Change is the Only Constant

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Another day. Another injury. Another change to the lineup.

The Eagles play game number four on Sunday night. They will have their fourth different offensive line combination to start that game. I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite like this.

Most likely, Jordan Mailata will take over at LT. He finished the game there last week. Mailata is as raw as the day is long, but he’s big and has legit potential. This will be a tremendous opportunity for him. The Eagles will give him a chance to show what he can do. Mailata has to prove that he can be a functional player, while learning on the job. If he can’t get the job done, the team can try rookie Jack Driscoll or rookie Prince Tega-Wanogho.

When I re-watched the Cincy game this week, I was reminded just how bad Jason Peters was in that game. He stunk. We can talk about Carson Wentz’s struggles all day long, but it is hard to thrive when the RDE is on top of you over and over. That is the worst I’ve ever seen Peters look on a football field.

I saw the news alert earlier today about Peters injury and wondered if this was just a PR move by him and the team to get him off the field. I’m not one to buy into wild theories, but Peters legitimately stunk last week. You didn’t want him on the field.

Peters is one of the best OL I have ever seen. He has a chance to get into the Hall of Fame and he’s had an amazing career. It is mind-blowing to think he came into the league as a UDFA after playing TE at Arkansas.

Unfortunately, Father Time doesn’t give a damn about Peters’ legacy or Hall of Fame bid. Father Time is just out there snatching up victims like me running through the Funyuns factory. As much as I respect and admire Peters, I hope his career is over. If the Eagles can find a functional LT among the young guys, you stick with him. Peters was going to be a band-aid this year. If you can get by without him, do it.

That would be a sad end to a great career, but sports history is filled with those. Donovan McNabb stinking up the joint as a Viking. Jeremiah Trotter coming out of retirement to play for the 2009 Eagles and showing us the very definition of s-l-o-w. Watching J.J. Arcega-Whiteside stumble around the field the last two years. Age catches up to everyone.

Getting Mailata on the field will be a good thing. I’m not promising he’ll pan out, but the Eagles need to find out if he can play. If this is a lost season (and it sure looks that way), get some answers on whether prospects can play. If Mailata stinks, cut him and move on. Let’s see what the guy can do.

I expected the team to move Tega-Wanogho to the roster. So naturally they went in another direction.

They must really like Juriga. The roster already has a bunch of interior OL so I thought they would want an OT. To be fair, Tega-Wanogho’s knee could still be an issue and he might not be ready for the NFL.

Can Mailata-Herbig-Kelce-Pryor-Johnson lead the Eagles to an unparalleled era of dominance? Okay, maybe that is setting the bar a bit high. Tune in Sunday night to see if they can find someway to help the team win.


The Eagles brought up Fulgham to add some size to the WR corps. We know he’s got some size. As for talent, tune in Sunday night to find out about that.

Killins is listed as a RB, but played both runner and receiver this summer. I’m guessing the Eagles see him as an offensive weapon. He does have explosive speed and this offense needs all the help it can get.

Burnett will help a banged up WRs corps.

Arnold played both CB and S in college. The Eagles can use him as a backup at different spots on Sunday. CB depth has taken a big hit this week.


We’ll see if the Eagles have interest in adding Miller to the practice squad. They don’t need him on the roster. Miller hasn’t done anything in his short career, but the Eagles front office may think he’s worth adding to the PS. We do know the Eagles love to bring players back.

Some might even call it an annoying habit of theirs.


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