Gameday – NYG at PHI

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The season all comes down to this. Beat the Giants and the Eagles win the division and earn the top seed in the NFC. If they lose this game, the Eagles will be the fifth seed in the NFC. They would also head into the postseason on a 3-game losing streak. Two very different possibilities.

The Eagles are favored by 16 points so this is a game they should win. They beat the Giants by 26 a few weeks back. The Giants will be resting key players today so the Eagles will have a serious advantage, especially with the return of Jalen Hurts.

CJ Gardner-Johnson is back. We’ll have to watch to see where the Eagles play him, FS or NB.

Robert Quinn is active. He should get mixed in with Sweat being inactive today.

While the Eagles are huge favorites, that doesn’t mean this game will be easy. In last year’s finale, the Eagles backups battled the Cowboys for part of the game. Dallas eventually took control and won 51-26. Backups can come in excited to play. They bring energy and emotion. Eventually talent wins out, usually. The Eagles would need to make a lot of mistakes to lose this game. That is certainly possible, but not likely.

After consecutive struggles, it would be encouraging to see the Eagles play well. I’m sure Sirianni has beaten that into their heads.

Beyond winning and all that brings, there are statistical goals. The Eagles need 5 sacks to break the NFL record of 72. With the Giants playing some backup OL and a backup QB, you can expect a lot of running. Sacks might be tough to come by.

AJ Brown can break Mike Quick’s record for receiving yards in a season. AJ is only 9 yards short of setting the record.

The Eagles have the #1 defense in the NFL, in terms of yards allowed. The last time they did that was Gang Green back in 1991.

The team is 3rd in the league in scoring. If they have a huge day, it is possible they could finish #1. Not likely, but possible.

CJ Gardner-Johnson is tied with three players for the NFL interception lead (6). CGJ could lead the league outright or finished tied with the lead, depending on how things go for him and the others.


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