Going Inside

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We know the Eagles will take DeVonta Smith. Or Patrick Surtain. Or Jaycee Horn. Or maybe they’ll come away with Jaylen Waddle, the most explosive receiver in the draft. We obsess on these four candidates. They make the most sense.

What if the Eagles go in another direction?

Fletcher Cox will go down as one of the greatest Eagles of all time. He’s been a dominant force in the middle for almost a decade. Assuming he’s a mere mortal, Cox will start to slow down at some point. With that in mind, could the Eagles look for his replacement?

Christian Barmore is the top DT in the draft. He was a disruptive force for Alabama and will be a first round pick. Let’s see how he stacks up vs Cox.


6-4, 310 … 4.97 in the 40 … 1.76 in the 10 … 4.75 SS … 7.81 3-C … 33 5/8 arm … 10-inch hand


6-4, 298 … 4.78 in the 40 … 1.65 in the 10 … 4.53 SS … 7.08 3-C … 34 1/2 arm … 10 1/2 hand

Barmore is heavier, but Cox is easily the better athlete. It really is insane to see just how athletic Cox was. How did so many teams pass on him? And thank god they did.

Cox played 36 college games. He had 24.5 TFL, 7.5 sacks and 2 FF.

Barmore played 22 college games. He had 15.5 TFL, 8 sacks and 3 FF.

Barmore was the better college player and more of an impact player. Cox was the better pro prospect because of his dynamic athleticism. Barmore got off to somewhat of a slow start in 2020. Some draft analysts have him rated in the 25-40 range.


Barmore will turn 22 this summer. He’s lacks ideal experience and is raw. He’s also got a tremendous combination of size, strength and speed. He could be come a disruptive force in the NFL. Barmore is ideal for a 1-gap scheme and could thrive in the Eagles new defense.

Why take him at 12?

NFL teams get rid of the ball very quickly these days. Getting pressure up the middle is more important than ever. Cox and Javon Hargrave are gifted pass rushers, but there is logic in adding another talent to the interior DL. Barmore would be hitting his prime right as Cox starts to fade.

You can also mix in Cox at DE if you want to get him, Barmore and Hargrave on the field at the same time.

I’m not saying the Eagles should make this move, but there would be some logic to it. That’s especially true if the draft board doesn’t go as the Eagles hope.


This dude has tremendous potential. He could be someone like Cox or Chris Jones, and those guys are real difference-makers.


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