Eagles Go OL in 2nd Round

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Thursday was a glorious night of football action for the Eagles. Friday is off to a much less compelling start.

The Eagles added their starting center of the future.

Jurgens is a terrific player and outstanding prospect. He is good value at 51. He can take over for Jason Kelce and start for the Eagles for a decade.

But…I’m not in love with the pick. Jurgens will (hopefully) sit for the upcoming season. He only plays if Kelce gets hurt. The Eagles are loaded with guards. For a team that wants to make the playoffs and compete, adding a player purely for the future is less than ideal.

The Eagles do need someone to take over for Kelce next year. But they could have waited until next year to find that guy. They made this pick because they love Jurgens and think he can be a stud. I’m sure he was the highest rated player on their board. It is still frustrating to me.

Jurgens is a gifted athlete. Whey you watch him block on the move, you can help but think of Kelce.


Jurgens was either the best or second best center prospect in this draft. He should develop into a good starter, possibly a Pro Bowl player so the Eagles did make a move that will help them in the future.


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