Who Are You?

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The Eagles are 3-4. They play a struggling Jaguars team in London this Sunday and then have a bye week. There is plenty of season left. There is no reason to panic.


I couldn’t help but think of that scene today when hearing about Barnett. Ugh. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there is more bad news. I also feel it is my duty to spread the gospel of Airplane II, such an underrated movie. William Shatner should have gotten an Oscar for the couple of scenes he did.

Back to the Eagles.

Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, Joe Douglas and Doug Pederson have some tough decisions to make. Are they still in “Win Now” mode or has that ship sailed? I don’t mean that you give up on the season, but rather you have to adjust your thinking.

Howie has been calling 31 teams to discuss trades. He has been looking high and low for talented players to help the Eagles this year.

Jimmy Bama is right. The Eagles can make a move or two, but they need to have an eye on the future as well as this season.

The Eagles could add a couple of veterans that might help them go 10-6. If that happens, and there are no guarantees of even that, the Eagles would be playing one home game in the playoffs. Do you bet on older players or rentals for something like that?

I recently wrote about going with veterans this year has pretty much backfired on the Eagles. I think the front office would have to be really careful about adding anyone close to the age of 30.

Howie’s job is to find talent. He should focus on bargains or young talent at this point. A few people have asked me about the Eagles signing WR Terrelle Pryor. He’s 29 and has one good season as a WR. I’m not sure I see the point in adding him, even as just a free agent.

There are a lot of rumors about CB Patrick Peterson. He wants out of Arizona. His preference was to be traded to the Saints, but they are missing picks and went bargain shopping. They ended up dealing for Giants CB Eli Apple. Supposedly, Peterson has interest in the Eagles and Patriots.

Peterson is 28-years old and playing at a high level. He would be an excellent addition, for 2018 and the future. The problem is that he won’t come cheap.

The Chiefs ought to sell their soul to get him. The Eagles should be interested for sure, but have to be careful about overpaying. There are going to be some holes on the roster after this year. They are going to need those picks.

The Broncos have been shopping WR Demaryius Thomas. At the end of the 3rd quarter on Sunday, I would have said he makes some sense for the Eagles. Now, I think you pass on him. Thomas is 31 and a declining player. He doesn’t make sense for a team with an eye to the future.

Howie is a creative, aggressive GM (or whatever his exact title is these days). He will do everything he can to help the Eagles. Some have wondered if the Eagles lose on Sunday if they should become sellers instead of buyers. I doubt that. The Eagles have a good set of picks for 2019. I don’t think they need to load up with even more.

I could see them dealing someone that isn’t part of the future. If some team wanted Ronald Darby, you could trade him and then put Rasul Douglas at his spot.

I guess a fascinating scenario would be what if a contender asked you about Jason Peters or Darren Sproles. If the Chiefs or Rams lost their LT on Sunday and then called about Peters, that would make for an interesting discussion.

Sunday’s game becomes more important because the outcome could affect the team’s mentality at the trade deadline (Oct. 30).

Are the Eagles buyers or sellers?

Are the Eagles all-in or are they bargain shoppers?

Every time we think we have this team figure out, something else happens and keeps us confused.


This isn’t the move you wanted.

If this does turn out to be a lost season, put him on the field and let’s find out if Pumphrey can do anything. If not, just move on for good.


Back to DE for a second.

The loss of Barnett means that rookie Josh Sweat will start getting regular snaps. He looked like a project to me in the summer. Now he’s going to have to contribute right away.

The Eagles will certainly talk to teams around the league about pass rushers, but they don’t tend to be available.


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