Play to Win

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We’ve all praised Doug Pederson and his aggressive style of coaching quite a bit. And with good reason.

The Eagles and Jags both had fourth quarter leads on the Patriots. The Eagles played to win. The Jags played not to lose. I don’t need to tell you how things turned out.

Aggressive coaches inspire their players. They take chances, which puts pressure on the players to make things happen. When you play conservatively, players tend to focus on avoiding mistakes. That’s not the mindset you want football players to have, especially in big games.

I watched part of the Dallas-Cincinnati preseason game this weekend. Dallas had the ball near their 40-yard line late in the game. They were down a score and faced 4th and short. Dallas went for it, as they should have. All three announcers talked about how the Cowboys did that only because it was August. You would never do that in the regular season.


All I could think about was Doug going for it on 4th down late in the Super Bowl. Take chances. Play to win. Far too many people in the football world have the old school mentality. Punt the ball. Only take chances when you absolutely have to.

Thank god Doug doesn’t coach like that. The Eagles wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl. Instead, he’s aggressive.

And a champion.


I hope Adams can play. The Eagles need to see what they’ve got in him. I was impressed by him in the opener, but a big part of Adams winning a roster spot will be his ability to show he can stay on the field.


Real good segment here with Dave and Mayock.


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