Cornering the Market

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The problem with mock drafts and talking about draft plans in February is that you have no idea what is going to happen in free agency. The Eagles have some very definite needs right now, but that could and should change in a month. We all expect the Eagles to add a starting receiver and a starting corner when free agency starts.

I spent some time this weekend studying the free agent CBs to see who I liked and who would be a good fit. Good news. There are multiple players for the Eagles to go after. Let’s talk about some players.


Jones is the top CB on the market. He is big, fast and very athletic. Jones will turn 28 in September so he’s in the prime of his career. You put on the tape and see a player with outstanding man coverage ability. He gets in a receiver’s hip pocket and stays there. When receivers try double moves or hard cuts, Jones is athletic enough to recover and stay close. He is a really gifted CB.

Jones is physical and tough. He will hit and tackle.

So what’s not to love? Ball skills. Jones has 2 interceptions in his career, and they both came when he played safety. You are not getting a playmaker.

Rasul Douglas has started 50 fewer games and has 5 career picks. Of course, you also have to factor in that QBs go after Douglas while they avoid Jones.

There is a real case to be made for going after Jones. He could lock down one half of the field basically. He’s not an elite player, but is very good. The big question really is whether he’s worth giving mega-bucks. I don’t know how much the Eagles scouts and coaches like him, but Jones would be a major upgrade for the team. Howie Roseman better be talking to Jones’ agent to at least feel out the situation.


Bradberry would make a lot of sense for the Eagles. He has good size at 6-1, 212. He’ll turn 27 this summer so he’s the age you want. Most importantly, Bradberry is a playmaker. He has 47 passes defensed and 8 interceptions in his four-year career. He plays the ball.

Bradberry is a solid athlete, but he’s nowhere close to Jones. Bradberry’s strength is reading receivers/QBs and anticipating when/where the ball will be. He is a smart, instinctive corner. Bradberry is aggressive and can get burned. If you watch his tape vs the Eagles in 2018, you see some issues. Still, Schwartz seems to love corners who will take chances and attack the ball.


Back in 2014 there were a trio of safeties hitting free agency. Most people saw Malcolm Jenkins as the #3 guy. I thought he was a great fit for the Eagles and predicted they would go after him. Most people wanted the other safeties. The Eagles did go sign Jenkins, seeing him as the best fit. Jenkins has been a fixture for the team ever since.

Roby isn’t the top corner on the market, but boy does he seem like an Eagles fit. He can play in the slot or outside. He can line up in the box in a specialty package. Roby loves to jump routes and has good ball skills. He averages more than 11 PDs per season and has 9 career INTs. Roby will hit and tackle.

Roby wasn’t a full-time starter in his first four years, but did start the past two seasons. He’s been productive as a role player and starter.

I don’t feel as strongly about Roby as I did Jenkins when I saw him as an Eagles target, but I really do think Schwartz would like him quite a bit. Roby isn’t a special CB by any stretch but he would be an upgrade on what the Eagles had last year. Roby could also have a more reasonable price tag.


Waynes is the best hitter and tackler I saw this weekend. He is really tough and aggressive. We know Schwartz loves that in his DBs.

Waynes will turn 28 this summer. He’s not coming off a great year, but he has started 53 games and he’s a solid CB. As with Roby, I think he would be a good fit for what the Eagles like.


Ryan is 29 years old and mainly plays the slot so he’s not an idea target. That said, he is a playmaker. In 2019 he picked off 4 passes, broke up 18, had 4 FF and had 4.5 sacks. That is incredible production for a slot corner.

I would have more interest in Ryan as a safety, but he is worth discussing as a nickelback. Playmakers can be difference-makers. The flip side to that…would Schwartz use him creatively enough to make him a smart target?


Harris is versatile, productive and has outstanding cover skills…BUT…he will turn 31 in June. I just don’t think he’s a guy the Eagles should go after. He might be very good in 2020, but he’s going to start declining at some point. The Eagles need to get someone who can be a solution for several years, not a band-aid.

It is possible the team could do their research and decide Harris is a player worth adding because they believe he will last several years, but I hope they go elsewhere.


Jimmy Bama wrote a piece comparing Byron Jones to the Eagles current corners. This is smart. You need to compare what you might go after to what you have. You need to make sure the target really is worth pursuing.

I watched tape of the Eagles corners this weekend to see how different they looked than the guys above. Big difference. Douglas especially…he just doesn’t have long speed and receivers can really get separation when they make hard cuts.


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