Worth Hating

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Dallas sucks. I think we all agree on that. To most Eagles fans, this is the biggest rival. This is a team that should be hated.

What made Dallas so hateable was all the success they had from 1966-1985 (no losing seasons, 2 Super Bowls) and then 1991-1996 (3 Super Bowls). They called themselves America’s Team. They had the fan base and the trophies to back it up. Beating Dallas in those times was glorious. Beating those Cowboys actually meant something.

I remember the 31-7 domination on Monday night in October 1992. The 4th-and-1 game in 1995 was amazing. And of course, the 1980 NFC title game was darn near a religious experience for Eagles fans. Those were special moments.

Do you remember the 40-18 beat down of Dallas from 2001? I guess beating Anthony Wright wasn’t the same as beating Troy Aikman.

Do you remember a 17-3 win from 1990? The immortal Babe Laufenburg was the Boys QB in that classic game.

Do you remember getting all excited to see if Eagles players could shut down TE David LaFleur? WR Stepfret Williams? How did the Eagles ever block elite DE Shante Carver?

Beating Dallas is always satisfying, but it is a heck of a lot more fun to beat good Dallas teams. It is more fun to shut down star players than scrubs. I bring all of this up because it is important to be able to acknowledge that not every Cowboy player sucks. It is okay to admit some of their players are actually…ya know…good. If you can watch this piece with Jason Garrett and Jason Witten and not come away impressed, I don’t know what to say.

That is a great story, Cowboys or not. That is what football is all about. It is the ultimate team game. You can give Witten a hard time for never making it to the Super Bowl or whatever you want, but he is going to the Hall of Fame and had a legitimately great career. It doesn’t make you any less of an Eagles fan to admit that.

Sean Lee won’t be going to Canton, but he has had a terrific career and is the very definition of a difference-maker. This video is pretty wild.

Listen, the media can overrate Dallas players and I get how frustrating that is. You would think they have the greatest O-line in NFL history. After their rookie years, it was a question of when, not if, Dak and Zeke would be headed to Canton. That can drive you nuts.

I wonder if Cian charted the season finale when Dak led Dallas to a 6-0 win over a backup Eagles defense? Yikes.

It is fun to give Dak Prescott a hard time, but I do think he’s a good QB. I think he was somewhat exposed last year. He had no run game and iffy protection…or as Philip Rivers would call it…the last six years. Dak did not handle adversity well. If he’s truly a stud QB, he should overcome tough circumstances.

Zeke is an incredible RB. I’m excited to see how the Eagles defense does against him. Watching Emmitt go against the Eagles led to some memorable games (for both sides unfortunately).

This year should be fun. Dallas will try to bounce back from a disappointing season, while the Eagles are trying to go win another Super Bowl. Part of me will be pulling for them to go 0-16, but another part of me will actually want them to be good, so that beating them will have more meaning. It will also frustrate Jerry Jones all the more. And that’s about as good as it gets.


Just so you don’t think I’ve gone too soft…enjoy this bit of awesomeness.


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