Extra Coin for Nicky Franchise

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We got some Nick Foles news on Friday. He wasn’t traded, instead getting a bit of a bonus from the Eagles.

Foles led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl so it is hard to have any issues with him getting extra money.

The Eagles wanted to do right by Foles to reward him, but also to keep him happy this year. Carson Wentz might not make it back for the beginning of the season and there is no guarantee he’ll play every game once he does return. The Eagles think they have a team ready to challenge for the Super Bowl again so it is worth it to them to keep a smile on the face of their talented backup QB.

The Eagles don’t have great cap space this year or next, but I trust Howie Roseman and Jake Rosenberg when it comes to these moves. Those guys know how to structure deals and move money around to get the most bang for their buck.

As for the mutual option for 2019, it would be shocking for Foles to remain an Eagle. Some team will take a chance on him and Foles wants one more chance to show what he can do. Still, you never know what will happen so it can’t hurt to have the option in there.

Last year Foles played very little in the offseason and looked awful when he did play. This year Wentz will miss the offseason and Foles will have a chance to work on his game all spring and summer. That should help him to be at his best if he is called upon to play this year.


Speaking of Wentz…

The Eagles paid a huge price, but that was a franchise-altering move. Wentz has been worth every draft pick the Eagles gave up and then some.


Let’s hope the Eagles get a bunch of calls this week. Nothing will happen until draft night. Teams need to see who is falling and then decide if those players are worth moving up for.


Want a draft prospect to keep an eye on? Julian Taylor from Temple would make a lot of sense as a late round DT for the Eagles. Has a good frame and is athletically gifted. Best football is ahead of him.

Would be a perfect fit in the Eagles scheme.


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