Eagles Add a QB

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Is it fair? No, but who cares.

The Eagles have the current Super Bowl MVP in Nick Foles. They have a future Super Bowl MVP in Carson Wentz. They have a future Hall of Fame QB in Nate Sudfeld. And now, the rich get richer.

Joe Callahan might actually be the most talented QB on the roster.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Or a lot. I do like this move. Callahan gives the Eagles a #4 QB with some talent and some experience. With Wentz out for a few more months, the Eagles need a reliable QB to throw passes in the upcoming practices and Training Camp.

Callahan can do that and should be an upgrade over Matt McGloin. Does he have any cousins or brothers who will berate Jimmy Bama? We can only hope.

It is important to have functional backups in the spring and summer. Young receivers need accurate passers to help them develop. It is also good for the defense. Those players need to be challenged. If the QB can’t run an effective offense, you’ll get a false-positive on how the defense is playing.

Callahan could be a band-aid to eat up camp reps or he could have a future in Philly. Foles is almost certainly gone after this year. Sudfeld will have a chance to be the primary backup. Callahan would love to impress the Eagles enough to be in consideration for the #3 QB role in 2019. That probably won’t happen, but it can’t hurt the Eagles to get a look at Callahan and he certainly will embrace the chance to impress them and 31 other teams this summer.


This is kinda crazy.

I remember being so excited when Lurie bought the team. Leonard Tose and Norman Braman were highly flawed owners. Lurie offered a lot of promise. It took longer than expected for him to get the team to the top, but they’re here now. It will be fun to see how things go.

Jerry Jones got his dynasty shortly after buying the Cowboys. Wouldn’t it be cool for Lurie to get one now, with multiple Super Bowls and a dominant run over the next several years?

Maybe good things do come to those who wait.


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