The Misery of Others

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If the Eagles aren’t going to win the Super Bowl, I turn my attention to the teams I want to lose in the playoffs. I’m sure most of you are the same way.

On Saturday, we saw the Seahawks go down and that made me happy. The combination of Pete Carroll, those players, those team colors and that stadium has led me to hate that team. I respect the heck out of how good they are, but still hate ’em. It was especially fun to see them lose on a day when they couldn’t stop the other team. Atlanta scored 36 points on that D.

Seattle has been a lucky team in recent years. They stayed very healthy for a few years and that got them to the NFC title game, won them a Super Bowl and almost won them another Super Bowl. Think about the Eagles. In 2001 Troy Vincent got hurt in the playoffs. Correll Buckhalter got hurt in the NFC-CG. In 2002 it was Donovan McNabb getting hurt in the regular season and then looking rusty in the playoffs. Blaine Bishop got hurt in the playoffs. In 2003 Brian Westbrook got hurt in the season finale and missed the postseason. In 2004 Shawn Andrews missed the whole season and then TO got hurt late in the year. The Eagles were never the same after that.

When I say Seattle was lucky, that’s not an insult. They were healthy and took advantage of it. That’s what you’re supposed to do. How often do we see a team play dominant football and then lose early in the playoffs? Seattle played great in the postseason when they had all their weapons.

This year Earl Thomas was missing and DE Michael Bennett was banged up. The pass rush wasn’t consistent and their secondary looked human. Welcome to the world that most teams live in.

I’m glad the Texans lost, simply because that team is so miserable to watch with Brock Osweiler at QB. He is just a mess right now.

Kansas City fell to the Steelers on Sunday night. I wasn’t happy about that. I hate the Steelers and I was really pulling for Andy Reid to make a title run this year. The Chiefs finally seemed to have enough weapons on offense to compensate for Alex Smith not being a dynamic QB. The Steelers shut down Tyreek Hill all game long and kept Travis Kelce quiet for more than half of the game. With those guys limited, Smith needed to play at a high level and that didn’t happen. He was 20-34-172. You can’t throw that many passes for that few yards and win in the postseason.

When Reid first left Philly, I had mixed feelings. He was fired so it wasn’t his choice to leave, but it was still weird to cheer for him with another team. On an intellectual level, I wanted him to succeed. My gut had mixed feelings. Enough time has passed now that I can look at that sexy beast with a world class mustache and just be happy for him. I would love Big Red to win a Super Bowl one of these days.

Sunday did feature the best game (and result) of them all.

Green Bay 34
Dallas 31

The Cowboys made an amazing comeback from down 21-3, but let’s remember they did this against a team with a WR playing RB, the star WR out and half the secondary hurt. Aaron Rodgers was masterful. When he is at his best, you are going to have a tough time beating him.

Dallas went 13-3 this year. They have some really talented players, but this never looked like a title team to me. Just too many questions, especially on defense. You can’t hide part of your team in the postseason.

And now for some fun.

Always good when we can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing Dallas has been eliminated. That’s not as good as the Eagles winning in the postseason, but it will do for now.


475 Comments on “The Misery of Others”

  1. 1 Dave said at 8:24 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    According to overthecap, Dallas has 19 unrestricted free agents and are $5.5M above the cap for 2017. Even if they trade Romo, he will count $20M against their cap.

    On another note, this weekend really showed why you need a franchise QB. Brock Osweiler and Alex Smith just don’t cut it for the postseason.

  2. 2 Rellihcs said at 8:58 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Thank you – that makes me feel warm inside.

  3. 3 bushisamoron said at 8:27 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    So glad to see the Cowboys one and done. Thanks Jason, worlds highest paid cheerleader

  4. 4 Rellihcs said at 8:58 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I enjoy Garret’s pain, but I don’t think he’s a cheerleader. Definitely made a dumb coaching move late in the game, but overall I think he’s actually a decent coach.

    With so many to hate on that team/in that organization – Garrett just doesn’t grind my gears other than spits and giggles…

  5. 5 Gary Barnes said at 10:38 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Being a puppet is pretty pathetic in my book. Garrett does not grind your gears or anyone else’s – he goes along to get along and keep his job even though the team keeps under performing.

  6. 6 Rellihcs said at 11:01 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Fair enough. I am thinking that Garrett really wants/ed to coach that specific team, and he knows the context of jerrah and that’s that. I don’t fault him for being that way – especially because it fits my agenda of keeping them down.

  7. 7 Gary Barnes said at 12:38 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I agree with keeping them down for sure. If he is ok being second fiddle like he was as a player, so be it. I would have tired of Jerry control freak and manipulative nature long ago

  8. 8 RobNE said at 11:21 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    you’re the puppet!!

  9. 9 Gary Barnes said at 12:38 PM on January 16th, 2017:


  10. 10 bdbd20 said at 8:43 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I wonder if AR would pull the trigger on a Romo trade. They have a lot of pieces in place.

  11. 11 Rellihcs said at 8:57 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Crazy to think. I’m with Tommy and want Reid to get one – but rooting for Tony?…

    I just wish KC had had a healthy Jamal Charles. West is good but…

  12. 12 Julescat said at 11:25 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    can’t stand Reid

    he tampered with Maclin and got away with it. Now maclin is just a crap receiver on another choking Chefs team.


  13. 13 The original AG said at 11:57 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I used to like him, but he makes the same boneheaded mistakes every year. I don’t know how you’ve coached in the league 20 years and still haven’t figured out the proper use of timeouts.

  14. 14 daveH said at 11:57 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    No pity wins for andy!
    I dont like him either .. 7.5mil each year and he inherited a very good KC team and brought them 1 single playoff victory.
    Creeps me out when people pity him snd fawn over him

  15. 15 Dominik said at 4:57 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    and he inherited a very good KC team

    Oh boy, who doesn’t remember how good they were. They deserved every one of those 2 wins!!

  16. 16 daveH said at 7:00 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Iced me !
    Yes i am wrong .. good team. Atrocious record from romeo crenell.
    AR turned them around yep

  17. 17 Dominik said at 12:54 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I would say: a good Defense with a pathetic offense. It was very smart to hire AR because it was obvious he would be able to fix the Offense. Which he did.

  18. 18 Dan said at 5:32 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Technically, Reid inherited a team that had the worst record in football. He had the first overall pick his first year.

  19. 19 daveH said at 6:58 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Yes you YOU are correct. . Still had great nucleus. . .but yes he gets credit indeed. He did a heckuva job.

  20. 20 Donald Kalinowski said at 9:06 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I would love to see that.

  21. 21 Blackfoot said at 2:18 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I wonder why anyone would take romo, he is going to get hurt and everyone knows that.

  22. 22 FairOaks said at 5:56 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    He’s also had a year to mend without playing much. The Broncos went with Manning off of his surgery… could be a landing place as well.

  23. 23 Donald Kalinowski said at 8:51 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    That 2003 season that ended with a loss to Carolina sucked. Westbrook gets injured and misses the playoffs after the great season he had and McNabb breaks his ribs early in the game.

    Pinkston getting hurt in the Super Bowl affected the team and the OL was being abused all day by Wilfork. Having Andrews could have changed things.

  24. 24 Rellihcs said at 8:56 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Really great points that are so often missed.

  25. 25 sonofdman said at 11:53 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    McNabb got hurt in that Carolina game on an unpenalized cheap shot after he was already down.

    Pinkston was having a gear game in the Super Bowl before he went out.

  26. 26 daveH said at 11:55 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    If i were Andy i wudve gone ballistic on that cheap shot … stinkston got cramps .. wtf

  27. 27 Sb2bowl said at 12:10 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yup; dude was on the ground when the Carolina DL pounced on him. McNabb was never the same that game, and it was a real shitty way to spend a cold January evening.

    Between the Panthers and the Bucs the year before, they were miserable ends to the season. Both games loom large in the dark recesses of my memories.

  28. 28 P_P_K said at 12:24 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    After both those losses all I could think was, “Next year, next year.” Then the next years came and went…

  29. 29 Donald Kalinowski said at 8:58 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Rodgers is the greatest QB of my lifetime. I’ve never seen a QB dominate a game this consistently despite not having things go his way.

  30. 30 Rellihcs said at 9:00 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Agreed wholeheartedly. I think if Belicheat were able to detach himself from loyalty/emotions magically – he’d take Rodgers over Brady. Imagine Rodgers with all the benefits of cheating NE and the defensive mastermind coach…

  31. 31 Corry said at 9:26 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    And then there’s this:

  32. 32 BlindChow said at 11:04 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    That makes sense. McCarthy probably would have called a draw, and the Packers would have lost in overtime for the second year in a row. Rodgers needs to take over the playcalling in the second half of games.

    On defense, too…

  33. 33 The original AG said at 9:30 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I feel the same way. That dude is on another level.

  34. 34 P_P_K said at 9:35 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Remember when he came into the League and sat, then played under Farve’s shadow? What a great success story he has become.

  35. 35 ChoTime said at 11:55 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Peyton Manning? Brady? All three are/were NFL cheat codes in this QB-rigged game.

  36. 36 KillaKadafi said at 10:16 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    That’s quite a statement from Dave K, I agree.

    However regarding Manning, as good as he was, he only played 1 season in his career without elite talent surrounding him.

    In addition to this he played his home games in a dome for most his career.

  37. 37 Corry said at 9:16 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    The KC game reminded me of classic Andy Reid: heading into the 4th quarter of a tight game with only 1 time out.

  38. 38 The original AG said at 9:29 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Coaching makes a difference. He would have had 2 timeouts, but burned one on the 4th and 1 around the 5 yard line.

  39. 39 SteveH said at 9:31 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Watching it all unfold I couldn’t help but think: classic Andy.

  40. 40 Julescat said at 11:22 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    once again Andy Reid shows why he will never win a Super Bowl

    gotta love it!

  41. 41 The original AG said at 9:35 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I don’t know if this was shared already, but this is what’s going to make Embiid one of the most loved stars in this city.

    Response to Skip Bayless’s tweet: Congratulations to Dak Prescott for again outplaying Aaron Rodgers, again holding off Romo and again performing like a clutch MVP.

  42. 42 Donald Kalinowski said at 9:39 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    God damn. That dude is a PR machine

  43. 43 SteveH said at 9:47 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Bayless is truly a shit-stain on the underwear of society, but I gotta hand it to him, he’s mastered the art convincingly saying shit that he doesn’t really believe.

  44. 44 P_P_K said at 9:38 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    All over the internet are expressions of lament by fans of the #1 seed who lost in crushing manner to the Packers. Enjoy, Eagles brethren, ’tis a beautiful day when the enemy suffers so much.

  45. 45 nopain23 said at 9:40 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Say what you want about the Cowboys but Dak looks like the real deal and that team is stacked with YOUNG players .Until proven otherwise looks like they’ll own the division for the next 3-5 years.

  46. 46 The original AG said at 9:46 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Not worried. I don’t believe in Garrett as a coach.

  47. 47 Gary Barnes said at 10:42 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Not worried at all, we should have swept them this season and as long as Jerry and Garrett are there they’ll never win

  48. 48 Dave said at 11:03 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    See my earlier post on why the next 3-5 years may not be as good as you think…lots of free agents and salary cap hell.

  49. 49 Media Mike said at 12:05 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Please. They were able to take the NFL off guard this year with a new QB / RB combo that no film existed on how to stop.

    That drifts back to earth for 2017.

  50. 50 Howie Littlefinger said at 4:47 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Say what you want about the Redskins but RG3 looks like the real deal and that team is stacked with YOUNG players .Until proven otherwise looks like they’ll own the division for the next 3-5 years.

    Fixed it for u. Its a rewind to 2012 lolol

  51. 51 The original AG said at 9:46 AM on January 16th, 2017:

  52. 52 sonofdman said at 11:49 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Does he get to bring Alshon with him?

  53. 53 Sb2bowl said at 1:38 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    If he can bring him for about $8 million a year, I’m all for it. Otherwise, dude is going to be out of our price range.

  54. 54 sonofdman said at 10:27 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I agree.

  55. 55 izzylangfan said at 9:48 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    New York and Dallas: one and done. Thank you Aaron Rodgers. Left Jerry Jones complaining about the officiating. That’s all we Eagles fans have left. Wait till next year.

  56. 56 The original AG said at 9:50 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    It kind of was like Kelce’s reaction after the game. He probably will get a hefty fine for his comments in the locker room.

  57. 57 SteveH said at 9:55 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Kelce’s reaction was weird because that was pretty flagrant holding. It probably didn’t need to happen since Smith stepped up in the pocket and Harrison probably wouldn’t have made it home, but it was definitely holding.

  58. 58 The original AG said at 9:53 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Tommy, I agree about misery loves company. Now that both the Giants and Cowboys are eliminated, it helps moving forward in the off-season.

  59. 59 ChoTime said at 11:53 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes. I have closure.

  60. 60 Ark87 said at 9:56 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’m going to leave this here.

  61. 61 Corry said at 10:22 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    …I was half expecting it to be a Lebron jersey…

  62. 62 Ark87 said at 10:50 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I believe he is one of ours so I love it. Subtle Phillies cap.

  63. 63 Dave said at 11:04 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    I was expecting a Clippers jersey.

  64. 64 Forthebirds said at 10:03 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Ah, the sweet smell of failure. Dak, Elliot, and Dez played their hearts out — and came up short! Aaron Rodgers willed his team to victory, and I can only imagine what our season would have been like if we had a few WRs who could hold on to the ball like Green Bay’s 3rd and 4th receivers.

  65. 65 Gary Barnes said at 10:45 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Its a very good point. Rodgers played great, but his WR and TE made some very big catches for him too.

  66. 66 Gary Barnes said at 10:35 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    The Yankees shot is priceless, great tweet. So glad the Cowboys lost. Wanted the Chiefs win, but they killed themselves all night, were dinged up on D and really missed Charles on O. Kelce and another WR dropped good throws that should have been TD.

  67. 67 A_T_G said at 10:58 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    “How often do we see a team play dominant football and then lose early in the playoffs?”

    I can think of one glorious example.

  68. 68 daveH said at 11:45 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    You mean 4th year in a row for the Chefs ? Yep i was thinking same exsct thing.

  69. 69 Julescat said at 11:57 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Andy Reid is already out of timeouts for next year’s playoff games

  70. 70 P_P_K said at 12:22 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Great post.

  71. 71 A_T_G said at 5:05 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Well played.

  72. 72 BlindChow said at 11:00 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Ugh, that Dallas game was way too close. Green Bay was all set to pull one of their yearly playoff choke jobs. Third year in a row getting conservative in the 3rd quarter almost cost them the win.

    Looked like Billy Davis was calling their defense in that 2nd half. Soft zones with 10-yard cushions? Just like old times!

  73. 73 Ark87 said at 12:10 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The fact that Rodgers said “screw this” and made up a play to win the game, well lets just say if you’re a Bears fan you love you some Mike McCarthy. Rodgers seems to be single-handedly willing this team towards the superbowl despite McCarthy.

  74. 74 theindianeagle said at 12:17 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I cannot stand McCarthy. I think he’s one of the most overrated coaches in the NFL. Rodgers covers up so many of his flaws.

  75. 75 Sb2bowl said at 12:19 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Notice his swing pass near the 30 yard line was at least a 5 yard loss, and nearly cost them the game?

    He must have been watching Doug

  76. 76 theindianeagle said at 1:29 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I thought I was watching the first Eagles/Cowboys games when that happened. If it wasn’t for Rodgers (and thank god for him), yesterday’s game would have turned out the same way probably.

  77. 77 A_T_G said at 11:03 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    As Corry shared below, the play that set up the field goal was not one they practiced, Rodgers essentially drew it up in the dirt during the huddle. Does anyone know how often that kind of thing happens?

  78. 78 Dave said at 11:27 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes, please make this happen!

  79. 79 scratcherk said at 11:29 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    from wade philips to rob ryan. yes please.

  80. 80 Sb2bowl said at 12:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yin, meet Yang

  81. 81 sonofdman said at 11:47 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes please!

  82. 82 Gary Barnes said at 12:43 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    How does this guy keep getting jobs? lol awful

  83. 83 BobSmith77 said at 12:38 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    It is mystifying.

  84. 84 Mac said at 3:03 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Are Washington fans gullible enough to be excited about a move like this? Most of the Wasteam fans I know have been pretty quite this past year or so about their team.

  85. 85 FairOaks said at 5:28 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Please please please please please please please….

  86. 86 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:16 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    First the Cowboys lose in a most soul-crushing manner and now this. 2017 is going to be a good year.

  87. 87 RobNE said at 11:35 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    KC game further proof that HC should be doing HC type things and not calling plays. [ok I’m assuming Andy calls the plays] This worries me about Doug.

  88. 88 The original AG said at 11:52 AM on January 16th, 2017:

    You should be. The only way Doug can be a successful coach is if he finds someone to call plays. He’s Andy 2.0. Great with the players, good regular season coach. But too many flaws to do it in the playoffs. He may learn, but it’s going to be at least 3-4 years before Doug figures it out and learns how to be a coach. That’s best case scenario.

    If he found a real OC to call the plays and handle the offense, he’d be a far better coach.

  89. 89 Fufina said at 12:09 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Think that is a little unfair, just because you have been around a guy does not mean you will always act and behave in the same way. In big moments Andy tends to revert to being a conservative game manager, run high percentage plays, rather than take risks – last night is a great example, he ate clock and time outs to get the best 1 drive his team could produce and hoped that was enough, rather than picking up the pace, throwing aggressively and maybe getting 2 attempts to score points.

    Doug has been anything but that in big games – he has liked to try and bust big plays, has been aggressive going for it on 4th down and play with pace. I liked Doug the play caller when they had 2 Tackles they could rely upon (go watch the first few games – so much creativity), but with a rookie 5th rounder at RT, they left TE’s blocking some plays, got less creative in the run game, and threw quicker passes when the RT was left 1v1.

    Lots of successful coaches have been ‘playcallers’ – and a lot of why HC’s (especially ex-QB’s) want to keep the responsibility is so they are able to talk to the QB directly via the headset. Often the OC is picking plays, sending them down to Doug and then he is passing them on to Wentz.

    Most nonplay calling HC’s are involved in the play calling as well – often selecting run/pass at least – and often requesting specific plays or approaches. If Doug gets someone he trusts to manage the game (and will be easier once Wentz matures) then he may give up more responsibility, but i don’t have huge concerns about it yet- and not sure there is much evidence it should be a concern.

  90. 90 The original AG said at 12:40 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Part of being a play caller is 1) understanding what’s happening on the field and 2) knowing when to be aggressive.

    Not only was Doug over aggressive at times, but he made some boneheaded decisions. This was all season long where I didn’t see improvement in that department. The 2nd Giants game (Week 16) he was lucky his defense bailed him out (just like an Andy team) because he set NY up to come back for the win leaving a timeout and 1:30 left of the clock for NY to drive the field.

    I think the most telling is having his QB as a lead blocker 5 plays after he comes back from the concussion protocol.

    In a playoff game I don’t see how those decisions don’t lead to a loss. Leaving a QB with 1:30 and a TO to drive the field is asking for trouble. Putting your franchise QB in harms way against a good defense might get him injured for the game (or worse longer).

    And those are just two major decisions in one game. Going for it on 4th rather than taking a FG to go up 8 means if the team scores a TD, you lose.

    I just don’t like how he makes decisions in tough situations, and frankly I’m not excited about the last two wins vs. a team on Poop Fest (Thu night football) or a JV squad (Mark Sanchez-led Cowboys).

    Doug is at best 3-4 years out as a good playcaller, so in the meantime we have to deal with losing until he 1) figures it out or 2) gets fired.

  91. 91 RobNE said at 12:42 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    thanks that makes me feel a little better

  92. 92 Tumtum said at 2:56 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    When did Andy turn over play calling to MM? Pretty sure the team found greater success when Andy called plays. Not saying they are 100% linked, just sayin.

  93. 93 Rellihcs said at 12:26 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Doesn’t Sherman call plays in GB?

  94. 94 RobNE said at 12:43 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    if true that only supports my comment

  95. 95 Sb2bowl said at 12:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    If you think about it- the Eagles are directly responsible for Dallas being eliminated from the playoffs.

    The Packers were on a 4 game skid before they played us; we were nice enough to help Aaron Rodgers play his (up to that point) best game of the year. Aaron felt like himself again, and his WR’s were blessed by our Eagles to have confidence instilled yet again into their lives.

    Yes my friends; Philadelphia is not only the home of the underdog, but we are the home of uplifting downtrodden spirits.

    Saint Jim Schwartz brought the Packers back to life, and our old foes have been vanquished once again.

  96. 96 daveH said at 12:10 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Home if visiting underdogs .. ouch, might be true

  97. 97 P_P_K said at 12:21 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’m waiting for those ingrates to offer us their thanks.

  98. 98 Sb2bowl said at 1:09 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    They are busy making cheese, I’m sure they will get around to it.

  99. 99 P_P_K said at 1:17 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Mixed with Cowboy blood would go good on any cracker.

  100. 100 Corry said at 1:26 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    It pairs well with a nice glass of band-wagon fan tears.

  101. 101 P_P_K said at 3:58 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    There have been many good vintages during the Romo, and now Prescott, years.

  102. 102 Greg Richards said at 1:33 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Not to mention softening the Cowboys up in the final week of the regular season.

  103. 103 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 2:36 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Too bad we couldn’t be responsible for making the playoffs

  104. 104 Tumtum said at 2:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Was this all part of the elaborate plan to springboard our season by facing the last place schedule while forcing Dallas to play the first place schedule? We simply ensured they would lose in the first game they played of the post-season.

  105. 105 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 2:55 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    We play the same schedule they play next year, sans 2 games.

  106. 106 Sb2bowl said at 4:04 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I don’t know where “sans” plays, but I hope we match up well against them

  107. 107 Sb2bowl said at 4:04 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes, it was- big picture, “Gold Standard” stuff right here. Howie is working his midget magic again.

    I think Jeffy is making a movie of this for his records. Maybe he can buy Hard Knocks and do it himself

  108. 108 Media Mike said at 12:11 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    “On Saturday, we saw the Seahawks go down and that made me happy.”

    Can’t agree. I love Seattle and they will forever be one of my favorite teams simply for their destruction of Kaep.

    And I find Richard Sherman entertaining.

  109. 109 Sb2bowl said at 1:09 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I know that everyone likes you and agrees with you on this site, but I just can’t do it.

    Kaep would have self destructed anyway; I can’t stand Seattle. Between the tears of the Cowboys and Seahawks, I’m satisfied.

  110. 110 Mac said at 1:25 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I agree. Pete Carrol, Michael Bennett, and that clown Richard Sherman have made that team insufferable.

  111. 111 Sb2bowl said at 1:37 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Bennett blasting the reporter this weekend showed his true colors. Guy can play ball, for sure- but that seems to be his only marketable skill.

    “What adversity you ever went through?” – Bennett

    Well, Mike. Dude battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009. How do you like them apples? Asshole

  112. 112 Mac said at 2:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yeah, I’ve seen other comments he’s made in the past that have been the very definition of unsportsmanlike. Agree that it doesn’t make him a bad football player, but for me, it makes him a thoroughly unsavory character.

  113. 113 Media Mike said at 8:59 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’m in agreement that the undignified losing, especially from Bennett, is lame.

  114. 114 Tumtum said at 2:52 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Don’t forget the fans.

  115. 115 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 2:34 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I hate SEA and their fake fans.

  116. 116 Nailed It! said at 5:45 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Why are they fake? You ever been to Seattle?

  117. 117 ChoTime said at 5:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I have. I love Seattle. They really do love coffee up in there and they really do throw the fish.

  118. 118 Nailed It! said at 6:26 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I travel to Seattle alot and I agree it is awesome and the fans up there are ridiculously loyal to their team. They love them some Seahawks

  119. 119 Gary Barnes said at 7:12 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The soccer team is still the most popular which imo is awesome

  120. 120 Nailed It! said at 7:26 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Eh that is very wrong.

  121. 121 Gary Barnes said at 7:36 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Could be, but it is well known soccer is hugely popular in Seattle and the Sounders have a very loyal and large following. Everyone I know that lives in Seattle (20+ people) has told me they were more popular before the Seahawks got good and still are.

  122. 122 Nailed It! said at 7:46 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yeah I could see that cause they are incredibly popular, but its crazy when you go there and literally you see 12’s banners everywhere across the city.

  123. 123 Tumtum said at 2:52 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The best thing about this site is that we can disagree and have no ill-will towards those we disagree with.

  124. 124 Media Mike said at 8:58 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  125. 125 Blackfoot said at 2:13 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    and Baldwin is fun to watch

  126. 126 daveH said at 2:31 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Like the players there but not the coach. . Love seeing Carrol get his reality check .. and he OWNS the biggest choke in sports history; that can never be taken away

  127. 127 Tumtum said at 2:51 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I know Sherman is good and all, and I certainly won’t hold yesterday against him too much, BUT I have never thought he looked good. Not that he isn’t good, because results speak for themselves, but that he doesn’t look good.

    I remember watching him warm up on time thinking he was a back up QB or something.

  128. 128 Mac said at 3:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The leeway that Sherman gets on pass interference gives him the boost from being “meh” to being solid. If he were on the Eagles, he’d be toast.

  129. 129 Ark87 said at 3:07 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    He’s a solid corner, but he’s a master at what he does to the point that he’s a top corner in the league. When he has the sideline on one side, and Earl Thomas on the other, he’s fantastic. Leaving him in the open field with Julio was a big mistake.

  130. 130 ChoTime said at 5:53 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Does that say more about him or YO EYES?

  131. 131 Tumtum said at 3:19 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    These eyes have done a lot of cryin

  132. 132 Buge Halls said at 9:13 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    He tipped one pass three (four?) years ago and that made him a “superstar” to the NFL. An inch higher and that pass would have gone over his hand and Seattle is out of the playoffs.

  133. 133 Ark87 said at 3:48 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yeah I agree. They are this simple yet physical home-grown defense that just lines up and plays, and when the key pieces are healthy it really dominates. And they came to prominence when the idea of winning with defense was dying out. I respect that. Love Carroll’s energy, seems like a legitimately great coach. Wilson might be insane, as he hears and listens to divine sex advice, but he seems like a legitimately good guy, and he’s probably the best possible version that an undersized yet mobile QB can be.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Eagles fan, so nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy quite like a team and fan base that has become spoiled by success get served a slice of humble pie.

  134. 134 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:18 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Must be a blue moon. I agree with Media Mike on all points today.

  135. 135 Media Mike said at 8:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Given how I’m all over the place, it was bound to happen one day out of thousands.

  136. 136 laeagle said at 8:35 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I enjoyed Sherman when he took on Skip Bayless. But after a while, a group of mouthy, arrogant players starts to wear thin. The a-hole schtick only goes so far, and when they (inevitably) stumble, it’s easy to take pleasure in watching them fall.

  137. 137 Media Mike said at 8:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I hear you there, but he happens to be a heel I enjoy. The Crabtree rant still makes me giggle.

  138. 138 RobNE said at 12:44 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    train stop this morning in NE, my neighbor: well, Rodgers made a couple nice throws but overall his game was good but not great. That last play was really the receiver.

    me: ?!?! are you kidding me? I’ll remember that next time Brady makes a play.

  139. 139 Gary Barnes said at 12:49 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    It was both pretty evenly imo. Rodgers stayed alive and made one heck of a throw, but Cook did an amazing job of catching the ball and dotting the sideline perfectly. Many of the receivers made strong catches for Rodgers yesterday, but Rodgers played an outstanding game as well.

  140. 140 Sb2bowl said at 1:07 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Brady looked pretty rough in the game against the Texans. If Pittsburgh gets as much pressure on him as the Texans did, NE is going to be in for a long day. The NE WR’s made a ton of plays for Brady, his passes weren’t on the mark for most of Saturday.

  141. 141 Blackfoot said at 2:12 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    pitt doesn’t have clowney. he was beating up tb all day

  142. 142 Sb2bowl said at 2:32 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    But they do have a defense that arguably, is playing better than Houston right now. Their OLB’s have found their way, Harrison is still a handful, and the NE OL is faltering at the wrong time of the year. Clowney played well, so did Merciless – but Pittsburgh is playing better right now.

    NE defense will keep them in it, they are playing lights out right now. So many moving/interchangeable parts. It’s going to be a good match up- I hate both teams, so I’m hoping for a tie.

  143. 143 anon said at 10:13 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    bud dupree is putting in work

  144. 144 Tumtum said at 2:44 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Brady is great, don’t get me wrong. He has never been close to as talented as some of the other QBs in the league. That almost makes him even greater…BUT Rodgers makes throws that Brady could never dream of.

  145. 145 Nailed It! said at 12:45 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Interesting thought on Josh Huff and Montgomery on Green Bay. Wonder how Huff would have served had he been used as an rb instead of trying to force him into a WR role? Seems like Montgomery and Tyreek Hill are similar players to Huff but they have just been used so much better.

  146. 146 D3FB said at 12:52 PM on January 16th, 2017:


    221 pounds
    4.55 40
    40.5 vert
    6.97 3cone
    4.21 shuttle

    206 pounds
    4.51 40
    35.5 vert

    6.96 3cone (Pro Day so it’s probably generous)
    4.12 (Pro Day)

  147. 147 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 2:37 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    There’s probably some truth there. Overall we have been pretty bad at developing players. I though the light may have been turning on for Huff this year and then he was arrested.

  148. 148 Fufina said at 2:38 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    D3FB did the comparison for Montgomery… Tyreek Hill has so much more speed that they are almost entirely different players. All 3 are more hybrid WR/RB type guys than pure WR’s but they do it in different ways and Huff’s issues were just as much mental… and not sure that is just on coaching staff.

  149. 149 Tumtum said at 2:42 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I personally felt like Huff was starting to come into his own, and think he was easily the most dynamic receiver we had (if not best over all), in 2016. I know that there aren’t many who share that view.

  150. 150 Sb2bowl said at 4:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I agree with you- Huff had his limitations, but he had the attitude and mentality to succeed. With Doug and his play calling abilities, Huff was on his way to becoming a big part of our offense.

    Unfortunately, Huff was an idiot- no way Doug wanted him released, that came from above. I’m hoping the kid has success in Tampa, just not against us

  151. 151 A_T_G said at 5:08 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I agree with this point for point.

  152. 152 daveH said at 5:59 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    And being the 3rd idiot move of the season was too much.. a very dangerous trend. . the team unfortunately simply had to caurtorize the schit

  153. 153 Sb2bowl said at 2:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Seemed to straighten the team out, at least publicly

  154. 154 daveH said at 12:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Im happy that Pete Carroll owns the biggest choke in pro sports history. But he is an impressive dude. Just glad he has that epic playcall to match his ego … ssne for nick saban.

  155. 155 Tumtum said at 2:40 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    He is the part of that team/fan base that I hate the least I think.

  156. 156 bill said at 6:50 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I have another stat line to go with my “every year, Wilson has at least one completely crap playoff game that he’d lose if his team didn’t pull his butt out of the flames.” This year, they weren’t good enough to overcome it. He’s a good QB, but nowhere near the QB that people make him out to be.

  157. 157 daveH said at 7:15 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    But id be very glad to have if my coach knew how to use him… he should have 2 rings but Carroll cost them all 1

  158. 158 RobNE said at 2:48 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    watch how fast Elliott’s investigation starts moving now that Cowboys are out.

  159. 159 Media Mike said at 8:56 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Clearly, due to being a Cowboy and a beneficiary of the Columbus PD protection racket, Elliott is 100% guilty.

  160. 160 unhinged said at 4:03 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Based on the past 2 weekends, Atlanta looks like the team to beat. Very good DL, good running game, excellent passing game, and they look opportunistic.

  161. 161 truehaynes said at 4:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    How did we beat them?

  162. 162 unhinged said at 5:06 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    We showed some chops sporadically, but we were most skilled at beating ourselves. This is why for me DP is still a big ? I’m all for giving him some time, but the mental fog and the contagious breakdowns have to stop.

  163. 163 P_P_K said at 11:39 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Their Offense has been awesome.

  164. 164 GordonGekko said at 4:09 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Every year the NFC East has a new champion, so these Eagles, despite their issues can win it back.

  165. 165 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 5:47 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I think the division will be competitive but I wont be surprised if Dallas takes it again

  166. 166 Sean Stott said at 5:50 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Just for future use, telling my FB Cowboys fans that there was a GS Warriors game on tonight really struck a nerve

  167. 167 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 5:53 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I hope they take an L too

  168. 168 ChoTime said at 5:55 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Why, because–oh, bandwagon?

  169. 169 Corry said at 9:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    They’re upset because they’re Cavs fans now. C’mon man.

  170. 170 daveH said at 5:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    For all you andy reid crybabies heres some deez nuts to sukk on:
    the Chiefs are the first playoff team ever to lose a game in which they scored two or more touchdowns than their opponent. Incredibly, teams in that scenario before the Chiefs were 245-0 – never losing a single game of this nature

  171. 171 laeagle said at 8:33 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Grow up. Seriously. You really need to antagonize people to make a point? Adults can appreciate what Reid did while still regretting the mistakes that happened. Adults also don’t find it necessary to start calling people crybabies and asking them to “sukk” (sic) on “deez nuts” in a place that generally encourages friendly discourse.

  172. 172 Media Mike said at 8:53 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    For the record, I still want to tell people to suck on “Teez Nuts” if we draft Mr. Tabor from Florida and he shuts down one side of the field.

  173. 173 Bert's Bells said at 9:53 PM on January 16th, 2017:


  174. 174 daveH said at 10:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes you are correct. I knew i was right there at the line if not over it.
    But whats the 4yr weak link of that chefs team .. QB and coach.
    Im just jealous of andy.

  175. 175 daveH said at 10:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I toned it down .. edited. Your point well taken.

  176. 176 A_T_G said at 10:24 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Just so I fully understand, the “crybabies” in questions are those people who are NOT still upset at how things turned out with Reid? The ones that have accepted things and moved on emotionally are the crybabies? I just want to make sure I am up to speed.

    Also, you know that deez is not an adjective, right? It does not clarify a specific nut type. Some cashew nuts, some mixed nuts, some castrated bull nuts would all be grammatically correct. Some deez nuts is not.

  177. 177 daveH said at 11:44 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The crybabies are not those who have moved on.. crybabies are those that feel pity for andy because he was ‘our guy’ and ‘hes honest’ and ‘he was close’ and ‘we were so lucky to have him’, those were our best years ever’ .. those who pine for him and let him slide on so many issues because.. well i dont know why. Those people who bash me because i dont feel the same blind loyal interest in him.
    Deez Nuts is involves a chin, not so much food. Any conversation that involves many dudes should always have multiple participants dropping Deez Nuts. It is always coorect usage even if used nonsensically – it is in fact nonsensical to have NO deez nuts. And its used w humor so its nothing to take offense at.
    …schit typed as fast as i could. .not even proof reading

  178. 178 A_T_G said at 8:50 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Kinda like those “crybabies” that want their ex to be happy in their new marriage and want them to create a loving, supportive home for the kids?

  179. 179 daveH said at 1:47 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Yikes.. i don’t know about that.. maybe, probably.. sure. Yes indeed.
    I just want everyone to be happy and us to get our ring

  180. 180 laeagle said at 1:38 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I can accept anything but poor grammar.

  181. 181 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:22 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    The Eagles are 3-1 in their last 4 match ups against the conference championship teams:

    12/6/15: EAGLES 35 – PATRI*TS 28
    9/25/16: EAGLES 34 – STEELERS 3
    11/13/16: EAGLES 24 – FALCONS 15
    11/28/16: EAGLES 13 – PACKERS 27

  182. 182 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:25 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    BONUS meaningless stat.

    EAGLES 1 0
    NY GIANTS 1 1
    DALLAS 0 2

  183. 183 Julescat said at 9:26 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    also beat playoff teams Dallas, NY Giants and were robbed in Detroit game

  184. 184 myartz04 said at 8:25 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    This is great….

  185. 185 nopain23 said at 8:29 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Watching Dez high point passes makes me ponder how things could have been if DBG ever puts it together. Dude has the speed and size to be dominant but can’t seem to break through the cloud of mediocrity. There is a ton of talent to be tapped into. Is Jacksonvilles WR coach available. That group was very impressive last year

  186. 186 Media Mike said at 8:52 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’d love to know what exactly is DGB’s issue.

  187. 187 Buge Halls said at 9:05 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Reading the stats of his previous years, that Jacksonville coach has only had one 1,000 yard receiver during the time he coached

  188. 188 anon said at 2:19 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    two in 2015, hurns and robinson were both over

  189. 189 Flyineagle45 said at 8:41 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    A.j boule should be an Eagle

  190. 190 Media Mike said at 8:51 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Seems to be the hot name, but I think we’re all still a little shell shocked from Maxwell.

  191. 191 Dave said at 9:22 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Yeah, stop me if you heard this before. Late round/UDFA cornerback who toils on the roster finally gets the opportunity to start in his contract year on the #1 defense in the league.

    I’d be more willing to pay Pryor to be a WR than Bouye as a starting corner.

  192. 192 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 8:57 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I think he stays a Texan

  193. 193 Media Mike said at 9:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Their cap is interesting, but I’m inclined to agree.

  194. 194 Fufina said at 9:12 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    NFL has never done salary dumps before… but if i was the Texans i would be tempted to try to trade Osweiler to the Browns with a 1st for some practice squad nobody.

    Would clear $10mil in cap for them in 2017 and let the escape that contract… and the Browns have $110mil of cap space they cannot possibly spend well. I would pay $16mil for the 25th pick if i was the Browns, and you never know you could try him out and their scheme and see if you can get a bit of reclamation project going.

    Then go out as the Texans and get Romo and keep your core guys and hope with decent QB play and that defence + JJ Watt you can be a legit Super Bowl contender.

  195. 195 Media Mike said at 9:18 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Interesting concept. I’ve seen the Patriots start to pre-dump salary problem guys (Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins) recently, but nobody with current dudes.

  196. 196 Sb2bowl said at 7:56 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Good point- get value while they can, while moving their team forward in both draft picks and cap flexibility. They really do have an excellent plan, and they execute it at a level not often found in the NFL (which is baffling).

  197. 197 Media Mike said at 9:31 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    This just hit twitter.

  198. 198 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 9:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’m really starting to like idea of John Ross in the late first or with our 2nd

  199. 199 Media Mike said at 9:02 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Trade down and still get an impact player????????????????

    Count me in.

  200. 200 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 9:05 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I just think he would be a heck of a weapon.

  201. 201 Media Mike said at 9:06 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    I’m reading “DeSean Jackson” type, so that would certainly add to the WR corps in a good way.

  202. 202 Mr. Magee said at 10:08 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Weapons? Who needs ’em?!

  203. 203 Media Mike said at 9:20 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    He’s a Ross-based draft. I chased need a little too much and the value I got in the trade down was overgenerous, but I can’t say no to offers.

    Round 1 Pick 26 (SEA): John Ross, WR, Washington (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 11: Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson (A)
    Round 2 Pick 26 (SEA): Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky (B)
    Round 3 Pick 10: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee (B)
    Round 3 Pick 26 (SEA): Jarron Jones, DT, Notre Dame (B)
    Round 4 Pick 12: Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 1: Vince Biegel, OLB, Wisconsin (B-)
    Round 5 Pick 11: Dan Skipper, OT, Arkansas (B)
    Round 6 Pick 10: Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo (C+)
    Round 7 Pick 12: Jeremy Cutrer, CB, Middle Tennessee (B-)

  204. 204 Sb2bowl said at 11:02 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    There are some later round options if we go a different direction early.

    I like Cannon from Baylor

  205. 205 Mitchell said at 12:18 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Zay Jones from East Carolina is a guy Im pretty tickled with. 2nd early 3rd guy.

  206. 206 Sb2bowl said at 7:55 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I like where we are picking; obviously 14 is better than 15, but there are a lot of intriguing options which pretty much line up with our needs this draft.
    OL will get over drafted, as there aren’t a lot of “wow” options; but the depth of WR, CB, and RB all line up with holes on our team. Add in DL (both tackles and ends) and we have the makings of some good potential.
    Howie is a master when it comes to wheeling and dealing during the draft, and figuring out how teams view/value prospects. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade down to pick up more value, as we don’t have a 2nd round pick next year.
    Hopefully with some new player evaluation, we hit another home run this year. We did well last year, but they need to continue having success like that if we want to be in contention in 2-3 years.

  207. 207 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:16 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    For the upcoming 2017 season, do we play both West divisions? Do I recall that correctly?

  208. 208 Media Mike said at 9:20 PM on January 16th, 2017:

  209. 209 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:23 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Thank you.

    Dang 3 West Coast trips. Hope we’re not also expected to go to London this year.

  210. 210 Media Mike said at 9:27 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    We’re not on the London list for this year, but I’m dying to see an Eagles game over there.

  211. 211 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:31 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Glad to hear it. I am, too, looking forward to watching an Eagles game in London but not when we’re flying to LA twice + Seattle and KC. Unless they moved one of the LA games to London.

  212. 212 Media Mike said at 9:32 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Wanna bet a future LA game or 4 is switched to Mexico City before the new stadium is up?

  213. 213 Crus57 said at 4:41 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    As one of the resident british eagles I’ll be there when they finally play in London, we’ll have to do a meetup before the game.

  214. 214 Dragon_Eagle said at 7:56 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Excellent. Looking forward to it.

  215. 215 Media Mike said at 9:21 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Yes, both west divisions.

  216. 216 Media Mike said at 9:26 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Would it be too much to ask the NFL to put the Eagles back to back away games at the Rams and at the Chargers (both in LA) so we all can do a two game long Philly takeover of LA?

  217. 217 Sean Stott said at 12:28 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’m still annoyed I can’t spend a weekend down in San Diego for the Eagles game.

  218. 218 eaglefansocal-positive all JUL said at 10:09 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    No problem, it is only a 1.5 hour drive from San Diego to the Chargers new stadium.

  219. 219 Sean Stott said at 12:15 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    It’s cute that you think that

  220. 220 A_T_G said at 4:57 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I think the Eagles should rent the facility for the week and hold open practices. They could probably recruit a few disgruntled fans.

  221. 221 Ryan Rambo said at 9:54 PM on January 16th, 2017:

  222. 222 scratcherk said at 9:54 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    only thing is i didnt like how he went invisible (exaggeration i know- but no big plays) in the CFP.

  223. 223 Mitchell said at 9:59 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Any college players people want to know more about? Im gonna watch some stuff at draft breakdown. Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert but hope to stimulate healthy conversations.

  224. 224 Sb2bowl said at 11:00 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Kd Cannon (Baylor)
    Kareem Hunt (Toledo)

  225. 225 Mitchell said at 11:58 PM on January 16th, 2017:

    Kareem Hunt: Listed at 6′ and 220 lbs he looks the part of a physical, abusing runner and he fills the role well. Durability wise, he does not miss many games due to injury. I could find 3 due to an ankle injury but as far as I know he played in all the games in 2016 season. He was also suspended for 2 games in 2014 season due to team violation rules but his coach did not say it was an indictment of his character. As far as play style goes, he looks like a straight up bruiser at first glance. He can plow through arm tackles and almost never falls backwards. In fact, out of the 3 games I watched, he fell backwards maybe twice. I guess you could say his power and physicality are off the charts due to the fact that it isn’t rare for him to break 3 tackles on a run up the gut. I think pass pro is average to good, something he needs to continue to work at but nothing that would stop him from playing the first game of the season. Because he is such a bruiser, you wouldn’t think his hands would be anything special but actually he was very efficient and didn’t drop a pass that I saw. In 2016 he had 41 receptions for 403 yards and a TD. His speed in the open field is average to good and he can pull away from defenders. He’s not going to break 30+ yards runs on a consistent basis but thats not his game. He will grind the defense, breaking arm tackles and punishing defenders who get in his way. I thought instincts and patients were excellent. He know where the whole is going to be and he doesn’t hesitate to hit it. On the flip side, he is patient when needed and can scrape down the line to fine a seam. From a production standpoint, he was able to put up numbers every year starting with 800+ yards as a freshman to over 1400 as a Senior. He has competed every year and gotten better to boot. BTW he had zero yes ZERO fumbles this previous year… Overall I think he would be a great pick up if Dug is looking for someone to consistently and reliably move the chains, not turn the ball over and be deceptively elusive in the open field. I do think he does need a bit of steam to get going in the backfield and that could be his biggest weakness. As far as value goes, its hard to say for RB’s. I would not be mad at all if he was announced as the 2nd pick and be ecstatic if he was there in the third.
    Not sure if the clip will go to where I want it but if not go to 6:25 on the vid and watch the sick move he puts on the defender. For all that bulk, he is shiftier than you would expect.

  226. 226 A_T_G said at 6:43 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Kinda sounds like Peyton Hillis.

  227. 227 Mitchell said at 7:18 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Or Marshawn Lynch?

  228. 228 A_T_G said at 8:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Or Tony Hunt?

  229. 229 Sb2bowl said at 7:51 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    We are going to need at least 2 Rb’s in the next year or so; Sproles is done after next year, Mathews is gone this year. TinyErection will be here, plus probably Barner. Marshall looks decent, but will need to prove it.

    I think we add 1 to the mix this year- I don’t think Barner is a lock to make it, but at this point he’s our best kickoff returner.

  230. 230 John Galt said at 1:18 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    The Dr. told all his patients to have patience in their recovery.
    Sorry, not usually a grammar freak, but since you doubled up on it…

  231. 231 bill said at 1:28 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’m guessing it was an autocorrect problem.

  232. 232 Mitchell said at 2:54 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I wrote that entire entry and you disregarded everything except for some misspellings? It’s funny how society today always points out the flaws. Thank you for correcting me though, I’m actually going to be a doctor in a few short months so maybe I have patients on the brain!

  233. 233 Sb2bowl said at 3:03 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    How about Jalen Hurd from Tennessee

  234. 234 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:09 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    RB Wayne Gallman – Clemson
    DE Tanoh Kpassagnon – Villanova

  235. 235 D3FB said at 8:53 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Join me on the Isaac Asiata train my friend.

  236. 236 Mitchell said at 12:25 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Is that a Polynesian name? Already on board.

  237. 237 D3FB said at 4:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    He plays for Utah and he cousin ruined our lives. You tell me.

  238. 238 Mac said at 1:45 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Relative of Matt Asiata?

  239. 239 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:13 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Yip cousin.

  240. 240 D3FB said at 4:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Cousin, they don’t really know each other though.

  241. 241 Mac said at 4:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Can the Eagles come out on top with a football family draft pick?

  242. 242 D3FB said at 4:53 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I adore the kid. He mashes fools.

  243. 243 Mac said at 4:55 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Maybe he can break the bad luck streak for us. I’m all about Gs that can crush people… and I’m tired of watch an Eagles team that has a hard time getting that last yard or two for a first down or TD. So, you’ve got my attention.

  244. 244 D3FB said at 5:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

  245. 245 Mac said at 6:22 PM on January 17th, 2017:


  246. 246 BobSmith77 said at 12:36 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Reid is this generation’s Marty Schottenheimer.

    Great regular season coach:

    Reid: 173 regular season wins in 18 years; .603 winning pct
    Schottenheimer: 200 regular season wins in 21 years; .613 winning pct

    Underachieving postseason coach:

    Reid: 11-12 playoffs
    Schottenheimer: 5-13 playoffs

  247. 247 Gary Barnes said at 1:00 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Its an interesting comparison. Both also are fiercely loved and respected by their players while some of their fan bases and local media are pretty harsh on them. I still hear Ike and others rave about Reid and how they loved playing for him. I’ve heard similar things from players Marty coached.

    The other major element, of course, is the lack of a stud QB during their tenures. McNabb was the closest which is one reason why Reid’s postseason record is significantly better, but McNabb was not consistently elite.

  248. 248 ChoTime said at 3:20 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Funny that you can put those two playoff records next to each and think they look similar.

  249. 249 A_T_G said at 4:52 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    You realize there is a decent chance that 10 of the 12 playoff teams do not having a winning postseason record in a given year, right?

  250. 250 FairOaks said at 6:33 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    It’s not a completely off-the-wall comparison, as Reid does have some gameday issues. But, he was snakebit with playoff injuries during the Eagles run, and with the Chiefs he has Alex Smith as his QB, which is going to limit you to more conservative stuff no matter what.

    But… it’s not all that close to me.

    Times making playoffs: Reid 12, Schottenheimer 13
    Times making conference champ game: Reid 5, Schottenheimer 3
    Times making Super Bowl: Reid 1, Schottenheimer 0
    Times one-and-done: Reid 4, Schottenheimer 9

    That last one is glaring.

    Schottenheimer went one-and-done with a 12-4 team, two 13-3 teams, and one 14-2 team. Reid did it once (this year) with a 12-4 team — his other ones were with more flawed teams.

    Marv Levy was 11-8 in the postseason… I would put Reid closer to him, though he’s falling off that pace in more recent years.

  251. 251 BobSmith77 said at 12:49 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Tomlin’s game plan really impressed me yesterday. They saw that KC’s defensive line had played over their heads and it just took it to them with their interior OL & Bell all game long not deviating at all even after the opening drive TD score by the Chiefs.

    Also took the ball out of Big Ben’s hands too. Conflicting reports about how hurt Big Ben was going into the game and what happened to him during the game. Gets points for staying in there but he seems really banged up

    Thought it was so fitting that after Reid’s first scripted 15 plays that they largely used on the opening drive that the Chiefs’ offense sputtered badly with Reid throwing too much. Saw that bad rerun too many times in Philly.

  252. 252 Sean Stott said at 2:00 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Not sure we watched the same game. Steelers didn’t score a single touchdown. That isn’t going to fly against NE

  253. 253 BobSmith77 said at 3:29 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Stalled out in the red zone with some poor execution but the overall good plan was solid.

    KC was incredibly lucky to be in that game at the end.

  254. 254 Sean Stott said at 12:14 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    IDK… I saw a single holding call from a tie game

  255. 255 A_T_G said at 4:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    What was the stat? Teams that allowed two more TDs than they scored were previously 0-245? I’d say PIT was incredibly lucky their red zone woes didn’t bite them.

  256. 256 Julescat said at 10:39 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    but the point is that the Steelers moved up and down the field with ease against KC’s defense. Red zone problems still almost cost them the game.

  257. 257 Gary Barnes said at 1:08 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    With Charles out, it was up to Ware and West. They are decent backs, but not game breakers. The OL also had a bad game vs the Steelers front and could not open up holes. I agree Reid went pass too much, but, like it was here, it was either that or bang your head against a wall over and over. I saw 2-3 major drops by Kelce, Wilson and another WR that should have been TD. The Steelers were there for the taking, but the Chiefs just could not get it done.

  258. 258 SteveH said at 2:37 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I know we’re all still basking in the glow of the Cowboys one and done defeat (I think my Cowboys friend actually cried a little, it was secretly delicious, they were so sure this was the year for them) but look at fucking Joel Embiid in this clip, the guy runs the floor like a goddamn wing:

    I just can’t get over how fluid he is for such a big man. He’s going to be the best center in the league very very quickly.

  259. 259 BobSmith77 said at 3:38 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    “The new stadium was to cost $1.2 billion, with the NFL saying it would kick in an unprecedented $300 million. A naming rights deal likely would have brought another $250 million to $300 million, at least. That leaves a cost of roughly $600 to $650 million, and here’s where the math gets fuzzy:

    Spanos had pledged $350 million to the stadium project in San Diego. But now that he’s moving, he’ll have to pay the NFL a $550 million relocation fee.

    That’s right. For roughly the same amount of money he’s spending to flee the city that has loved his usually woeful team unconditionally for 56 years, Spanos could have had his new stadium. Instead, he fire bombed his fan base to relocate to a city so enthused by the move that it couldn’t even manage to stifle its yawn.”

  260. 260 Julescat said at 9:14 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Goodell should be fired for allowing the NFL to become the carpetbagger league of slimy owners.

  261. 261 P_P_K said at 11:33 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    He won’t be fired by the slimy owners who hired him to make the NFL a carpetbagger league.

  262. 262 daveH said at 12:12 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Shud he fired for letting the Refs be a continued source of frustration

  263. 263 Ryan Rambo said at 10:08 AM on January 17th, 2017:

  264. 264 Sb2bowl said at 10:50 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I can see our line being a disaster this year if we do; Kelce isn’t the best center in the world, but he’s a vet and he can help Carson learn the NFL. With the question marks at LG, and potentially LT (Peters), we don’t need to throw center into the mix. But then again, I don’t work for the Eagles

  265. 265 Ryan Rambo said at 11:19 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    I agree. Too much of an unknown with the rookie at this point, plus he’s not even expensive.

  266. 266 Corry said at 11:54 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Yeah but we just push this problem down the road then. In ’18, we may end up with new players at 4 positions. Move on from Kelce this year and we have 2 new starters this year and it mitigates the problem in ’18.

  267. 267 Sb2bowl said at 11:56 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Either 3 this year, or 3 next year (assuming Peters plays 1 more year).

    The benefit of waiting one more year is giving Wentz time to mature, grow and learn in the NFL. His second year is probably the most important in his development, especially if you consider that our offensive staff may only be together 1 more year.

  268. 268 Sb2bowl said at 11:55 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    He’s a little pricey, but not terrible. If they make this move, it’s more about the $3.8m they can save on the cap- but I really think he’s sticking for another year.

    Next year, distinct possibility. Or a possible renegotiated contract. He’s the 10th most expensive center in the NFL. That’s not horrible (not great, either) but he certainly had a better year this year compared to last

  269. 269 Insomniac said at 11:27 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Our line was a disaster even when he was playing before.

  270. 270 Sb2bowl said at 11:52 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Huh? Other than struggling vs the Redskins with a rookie 5th round right tackle making his first start, we were mostly solid throughout the year.

    I understand that’s the anthem that you want to promote, but statistically speaking our O-line was average to above average. They weren’t elite, but considering we started 4 right tackles, multiple left and right guards- I’d say we did alright.

    Hell, Kelce was one of the major stability pieces to our line!

  271. 271 Insomniac said at 11:58 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Seems you forgot the previous year too.

  272. 272 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 12:14 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Agreed. He spends half the year getting blown back or throwing bad snaps.

    He makes a some flashy plays in space downfield and people forget.

  273. 273 Insomniac said at 1:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:


  274. 274 Sb2bowl said at 12:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Didn’t forget, but totally different scheme, tempo, coaching staff, blocking scheme.

    Plus we added a free agent RG who graded out very well; a RT who is top 5 in his position (minus supplements) and a LT who played closer to his true potential without being made to take snaps every 24 seconds.

  275. 275 Insomniac said at 1:00 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I don’t think we’ve changed schemes. We have kept Stoutland since we signed Chip.

  276. 276 D3FB said at 4:24 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    We did

  277. 277 Insomniac said at 4:33 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Good to know

  278. 278 D3FB said at 4:35 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Under Chip it was almost exclusively IZ/OZ blocking. Much more multiple this year. Alot more gap scheme.

  279. 279 Insomniac said at 11:26 AM on January 17th, 2017:

    Seumalo played pretty well for a rookie. I wouldn’t really care if Kelce is gone next year but he’s definitely gone the year after.

  280. 280 RobNE said at 3:16 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    This is only an option because Wentz 1) played this year and 2) picked up /called protections quickly.

  281. 281 Tumtum said at 3:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Interesting to me that this would leak. Who would be discussing this plan? Not a lot of lower level guys. Sounds more like an agent leak trying to force the dropping instead of a release. Right? Just odd that this comes out now if it were from the team.

  282. 282 Donald Kalinowski said at 12:33 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the Eagles drafting Joe Mixon. That girl hit him first!

  283. 283 Tumtum said at 3:22 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    You had to go there.

  284. 284 Fufina said at 12:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I am a huge Daniel Jeremiah fan – is my favourite draft writer and here is his first top 50 draft board

    I am happy with anyone in the top 12 really, which with 0 QB’s or OL should mean someone falls to us at 14/15.

    Interesting take on Peppers.. he has fallen like a stone the last month or so. I just don’t see how you could not use him as a freak at WIL, being unlike anyone else in the NFL as a coverage LB.

  285. 285 Insomniac said at 1:07 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley back to back picks please.

  286. 286 Mitchell said at 2:57 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Wouldn’t hate it at all but hopefully then we can grab a vet WR in FA and Zay Jones in the 3rd!

  287. 287 Insomniac said at 4:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Would love that draft. Zay can be a high end #2 WR like Marvin Jones.

  288. 288 Mitchell said at 4:22 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I was struggling with that. Due to his skill set I really think he has thr ability to be a number 1 guy. He carried that East carolina team, they were putrid. Dude was getting doubled all day and still had great production. I kind of think of him as Jmatt except with better hands and RAC. If Jmatt had those attributes, he would be a number one. IMO

  289. 289 Insomniac said at 5:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    IMO, Zay is above-average in most areas in college but that’ll change at the next level. He doesn’t have a second gear and he plays at one speed with some wiggle. He has decent RAC and his hands/body control are good. It seems like he has high football IQ since he has a knack of getting open.

    His route-running will need to be refined to maximize his separation. I’m not sure if he’ll get any stronger. He’s going to have a higher floor than ceiling.

  290. 290 Mitchell said at 6:38 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    His routes look pretty damn good. He actually puts 90° on his in route instead of rounding it out. I think Smith Schuster will have more problems getting open in tje NFL.

  291. 291 Insomniac said at 3:32 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    It does look good but he’s going to need to get better at it. He’s going to benefit a lot more from mastering his route-running than trying to improve his speed at the next level (like Antonio Brown and Jarvis Landry). I just can’t see Zay having top 15 potential, he’s more like top 30. Considering how stacked the WR units are right now, that’s pretty damn good.

  292. 292 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 1:11 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I dont think teams are prioritizing WLBs. I wouldnt want the Eagles to take him in the first

  293. 293 Corry said at 1:17 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d like to come away with a WR, CB, and De in any order out of the first 3 rounds. OL and RB would be OK too, but I would prefer we fill our needs first. Just need the BPA to fall in line with that.

  294. 294 Bert's Bells said at 2:38 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    If I were a GM I’d try to come out of every draft with a top 100 OL and every second draft with at top 50 DL.

  295. 295 Corry said at 2:46 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d add a QB mid round QB as well if you have a starter in place.

  296. 296 Sb2bowl said at 3:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Ron Wolf used to draft one nearly every year- Andy followed that as he could (before draft misses forced him into drafting for need over talent/ability). Interesting to see if Doug follows, we do have a QB friendly staff.

  297. 297 Corry said at 4:43 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d be alright with every year too. Mid-late round picks don’t cost a lot, but my concern would be getting into a situation that the Jets are in with a bunch of QB projects and not enough reps to actually develop them.

  298. 298 Mitchell said at 3:05 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    1st: Corey Davis WR/Mike Williams WR
    2nd: Adoree Jackson CB/ Kevin King CB/Jourdan LewisCB
    3rd: Kareem Hunt RB
    4th: CORN ELDER CB Also wouldn’t be surprised if Howard was able to flip the 4th and a 5th to move back up into the 3rd. A trade down with the second pick may be a good idea too… hmm….

  299. 299 bill said at 3:16 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I know I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t want to spend the first on a WR this year, but could live with it if the staff went for it. I’d rather see an attempt to bring in a vet FA WR and see if the resources already invested there can develop (as I noted, I know that most think this is wishful thinking). Given my druthers, I’d like to see a DE or OL picked in the first. But if the guy is a playmaker, I’ll be happy with pretty much any position.

    Lewis (for some reason) jumped out at me as a Schwartz-type CB when I read the list.

    In the 4th/5th, I want a big, imposing project TE (at least 6’6″) to use as Celek’s replacement for blocking and as a possession receiver – Wentz has a propensity to throw high when under pressure, so big and relatively slow is just fine.

  300. 300 Mitchell said at 4:17 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I also am a little weary of a wr in the first, however, it being a CB draft class there are good options later on. I do actually think the draft has a bunch of talented WR too. Dare I say close to the one a few years ago.

  301. 301 Corry said at 4:39 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d be happy with any combination of those guys, though I’d be very happy with Jackson in the 2nd. One thing that stood out to me with Jackson was during the opening game for USC against Alabama. Bama would have players running down field on big plays and he would be the only one chasing them down to prevent the TD. I loved the effort and it looks like he’s just an overall good player.

  302. 302 D3FB said at 4:50 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Hate Jackson that early.

  303. 303 Mitchell said at 4:53 PM on January 17th, 2017:


  304. 304 D3FB said at 4:54 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Better athlete than CB right now.

  305. 305 Mitchell said at 4:55 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’m gonna have to go back and look again. Some of the thinking is the special teams ability and before you say anything I know you don’t draft a guy in the second round because of special team ability.

  306. 306 Mitchell said at 2:35 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    His footwork is a mess.

  307. 307 GENETiC-FREAK said at 5:38 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Hunt just doesnt do it for me. Doesnt look explosive. Just plods along.

  308. 308 Mitchell said at 6:39 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    That’s how I feel about Gellman. I think Hunt is better.

  309. 309 Mitchell said at 6:46 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Although Hunt is more plodder/pounder than shifty, he does have a bit of agility. If you get a chance go down to the post I did about Hunt and watch the vid at around the 6:30 mark.

  310. 310 GENETiC-FREAK said at 7:35 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I think Gallman is better lol

    What you think of RB Mack?

  311. 311 Mitchell said at 9:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I know you do! Haha. I just started really watching draft breakdown. I dont watch a lot of college football so I dont have an opinion on him yet. I would like an RB in round 3/4 though.

  312. 312 Ryan Rambo said at 5:11 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    What about RB?

  313. 313 Corry said at 9:52 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d be fine with a RB just as I would be OL since they’re both needs, but I’d prefer WR, CB, or DE in the first 3 rounds.

  314. 314 D3FB said at 4:21 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    He’s 5’10 205 and probably going to run a good not great time. If Peppers wasn’t the former top 5 recruit he wouldn’t be viewed as a some super prospect

  315. 315 Fufina said at 4:26 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Hmm interesting you say that – people have been saying they think he will run 4.3x 40 type time, and blow up the agility drills. Will be a fascinating combine for him.

  316. 316 D3FB said at 4:29 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d guess it’s 4.48-4.52 range. I don’t think he’s an LB in a money backer role. I think he’s some kind of safety. A position which he hasn’t played much of.

    For me its this simple if you watch Jamal Adams and Peppers back to back they aren’t in the same hemisphere.

  317. 317 Corry said at 4:37 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’d think he’d be alright in a traditional SS role, though even then I wonder if he’s under sized be regularly up in the box.

  318. 318 D3FB said at 4:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    That’s the thing he’s much shorter and lighter than a Keanu Neal or Kam or Deone

  319. 319 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 6:05 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    He’s the next Shaq Thompson

  320. 320 D3FB said at 9:15 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Shaq was much bigger

  321. 321 Nick C said at 3:47 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Do we reasonably think we can get anything in return for Barwin, Daniel, Mathews, or Kelce or do we move on from all of them at the beginning of the new league year? Or do we wait to see who we sign in free agency?

    EDIT: Chase Daniel’s contract is only worth trading, not cutting.

  322. 322 D3FB said at 4:18 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Chase is here for Carson. Chase is not going anywhere.

    Mathews is a pure cut.

    Probably a 5th or 6th for Kelce or Barwin is the best case.

  323. 323 GENETiC-FREAK said at 4:27 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Kendricks stays cut or traded?

  324. 324 A_T_G said at 4:30 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Stay. He is not worth 6.6 M, but he is not worth eating 4.8 M to get rid of.

  325. 325 D3FB said at 4:31 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    They’re clearing space for something. I’m convinced of it.

    Think they’re going to try like hell to trade him. I think he’s cut, unless they miss out on their FA targets at which point may as well keep him.

  326. 326 RobNE said at 4:57 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    why do you think that when they haven’t made one off season move yet?

  327. 327 Rellihcs said at 4:59 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Uh, how many moves around the league have you seen yet? It’s not the offseason when the playoffs are still happening…

  328. 328 A_T_G said at 5:03 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I think you might have inferred a tone in Rob’s question that wasn’t there, because I had the same sincere question: what actions is Tyler thinking of when he says they are clearing cap for something?

  329. 329 Rellihcs said at 5:06 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Good point. I think I misread his post – I read it to hastily. I think Tyler’s just reading the tea-leaves.

  330. 330 Rellihcs said at 5:07 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    My b.

  331. 331 D3FB said at 2:50 PM on January 20th, 2017:

    I’ve gotten paid to write about the team. So I hear more things in the rumor mill than the average fan. When I say there clearing salary in 2017, pretty specifically for 2017, it’s because I was aware of things like this:

    And I’m just reading between the lines that specifically shedding 2017 money with guys who still provide more value than cutting them is worth is for something very specific. What that is? I do not know. But it’s something. Howie’s going whale hunting.

  332. 332 Ryan Rambo said at 5:10 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Any ideas or thoughts on who/what they are clearing for?

  333. 333 GENETiC-FREAK said at 5:11 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I would say FA moves. CB or WR not gonna be cheap. If they move on from Kelce wouldnt be surprised if they go for Zelter.

  334. 334 Ryan Rambo said at 8:27 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I kinda figured it was for FA. I was just asking if he had a particular position or player in mind.

  335. 335 D3FB said at 5:12 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Big money CB. Probably a Stills or Djax and maybe Logan. They can get to roughly 30 mil cap space and keep the 2017 numbers slightly lower.

  336. 336 Ryan Rambo said at 5:14 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Sweet. I’ll take that. Any preference between DJax or Stills?

  337. 337 D3FB said at 5:18 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Prefer the 25 year old personally

  338. 338 Sb2bowl said at 12:52 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Do you think DeSean takes less than he could get on the open market to come back to philly?

    DeSean- 4 years, $30m with $12m guaranteed (all within first 2 years).
    Stills- 5 years, $45m with $22m guaranteed (all within first 3 years).

    Who do you take, and why?

  339. 339 D3FB said at 1:21 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I don’t thin DJAX takes an undervalue contract. I think he’s probably more in the 4/35/18 range. I’ll still take Stills. In the short term he provides you with a professional WR with a guy who has a skillset the team needs and isn’t such a diva that if you find a top notch WR1 that he’ll throw a fit.

  340. 340 Sb2bowl said at 1:44 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I’m for DJAX if he comes in at a lower rate, but as you pointed out that may be unlikely.

    Still is 25, he can grow. My concern is that younger “speedsters” haven’t exactly worked out with new teams lately. Torrey Smith. Mike Wallace. Higher value contracts for very limited production.

    I think DJAX has something to prove, but he comes with other baggage; still, I think he may be worth the risk for the right price and investment number.

    I’d still prefer we draft a speedster- let him develop in the system and with Wentz. I like the Cannon kid from Baylor, doesn’t have a big frame, but he can run.

  341. 341 D3FB said at 3:25 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I like Cannon as well but he would somehow lead even this WR corp in drops.

  342. 342 Sb2bowl said at 3:32 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I hate when you tell the truth

  343. 343 ACViking said at 5:19 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Coach –

    Gilmore? Any other CBs hitting the mkt worth the money?

    Will McDermott let Waley let Brandon let the Pegulas let Gilmore get away from Buffalo?

  344. 344 D3FB said at 5:25 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    That would be my guess because of scheme fit concerns being minimized.

  345. 345 Sb2bowl said at 12:51 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I’m good with Gilmore for that specific reason; kid from Houston plays in a 3-4 gap scheme, and Joseph is old.

    Gilmore is the only one that I’d like to see us pick up, but he comes with his own concerns.

  346. 346 Sean Stott said at 6:16 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I was going to ask if we’ve yet learned our lesson from big money FA CBs, but then remembered the lesson we’ve learned about mid-tier FA CBs.

  347. 347 Donald Kalinowski said at 7:01 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Chase would be gone if the team could find someone to take his contract. Wentz being drafted wasn’t really on the table when the Eagles signed Daniel.

    Daniel was here to play significant minutes in case Bradford got injured or traded.

  348. 348 eagleyankfan said at 8:38 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    so, you’re saying — The HC that knows Chase, went after him and clearly overpaid for him to make sure he comes here — and HE could be gone? I’m not a betting man, but I’ll take that bet. Chase is not going anywhere. He’s Pedersons boy…..

  349. 349 Sb2bowl said at 12:49 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Would you take a 6th for Kelce at this point? Barwin, I could see, but for me it’d have to at least be a 5th. What do you think

  350. 350 D3FB said at 1:10 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I think both are getting cut if they don’t find someone to take them. I’ll take anything

  351. 351 Sb2bowl said at 1:16 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    That sucks. Barwin is understandable, I’d hold on to Kelce one more year

  352. 352 BC1968 said at 5:58 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I’m putting this out there to be in the high minority. Reid didn’t do a horrible job with time management in the Steelers’ game. He used the timeout to call a nice 2 point conversion,although I believe that the hold directly affected the play, it was a nice play call after the timeout. . Ok now, they did the right thing kicking off and got the Steelers way backed up, no questions there. One timeout and the two minute warning. Make a defensive stand and you have plenty of time to kick the game winning fg, look how Dallas and GB traded back and forth in the last two minutes.

    The defense needed to make a stop, not only that, the Steelers threw the ball twice giving the defense two opportunities to stop the clock. Antonio Brown made one play all second half, that was the game. I think we might make a bigger deal because we have seen this before, but we have seen much worse. KC needed to make a stop and they didn’t.

    Having said that, yes, he could’ve done a better job being prepared, but no, that’s not the story of the game.

  353. 353 PacificPurl said at 7:11 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Many folks with many opinions about cutting or trading current players. It would be nearly impossible to replace that many players in one year and remain competitive. Changes are coming, no doubt, but only a few at a time. Salary cap, etc. Where are replacements? Building a TEAM.TAKES. TIME. Eagles fans have been convinced for years that just plug-and-playing a couple of flashy, overpriced veterans will miraculously lead to a Super Bowl. No. It will not. It has not for 57 years!

  354. 354 Donald Kalinowski said at 7:28 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Kendricks and Daniel barely played. Barwin isn’t a good fit. Kelce is the only player that I would keep instead of cutting/trading.

  355. 355 myartz04 said at 9:14 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Right. Which baffles me why so many people want Jackson, Marshall, or Jeffery. By time we are ready to make a serious run those guys will be clearly over the hill. I’m in favor of a guy like Stills or even Robert Woods and then just build this thing through the draft.

  356. 356 eagleyankfan said at 8:30 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    You mean like Sproles and Peters?

  357. 357 myartz04 said at 8:57 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    They both have been on the team for a couple years now (at least) so it’s a little different scenario with players who have established themselves on the team vs outside help. Sproles says he only wants to play one more year and who knows how many Peters has left. Peters is a potential HOF who has played the majority of his career with the Eagles so he can stay as long as he’s productive. Just my opinion.

  358. 358 eagleyankfan said at 3:40 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I’m on the fence(read: don’t know right answer). They are, without question, special players.

  359. 359 laeagle said at 11:28 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Jeffrey is 26. Same as Stills.

  360. 360 myartz04 said at 11:56 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Honestly thought Alshon was older but Stills is 24.

  361. 361 eagleyankfan said at 8:33 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    “remain competitive” and “rebuild” can’t happen. (OK, in a perfect scenario it can) but this team is not in that place. Still few years to go…

  362. 362 kajomo said at 7:27 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    A few guys I have interest in FA that nobody seems to be talking about:

    Ronald Leary – guy is a mauler in the run game. Peters/Leary/Seumalo/Brooks/Johnson is a top 5 OL. Babre and Vaitai provide quality depth.

    Robert Woods – not a one dimensional guy like DJax or Stills. Has had 550+ yards every season with horrible QB play. Would not be a savior, but could be a competent piece in our upgraded passing game.

    Morris Claiborne – struggled to adjust to the NFL and has been plagued by injuries, but play very well when healthy this year. He has the perfect build and athleticism for the CB position. Still has a sky high ceiling if he can stay healthy and continue to grow as a player.

    None of these guys should command top $$$. Anyone have any thoughts on these guys?

  363. 363 GENETiC-FREAK said at 7:34 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Leary no problem with him. Not too old either. Would prefer Zeitler.

    Woods the guy that Chip wanted. 550+ yards over one dimensional guy like DJax who has multiple 1000 yard games.

    Claiborne not bad. Wanted Eagles to look into him last year. Improved this year but not as many snaps. About half of your average starting snaps. Can you see him locking down a no.1 WR?

    Good options though.

  364. 364 kajomo said at 7:48 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I thinkJackson is the best of the 3 WRs I mentioned but his age doesn’t seem to fit the team’s agenda. Woods has similar production to Stills, while being less one dimensional and playing with lesser QBs throwing him the ball.

    Claiborne played very well against some top WRs early on the year. He is more of a projection. Just watching his run around the field he has th look of a top CB. He just hasn’t put it all together yet

  365. 365 Donald Kalinowski said at 7:49 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    I wouldn’t mind Leary at the right price. My guess is that some team overpays for him. Brian Winters signed a 4 year deal worth $29 million. I don’t know what that means for the other free agent OGs.

    I’m not sure if the Eagles are interested in signing another OL. They’re paying about $35 million for Peters, Johnson, Brooks, and Kelce. I think they’d rather draft a guy in the 1st/2nd round that can step in as G and then take over at LT when Peters retires.

  366. 366 bill said at 8:14 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    I agree, if Kelce stays, no FA OL. But there’s talk that Seumalo is going to start at C next year. In that case, I personally think G becomes a need this offseason. Not comfortable with any of the options currently on the roster.

  367. 367 theindianeagle said at 12:17 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    What do you think about resigning wiz? He’ll probably be cheaper nd already has some chemistry with the rest of the line

  368. 368 bill said at 1:42 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    IMO, Wiz is a below average starter on the downside of his career.

  369. 369 Sb2bowl said at 1:45 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    He wants to be a starter someplace, and wants starter type money. He made that evident and clear when he came here, and he doesn’t have a team first mentality. He made some comments during the season about the Eagles “not playing the best 5 guys”

  370. 370 Fufina said at 8:27 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Woods and Claiborne are interesting mid tier option in the right age rage. Claiborne had a real break out year and has the raw tools to be a good CB, but the stink of the 4 years before are going to push down his value.

    Leary is going to get PAID – he is a proven performer from an elite unit and their are going to be a raft of teams queuing up to get him paid. Free agency, especially for anyone who is a legitimate starter, is going to be insane. Cleveland has $110mil in cap space and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is nearly $1.3billion in cap space in 2017, and that is before cuts. Obviously there will be a lot of players retained but that is just going to restrict the market and push prices even higher.

  371. 371 anon said at 8:33 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Could Ags be our Claiborne?

  372. 372 A_T_G said at 10:00 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Highly drafted disappointment who drifts away in free agency without much fanfare?


  373. 373 Sean Stott said at 3:44 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I disagree that Claiborne won’t get paid. He is gonna bring a lot of money, I’d be surprised if it’s anything less than 9mm a year

  374. 374 anon said at 8:32 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    On Brandon Marshall: He had a 10-year-low 59 catches for 788 yards, which marked just the
    second time since 2006 that Marshall was held under 1,000 yards.

    I didn’t realize B. Marsh had been that consistently good. If you can get 88yds from Fitz and Geno, you can play for me any day. Reports are that Bmarsh will be released.

  375. 375 A_T_G said at 9:56 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    From the limited impression I have of him, his mental makeup seems acceptable as well.

  376. 376 Sb2bowl said at 11:50 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    He was a head case when he entered the league (literally). Guy got a lot of treatment and was outspoken and open about his Borderline Personality Disorder; he’s changed and matured since that point and genuinely seems like a good individual now

  377. 377 Tumtum said at 11:24 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    That guy is actually an all time good WR. Don’t want that old jalopy in my garage though. Unlike old receivers in Steve Smith and Anquan, (who don’t have the ability he has anymore) his ability to stay healthy is gone.

  378. 378 Ryan Rambo said at 9:58 PM on January 17th, 2017:


    Trade Dak to Browns or Niners this offseason

  379. 379 Tumtum said at 11:22 PM on January 17th, 2017:

    Typical Dallas fan thinks Dak would actually bring a 123 this year and 1 next year. The kid looks good, but I never really noticed anything even nearing special. Granted I only watched our about 4-5 of their games.

    If he keeps his head right he is going to stay this way. Just seen way too many flash in the pans with limited arms to think he can maintain. At least with the level of certainty he thinks GMs would have to give that haul.

  380. 380 Dave said at 7:28 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Nick Foles V1.0 > Dak Prescott

    Quite a few similarities:

    1st year starter
    Pro Bowl Running Back
    Pro Bowl Receiver
    Multiple Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman

    I’ll wait to see how he does next year before I pass judgement.

  381. 381 BobSmith77 said at 10:44 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    No way.

  382. 382 Dave said at 11:26 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Edit: I’m referring to 2013 Nick Foles, starting for Chip Kelly in plaace of Mike Vick, not the terrible years afterward.

    Tell me again how many 7 TD games Dak had?

  383. 383 Sb2bowl said at 11:47 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    I really wish Nick Foles would have set the record with 8; Chip pulled him off with a quarter to go, still one of the most unbelievable Eagles performances I’ve seen.

  384. 384 BobSmith77 said at 12:23 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    One amazing game a career does not make.

    Bussinger took a lot of grief and supposedly even got threatened by some yahoo Eagles’ fans after he wrote that piece in June 2014 in Philly Magazine but he turned out to be largely right about Foles’ limitations as a starting NFL QB.

    He was also an early critic of Kelly too. His style rubs me the rub way at times but he still can write some interesting stuff at times.

  385. 385 Dave said at 1:21 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    “One amazing game a career does not make.”

    I would say one amazing season a career does not make. That’s it my main point. Both Foles and Dak were surrounded by a great offensive line, running back, and wide receiver. Foles floundered back to Earth in year 2.

    I’m just saying Dak has faced little adversity with Dallas. When he drops back, he rarely faces pressure and never has both safeties playing deep as the running threat of Zeke had most teams playing to stop the run. Add in the presence of Dez making contested catches made his stats look even better.

  386. 386 bsuperfi said at 1:58 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I think the big difference is the Chip Kelly Year 1 effect. CK’s offense worked wonders when no one knew how to stop it. Dallas doesn’t rely on a (one) trick offense the same way.

    Yeah, everything’s gone right around Dak this season. That’s critical for the success he’s had. But I think the 1st year under Kelly was about as much of a special case as we’ll ever see.

  387. 387 Dave said at 4:18 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    The biggest difference for Nick Foles in year 2 of the Chip Kelly era was his incessant backpedaling and throwing off his back foot in the face of pressure. We’ll see how Dak fares with pressure next season.

  388. 388 ChoTime said at 5:19 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I wonder if Foles could still play well if he were surrounded with superior talent and an efficient scheme. Probably never know, since those situations are rare. I think Dak moves a lot better in the pocket than Foles, though.

  389. 389 Dave said at 7:36 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    He did. When Alex Smith got injured this year, Foles started one game and played the majority of another. He threw 3 TDs and not INTs. The Chiefs won both games.

  390. 390 ChoTime said at 10:50 AM on January 19th, 2017:

    Nice catch, good point. The ability to play well in favorable circumstances is something. At least he’s a serviceable NFL player.

  391. 391 FairOaks said at 7:01 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    There is probably a bit more to it. Foles had looked good over the summer and preseason the year before, as well. And he had to play well when it was a competition between him and Vick. He was in a good groove the entire year. The next offseason, it was noticeable from the commentary that he was not in that same groove — and he was lackluster in the preseason as well. Once the season hit, the disaster on the OL didn’t help any. Really though, it could be that he was just in the zone that year, and couldn’t get it back. Or, (like many young QBs) once he started getting hit a lot in the pocket, it affected how he plays going forward. He didn’t have to run away a lot in 2013, but once that’s in your habits, it can be hard to break.

    It’s just that the Dallas OL is likely going to be good for a while, so Dak may not have to face that next year. Injuries can always happen, but they do have some depth too.

  392. 392 BobSmith77 said at 12:25 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I’ll admit I was bummed and perplexed when they acquired Bradford to bench Foles but in retrospect that wasn’t necessary the wrong line of thinking either.

    Bradford had a good year in Minnesota and finally put himself in the upper echelon (Top #15 or so) of NFL QBs.

  393. 393 Sean Stott said at 2:50 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Bradford had a good year in Minnesota

    not really, more checkdown charlie to inflate the completion %

  394. 394 ChoTime said at 5:18 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Yeah, I don’t think Bradford really has advanced his stock any. Once again, failed to produce.

  395. 395 BobSmith77 said at 8:48 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Sure he did. He stayed healthy all season, set a record for % comp, and avoided throwing INTs.

    You can probably make a strong case this is as good as it gets for Bradford with him having a career year. Probably also make a strong argument it still isn’t good enough for almost any team to win a Super Bowl with.

  396. 396 ChoTime said at 10:49 AM on January 19th, 2017:

    We already knew he could throw checkdowns without getting them picked off.

  397. 397 BobSmith77 said at 8:49 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    This is the modern NFL though. Short routes and checkdowns have replaced to a degree rushing attempts on 1st and 2nd down.

  398. 398 Mac said at 10:22 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    I have less faith in Jason Garrett getting a team to win in the playoffs with a mediocre QB than I had in Chip Kelly’s ability to do it. It’s going to be fun to see how this unfolds.

  399. 399 Sean Stott said at 2:49 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    No way. At least Garrett can own his weaknesses and delegate accordingly. He also isn’t afraid of having people with ‘character concerns’ that are ultimately meaningless. CK is a garbage coach with a garbage scheme who was too arrogant to make adjustments. Everyone figured him out in embarrassing fashion.

  400. 400 Mac said at 3:14 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Well, I didn’t set the bar very high. All Garrett has to do is win one playoff game with Dak for you to be correct. But I stand by my assessment.

  401. 401 Allen3000 said at 7:30 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Some random thoughts….

    That ‘cheer up Dallas..’ line is so cold, but so true. I know quite a few Cowboys ‘fans’ who also happen to be Yankees, Braves, and Lakers fans. Some of the most annoying and fickle people.

    Anyway, I really wanted to root for Andy, but there are some a**holes on the Chiefs. Most notably Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Kelce is a self absorbed dbag. Let’s be honest, if he wasn’t white he’d be labeled a thug. Tyreek is a scum bag who beat the shit out of his then pregnant girlfriend (it wasn’t caught on camera so I guess it’s okay by the NFL/society’s lame double standard).

  402. 402 Julescat said at 8:59 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Reid tampered with Maclin and wasn’t punished. I am glad Reid’s poor playoff coaching skills cost his team once again.

  403. 403 Rellihcs said at 10:19 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    You seem to reserve zero blame for Maclin. I think he wanted out, wanted to go home, wanted a softer on the players coach, and wanted more $. You could argue that he shouldn’t be blamed for some of that, but I don’t think it’s like Reid stole him from us, and we don’t know how much was their GM and not Reid…

  404. 404 Julescat said at 11:16 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    OK blame Maclin too

    more reason to be glad the Chiefs lost

  405. 405 Birds4Life said at 10:42 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    The Chiefs lost a 3rd round pick last year and a 6th round this year for tampering with Maclin.

  406. 406 Julescat said at 11:15 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Eagles got nothing in return

  407. 407 A_T_G said at 11:24 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    True, but the Chiefs not being punished is different than the Eagles not being rewarded.

  408. 408 Bert's Bells said at 12:47 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    You seem to be forgetting that the Eagles got “younger/cheaper” Maclin in the draft that year. Bigly returns!

  409. 409 Birds4Life said at 11:36 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Never said they did. You said Reid wasn’t punished. I just linked to an article that proved they were punished. Reid was fined $75,000.

  410. 410 Sb2bowl said at 12:48 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I still think those picks should have been forfeited to the team which was directly impacted by the tampering- in this case, the Eagles.

    Overall though, I don’t blame Maclin for leaving. Going back home, big $$, NOT PLAYING FOR CHIP. I’d have left too, just for that fact.

  411. 411 Bert's Bells said at 12:51 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    The first time I broke up with a girl I wished terrible things on her. Now, not only do I want nothing but a great life for her that’s how I feel about all my exes.

    Except TO.

  412. 412 Sb2bowl said at 12:53 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I’d hate to see what you say if she broke up with you 🙂

    But I agree with you- Maclin isn’t a bad guy; I wish we would have held on to him, because he would go a long way in helping Wentz develop his play on the outside. Seeing him struggle with Smith in KC brings me sadness, but then I remember he has millions in the bank, so I don’t feel bad anymore

  413. 413 anon said at 1:22 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Had a monster year last year. But yeah of you avg the two years he looks like Jordan Matthews

  414. 414 Birds4Life said at 1:13 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I agree that the Eagles should’ve got something. So if a team gets caught tampering, they are punished. But what about the team that is the victim of tampering? You get…NOTHING! Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

  415. 415 Mac said at 3:16 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Agreed. This is Lurie’s greatest failure as owner of this franchise recently. He should have stated his case for compensatory picks with great intensity in the media. Instead, he did nothing.

  416. 416 FairOaks said at 6:56 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I thought I read a rumor (maybe on this board) that the league would not raise objects to the Eagles’ head coaching search (where they followed the letter of the Rooney Rule, but maybe not the spirit) if the Eagles did not kick up a fuss about not getting the picks. Nothing concrete, but could make sense.

  417. 417 Sean Stott said at 2:47 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    It was funny how Travis Kelce pretended that wasn’t a clear hold on the 2pt attempt

  418. 418 eagleyankfan said at 8:46 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    talk of Djax…ugh. Hate that the Eagles are in a position of need at WR where DJax would actually help. Hate that he’ll give you about 80% instead of giving you 100%. But that 80% is still better than anybody on roster. He’s not going to sign a discounted deal. Going to take mega bucks to sign that diva….Maybe good thing I didn’t throw out my old jerseys…lol….

  419. 419 Rellihcs said at 10:09 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Sorry dude, but it’s really hard to make sense of the point you made in conjunction with the fact that you’re a proud yankees fan.

    Yeah, that’s the djax dilema. I am personally willing to accept the potential gains on the field without holding a ton of love or respect for the person. I’ve had to accept this so many times.

    (less extreme) example: Bradham. I want him as an LB on the Eagles next year – I want him starting – and healthy all year. But he’s likely to get a few dumb penalties for being too aggressive in unnecessary circumstances. And then that same flaw carries to off the field – heck I hope he’s not suspended any games for his pending legal dumbas**** issues…

  420. 420 Tumtum said at 1:33 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Brandham gives you 100% every time he hits the field at least.

    I can’t tolerate a slack ass.

  421. 421 Rellihcs said at 2:46 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Fair distinction.

  422. 422 A_T_G said at 7:49 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Is that the opposite of a tight end?

  423. 423 eagleyankfan said at 3:38 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Arguing a non-yankee fan is like arguing with a Dallas fan. No matter how wrong they are, their perception is, they are right….but I’ll give a shot — y is hard to make sense because I’m a Yankee fan?

  424. 424 Rellihcs said at 3:45 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Ha, ease up buddy. I didn’t even think we were arguing.

    I see it more like Yankee fans= Dallas fans. You are the anomaly.

    Yankee fans tend to be front runners, into paying huge money to by championships, no morals, superiority complexes galore…yada yada…

    It’s best to leave this alone. I was more joking around than anything else.

    But I would argue that most vie Dallas and Yankee fans in the same general category – all of this is painting with a broad brush….

  425. 425 eagleyankfan said at 4:45 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    LOL. I was teasing. I thought you were going to say they were buying championships — and I was going to agree 🙂

  426. 426 Rellihcs said at 4:50 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Haha. Birdfan on birdfan “violence” can only go so far anyhow… Cheers brother.

  427. 427 ChoTime said at 5:15 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    It is so laid back around here compared to last year–we were at each other’s throats.

  428. 428 Rellihcs said at 5:17 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Emotional intelligence

  429. 429 Dave said at 7:42 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Because we believe we have a franchise QB and the future looks brighter than it has been in a long time.

  430. 430 ACViking said at 11:30 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    How did you calculate the 80% figure?

  431. 431 Bert's Bells said at 12:25 PM on January 18th, 2017:

  432. 432 Tumtum said at 1:32 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Probably generous. Am I right?!

  433. 433 A_T_G said at 1:33 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I read that 70% of statistics are made up, except during election cycles, when you can add another 50% onto that.

  434. 434 eagleyankfan said at 3:32 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    not = 100% — does it matter if it’s 10 or 90? Still better than existing roster…

  435. 435 Mac said at 4:46 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Math is hard.

  436. 436 Chiptomylou said at 10:51 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Dallas currently has the biggest 2017 salary cap numbers at QB ($24.7M), WR ($17M), OT ($15.8M), C ($14.871M) & TE ($12.262M).— Joel Corry (@corryjoel) January 18, 2017

  437. 437 Chiptomylou said at 10:53 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    Nobody is close to the Cowboys in 2017 salary cap commitments. Slightly over $180M with $2.4M of carryover cap room from 2016.— Joel Corry (@corryjoel) January 18, 2017

  438. 438 Chiptomylou said at 10:56 AM on January 18th, 2017:

    January 18, 2017

  439. 439 Sb2bowl said at 12:39 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    And they stayed relatively healthy this year (minus Romo). That line is going to be hard to keep together as others sign extensions. Collins and Martin will be up soon, and they need a RT

  440. 440 anon said at 1:23 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Do we care more about oline or at makers? Seems that championship teams have one thing in common and that’s a healthy oline.

  441. 441 Tumtum said at 1:29 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I feel like everything is on a sliding scale. The minimum threshold for the o-line has got to be probably right up there with QB. WR is probably way down the list, but we are way under the minimum threshold. If that makes sense. I am bad a communication.

  442. 442 bill said at 1:34 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Can’t be that bad, if someone as dense as me understood you (and agreed) loud and clear. Or maybe that’s a contraindication…

  443. 443 Tumtum said at 9:03 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    We are equally flawed it seems.

  444. 444 Mitchell said at 2:30 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I would be happy with OL/WR/CB in the first. What are we looking at replacing for OL in the future? Lane (LT) ?(LG) Seumalo (C) Brooks (RG) Vaitai?(RT) Looks to me we need a LG and RT for starters, both of which can be found in rounds 1-3. In the end I’m just gonna trust in Howard. Go BPA in the 1st then you can adjust to need a bit later on in the second because the talent of players averages out more.

  445. 445 Nick C said at 2:38 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Barbre for now? Go out and get a guy like Zeitler in FA? Guard will prob be addressed in the mid rounds unless Lamp is sitting there in the 2nd.

  446. 446 eagleyankfan said at 3:30 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    some might argue — a pretty darn qb is something else in common…

  447. 447 Ark87 said at 8:45 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    It’s a tough call, you usually don’t get your pick, you stay opportunistic and get the best of whatever you can, Ideally you luck into both. We had a great defense, a very good O line, a borderline great QB, a borderline great coach, and we spent the early 2000’s screaming “My Kingdom for a playmaker!”

    Kinda depressing, It feels like we would need to get quite lucky to just get back to being frustratingly close but no cigar.

    Edit: I read “at makers” as play makers. Disregard my comment or consider it an independent thought.

  448. 448 Nick C said at 3:00 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    My absolutely ABSURDLY RIDICULOUS perfect off-season: because well its a boring time. (Nothing like getting a 2nd round pick for Kelce and other impossible feats)

    5th for Jason Kelce– 3.8M saved
    6th conditional for Connor Barwin– 7.75M saved
    7th conditional for Chase Daniel– 6M saved (Mark Sanchez special… wont happen but a guy can dream)
    Conditional 4th for Kendricks– 1.8M saved (otherwise keep him or June 1st cut)

    McKelvin — 3.25M saved
    Mathews– 4M saved

    Restructure/Pay Cut:
    Jason Peters– prob restructure new cap 9.2M
    Brent Celek– play does not warrant 5M hit, need to keep him around 3M

    CAP SPACE available: 34.8M
    (Sproles can create another 4M, Barbre 2M, and other possibilities)

    Free Agency:
    AJ Bouye: the ‘Maxwell contract’– 12MM per (cap number will be lower first year)
    Kevin Zeitler: 7M per
    Alshon Jeffery: 13MM per (Pryor will not be available; Don’t want DJax; Stills would be OK, but this is a ‘dream’ scenario)

    1. Reuben Foster, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, or Derek Barnett
    move up from round 2 and late round pick(s) or players traded above into end of round 1
    1b. Sidney Jones, Lamp, or OJ Howard
    3-7 BPA (DT, RB, WR, CB, LB, OG, OT, Nickle, DE)

  449. 449 Sb2bowl said at 3:31 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Friend- we aren’t releasing Chase (I understand why its your perfect off season) and I don’t think we necessarily should; Carson’s development is too important.

    I don’t like Bouye in our system/defense. Gilmore is more realistic, and he has experience with Schwartz. Throwing money his way may be a better option. If we sign Zeitler, we have close to $36m tied up in our 5 offensive linemen. That probably won’t work.

    I’m on board with either Williams, Davis, or Barnett. The kid from Michigan State McDowell interests me, and DL (minus ends/edge) seems to be lacking this year for later round options.

    I can see us trading down for the value in rounds 2-4 if possible; I’m all about impact/best players, but we’ve got major depth concerns and this team needs to get younger.

  450. 450 Nick C said at 8:24 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    If everyone wants Chase to be a coach, then pay him 1M to coach. Hell pay him more than Doug Pederson. Its not my money… DePhilippo, and Reich should be coaching Carson up (Reich doesnt call plays)… Let them do their job. Chase costs 8M (!!!!) on the cap the next two years. That is a very SOLID starter. And we can get out from it with 2 dead in a trade. If Carson goes down, Chase is not saving our season and I would rather have another weapon or lineman for Carson to play with.

  451. 451 Sb2bowl said at 9:27 AM on January 20th, 2017:

    That’s not a solid starter anymore- a solid starter is in the range of $12-15m per year now, and it’s going up as the cap increases.

    Fitzpatrick made $14m last year. Think about that…………

  452. 452 Nick C said at 3:48 PM on January 21st, 2017:

    Not a solid starter at QB, but many other positions.

  453. 453 unhinged said at 4:08 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I infer from Zeitler, that you want a muscular interior line, but who do you slide to C if you trade Kelce? Are you visualizing Seumalo?

  454. 454 Nick C said at 8:20 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    Yes Seumalo would have to be moved to C. Which presents concerns. Really young Center- QB, etc.

  455. 455 Bert's Bells said at 5:19 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Opening up Celek’s contract is a loser move. Would likely wind up costing more real dollars in the long run. His base is $4million, $1million is signing bonus and is dead money regardless. So you’d be marginally lowering his base pay -and probably paying out a new signing bonus since that’s how these deals always work just to shimmy a little bit of cap space.

    It doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense (unless you’re really up against it to save pennies) and doesn’t create the best culture for players like Celek -who put it all out only to be nickeled and dimed in back years of their career.

  456. 456 A_T_G said at 7:44 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Solid argument.

  457. 457 Nick C said at 8:19 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    Good point. It will probably be favored as more of a moderate pay cut to help the team win in the last two years. He is not a 5M TE anymore. One of the reasons this perfect scenario was “ridiculous.” It is comical how many people are critiquing it though 🙂

  458. 458 FairOaks said at 6:35 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    We are not changing Celek’s contract, unless it is for a lot more guaranteed money in 2018. That was to save money last year; you don’t change it the next year generally. We are not going to be able to trade Chase, and probably shouldn’t anyways. We are stuck with those, so subtract that cap space.

    Redoing Peters’ contract would mean extending him longer — if they want Johnson to move over after next year, probably can’t do that either. If you do renegotiate, you are prepared to pay Peters and Johnson big for at least two years.

    We will not release Kendricks either — 1.8 million is not enough savings to be comfortable at the LB spot. He didn’t play because we stayed 100% healthy this year, but you can’t count on that happening.

    What you want is also a lot of player churn, which can have a negative effect all by itself. Gotta pick your spots.

    Barwin is unfortunate — he’s the kind of guy you want to keep on the team, even if it costs you more than it should. But he’s the most glaring spot to open up cap space, and we can’t afford to keep him, given the Curry and Graham and Cox contracts. And maybe Logan as well (I assume you’re OK with losing him in the above scenario, and replacing him with a 3rd or later draft pick?)

    Even in your 34 million cap space scenario, which isn’t going to happen, you are using 32 million of it — that does not leave enough to pay the draft picks. Maybe you have it less due to first-year cap charges being lower, which could work. But really, we aren’t going to be able to play much in the high-end FA market, I don’t think. I think at least $10 million of your desired cap space is fiction. Maybe one top FA, and some more mid-range guys.

  459. 459 Tumtum said at 9:01 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    The worst thing about Barwin is that he just isn’t giving anything meaningful.

  460. 460 FairOaks said at 9:25 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Well, he’s playing OK. Unless Smith II is actually better. And he’d probably be better on the other side of the field. But really, he’s crucial in a 3-4, where you need to be good at a lot of things, but he’s not good enough to beat LTs, which is where he was playing this year. I’m sure he’s better than some, but we could probably do better, and certainly for a lot less money. Just a shame he doesn’t fit — he is one of the casualties of the switch to the 4-3. He’s a guy I really like rooting for. NFL business can be harsh, and the Eagles are up against the cap — most years, they could probably get by.

  461. 461 Nick C said at 8:17 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    The restructures are really just wishful thinking of trying to find some terms that were fair for both sides. It won’t happen. That is why this is “absurdly ridiculous.”

    Commented on Kendricks above.

    I like Barwin as much as the next guy. But he is blocking Curry and MS2 (Even Means) from getting some more meaningful snaps.

    As far as cap goes, the first year of contracts is not usually equal to the AAV because of the prorated signing bonus. We will have significant contracts coming off the books definitely next year (Peters, Daniel, Sproles, Kelce, Kendricks, Celek) so I am not too worried about future cap concerns with these deals

  462. 462 A_T_G said at 7:41 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Kendricks counts 6.6 against cap, 4.8 dead money if cut, meaning a1.8 million savings on the cap. But if you trade him his cap hit goes with him, so wouldn’t that give you 6.6 million savings?

  463. 463 Nick C said at 8:12 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    Eagles still responsible for his prorated bonus. According to OTC we only save 1.8 by trading him as well. So straight up releasing him isn’t really worth it. Maybe a June 1st cut but that doesn’t give you the cap space at the time of free agency.

  464. 464 Tumtum said at 9:00 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Football isn’t even over yet and you are bored now? Haha you are going to be writing on the walls by April.

  465. 465 Nick C said at 8:10 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    It’s not looking good. But I’m miserable because I live in Atlanta and their fans really do suck. Some very ill-informed and biased individuals that are lucking into a good team this year. And the NFL product these playoffs has been bad. Tired of all the OPI and bad refereeing.

  466. 466 Tumtum said at 10:07 PM on January 19th, 2017:

    You mean the college football fans that know a team is there? 🙂

  467. 467 Ryan Rambo said at 3:42 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    NFL announces Eagles rollover cap space from 2016–50637233

  468. 468 A_T_G said at 7:38 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    The Browns roll over $50 million. I wonder if it will be enough to overcome the added green players demand to play for the Browns.

  469. 469 Ryan Rambo said at 8:53 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Ha! Hopefully not the ones we want!

  470. 470 bill said at 3:57 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Eagles sign another guard with starting experience – Dallas Thomas.

    Maybe lining up warm bodies for the planned cuts of Kelce and Barbre (as last ditch emergency plans in case draft doesn’t work out)? Or maybe, and I have zero evidence for this and would love if someone like D3FB could give some insight, these guys are merely building depth for a new style of guard play on this line? I remember Brooks was said to be more of a mauler than a zone guy. Are these guys more suited to power run games than some of the other depth guys on the team? Am I right that LaRiebus was the butt of many Kempski jokes in years past? That’s about all I know about him, and I know less about Thomas.

  471. 471 GENETiC-FREAK said at 4:21 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Thought he was a good draft pick when Dolphins got him. Really struggled though in the pros.

    Tape must be bad if he still hadnt been picked up from when Dolphins cut him back then.

  472. 472 BobSmith77 said at 10:49 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    I can’t say I know the first thing about him but for him to linger available so long is what caught my attention.

  473. 473 D3FB said at 4:33 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    Never liked LeRiebus.

    Thomas was one of many Dolphins OL that never really got developed (though I prefer the other former Dolphins G who got scapegoated this year Billy Turner NDST).

    It’s not really about a new style of play it’s just bringing in guys who have some experience and hoping something clicks. Similar to Dwayne Gratz and Terrence Brooks, buy low on guys you had a better grade on than some 2nd year camp body.

    The scheme is still a ton of zone. It’s just very multiple. It’s IZ, OZ, Power, Counter, (and if we add a fullback) ISO as well, as opposed to just 99% IZ/OZ.

  474. 474 Dave said at 7:40 PM on January 18th, 2017:

    “It’s not really about a new style of play it’s just bringing in guys who have some experience and hoping something clicks.”

    A la Evan Mathis?

  475. 475 D3FB said at 10:39 AM on January 19th, 2017:

    Hell if he has Barbre’s career in Philly it’s a W.