Carson Making Moves?

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I thought we might get some Eagles news on the Sunday morning football shows. I figured it would center on Jim Schwartz or Doug Pederson. Nope. We got a bombshell report on Carson Wentz.

Chris Mortensen reported that Wentz’s relationship with the Eagles is “fractured”. He said Wentz is expected to request a trade and will help the team facilitate a trade. Then Adam Schefter added to the news.


Some people dismissed this as speculation. Mort is an excellent reporter. He’s had a strong reputation for 30 years. He’s not perfect to be sure, but this isn’t just something he threw out there to stir the pot or get attention. This almost certainly came as a leak from Wentz’s agent.

Why would Wentz and his agent do this?

I would think this is their way of letting the Eagles know they have certain conditions that must be met if Wentz is to return. If that report is accurate, Wentz is telling Jeffrey Lurie to choose between keeping Doug Pederson or himself.

Wow, again.

Doug Pederson has been incredibly supportive of Wentz when talking to the media. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe this is all about the benching. Wentz has never had to deal with that before and it might be he’s too thin-skinned to handle it.

Maybe there is something else. The offense looked very different when Jalen Hurts took over as the starter. Pederson called different plays and was certainly more creative. We don’t know why this happened. Did Pederson want the offense to look like this all year? Did Wentz want the offense structured to have him as more of a dropback passer? I don’t know who wanted what. I just know there was a distinct difference when Hurts took over.

Before the Mort report, we heard this.

Pederson knows how talented Wentz is. If you can fix him, you’ve got a star QB. Hurts then gives you a role player and backup QB. I can see where Pederson thought this could be a smart plan…in theory. But when egos and feelings get involved, things get complicated in a hurry.

From my perspective, this is not a good look for Wentz. He’s trying to dictate terms to the Eagles after he had a disastrously bad season. Wentz needs to show legitimate accountability. You can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge that it exists. Wentz says the right catch phrases in his press conferences, but his actions don’t show a player learning from his mistakes. He keeps repeating them.

It seems to me that Wentz needs tougher coaching. He was close to Frank Reich, but John DeFilippo was the QBs coach on the Super Bowl team and he was tough on Wentz. Press Taylor has been the QBs coach the past few years. He’s not much older than Wentz and you wonder if Taylor is the right guy for Wentz. They are reportedly very close, but that’s not always what you want. Some players need hard coaching, even if they don’t like it.

What a mess this has become. Ugh. I thought the Eagles had their QB for the next decade. Now he might be gone after five years.

Wentz will not dress for the season finale. The Eagles will have Nate Sudfeld as the backup. They don’t want to risk Wentz getting hurt in a meaningless game.

Wentz will have an exit interview on Monday. He’ll meet with Pederson to discuss the situation and the future. After this report, it is possible Lurie and Howie might be involved as well. We’ll have to wait and see what we hear after that.

Mort’s report is in the video below, in case you want to hear exactly what he said and how he said it. I don’t think this is something that is open for interpretation.

Get ready for a crazy offseason.


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