Gameday – PHI at BUF

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So, you feeling good about the Eagles?

I have not had a good feel for this team all year long. They haven’t established an identity. I’d love to tell you that will start today, but I have no idea.

I do know this is a huge game. The Eagles have generally played well in those in the Doug Pederson era. This game will give us some real clues about what this team really is. A loss would be troubling, but a bad performance would be even worse.

This team needs to show some heart. They need to make plays. The defense needs to fly around the field and play as a unit, not individuals.

Weather will be a factor.

This sounds like a day to run the ball. The Eagles have the better run defense so that does help.

Of course that run defense was with Malik Jackson, Tim Jernigan and Hassan Ridgeway. Those DTs are all hurt. They will be replaced by Anthony Rush, Albert Huggins and Bruce Hector. Can the new guys help get the job done?

It would also help to have a good set of LBs. The Eagles will be missing Nigel Bradham. They’ll have three young guys so this is another situation where you wonder if these guys can get the job done.

No surprises on the inactive list.

This would be a great week for the Eagles OL to step up and dominate. If they can control the LOS and the Eagles can move the chains on the ground, that will give them an important advantage in this game.

There is a lot on the line.

Let’s hope the Eagles play like it.


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