Depth Chart Guesses

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Lots of things to talk about today.

So what does this mean?

It would certainly seem to indicate that Darren Sproles is not dead or in witness protection. Carter has been the primary returner for a while now. If you cut him, you’re expecting someone else to take that role. That’s gotta be Sproles.

Golden Tate also has return ability and can help out if needed. Nelson Agholor, Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood can also contribute, but this move really does make it feel like Sproles will return.

I hate to see Carter go, but he’s expendable at this point. He didn’t contribute a lot on offense and Tate now is in the mix now so Carter was going to play even less on offense. Carter did show he belongs on an NFL team. I’d love to see him back on the practice squad, but it would also be cool to see another team give him a shot to keep playing on an active roster.

As for McGill, adding him makes you think it isn’t likely that Tim Jernigan plays this week.

DT Fletcher Cox
DT Haloti Ngata
DT Treyvon Hester
DT T.Y. McGill

That’s the most depth and experience the Eagles have had at DT in a while. I think they know they need to balance out reps better. There won’t be any more bye weeks. They have eight games left and if things go well, there could be another couple of games after that. You need depth to get through a run of games like that.

McGill is 6-0, 299. He’s played in 28 career games (no starts). He does have five career sacks.

In a fantasy world, the Eagles would have a good lead and the coaches would let the backups play a lot.

Jernigan should be back soon enough. The Eagles could go heavy at DT and keep five guys. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Corey Undlin talked to the media, but wouldn’t offer any updates on who will play Sunday. He made one comment that made it sound like Rasul Douglas would be starting instead of Jalen Mills.

Undlin was asked about newly signed Cre’Von LeBlanc. Undlin said he hasn’t even met him, but the Eagles will work hard to get him ready. Undlin was asked who would play the slot if Sidney Jones can’t go and said the Eagles would have someone ready for the role. As crazy as it sounds, they could go with LeBlanc. He’s new to the scheme, but knows the slot.

If Jones and Mills are down, you don’t have a lot of options.


No word on if the Eagles have any interest. Irvin is a good pass rusher and you always have to be somewhat interested in those guys.

At the same time, his lack of effort in recent weeks was…not good. I know Oakland is a mess, but going through the motions (or even less) is unacceptable for a professional player. He likely turned off a few teams with that tape.

Someone will go hard after Irvin. We just haven’t heard who.


Should the Eagles have interest in Abdullah? I don’t think so right now. Abdullah has three touches for 19 yards this year. He’s only played in three games. He’s had fumbling issues in the past.

Sproles is getting healthy. So is Clement. Josh Adams and Wendell Smallwood are playing their best football of the season. Let’s see what this group can do.

I loved Abdullah coming out of college and he would be an interesting project in the offseason. I’m just not sure he makes a lot of sense right now.


Fletcher Cox needs to have a big game this week.


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