O vs D

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It will be interesting to see what happens at pick 32. We all wonder who the team will choose.

Beyond the specific player, it will be interesting to see which side of the ball the Eagles go with. The team will go with their draft board, which means taking the highest rated player available. But often there are a group of players with the same or similar grades.

That is when position and need become factors.

I wonder if the Eagles would lean toward taking an offensive player. My thinking is that the team may want to surround Carson Wentz with as much offensive talent as possible. The Eagles have a good defense. They have a potentially special offense.

Minnesota had the #1 defense in the league in 2017. The Eagles, playing with their backup QB, piled up 456 yards and scored 31 offensive points on them. That shows you that this offense isn’t just a good unit. It has tremendous potential.

You could add a stud RB to give the offense another playmaker.

You could add a talented TE to pair with Zach Ertz. If the TE can block and catch, he would help the running game and the passing game.

You could pick a WR to give Wentz another target. We only need to look back to 2016 to see how an offense can be crippled by crappy receivers.

You could add an O-lineman to help protect Wentz.

These picks would be more about the future than 2018. The player might make an immediate impact, but there wouldn’t be pressure for them to come in and start. The goal would be to add a talented piece to pair with Wentz. The player would be on a rookie contract for four or five years, giving the Eagles reasonably priced, young talent. That’s important when you consider that Wentz will be getting a mega-deal in the near future.

If a stud defender that the Eagles love is somehow on the board, all this talk goes out the window. The Eagles aren’t going to force a pick on offense.


From Dave Spadaro’s latest post.

Look for the NFL schedule to be announced this week and with it, the most-anticipated dates for Eagles fans – the official word on who the Eagles will play in the opener on, presumably, Thursday, September 6 and when the Eagles will play Jacksonville in London, England. I can’t tell you how many fans have expressed an interest in going to the game in London. While Jacksonville has established a home-away-from-home base there, it’s likely to be an Eagles-flavored fan base that weekend.

Some of you really love the schedule so this will be huge.

I don’t get as excited, but it will be interesting because of the Eagles opening the season on a Thursday and having the London game.



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