A Couple of No’s

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The Eagles need a RB. Kareem Hunt would be an ideal fit for the offense and wouldn’t cost a huge deal. He does have serious baggage due to the incident where he assaulted a woman. Any chance the Eagles go for him?


Strange move.

Cleveland already had a pair of very good young RBs in Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson. They didn’t need help at RB. Adding a cheap, young talent like Hunt makes sense on some levels, but it really felt like the team that was going to take a chance on him would be someone that needed a RB.

From Hunt’s perspective, this deal makes almost no sense. He does go back home, but you can question whether that’s a good thing. For a player trying to rehab his image (and hopefully change), the best move might have been to go somewhere he would have no friends. Become a home body and avoid going out or having friends over.

On the field, the move is very odd. Hunt is going to a team that already has RBs to feed the ball to. He’s obviously good enough to get some touches, but he won’t be a workhorse. That will be a major adjustment for him. Hunt averages just under 20 touches a game for his career. Not getting the ball could lead to frustrations and that could cause problems in the locker room or his personal life.

As for the Eagles, it never felt like Hunt was going to be a likely addition. The Eagles will take some chances, but are usually pretty calculated in how they do things. Michael Vick spent 19 months in federal prison. He lost millions of dollars. He paid a real price before coming back to the NFL. I know some of you don’t think that was anywhere close to enough, but it was real. Hunt missed a few games. He’ll be suspended for several games this year.

It is fair to question if Hunt has changed.

I don’t fault the Eagles for passing on Hunt. Chemistry and character are crucial parts of this team. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be a choirboy, but the fit has to be right. The Eagles didn’t think  that was the case so they passed.

I will say this…they better add a serious talent at RB. If Josh Adams and Wendell Smallwood are the feature backs in 2019, my head will explode.


Tate had a couple of tweets that made it seem like he hasn’t heard from the Eagles and is a bit frustrated.

It never felt likely that Tate would sign an extension. He is at his best in the slot. The Eagles have Nelson Agholor for that role.

If Tate had come here and somehow been a perfect fit, that would have changed things. Then you find the money and pay the man. That wasn’t the case. Tate was an awkward fit. The Eagles will now let him walk in free agency and hope to get a 4th or 5th round comp pick in 2020.

Tate does have real value for some team.

Let’s hope somebody ponies up big money to sign him.


This is encouraging.


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