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The Eagles made a couple of roster moves on the eve of Training Camp.

They could have done this as a favor to the players so they would have a chance to catch on elsewhere. Or the Eagles might want to add depth at other positions. WR and CB are deep. If the team wants to add a DT or LB or something else, they needed to let someone go.

There is always the possibility the team is going to re-sign Corey Graham to add depth at safety. That’s the weakest position on the team, in terms of depth. Unless the Eagles love Tre Sullivan or their UDFAs from this spring, safety needs help. There are good players on the market. The problem is that I don’t know if those guys want to come to Philly to be backups. Tre Boston, Kenny Vaccaro and Eric Reid are starting quality players.

These moves could be affected by players who are still on the mend. Training Camp requires players who can handle a lot of reps. If Jordan Hicks or Darren Sproles or Haloti Ngata is still not ready to go, maybe the team signs someone to help with practice reps.

Other teams are making moves, some minor and some interesting. Connor Barwin signed with the Giants. The Pats added DB Eddie Pleasant. Buffalo signed LB Keenan Robinson. Other teams added camp bodies.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Eagles are going to do. They have options.


On the eve of TC last year, the team cut CB Dwayne Gratz. Here’s what I had to say about that:

So Dwayne Gratz isn’t good enough to even make it to TC, despite the Eagles having probably the weakest CB group in the NFL. That’s not good. Better get out that resume, Mr. Gratz.

Amazing how much CB has changed in the past year.


This time last year is when Pederson made his statement about the Eagles having more talent than the 1996 Packers.  My thoughts at the time:

Someone asked Pederson if his recent comments about the talent level of the Eagles (being better than the terrific Packers teams of the ’90s) puts extra pressure on him.

“I hope so. I love the pressure. I didn’t get into this business not to have pressure. I’ve got a great coaching staff around me. I’m confident in the things that we can get accomplished.”

I still think that is a crazy statement, but I like his attitude. Coaching the Eagles is a tough job. Fans and the media are demanding. It is better to embrace the pressure than to hide from it or pretend it isn’t there. Just don’t go making definitive promises. Those rarely work as intended.

I still think the 1996 Packers had more talent, but it turned out to be a lot closer than I anticipated.

I wonder if Pederson will have any bold claims to make this week. I will certainly be less inclined to doubt him.


You have to love Coach Fipp. Pure energy.


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