Howie Goes Howie

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Most people who know the Eagles and the draft expected the team to try to deal one of their three first round picks. I said “try” because it takes two to tango and there were some doubts as to whether teams would want to trade for one of the Eagles picks.

Howie did it.


This should make you happy. The Eagles have a pair of first round picks this year and next year. They have an additional third this year and an extra second in 2024. That’s a lot of ammo in three straight drafts. That’s well done.

Jimmy Bama had a more succinct take on Twitter.

The Saints are going to be a very interesting team this year. They will be missing a terrific head coach in Sean Payton, their star LT and a pair of good safeties. That’s a lot of talent, but also key veteran leaders. The Saints could really struggle. If so, that 2023 first round pick might look great. The Saints could also gel and play better than expected if Dennis Allen proves to be a good coach, Jameis Winston plays well and Michael Thomas stays healthy. Maybe the pick ends up in the 20-30 range.

Howie was smart to take the chance.

If the Saints do struggle and this ends up being a high pick, the Eagles would have a chance to get one of the star QBs next April. That would be huge if Jalen Hurts flat lines this year. If Hurts turns out to be a high level starter, the Eagles can add a key player at some other position.

Smart risk.

As for this year, the Eagles still have plenty of ammo.



The first round won’t be as fun with “only” two picks, but I think we’ll survive. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if Howie kept talking to teams about other deals. He might be willing to move down in the first to add another pick in the second or third.

We don’t know how he views the draft class. We do know Howie wants to be competitive this year. Last year was a mystery with all the change, but coming off a 9-8 year, the Eagles won’t be focused on the future. They wanted extra picks for the future, but Howie knows the roster needs help now and will look to the draft to find it.


More talk about Eagles targets.

I don’t see Smith as worth 15 or 18, but might be of interest if the team moves back.

Winfrey is a second round target and would make a lot of sense. He was outstanding at the Senior Bowl. He’s a really disruptive DT. Beyond just being a good player, he brought a lot of juice to practice. Other players fed off his energy. We know Nick Sirianni is a big culture guy so I could see him really having interest in Winfrey.


I can’t vouch for the below report, but felt it was worth passing on.

McDuffie is a really good corner and might not make it to pick 15.




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