First Place

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The Giants are a bad team. Playing on the road on a short week, that bad team somehow was up 21-10 over the Eagles with five minutes left in the game. Yikes.

Because weird things tend to happen when the Eagles and Giants get together, the game was just getting started. Carson Wentz led a pair of TD drives and Brandon Graham sealed the game with a strip sack.

Eagles 22, Giants 21.

That’s a crushing loss if you’re the Giants. A win throws you into playoff contention. A loss sends you in search of a Top 5 pick.

The Eagles are now atop the NFC East for a few days. If Dallas loses on Sunday, the Eagles stay in first place.

While winning is fun, this was a troubling performance. There are a lot of issues to pick through. Since it is game night and late, we’ll skip over that stuff for now and focus on the positives.

Wentz threw for 359 yards and led his team on an impressive comeback. He was sloppy at times, but came alive when the team really needed him. Wentz’s game-winning TD pass was a thing of beauty.

That is an absolute dime. That’s what you want from your star QB with the game on the line.

And what a friggin’ catch. Boston Scott, former practice squad player, came up big in the clutch. Ironically, the Giants had a chance to put the game away, but former first round pick Evan Engram couldn’t make the catch.

The Eagles are a highly flawed football team, but even when they are lying on the sidewalk and left for dead, they can look down in the gutter and see the Giants. I guess we can always be thankful for that.

Travis Fulgham had another big game, going 5-73. He couldn’t get his TD, though. That three-game streak comes to an end. John Hightower made a critical play late in the game, hauling in a 59-yard bomb that jump started a scoring drive. Greg Ward had a TD catch. Even JJAW had a catch for a first down. The young guys came to play.

No Ertz, no Goedert, no problem. Richard Rodgers went 6-85 and had some crucial catches. His 30-yard catch and run on the final drive got the Eagles into scoring position.

I’ve been complaining about the front office brining back Vinny Curry, but he came up big on the Giants final drive. Curry drew a holding penalty on first down and then recovered the fumble after Graham’s strip sack.

The Eagles defense had 3 sacks and 3 takeaways. There were inconsistent, but as Jim Schwartz will tell you, they were good enough to win.

The game featured the play of the year. Just watch.

That is glorious.

Enjoy the win for now. This team has a lot of issues, injuries and otherwise. The Eagles are not a good team right now.

But they are in first place.

Enjoy it.


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