Together, Forever

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“My name is Doug and I’m an addict.”

“Hi Doug.”

“I started using Darren Sproles back in 2016 when I moved to Philly. That first year was good. Sproles gave me the boost I needed. Life was good.”

“Things started off okay in 2017, but then I found out I got a bad batch of Sproles. I gave it up for the rest of the year. In April of 2018 I decided to give it one more go. I mean, 2016 Sproles was good. I wanted more of that.”

“2018 Sproles was a mixed batch. There were some good moments, but it still wasn’t like the first year. I told myself it was over. Walk away. No more.”

“But who am I kidding? I waited all the way to July this time around, but I needed my fix. I needed my Sproles.”

I am not a fan of this move. I wanted the Eagles to focus on young guys at RB and they had up until this.

The best I can hope for is that the Eagles see Sproles as their primary return specialist and someone to mix in to certain offensive packages. You want to feed the ball to Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders and Corey Clement. I think Sproles can still be an effective role player, but this isn’t someone you want getting 8 to 10 touches a game when you have younger, better options. Heck, Wendell Smallwood averaged more yards per carry than Sproles last year.

Doug Pederson obviously loves Sproles as a player and as a leader. I get that, but you have to move on at a certain point. The Eagles addressed RB by bringing in Howard and Sanders so this felt like the perfect time to cut the cord. Maybe the Eagles are worried about Sanders or Clement being healthy. It feels like this is more about Pederson bringing back a guy he loves.

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s a good thing or a fault.


There is no question that Sproles has had a great career. I hope he proves me wrong and is able to go out with a strong showing in 2019.

I’m just not counting on it.


While this move is frustrating, if this is the most annoying thing Pederson does, I can live with that. All coaches have something they do that drives you crazy. I don’t get Pederson’s infatuation with Sproles, but there are a lot worse faults to have.

Rich Kotite was a poor leader and communicator.

Ray Rhodes was obsessed with older guys.

Andy Reid was obsessed with throwing the ball.

Chip Kelly had problems with accountability and player relations.

Sprolesitis isn’t that bad by comparison.


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