Game Preview – PHI at JAX, UK Style

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Eagles at Jaguars, at Wembley.

You know the NFL was over the moon happy when they worked out the schedule and this game got to be in London. The Super Bowl champs against the team that lost in the AFC title game last year.

The Eagles have one of the great fanbases in all of sports. The Jaguars play in London every year and have something of a following over there.

This was going to be the biggest London game ever played. It was going to be great and help spread the gospel of the NFL.

And then 2018 happened.

Both teams limp into this game with a 3-4 record. The Eagles just blew a 17-point lead in the 4th quarter last week and there has been a lot of angst over what is wrong with the team. Jacksonville hasn’t blown a 17-point lead recently. One key reason…they have only scored 14 points in the past two games combined. Yikes.

I wrote my game preview for

One thing I didn’t cover in that piece is the Carlos Hyde angle. The Jags traded for him last week. Hyde sat out Sunday’s game, but will play this week. How much of the playbook does he know? Hyde is most effective as a workhorse runner. He’s not a playmaker.

The Jags need something to get their offense going. Hyde isn’t going to come in an break off 80-yard runs, but his presence in the rotation can help the team get better production from their overall running game. Maybe.

Philly is the #2 run defense. It feels like Haloti Ngata will be back this week. The Jags are missing their LT and multiple TEs. It is hard to run the ball when you don’t have your best runners or blockers. It is even tougher when you go up against a stout run D like the Eagles.


The Jags struggle when you get a lead on them.

The Eagles struggle when they get a lead on teams.


Not a good look for the Jags. Probably won’t affect the game, but any and all distractions are welcome.


I’m not a big uniform guy so this isn’t huge news for me. I know some of you love this stuff.

What do you think?


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