What to do at 32?

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The Eagles brought back most of a Super Bowl-winning team. They have done a good job of adding talent at some spots and finding solid replacements at others. If they didn’t add anyone else this offseason, the Eagles would have a pretty darn good team. The roster is just about complete.

That gives them freedom as they prepare for the draft. The Eagles can take a TE at 32 if they love some prospect, but they don’t have to force anything. At its best, the draft is a way to build your roster for the future. You want to add the best players possible rather than filling roster holes. Need is a factor in decision-making, but you want to focus on talent more than position.

I wrote a piece for PE.com on five players who make sense for the Eagles at pick 32.

I had players from five different positions. It feels like DB makes the most sense position-wise, but the team has flexibility. We’ll find out which player they really want. There is the possibility of moving back (or up). Howie Roseman has mentioned how few picks the team has and that he would like to add more. The draft is still weeks away and plenty can happen between now and then.


Bo Wulf wrote a piece on TE the Eagles could target in the draft.

Mr. Wulf, America’s leading ageist, left South Carolina star Hayden Hurst off the list. Hurst will turn 25 in August and that’s just too old for Mr. Wulf.

Any list without Hurst is immediately awful. He is the top TE prospect in the draft for all cool people.


I’d like to see Bill Belichick do that.


Hughes would come in and compete for the slot corner role right away. He’s got terrific man cover skills.

Hughes is the kind of player Jim Schwartz would love because he’s a playmaker. Hughes doesn’t want to break-up a pass, he wants to pick it off. Hughes doesn’t just want to catch the ball and go down, he wants to score. He picked off 4 passes and averaged 23 yards per INT return.

Hughes is also a skilled returner. He returned 2 kickoffs and 1 punt for TDs in 2017. That’s great production for a returner.

There are some character questions with Hughes. He began his career at UNC, but left after an incident in his freshman year. The Eagles just hired Gunter Brewer from UNC so they can pick his brain for thoughts on whether Hughes is worth taking a chance on. He certainly has big time talent.


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