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Carson Wentz spoke for the first time since becoming a Colt. The Eagles threw together a press conference of their own, with Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni meeting the media to share their thoughts on how the offseason has gone to this point.

Let’s start with the Eagles.

There wasn’t anything shocking in the PC.

I thought the best moment came when someone asked Howie what lessons he learned from the Wentz debacle. And that’s a great question. If the Eagles do find a great QB talent (this year, next year, whenever), what do you differently to make sure it works out long term?

Howie didn’t have an answer, talking about the lack of time for reflection. And I do buy that. Hiring a coach. Building a staff. Getting under the cap. Draft work. Free agency work. There hasn’t been a lot of time for self-evaluation. That would come in June and July.

Sirianni and Roseman both talked about the need to add QBs. There is only one on the roster (Jalen Hurts) and that has to change. Neither guy would commit to how they will address the position (nor should they).

Howie did mention winning a Super Bowl (shocker!), but he also talked about last year being terrible and the fact he’s got to own that. We don’t know if he truly does own it, but hearing him say it helps a little.

Both guys discussed Jalen Hurts, with neither saying anything compelling. Howie was asked if the report is true that Jeff Lurie told him to build around Hurts. Howie said the only order he’s got is to strengthen the team.

Sirianni talked about the importance of adjusting to your players. He then told a good story about how his brother has won titles in high school with different offensive schemes and then almost won a third while running the Wing-T.

I don’t know that you should feel any better or worse about the state of the Eagles after this. At this point, we need action more than words.


The Eagles made their first free agent signing.

He’s not as good as Brian Dawkins, but is better than Ralph Dawkins. More than anything, he’s cheap.

The Eagles need depth.

K’Vonn Wallace
Marcus Epps
Grayland Arnold
Elijah Riley

That group has a handful of career starts. Wallace has potential. The other guys are more of the longshot variety. Maybe there is a diamond in the rough, maybe they’re just coal.

Adams has 6 career INTs and 166 tackles. He may not be a compelling starter, but he might prove to be functional. At the least, he’ll provide good competition. The Eagles need that, especially in the secondary.

The Eagles weren’t done there.

Ridgeway is a player they’ve liked for a few years. He’s flashed at times, but has struggled to stay healthy. He’s only played in 14 games over the past two years.

Ridgeway did come over from the Colts in 2019 so he spent time with Jonathan Gannon while in Indy for one year.

The Eagles still need to see about improving the depth at DT.


Back to Wentz for a second.

Really weak stuff. Wentz got benched and started to think that might be the end of his time in Philly? Randall Cunningham was benched in 1992 and was the starting QB for the next three years.

In the other video, Wentz says “I’ve never once questioned my competitiveness.” What the hell does that mean? No one is asking whether you think you are competitive. Your actions told the world you didn’t want to compete.


Part of me wants to wish him well. I like Frank Reich and plenty of Colts players. It is easy to pull for them.

Another part of me wants Indy to turn into a disaster. This is petty me, the scorned fan who wants Wentz to rue the day he ever turned his back on the City of Brotherly Love. Wear that stupid cammo sleeve, go 0-16 and lead the league in picks. Then demand a trade to wherever Doug Pederson is a year from now and explain that he was your favorite coach all along and you just didn’t know it.

We’ll see what happens. It would be a lot easier to forgive and forget if the Eagles didn’t look so bad on paper.


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