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I didn’t get around to any practice discussion on Tuesday so let’s talk about that now.

Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about OTAs in general. It is okay to get excited about something you see from a player in May or June. This isn’t real football, but that doesn’t mean these practices are meaningless. Training Camp and preseason games are obviously more important, but there is nothing wrong with being impressed by Carson Wentz and DeSean Jackson showing good chemistry in May.

Speaking of Wentz, there is a lot of hype about him right now. I have no problem with that at all. Wentz played at an MVP level in 2017 so there is no question about whether he can get the job done in the regular season. He’s healthy this spring and is off to a good start. That is great news for the Eagles.

It is important for DJax and Wentz to develop chemistry. Wentz has never played with anyone as fast as him. It takes time to adjust. Jackson is also smaller than other receivers that have played with Wentz. It can take time to adjust to that as well.

J-JAW won’t be a volume receiver for the Eagles this year, but he could be an important role player. Love to hear that he’s already making plays in the Red Zone.

With the retirement of Chris Long, the Eagles could really us a breakout season from Sweat. Every good play will help Sweat to build some confidence. He’s got the physical ability to be a good pass rusher. It is all about the little things with him.

Jones is playing in the slot and outside. He and Avonte Maddox have been alternating. It is important for those guys to move around at this time of the year. They’ll settle into a spot in the summer and focus on that, but spring is the time to experiment.

State of mind matters when it comes to performance. Curry went for the money last year. He genuinely wants to be in Philly. Being back home should bring out the best in Curry. To be fair, I can’t say what his best is right now, but I expect him to play better than he did last season.

The Eagles are missing some key LBs right now. That means extra reps for guys like Edwards and Alex Singleton. Good to hear that Edwards is making some plays. He was a key UDFA target for the Eagles so they expected him to have some good moments.

Bates is getting most of his work at RT, but it is important that he’s also playing C. I don’t know that he’ll ever be a full-time starter in the NFL, but Bates versatility could help him to carve out a pro career.

I can’t wait to see Mailata in action. Year 2 should be fun.


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I don’t know why the Eagles were so secretive about this. There is nothing to hide and no benefit to being coy.

I’m excited to see Sanders get on the field. He is the most talented RB the Eagles have had in a few years.


Whether he intends to take the job or not, Douglas is smart to go interview. At the very least, it will be good experience for future openings. Meeting with Jets executives and ownership will also help him get a better feel for the situation and whether this is a job to want.


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