Eagles Draft Talk

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The draft is now just three weeks away. Let’s talk about some prospects and positions to consider for the Eagles.


The Eagles need corner help, in terms of both talent and youth. They could spend pick 22 on a CB. It sounds like Quinyon Mitchell will be gone by then. Terrion Arnold from Alabama is my favorite corner in the draft. I’m afraid he’ll be gone by 22.

Nate Wiggins, Cooper DeJean and Kool-Aid McKinstry are the next three guys for most people. Wiggins is only 173 pounds, but ran a blazing 4.28 at the Combine. He gets in a receiver’s hip pocket and stays there all game long. Really good cover guy. He is 6-1 so he’s got the frame to add some weight. The size isn’t a huge issue for me. My biggest concern is that he’s passive as a tackler. I don’t need a CB to be Dick Butkus, but I do need someone who will get people down.

DeJean is fascinating. He has played CB and safety. He is a star punt returner. DeJean is a playmaker. He picked off 7 passes over the past two seasons. He’s also a bit stiff in the hips. DeJean is recovering from a broken fibula and won’t workout for teams until next Monday. If you want a zone corner with great instincts, DeJean is your guy. If you want to play a lot of man coverage, look elsewhere. He has good size at 6-1, 203 and is a solid overall athlete.


McKinstry is 6-0, 199. He has good cover skills. He’s more hitter than tackler, but isn’t passive. He was used as a punt returner at times and delivered some big plays. McKinstry is a good athlete and you know he got good coaching at Alabama.

I would love for Arnold to slip to 22, but that just doesn’t seem likely. I’m open to any of the other guys. All of them have good potential and NFL ability. There are non-first round corners of interest, but I’ll get into them in a different post.


The Eagles have shown interest in multiple DEs. Laiatu Latu is a polished pass rusher with good size and athleticism. Chop Robinson is an explosive edge rusher and gifted athlete. He wasn’t as productive as expected at Penn State, but could become a star in the NFL. His burst is special.

The Eagles haven’t shown any interest in Robinson’s teammate Adisa Isaac, but he seems like a good fit. Isaac is 6-4, 247 and a very good athlete. He had 7.5 sacks, 16 TFLs and a FF in 2023. Isaac was both disruptive and versatile. He lined up on the left and right side. He lined up like a NT or DT in some specialty looks. No matter where he lined up, Isaac showed the ability to beat blockers and affect the QB. He will play the run. That can mean setting the edge on the frontside or chasing from the backside. PSU had him drop into coverage at times and Isaac looked fine playing in space. He should be a Day 2 pick.


The Eagles have shown a lot of interest in OL. They have looked at guys who will go early, middle and late. They are leaving no stone unturned, so to speak. One player I haven’t heard about them taking a close look at is Graham Barton from Duke.

Barton is 6-5, 311. He started for three years at LT, but also got some starts at center. He isn’t special physically, but man is he impressive from a technical standpoint. Put on the tape and you see a polished blocker. He uses his hands really well. Barton will lock onto a defender and control him. He moves his feet well and doesn’t reach or get off balance. Barton is strong and physical.

The Eagles could play him at C or RG. I think he can be a stud on the inside and could be a functional starter on the outside. I’m guessing the Eagles go for a RT prospect if they go OL early, but Barton would be interesting. He would be an interior starter who could backup on the outside as needed.


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