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The two best teams in the NFC are the Niners and the Eagles. The Niners weren’t that way all year. They started 3-4 before going on a 10-game winning streak. By the end of the season, some thought they were the best team in the league. The Eagles started 8-0 and 13-1. They’ve been at the top of the league all year long. It seems appropriate that the Niners and Eagles will battle for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles looked great in their domination of the Giants. The Niners were less impressive, but played a tougher team. Those performances have the Eagles listed as 2.5 point favorites as of tonight.

Both teams are talented. Both are complete, with playmakers all through the lineup. I think the Eagles are better and will win the game based on a few key points.

SF doesn’t have a great secondary. They will be vulnerable to the Eagles WRs. The Niners overcame that issue much of the year because they were so good at pressuring the QB. The Eagles OL is good at pass protection and should give Jalen Hurts time to get the ball to his targets.

I think the Eagles DTs will have an advantage on the interior of the Niners OL. Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave combined for 18 sacks this year. They will be a handful for the Niners. Haason Reddick against RT Mike McGlinchey is another mismatch that favors the Eagles. McGlinchey is a good run blocker, but he’s vulnerable in pass protection.

The Eagles also have a serious advantage with Jalen Hurts over Brock Purdy. Hurts was in the running for league MVP for most of the year. Purdy certainly played well once he became the starter, but he’s been in a very favorable situation.

…the 49ers’ offense and defense/special teams have contributed to scoring since Purdy took over for the injured Garoppolo early in the Week 13 game against the Dolphins. San Francisco’s offense carried the team against the Raiders and Seahawks, who are statistically poor on defense. The 49ers’ defense/special teams disproportionately propelled San Francisco in the other games.

The 49ers since Purdy took over in Week 13 have started 22 drives in opponent territory, according to TruMedia. Jacksonville is next with 13, followed by Philadelphia with 12.

If you’re an old enough Eagles fan, you remember AJ Feeley and the 2002 season. Donovan McNabb broke his ankle and was replaced by Koy Detmer. Then Detmer got hurt in his first start and Feeley took over. Feeley led the Eagles to a 4-1 record and the #1 seed. The Eagles ran the ball well, played great defense and STs was a big help. Purdy is playing better than Feeley did, but there is a similarity in the situations.

McNabb came back for the playoffs so we never got to see how Feeley would have looked in that situation. Purdy did play on Sunday and had a solid game. You could see some of his limitations as well. Still, the moment wasn’t too big for him. He made key plays and helped his team win. They put up 19 points on Dallas. By comparison, Gardner Minshew put up 27 (also a defensive TD) on Dallas on the road. Will Purdy be good enough to help SF win the NFC title game? I don’t think 19 point will get the job done this week.

Hurts and Purdy did face each other in college. Oklahoma built up a big lead and then Iowa State came storming back. They lost 42-41 in a great college game.

I don’t think we’re looking at a shootout like that. These defenses are too good.

I was confident about the Giants game. The Eagles were clearly the better team so I expected them to win. I think the Eagles are better than SF, but you can make an argument for either team.

I’ll get more into strategy and breaking down the game as the week goes on. Just a quick overview for now.


One of the things I like most about this Eagles team is their focus. They were happy to beat the Giants on Saturday, but they have bigger goals and haven’t lost sight of them. I don’t get the sense that the Eagles feel pressure.

That could change this week. The Eagles were so good on Saturday night that the bandwagon is starting to fill up again.

I don’t see the Eagles getting caught up in they hype, but they are humans. Except Hurts. That dude is something else. I think he would do tape study to get ready for the Pro Bowl. Nick Sirianni has preached “be in the moment” to his team all year. Hurts lives that mantra. Between those two, I think they will keep the Eagles grounded and focused.

Listening and reading about Buffalo and Dallas gave me very different vibes. Those teams seemed desperate to get to their title games. That kind of internal pressure can lead to sloppy football. They scored 10 and 12 points respectively. Josh Allen and Dak Prescott combined for 3 INTs and missed some key throws.

Hurts looked at ease. He was decisive. He made good throws and was his usual self when running. If he keeps playing like that, it will be tough for anyone to beat the Eagles.


That’s the kind of endorsement you want.


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