Detailed Game Review – PHI 45, NYJ 19

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I wrote in my game preview that the Jets weren’t the juggernaut team that some thought. I wrote that I expected the Eagles to play well. Still, I didn’t see a major butt-kicking. And that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. We dominated the Jets. The score does indicate how lopsided the game was.

The NFL is a matchups league. Sunday’s matchups simply didn’t favor the Jets. They were built to deal with the Steelers, Ravens, and Patriots. Those aren’t teams loaded with speed. We are. Shady got loose to the outside a few times. Our WRs ran free in the middle of the field. Even Brent Celek pulled away from defenders when running in space. The Jets OL had no answer for Jason Babin. He gave the RT fits. Then we stood him up and rushed him inside or on loops. He gave the other blockers fits. Mark Sanchez as well.

This game was won at the LOS. I barely wrote any notes on Jason Peters. There wasn’t much to say other than “Blocked the DE. Blocked the DT. Blocked the LB. Blocked the DE.” I didn’t take many notes on the DTs. They didn’t make sexy plays, but they controlled the middle. Greene and LT combined to have 21 carries for 82 yards. No TDs. In the previous 2 games, Greene alone had 217 yards and 4 TDs. We controlled the LOS. Great job by the OL and DL.

I will admit getting a tad nervous when 28-0 became 28-13. I feared the Jets scoring a TD to open the 2nd half and the game being 28-20. That didn’t happen. The Eagles outscored the Jets 17-6 after halftime. I’d love to give the player or Andy Reid credit, but it’s all me. I had some chocolate pudding as a halftime snack and that set things right.

The thing that I find so encouraging is that we didn’t play a perfect game. We had 2 STs turnovers. Shady had his first fumble. Vick made a couple of odd decisions. We had a couple of costly penalties. Speed bumps. We overcame the mistakes and won going away. Playing a perfect game is fun, but there’s only one way to go after that – down. We weren’t perfect on Sunday. We were just better than the Jets. A lot better.

As far as coaching goes, Marty had a good gameplan. We started the game with a run. I think that’s the first time we’ve done it all year. We then threw the ball to Celek on the 2nd play. That looked like a designed play and I think it is critical to keep Brent involved. He and Vick have “it” going this year. We used a lot of different formations. We ran from the I-formation more than in other games. The run/pass balance was good. All 3 RBs had carries in the 1st Qtr. We didn’t get cute in the RZ. We fed the ball to Shady. Good stuff.

Juan Castillo had a good gameplan for the defense. One change I liked a lot was that when the Jets stacked their WRs to one side, we brought both CBs to that side. In the past we’d leave a CB backside and have the S come down on the WR. I never liked that. The Jets used a lot of sets where a 6th OL was in as a TE. We loaded up the box on those sets. Sometimes we walked the DE in closer to the formation. We also moved the DE in on some pass plays. Juan then had the S blitz off that side. Simple, but nice tweak.

We didn’t blitz a ton, but it was a regular part of the game plan. We once again used the 2 down linemen look where Patt and Jenkins are the only DL. Babin and Cole are ILBs that move around and try to confuse the blockers. They can then rush inside, loop outside, or stunt off each other. This look led to a couple of sacks. We also blitzed off that look.

Andy had an odd game. He wisely challenged a Shady fumble that was pretty obviously down. Reid continued his hot streak by winning that challenge. He decided against challenging on Celek’s long catch/run. It looked like Brent’s back foot was out before he crossed. Smart non-challenge.

Late in the half there was a weird situation. A Jet was tackled near the sideline with 1:02 left. That was a 3rd down that was short of the sticks. We were going to get the ball back. Reid should have called timeout with 1:02 left in the half. For some reason, he didn’t and the clock ran to :46. I don’t know if Reid tried to call timeout and the officials didn’t see him. I also wondered if Andy thought the Jet was out of bounds on the tackle. It was close. No matter what the reason, he failed to get the timeout called and we lost :16. On the ensuing drive we got to the Jets 43-yd line. Those 16 seconds could have led to an additional FG.

Speaking of FGs…a few people (me included) wondered why Reid didn’t try for a FG in the late 3rd Qtr when we had the ball at the NYJ 36. We punted. We then stopped the Jets and got the ball back at the 39. 3 plays later we scored a TD. I won’t lie. I wanted to see Henery kick a long FG. We know the guy is good from 30-the low 40s. We have no idea about 45-55. Mystery. But think about the situation from Reid’s perspective. He’s up 38-13. His defense is dominating. Kicking the FG would have 3 possibilities, only 1 good. You could make it, miss it (and give them the ball near midfield), or have it blocked. Punting the ball was the prudent thing to do. If there was 4 or 5 minutes left in the game, kicking would make sense. With the whole 4th Qtr left to go, punting was the safe out.

In the 4th Qtr, Reid put Vince Young in. Many people, me included, wanted Kafka. Reid knows that his starting QB isn’t 100%. Reid wants to get his backup every snap possible in case he is needed in the next couple of weeks. Developing Kakfa for the future is an offseason project. I’m sure Reid is also trying to be a man of his word. I imagine part of his sales pitch to VY back in August was that he would use him as much as possible to help Vince get a starting gig in 2012. I wanted Kafka to play, but Reid’s decision makes sense from his perspective.    


* 5-10 on 3rd downs

* 3 for 4 in the RZ.

* Vick wasn’t sacked at all.

VICK — Good game with some great moments. 15-22-274, with a TD and INT. Ran 5 times for 32 yards and his first TD of the year. Last week Vick was rusty. That wasn’t a factor at all this week. He looked good from the first pass of the game. There were a few bumps in the road, but the Jets have too much talent to not put up some kind of fight. Jets Safety Eric Smith said that Vick was calling out their coverages prior to the snap. Vick was prepared and it showed. Give me more of that, please.

* Hit Celek on crossing route on opening drive. Very good throw. That was encouraging. Then made me a bit nervous. Dropped back and had no pressure. Started to move up the pocket and then took off for short gain. Looked jumpy. Then on 3rd down he missed an open Maclin on crossing route.
* Opened 2nd series with good throw to Mac over the middle.
* Jets blitzed vs an empty set and CB Kyle Wilson had a free shot on Vick, but Mike put a great move on him and then ran to the left side for 10 yds. Wicked move.
* Closed the 2nd series with a good throw to Celek over the middle. Brent had to stretch for the ball because Vick was hit as he released the pass, but was able to haul it in and fight his way into the endzone.
* Had a bizarre play in the early 2nd Q. Play-action pass. Vick dropped back and didn’t see anyone open. Started to his right, then went to throw as defender got near him. The ball came forward and Vick took a big hit. The play was ruled incomplete pass (not fumble) and a penalty was given to the Jet for RTP. Awkward call. Vick should have just run or thrown the ball away.
* Had Avant open for TD on seam route, but put the ball too high and out front.
* Scrambled left for 11-yd TD, his first of the season. Good speed on the play. Did a great job of extending the ball to cross the plane. Also was smart to switch the ball to his right hand so it would be able to stay inside the pylon as he drifted outside.
* Used his Houdini magic once in 3rd Q. Dropped back on play-fake. Had good time initially, but then a defender came free at him. Vick made the guy miss and then found Harbor on crossing route. Made good throw.
* Vick had a subtle fake that helped to see Celek’s fake on long pass play. Brent then was wide open. Easy pitch and catch for long gain.
* Fumbled snap on 3rd Q drive. Recovered the ball. Seemed to hurt his hand.
* Made an impressive throw in the late 3rd. Rusher got free and hit Vick as he was throwing. Mike still got the pass off and DJax was able to catch it.
* Made a bonhead decision to open the 4th Q. Had to fight off good pressure on pass play. Did a great job of that, but should have just thrown the ball away. Instead, ran around to buy more time and launched pass downfield that was incomplete. Bad risk/reward decision. Took a big hit and was slow to get up. We had a big lead there was no point in forcing things.

YOUNG — Bad outing. 3 pass plays, 3 sacks. Looked jittery out there.

SCHMITT — Good game. We ran more from I-form and Owen had good blocks. Got OLB on Shady run for 11 on 2nd series. Had a poor play on 2nd series. Was supposed to block OLB on pass play. Tripped on OL’s feet on way over and wasn’t able to make the block. That guy hit Vick. Luckily the ball was already out. Still, you don’t want Mike taking shots. Good lead block on 3rd/1 run in the early 2nd. Shady went for almost 3 yds. Good block of DB on TD run in mid-3rd Q.

MCCOY — Strong game. 18-102-3 as runner. Opened the game with a short gain to the outside, but did show the Jets he could get wide on them. Next run play was Dion to the left. Then Shady got the ball and fired upfield for 11 yds. The next carry was a run to the far right. Shady used his speed to get wide and turn upfield for 6 yds. That’s 4 runs plays by us and 4 different looks. Had to get the Jets off balance. Tried to run up the middle to open the next drive, but there wasn’t room so he bounced out wide for 9 yds. Scored on a 9-yd TD in the early 2nd Q. Line flowed left and so did the whole defense. Shady cut it backside and went upfield untouched for easy TD. Great vision, cut, burst on the play. Had a very impressive 12-yd run on the next drive, but had the ball knocked out. First fumble of the year. Had a 33-yd TD run in the early 4th Q. Started left, but a LB came flying through the hole. Shady bounced the run to the right and was able to use his speed to get wide. He got 2 blocks from Maclin and had smooth sailing for the endzone.

Deceptively strong. Runs through arm tackles. You see him bounce plays wide and assume it is all speed, but Shady is able to keep defenders off his body. Makes it look easy, but it isn’t.

Lost 6 yards on a screen pass. Finished with 2 catches for -5 yards. Had a couple of very good blocks of blitzing DBs. Really stoned the guys.

BROWN — Got a carry on the 2nd series. Ran quick trap, but the Jets stuffed it. Got several carries in the 4th Q. Finished 6-18. Felt like Jim Brown with those 6 carries.

D. LEWIS — Got carry on the 2nd series. Went to the left for 7 yds. Ran through contact for last couple of yds. Got a carry in the 4th and finished 2-10.

DJAX — Had a nice “Welcome to the game” moment. On opening 3rd down DJax tried to run drag route. Bart Scott came up and flattened him. Legal if it happens within 5 yds of the LOS. Caught pass on 3rd/7 for gain of 16 in the early 2nd Q. Revis was on him, but it was zone coverage. Good hustle to chase down the Jet who had scooped up Shady’s fumble and was running it back. Called for illegal shift in the late 3rd and that wiped out 22-yd pass to Mac. Caught pass for 12 yds on the next play, but didn’t quite get us into FG range. Finished 2-28.

MACLIN — Good game. 3-57 as pass catcher. Caught pass over the middle on 2nd series. Got 16 yds on the play. Caught 23 yd pass on final drive of the half. Wisely flipped ball to ref. Drives me nuts to see guys carelessly throw the ball. Clock is ticking. Make sure to get it to an official, ASAP. Great hustle on Brent’s long catch/run to get downfield and block for him. Blocked 2 Jets on the play. Caught an 18-yd pass to open drive in the mid-3rd Q. Lost a 22-yd catch due to penalty in the late 3rd. Beat Revis on the play. Blocked 2 defenders on Shady’s 33-yd TD run. Good hustle, awareness.

COOPER — 1 catch for 18 yds. Caught the pass in the mid-3rd. Was wide left. Got the ball 7 yds upfield and then got by the initial tackler. Fought his way upfield for extra RAC yards.

AVANT — Target on 2 throws, but got shut out.

CELEK — Great game. 5-156 with a TD. Got things going on the opening drive when he caught pass on a crossing route and turned upfield. Got 38 yds on the play. Next catch came on 2nd drive. Caught pass over the middle and then fought through a pair of tacklers to get in the endzone. 26-yd TD catch. The pass was a bit out front, but Celek was able to extend and get his hands on it. Good block on Shady’s 3rd/1 run to his side in the early 2nd Q. Y-Stick Nod for gain of 73. Outran Jet pursuers. Great block of LB on Shady’s ensuing TD run. Moved the guy off the ball. Final catch was TE screen on 3rd/9 in the RZ. Got 6 yds. Blocked well all game long. Had a big hand in Shady’s 102 yards.

HARBOR — Caught pass on scramble drill in the 1st half. Got 16 yards on the play. Other grab came on short throw in the 3rd Q. Got 4 yds. Finished 2-20. Solid job of blocking.

PETERS — Quiet game, but I mean that in a good way. Every time I looked over at LT, Jason was just stone-walling guys. Good block for Lewis on his run. Sealed ILB Harris. Interesting job on Shady’s long TD. Saw Shady go left so Jason went with him and got someone in the backfield who was starting to chase. Smart. I’m not going to list every good run block for Jason. Any time we went left, he was a key factor.

MATHIS — Good game. Terrific block for Lewis on his run. Got the NT and passed him to Kelce, then peeled off and got B Scott. Good seal block of DL on Shady’s 11-yd run to his side. Drew a penalty for hitting David Harris in the late 3rd. Evan saw Harris tackling Harbor and ran up to get a shot on Harris. Refs felt it was too late or too rough and threw the flag. I didn’t see the big deal. Les Bowen wrote on Twitter that it was the spirit of Runyan (both wearing #69). Recovered ball after VY put it on the ground. Wasn’t ruled a fumble, but good hustle by Evan. Did a real good job on LBs all game long.

KELCE — Did pretty good job on NT Pouha throughout the game. Had very good block on 3rd down pass play. Picked up stunting Pace at first, then pushed him to Watkins and peeled off to get blitzing DB. Good awareness. Great block on Shady run late in half. Pulled left and got ILB Harris a couple of yards upfield. Drove him back for 10 yds. I worried about him vs big 3-4 NT, but Jason did fine.

WATKINS — Solid showing. Had some good run blocks. Made real impressive move on zone run to the left. Took a few steps left and then went upfield and moved Pouha off the ball. Sounds simple, but you can really see just how talented Watkins is on a play like this. Not all OGs can do that. Anchored well in pass pro.

HERREMANS — Good block on run play. Drove DT to other side of formation. Good block on run play that came to his side. Blocked the DE and stuck with the block to let Shady get wide. Wilkerson got the best of him on 3rd Q run and tackled Shady for short loss. Had a couple of good blocks on run to his side to end the 3rd Q. Blocked DL, then got LB and Shady ran right behind him for nice gain. Good job of pass pro.



* Plenty of 8 in the box.

* Real weird play. Used our 2-DL look. Had Trent run toward the OL. He crossed the LOS and a Jet reached out and touched him. The refs had a discussion and called NY for false start. That is the first time the refs have had a discussion and ruled in our favor all year.

COLE — Watching live, I didn’t appreciate how good a game Trent had. Didn’t have a sack or QB hit. Watching the tape you could see how disruptive Trent was. Played the run very well. Made tackle on opening run play. Lined up tight to formation on another run play and slanted inside the TE to get the RB in the backfield. We ran a blitz in the mid-2nd that had Trent dropping back into coverage. The blitz didn’t get home and Trent was covering Keller on a downfield route. Used hard inside move on 3rd down to get some pressure on Sanchez and hurry up a throw (that was broken up). Jets put an OL in at TE and had that guy and true TE try to double Trent on pass play. Cole used hard inside move to blow by them. Got held on the play and moved ’em back 10 yds. Chased down Greene from behind to open 3rd Q and held him to just 2 yds. Jumped to the inside of the TE and got Greene for no gain in the late 3rd.

BABIN — Disappointing. Failed to get 4 sacks. Lazy. Don’t let that happen again, Mr. Slacker. Blew by the RT on 2nd series and got Sanchez for sack. Got a sacked on 3rd/8 in the late 1st Q. We had 2 down linemen. Trent and Jason lined up like ILBs. They ran a twist stunt, with Jason going around Trent and Patt and looping by the LT. Jason was unblocked for the sack. Got pressure on pass play late in the half. Had chance for another sack, but Sanchez moved up and away from him. Fought off block and held Greene to short gain in the early 3rd. Used hard inside move and blew by the RT in the early 3rd. Got held on the play, but no call. Sorta hit Sanchez, but held him up to avoid any roughing call. Sanchez seemed hurt by something and was getting looked at on the Jets sideline, but he came back in the game. Got 3rd sack on 3rd/12 in the 3rd Q. Coincidence or sign of half-Satan (333 is the mark of the semi-beast right?). Lined up as ILB and looped out and around RT. Just flew upfield on the play. Very smooth. Got to Sanchez in no time and put him down. RTP penalty in 4th. Hit Sanchez in the helmet with his hand. Legit call.

PATTERSON — Had 2 tackles. Didn’t make a bunch of sexy plays, but ate up blockers and controlled the middle of the line. Jets had a broken play in the early 2nd where Sanchez started to run. Patt went to make the tackle and knocked the ball out. Hanson was right there to scoop it up.

JENKINS — Disrupted opening run play. Blew up run play in the mid-2nd Q and got credited with TFL. Flew off the ball and the blockers had no chance. OL across from him false started late in the half. Jenkins didn’t get a lot of pressure, but he was important to the pass rush. It was his slanted rushes that ate up blockers and let Babin come free. Cullen would line up over a blocker and slant inside, forcing both guys to take him. Then Jason would come flying around the edge with no one to slow him down.

PARKER — Good game. With Laws out, JP played some snaps at DT in the Nickel. Was at LDT on early pass play. Ball got out quickly and JP turned to hustle in pursuit. Holmes caught a short pass and Kurt knocked it loose. Casey kept Holmes from the ball. JP hustled up and grabbed it. He then turned upfield and got blocks from Kurt, Graham, and Rolle on his way to the endzone. JP got his 2nd TD of the year. Huge play. Looped inside on pass play and just missed sack. Exploded off the ball on run play in the mid-2nd. Had chance for TFL, but CuJo had already made the play. Got by the RT in the early 3rd and flushed Sanchez. Tackled him from behind and knocked the ball loose, but not out. Just missed sack, FF. Beat the RT with inside move and flushed Sanchez, forced him to throw the ball away.

LANDRI — Dirty work game. Ate up blockers. Had 2 tackles. Hustled downfield on Greene run and really popped him after Shonn had been bottled up. Got free on pass rush and almost had sack. Sanchez side-stepped him and fired the ball downfield. Kurt almost picked it off. While Landri didn’t make plays, his presence was still felt. He was on the field for:

Casey’s TFL
Kurt’s FF/JP’s TD
Asante’s INT
Patt’s FF/Hanson’s FR
Hunt’s sack
Chaney’s INT

That is 1 sack, 2 TFLs, and all 4 takeaways. Greatness is contagious.

HUNT — Chased down Wildcat run from behind. Held it to short gain. Got off block and helped tackle Greene on run up the middle. Reacted well to Flip 90 and helped Rolle limit the play. Got sack in the mid-2nd. Looped inside. JP forced Sanchez to move and Hunt was there to clean up, fall on him. Hustled downfield to tackle Greene on 4th Q run. Tackled Greene on inside run play in the 4th Q. Led the team with 6 total tackles. Played a good game, vs run and pass. Impressive stuff.

GRAHAM — Played in the 4th Q. Began at LDE. Moved to LDT for a couple of snaps. Drove the RG back into Brunell on one pass play. You could see his initial burst was okay, but COD wasn’t good and didn’t have a 2nd gear. Babin has a quick first step, but then he’s able to stay full speed as he runs by the OT. Graham had an okay first step, but that was it. Needs an offseason to get back on track.

CHANEY — Get Jamar some glasses for Christmas. What the hell is he looking at out there? Greene ran right up the middle for 13. Chaney let himself get blocked on the play. Overran the play, made it easy for OL to seal him. Overran inside run on 2nd series. Read his key, but moved too quickly and left his area wide open to cutback. Didn’t hurt us because of Rolle. Stuffed run play late in the half. Didn’t see the RB and looked confused. Next thing you know the RB appeared in front of him and Jamar just wrapped the guy up. Got an INT in the late 3rd. DRC broke up pass and the ball went into the air. Jamar hustled over and grabbed it.

JORDAN — Had 5 total tackles. Solid game vs the run. Moved well through trash to get to the ball and clog run lanes. Looked slow on 2nd Q pass to Keller. Dustin caught the pass and wheeled upfield for a gain of 12. Got a big hit on 2nd Q screen to Greene. Put him down instantly and for no gain. Best run stuff came in the early 3rd. Scraped by the RG and was able to stuff Greene on inside run. Held him to 1 yd.

ROLLE — Got out of the correct gap and Greene got 12 yds on early run play. Read pulling G and followed him instead of staying put. Got off a block and tackled Greene for short gain on 2nd series. After Holmes drop/INT, Rolle gave him a big shove and sent Santonio flying. Good job of getting into backfield vs Wildcat. Hunt beat him to the runner. Jets ran Flip 90 to his side. Rolle played it perfectly. Forced LT out of bounds for no gain. Got beaten for TD in the late 2nd Q. Jets shifted RB way out wide and Asante went with him. That shifted coverages and left Brian with Santonio Holmes. Sanchez hit him on seam route for TD. Rolle wasn’t in bad position, but that’s still a mismatch. Couldn’t tell what the Safeties were doing on the play due to lack of good replay. Had tight coverage of LT on pass play. Ball went to Holmes. Brian peeled off his guy and got a good shot on Holmes. Helped to blow up run play in the late 3rd by shooting gap and getting to the FB.

MATTHEWS — Nickel LB. Made momentum changing play on opening drive. Read screen pass and flew over to the RB. Came close to knocking the ball away, but did get the TFL of LT. Jets had run well to that point so getting them off schedule was helpful. The next play was a short pass to Holmes. Kurt hit him and knocked the ball loose. Casey then finished the tackle and held Holmes to keep him from getting the loose ball. JP grabbed it and got the TD. He and Hunt tackled Greene on run play up the middle. Gave up 4 yds. Chased down LT and tackled him after gain of 6 on 3rd/12 pass play.

K CLAYTON — Didn’t play a lot, but had a couple of nice moments. Broke up 2nd Q pass to WR. Had tight coverage. Nailed LT on draw play in the early 4th. Put him down hard. Best defensive tackle I’ve seen Keenan make in the NFL. Read the play and burst upfield. Tried to break up 4th Q pass, but ball was so off target he couldn’t get a hand on it.

COLEMAN — Good game. Made impact play on opening drive. Holmes caught short pass and Kurt flew upfield. He put his helmet on the ball and knocked it loose. JP scooped it up and ran it back for a score. Kurt hustled to get up and become a blocker for JP. Blitzed a few times. Didn’t get a sack, but was effective in helping to pressure/get to the QB. Made a good tackle of LT in space on screen pass. That forced a punt. Came close to endzone INT in late 2nd Q, but Plax got a hand in there to break it up. Kurt reached high to snatch the ball and was close to making a great pick. Flew out wide after blitzing and tackled Kerley after short catch. Had a chance to pick off errant 3rd Q pass, but it was so high Kurt couldn’t make the grab. Good effort.

ALLEN — Tackled well. Came up and made good stop of Greene on running play up the middle on opening drive. Made good tackle of LT on run play where he came close to getting loose up the middle. Got sealed by Plax on run play and let Greene get upfield for 5 or 6 yards. Good coverage of Keller on pass into endzone late in the half. Forced an overthrow. Had a good hit in the early 3rd when Kerley got by Hanson on slant pass. Nate stopped him dead in his tracks. Got TFL on run play in the 4th Q.

JARRETT — Played late. Had chance for late INT, but couldn’t get his hands cleanly on the ball.

ASOMUGHA — Helped Kurt to make tackle of LT on 3rd down screen pass. That ended the 2nd series. Drew flag for being too physical/grabby when covering Plax in the mid-2nd. Only gave them 10 yards. Beaten by Plax for TD in 4th Q. Great catch by Plax. Didn’t have much action come his way. Seemed to cover Burress a lot and Plax only had the 1 catch.

SAMUEL — Called for PI on short pass to Holmes. Didn’t bug me a bit. Asante pressed and was being aggressive on the play. If that means the occasional flag, so be it. Picked off a pass in the mid-1st Q. Ball went to Holmes on short throw and went through his hands. Sammie was in the right spot and grabbed it. Good hands, awareness. The pick came at our 4-yd line. Returned it about 18 yards. Got a good hit on Keller after catch and run in 2nd Q. Sorta made a tackle of Holmes on 2nd Q pass play. Initiated contact, but let go the second another defender showed up. Almost made good tackle of WR in space. Tried to sling him down, but lacked the strength and the receiver got a couple of extra yards.

RODGERS-CROMARTIE — Took over at LCB when Samuel got hurt. Looked very good. Locked down Holmes on a few plays. Broke on slant pass to Holmes and knocked the ball into the air. Chaney was able to grab it for the INT.

HANSON — Recovered fumble in the early 2nd Q. Was covering the slot guy when he saw Sanchez running. Ball came loose and MmmBop scooped it right up. Got beaten by Kerley on slant on 3rd down play. Moved the chains. Should have had TFL on 4th Q screen, but LT fought by him for short gain.

MARSH — Got to play some RCB late in the game.


CHAS HENRY — First punt pinned Jets at the 6. Pinned them deep with another kick. Had a shank that gave them good field position and set up a TD. Final punt was a boomer.

ALEX HENERY — 1 of 1 on FGs. Had 2 touchbacks, but other 6 KOs were returned.

PR — Chad Hall had returns of 5 and 10 yds.

KOR — Dion Lewis was 4-68 on KORs. Long was 21. And he fumbled one. Not a good game.


* Keenan Clayton made good tkl of Cromartie on KOR early on. Did that in 3rd Q as well.

* Curtis Marsh made another costly mistake. He was blocking Jet on PR and the ball hit him and then was recovered by NY. Curtis missed DeSean’s yelling to get away. Gotta pay attention on those situations. I am giving DJax the benefit of the doubt and assuming he told Curtis to stay away from the ball.

* Cromartie almost busted a KOR all the way. That opened the 3rd Q. Sideline helped us out.


25 Comments on “Detailed Game Review – PHI 45, NYJ 19”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 4:23 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    “Speaking of FGs…a few people (me included) wondered why Reid didn’t try for a FG in the late 3rd Qtr when we had the ball at the NYJ 36. We punted. […] Punting the ball was the prudent thing to do. If there was 4 or 5 minutes left in the game, kicking would make sense. With the whole 4th Qtr left to go, punting was the safe out.

    I don’t necessarily agree that we should have punted rather than attempt the FG, but I can certainly see the logic behind punting. My question is wouldn’t AR have kicked the FG with Akers? It seems to me that this year, AR has gone with the punt or the first down in all the situations were it is sort of a grey area in terms of attempting the long FG. Does he not trust Henery on those long FGs? Maybe I should phrase that with a different spin. Did AR just trust Akers that much more and it is a matter of Henery still being in the process of earning that trust?

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 4:53 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    I think AR avoided long FGs with Akers as well. I dealt with angry Eagles fans after more than a few punts from inside the opp. 40. Akers attempted 7 FGs of 50+ in his first 3 years combined here. He’s got 7 such attempts in SF in just 14 games.

    In Akers final 2 yrs here, when his leg seemed as strong as ever, Akers attempted a total of just 6 FGs of 50+. AR seems to believe in going for it or punting.

  3. 3 Anonymous said at 5:17 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    That’s a good point about the 50+ yard FGs that I hadn’t thought of, but Henery has only kicked 1 50+ yard FG (which was the 60-some yard FG attempt at the end of a half early in the season) and on top of that has only attempted three 40-49 yard FGs. Akers on the other hand attempted 11 40-49 yard FGs in his last year here (which was about average for the last 3 years here) on top of the 3 50+ yard FGs. I haven’t gone back an analyzed each situation we have had an option of kicking the 40-49 yard FG, but it seems that the difference of 14 vs 4 (11 40-49 attempts + 3 50+ attempts for Akers vs 3 40-49 attempts + 1 50+ attempts for Henery) is more than just a random lack of opportunities. Henery has had a solid season, especially as a rookie, so I don’t know that he has done anything to make AR less confident in him, so I have to imagine that Akers’ long term success is part of the difference we are seeing.

  4. 4 Anonymous said at 5:05 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    i am starting to get sick of our KOR team. are we giving lewis bad blocking? or is he just slow? or not a good return guy?

    it seems like he is lucky to make it past the 20 when returning the kicks. i’m happy when he just downs it in the EZ. the one time i thought he got out past the 20, he actually fumbled the ball as he crossed it. sigh….bring back reno mahe?

  5. 5 Anonymous said at 5:18 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    Combination of things. KOs go deeper than in years past. And Dion is new to being a KOR. We’ll look for a KOR in the offseason. The Eagles hoped Johnnie Lee Higgins would help us there, but he just didn’t pan out.

  6. 6 Steve H said at 5:45 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    Lewis looks hesistant on his returns. You could see from the replay of the one that he ended up fumbling that he took a few stutter steps before he decided to hit the hole right in front of him. This isn’t a criticism, I think you have to be at least a little crazy to want to run full speed at a wall of 250 pound guys who are running full speed at you and want to break you in half, but I think we need to find someone other than Lewis…

  7. 7 Anonymous said at 9:25 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Given that every subsequent game here on out is a “playoff” game, DRC should be the primary kick returner. He’s simply much better than Dion Lewis. If DRC is only playing the nickle AND we’re still rotating in Hughes and Hanson, DRC can handle an extra 5 snaps a game (hopefully only 1!). Besides, some of those are touchbacks so it’s not like he’s going to get hit every play.

  8. 8 Anonymous said at 5:25 PM on December 21st, 2011:

    I’m not positive on this, but I don’t think he even plays the nickel. Hanson does.

  9. 9 Anonymous said at 5:31 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    “The NFL is a matchups league. Sunday’s matchups simply didn’t favor the Jets. They were built to deal with the Steelers, Ravens, and Patriots. Those aren’t teams loaded with speed. We are.”

    Really good point.

  10. 10 Steve H said at 5:45 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    Lets hope they match up a lot better with the Giants eh? 🙂

  11. 11 Anonymous said at 1:48 PM on December 21st, 2011:

    Agree. I think they do. The Giants’ offense is more like the Ravens/Steeelers/Patriots on the speed aspect, than like the Eagles.

  12. 12 Anonymous said at 8:39 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    I loved Claytons monster tackle on LT. Those tackles are great when they connect, but isn’t that something that’s a bit wrong nowadays in NFL? Guys trying to get on the highlights rather than wrapping up, thus a lot of missed tackles…

  13. 13 Steve H said at 11:54 PM on December 20th, 2011:

    I think players need to pick and choose their spots, you know? I’m not sure whether or not big hits really “send a message” or “set the tempo” for the game or any other hackneyed saying, maybe they do, but it certainly can’t hurt the intimidation factor I’d imagine.

  14. 14 Anonymous said at 4:43 PM on December 21st, 2011:

    Yeah, looking at Desean, surely those big hits over the middle had an effect on those dropped TD passes this year. Legal or not, they do serve a purpose from defense’s point of view…

  15. 15 Anonymous said at 5:57 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Jason Babin must be considered one of the best FA signings in the last decade, right?!

  16. 16 Sjampen said at 6:26 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    No because he is only playing the pass rusher. Then we just forget for minute that Jason Pierre-Paul, who is being hyped as the new Reggie White, does exactly the same and sucks just as bad on the run, if not even more. Did everybody forget that the Giants “best DL in football” can’t stop the run either? But no, they are the NASCAR Line, they don’t need to stop the run.

    Babin does exactly what he is supposed to do. Sure, it would be nice if he was Haloti Ngata vs. the run and himself vs. the pass, but how many players can you mention like that in the NFL.Julius Peppers, Jared Allen and Ngata? Maybe Ware, Woodley and Suggs if you count the 34 OLBs.

    Im actually happy with our off-season acquisitions. Sure we needed a LB, a real DC and the signing of Steve Smith was weird. Vince did win us a game vs. the Giants that I’m not sure Kafka would have won. Nnamdi might not have played perfect, but he sure as hell is an upgrade over Ellis Hobbs and Dimitri Patterson. Cullen Jenkins is a beast and Babin is a perfect scheme fit. This season might be a disappointment, but we never pawned instant success for the future. If only Reid would become half the coach he is during the week, when its gametime.

  17. 17 James Coe said at 7:29 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    I think your summary of the offseason is pretty accurate.

    One of the biggest problems this season (and part of the reason for so much disappointment) was the unrealistic expectations we had of this team back in the summer. We had a new, first-time DC, we had a young, inexperienced LB group and we had virtually no offseason for anybody to learn what was going on.

    The 2011 Eagles have been what a rational person should have expected them to be; a lot of talent, but not really a team.

    Nnamdi has also been a casualty of this to an extent. He came here (to a new system with a DC that wasn’t really sure how he wanted to use him) and has looked human for it. The reason for the criticism he has got is not that he has played badly (he hasn’t, for the most part) but that he hasn’t been as good as everybody expected him to be. Is that his fault, or is it the fault of the fans for building him up too much in their own heads?

    Having spent the last 15 weeks playing and training together, the team is finally starting to look like they can pull everything together and be the team that we (somewhat foolishly) expected them to be at the beginning of the year.

    While it may all turn out to be too little too late for 2011, with a good draft and FA, I think we’ll be in good position to make a run deep into the playoffs next season.

  18. 18 Anonymous said at 8:25 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    It is shocking to see 18 sacks. I don’t think people are giving him near enough credit.

  19. 19 Anonymous said at 8:48 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Especially when you compare Babin’s 18 sacks with Trent Cole’s alltime high, when he had 12.5 sacks…

    What a bloody good signing he was!

  20. 20 Anonymous said at 9:33 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Cole may have had less Orakpo’s in a season but as mentioned he is sensational against the run. They are pretty much the perfect combo.

    It does seem that Cole is still getting more of the chips/double teams than Babin but maybe that is just bias from previous experience.

  21. 21 Anonymous said at 1:48 PM on December 21st, 2011:

    Go back and watch the third quarter of the falcons game. Atlanta decided to start double teaming Babin instead of Cole and Cole went ape-man on them. He flat-out dominated. Babin is a hell of a player, but teams know Trent Cole will beat you by himself if you don’t concentrate on him.

  22. 22 Anonymous said at 7:36 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    “He was blocking Jet on PR and the ball hit him and then was recovered by NY. Curtis missed DeSean’s yelling to get away. Gotta pay attention on those situations. I am giving DJax the benefit of the doubt and assuming he told Curtis to stay away from the ball.”

    I just assumed DeSean was yelling about his contract situation. I give Curtis the benefit of the doubt on that play.

  23. 23 Anonymous said at 8:24 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Good point. You’re probably right.

  24. 24 Anonymous said at 8:36 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    “We didn’t get cute in the RZ. We fed the ball to Shady”

    This is all I ever ask for every week when they get into RZ.

  25. 25 Anonymous said at 9:31 AM on December 21st, 2011:

    Great review as always Tommy (much nicer to read, as I’m sure they are to do, when it was a good game!)

    Have you ever considered grading each player each week or giving each player a quick “Good game” “Bad game” comment. You do it for a few but I’d love to see it for each player 😀