Schedule is Out

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The NFL schedule is out.

Good news. The Eagles open with the Skins. Every time the Eagles have won the Super Bowl, they played the Skins in the season opener.

Bad news. The Eagles have never won the Super Bowl when the season opener was a home game.

Sadly, that’s about as good as schedule analysis can get in April. You don’t know a team will be healthy or hot when you play them. Who would have expected to lose to the Bucs, Titans and Panthers last year? Who thought the Jaguars would be one of the worst teams in the league?

What sticks out?

Three straight road games. The Eagles go to MIN, DAL and BUF in the middle of the season. Those can be tough places to play. Sometimes a series of games like that can bring out the best in a team.

The flip side. Week 9- Week 12 will be three straight home games and the bye. This is a stretch where the Eagles need to play well. When you have a favorable situation, you must take advantage of it.

Good bye. The bye week is Nov 10th. That’s about ideal. Players have gone through more than half of the season and are ready for the break. All of this is in theory, of course. If the Eagles are really banged up, they might wish the bye came earlier. But going off a generic calendar, early November is when you want your bye.

No 12th Man. Seattle comes to Philly. It feels like the Eagles have played at Seattle 37 times in the last decade. Reality won’t back that up, but might delusional mind rarely trusts reality. I am desperate for the Eagles to beat Russell Wilson and Seattle. Please make this happen. Losing to them drives me nuts.

Kill the Goat? It is fun to talk trash about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots, but regardless of how you feel, this is a special group. And this could be the last time the Eagles face the Big Bad Patriots. Tom Brady has never lost a regular season game in Philly. It would be great to change that.

Who’s your Daddy? No Rams in the regular season. I guess Doug Pederson will have to wait until the playoffs to once again prove that he owns Sean McVay.

Closing close. The Eagles won’t have to do much traveling in December. They open with a game in Miami. I’m sure Eagles fans are happy with a quick December trip the the land of sunshine. After that, there are two homes games and trips to NYC and D.C. That’s the way you want to close out a season.


Prediction…12-4. I spent almost one minute coming up with that so please make sure to treat it with the appropriate reverence.


This was pretty entertaining.




Site news.

About a month ago, there were some issues with malware. They only affected some people. I was able to access the site through 5 different computers and my phone and never had a problem. Others got some bogus pharmaceutical nonsense.

Cleaning that up led to the site going down for a day.

I think we’re all good now. Please let me know if you do have any problems.

Thanks for your patience.


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