Eagles Add Playmakers

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The second round worked really well for the Eagles, as WRs, RBs and safeties stayed on the board. The Eagles chose playmakers.


The offense struggled too often in 2018. The Eagles added DeSean Jackson and Jordan Howard in the offseason. Now they added young weapons to develop for the future. These guys can also contribute as role players right away.

Sanders is 5-11, 211. He say behind Saquon Barkley for a couple of years, but then had a breakout season in 2018. Sanders showed that he was a top flight talent and had big time NFL ability. I love him because he can be a workhorse runner, but he’s also got big play ability. I think he is a great fit for the Eagles offense.

Let me say this very clearly…Sanders is not Tony Hunt. Do not bring up that comparison.

J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is 6-2, 225. He ran 4.49 at his Pro Day. The thing that stands out with him is his ability to play through contact and make contested catches. Some WRs need to be wide open to be comfortable. JJAW doesn’t care if a DB is draped all over him. He focuses on the ball and makes the catch. He had 28 TDs at Stanford. This dude is a Red Zone weapon. You can never have enough of those guys on your team. JJAW has really good hands and catches the ball away from his body.


I loved the Sanders pick.

I liked the Arcega-Whiteside pick.

I’ll have plenty more on these guys later tonight.


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