Gameday – Jets

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The Eagles will play their weakest opponent of the year today. The feeling is that winning isn’t good enough…this needs to be a blowout. That mentality can get guys to be sloppy so we’ll have to see how things shake out.

The Eagles still aren’t at full health.

Sidney Jones is active, but we’ll have to see how much he plays.

It is fair to question if this could be a trap game, with the players looking ahead to playing the Vikings and Cowboys. Doug Pederson has done a good job of keeping his teams in the moment, but these are human beings. If they have taken in too much outside noise this week, that could affect the game.

We’ll get a feel for things early. It would be interesting to see if the Eagles win the coin toss and then chose to receive. Pederson almost always defers, but he could send a message to his team that he wants to be aggressive from the get-go. Just a thought there.

I’m really interested to see what the defense does today. The Jets stink on offense. Sam Darnold got the majority of the snaps this week and won’t play. That means Luke Falk will make his second career start, with only minimal preparation. This is the week for the D to play well.

Get regular pressure.

Make some plays.

Blow this team out.


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