthews for trade bait. I really hate to see the only productive receiver from last year gone, but they have made some really good additions and will likely draft another WR this weekend. So, what’s J-Matt worth? A 4th? Him and our 2nd to move up higher in the 2nd and maybe get another later round pick as well?

  41. 41 Steve Smegal said at 9:23 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I kinda think Matthews is getting traded regardless. We just can’t afford to resign him, Jeffrey, and Jernigan so one has to go. Obviously it’s not the two we just acquired.

  42. 42 eagleyankfan said at 9:24 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    What does it all mean Basil?
    Draft prospect (insert name) is great in the slot. We know that rookie can play any wr spot, but its interesting that the word slot was mentioned in a previous report. Now Byron is mentioned in the slot? But — why the news now? What does that mean to the RB position? What does that mean for Aggie? DGB? Oh no, I’ve gone cross eyed…
    T-Law says maybe a year on the practice squad — but also says he can play in the nfl. If he goes to practice squad another team will take him.

  43. 43 ChoTime said at 9:45 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    If Desean’s worth zilch, then what’s J-Matt worth? We have to bundle a draft pick to get rid of him?

  44. 44 CrackSammich said at 4:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    A scrub changing positions should have no effect on a starter.

  45. 45 scratcherk said at 9:14 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    All this other character drama with other players has to be helping Mixon. Just human nature, getting distracted by all these other issues.

  46. 46 Dave said at 9:18 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Love, love, love, Byron in the slot.

  47. 47 eagleyankfan said at 9:27 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Conley won’t attend draft…hmmm..smart move I guess. Does that say he’s pretty sure he won’t be drafted round 1 or that it’s good to not be in the public eye?

  48. 48 Rellihcs said at 9:30 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Only thing it means is that his agent is at least semi competent and plus, he knows where the good sex parties are at… Why risk striking out in a Philly hotel?

  49. 49 nopain23 said at 9:36 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Fabuan injured pec, jones torn achilles, conley ..welll…you know….over/under how many mock drafts wuth Humphreys to the iggles in the next 24hrs?….barf!!!


  50. 50 Mac said at 10:22 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Dumb luck might force the Eagles into picking the best CB out of this class in Marlon Humphrey.

  51. 51 Rellihcs said at 10:43 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Only if they force a position which is anti BPA, anti what they said they’d do. If they do that with Davis and Harris on the board, I’ll be disappointed (to put it lightly).

  52. 52 Mac said at 11:00 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Hypothetically speaking: If Humphrey ends up being the best CB out of this class and Davis is the best WR out of the class 3 years from now… Would you still be upset?

  53. 53 Rellihcs said at 11:03 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Probably not in that case. But There’s also a gut feeling. I just “like” Davis more in terms of rare talent/”smell test’. I feel like he has a shot to be truly elite, and Humphrey doesn’t seem that way to me.

  54. 54 D3FB said at 11:04 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m gonna take Des Trufant/Xavier Rhodes over Nuk Hopkins 10 times out of 10

  55. 55 RC5000 said at 12:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Do we even know what type of CB they prefer?

    Humphrey is better in zone as is Adoree Jackson. We play a decent amount of zone but does Schwartz prefer man coverage?

    How much better is Humphrey than Tankersley and Jackson?

  56. 56 xmbk said at 1:21 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Schwartz likes to mix, but that would also seem to indicate he can adjust according to his player’s strengths.

  57. 57 BobSmith77 said at 9:54 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Now that the latest flavor du jour sentiment seems to be that the Eagles should trade back to later in the 1st round (25th pick – Texans) or a few others to get an extra 2nd/3rd round pick?

    Really not a fan of that especially given the reports I have heard that there is a notable talent dropoff around 15 or 20.

  58. 58 ChoTime said at 10:03 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    IMO the Eagles aren’t smart enough to be pulling than kind of nonsense. Just pick the best BCBA.

  59. 59 Sb2bowl said at 10:43 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    To drop 11 spots in Round 1, it would take (historically) #25, #57 and their 3rd (#89). We would probably have to give up one of our 4th’s to get them interested.

    It would look like this– #14 and #119 for #25, #57, and #89. Even then, I don’t know if the Texans would do it, and based off of the old value chart- we would already be “losing” the trade

  60. 60 eagleyankfan said at 10:57 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    not my flavor. I want them to stay put.

  61. 61 RC5000 said at 11:56 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    What if the big talents left are TE O.J. Howard, RB Dalvin Cook, LB Reuben Foster, WR John Ross, OL Forrest Lamp, LB Haason Reddick, CB Gareon Conley who are you taking?

  62. 62 ChoTime said at 10:02 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    JC Pennys stalked me and showed me this Carson Wentz ad. He’s giving advice to DeShaun Watson. The funniest part was later on, when Watson throws to some kid and it’s about a yard high. I thought, “Wentz is rubbing off on him.”


  63. 63 Ryan Rambo said at 10:58 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Bucs have talked with “at least three teams” about moving back in the first round and possibly out of round one altogether.
    Tampa Bay isn’t alone in wanting to move back. It’s far easier said than done because most teams want to keep their second- and third-round picks in what is perceived to be a draft class that lacks star talent but is thought to be extremely deep. Many teams in the second half of Round 1 will probably be working the phones on Thursday night trying to move back and stock picks.

  64. 64 Steve Smegal said at 11:03 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m disappointed because I really want the Eagles to move back. Then again, is it just me or does it feel like this exact report comes out every year?

  65. 65 Ryan Rambo said at 10:58 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Titans “already have received offers” for their No. 5 overall pick and are contemplating a trade to move back in the draft.
    Most teams in the top-10 apparently want to move back, but you have to find a trade partner. Titans GM Jon Robinson might have one, and he sits in a good spot just ahead of the Jets at No. 6. Teams may be looking to jump ahead of New York possibly for a quarterback, and No. 5 could be a landing spot for the Browns looking to come up from 12th overall. Tennessee doesn’t currently own a second-round pick, and word is they want one or more of them for Friday

  66. 66 eagleyankfan said at 11:01 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    So – most teams want to move back because the talent isn’t really there — but expect other teams to give up other picks so they can move up to the perceived ‘not enough talent’ zone? Day before draft — shit flying everywhere about what teams want to do…

  67. 67 ACViking said at 11:08 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Great bit of logic deconstruction.

    It’s the red-flag draft. So if the top teams really want to trade down, then there’s really just Garrett and about 15-20 other guys fairly closely ranked in the next tier, no?

  68. 68 D3FB said at 11:18 AM on April 26th, 2017:


  69. 69 Rellihcs said at 11:25 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m a fan of extraordinary tail-side in general so I’m gonna call that a good thing…?

  70. 70 D3FB said at 11:29 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Goddamnit Relihics you need to get back to your terminal at Goldman Sachs

  71. 71 Rellihcs said at 11:31 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    You’re mistaking me for an intellectual

    Let me fix that:

    “I’m a fan of extraordinary tail”

  72. 72 D3FB said at 11:54 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I got the joke initially. I was playing off the fact that you were jokingly misunderstanding tail side risk which is most commonly associated with finance.

  73. 73 Rellihcs said at 11:56 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Figured, – wanted to make it 200% clear for risk of being associated with that particular field/company/administration…..whatamess

  74. 74 D3FB said at 12:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You’re not fooling anyone Lloyd Blankfein

  75. 75 ACViking said at 12:04 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Post of the decade —

    Getting Lloyd Blankfein on IB.com.

    Way beyond a 1-in-a-million shot.

  76. 76 D3FB said at 12:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Someone missed the day long conversation on liberation theology a year or two ago

  77. 77 ACViking said at 12:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    A Belichickian response, to be sure.

  78. 78 Bert's Bells said at 12:38 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I must have been busy that week. I’ll toe-to-toe with y’all on Oscar Romero any day.

  79. 79 BobSmith77 said at 1:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This conversation got deeper real quick.

  80. 80 xmbk said at 1:17 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You guys are both getting hit with a temp board ban, for humor more than 2 standard deviations from the norm.

  81. 81 D3FB said at 8:27 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    We are the 5% and will refuse to be silenced

  82. 82 xmbk said at 8:37 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    True, I didn’t specify which direction you were deviating.

  83. 83 Mac said at 11:22 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    The relative cost of moving up might be lower than ever this year. The real risk is trying to figure out what other teams might do, and if there is a player who the team thinks may be special in their particular system.

    If top 10 teams balk at the value being offered for their picks based on the historic draft value chart this year… then we won’t see any trades.

  84. 84 Ark87 said at 11:49 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    it’s funny how quickly it all hits the fan though. Like last year, there seemed to be a clear order to it all. Then the mid first round QB’s had interest in the early first round then it was a mad dash to the top of the first round. Then all of a sudden premium players were tantalizingly pushed down and all hell breaks loose.

    It’s amazing how everyone acts uninterested in players until the last moment then it’s like, sell the farm and get this guy no one thought anyone cared about. Reminds me of this:


    Nice inspiration from the Monty Python skit.

  85. 85 xmbk said at 12:18 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    True, but teams have different needs. Titans have Mariota.

  86. 86 tomw said at 11:17 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    If Haason Reddick is still on the board, in the first round, take him.

  87. 87 D3FB said at 11:18 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Off ball LBs aren’t worth first round picks.

    Especially ones that are conversions

  88. 88 tomw said at 11:20 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Then, maybe we watch him become the face of another teams defense.

  89. 89 D3FB said at 11:27 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’ve now heard this argument for Rueben Foster, Dalvin Cook, Corey Davis, John Ross, and about 12 other guys.

    If you’re pie in the sky best case scenario projection is he becomes Lawrence Timmons, I’m not going to cry if we don’t take him.

  90. 90 tomw said at 11:34 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    It’s just my opinion. But, I suspect they will pick an OT in the first round.

  91. 91 Tdoteaglefan said at 1:07 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    pie in the sky best case scenario i’ve seen from Michael Lombardi was Von Miller…consensus is Ryan Shazier.

    i have never seen the “Lawrence timmons as best case scenario” in relation to Reddick

  92. 92 Anders said at 2:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    How can a 4-3 SAM be compared to a 3-4 OLB and 3-4 ILB?

  93. 93 D3FB said at 8:26 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Von Miller is an Edge. Shazier played off ball linebacker in college. Reddick was a hand in the dirt DE.

    Timmons makes sense becasue he was a college edge who converted to ILB. You could also argue Jaime Collins makes sense.

  94. 94 Tdoteaglefan said at 1:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    so Patrick willis, Luke Keuchly, derrick johnson, cj mosely, ryan shazier, von miller weren’t worth 1st rd picks?

  95. 95 Steve Smegal said at 1:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Do you really think pointing out exceptions makes a persuasive argument? No QB should ever be taken before the 6th round because, you know, Brady. His statement is reflecting that an ILB has to basically be a HOF to be worth a 1st round pick.

    It’s like that Geagle guy saying its fine to wait until the 3rd round to take a corner because of Hicks and Logan. That’s great but what about Moats, Teo-Nesheim, Huff, Marsh, Bryan Smith (who?), Hunt, Gocong, Matt Ware, and Billy McMullin

  96. 96 A_T_G said at 1:22 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    Now, sir, you have gone too far!

  97. 97 Steve Smegal said at 1:24 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    It’s funny before McMullin, the Eagles actually had a decent run of hitting on third round picks. Then it was like a straight decade of WTF picks. And it wasn’t even 20/20 hindsight stuff, they were always our most universally hated picks.

  98. 98 A Roy said at 4:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ahhh, a perennial all-pro career cut short by a lack of talent.

  99. 99 SuPaFrO said at 2:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ahhh the flashbacks!! Hits to hard! >.<

  100. 100 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Wait Lol you think it’s rare for high quality starters to come out of round 3? It literally happens multiple times every fucking year. Starters is what you should hold front office accountable for out of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks (all top 100 picks)
    lol you sir are the outlier Thinking that getting some rotation depth player is acceptable value out of round 3. Nothing special about getting quality starters like Bennie or Hicks out of round 3, that is what you should be expecting out of the 3rd round
    Where does this dysfunctional ridiculous mindset coming from pretending that it’s not normal to get good starters out of rounds 2 and 3? I think your confused brah
    You want to say getting a hall of Famer like westbrook is an outliner, I can dig that. But Bennie Logan is what you should be expecting out of a successful 3rd round pick
    The OUTLIER would be your dysfunctional thinking that 22 starters on each team normally all come from 1st round picks. Sounds like you need to recalibrate your expectations, and have a little more respect for all top 100 picks. bennie Logan/jordan Hicks is what we should be getting out of a top 100 pick, Curtis Fucking Marsh is not normal for what you should be getting out of round 3. By your thinking it’s ok if the Eagles only come out of this draft with one quality starter? Try again

  101. 101 Steve Smegal said at 7:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ok buddy. Keep writing paragraph after paragraph that says absolutely nothing.

  102. 102 Anders said at 2:47 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Was any of them conversions? Von Miller also play OLB in a 3-4 scheme, so they are worth the same as DEs

  103. 103 meteorologist said at 3:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Surprisingly haven’t heard the von miller comp thrown around much for Reddick

  104. 104 D3FB said at 8:25 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Sure. If you draft a generational talent like Keuchley or Willis then fine. But off ball LBs are like Gs. It’s a devalued position. Alot of really good ones go in the 2nd and 3rd.

    Again Von Miller is an edge.

  105. 105 RC5000 said at 12:24 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Not a great fit for Schwartz. He’s going to be best in the 3-4 .

  106. 106 Tdoteaglefan said at 1:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’d be happy, he’s one of my favorite players in the draft, great skills, high character, local kid and would be a great story.

  107. 107 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I have no idea if be fits our defense, but before I die just once I’d like to see what a first round Linebacker looks like in Eagles green. Im just going to be pro RD 1 LB every year until they finally take one

  108. 108 A_T_G said at 11:36 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    So if we take Conley, Moreau, and Jones from the slightly damaged goods rack this year, By next year, between them and Mills we likely have three corners capable of starting. Not a bad outcome.

  109. 109 TXEaglesFan said at 5:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I like it! Scratch and Dent CB section.

  110. 110 Ray888 said at 11:55 AM on April 26th, 2017:

    Does Marshall to WR as a shifty slot receiver presage the departure of Mathews?

  111. 111 Dave said at 12:08 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I think if there is a trading partner willing to give something Howie views of value, Mathews will be gone regardless of Byron. I just can’t fathom the team paying both him and Alshon at the end of the season.

    On the flip side, with Alshon’s injury history, Mathews is a good backup plan if Alshon is allowed to leave due to injury/contract demands.

  112. 112 xmbk said at 12:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    It certainly doesn’t bode well. Right now, there’s a backlog at slot, and a shortage at RB. Moving him indicates they plan to fill the RB need, and maybe create some room for a slot guy. That said, it’s likely a contingency. Matthews has a greater chance of being on the team this fall than Marshall does, imo.

  113. 113 RobNE said at 12:35 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I think it’s an independent decision based solely on Marshall’s potential to contribute. Way too early to take any other info from the switch.

  114. 114 eagleyankfan said at 3:30 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    if its an independent decision based on potential to contribute – why make the declaration now? Couldn’t they wait until after the draft or not even say anything at all until camp?

  115. 115 Gian GEAGLE said at 7:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Does it even matter? How is The declaration or waiting effect anything at all?

  116. 116 eagleyankfan said at 7:47 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I don’t know if it matters. If I’m JM – I’m saying — “wait – what? 1st you sign 2 wr’s and now you’re moving a rb to my position”… Or — if I’m another NFL team I pretty much know at this point the Eagles have to target a rb. It’s no secret the Eagles have been talking to several rb’s in the draft but this cements their intentions….Or it could not matter at all…just wondering why the declaration now – right before the draft…

  117. 117 Gian GEAGLE said at 7:07 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  118. 118 Nick C said at 12:13 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    With all the CB questions and defensive questions as a whole, I just want Corey Davis.

  119. 119 Rellihcs said at 12:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Agree, but for me Charles Harris is right there too

  120. 120 Ankerstjernen said at 7:12 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I agree entirely. Give me Davis, a high ceiling potential star x-receiver for the future without any character issues or long term serious injury concerns, and let us get the WR-position properly sorted out once and for a long time with whoever else steps up in 2017 among Marshall, Pope, Agholar, Jeffrey, Smith etc. And then we can pick up whoever DBs and RBs fall down to us in rds 2-4 because of various issues. It seems to me that is how you maximize this draft without banking on getting lucky with guys.

  121. 121 RobNE said at 12:32 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    so if no trade approx what time tomorrow night will the Eagles’ pick be? what time do I turn on the teevee?

  122. 122 D3FB said at 12:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Starts at 8. Each team gets 10 minutes. They love dragging it out. You would probably be ok at 10pm but 930 just to be safe.

  123. 123 RobNE said at 12:37 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    ok thanks, that’s nice and late after putting my kid to bed.

  124. 124 A Roy said at 2:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    But show up at 7:55 if you want to make sure you hear a great Philadelphia welcome for the commissioner.

  125. 125 scratcherk said at 3:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Shrug, I dont really mind the commish. Esp after he put the screws to NE.

  126. 126 A Roy said at 3:07 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Regardless, it’s expected.

  127. 127 Mac said at 4:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    For what it’s worth… I hope someone on ESPN has a bottle of shampoo and conditioner ready to say: “Santa is better,” “No, Commissioner is better.” During the boo-fest.

  128. 128 D3FB said at 7:55 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Suck our jawns!

    Suck our jawns!

  129. 129 Nailed It! said at 12:44 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Haha Mayock just said on tv that for Philly at #14 it will either take the best defensive player left on the board or the best offensive playmaker left on the board. UHHHHH YA THINK? I am pretty sure all the draft guys have completely run out of things to say. Lotta hard hitting analysis when we are speculating they will either take offense or defense and only the best of those two options.

  130. 130 BobSmith77 said at 1:04 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    They should have one of the draft analysts on ESPN dress up in this attire.

    My vote is for Mel Kiper.


  131. 131 Rellihcs said at 1:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Seeing as ESPN is making lots of job cuts under financial duress, at least that way they would save on having to buy/make the hat…

  132. 132 A_T_G said at 1:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    He probably read the criticism about him on here and wanted to make sure he got it right this year.

  133. 133 Nailed It! said at 1:29 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    haha I like Mayock but that made me chuckle. They will be selecting a football player per multiple sources.

  134. 134 Bert's Bells said at 1:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    No punters.

    No pikers.

  135. 135 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Hahaha keeping it simple

  136. 136 A Roy said at 4:09 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Mayock nailed it again. That’s why he gets the big bucks.

  137. 137 Ray888 said at 5:22 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    From what you say, Mayock did eliminate the Eagles taking the best special team player. Or maybe another way of saying BPA w/o reference to which sidecar of ball.

  138. 138 Gian GEAGLE said at 7:06 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Guess they are looking for creative ways to say BPA

  139. 139 ChoTime said at 7:18 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  140. 140 ACViking said at 1:33 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Re: Derek Barnett v. Charles Harris v. Derek Rivers

    So maybe Barnett falls to 14, along with Harris.

    Rivers, from Youngstown State, is not projected anywhere higher than late 1st.

    Whom do you take? [I left out Jordan Willis, not as productive as these guys.]

    Barnett: great production . . . but 10-yard split was 1.70 at the Combine
    (In 2010, Brandon Graham posted a 1.61 split.)

    Barnett did have a very good 3-cone.

    But his 10 YS time is notably slower than any top-end edge rusher in the past 7 years (using mockdraftable).

    Yes, he was sick at the Combine. How much did that impair his performance?

    Harris: productive, great spin move . . . 1.65 10-yard split.

    The rest of his combine numbers are pretty weak.

    And his pro-day didn’t include a re-run of the 20-yard shuttle or 3-cone, at least not reported (and they’d be hand-held so not really apples-to-apples w/ Combine numbers).

    Derek Rivers . . . 1.61 10-yard split, and very productive in college.

    Had a very good 3-cone with a decent 20-yard shuttle.

    Looking at the data for the great pass-rushing DEs, here’s what I found:

    Generally (not always), great 10-yard splits combined with either — or both — a very good 3-cone or 20-yard shuttle.

    – Von Miller
    – Vic Beasley
    – Khalil Mack
    – Danielle Hunter
    – DeMarcus Ware (10-YS 1.62)
    – Chandler Jones (10-YS 1.64)

    Compare them to Marcus Smith II — who had an elite 10 YS of 1.57.
    Otherwise, he came up well short in the other two tests.

    On the other hand, Joey Bosa had a 1.68 10-YS.
    But he produced elite change-of-direction times.

    Tough call.

  141. 141 Sb2bowl said at 1:37 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This is great data and all that, but if you could just go ahead and let us know who the BEST out of this class will be- we’d all appreciate it.

    And while your at it, let this community know who we will pick at #14, who killed Kennedy, and why D3 hasn’t been identified as the illegitimate red-headed step child of Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas.

    I’ll take the winning lottery numbers for the next year as well.

    Thanks! 🙂

  142. 142 A_T_G said at 2:01 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Garrett, by Myles.
    Paternity testing.
    A lot of 27s.

  143. 143 Insomniac said at 2:07 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    FWIW, Barnett performed the same at his pro day and then claimed a hammy injury.

  144. 144 ACViking said at 2:09 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Thx. Good tip.

  145. 145 Rellihcs said at 2:40 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Sorry, I missed the part where “eye test” was listed… Harris all the way.

  146. 146 Isaac said at 4:50 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    old-time scout approach?

  147. 147 Rellihcs said at 4:51 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  148. 148 Anders said at 2:45 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If you have the flu, your muscles are not as fast or twitchy. Also Barnett looks more athletic on tape than he tested.

    I honestly didnt knew he was sick before yesterday, it changes everything for me, because it means his combine tests cant be used at all

  149. 149 Dave said at 1:40 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Serious question, as I’ve been reading a little on the major layoff of on-air ESPN staff, does anyone here still watch ESPN for news/shows? I watch ESPN for actual games/documentaries/draft but really don’t watch it for the personalities.

    I’ll admit I do watch the NFL Network and Golf Channel a few hours per week.

    15 years ago I religiously watched CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, ESPN, and other cable shows for hours upon hours each week. With the enhanced online newsfeeds and advent of Twitter, I see very little reason to watch TV when I can cherry-pick the topics I want to see/read. Today I am much more invested in individuals than the network/newspaper/website that employs them. I don’t get caught up in personalities, just the writer’s content.

    Maybe I’m the exception, but I never cared much for the personalities on TV but would rather receive my information based on content. I’ll admit, in the early days, Berman and Olbermann were fantastic together. Stuart Scott was ground-breaking. I loved their personalities as well as many others. Later in their careers, they became caricatures of their former selves. It seems that Fox, CNN, ESPN, TWC, etc., followed suite and all have become over-the-top with their personalities.

  150. 150 Rellihcs said at 1:44 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Yeah, I still watch it for (intermittently) the draft, games, and maybe some throwback footage from time to time. But it’s just nearly as relevant as it used to be – and I’m confident that the internet is the explanation – at least primarily. When I used to watch sportscenter all the time for example, we have flip phones and there were websites for sure, but there wasn’t nearly the type, quality, and variety of web content and on our phones as there is now. Not even in the same ballpark.


  151. 151 eagleyankfan said at 1:52 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    wondering if we’re in the same age range…I thought(bad memory) that Olbermann was teamed up with Dan Patrick? Anywho – I haven’t watched ESPN in years. People only watch CNN etc if they agree with their political agenda. I use to be a devoted watcher of MSG and YES but I couldn’t even tell you what channel they are on my fios.

    Love NFL Network. Rest of info(weather/sports etc) is a widget or app on my phone…

  152. 152 Dave said at 2:16 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You are correct, I was thinking Berman and Tom Jackson on Sunday NFL Countdown in the early years.

    In the 1980’s as a kid and 1990’s as a young adult, CNN was THE cable news network to watch for actual news. Not so much in the past 15+ years.

  153. 153 RobNE said at 5:59 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Not at all. I only really care about my teams. Much more value in blogs and twitter.

  154. 154 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Typically I hate media providing opinions. I prefer using the media for facts and let each person form their own opinions. unfortunately it takes much less work just to provide an opinion.

  155. 155 ACViking said at 6:41 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    “. . . I prefer using the media for facts . . . ”

    The media generally traffics in opinions dressed in facts.
    (Read the NYTimes political beat writers, for example.)

    Editorial discretion to select what facts to publish is why there is no “objective” history.

    There’s only political (or “winners”) history.

  156. 156 Brian Pillion said at 1:44 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Gareon and Brooke earlier in the evening*?

    *sexual violence is nothing to make light of


  157. 157 Rellihcs said at 1:45 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  158. 158 ACViking said at 2:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Draft-related . . . For those who care about accuracy in the media —

    Here’s a headline from a Gareon Conley-story up on ESPN:

    Gareon Conley accused of rape; lawyer denies allegations

    So what caught my eye is, “lawyer denies allegation.”

    Here’s what Conley’s lawyer is quoted as saying:

    “Attorney Kevin Spellacy . . . denied the allegations to WOIO-TV in Cleveland, calling them “ludicrous and ridiculous.”

    Missing from the lawyer’s statement are words like “FALSE” or “INNOCENT” or even “DENIES.”

    We can all dream up lots of “ludicrous and ridiculous” scenarios that are true.

    One of them is in the White House.

    We’d all be better served by journalists more attuned to language.

  159. 159 Dave said at 2:24 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Personally, I think the allegations are plaid.




  160. 160 Ray888 said at 2:28 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    There’s a “scenario” in the White House? Does the Secret Service know?

  161. 161 ACViking said at 2:32 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Sadly, they do.

  162. 162 Ark87 said at 2:37 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    interesting to get the lawyer side. From a PR perspective, is it possible that putting it is court language would only serve to give the charges validity in the public eye. For some naive reason, scoffing at accusations seem to work better than getting bogged down in a denial, in the public eye. Frankly I wouldn’t even have my lawyer deliver a statement, I’d leave it to the agent.

  163. 163 Dave said at 3:32 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    He seems to hit on your key words here:

    “The allegations against me concerning the night of April 8/9 that have recently been reported in multiple media outlets are completely false. I did not commit a crime and have not been charged with a crime.

    I pride myself on doing things the right way on and off the field. The things being said about me and what happened that night are not true and don’t fit my character at all. I realize that I put himself in the situation and I could have used better judgment. However, I have worked tirelessly to put myself in position to have the honor of being an NFL draft pick and these untrue allegations are putting a huge cloud over my name and the NFL Draft.

    These allegations appear to be an attempt to ruin this once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my family. There were several witnesses including another female, who were present the entire time and have given statements that give an accurate account of what took place. I am upset but realize that I am powerless when false accusations are made and people try to convict you in the court of public opinion. It’s sad that your neighbor can get dragged through the mud based upon untrue and malicious allegations alone.

    I am completely confident that as the facts actually come out my name will be cleared.

    I was excited about participating in Thursday’s draft but I have decided it would be selfish of me to stay and be a distraction to the NFL, the other players, and their families who have worked just as hard as me to enjoy the experience so I will not be in attendance.”

  164. 164 T_S_O_P said at 2:25 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Letting someone blow you and then throwing them out, while calling them trash, is stupid. Doubly stupid, knowing that you are in a position that you are in. That isn’t the mentality of an All-Pro. Youth may give him some mitigation, but if I’m a personnel guy, he drops.

  165. 165 Sean Stott said at 2:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Completely disagree. That person sounds like trash and kudos to the player for getting free entertainment.

  166. 166 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:06 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If it turns out that the accusations are false, can he press chargers against the malicious accuser? Take her to civil court or something?
    I don’t know what he did or didn’t do, but I don’t want to see this emerging trend of seeing top prospects blatanly sabatoged days before the draft Every year, Tunsil, Lael Collins, whether Conley did this or he is being falsely sabatoged, both outcomes I find disgusting and disturbing

  167. 167 A Roy said at 4:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Sooo, given she was where she was and maybe doin what she was, what do you suppose he could get from her if she’s lying? Enough to pay his lawyer? Nah. I doubt it was Paris Hilton.

  168. 168 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Don’t care what he can get out of her, but I’d like to see people held accountable if they are lying about something as malicious as this. And if Conley did do this, then I hope he is held accountable to, but by the proper authorities, not the court of public opinion

  169. 169 Sean Stott said at 4:22 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The punishment for a false accusation should be equal to the punishment of the crime in question.

  170. 170 RC5000 said at 5:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m not sure taxpayers want to pay for that.

  171. 171 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:29 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Soooo, only people who have a lot to lose should be held accountable for heinous behavior?

  172. 172 A Roy said at 4:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You said Civil not Criminal. That means you’re after money and not jail.

  173. 173 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Is that what I really said?
    Actually I specifically said “CAN HE PRESS CHARGES against the Malicious accuser? Take her to Civil court, or something?”
    English might not be my first language but im pretty sure Reading comprehension 101 says I was asking if there were criminal, civil or any other repercussions for a false accusation that were specifically timed with the intent to screw this kid life up.
    Personally if someone was falsely accusing me with obvious intent to ruin my life and an opportunity I worked to earn my entire life, I’d rather punish the accuser with criminal Chargers instead of a civil trail that will only cost her money. But if pressing chargers werent a realistic option, I would hope there were other ways to hold her accountabk

  174. 174 ChoTime said at 7:16 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Wait, what? Kudos for getting a BJ from someone and then calling them trash?

  175. 175 Sean Stott said at 8:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    They’re groupies

  176. 176 ChoTime said at 2:11 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    So they should be disrespected and the people that treat them like garbage cheered on? Not cool.

  177. 177 Rellihcs said at 2:53 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I am not certain what you are referring to, but if its along the lines of “TMZ reported it so I am assuming that all details are 100% true and accurate”, well, I’d say, look up, someone wrote “Gullible” on the sky!

  178. 178 Insomniac said at 3:04 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    He’s referring to this.

  179. 179 Bert's Bells said at 3:11 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    It’s only All-Pro when you whisper “McCoy” as you toss them out.

  180. 180 RC5000 said at 4:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I just wish I didn’t know Conley was into that kind of scene if he becomes an Eagle. Too much information. I prefer it if I just think you go to Disney World with your kid.

  181. 181 Insomniac said at 2:42 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m going to stick with my “OJ Howard or trade down” scenario just so I can eat another few slices of pizza tomorrow.

  182. 182 Insomniac said at 3:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  183. 183 RC5000 said at 3:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The video coming out, will it be a porn video?

  184. 184 ACViking said at 4:05 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    With all respect to Conley’s VMG reps . . .

    This statement should have been ready for release the moment the allegations became public.

    Has all the important words, like “false” and “untrue,” in it.

    Better late than never.

    Ark87 — I don’t disagree that “ludicrous” and “ridiculous” play well to the public . . . but for NFL management, I suspect they need to hear “false” and “untrue”.

  185. 185 Insomniac said at 5:26 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Perhaps it took some time to get the video evidence?

  186. 186 ACViking said at 6:39 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Do we know what’s on the video?

    If it’s the elevator and hallway . . . then, yes, it may have taken some time. (Though the hotel easily could have made it available relatively quickly to whomever asked.)

    If the video is what took place inside the hotel room . . .

    And it’s complete from entrance to exist . . .

    And shows nothing non-consensual . . .

    Then you’d think Conley’s legal status is pretty good.

  187. 187 Insomniac said at 6:58 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Nope. all we do know is that there’s a video.

  188. 188 ACViking said at 7:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    The media’s not doing its job here.

    They know a video exists and can’t get details?

    C’mon. Have to do better than that.

    Of course, we have sports reporters covering this story —

    Not Wood-stein (who were a couple of Metro-beat reporters at the time).

  189. 189 Insomniac said at 7:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I can think of a few possibilities.

    a. It was a personal recording by Conley’s friends and they think that it’s better to not stab him in the back.

    b. it was recorded by the hotel and they’re causing a bidding war.

  190. 190 Insomniac said at 8:16 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    Supposedly this is the video. I’m not sure how this helps his case since to the untrained eye it doesn’t tell us anything.

  191. 191 A_T_G said at 5:53 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    That’s interesting, because to a layperson like me ludicrous and ridiculous sound stronger yet to the informed they mean less. Which us exactly what the agent was going for…

  192. 192 ChoTime said at 7:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    He writes well. Who ever said Ohio State didn’t churn out good students?

  193. 193 Rambler said at 7:23 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Me have degree from there, me feel good educated.

  194. 194 D3FB said at 8:16 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    The funny part is 3 editors i know laughed at this and said it’s clearly written by the player and not the rep

  195. 195 ChoTime said at 9:56 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I’m not conversant in PR, but I do know writing. That’s pretty good for a college grad IMO. Present company excluded, athletes don’t tend to be the top of the class in essay writing.

  196. 196 DustyRyder71 said at 3:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The “teams don’t take running backs in the first” stuff is only true until it’s not true anymore. Conventional wisdom doesn’t last forever. In fact, it changed right around the time the 4th pick was made in last year’s draft. You’ll realize that when you see four running backs drafted on Thursday night.

  197. 197 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I still need to see two RB taken in the top 10 to believe it

  198. 198 Jernst said at 3:37 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If this story checks out I’d take Corey Davis in the 1st and Gareon Conley in the second and just sit back and revel in the fact that I just got two top 15 picks in one draft after supposedly trading away my future for a QB the year before.

  199. 199 meteorologist said at 3:41 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ideally yeah. Or Reuben Foster 14 Conley 43. I mean you can’t go wrong as long as you take advantage of the not-so-smart gm’s who are stubborn enough to remove Conley from their board regardless of new info.

  200. 200 Mac said at 3:42 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    And if not… we can continue to enjoy the finger wagging talents of the not so meek Mills.

  201. 201 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:59 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    1st: R Foster or Hassan Reddeck
    2nd: Conley
    3rd: Edge Rusher from Villanova
    RD 4 Sidney Jones
    RD 4 Runningback
    Rd 5 Defensive Tackle
    Rd 6 OL
    Rd 7 WR

  202. 202 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:55 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This “unfortunate” incident could be an opportunity for the Eagles to come out of this draft with Conley and Sidney Jones without spending a 1st round pick on either of them. if we have to play against Lael Collins twice a year after Dallas capitalized on basically a free first round pick, then im ok with Eagles taking a flier on Conley.
    Passing on Conley if he doesn’t get arrested is so hypocritical considering they didn’t feel the need to cut Nelson Agholar when something very similar happened just a year Ago. The Eagles DIDNT cave to public pressure refusing to cut their first round pick because he wasn’t charged with anything, yet the 3rd round pick Josh Huff got cut long before he ever had his day in court.
    I have never even watched a Conley highlight, so I have zero opinion on who he is as a player, but if the Eagles think he is going to be a Probowl corner they should take him. I don’t like the idea of ruining kids lives before they have their day in court, what if my teenage son was accused of something he didn’t do and it was going to ruin what he worked his enter life for even tho the police hasn’t even arrested him łet alone having had his day in court? if no arrest is made before the draft, then NO TEAM should be blamed for drafting this kid. If he committed this crime, don’t worry we will still be able to ruin his life once he is arrested and convicted. It’s bad enough that what could be an innocent first’round Talent is going to lose a ton of money and fall out of round 1, a right which he has earned. That’s more enough “punishment” for a kid that the police has not been willing to charge with a crime up Til this point. And if it turns out he is guilty of this, plenty more punishment will fall in his shoulders. We should be able to wait until the police chargers him before we totally ruin his life. I Didn’t even want a corner in round 1, but I’d be down to take a risk spending a 4th or 5th on a 1st round corner who I may end up cutting before he plays a single game for us if it turns out to be true. We already ruined La’el Collins dream of being drafted, pissed away everything he worked for and allowed dallas to grossly benefit on a 1st round talent who was innocent going Undrafted.
    continue to pass on kids like this who haven’t been charged with a damn thing and all THATS going to happen is we will continue to watch Dallas, Washington, the Bengals and the seahawks capitalize on it… At this rate the Cowboys can just have the best Talent accused of some bullshit the day before the draft and end up with two 1st round talents each year

    I woul rip the Eagles if they spend a 1st on him and have to end up cutting him if this turns out to be true, but I wont rip the Eagles if they have to cut him after spending a 5th round pick on his round 1 talent. They can only base this on the info they have, and the Info today says he is an innocent man who police have refused to charge him with anything up to this point, and I cant rip them if new info is revealed later that causes them to have to cut their mid round flier. Never be afraid to change your opinion once presented with new factual information. It’s cowardly to stick to your opinion even tho you now have new info that shows you were wrong

  203. 203 Nick C said at 4:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Some folks still saying he goes Round 1 due to what is being said about the allegations. Some think Rounds 2-3. Don’t think Round 5 is happening…

  204. 204 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:10 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Yeah im sure a lot of teams who were interested in Lael Collins felt burnt by the situation which turned out to be a crock of shit that had nothing to do with the young man. Probably a good chance someone will take a Flier on him in the top 100 and make it clear to the public that they will waive him immediately if this accusation turns out to be true, and I think THATS fair to the team and the Kid who shouldn’t lose his entire draft dream unless the authorities are willing to press chargers

  205. 205 CrackSammich said at 4:18 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Please examine why you want to believe that Conley is innocent. There’s some toxic shit on this board today. He very well might be innocent, but a fair amount of you were going to insist on that no matter what the evidence said.

  206. 206 Sean Stott said at 4:21 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The timing and the accuser.

  207. 207 Dan said at 4:23 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Could you really pick Conley out of an elevator at 3 am in the morning? I know I couldn’t and I’ve seen his picture everyday looking at draft articles. Just let the facts play out, don’t make dumb assumptions just because he is an athlete. You don’t have to hold them to a higher standard but don’t hold them to a lower one either.

  208. 208 Sean Stott said at 4:28 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Any opinion expressed here should be subject to change, since this is a new event with unfolding facts trickling out.

    That said, the Mixon incident taught me not to be overly harsh when judging these people. I’m fine with what Mixon did, but I’m not fine with what Peterson did. Others have the exact opposite opinion.

    In this case, I see an allegation being made at the most damaging possible time. When someone rapes you, you don’t wait till they’re about to be drafted to bring up charges, you do it right away. She probably tried to extort money to make it go away and this was her last resort.

  209. 209 Dan said at 11:38 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    She didn’t wait to let this information get out 2 days before the draft, she got a rape kit that night/morning. Your response is a cause for concern cause again you are siding on an athletes side for no other reason than the draft was 2 days away.

  210. 210 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:49 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Well said

  211. 211 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Please Examine why you want a person you don’t know to be guilty. You don’t have a fucking clue what happened just like none of us know, shouldn’t be too much to ask to let the proper authorities investigate him and hold him accountable for whatever he did or didn’t do. I don’t think many people on this board would be defending him if they found out this is true, but If you want to ruin a dream that a kid worked his entire life for, shouldn’t be too much to wait until the authorities really know what happened
    Falling out of round 1 is plenty of “punishment”, and you can sleep safe knowing he will be punished much more if it turns out to be true.

    I don’t even know if Conley can play or not, I have literally never even seen a highlight of his, but I do know that he shouldn’t be treated as guilty before he is even charged with anything especially since this Didnt just happen last night

  212. 212 CrackSammich said at 9:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Jesus. You actually just said that if he raped someone, dropping out of the first round is enough punishment.

    As for the rest, you’re very quick to judge the alleged victim. I asked you to think about why that is, but honestly, I don’t know why I expected you as being capable of having any insight into yourself–you don’t even have an inner monologue. As for everyone else, the entire society assumes every rape accusation is made up when the evidence is usually someone claiming it anecdotally. I know at least 6 women that have been raped and none went to the police. Fuck yourself.

  213. 213 Gian GEAGLE said at 11:33 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    It’s enough punishment for NOW you ignorant donkey, as in there will be plenty of time to punish him further once he is charged and we actually have an idea if he is guilty or not,.. lol your such a bitch I get a kick out You.

  214. 214 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Last years draft was one of the most boring as an Eagle fan. It was like eating your vegetables, not exciting but Neccessary and very good for us. It was like the perfect storm of boring
    1) we all knew who they were drafting in round 1 weeks before the draft
    2) we didnt have many picks because of the Wentz trade
    3) we spent two of our top picks on OL which isn’t considered sexy
    As “boring” as it was, Wentz, Seumalo, Vaitai, Mills, Smallwood, Joe Walker has a chance to be remembered as a very good draft for us depending on how much more these puppies develope.
    This years draft is like the exact opposite in terms of excitement but hopefully it provides as much substance as last years draft if not more. I have never been so clueless about who the Eagles will spend their first round pick on and im even more clueless as to who I think they should spend their 1st round pick on. unlike last year we have a healthy number of draft picks and get to pick in the first half of most rounds. Also feels great to not have to watch any of Grudens QB camp.
    Think Howie had a nice draft last year, hopefully the additions to our front office make this an even better draft haul for the Eagles

  215. 215 Will Defence Win Championship said at 4:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Interesting draft this year a lot of really talented football player’s with huge red flags, from assaulting women & mis treating dogs ( RB – Mixion )to an all out rape allegation ( CB – Conley)…one things for sure the Eagle’s need CB’s and another RB wouldn’t hurt. Trading back might not be such a bad idea especially if the Eagle’s can move on from a player or two and get even more picks in the process. Gonna be interesting what Howie and Joe end up doing…was hoping the Bird’s would of at least kicked the tires on AP, Mmmm…so gotta think the Eagle’s got there eyes on a couple RB’s in this year draft…

  216. 216 Will Defence Win Championship said at 4:46 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Maybe WR Corey Davis is still there when pick 14 rolls around…

  217. 217 A Roy said at 5:01 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I think you need to find a star. More likely at 14 than 25. With the exception of CB, we’ve got lots of starters. We need more playmakers. FWIW, I think Davis could be one.

  218. 218 scratcherk said at 5:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Great read from Ryan leaf


  219. 219 A_T_G said at 5:46 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Something no one ever said while he was playing…

  220. 220 FairOaks said at 11:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    And from reading that article, for 13 years after he stopped playing too.

  221. 221 Rambler said at 5:50 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ha, I just love that when he references playing for the Cowboys, he does not mention “a team with great leadership,” like he does with the other teams he had opportunities with.

  222. 222 Rellihcs said at 5:56 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Glad he did something well.

  223. 223 daveH said at 7:08 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Scary read. Thank you.

  224. 224 P_P_K said at 9:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Wow. Great read. Thanks.

  225. 225 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:58 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Recent eagle history suggests that when the Eagles have a real need at RB, they usually look to round 2 or 3 to address it. On the other hand I think Joe Douglas was already with the Ravens when they spent a 1st on Jamal Lewis, but even if he wasn’t there yet, im sure he studied Ozzie Newsomes entire draft history extensively. With Sproles in his last year, smallwood who looks like he has a chance to become a nice #2 RB and moving Marshall to WR, this is about as big of a runningback néed as we have seen the Eagles have going into a draft in a long time, so I have to assume one of our 3 top 100 picks will be a RB, and the other two will likely be defenders
    it would be fantastic if we could pluck a jordan Howard type out of the mid rounds, but I don’t know that they can afford to wait Til they get out of the top 100 to take a RB when this is Tiny SPROLES last year and smallwood looks like he has a Chance to be a solid #2 change of pace back, I don’t think they can just assume that he will flourish into a legit #1 RB
    If the Eagles wait Til the 3rd round, which are the RBs with some size, power, explosiveness that have a chance to grow into a starting role, but Not so Big that they can’t contribute in the passing game of a west coast offense?

  226. 226 A_T_G said at 6:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    By recent history suggesting, do you mean 2009 when we used a second on McCoy? The time before was Charlie Garner I believe and Anthony Toney is soon after on the list of second round runners.

    The recent third rounders would be Westy, Hunt, Moats, and Duce?

    None of the current decision makers were involved then, I don’t think it suggests anything.

  227. 227 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    How about we just stick to the 21st century. Howie learned from andy/Banner(that is the extent of Roseman football experience besides the year before chip put him in the closet) and Howie has stuck to that philosophy he was raised in, so Im not sure why you would ignore that, but ok,
    Like Andy/Banner, Howie still hasn’t drafted a RB, LB, S, TE in round 1, think it’s just a coincidence, or more likely the philosophy he was raised in and continued to follow?

  228. 228 A_T_G said at 6:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    So what recent second and third round runners then? I don’t think I skipped over any more recent examples, did I?

  229. 229 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:42 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Werent shady, westbrook, Buckhalter(4th rd 2001 draft non starter) all drafted by the philosophy Roseman was raised in? He only ever worked for Andy, Banner, and chip for a year before chip put him in the closet, like Joe Douglas was raised in Ozzie’s draft philosophy, Howie was raised in Banner/Andy’s right? When has the system Roseman was raised in ever produced a starting Runningback outside of round 2 or 3 in the draft? Has Howie or his mentor ever gotten a starting RB in round 5? How about round 1?

  230. 230 A_T_G said at 6:51 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You said recent history suggests the look for RBs in rounds 2 and 3. I asked specifically about Shady and Westy, you dismissed them as too old, the reply with Shady and Westy? What?

    But, research isn’t hard. You say since the 21st century? Rounds 5,7,7,6,2,3,7,3,5,7,3,4,6. So yes, every single second and third rounder was included in the names you dismissed as too old to count. And no, that doesn’t suggest they like to look RB in rounds 2 and 3.

    Dude, share your opinion. You want them to take to defenders and a RB at the top of the draft? Awesome. Share it and invite conversation. But why couch it it false history and then “assume” what you want to happen? Or at least do the research.

  231. 231 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:55 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Actually I specifically said Recent history like the 21st century, and im talking about the history of Howie and his mentors, Appologies but I thought I was makimg myself clear. meaning Duce and charlie who predate Andy and the philosophy Howie was raised in SHOULDNT be included. But thanks for the interesting convo

  232. 232 RobNE said at 6:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I don’t know any facts about the Conley case but let me tell you all my opinion and conclusions

  233. 233 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:04 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I don’t know any of the facts, but I’my ready to condem the kid. Pitchforks and torches everyone!!!! Burn the witch at the stake, ask questions later!

  234. 234 A_T_G said at 6:11 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I think it is an interesting comparison:

    Mixon is guilty and everyone knows it. It is undisputed. He is not facing criminal charges nor league punishment, so his playing status is not in question. The question with Mixon is whether you are comfortable cheering for and having him wear the uniform of your team?

    Conley could be guilty, but could just as easily be completely innocent. If guilty, he will be in jail and off the roster. The question with Conley is how comfortable are you devoting draft resources to that risk?

  235. 235 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:27 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    its bad enough that in the United States of America, in this day and age we already condemn people in the court of public opinion, now this slippery slope is trending towards punishing free Americans before the police is even comfortable charging him with anything? I don’t like this at all.
    Im sure some teams were really interested in La’el Collins and felt burnt by how that situation played out, so I think we are going to see some team take a Chance on Conley between rounds 2 and 5(at the latest), unless he is officially charged with a crime between now and the start of the draft. this kid was a sure fire 1st round pick, so even just falling to round 2 or round 3 would be so wrong if he really didn’t do what he is accused of.
    Innocent or Guilty, for everyone’s sake hopefully the police and the DA offer some real clarity on this between now and tomorrow but that’s probably unlikely.
    People take fliers on injured players all the time that end up becoming wasted picks. Someone is going to have to gamble on this kid but immediately make it clear to the public that they will cut him immediately if he ends up being charged. If Teams are convinced he didn’t do it, we could see him drafted in round 2, if teams don’t know what to think I expect to still see someone take a round 4 or 5 flier on a healthy 1st round prospect.
    If im the Eagles, Id be trying to swing for the fences and come away with Conley and Sidney jones without taking either in round 1. We waste 4th and 5th round picks all the time, I’d gamble that on the best CB talent in the draft

  236. 236 ACViking said at 6:51 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    its bad enough that in the United States of America, in this day and age we already condemn people in the court of public opinion . . .

    Does the phrase “LOCK HER UP” mean anything to you?

  237. 237 daveH said at 6:47 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    They cheered for him all season in Oklahoma right .. any faculty stand up and say this aint right ?? Any boostets say ‘ this kills our university’s legacy? ? … any students screaming for the win with him in the game. …

  238. 238 ACViking said at 6:50 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    The Baylor fans would still be cheering Art Briles and all the players since booted for sexual assault . . .

    As long as they’re producing victories.

    So it could be argued. (No way to prove, of course.)

  239. 239 daveH said at 6:51 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    And the SF fans loved Barry and St Louis ooooo how they loved Mark McGuire

  240. 240 P_P_K said at 7:21 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    As the home run records were demolished, everyone knew at the time those guys were juicing.

  241. 241 D3FB said at 8:13 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Shit the boosters tried to strong arm the administration into keeping him. And then they tried again this season to bring him back.

  242. 242 A_T_G said at 10:18 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Something about what’s right not always being popular, and some such…

  243. 243 ACViking said at 6:47 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    Only if the evidence the prosecution gathers results in his guilt being proven . . . etc. etc.

    Last Friday, a Memphis billionaire businessman beat a rape charge — where not only the victim testified but also two other alleged victims (who described his same M.O.). And none of the 3 knew each other.

    Money does wonders in the legal system.

  244. 244 unhinged said at 7:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    5 thumbs up!

  245. 245 P_P_K said at 7:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Thumbs up for the information. Thumbs down this is our legal system.

  246. 246 ChoTime said at 7:11 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    There wouldn’t be much to talk about on this site if all we could talk about were facts.

  247. 247 Nick C said at 6:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I would actually be OK with this: http://nflspinzone.com/2017/04/26/nfl-draft-2017-philadelphia-eagles-7-round-mock-draft-final/
    I would rather Foster at 25 and don’t think we will get that much value, but I think a lot of us are going to be disappointed this weekend. There is just no way to check all the boxes that we need and want.

  248. 248 Gian GEAGLE said at 6:29 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    We have 8 picks, 1 trade back away from having 9 picks, I think that’s perfectly fine amount of draft picks

  249. 249 A_T_G said at 6:30 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Maybe. I hear McCaffrey can play a mean corner when he isn’t scoring TD on offense and special teams.

  250. 250 Rellihcs said at 6:40 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Going in thinking a lot of us will be disappointed increases the chances of a lot of us being disappointed…

  251. 251 Insomniac said at 6:24 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    With all of these rumors of teams wanting to trade up and down, all I could think of is


  252. 252 Media Mike said at 8:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m really all over the place with what/who I’d think would be best at 14. I don’t want a DE who will “only” be Trent Cole; I want a guy gets to the QB more than 85.5 in 10 years with the Eagles. I don’t want “only” Sheldon Brown with a CB pick at 14, I want Eric Allen.

    So I’m not seeing what guy we can get at 14 who can really be that perennial pro bowl type player and who presents the correct positional value for pick 14.

    I think that’s probably Corey Davis, but we’ll see.

  253. 253 Duracell said at 8:44 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    There are some other guys I’d be okay with, but I’m on the Corey Davis train too.

  254. 254 Media Mike said at 8:46 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m just generally worried that they’re not going to pull a perennial pro bowler with pick 14. This team lacks a lot of top end talent and 14 MUST provide us with some.

  255. 255 Media Mike said at 8:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This is a throw a brick through the TV possible picks 1 to 13. WTF would you all do plausibly at 14?

    Round 1 Pick 1 (1) Browns: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
    Round 1 Pick 2 (2) (S.F.) Browns: Malik Hooker, FS/SS, Ohio State
    Round 1 Pick 3 (3) (CHI) Saints: Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas A&M
    Round 1 Pick 4 (4) (JAX) Bengals: Derek Barnett, DE/OLB, Tennessee
    Round 1 Pick 5 (5) Titans: Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama
    Round 1 Pick 6 (6) (NYJ) Bills: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
    Round 1 Pick 7 (7) Chargers: Jonathan Allen, DT/DE, Alabama
    Round 1 Pick 8 (8) Panthers: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
    Round 1 Pick 9 (9) (CINN) Jaguars: O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
    Round 1 Pick 10 (10) (BUF) Jets: Jabrill Peppers, SS/FS, Michigan
    Round 1 Pick 11 (11) (N.O.) Bears: Jamal Adams, SS, LSU
    Round 1 Pick 12 (12) (CLE) 49ers: Malik McDowell, DT/DE, Michigan State
    Round 1 Pick 13 (13) Cardinals: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

  256. 256 Sean Stott said at 8:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You take McCaffrey there all day long.

  257. 257 Media Mike said at 8:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    No, I don’t. I can’t justify RB at 14. Just can’t.

  258. 258 Greg Richards said at 8:21 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If you were grading him solely as a WR he’d probably be #2 behind Corey Davis.

  259. 259 Media Mike said at 8:23 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    But I wanted Corey Davis there, dammit! F-ing Arians.

  260. 260 meteorologist said at 8:47 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Many have Corey below Ross and Williams but you speak as if Corey is the consensus #1

  261. 261 Media Mike said at 8:49 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ross needs to prove he give a crap about staying on the field and I’m not convinced Williams can run NFL routes in an NFL system.

  262. 262 meteorologist said at 8:52 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Well he played through his labrum thing this year and had surgery after the season. I dont have a question about his mental toughness.

    It’s just his actual “bodily toughness” I guess

    And does Mike Williams need to run routes with his dominance at the catch point? ha

    Edit: I’d prolly still go Davis, but I’m just saying there are smart guys who have him 3rd (or lower! Saw him 4th behind Juju Smith Schuster in a respected draft guide!)

  263. 263 Media Mike said at 8:59 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I don’t really care what Ross’s, or anybody else’s, reasons are for missing games; you’re a useless piece of crap bust if you miss games.

    And Williams isn’t playing vs. midget trash NCAA DBs in the NFL week in and week out where the pass rush never gets home to force early throws. He put up his stats in a gimmick system that won’t translate well in the NFL.

    His weaknesses reek of draft bust.

    “WEAKNESSES Natural pass catcher who will occasionally run into focus drops. Drops issue found him over second half of the season. Route work lacks focus and energy. Creates very little indecision from cornerbacks with his head fakes and jab steps. Ability to win with physical traits could dry up on next level. Could use better understanding of route leverage to open wider passing lanes for quarterbacks. Plant-and-go at the stem lacks crispness as does acceleration from his cuts. Average release quickness. Gets hung up by press corners with a good lead jab. Needs to play to his size. Gets muscled against sideline too often. Fumbled twice this season. Neck injury forced him to miss entire 2015 season so until he clears combine medicals, teams may have a red flag on him.”


  264. 264 meteorologist said at 9:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    “Needs to play to his size”
    Wow never seen that one about him before

  265. 265 Media Mike said at 9:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I assume that means to his weight in terms of not getting pushed around rather than his height on jump balls.

  266. 266 truehaynes said at 12:58 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Dude your hate for injured players is so irrational

  267. 267 Media Mike said at 5:28 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I’m sick and tired of not having superstar level talent not available for game play in this town.

    Lindros, Shawn Andrews, Embiid, etc.

    Also; 1960 (and 2008, 83, 75) We’re forced to watch all of these collections of scumbags from other fan bases get to celebrate titles every year. The Eagles number of first rounders who failed to play a full career of excellence is also disgusting since 2001.

    Freddy, Mitchell, Jerome McDougle, Shawn Andrews, Mike Patterson, Brod Bunkley, Brandon Graham, Danny Watkins, Marcus Smith, and Nelson Aghlor have all underachieved.

    Lito Sheppard, Maclin, Fletcher Cox, and Lane Johnson have all been meritorious of their draft spot. I suspect Wentz will as well.

    9 BS : 4 (or 5) quality isn’t a great ratio.

    So if they draft Ross and he can’t stay on the field, we have to deal with another punchline to a joke.

  268. 268 Greg Richards said at 8:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Yep, McCaffrey.

  269. 269 Steve Smegal said at 8:23 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Or you see what Denver would give up to get him.

  270. 270 Media Mike said at 8:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Y’all bullied me into McCaffrey.

    Round 1 Pick 14: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 11: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 35 (COMP): Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech (A)
    Round 4 Pick 12: Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma (B+)
    Round 4 Pick 32 (COMP): Corn Elder, CB, Miami (Fla.) (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 11: Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas (B)
    Round 6 Pick 10: Ben Gedeon, ILB, Michigan (B)
    Round 7 Pick 12: Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, DT, Southern California (B+)

  271. 271 Media Mike said at 8:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Mayock just had us take Mike Williams at 14. BOOOOO. Reach. Overrated Clemson trash.

  272. 272 Media Mike said at 8:32 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Corey Davis was still on the board.

  273. 273 daveH said at 8:38 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    ESPN writers mock last night had Jimmy Kempski picking the speedy little guy Ross .. still the ghost of DeSean … Corey D went like 30th … imagine if we traded back and still got Corey D !!

  274. 274 Media Mike said at 8:39 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ross, if you can guarantee me no missed games due to injury over his 5 year deal would be interesting. I’m NOT interested in fragile, game missing, laying down on the job, guys stealing money and being draft busts. Ross scares me.

  275. 275 RC5000 said at 9:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Ross played with a shoulder injury most of the year in all fairness though I don’t want him at 14. He’s not a slouch in games either.

  276. 276 Anders said at 2:35 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    How much is too many games missed by a 1st round WR?
    Have Odell Beckham missed too many games? Did Desean miss too many games?

  277. 277 Media Mike said at 5:20 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    If the team loses a game it should win because that player missed time; it was too many.

    And DeSean was a 2nd rounder.

  278. 278 meteorologist said at 8:44 PM on April 26th, 2017:


    “It’s one used widely around the league in which players are listed according to how they fit in with a team – immediate starter, eventual starter, potential starter, etc. – rather than by round as the Eagles have done for many years.”

    This seems to lean more need-based than pure BPA unless I’m reading that wrong..

  279. 279 Media Mike said at 8:45 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Seems more like they changed the wrapping paper on the same Christmas present and called it a different gift.

  280. 280 meteorologist said at 8:50 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    But like “immediate starter” implies that they are taking into account who we have on the roster and factoring that in heavily.

    I mean Kevin King would be an “immediate starter” while Corey Davis/O.J. Howard woudn’t necessarily

  281. 281 Media Mike said at 8:51 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If I trade Jordan Matthews’s pass dropping rear end; Howard and Davis would start immediately because we’re not playing 2 RBs anytime soon.

  282. 282 meteorologist said at 8:56 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    You get what I mean though. To me it’s an interesting quote from McLane

  283. 283 Media Mike said at 9:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’m with Sean; Mayock SUCKS!

    He only had 1 QB going before 14. I have a God given right to have THREE. NOT 1, NOT 2, BUT ALL THREE QBS BEING TALKED ABOUT GOING IN THE TOP 3!

  284. 284 meteorologist said at 9:02 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    “You’re talking about [a prospect] that’s productive,” said Jeremiah, who spent two years working with Douglas in Baltimore. “It’s not going to be wishing and hoping. It’s what guy’s are.”

    Per Douglas, he wants players with “toughness, instinct and character.” Jeremiah calls them, “reliable, accountable guys that are big in big moments.”

    Sounds like Derek Barnett

  285. 285 Media Mike said at 9:04 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Talent doesn’t factor in? Barnett seems WAY too plodding to be a yearly 12+ sack guy in the NFL. He strikes me as a guy who will be in the 6 to 8 range each year; I’m not paying pick 14 for that.

    And where was Joe Douglass when future flaming building collapse (I hope) victim Danny Watkins was swindling the Eagles?

  286. 286 meteorologist said at 9:06 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Maybe Douglas wants his new Suggs

  287. 287 Media Mike said at 9:08 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Barnett + gene therapy + steroids + more talent = Suggs.


  288. 288 meteorologist said at 9:11 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Whoa. I was preparing to specify that I was referring to them both being “plodding”, but they are both the same size also. Suggs 6’3 265, Barnett 6’3 258

    Both known for their hand usage and run defense too. Interesting…

  289. 289 Media Mike said at 9:14 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    So if I have similar height / weight (at one point) to Brian Westbrook and we’ve both been know to hang out on the Main Line………………..

  290. 290 meteorologist said at 9:16 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Welcome to the 2017 Eagles!

  291. 291 Media Mike said at 9:17 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    If you want plodding…………..

  292. 292 meteorologist said at 9:19 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Quicker than fast… to post a new mock draft!

  293. 293 kajomo said at 9:23 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Actually it sounds like Reuben Foster to me. Maybe Mike Williams too

  294. 294 Media Mike said at 9:24 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Foster, yes. Williams, no no no no no no no.

  295. 295 RC5000 said at 10:01 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Williams is like Jeffery. He can go up and get it, great red zone guy. Modern NFL receiver. Tough WR. If they’re going to ask Wentz to throw it up for Jeffery then Williams will make sense. OTOH, they may be too alike.

  296. 296 meteorologist said at 9:25 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    In addition to Barnett, or you just don’t see Barnett matching those quotes at all?

  297. 297 kajomo said at 9:48 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I honestly have grown hate Barnett because of the praise he receives. I just don’t think he is a #1 rusher that can produce 10+ sacks in the NFL. He’s a late 1st round pick in my book. He is a solid player with a great motor, but people really ignore his physical limitations as a pass rusher. Everyone wants to rip other prospects’ games apart, but Barnett seems immune to the same criticism.

  298. 298 Anders said at 2:32 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    How is Foster reliable and accountable at least off the field?

  299. 299 Rellihcs said at 2:48 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Because hes on the bench with a stinger/leading with helmet penalty again… Oh wait…

  300. 300 kajomo said at 9:21 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I took it to mean on the field only. A guy that showed up in big moments, but was always a consistent performer.

  301. 301 Anders said at 9:24 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    You cant be reliable on the field if you are not off the field first

  302. 302 kajomo said at 10:08 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I get it. I tend to think he’ll be fine, but who the hell really knows. This draft is going to be so unpredictable.

  303. 303 scratcherk said at 9:08 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Seeing anywhere between rounds 3-5 for Conley now.

  304. 304 meteorologist said at 9:12 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Kempski has him tail end of the 1st

  305. 305 A_T_G said at 10:58 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I would say of all the players in the draft, Conley is the biggest question mark. No one can have a feel for where he gets drafted, especially since info will change tomorrow.

  306. 306 Greg Richards said at 9:12 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Hey, guys, did a 5-round mock draft. Very few message boards in existence today to use to post them and I did it in Microsoft Word. I’ll have to learn how to use google sheets. Also, the Conley situation happened when I was almost done with this thing. I had him going to the Jets at 13 and I wasn’t going to re-do it so for sake of “accuracy” let’s hope he’s cleared tomorrow. So, I don’t know if you can make this big of a single post, but I’m going to try:


    a. SF trades the #2 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to CLE for the #12 and #33 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft and Cleveland’s own 2nd round picks in the 2018 and 2019 NFL Drafts.
    b. NYJ trade the #6 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to CIN for the #9 and #73 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft and CIN’s 2018 4th round pick.
    c. NYJ trade the #9 overall pickin the 2017 NFL Draft to ARZ for the #13 and #77 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft.
    d. BUF trades the #10 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to SF for the #12 and #109 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft.
    e. PHI trades the #14 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to DEN for the #20, #82, and #177 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft and DEN’s 2018 4th round pick.
    f. PHI trades the #20 overall pick and a conditional 2018 4th round pick(2nd highest 4th round pick that PHI owns, becomes highest 4th round pick if Eagles trade one of 4th round picks it currently owns prior to 2018 draft)
    in the 2017 NFL Draft to KC for the #27 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and KC’s 2018 2nd round pick.

    Rd 1
    1-1: Myles Garrett 6-4 272 DE/OLB Texas A&M Cleveland
    1-2: Mitchell Trubisky 6-2 222 QB North Carolina Cleveland(fm SF[a])
    1-3: Jamal Adams 6-0 214 S Louisiana State Chicago
    1-4: Leonard Fournette 6-0 240 RB Louisiana State Jacksonville
    1-5: Marshon Lattimore 6-0 193 CB Ohio State Tennessee(fm LAR)
    1-6: Solomon Thomas 6-3 273 DE Stanford Cincinatti(fm NYJ[b])
    1-7: Jonathan Allen 6-3 286 DE/DT Alabama San Diego
    1-8: Christian McCaffrey 5-11 202 RB/WR/KR Stanford Carolina
    1-9: Patrick Mahomes 6-2 225 QB Texas Tech Arizona(fm CIN via NYJ[b, c])
    1-10: Malik Hooker 6-1 206 S Ohio State SF 49ers(fm BUF[d])
    1-11: Haason Reddick 6-2 237 LB/DE Temple New Orleans
    1-12: Corey Davis 6-3 209 WR Western Michigan Buffalo(fm PHI via CLE, SF[a,d])
    1-13: Gareon Conley 6-0 195 CB Ohio State NY Jets(fm ARZ[c])
    1-14: Cam Robinson 6-6 322 OT Alabama Denver(fm MIN via PHI[e])
    1-15: Reuben Foster 6-0 229 LB Alabama Indianapolis
    1-16: Mike Williams 6-4 218 WR Clemson Baltimore
    1-17: Taco Charlton 6-6 277 DE Michigan Washington
    1-18: O.J. Howard 6-6 251 TE Alabama Tennessee
    1-19: David Njoku 6-4 246 TE Miami(FL) Tampa Bay
    1-20: DeShaun Watson 6-2 221 QB Clemson Kansas City(fm DEN via PHI[e, f])
    1-21: Derek Barnett 6-3 259 DE Tennessee Detroit
    1-22: Forrest Lamp 6-4 309 OL Western Kentucky Miami
    1-23: Zach Cunningham 6-3 234 LB Vanderbilt NY Giants
    1-24: Jarrad Davis 6-1 238 LB Florida Oakland
    1-25: Garett Bolles 6-5 297 OT Utah Houston
    1-26: Kevin King 6-3 200 CB Washington Seattle
    1-27: Adoree Jackson 5-10 186 CB/PR Southern Cal Philadelphia(fm KC[f])
    1-28: Charles Haris 6-3 253 DE Missouri Dallas
    1-29: Chidobie Awuzie 6-0 202 CB Colorado Green Bay
    1-30: Jabrill Peppers 5-11 213S/LB Michigan Pittsburgh
    1-31: Takkarist McKinley 6-2 250 DE/OLB UCLA Atlanta
    1-32: TreDavious White 5-11 192 CB Louisiana State New Orleans

    Rd 2
    2-33: John Ross 5-11 186 WR Washington SF 49ers(fm CLE[a])
    2-34: T.J. Watt 6-4 252 OLB/DE Wisconsin SF 49ers
    2-35: Ryan Ramczyk 6-6 310 T/G Wisconsin Jacksonville
    2-36: DeShone Kizer 6-4 233 QB Notre Dame Chicago
    2-37: Dan Feeney 6-4 305 OG Indiana Los Angeles Rams
    2-38: Marcus Williams 6-1 202 S Utah Los Angeles Chargers
    2-39: Evan Engram 6-3 234 TE Mississippi NY Jets
    2-40: Josh Jones 6-1 220 S N.C. State Carolina
    2-41: Dalvin Cook 5-10 210 RB Florida State Cincinatti
    2-42: Curtis Samuel 5-11 196 WR/RB Ohio State New Orleans
    2-43: Jordan Willis 6-4 255 DE Kansas State Philadelphia
    2-44: Marlon Humphrey 6-0 197 CB Alabama Buffalo
    2-45: Quincy Wilson 6-1 211 CB Florida Arizona
    2-46: Dion Dawkins 6-4 314 G/T Temple Indianapolis
    2-47: Tyus Bowser 6-3 247 LB Houston Baltimore
    2-48: Malik McDowell 6-6 295 DT/DE Michigan State Minnesota
    2-49: Budda Baker 5-10 195 S/CB Washington Washington
    2-50: Marcus Maye 6-0 210 S Florida Tampa Bay
    2-51: Joe Mixon 6-1 226 RB Oklahoma Denver
    2-52: Obi Melifonwu 6-4 224 S Connecticut Cleveland(fm TEN)
    2-53: JuJu Smith-Schuster 6-1 215 WR Southern Cal Detroit
    2-54: Carl Lawson 6-2 261 DE Auburn Miami
    2-55: Davis Webb 6-5 229 QB California NY Giants
    2-56: Cordrea Tankersly 6-1 199 CB Clemson Oakland
    2-57: Chris Wormley 6-5 297 DE/DT Michigan Houston
    2-58: Tim Williams 6-3 244 DE/OLB Alabama Seattle
    2-59: Alvin Kamara 5-10 214 RB Tennessee Kansas City
    2-60: Fabian Moreau 6-0 206 CB UCLA Dallas
    2-61: Pat Elflein 6-3 303 G/C Ohio State Green Bay
    2-62: Zay Jones 6-2 201 WR East Carolina Pittsburgh
    2-63: Justin Evans 6-0 199 S Texas A&M Atlanta
    2-64: Tarell Basham 6-4 269 DE Ohio Carolina(fm NE)

    Rd 3
    3-65: Adam Shaheen 6-6 278 TE Ashland Cleveland
    3-66: Nathan Peterman 6-2 226 QB Pittsburgh SF 49ers
    3-67: Cooper Kupp 6-2 204 WR Eastern Washington Chicago
    3-68: DeMarcus Walker 6-4 280 DE/DT Florida State Jacksonville
    3-69: Ryan Anderson 6-2 253 LB Alabama Los Angeles Rams
    3-70: Antonio Garcia 6-6 302 OT Troy NY Jets
    3-71: Taylor Moton 6-5 319 G/T Western Michigan Los Angeles Chargers
    3-72: Desmond King 5-10 201 CB/S Iowa New England(fm CAR)
    3-73: Derek Rivers 6-4 250 DE/OLB Youngstown State NY Jets(fm CIN[b])
    3-74: Dalvin Tomlinson 6-3 310 DT Alabama Baltimore(fm PHI)
    3-75: Duke Riley 6-0 232 LB Louisiana State Buffalo
    3-76: Daeshon Hall 6-5 266 DE Texas A&M New Orleans
    3-77: Chris Godwin 6-1 209 WR Penn State NY Jets(fm ARZ[c])
    3-78: Rasul Douglas 6-2 209 CB West Virginia Baltimore
    3-79: Dorian Johnson 6-5 300 OG Pittsburgh Minnesota
    3-80: Shaquill Griffin 6-0 194 CB Central Florida Indianapolis
    3-81: Josh Reynolds 6-3 194 WR Texas A&M Washington
    3-82: Carlos Henderson 5-11 199 WR Louisiana Tech Philadelphia(fm DEN[d])
    3-83: Sidney Jones 6-0 186 CB Washington Tennessee
    3-84: Samaje Perine 5-11 233 RB Oklahoma Tampa Bay
    3-85: Raekwon McMillan 6-2 240 LB Ohio State Detroit
    3-86: Gerald Everett 6-3 239 TE South Alabama Minnesota(fm MIA)
    3-87: Jaleel Johnson 6-3 316 DT Iowa NY Giants
    3-88: Montravius Adams 6-4 304 DT Auburn Oakland
    3-89: Brad Kaaya 6-4 214 QB Miami(FL) Houston
    3-90: Ethan Pocic 6-6 310 OL Louisiana State Seattle
    3-91: Tanok Kpassagnon 6-7 289 DE/DT Villanova Kansas City
    3-92: Jake Butt 6-5 246 TE Michigan Dallas
    3-93: Akhello Witherspoon 6-3 198 CB Colorado Green Bay
    3-94: Alex Anzalone 6-3 241 LB Florida Pittsburgh
    3-95: Isaac Asiata 6-3 323 OG Utah Atlanta
    3-96: Julie’n Davenport 6-7 318 OT Bucknell New England
    3-97: Teez Tabor 6-0 199 CB Florida Miami
    3-98: Corn Elder 5-10 183 CB Miami(FL) Carolina
    3-99: Wayne Gallman 6-0 215 RB Clemson Philadelphia
    3-100: Taywan Taylor 5-11 203 WR Western Kentucky Tennessee
    3-101: Carlos Watkins 6-3 309 DT Clemson Denver
    3-102: Larry Ogunjobi 6-3 305 DT UNC-Charlotte Seattle
    3-103: George Kittle 6-4 247 TE Iowa New Orleans
    3-104: Anthony Walker 6-1 238 LB Northwestern Kansas City
    3-105: Joshua Dobbs 6-3 216 QB Tennessee Pittsburgh
    3-106: Jourdan Lewis 5-10 188 CB Michigan Seattle
    3-107: John Johnson 6-0 208 S
    Boston College NY Jets

    Rd 4
    4-108: Kareem Hunt 5-10 216 RBToledo Cleveland
    4-109: Eddie Jackson 6-0 201 S Alabama Buffalo(fm SF[d])
    4-110: Jonnu Smith 6-3 248 TE Florida International Jacksonville
    4-111: Dawuane Smoot 6-3 264 OLB/DE Illinois Chicago
    4-112: Chad Hansen 6-2 202 WR California Los Angeles Rams
    4-113: Carroll Phillips 6-3 242 LB Illinois Los Angeles Chargers
    4-114: Elijah Qualls 6-1 313 DT Washington Washington(fm NYJ)
    4-115: Malachi Dupre 6-2 196 WR Louisiana State Carolina
    4-116: Damontae Kazee 5-10 184 CB San Diego State Cincinatti
    4-117: Bucky Hodges 6-6 257 TE Virginia Tech Chicago(fm BUF)
    4-118: Cameron Sutton 5-11 188 CB Tennessee Philadelphia
    4-119: ArDarius Stewart 5-11 204 WR Alabama Arizona
    4-120: Marlon Mack 5-11 213 RB South Florida Minnesota
    4-121: Trey Hendrickson 6-4 266 DE/OLB Florida Atlantic Indianapolis
    4-122: Nico Siragusa 6-4 319 OG San Diego State Baltimore
    4-123: Tyler Orlosky 6-3 298 C/G West Virginia Washington
    4-124: D.J. Jones 6-1 319 DT Mississippi Tennessee
    4-125: Amara Darboh 6-2 214 WR Michigan Tampa Bay
    4-126: Jordan Leggett 6-5 258 TE Clemson Denver
    4-127: D’Onta Foreman 6-0 233 RB Texas Detroit
    4-128: Tedric Thompson 6-0 204 S Colorado Minnesota(fm MIA)
    4-129: Jermaine Eleumunor 6-4 332 T/G Texas A&M Oakland
    4-130: James Conner 6-1 233 RB Pittsburgh Houston
    4-131: Samson Ekubam 6-2 240 DE/OLB Eastern Washington New England(fm SEA)
    4-132: Brendan Langley 6-0 201 CB Lamar(TX) Kansas City
    4-133: Xavier Woods 5-11 197 S Louisana Tech Dallas
    4-134: Vince Beigel 6-3 246 LB Wisconsin Green Bay
    4-135: Noble Nwachukwu 6-1 268 DE/OLB West Virginia Pittsburgh
    4-136: Shelton Gibson 5-11 191 WR West Virginia Atlanta
    4-137: Jeremy McNichols 5-9 214 RB Boise State Indianapolis(fm NE)
    4-138: DeDe Westbrook 6-0 178 WR Oklahoma Cincinatti
    4-139: Blair Brown 5-11 238 LB Ohio Philadelphia
    4-140: David Sharpe 6-6 343 OT Florida NY Giants
    4-141: Will Holden 6-7 311 OT Vanderbilt Los Angeles Rams
    4-142: Montae Nicholson 6-2 212S Michigan State Houston
    4-143: Brian Hill 6-1 219 RB Wyoming SF 49ers
    4-144: Lorenzo Jerome 5-10 204 S St. Francis(PA) Indianapolis

    Rd 5
    5-145: Jalen Myrick 5-10 200 CB/KR Minnesota Cleveland
    5-146: Jessamen Dunker 6-4 318 OG Tennessee State SF 49ers
    5-147: Isaiah Ford 6-1 194 WR Virginia Tech Chicago
    5-148: Eric Wilson 6-2 225 LB Cincinatti Jacksonville
    5-149: Jonathan Ford 5-11 205 S Auburn Los Angeles Rams
    5-150: Matthew Dayes 5-9 205 RB N.C. State NY Jets
    5-151: Ryan Switzer 5-8 181 WR North Carolina Los Angeles Chargers
    5-152: Zach Banner 6-8 353 OT Southern Cal Carolina
    5-153: Kendell Beckwith 6-2 243 LB Louisiana State Cincinatti
    5-154: Jamaal Williams 6-0 212 RB Brigham Young Washington(fm NO)
    5-155: Michael Roberts 6-4 270 TE Toledo Philadelphia
    5-156: Grover Stewart 6-5 295 DT Albany State Buffalo
    5-157: Dylan Cole 6-1 240 LB Missouri State Arizona
    5-158: Davon Godcheaux 6-3 310 DT/DE Louisiana State Indianapolis
    5-159: Ifeadi Odenigbo 6-3 258 OLB/DE Northwestern Baltimore
    5-160: Elijah Lee 6-3 228 LB Kansas State Minnesota
    5-161: Keion Adams 6-2 245 LB Western Michigan SF 49ers(fm WAS)
    5-162: Jalen Reeves-Maybin 6-0 230 LB Tennessee Tampa Bay
    5-163: Donnell Pumphery 5-8 176 RB San Diego State Buffalo(fm DEN via NE)
    5-164: Kenny Golladay 6-4 218 WR Northern Illinois Tennessee
    5-165: Caleb Brantley 6-3 307 DT Florida Detroit
    5-166: Eddie Vanderdoes 6-3 305 DT UCLA Miami
    5-167: Jeremy Cutrer 6-2 170 CB Middle Tennessee NY Giants
    5-168: Jonathan Calvin 6-3 266 DE Mississippi State Oakland
    5-169: Brian Allen 6-3 210 CB Utah Houston
    5-170: Roderick Johnson 6-7 298 OT Florida State Kansas City
    5-171: K.D. Cannon 5-11 182 WR Baylor Buffalo(fm DAL)
    5-172: Tarik Cohen 5-6 179 RB N.C. A&T Green Bay
    5-173: Eric Saubert 6-5 253 TE Drake Pittsburgh
    5-174: Jordan Evans 6-2 233 LB Oklahoma Atlanta
    5-175: Zane Gonzalez 6-0 202 K Arizona State Cleveland(fm NE)
    5-176: Vincent Taylor 6-3 304 DT Oklahoma State Cincinatti
    5-177: Mack Hollins 6-4 211 WR North Carolina Philadelphia(fm DEN)
    5-178: Jarron Jones 6-6 316 DT Notre Dame Miami
    5-179: Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 214 S Miami(FL) Arizona
    5-180: Nazair Jones 6-5 304 DT North Carolina Kansas City
    5-181: Colin Buchanan 6-5 316 T/G Miami(OH) Cleveland
    5-182: Adam Bisnowaty 6-6 304 T/G Pittsburgh Green Bay
    5-183: Jeremy Sprinkle 6-5 252 TE Arkansas New England
    5-184: Travis Rudolph 6-0 189 WR Florida State Miami

  307. 307 meteorologist said at 9:15 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Don’t like Gallman there (rather Jourdan Lewis) but ok otherwise. Just used control-f to search “philadel” ha

    Thanks for the work!

  308. 308 Media Mike said at 9:16 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I enjoyed this as you posted it on Twitter, but I can’t vibe on Adoree in round 1. The toasting he took from Ross and PSU’s WRs has soured me on him as a shutdown CB.

  309. 309 Nick C said at 9:17 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I like Awuzie or Harris there. Like the double trade down and picking up the 2nd next year.

  310. 310 Steve Smegal said at 9:18 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Love the trade backs but give me White over Jackson, Jones over Henderson, Hunt or Mack over Gallman, and Westbrook instead of Sutton

  311. 311 meteorologist said at 9:20 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    NO to Westbrook. Heard he has legit issues

  312. 312 meteorologist said at 9:21 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Will take Tre White over Jackson tho

  313. 313 Greg Richards said at 9:22 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Yes, I prefer White over Jackson but they did have Jackson in for a visit and not White. That could be misdirection though. Seems like league as whole views Jackson higher.

  314. 314 Media Mike said at 9:25 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    This is how I view Jackson


  315. 315 RC5000 said at 10:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    But he “slipped”.

  316. 316 Steve Smegal said at 9:25 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Could be because they were looking at Jackson as a target in rd 2 and expect White to go in the 20s when they didn’t expect to be picking though that would be poor planning.

    I do like all of the guys you selected but just prefer other guys who happened to be there in your mock

  317. 317 RC5000 said at 9:45 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    They probably know White really well since we have Mills so no need to bring him in. We know White fits. Jackson is more an off coverage zone CB.

  318. 318 Insomniac said at 10:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Not a fan of some picks because of preference but nice work!

  319. 319 A_T_G said at 11:00 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I love that you stipulate the conditions on the 2018 4th round pick. Those attention to detail are so hard to find these days.

    Thanks for sharing this. If those are the picks 10-13, I hope we trade down too.

  320. 320 Steve Smegal said at 9:31 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Honestly, I’m fine if they take Conley at 14 as I would take it to mean that felt pretty confident he did nothing wrong. Only difference for me now is yesterday I would prefer Conley over trading down and now its the opposite. But if we stay there and no one unexpected drops, sure.

  321. 321 meteorologist said at 9:38 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    “The Patriots’ director of player personnel, Nick Caserio, said the team only has draftable grades on 50-75 players in this year’s class. The Browns’ personnel head, Andrew Berry, said Cleveland has 175 draftable players. The Cardinals have roughly 120.”

  322. 322 SteveH said at 10:03 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I’d love to know what things eliminate a player from consideration for the Patriots. Not sacrificing enough newborn kittens to Yog-Sothoth or something I’m sure.

  323. 323 Dan said at 11:40 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Well if sacrificing animals was the criteria I’m sure they’d be all in on Dalvin Cook.

  324. 324 PacificPurl said at 4:28 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Refusing to lie maybe?

  325. 325 RobNE said at 10:29 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    What does that mean? But they will still make their picks? Unless they trade all but first two picks it is meaningless.

  326. 326 meteorologist said at 10:36 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    I guess they took a lot of good players off like they said with Mixon

  327. 327 A_T_G said at 6:20 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Exactly. They are going to walk to the podium and just say, pass? Or trade every pick after the third away?

    I am guessing they have guys spread over each tier, but still it just sounds elitist.

  328. 328 RobNE said at 10:33 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Hey any of these guys is more exciting than had we kept Bradford. First pick is house money.

  329. 329 scratcherk said at 10:41 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    My goodness, the browns may actually be serious about taking Mitchell #1 overall….

  330. 330 Dan said at 11:39 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    They aren’t they are trying to see if anyone is willing to give up enough to get the first from them.

  331. 331 增达网 said at 11:07 PM on April 26th, 2017:


  332. 332 Insomniac said at 11:08 PM on April 26th, 2017:

    Got bored so I made a mock draft.

    Eagles trade down to the Texans pick for their 3rd and 4th round pick this year and a 2nd round pick next year.

    1.25 – Chidobe Awuzie CB
    2.43 – Joe Mixon RB
    3.89 – Gareon Conley/SIdney Jones/(insert risky CB here) CB
    3.99 – Taywan Taylor WR
    4.118 – Daeshon Hall DE
    4.130 – John Johnson S
    4.139 – Elijah Lee LB
    5.155 – Jamaal Williams RB
    6.194 – Chad Williams WR
    7.230 – Charles Walker DT

  333. 333 Mitchell said at 12:03 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    THIS DRAFT SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx. In all honesty looks pretty good. However I do wonder if drafting ONE more cb may be a good idea here.

  334. 334 Insomniac said at 1:29 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Threw in the obligatory Corn Elder pick after I realized my mistake of drafting two RBs.

  335. 335 Mitchell said at 7:27 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I was hoping for Wheat Junior!

  336. 336 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 12:08 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Why Mixon and Williams

  337. 337 Insomniac said at 1:27 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I had a brain fart.

  338. 338 meteorologist said at 1:34 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    As much as it sucks to say it, Zeke is so much better than these RBs. Hope we don’t get one in the 1st

  339. 339 meteorologist said at 1:42 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    As much as it sucks to say it, Zeke is so much better than these RBs (except fournette). Hope we don’t get one in the 1st

  340. 340 Rellihcs said at 2:41 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I agree zero percent except for the first round part. Mixon is pretty darn close and Cook just behind.

  341. 341 meteorologist said at 3:00 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I’m factoring in pass blocking, carrying out play action fakes etc.

    As pure runner/receivers I’d agree with you

  342. 342 wee2424 said at 2:46 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    A lot of people are going to cometely disagree with this comment, but I do think it can be argued that McCaffery can turn out to be a better overall player then Zeke. If, and If he reaches his full potential I believe that he could be a complete game changer and impact the game in numerous ways compared to Zeke’s one way. He simply has more big play potential and not with just running the rock. Elliott will always be better at simply just pounding the ball, but McCaffery is more dangerous in every other category.

    To be clear, I am not advocating for him, and I am not saying he is or will better then Elliot. I am just stating that he has the potential to be better then Zeke while being a completely different player.

    The issue with McCaffery is that his success is very much so going to be dependent on how the coaches utlilize him. Zeke is not nearly as dependent on that as McCaffery.

  343. 343 meteorologist said at 2:59 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    TBH McCaffery will never be as good a blocker as Zeke. Remember Urban Meyer “Zeke is the best without the ball in his hands I’ve ever coached”

    Nor will he ever be able to grind out tough yards as well.

    McCaffery is a better receiver (than pretty much any RB, ha), but Zeke is pretty good too.

  344. 344 Rellihcs said at 3:33 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Even with my green tinted bias/”hate the face” zeke disdain, i disagree that he’s one dimensional at all. He’s a complete back.

  345. 345 Insomniac said at 3:51 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    “Well he’s a better receiver than Zeke is but he probably won’t be better at the main things an RB has to do”

  346. 346 Insomniac said at 4:34 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    McCaffery’s scouting report


    Felix Jones’s scouting report


    They seem pretty similar I’d have to say. The only thing separating those two is their ability as a receiver and burst. Jones has much better burst while McCaffery has better hands.

  347. 347 xmbk said at 5:26 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Jones always had the physical tools. It’s not like it’s a negative to compare to him, players are clearly more than just combine numbers. McCaffrey’s vision would be one obvious difference.

  348. 348 wee2424 said at 1:18 PM on April 27th, 2017:

    I think McCaffery is more dynamic then Jones.

  349. 349 Media Mike said at 5:17 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Considering none of those players come with the Dallas O-line…………….

  350. 350 Anders said at 2:39 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Can somebody answer me this.

    I LOVE watching Foster play and would love him on the Eagles, but why do so many think we have to draft him?
    We already have a better MLB in Hicks than him (and its not like Foster is more healthy) and Hicks cant play SAM and Schwartz lave Bradham.

  351. 351 Rellihcs said at 2:42 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    People dig cheap violence hard ons

  352. 352 Anders said at 2:48 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I understand that, but in a draft where we have like 15 more needs than MLB, why are people so horny for a MLB when we have one of the best MLBs in the NFL?

  353. 353 Rellihcs said at 2:58 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Horny trumps pragmatism when one is horny. You are trying to figure out the logic, but the argument by pro foster folks is ID based and not based on carefully crafted argument. Its like asking why the drunkard ate the whole pizza instead of drank water and went to bed.

  354. 354 Insomniac said at 3:53 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Lets stop calling Foster a MLB. He’s going to be an OLB at the next level.

  355. 355 Rellihcs said at 7:20 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I don’t think any teams see it that way…

  356. 356 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 5:07 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I think Foster is(would be) a WIL on our team

  357. 357 Media Mike said at 5:34 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    His weight indicates that.

  358. 358 Media Mike said at 5:16 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Seth Joyner, for one, thinks you’d get better production out of Hicks if you’d free him up to make plays at WIL. I’m just not sure if Foster is big enough for MIKE in the NFL.

  359. 359 Rellihcs said at 7:20 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    You’re stuck in 1999 MLB mind frame. Trotter said on the radio yesterday that it’s not the old days anymore for MLBs, and the big thumpers will get destroyed in coverage.

  360. 360 Anders said at 8:20 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    The WILL in Schwartz scheme is not super important.

  361. 361 D3FB said at 8:29 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Seth is making a bad argument. Using a first round pick to move Hicks for 30% of the snaps is dumb.

  362. 362 GermanEagle said at 3:24 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I cannot wait until the mock drafts are over…

  363. 363 Anders said at 3:25 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    The first 2018 mock draft will be in around 5 min after round 1 ends

  364. 364 Media Mike said at 5:34 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    You have my personal guarantee that I won’t put any 2018 mocks up until mid February if the Eagles are picking 32nd in round 1.

    But if I’m forced to deal with nasty subhuman mongrel fan bases getting to monopolize deep playoff runs yet again; they draft is the only place we can funnel our hope.

  365. 365 daveH said at 7:16 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Ive enjoyed your drafts.

  366. 366 Insomniac said at 3:52 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I’ll have one ready by Friday.

  367. 367 Rellihcs said at 7:18 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Mock drafts by fans are… I’d say…. at least 10% more interesting than people sharing their fantasy teams…. There’s that…

  368. 368 GermanEagle said at 11:22 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I cannot wait for that either…not!

  369. 369 PacificPurl said at 4:23 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    David Shaw said on NFLN, on Wednesday, that he thinks McCaffery is similiar to Shady McCoy in how he plays the game, so could do well in Philadelphia or Kansas City. Interesting. Shaw should know.

  370. 370 Media Mike said at 5:14 AM on April 27th, 2017:


    Running back is NOT worth it in round 1.

  371. 371 Rellihcs said at 7:29 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Agreed. Round 2, different story altogether.

  372. 372 A_T_G said at 7:41 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I agree… but I want to watch McCaffrey as an Eagle anyway.

  373. 373 Green Sea Turtle said at 7:56 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I used to be sick for 2 days after an Iggles loss. Not anymore. Now I watch for entertainment (though I never miss a game).

    I predict McCaff to be entertaining, like Shady, Westy, and Sproles. That’s what I want to see. (OK, that and a Lombardi.)

  374. 374 ChoTime said at 9:50 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Plus, every time he touches the ball we can say (John Travolta voice) “White Lightnehhhhhhn!”

  375. 375 Green Sea Turtle said at 9:55 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    They all look green to me. 😉

  376. 376 anon said at 7:02 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Can we add LaGarrette Blount and a rookie? If AP is getting $2m guaranteed, Blount cant be asking for much, just don’t want to see him on the giants.

    B. Marsh as our 10th WR?

  377. 377 Rellihcs said at 7:16 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Or Jamal Charles. I think Blount IS asking for much. But we could also double dip in the draft.

  378. 378 meteorologist said at 7:42 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Yeah, thats why the Patriots signed pretty much everyone else

  379. 379 meteorologist said at 7:52 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Alright you guys win, no Barnett

    Barnett went later than expected in both Mayock & Jeremiah mocks. Wasn't even in McGinn's 1sr round: https://t.co/ILG93JSg6f— Evan Silva (@evansilva) April 27, 2017

  380. 380 Corry said at 7:53 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Draft day is finally here! We made it!

  381. 381 meteorologist said at 7:54 AM on April 27th, 2017:


    Conley @14?

  382. 382 meteorologist said at 7:54 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Last night schefter and Matt Miller made tweets apparently about the Browns taking Trubisky at 1

  383. 383 Corry said at 7:55 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Sweet Jesus, why?!

  384. 384 Rellihcs said at 10:15 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    To f with people, misinformation

  385. 385 meteorologist said at 7:55 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Almost 230am and just got a call from a team in the top 10 that thinks Trubisky goes No. 1— Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) April 27, 2017

  386. 386 eagleyankfan said at 7:56 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I don’t k now what that means…

  387. 387 D3FB said at 7:58 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    If QBs go 1&2 and Howie gets the Bears to give up 3 for Myles Garret for a richer version of the Dion Jordan trade (3 for 12 and 42) plus a swap of Jmatt for Kyle Fuller he gets a statue.

    To recap:
    Bears get: 14,43,99 JMatt maybe some sweetener
    Eagles get: 3 (Garrett) and Kyle Fuller
    Howie gets: Statue, much better than the Christiano Ronaldo one too

  388. 388 Corry said at 8:01 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    We need picks, but that would be amazing and totally worth the trade up.

  389. 389 D3FB said at 8:03 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Oh i’m team trade the fuck out of the first, so I agree about the picks but Garrett is the one guy I would go up for and Fuller at least buys you some protection of a CB run before 118

  390. 390 Anders said at 8:21 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I add next years 2nd to get Garrett

  391. 391 D3FB said at 8:29 AM on April 27th, 2017:


    I wish we could trade Cleveland’s picks

  392. 392 Anders said at 9:24 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I do Jmatt, 14, 43 and next years 2nd for Garrett and Fuller

  393. 393 D3FB said at 9:32 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Cleveland owns our second

  394. 394 Anders said at 9:47 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    cant we send them Kelce and Kendricks instead? 😛

  395. 395 ChoTime said at 9:49 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    I kind of like the Eagles trading up. Just seems they do better when they have a top pick.

  396. 396 eagleyankfan said at 8:02 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    draft day and no new article. Either Tommy is cheating on us or he’s missing…

  397. 397 D3FB said at 8:04 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    We’ll be getting 10 in the next 72 hours. Gotta save them words.

  398. 398 Rellihcs said at 10:13 AM on April 27th, 2017:


  399. 399 Steve Smegal said at 9:19 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Peter King mentions the Giants and Texans as two teams potentially looking to move up. Unfortunately, he mentions the Ravens and Titans as potential partners. Come on Howie get in on that action

  400. 400 Anders said at 9:28 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    For the guys who like what Football Outsiders do:


    They love Fournette, Cook and Mixon and think Kamara is 110% overrated.


    They also hated Charles Harris, but like Barnett despite his bad testing and think Tyos Bowser has some great potential if he can hold up at 247 pounds

  401. 401 ChoTime said at 9:47 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    They love the s__t out of those guys. FWIW, they also loved Ron Dayne and TJ Duckett, though.

  402. 402 Anders said at 9:50 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    Every analytic projection system will always have missed but they said this:

    ” BackCAST was also high on Ron Dayne and T.J. Duckett, for example, who scored highly in large part due to unusual size/speed combinations. It is a bit harder to find a bust whose high projection, like Cook’s, had more to do with college production.”

    Which indicates that Fournette might have higher chance than Cook and Mixon to bust

    Its often smarter to look at the most likely to bust (see Kamara and Harris)

  403. 403 Stephen E. said at 9:54 AM on April 27th, 2017:

    If the account of these witnesses is true, Conley was actually the one who was sexually assaulted. After all, he didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes, either.