Weird Times

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Eagles fans have a lot on their plates right now. They have to figure out who to blame more for the team’s miserable season…Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson or Carson Wentz. Fans are trying to decide if it is better to root for disaster or a division title (or a combination of the two). Fans are looking at draft prospects, with the Eagles having a legit shot at a Top 5 pick. All that and there is still almost a third of the season left.

Five more games of this? Ugh.

Howie is the runaway winner in the blame game. Fans want him gone. Not all, but a lot. It doesn’t help Howie that people keep writing articles that rip his performance. He’s not the sole reason for the bad season, but the case against him is pretty compelling. Sheil Kapadia wrote an excellent piece looking at Jeff Lurie’s options in the offseason. He didn’t have a positive take on Howie.

As for Roseman, I realize I’m repeating myself, but the roster is old, expensive and bad, and their cap situation going forward is among the messiest in the league. The 2021 offseason has to be about having a smart vision for the next three to five years. That starts with the draft. It’s not just that the Eagles have failed in identifying talent under Roseman. Every team has misses. But their process has also been unsound. They’ve failed to draft for volume and have spent picks on players with limited upside (Dallas Goedert, Jalen Hurts), given the construction of the roster. They spent two years failing to upgrade at wide receiver via trades and free agency. And they’ve sunk money into unnecessary areas (like Hargrave at defensive tackle), knowing that they face cap challenges in the offseason. Bottom line: Roseman’s decisions over the past three years have played a huge role in where the Eagles are today. And Lurie can’t overlook that.

That’s not a hot take. That’s not hyperbole. Review the moves. They just aren’t good.

If you prefer numbers, Patrick C. over at BGN wrote a piece on draft efficiency. The Eagles did not fare well.

As to Pederson, we found out that he made changes with play-calling last week.

The Eagles scored more points in the second half (11 to 6) and also gained more yards (176 to 74). Interesting. That doesn’t mean Taylor should take over play-calling duties full time, but this is something to watch going forward.

Pederson is a good offensive mind. He’s done impressive things with the offense over the years. He just hasn’t had a good feel for what to do this year. I don’t know that ideas/timing are bad, but the plays aren’t right for this particular group of players. We can see the open receivers on Tuesday. Wentz isn’t seeing them on Sunday and that’s a huge problem.

I do give Pederson credit for making the change. The offense was terrible in the first half. Something had to change.

The miserable season continues for Wentz.

Wentz can’t undo his mistakes (both impossible and who’s got that much time?). His teammates do like the way he is trying to handle the situation.

Football players are like a family. A very dysfunctional, wealthy and testoserone filled family. They want to stick up for each other in hard times, but it sure helps when the culprit lets his teammates know he’s making the mistakes and wants to improve. Excuses get old in a hurry. Players like accountability. Admit your mistakes and take ownership of them. Then go out and bust your butt while trying to win and fix the mistakes. Teammates will back that guy all day long.

I don’t know if this will make a difference, but it sure can’t hurt.

There is enough time left in the season for Wentz to show change. The Eagles can’t fix all their problems, but seeing Wentz play better would be a tremendous sign for the future.

Better OL play would help Wentz out quite a bit.

A lineup of Mailata-Seumalo-Kelce-Peters-Driscoll can be effective. Matt Pryor needed to be replaced. This line isn’t likely to go out there and dominate, but they need to be functional to give Wentz a chance to make plays.

The run game will be the key to trying to win in Green Bay, but Wentz will have to do his part. The Eagles won there last year so it is possible.

Just not likely.

And speaking of Sunday…this is both disturbing and hilarious.


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