Nate Sudfeld Update

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Nate Sudfeld has a broken left wrist and is expected to be out for six weeks. The Eagles didn’t make any QB moves on Friday, but you know they have to be doing a lot of talking internally. This is not an ideal situation.

You could argue that the team should go sign someone like Colin Kapernick or try to trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick. If Sudfeld’s timeline is six weeks, that means he is likely to miss the first three games. Do you trust Cody Kessler as your backup for three weeks? How about three plays?

Adding a talented veteran would give the team a bridge to get through the first few weeks. Sudfeld would take the job back when he returned and was ready to go. Sounds like an obvious solution.

The problem is if a veteran QB is on the roster when the season begins, the Eagles are paying him for the year. When Sudfeld comes back, you would have a #3 QB to keep or cut, but his salary would be on the books. Would a veteran want to come to Philly, knowing they were just a placeholder until Sudfeld gets healthy?

This isn’t a simple situation.

I will be curious to see what the Eagles do. They strongly believe in having multiple good QBs. Howie Roseman might be the most aggressive GM in the league. I trust him to figure out a solution. I just don’t know what it will be.


Howie did make one move on Friday.

I liked Harold when he was coming out of Virginia. He’s primarily been a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He had a career high four sacks last year.

This move is just about summer depth. The Eagles are banged up at DE and needed help. The Bills are banged up on the OL and needed help. Smart trade for both sides.


Fran got hold of the All-22 and has some good stuff up from the opener.

There is no question that Josh Sweat has serious physical ability. His length and his power just jump off the screen when you watch him at his best. That’s why he can be so frustrating. A player with his ability should be blowing up plays left and right.

If Sweat can build off the good plays, he can still become a key role player for this team. The potential is there. And I do think it is important to note that he got better as the game went along.

I was very impressed with what I saw from Hall vs the Titans. He is playing his way onto the roster and possibly into the rotation if he can keep that up.

The young DTs looked good. The Eagles have serious depth on the inside of the defense.


I haven’t finished re-watching the game and haven’t seen any of the All-22.

This feels like hyperbole, but we’ll see. OL play is so hard to judge when watching live.


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