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The NFL owners meetings are taking place out in Phoenix for the next couple of days. That means the media gets a chance to talk to Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson and Jeffrey Lurie. First up, Howie.

Here’s the complete interview.

Spoiler alert…there weren’t any major surprises.

Howie was asked a lot about the RB position. He said about what you would expect. Howie talked up Corey Clement, Josh Adams and Wendell Smallwood. He pointed out that the Eagles have won a lot of games with these guys.

Howie stressed that there is plenty of time left in the offseason. He made the point that all the RBs from the Super Bowl were acquired after the 2017 draft. I mentioned something similar the other day. RB is a position where you don’t have to rush. There will be options.

The subject of comp picks came up. Howie talked about how the Eagles do make moves with comp picks in mind. He made sure to explain this is only part of the equation. The team went out and signed big free agents in 2016 because they needed talent. The roster is strong enough now that the Eagles can be more selective in their shopping.

Howie also talked about the importance of comp picks as it relates to the Eagles situation. They traded away a lot of picks in recent years, most especially in the Carson Wentz deal. That meant the Eagles weren’t adding as much young talent through the draft. The comp picks will help the Eagles add young players over the next two drafts. Howie noted the Eagles aren’t going to hit on every pick, thus the need for extra picks. They need young talent.

Someone asked about the Eagles adding older players. Howie gave a good answer, explaining that teams now do a much better job of keeping their young players. Go read an article from any number of analysts and they’ll tell you how weak this free agent class was.

Rather than overspending on young players with minimal accomplishments, the Eagles chose to acquire proven veterans. Howie talked about how age isn’t what it used to be. Players take better care of themselves. Teams now use sports science to help keep wear and tear off players. 30 is no longer 30.

Howie also stressed the fact that the Eagles added impact players…Malik Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters, Brandon Graham, Ronald Darby. Talent was more important than age. He cited the Rams adding older players last year and getting to the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Bama asked Howie about the linebacker position. Howie responded that the team had identified L.J. Fort as a free agent target. He is a player they genuinely wanted. We’ll see if that move pans out, but he sounded confident. Howie talked about the returning LBs, but also pointed out there is still plenty of offseason left so more talent could be added.

And oh yeah…Howie also talked about that Wentz guy. Apparently the Eagles want to sign him to an extension at some point. They seem to think he’s pretty good.


The Eagles are keeping their options open. So is Ajayi.


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