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The Eagles have to get down to 53 players by Tuesday afternoon. They started making moves on Monday, but none of them are particularly surprising. Tuesday will be the real day for finding out who made it and who didn’t.

Here are the players that we know are out:

OL Cameron Tom
WR Greg Ward
TE Richard Rodgers
RB Jason Huntley
DB Jaquiski Tartt
QB Carson Strong
DT Renell Wren
CB Josh Blackwell

Here is a bit of additional info on Ward.

Ward is a player that exemplifies the best and worst of football. He has had to fight and claw to win a roster spot. He did everything asked of him and made some plays when he got a chance. But…Ward is a guy you’ll always be looking to replace. He’s a slot receiver, punt returner and STer. And he’s average at all of those roles. Ward has never had a pass play of 40 or more yards. His long return is 22 yards. In terms of character, Ward is a guy you love having on your team. In terms of talent, he’s utterly replaceable. And as we all know, talent trumps character unless we’re talking an extreme situation (see Buffalo for an example).

I hope Ward gets healthy and catches on somewhere.

Tartt is the one player I had projected to make the roster who actually did get cut. I trusted what the coaches said instead of my eyes. They talked about having a plan for him, which made me think they would be keeping him. Too many PBRs on my part. Tartt played in a couple of games this summer and looked okay, but he wasn’t compelling. The Eagles seem to be going with younger, cheaper options. I hope this means Reed Blankenship is going to make it. I liked his physicality and his tackling. He’s a good scheme fit.

The player I’m most interested in is speedster Devon Allen. I think Jeff McLane is the only other person who projected the Eagles to keep him. My rationale is that Allen is so explosive that some other team would snatch him up. I could see the Chiefs claiming him. They have had luck with explosive receivers and they have one of the best STs coaches in the league. They could be able to find a role for him as he developed. If you let Allen go, you better be sure that he’s not going to develop. This isn’t a guy you want to miss on.

Will Strong be brought back to the practice squad?

Yikes. Strong had an awful summer. The Eagles might keep him around to see if he can develop, but they also could just let him work on his own and bring him back down the road. At this point, Reid Sinnett will be the practice squad QB.

Rodgers did not look good this summer. The Eagles could bring him back, but I might go with Noah Togiai. He played on STs this summer and showed progress as a blocker. I actually thought about the Eagles keeping four TEs, with him and Calcaterra both making it. Togiai is more ready to play right now, but Calcaterra has more potential.

We’ll see a lot more action on Tuesday.


Players could be coming as well as going. The Eagles will talk to other teams about trades and they’ll be checking for cuts of interest.

Jefferson turned 30 in January and only played six games last year. He’s been a good player in the past, but trying to sign him isn’t a slam dunk move. The Eagles pro scouts have a grade on him. If the grade is good enough, they’ll look into him.

The Eagles are checking out other DBs.

Mosely is 6-1, 195 and athletic. He could play CB or S. The Eagles young CBs did not play well this summer so I’m guessing the Eagles would project him there. I wasn’t impressed with Gowan, McCain, Vincent or Goodrich. The Eagles need some DBs for the practice squad. Mosely would make some sense for that.


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