No More Nick

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The 2019 offseason is officially off and running. The first news isn’t surprising, but it is now official.

What an incredibly generous move by the Eagles. This truly shows just how much they cherish Foles as a person and what a loving organization the Eagles are.

Or…there just wasn’t a market so they decided to do the obvious thing and not tag him. Foles gets his freedom and the Eagles get cap space.

Everyone wins.

It would have been great to get a draft pick this year, but there just wasn’t the right set of circumstances. The Eagles will now have to settle for getting a compensatory pick in 2020, assuming Foles does get a big deal from someone. Hopefully he’ll get a good deal and the Eagles will get a third rounder.

As for now, the Eagles have more than $6M in cap space. They still have moves to make to free up more space, but this was an excellent start.

So very true.


Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson each talked for about 15 minutes to the media while at the Combine in Indy. Here are some interesting nuggets.

We didn’t come away with any hard answers, but did get some good clues, at least in some areas.

I agree with Zach that the Eagles could very well be aggressive. That’s Howie’s mindset. The Eagles will get creative financially and figure out ways to add talent to the roster. They are going to lose some key free agents and Howie isn’t about to lose talent without adding some key pieces.

It was interesting to hear them talk about Sudfeld. I’ve been wondering if they would take the chance of making him the primary backup. Sudfeld has virtually no experience. Can you count on him to come in and win a big game? It sounds like the Eagles will bring in some kind of real competition for Sudfeld.

As to Jason Peters, it was hard to come away with a good feel for that situation. Howie and Doug said nice things, but were hardly definitive. I get the feeling they are starting to get nervous about paying megabucks to a 37-year old offensive tackle who struggles to stay healthy. Yes, he did start 16 games in 2018, but he was in and out of the lineup as nagging injuries affected him all year long.

The next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting, as we find out about Peters, Sproles, Graham, Darby and the other players who might be moving on. Some will stay, but there will likely be more guys heading out.


Good stuff here from Sheil Kapadia and his intern Bo Wulf, offering their take on what was said in Indy.


On one hand, this sounds dreadful. The Eagles Super Bowl hero should never go play for the enemy.

On the other hand, it would be fun to see how Nick Foles did as the bad guy. This would be like casting Tom Hanks in a movie role where he plays a pedophile/terrorist/Cowboys fan. Could you learn to hate the guy we all love?

The move doesn’t make much sense to me, but we’ll see what happens. Like I said, this will be an interesting couple of weeks.


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