A Game to Play

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The Carson Wentz injury news has dominated all the talk about the Eagles in recent days. And that makes complete sense. Wentz is the star QB and heart and soul of the franchise. Beyond that, the story of his injury is a bit odd.

But there is a game to play.

Graham and the other players are saying the right things. They have to keep their heads and hopes up. As long as these guys are mathematically alive, they have to keep battling.

You and I can sit on the outside and say “Why bother?”. We haven’t invested months of effort, blood, sweat and tears in this season. The players have. They aren’t going to give up until it is truly over.

The Eagles are major underdogs in this game, as they should be. The Rams are better. They are healthier. They are playing at home.

But sometimes being the underdog can bring out the best in a team. You relax. The pressure is off. You’re loose and you just go let it rip.

I don’t have  a clue what to expect from this Eagles team. They’ve been so erratic this year that I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I would love to see them play one great game this season. We haven’t gotten that yet. Beating the Rams with Nick Foles and a bunch of other backups would qualify as the best game of the year.

I’m not delusional enough to get my hopes way up. I was told some valuable advice more than 30 years ago by my friend’s mom.

“Thomas (as she would call me at times), put out your hands. Hope in one and shit in the other. See which one gets full first.”

Those were the days when parenting wasn’t all warm and cuddly.

Back to the Eagles. Some people have this idea that Nick Foles is going to come in and play like he did last year in the postseason. That would be cool, but based on what we saw last summer and in the first two games, I’m not expecting anything like that.

It would be a great story. Foles took over for Wentz against the Rams a year ago. Foles was once traded to the Rams and started for them. For him to come out and lead the Eagles to a win over his former team in such a key spot would be Hollywood material. I just don’t think it is likely to happen.

It would certainly help if the Rams let their guard down. If they ease up a bit or play sloppy, the Eagles can take advantage of that. We’ll see.


I didn’t write about Doug’s PC from Friday. Watch it for yourself.

Just an awkward situation all around.

No clue why the Eagles waited until today to rule Wentz out for Sunday’s game. Dumb.


At this point, it might be easier to keep track of who hasn’t played for the Eagles.


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